Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 26
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 26

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 26
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4 -SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13,19i7 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Monday EVEMNQ 6 M m KTVU BOSOM BUDDIES 0 KRON 0KPTX NEWS 0KOED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEW8HOUR • KICU ROCKFORD FILES • KTXL STAR TREK 0 KBHK FACTS OF LIFE • MCTV SPORTS ESPN TENNIS International Junior Challenge, from Sydney, Auetralie. (Taped) DISN MOVIE "Hot Million*" (19W) Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith. An ex-con embezzler assumes the Identity of • noted computer genius •• pert of an elaborate scheme to mike off with vast amounts o( • large corporation's money. 'Q 1 DISC SMALL WORLD How Corslcane In- corporite traditions In their liteitylei to- MCK MY THREE SONS HBO MOVK "Trenchcoet" (t9S3) Margot KMder. Robert Hay*. While vacation- Ing m Malta, clrcumatancee propel a would-be mystery writer Into a murder plot. International Intrigue, and the arm* ot an undercover agent. In atereo. 'PQ' woman fignta to radlecover trie pevaonal * • -- * *- — come* totn unexpected end. _____ .7:30 0 KRON ENTERTAMMENT TOM9IT John RHter dlscues** M* new eerie* "Hooperman." In atereo. • KPIX EVENMa MAGAZINE Featured: a look at "Madonna Mania." • KQEO WILD, WILD WORLD Of ANIMALS • KTXL MOVE "The Betay" (1978) Laurence OtMer, Robert DuvaN. A powerful and relentleaa Detroit auto tycoon bring* a daredevil racing atar Into hi* company to develop a revolutionary new vehicle. t KEttX NEWLYWED OAME MCTV NORWAY TODAY WON NEWS ESPN QOLF Youth Qotf Champiomhlp. from Pmehuret, N.C. (Taped) DIM WLDUPE CHROMCLM A atudy of the wakuleee^on*! behavior. Oorg Me* *-••— *—— •—- —• - *^-.A ••, _ ItfJT iTW IUV9JI DUl InfJ fFMn M fiwrnvQi • MCTV MBNA ARTS WON t« NEWS DMN ADVENTURES OF OZZK AND HAR- HaX> PffAOOLE ROCK to get back Into Ma Mher'e good grace* WOW MOVK "The Iron Mletreee" (1862) Alan Ladd. Virginia Mayo. Country boy Jim Bowie 1 * rlae m New Ortean* *o- clety I* paralleled by hi* attempta to win the heart of a Mlt-centered but beautiful Southern beUe. 6:30 • KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT When a fanatical fan *t*ala a Co*- mlc Cow puppet. Henry *et* out to recover H. • KBHK GOOD TME8 MCKANNSOTHERN 7:00 0 KTVU MAGNUM, P.I. H KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g I KPIX CBS NEWS »KOED NMHTLY BUSINESS REPORT KICU FALL GUY I KTXL WKRP M CINCINNATI KBHK HAPPY DAYS t MCTV INTERNATIONAL I SPLASH *S7: SUMMER EDITION DUG LANDSCAPES The Bore*l a wetland environment formed by the retreat of glacier*. MCK CAR M. WHERE ARE YOU7 7:16 WTB8 MOVIE "Breaking Up" (1878) Lee Remlck, Qranvllle Van Du**n. A by tidying up the garden, to 6tt)0I^MRS.AMB*K • KRON ALP A raptdty g DMC LMNQ TOMORROW How modern technology I* allowing the handicapped more freedom. NICK I SPY HBO MOVIE "Fart Forward" (1886) John Scott Clough, Don Franklm. The chance to compete In a hlgh-*t*k** showdown lead* an Ohio high school dance group to New York City, m atereo. 'PQ' g SHOW MOVIE "Fool For Love'~(ig86) Sam Shepard. Kim B**mg*r. Obeeaalve love breed* a mixture of antagonlam and paetlon a* two people confront eech other In a run-down motel. Adapted by Shepard from hi* play.'R' ' MAX MOVli "Three Men And A Cradle" (1BS6) Andre DvaaoHer. Roland OHraud. Three French bachelor* find themaetvee saddled wHh a baby, whom one of them haa fathered, when the eMM'a mother decide* ehe needs a break from parent- roach from outer apace Invade* the Tanner home. In atereo. (R) • Km PRANK'S PLACE (Premiere) Comedy. A Northern coNeoje profeeaor Inherit* a New Ortean* reentrant. Tonight: Frank P*rrl*h (Dm ReM) encounter* hi* new employe**. WHh Daphne Maxwell ReM. • KOED EVENMQ AT POP* In Ma Hret appearance with the Boeton Pope. Victor Borge perform* Smetana'a "Dance of the Comedian*" and the final movement from Rachmaninoff'* Second Piano Concerto. • KICU PLAYBACK *S7. "A Salute to Thot* Hot Summer Nlghte" VMeo* hi- elude Madonns's "Who** That Qkl," Whitney Houaton'e "I W*nna Dance WHh Somebody." Bon Jovl's "Wanted Dead or Alive," Gloria Eatefan and Miami Sound Machlne'e "Rhythm le Qonna,Qet You," Don Henley'* "Boy* of Summer" and David Lee Roth'* "CaHforma Qlrl*." In ttereo. • KBHK MOVIE "BunerHeM 8" (1980) Elizabeth Taylor. Laurence Harvey. A beautiful woman, who hid alwaya taken tog. (Dubbed) TO-13' 6*00 KRON _ VALERK Davtd wreck* hie father 1 * aports oar white trying to kn- pree* hto gMMend. m atereo. (R) g • KPOC KATE 4 ALUE (Seaaen Premiere) m a tantaay eequence, an adult Chip take* hi* son back to the Greenwich Village brownetone where he lived •••chMd.g WON TRAjr»ERJOMN.M.D. ESPN BPORTBCINIIR DMN MOW "Phantom Of The Open Hearth" (1878) Jamee Broderlck, Barbara Botton. LHe m the 1840* *a aeen through the eye* of a teen-ager dealing with a conteat-craiy father and hie own Junior prom. DISC JOURNEY MTO BOA A vied to Jaipur, Ralaathan'a capital cHy. 8*00 KRON MOVK "Irreconcilable Difference*" (1884) Ryan O'Neal, Shelley Long. A 8-year-old girl, feeling neglected and unloved, seek* legal aid to divorce herteH from the curtody of her ever-preoccupied parent* and move In with her former housekeeper. In etereo. g • KPtt NEWHART (Beaton Premiere) Dick deal* with a teen-ager who ha* developed si crush on his wH*. Q • KOO BWJ, RAFFBRII S QOOO TME • KOEO IRAN: BEHMD THE VBL Covert incident* that led-up to and are c«r• r0fnty w n*in iftchraino QTApnto (Mttw sctfwv (no potQfiiifn MtonnQWKu • MCTV MOVE "That Bremen OM" (1848) Mona Freeman, Jam** Dunn. A woman struggles to hold on to her chIM even though her competence a* a motherls pieced under serious doubt. ESPN 8PORT8LOOK DISC WONDER OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA A study of Australia'* "Grand Can- MCK DONNA REED fctSWTM COUBTEAU'S REDISCOVERY OF THE WORLD Jean-Michel Courteeu and the crew of the Alcyone travel to the Channellaland*, located off the California coart. and expound on the theory that man muat become "an ooaan f*rmeir,_not an ocean hunter." Narrator. Raymond Burr* •>.»• KPtX DEBKMNQ WOMEN (See- eon Premiere) A scruffy gas-stetton OWIMf WNMI «•• 4fll0flOf tMOOfietlnQ ffOffl SwMfbftkvw. WON MOVE! "We Of The Never Never" (1883) Angela Punch McGregor, Arthur DtQfltMlli WntMl •!)• flMITWft, M AlMtTtMn wonMn fvotft tfw twiMiof) from iMtfiQ • dty retldent hi Melbourne to living In the •ajIMaWftakaiaa tftJ itial U«t*tBk*0eh T^••!*••! "•MlfK»IIWBjBl 0| mfj IVWIIIMII 1 •JfTIIOfV* ESPN NFL THEATRE NFL '88: Road To The Super Bowl. MCK MISTER ED lOflO • KTVU • KICU • KTXL NEWS • KPfX CAONEY 4 LACEY FMth-aeaaon finale. Cagney'* despondency over her tether** death, coupled wHh Leoey'e emergence as a hero, placee a strain on their longtime friendship. (Pert 2 of Z) (H) • KGO HEAD OF THE CLAM Chart!, glvea M* rtudent* pointers on how to plsy voneybell. (R)g • KBHK ALICE OWN MOVK "One Of Our Dhtoeaura I* Missing" (1876) feter Ustinov, Helen Hay.*. A group of English ninnies lotas force* with British Intelligence agente to retrieve valuable microfilm hidden melde a atolen dinosaur skeleton. 'Q* DWC ORPHANS OF THE WU> A study of different types of eagles. HBO MOVK "Jo Jo Dancer, Your LHe It CaMng" (1888) Richard Pryor. Debbie Allen. Aa doctor* attempt to aave hie me after a drug-related accident, a nightclub comedlen's attar ego traveit back through the year* to discover what led him to this point, m stereo. 'R' g SHOW MOVK "The Fry" (1868) Jeff QokJblum, Geena Davle. A scientist's teleportatlon experiments take a frightening turn when hie genes mix wtth those of e housefly, csuslng him to gradually be treneformed Into en Insect, hi stereo. •R'g MAX MOVK "A Night In Heaven" (1883) Christopher Atkme. Lesley Anne Warren. A married college profeeeor ha* an affair wtth a atudent who moonlight* •• a male •tripper.'R' 10:80 0 KOO NEWS SPECIAL: THE POPE M AMERICA A panel of theological and comical expert* review the Aral half of the Papal vlett to the U.S. and dtoeuee the controvaraary over Papal prodame- lion* on contraception and abortion, marriage theprteethood. and homoeexueHty. l MOO** NEWS iKBHKTHArSMYMAMA — NPL'S OREATEST MOMEHT8 The dUferencee between the aaltwater oreoodHe end the Johnetone freehweter •» • KQEO HOLLYWOOD Two of Hotly- wood'* moat flamboyant eHont Mm direc- ««• " Cecil B. DeMWe and Erich Von Strohotm •• arejproffled. 1COOSB KTVU • KTXL LATE SHOW In elereo. •gc^ftAr« Kooi(iwt • KBHK DATMQ GAME • MCTV MOVK "Uptown New York" (1832) Jack Oakle, Shirley Grey. The glamour and excitement of the big cHy provide* • letting for romantic Dalaon*. ESPN NFL'S GREATEST MOMENTS DMC ODYSBEY Archaeotoglete biveeti- gate why the 16th-century boas were prosperous. NICK CAR 64. WHERE ARE YOU? 11:16WTB8 MOVK "Alignment To Kill" (1888) Pstrick O'Neal, Joan Hackett. Tuesday / LEHRER EVENING 8:00 • KTVU BOSOM BUDDIES O KRON • KPIX • KOO NEWS N^SHOU* M *CN • KICU ROCKFORD FILES • KTXL STAR TREK • KBHK FACTS OF LIFE • MCTV PAT DYE Auburn Unlvaraity football report. ESPN AMERICAN MUSCLE MAGAZINE OWN MOVK "Call M* Mieter" (1861) Betty Qreble, Dan D*il*y. A soldier goes AWOL to try to win back his entertainer wife. DISC PEOPLE OF THE SEA An exploration of Puerto Rico's sunken ships. MCK MY THREE SONS HBO MOVK "Running Brave" (1883) Robby B.nson, Pat Hingl*. A fact-baaed account of the peraonal obatacles Sioux Indian Billy Mills overcame to become a member of the 1864 Olympic track team and win the 10,000 meter run. In atereo. •PQ 1 SHOW PAPER CHASE Klngafield attempts to atop Hart when he applies for a position aa law profeaaor. MAX MOVK "Angel And The Badman" (1847) John Wayne, Qail Russell. A notorious gunsllnger is reformed by the love of a Quaker woman. Colorized veraion. 6:300 KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT April's affair with a middle-aged music executive doesn't aet too well with Henry. essential alemenle of eurvrvel aa well aa thelryoung son's growth Into manhood. 7:30 • KRON ENTERTAINMENT TOMOHT Emmy-nominated sctress Susan Dey ("LA. Law"). In etereo. • KPIX EVENMQ MAQAZME Featured: meet two new Forty-Nlnere. • KGO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES O KQED WILD. WILD WORLD OF AM- MAL8 T KTXL BARNEY MILLER 8 KBHK GOOD TIMES I J MCTV COACHES DISC OASIS IN SPACE The future of the plans) Earth. MCKANN8OTHERN 7:00 • KTVU MAGNUM, P.I. • KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g • KPIX CBS NEWS • KOO ABC NEWS g • KQED MOHTLY BUSINESS REPORT Scheduled: the Money File. • KICU FALL GUY • KTXL WKRP IN CINCINNATI •KBHKHAPPY DAYS ESPN BILLIARDS Su*an Bishop vs. Fran Criml. International 8-Ball Championship, from Atlantic City, N.J. (Taped) DISC ANIMALS OF THE GREAT NORTHWEST How repeated fighting help* preserve the bighorn shsep. MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? 7:t6WTB8 MOVIE "The Savage I* Loose" (1874) Qeorge C. Scott, Irish Van Devere. A family is shipwrecked on a deserted island and must cop* with the — _l NEW8 DUG WORLD AtlVE A photographic Journey to northern Canada'a Kluane National Park. MCKMONKEE8 7:40 DISN DTV 6:00 • KTVU MOVK "Agatha" (1878) Vaneeaa Redgrave, Dustln Hoffman. In 1826 London, an American reporter becomes involved with tamed mystery writer Agetha Chriatie. who has apparently disappeared without a trace alter leaving her unfaithful husband. O KRON MATLOCK Mattock's tried for Jury tempering when • mild-mannered Juror claims the attorney offered him s bribe. In stereo. (R) • KPIX HOUSTON KNIGHTS (Ssaaon Premiere) Lundy and LiFlamma come to the aid of a blind woman who wet assaulted. • KOO WHO'S THE BOSS? Angels tries to convince R*y Chart** to rsoord a Jingle for an important account. In ttereo. (R)g O KQED NOVA A look at why human error among alriins pilot* I* Incrssslng and poislbl* weys of reducing fatal mistakes, g • KICU MOVK "Dominique" (1078) Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons. A wealthy woman's husband executee an elaborate acheme to drive her to sulctds. • KTXL MOVK "Cowsrd Of The County" (1881) Kenny Roger*. Fredric Lehne. At the beginning of World War H. a young man who promised hie dying father that he would never fight ie taunted by Ma fellow townspeople for hie pacifist Meala. • KBHK MOVK "Sex And The Single Girt" (1884) Tony Curtis. Natalia Wood. A magazine editor's plan to ruin a research psychologist's reputstion backfires when he falls in love with her. • MCTV MEDIA ARTS WON INN NEWS ESPN INSIDE THE PGA TOUR DMN ADVENTURES OP OZZK AND HARRIET DISC ARTHUR C. CLARKE'S MYSTERI- OUS WORLD MCK I SPY HBO MOVK "Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins" (1986) Fred Ward. Joel Grey. With the help of a philosophical martial arts master. • New York cop recruited by the government le molded Into an Invincible crime fighter, In etereo. 'PQ- 13' g SHOW MOVK "Legal Eagle*" (1888) Robert Redford. Defers Winger. Two Manhattan attorneys employ some unorthodox methods to prove the Innocence of their client, en avant-garde ertlst eccuaed of murder. In atereo. 'PQ' g MAX MOVK "Chlaum" (1870) John Weyne. Forrest Tucker. A cattle rancher battlea the growing influence of a vll- lainoua land baron in 1870s New Mexico. •Q' 8:30 • KOO OROWMG PAINS Mike must meke a difficult decision when he finds himself at a cocaine party. (R) g WON TRAPPER JOHN. M.D. ESPNBPORTSCENTER DISN MOVK "Perri" (18S7) Narrated by Winston Hlbler. A pine squirrel encounters many different forest creaturee, both friendly and dangeroue. In her Journey from childhood to maturity. DISC BECOMBKt AMERICAN How a refugee family from southeast Asia coped during the flret nine months In their new Seattle home. 8:000 KRON MOVK "Killer In The Mirror" (1866) Ann Jllllsn, Len Cariou. Following her twin eieter'e death in a boating accident, an antique dealer assumes her Identity, not knowing that her sibling hid a deadly secret.'ln etereo. (R) Q • KPIX NATIONAL ABM AWARENESS TEST A questlon-snd-snswer format featuring Input from U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and other medical au- thorHle*. Co-anchor*: newaman Steve Bell, actress Morgan FalrchNd. • KQO MOONLIGHTING Maddie chooses between Sam and David. Emmy Award-nominated eplaoda (directing, writing). (R)g • KQED ONE VILLAGE IN CHMA Long Bow'* history I* traced from the 1848 Revolution to the preaent day, (Part 3 of • MCTV MOVK "The Scarlet Letter" (1826) (Silent) Lillian Qish, Lars Hanson. Based on Nathaniel Hawthorn*'* novel. Hester Prynne le forced by the townspeople of colonial Salem to wear a red emblem for the real of her III* signifying that she hae sinned by bearing sn Illegitl- mete child. E8PN8PORT8LOOK DISC LOST KMQDOM8 The role of the African king. MCK DONNA REED 8:30 WON MOVK "The Wild LHe" (1884) Christopher Penn, Eric Stolz. With the start of school Just around the corner, s group of teen-sgers spends the lest week of summer In ell out hedonistic revelry. ESPN SURFER MAGAZME DWC THW ENGLAND A look at Britain's child modeling MCKMWTEREO 8:46 WTBS MOVK "Walk Like A Oregon" (I860) Jack Lord, Nobu McCarthy. A man tavee a Chinese girt from the San Francisco slave market but faces racial prejudice when he returns to Ms home town wtth her. lOflO • KTVU • MCU • KTXL NEWS • KOO BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL Interview wtth Oliver North'* aecretary Fewn Hall and updated talk* wHh Debr* Winger and Bette Midler, g • KQED NATIONAL OEOQRAPHC Hal Holbrook narrates the story of four Americans now living In China: • student, s journalist, s buslnessmsn and a teacher. •KBHK ALICE ESPN SCUBA WORLD DUN MOVK "Lots Of Luck" (1886) Martin Mull, Annette Funlcello. For an auto mechanic and his wife, winning a million- dollar lottery is Just the beginning of a prize-winning elreak that brings more headaches than expected. DWC NEW ANIMAL WORLD The duties valuable sidekick when he comes to the rescue of the Three Musketeers. ESPN RUNMNG AND RAOMG DISC AL OEMMO • MAN OF THE NORTH A look at the muek-ox end woH, and a visit with Al Oemlng's femlty and staff. MCKANNBOTHERN HBO 1ST 4 TEN: OOMG FOR BROKE T.D.'s wife discovers his affair; Schrader leavee the country, hi etereo. g 11:00* KTVU • KTXL LAT* SHOW In etereo. « KRON •KPIX •KOO NEWS KOEO BHUTAN: A STRANGE BURVtV- AL A look at the cultural. poWlcel and religious We of a nation located In a remote aree of the eastern Himalayas. • KICUKOJAK HBO VIETNAM WAR STORY -Home- Three soldiers recuperating In a Veter- ana Administration hospital deal with reality in different waye. (Eplaoda 3 of 3) hi atereo. g SHOW MOVK "81/2 Weeka" (1886) Kim Baalnger, Mickey Rourke. Sexual obsession drsws a woman into a relationship wtth a man of unusual erotic taatet. In etereo. 'R' MAX MOVK "The HH" (1866) Terence Stamp, John Hurt. A hH man It tent to Spain to kidnap an ex-criminal who had Informed on hie cohorts ten yeare before and transport him to Paris for execution. 10:30 • KICU BsN NEWS • KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA • MCTV MOVK "3 1/2 Musketeers" (1867) Roslta Arenas. Tin Tan, • super- Intelligent ctnlne, proves himself to be a J KBHK DATMQ GAME ESPN TOM MANN OUTDOORS DMC ALCATRAZ WHHam Conrad narrates a history of the Island of Aloatraz focusing on its use as a maximum security prison from 1834-1863. MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? HBO MOVK "A Breed Apart" (1864) Rutger Hauor, Power* Booth*. The egg* of a newly discovered breed ot bald eagle spark a confrontation between a con- servstlonlst and a mountain cHmber hired by an obsessive collector. 'R' 1»:»» KRON VISIT OF POPE JOHN •BKPIX BARNEY MILLER • KGOMOHTUNEg •KBHKKUNGFU WONLAVERNE48H»UEY E8PN8PORT8CENTER DMN ZORRO Diego mutt choose between marriage and continuing his work as Zorro. MCKMONKCES 11:40 MAX MOVK "To Live And Die In L.A." (1866) William L. Pelersen, WWem Defoe. A Secret Service agent becomes obsessed by vengeance while tracking down a ruthless counterfeiter reeponel- ble for his partner's murder. In stereo. 'R' P _ 11:410 KRON BCST OP CARBON From Auguat 1886. Chariee Qrodm, hot dog enthuelaet Tommy Walton and comic Domenick krere with host Johnny Careon. In stereo. (R) WTBS MOVK "Chamber Of Horrors" (1866) Patrick O'Neal. Suzy Parker. A homicidal maniac amputates Me chained hand to eacape execution, but returns seeking revenge with a hooked slump. 12:00 • KTVU TAXI • KPIX T.J. HOOKER

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