The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1944 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
Page 3
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lOLA, KANSAS V . > OCALS (OetUvia Stewart) ' Mrs. Keith Stroup and \ier chU- •ili-en spent Sunday visiting her {nother at the County Convalescence Mome. ; Mrs. Margaret.Babcock of Welda was a Christmas guest at the home •oX Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hoffmeier. >'^^iEEPER MORTUARY. PHONE 72. Mrs. Myrtle Dennis and. her daughter, Helen, spent the week-end In Wichita as guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold BelL Mr. and Mrs. Leon Schell and their son. Max. and Mrs. Stanley Schell were Christmas dinner guests yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McPadden. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WIU Meet 6:30 p. m., Tuesday, December 26 • Kelley Hotel Mrs. Robert McCollum and her nephew. Jack Emerlck. of Neodesha are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Worthington and family. Mrs. Bun Per ham spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Kile, in Eureka, Kas. If Yon Miss Yonr Register Phone 8 between 6:00 p. m., and 7:00 p. m. Only one delivery can be made and that is after 7 p. m. Mrs. Donald Burrows and son, Donald Jr., are spendliig the holidays in Newton as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lxjuis Burrows, parents of Pvt. Burrows who is in service in the South Pacific. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rowler and daughter. Sue, of Kansas City, Mo., spent the holidays with Mrs. Howler's mother, Mrs. Laura Miller, also with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hull. Mrs. Mary Steffen of Yates Center spent the hoUdays here vjsiting With Miss Grace Kinney and Mr.s. J. A. Spangler. . Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jone? and their daughter Verla spent yesterday in LeHoy visiting at the hojne of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Martz. DRS. W. P. & LUCY M. HULL Gronnd Floor Offices 12 North Sycamore , Genuine —O-S-T-E-O-P-A-T-H-Y— Reliable Diagnosticians Pvt. Robert E. Osbom of Camp Hood, Texas, is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry HuU. WAUGH FUNERAL HOME ^e. . - Miss Ruby Hicks, assistant in Dr. Simmons' office, left Saturday for Taylor, Mo., for a week's visij, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V?llliam Hicks. Cadft Nurse Mary Lobaugh of the Pfjsons Cadet School of Nursing is' here spending the holidays with Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Lobaugh. : Tire Recapping and Vulcanizing : 24-Honr Service : On passenger and truck tifes : -—all work done Jn lola. : - GUY OLIVER : Vulcanizing and Tread Service Pvt. Herman Kramer and Pvt. Wm. Miller returned to Camp Gruber, Okla.. yestei-day evening after .spending Christmas with Pvt. Kramer's wife and family. SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHO. 72. Harry Prlschenmeyer is spending his vacation In Parsons visiting his brother, Ollle and his family. L. L. Melrose has returned home from Wichita where he underwent observation at the Veterans hospital. , Mr. .and Mrs. C. M. Corther of Neodesha and Mrs. Paul E. Cortner of Wichita were guests Christmas at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. L. Sutherland. ENJOY CHRISTMAS 1M5 in a home of your own. . . ; We'll help you realize that joy. . . Come in and learn about our plan for home ownership which is; simple, economical and safe. Well t>e elad to explain. SECURITY BLDG. & LOAN ASSO. OCCASIONAL CHAIRS Of All Types. Large and Medium Rockers SLEEPER FURNITURE STORE tHE lOLA REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 26, 1944. PAGE THREE German CiviiiahSiDefy Gestapo, Hide in Mine In revolt against a Gestapo order to evacuate their homes near Saarlautern, 1700 German civilians took refuge in an unused mine on the est&te of Franz von Papen, Nazi diplomat, where they lived under threat of entombment until the NaziS fled' before Allied advances. Above, sojne of the refugees stand around in their .;mine-home as they await preparritiori of a meal. Miss Prances Larson retimied to Wichita yesterday afternoon after spending Christmas with her mother Mrs. O. D. Larson, and Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffmeier and family. A. M. M. 3 -c Mrs. WiUiam L. Orr are here from Corpus Christi," Tex., spending a ten-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Max Orr, and his sister, Mrs. Lewis Carter, and other relatives and friends. WAUGH FUNERAL HOME-36. Word has been received here that George R Bowliis, who is with a Ninth air force fighter bomber group in Belgium, has been promoted to the rank of captain. His wife. Mrs. Jane Bowlus, and two children, Charles and Judy, live at 501 East Madison. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Renfro and their daughter, Jacqueline, returned to their home in Wichita last night after .spending Christmas here as guests of Mrs. C. M. Logan. • T-3 Willard Troutwine. who is stationed at Jeffersonville, Ind., is visiting relatives and friends in lola over the holidays. . Pvt. Emory M. McKean. who has \ been stationed in Canada for the ; past number of months, is home on j a 21-day furlough visiting his mother. Mrs. T. F. McKean and other , relatives. Mr. and, Mrs. C. L. Dunlap and children, Milton; James and Jack, are moving to 316 North Second today from Lawrence. ,Kas. PICTURES Religions, Horal for any room of the heme SLEEPER FURNITURE STORE Wallpaper and Sewall Paints LEWIS PAINT STORE i Word has been received here that |S-Sgt. Russell W. Snider was re- I cently enrolled at the Keesler Field. , Biloxi. Miss. His job is helping keep ' the giant bomber in fighting trim for their aerial .T .ssaults on the enemy. Sgt. Snider Is the son of Mrs : Rose Snider of lola. BEDROOM SUITES 4-PIece Modernistic $99.50 ( IRTfS FIR.MTURE . Mr. nind Mrs. Joe Martin nf Luline. Tex., arc here 'iSpondlng the holidays with Mrs. Martins parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gavin and other relatives and friends. i A reipresentalive of the Social • Security Board will tie at the post office in lola, Wednesday. D<;cem- bcr 27, at 1 p. m..Infonttatlon about • Federal Old-age and survivors insurance will be furnished to anyone i who cares to call. The Ihdepend-1 ':nce field office is not authorized ! handle old-age assistance: and! Bncmploj-ment instuance matters. ! Mr.s, Lcnriip H .V;irnf>r of CofTe;,;- VUIP. spent tlie week-end and Chrlstma.s day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Varner. Other out- of-town giie.sts were B. W. Warner and Mrs. McGiU of Humboldt, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kent of Topeka. THE NEW YEAR (By Tom Waughi , This being the traditional resolution time of the year, would it be out of line if I should suggest a resolution that we all might well make and try our best to keep? A resolution that we will not be deluded by over-great hopes of early victorj- into a lessening of our efforts to win the war. That we will not let down. That we •*'ill not depend on that old cliche that one Yank can lick a dozen Japs or Nazis and get the feeUng that we are coasting to war's end. Because any man who has been in combat with either the Japs or the Nazis will assure you that they are very tough fighting men and that it takes good soldiers to lick them—and that those soldiers must be backed up by top equipment and lots of it. The equipment, matter is where we—you and I—come in. The backing for the fighting men. That's our job. Let's resolve to make that our first and most Important duty. You don't have to work in a war plant to fulfill it. Your money, your tiir.c, your mental attitude—all contribute to the production efforts of the nation. Don't let down. Next Monday Mr. Waugh of thp„Waugli Funeral Home will comment on "Another Good Resolution."—adv. "It'll be; tough on me wJien I'm dischar^d—i;m getting too soft tor married life!'' Mrs. T.; F. McKean h;i.s; receivcrl word frorii her; son, Sgt.^Lucky O. McKean, xho was rccentjy honip from oven^eas oji a 30-day furloufih. that he is now .stationed al Drew Field. Tampa, lha. , ^ NOTICE Due to the shortage of news priiu The Regi.?ter 'is printin;? fewer "extra" cbpies of each iss^ie. Subscribers ij'ishing to purchase '.several copies of gny partiruiar issue are rfske^ to tlace their prder in advance. ;-if poisslble. Extx* copies can be sold onl.v as long as they Ht-rbort Orr i? h"r? lior,'. H^inii:- , ton, Ontario, fir a visit v.'I'.h !ii 1 brothers. Max 'and Carl Orr nrici \ their f.TmiSies. #rom here he wiil uo to Cabool-.^ Mo..• for a visit wi'h 111; father. W. P. Orr and other rolativi-.'; and friends. 3IINER THEATRE ."Vloranl Kansas Wid.. Thurs.', December 27-28 Jack Hnley, Harriet Hilliard, •Ozzie N'eLson, In ••T.4KE IT BIG" Shorts News Sho'AS at 7'30-9:30 p. m. News of MiMfed Sgt. and Mrs. Verne Schmidt were ^week-end guests at the home of Sitt. Schmidt's brother. Louis Schmidt and Mrs. Schmidt. Mrs. Verne Schmidt is from Manhattan, and Sgt. Schmidt is stationed at Camp Hood, Tex. .U; S. Marine Leader "'HORIZONTAL 46 Altitude (ab ) 1.3 Pictured 47 Type measure leader of U. 48 Liquid S. Marme measure , Third Amphi --2 ?Any bious Corps £^|jLjY !jlsiijoirNj on Guam, Maj,-Gen. 51 Hikes 52 Vulgar fellow llylrSI -.1 _ A ,hb(^l or I DIVISION M; Mrs. Lucille Kidd received word I this morning from the war depart- I mcnt that her husband. Pvt. Charles E. Kidd. who has been in the hospital in England, receiving medical I treatment, was entered in the Hali loran General Hospital. Straten Island, .New York, on Decemt>er 20. His condition is satisfactory. Pvt. and Mrs. Kidd have four children. Bradford, Sally Ann, Berta Sue and Terrj-. MILDRED. D(;c. 26,—.Sorr.'' lo hfur George Ruxlon had tlio m:.slort;:iv to injure si rib whf-n he ffll wii-i: while chojins. He i.> ticUiii^' nicely, however. Mrs. 'V^ilma . Bvnuiii aiiti Mr.:. Ralph Mlill-ify •• WLTO lola vi.sU'ns .Saturday. Mrs. R..^ M. (*unnint;h;?m. nf I.M- Cro.s.sp, Kas.. citnip to be vVitli hf^i' daimlitpr Mrs. '/rrnon riuRip.s ;m'l family for' a few weeks. Mrs. Myrlf Mann i.s in I<:)la at present uttdcr the care of .-i rlorloi-. While she wasii't, so' well a few nights ago. she'is .some better at this writing. Mrs. Vijrnon Hammond an.d I.loyci visited, at the' Hiui.sakf-:- home Wpdnesday. Mrs. Charles'Phillip.s brought Mrs. Vernon Pli'illi)?s anri infant daughter; iiomc froirj the clinic at Moran'Monday. Homer :Coeh ; has been .VLsilint; friends in Mildred. Mrs. Lena Pyl.ks and Lilli,i,n were in Moran: shopp-ing Monday afternoon. ' • Mr. and Mr.~.' Leroy Culbertson' ;.nd son are expected here to visit •'over Sunday wit,h Mr. Culbertson's ' Darents .Mr. and^ Mrs. Alfred Cul- ; , bert:;on, purchaj>rs of the Cline' ; property. Mr. Culbert.son Ls connect-| ' i d wiih the Phillips Pctroluem com- | I,. Bartle.svill'?. Okla. : Dr.: and Mrs. -•Heaird, Mrs:. John : ; Heard and .son ' John David have i :'o:ir to Pari.<. Tox.. to spend ; 111..-, '.viih Sst. John David Heard ^ j-.vl -,i i.s stationed'a'. Camp M.axey. ' Mrs. Keith enjiiyed a visit Sunday, ".i'h .Siii;-. 'and Mr.s. L. W. Scott ; daujhtt-r >.Cary from Bentley,; Kas. and Mrs. Scott are both I teaching there at^d informed us that 1 n fnrmpr Moran'boy. Glen Hutton,! is the coach in ihcir .school. Mi=!;es Ruby land Ruth Knapp wlif/ iire employed in Wichita are, here (,o Rjiend Christmas with their: par('ii?.« Mr. nno .Mrs. Moyne Knapp and other relative.s. Mi.s.s Bcrnice Jackson from Clii- faiTo is spending the holiday vara-i tion with,her parents Mr. and Mrs.' Pete .Jackson and other relatives. Frif-nd.s were V(?ry slad to see Cor- : poral .\'rwtoh Bacon at Sunday! schoijl arid church .Sunday morning.; Mr<:. Rn.s.sell l-'lack has returned j home after a v]sit with her hu.<-- j band. 1st Class Russell ^ Plr'.ck v.'lio is now .Mntioned at New , Orleans. I .\5rs Kennetl-: T-vineliaiji and daiuil.iter Mr;- R..i.ssen Flack. vLsifpd Fi-iojiv with Mrs, Marcaret McCov will, fs a paliei^l in Burke .si reel lio.'^pir;il,:Forl .Sc.itt, Mr. and Mi-,s. .SV-th .Archer of .Sunflower-, K;is, ar(- here for a visit with friends, l^Tr, , and Mrs. -Tfjm Hc-nsley of ] ' LPROV were of Mr. and Mrs, Q.'E . Laccy Satiirday. Mrs. Henslev I was a-former teacher in our .schools anti will be rer'nembered a.s Mi.s.s! Hilda Kroeker wkic taught domestic I science nnd art, here. Mr. and Mrs.-, W. H. Slaughter j .spent Saturday -evening \^ith Mr, j and Mrs. Alfred (Culbertson 8 Symbol for ."^ih'.er in Makes - miitakcs • I Accomplish , ' Loiter behind Ache i Dirhinutive of Robert /• Area measure !' .A,rchctypcs .1 Syipbol for ruthenium . -h Ocean movements 34 Car , •- G Merits •'y:'' Offfenses '"28 Late Ameri.; can humorist 29 Number 30 Arabian ' province 32 Woody plants 35 Popular cant 36 Shelf 37 Electrical unit 38 Presented *2He ^eads : American ; troops fight: ing Japs L —:—1 Guam 43 Corded fabric is Highway VERTICAL 1 Tatter 2 Giant king of Boshan .•i Pluck 4 Sea eagle Exists 6 Diminutive of Edward 7 Steal 9 Dine 1 1 Tardy 12 Operatic , solo 13 Wayfarer 14 Restless 16 Verbal 17 Raised biscuit.s 19 Suspended 20 Disunited 23 Stage play 25 Ate 30 French river 31 Otherwise 33 Antiseptical preparation T 34 Dispatched 39 Fall in drop; 40 Divisions of geological time 41 Rodent 44 Fondle 45 Too 48 Writttn form of Mister 49 Afternoon (ab.) . 50 Rough lava LA.STING MARRIAGE Chicago. Dec. 26. fAP)—Mr. and Mrs. Harlan W. Stanford had a special rea.snn to ciJlebrate Christmas: yesterday—it was.their wedding! anniversary-. Sanford is 97 and his, wife, whom he nirfrried on Chn.stma.s I day, 1873, in Elkl;iart. 111., is 91. Among me&s-agss of congratula-' tions received by ^he couple was on" [ from Mr. and ;Mfj:. J. R. of j Minneapolis, their friends who were : | married on the sjtme day—71 years ; a CO 41GH0FA ' I Cold Preparations as directed "He'^ Iht most miserable niaii 1 know—he predicted stj many terrible Ihings before election that now, he's afraid £ey won't happen!" Your Home Kimsul Wool installed in attic and walls. Consult the Economy Insulation Co., for estimates of cost. Phone 479 Box 137 lala, Kansas Moran Happenings MORAN, Dec'.- 26.—Mrs. LucUe' from Pansons came Thuro-i day night to spend Christmas with i lier sister. Mrs.: L.- O. Smith and Mr. Smitii. ' ,z •taiiiT.s N. Shivfily from Manhattan .•orivetl Saiurfl;iy morning for the Christ mar vacation, Mrs, Lillian Kirk-Nieklcson is here visltin'.; her sis'-er. Mrs. Frank Garrbon.' ALL THIS WEEK ON ALL GIFTS AND WINTER WEARING APPAREL. SAVE BEFORE INVENTORY. CHOICE LADIES' $2.98' HATS Quality Felt, style for Matron or 98c Ladies' 119.95 Winter COATS »15 Choice all remaining . camel, fleece, tweed \ and wool crepe midwinter and early spring coats in black, navy and colors. Sizes 10 to 50. CHOICE TO S9.95 DRESSES $4.98 Our finest mid-winter .stylish rayon frock.s. , Ladies .?.1 .08 9S «vU 41c RAYON HOSE 25c SL'aiiile.->.>j fine rayon hose 1 educed. / / To Stt.!!.") V / LADIES' ^ KOBES .Satin or all wool, 12-44 $5.00 , Girls' %\.V,) Hats 25€ Girl.s- ..1.69 hihppers J!0% $6.95 Cordiirov * j go Boy.s 'Coats V^tJ^ Reversible raincoat back S7.98 SHEEPLINED VESTS $4.98 Heavy Moleskin pelt vests with sleeves. 36-44 ' Choice Men's $2,? O'COAT and Topcoats $20.00 Stylish wool winter coats. Sizes 33 to 44. Save Now! GIRI^' §12.95 COATS and COAT SETS $7.98 $6.9S Sizes 4-14. Warm wool fleece coaUs. some sets. , Ladies' S2.98 SWEATERS $1.98 Girls and ladies Slipover and coat styles. To $2.98 Ladies' AO Blouses 9l»y^ $1.98 Lace ^« 4A Trim Slips ... $12.95 Satii^ nf Quilted Robes. Ladies $1.98 $f^Q House Slippers Ladies' S3.98 SWEATERS $2*98 Finest all wool coats and slipovers. GOWNS PAJA>L4S To $4 .95 $2.98 To $J2.98 $1.98 Ladles Satin broadcloth, lace. 49c Knit Caps $9.95 Men's Bath Robes . Men's $1.29 Tie Sets 25c $7.95 69c BOYS' $7.95 ZIPPER Macklnaws Leather IVimmed $6.98 Heavy wool plaid 'with leather front jacket, in sizes 6 to 18. Tie with matched kerchief. $9.95 ZIPPER ALL WOOL MELTON COATS $7.95 With leather trim, warm lined, blue melton jackets, Sizes 36-48. Choice All Men's SUITS Newest Styles $24.75 Entire stock of higher priced suits go. 34 to 48. >Ien's Cotton SO.X 15c : Plain color ' cotton or ilocltford SOX IITWIN'S EVERVlTiJIM^ - TO • WEAR SHOES Boys' WorJt $2.98 Heavy durable all leatlier compo soles. Sizes 1-6 Frank E .Means, Mgr. loUi Kansas

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