The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 26, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
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VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No. 291 DAILY EDITION, 5«» Mwaniium CORPORATION FOR3IKJ AT Capital Stock of the New corn \Vhica Avm Be tocatea There Is !?2«,OOO. A new corporation has been f o r m 'ed at Wheeling, known as the l-'uje Electric Fire and Burglar A-ar-a Co « n o r f f t -- ~ "=·=- for the manufacture amd =a' 6 -'of fir' , tea t«rc 3 are gaining tremeu. ,, ,, j i , . ». w.*v. uj. i l l li Ci O i l R l t T In Tn-i.i-t-11 ~ -_: i._- 5 Che$e are marked p. i, n o n e m . lv _ S»-en -out, under penalty of elos |-tng his station. ' As soon as all is in readiness for use Harold sends in a complete char, 1^ his station and is given an exami natron -by the government. If satis." | lactory, he will receive an amateur'* | second-grade certificate, and thereaf- ,ter every six months ho will take -i governmental test. E'g Game Hero T 0 niimvr Tomorrow (Fridayj will be anoth er riproaring football d-ay in C h i l l i ' !°?" e j WS ' re a reU U - D to the m i n u t e town now and these w e e k l y WEFRENMP- TOREDFI.DOUAM MVGHES CHRISTENS HIS SON WGODROW o and burglar alarm systems. The cor poration has a capital stock or ? 2 0 000 and the stockholders are ^.. w iii^ i( Q n tj resi dents of Wheeling, Wheeling town" dously in popularity. Overlooking the popularity sid,. of it the, for the time being at least the local C. B. C. squad have n - M ;=--^ t :r^~- ot a.-. IN THREB HOURS CONMNCOCS BATTLE THEY WEIiB SUCOKSSFI-L. Three .Days of Heavy ArtHIury Pre. pa-ratioii 3fcH-ke,-l Fight Progress ot Battle. Verdun, Oct. 26.--Battling- in the- ram, mist and smoke clouds, · French recaptured Ft. Dauamount less t h a n three hours i offensive that swept the Crown P the in i · n a brilliant to Prof, and Mrs. W. L.~H U gh4°of rm S ^ lmS been " ° brist eaed Wood. i o w W i l s o n , ; Vi-OllKrNGMAN PRESENTS WH,. SON V.TTH A « r Untied Prcs». l arkersburg, w. y 0 Qot '6 -Carrying a luck piece given him bv a workman at Philadalphia. yesterday to be r e t u r n e d after "yo-ur second in a u g u r a t i o n March," Prcsidenl Wilson today passed thru h INCINfilNNAniODAV HHAN POPULACE TURNED Ot STRONG TO HEAB THE Chief Executive Greeted 'by Cheei-in. Oroivds at livery Railroad;,' On His Route. »HeU l*re»».) hundred shares in the company which sold at $25 a share. The board of ·airectors is composed of F. E. Stev ·enson, E. L. SmiE-ey, A. A. Tharp, J -H. Patterson, F. R. Bailey. The cor ^oration will continue for twentv years. The new company will at once se ·cure a b u i l d i n g and be;jin the m a n u - facture of the goods. The new fac tory will be located in Wheeling and will- employ a n u m b e r of men. F. R. Bailey i 3 the -principal stockhold-' ar in the concern, having 400 shares. Weather Forecast. Fair tonight and rrobably Friday Warmer tonight and south and east portion Friday. Installing New Fixtures: After a delay of two weeks the new fixtures for the Clark Pharmacy the Rexall Store, arrived Wednesday and are being installed. The fixtures are something new in the line of drug store fixtures and are neat handy and serviceable. They are of a grey finish and add greatly to tho appearance of the interior' of the store. WU Ho Buried Here. The remains of the l a t e ji B. Patterson, who was instantly killed last Thursday by a horse falling on him will arrive from Tuscon. Ariz., Friday morning- over the Burlington on No. 4. The body will be taken to the is an -honest to goodness"! The entire operation was witnesses It's up t 0 Ma- | by Gen. Joffre ere I C i n i j i n u a U . O., Oc-t.- io. Callin- route to Cincinnati wherTa busy day '· "^ ^ COUtt «3 r to TM-°ve fursvar° awaits ham. i's d-own for f o u r speeches there today. MRS- MARGARET R E U O H I N G E R ' with a new spiritual Wilson today brought unity, President i ROUSING MEETING! HEL-lj. AT JACKSNI -eu SUilOOIj HOUSE JJY UE.UOOH.1T;; The democratic candidates were given a cordial welcome by the voters of the Jacksni-pe neighborhood Wednesday night -at the meeting held at the Jacksmipe school house. When the candidates reached the school 'house it was- filled with voters and many were on the o-utside. Mike"' Gor man was chairman of Che meeting and introduced- the candidates who made brief talks in behalf of their candidacy and the entire democratic i ticket. Following tiha candidates | W. H. Mansur of this city talked on 1 [the present issues, who was followed j MANYBURNEDIUOS- 50 1N3IATES TRAPPED ] ' SPREADING I^AMES. ^ S Several Adjacent ' Buildings Badl^'i by the '.Vater · '·-·* Smokc. : ·" '.,-f. HEK SHE HUSBAND THE DAILY NEWSPAPERS OF CHIL JMCOTKE WILL FOSlTjWv GO TO BARGAIN OKPEP I .- --....,, , OOL1C 3, wjio was lou _ - f o r t h great ap '' by J ' C ' Rajley , w h° outlined the na. plause from, a throng i u the Chamber I ' IOnal an1 state issues and spokc " ' br 'eray in behalf of the county can didates. n . v U n l l c . t P P ,. MS ) Newark, N. J., Oct. 2 6 -- F l u s h # deeply and with eyes down cast' to i the curious court room glares '.Mrs. Margaret Betiohinger t o d a y told m a dramatic fashion why she shot and killed -her husband Christophe, of Commerce building. It was his first speech of the day. "Oii'ly by ftflly umiting," the presi- d e n t said, "can we move forward in the great chariot in w,hi-ch rides the godess of Liberty." Tha president arrived in Cincinnati at 11:30 o'clock received a tre . _ ,, . , . ,, vi ^ , O L . J useDn r, 1 ± U l,. d6mC r tratiOU - H -^- h. the trial of SAYS DE-tAYIXG OP HIS TRiAt wrr;. PREVENT HIS RE-ELECTION fUT United PrenM. St. Joseph. Mo., Oct. 26.--"Del-ay county,.whose German population such that no election ever was won . ~ ~**- i^Lui.;iit;j ---- "« cicuLiuii ever was won aoucinger. a wealthy coal broker af. "ere without the s u p p o r t o .f ill- Ger ler he tad forced His wav i n t n h » r j m a n vote, p u t party lines and per. 1 oonal feeling aside to tender the ex. bedroom. "He was ray case will not pre vent my re-election," declared Oscar D. McDaniel, county prosecutor and, candidate to succeed himself, after'' Judge Ryan- set his trial for Novera. · ev_ . , · ~ .-w.v.Lnut-1- J.OLH must necpss'ivn-i-- i-~ fused. ^eLLbsaiiiy be re- bargain offer. ' c a - c c a.tei and this is positively the last any p^SeT" ^ ** ^ "^ " ^ ° ! ^ °**TM** * m E l n '" ( B y Coiled Pro»4., / 1'armhain, Que'beck, Oct. 26.- Fivei is are known dead and fifteen'^ !rs are missing as a result of a£ ( f i r e which destroyed St. Elizabeth':." Hospital and laundry during the'" eight. ^ : .~ Scores of children were injured by'^ j u m p i n g from windows onto the pav^ : "- ; ment below. 350 inmates of the in"" ·' stUution were asleep in the build iatfv when the fire broke out and many ofS-v these are unaccounted for. "-'·"-: Several other dwelling's adjacent ire badly damaged by water ,and ; : smoke. About 25 children are- ly-'-M '.ing badly injured by j u m p i n g to the' '' """ stone pavement front the third story' windows. . The fire is -believed to have started v' "From the time I m a r r i e d ' s tration-s he -has received. r 0 rtt: te rr ; Ile ex - ber Gth ' the nrst ^ ««·« ^:;. *°* - *««*»* c^v «£% · . , ! " ^ . Srealait d e m o n - No ^ntber term of court. so rapidly that 350 | n . m JL 1± ± . him u n t i l the night I shot him he continually made demands on me- j t h a t were impossible for me to Cu! I fi 1 ) 1tri_ -r- ,. . f i l l . When I r e f u s e d . .;. I threaten to k i l l me." to m e t - gill's machine to trim the souri Military squad which headliner as announced for row. Scrimmage with the the program on the C. night as Coach Magi-11 was his team into shape -for tomorrow's game with the Missouri -MiUitary _ j ^ i a n L r y launif "scrubs" ( w a s l o'clock Tuesds B. C. f i e l d ' l a s i days of unpn .._ ,, Academy. Tonight the team will spend home of his brother, T. J. Patterson. l' t h e i r h o u r a n d a half work-out run 1501 Calhouu St.,'where brief f u n e r J n i n s si 8' n 'ils- The players" are all in al services will be he/Id at 2 o'clock , s ' ood Physical condition with the ex- who_ has two bed Burial -will be made in the Jones cam- etery. " " Miller "Buys J"*ri(l.£ro. The bid of Harry Miller. $87.50, was the highest offered for the steel in" the Milwaukee bridge and the struc. ture was sold by the city council to Mr. Miller last night. Mr. Miller is to dismantle the structure, preserving the lumber for the city. The '· Milwaukee will rebuild -a temporary i v, ooden structure u n t i l the road start its uniform .system o f building con j · I u r d a y .ception of fingers, the nails having been t o r n loose in the Wentworth game. This though is not expected to seriously handicap him. Kitchen, the big Ala". nervation in one of the Verdun fc^_ the correspondent watched the F r e n c h i n f a n t r y launch attacks a.t 11:40 -ay morning after three ·ecedented preparation. The rain, fog and the constant ex Plosion of shells hid the men from siirtit. but. it was possible to follow the French adi-ance b tho various fires, Germans wore on- all committee*,, their presence was marked in t h e crowd and there was every evidence he w o u l d ° If t h eir intentions to give the pros ident a clear impression that his was to be a hearing_i n a c o m m u n i t y re- I ported hostile to him. Tha president m a d e his way t h r u crowded streets toward his hotel for prior t- 0 starting out on . The panel of venireinen for the . Daniel was discharged by Judpe Ryan at 3 : 3 0 o'clock yesterday f o l lowing arguments of the Question bv the attorneys. Judge Ryan set the " *«"»j A U ajja t:a.u so rapidly that 350 inmates were- U!v able t 0 reach safety before m a n y pf them were marooned by the flames. Patients and employees fought in a wild attempt to gain an exit from th building. br-fef j a busy day. The p-resident is of fine metal after his trip thru West Virgin. case for November 6, the first day of the November term, and witnesses j K V E X -fONEY AGAIN were excused until that date. El ON WILSON'S ELECTION Attorney Strop in-sited that, more names -be dTawn'from. the j u r y wheel ISEH.V JLVIE. is. and Ohio, m a r k e d with enthusiastic- HEA II j welcome by the townspeople at every poinit. He made no -speeches but con" f i n e d h i m s e l f to expressions of appre- 'y the shirt of especially t h a t of G e r m a n s which f i r s t came from Froide Terre n n d then, was fo, shorten up T h i a u m o n t and the: bama guard, is expected t 0 be back "in the line up for the f u l l game to. morrow. The visitors will arrive at 3 : 5 3 this evening over the Wabash. The game -will be called at 3 :15 t o m o r r o w teruoon. The Cocal boys are conn. I dent of winning but are expecting a i harder battle than the one last Sat- rced to en Deu- mont as the French swept all b e f o r e thorn. V-illa Will Direct All M.-ld Oj, C! - a iiin s Vi'liHe the rjimctit, WiU i j i v k A f t e r l,!iu Cash. . u y !.,,!,,,,! ,.,,.,,., El Paso, Tex., Oct. 26.--li.msarie- Ironi V i i l R have bean in thl this afternoon and that the securing of a jury be proceeded with, but \va.- overruled. Attorney Strop insisted that more ·Judge Ryan appointed a com of three attorneys to investigate the manner in which the special venire of ciation for the demonstrations and Jurors for the mistrial'bad'been'draJn uopes t h a t "I have done my w o r k ' H e named H. K. White, G. L, Z well." These expressions were al. { a n d John Connett, and i n s t r u c t e d ways followed- by shouts of-"WeTe | them t o report in open court nex" i or you Woody" and "You have kepi i Monday m o r n i n g at S o'clock the country out of war.' God bless J Attorney General Barker today de- · V °"' , fended his position as o u t l i n e d in his At one point between stations J no I intc "iew, stating that he believed the c h i l d r e n Krvr^S^T^,*-" ·"--=«'= = Hegalistas, according to of the "United States'" (len'i.-t-M-.i agents here-. At least one Vi'!iiltas""i£ a cross roads waving American nags as the president passed. crete bridges. The bridge was sold i by the finance committee of the city'!:,TM 1 " Westminister, -a team of" the council bv n-Hvato h i r f = ' j «'esleyan. class-, to a 6 to 7 score, sc t n e df s t ' a ' n t * b I if -dope means anything, tomorrow's tT .. ' . ' , te °' n t h e a l e r t at contest will be a battle roval * , TT * lme f ° r neiv " s ^ tel3P»on e . - - Suddenly a sharp gust of wind l i f t e d council by private bids. Many Teachers Here. There is a large attendance at the . « Simss of W i l l i a m Jewell Colle-e f. ' opening day of the Livingston C o u n t y ^ ' r e f e r e e - Coa h Lewis of th* ·Teachers' Association which convert' " lfrh SCll °' Jl wil1 serve a « umpire, -ed in the. High School auditorium i T Ptulll 5 s m11 a =t as head lines- Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. More j TM" an ' :are expected tornortow. The program I _, ' will be carried cut as published ' I The c w l l i c °tte High School boys The principal address of the m o r n are b a t t l m « ^ta t h e - B r a y m e r highs- i o n the C. B. C field this afternoon rp T , -o-...^ "t,i=. ^vi. least one V i ' l l i y f Telephone calls from other French Unowa to have come overling torts -kept us i n f o r m e d as to the ' horseback a n d crossed the Rio G'i French advance. First, at 12:0o''-i u s t below Juarez \t th',- m e e t ! o'clock, Holly Ravine was captured, I "a United States a u t l i o r i t i e - hriievr the voice over the telephone said. an agreement was perl'ecied for t h ^ vilhT H a l l ( l r °mont quarries--tho B a n d i t leader to act as comm-ander in , ge o, Douamon.t and Caliette in . c h i e f , of the field forces u n d e r d i r f c quu-K succession. There was a sho:-,";t''°" of the j u n c t a o,f the new movp" pause t h e n and the t e l e p h o n e b r o u g h t n l e n t . Several United St-tf- «e--e"r word of the capture of the Vaux f a r m , service men already had reponed h-vi W e have surro-unded Ft. Dtia. ' s "ch an agreement 1-3 now in force. " In return, the Regalisla-s are" to furnish the mioney in order t h a t the j men may be paid off in silver. | The new r e v o l u t i o n i s t - p a r t y , in ;t= paper, avows t h a t the objec- " In J 1 " " ' stale had been jobbed in the selection of McDaniel's jury. Before the committee appointed to i investigate Barker's charges that he -led to the mis-trial, the attorney gen. oral declared that the attorneys f o i the prosecution were agreed in the in.v UiUl,.,] i-ro««l New York, Oct. 26.--Even money again was the ruling rate-on election": betting today a-s western Wilson man. ey came into the financial district. One Wall street man who recently" made a killing in. steel'is reported to. have bet 5 2 5 , 0 0 0 even on Wilson and to have $ 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 more to bet. AVAC,ON NEAVS. - S. O. Liaito-n and Mrs. C. M. i th *y P r o s ecution were agreed .visited at the W i n L o n Kerns | hel ^ ef t h a t several venirmen qualified v. ith remarkable rapidity and that they knew more about the case than The 'Missouri Military Acad. _,,,_, ,, ,, ,, T,-.^.... . . ' . . mont, came a message at 5 o'clock. peered o u t over .iel, who spent his boyhood days in Avalon, is visitin" t b e y P retend ed. f r i e n d s at this place. He will ,-etunl I ^ to his h o m e at Springfield, 111. FAmviEW. A n u m b e r of y o u n g people from , Miss Vernie Diehl spent the week t h i s neighborhood went to the b o t t o m i end w 'th her parents .in Chillicothe Adveifised Letter TJst Anderson, James P.; Ashland, A l ' ' len; Cowan, E. W.; France, Mrs!John; Green, Miss Mabel E.; Har ringtou. Fred; Horton, Tomie; Jones, ." H. C.; Nickelson, Mrs. Alice; Perry,. 2stes; Reed, Chester; Sherlock, W.' r '.; Smith, Le 0 J.; Wray, Alva. John H. Taylor, P. M. SPECIAL SATjE ON PAMI to p i c k up h i c k o r y nuts. W i n t o n Kerns. spent last Sunday at 13 GOODS NOW C50INO ON AT THE l.\-V!»U!RS STORK A special- sale on Palm Olive goods is now going on at the Farmers storo. A 50 cent jar of- Pa!m Olive cold cream or a 50 cent battle of Palm O!. ive shampoo and three cakes of Palni Olive soap, total value 80 cents, ca:i be purchased for 44 cents now.' No better goods are made-than Palm OI. ,,, r ive - a n d tais rare bargain offered Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Prosper attend- ,.\now wffl not last lon-g; and the peop-Je Mr rZinfP'r- Fn n n v . ^ 1 ,',, A ,.~ 1 l - . ^ _ n -, tf^v^rtS ed Mr. G-off's f u n e r a l in Avalon last Monda Mr. and Mrs. .e mist and smoke clouds, revealing tive o-f the o^ani.ation'is to acoom" !"thT' d '^rT'^ ^ B S " : e color of the French floating f,-nn, plish (he dnu-.i,,-^ of n^ ^.'..... ° ' I U '' t h Bj ' ron Huff a »3 family. ing was made by Byron Cosby of ' the : - -- - J J u l L i t t ; ni. -o state normal- at KirksviMe. His ad i e Bra y mer b °3-s arrived at n o o n dress was an exceptional^- good on.- ' conflc '- ellt of vfctorj-. The local boys. f j though should carry off the big end the color of the French floating from Plish (he downing of Cen~ C-uTan^'" Ft. Duamont. I ' Berlin, Oct. 26--The Crown Prince's ' troops have repulsed violent French attacks against Ft. Vaux. northeast of Verdun, said an -official statement · this afternoon a d m i t t i n g the loss of Ft. D u a m o n t an,"d the village of la s' week. Theodore Huff and f a m i l y motored to Bogard 'Saturday for a short visit - -. Richard Melvin and daughter, Miss Opal of near Oakland Sundaycd w i t h Mr. and Mrs. W. S Bishop and family. Clev s Linville and children j ! Mrs. of Chillicothe and Livingston county ·should not lose the opportunity of securing" these high class goods a t ' such low prices. Do-n't forget the place, The Farmers Store. See the display in the show window. C K K A J i IvlIXJB. James Bate of Cameron was shak. · han-ds with f r i e n d s S u n d a y . mont. T h e M . E. Sunday-school of tlHsl~^ ^ B a r n h a r t was P leas - Dlace 'has received an invitat on t * SUrprised Frid ^ eve TM'^ ^en T. S. McMillen called on his new the home of Barle Steele next ° ,, ' ' ^ D u m b 6 r ot her friends remembered ·raadson. Charles Kennith Colton, day evening, where the^ ,^ J « 'M' her btrtMa '- Those »"-»« were 1st -wppit . . . v ^^i..v « i i l fje en_ ; Q r3 TTntirlHTic -wri^fl^i^i T^ i._ X T - , , . tertamed by a Hallowe'en social Quadruplets to n Family. Leaf,-Miss., Oct. 26.--Mr. and Mrs. E. Fairchild are the parents of healthy quadruplets, born "last night. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kent were vis. Dr. Abner Jones of the department ° f " le score for t h e y h a v e s of education of the State University , ° will deliver the principal address this :marked im-piroveimenit s-in.-,e tlhoir evening. same of two weeks ago. as was shown J in their last Saturday's game' with Gallatin. A. good sized crowd is witnessing the contest. _ ,. "" ^ t o - -""'j- ivt-jn. were vjs. i en by the Liberty Sund-iv =.r-hnni TI H ' · L " Jr "'J r . «er- Berlm, Oct.. 2 6 . -- R u m a n i a n troops «»« at the home of S. B. M u m p o w e r s S is lookinTiorwa, 1 t f T h e ^ h a a » d ^^ Baymiller, Fleda Hoff. ve blown up the large bridge over Sunday. P I e* n ,TM *' US f °" Vai d '° a n l e a s a n t ' m a n , claj . a Bryant ^ T-» v.- _ x ^ _ . ! .., - , c: v C M I U L . . | ., itock at a K-'eati c. o25dSwt Will Open Pool Hall. The city council in an a d j o u r n e d j session last night granted to Henry j T. Bradley a license to conduct a pool hall in the building on East Jackson street, where he formerly conducted a saloon. (The petition of Wi-li: Anderson, asking for a license to conduct a pool hall on the levee, was hold tip u n t i l next Monday night. Cream Ridge Township. The meetinir for members of Farm ers Mnttuta Insurance Co. in your township will be nt Center School ca P ecJ 'nto evening. j Many of 'the this community r neighborhood were entertained social way at the h o m e of last Saturday evening. Delbert and Alva Wray, Lloyd Barnes, 'Morhs, Har. Howard Livingston, Carl Lee Drake, Walter Linton., John Rob- J ' ouse ° n John F. Meek was awarded the contract for paving the alley located bet-ween Dim and Vine streets f r o m Webster to Jackson. After discu'ssiin'g- a fey*" questions -of min-or importance council adjourned until Monday night. .,0-" Erecting Wireless" Station. Harold Dameron, the 12.year_old son of W. L. Dameron of Huntsvilla , i is the buesiest boy in town getting ; ; his -wireless telegraph sation in shape , j for operation. "; i He -has his poles erected and has r some of his apparatus installed. He jj is placing his receiving machine, and -: £ixiects his sender in a few days. Harold is adept at electrical man.. i- ntlation and is not giving out in- f, rotation to his many questioners a^ .~ i -where a-nd. 'how he obtained his ^Joflcieot.t information for establish · his station. ten complete tie will be able to __.,,, and take messaere? from coast %'jcoast, and, as his station is in ,ac " irith g-oven-niiiettt regulation, u-n- cvcnin s . Oct. 2Sth. Roy O. Byrcl. Notice AV. O. W. Special -meeting Wednesday night. Oct. 25. Initiation. All members arc Au immense-stock of trimmed r e q u e s t e d to be present. .John McBride, C. C. F. E. Brown, Clerk. have Mown u-p the large bridge over ,' Sunday. the D a n u b e at Cern-avoda, said an of- j Mrs. Susie Hamilton who has been flcial statement from the war o f f i c e : "visiting relatives here, r e t u r n e d to t h i s afternoon- anu'O-uncing f u r t h e r j l l e r n °me in Chillicotlio. progress of Maolcenssn't a r m i e s in Do. I Mr - and Mrs. George Col-ton .vis- brudja, and a new advance asainst i ited witl1 relatives s o u t h of the river the Rumanians on the Transylvanii', l a s t week. r T _ ... -- J^ee I R8V " WeSt ^ P'--e to begin a from ^^r*"^ """'.^ Berlin, Oct. 26.-- Part of the Rus rs "val m e e t i n g at Pleasant G r o v e ; Miss Gladys Btrnlnrf · I Sunday school and Epworth League so-Rumanian force in C e b u r d j a es ! next Sun-day, October 2 9 t h . ' ed on hcr'bk-thda l a s t ^ j h u r p r i s - were weM attended at .Eeece Chapel Old Rumania by fleeins j Several yards of B l u e ribbon i v e r e j i r , " by a -TOU-O ^JroTM A " i^ eVKn ' Sun "laj. across the Veraavoda bridge bel'orcM won at th e Farm Congress by exibi I Reece Chanel Thp r * ,, , Ed - Whlteslde made a business trip . the town was captured by Macken. ^ *TM this section. . i e^-ybody h^d a g~d timT " ' 1 1 ° ^T S^*' ; sen, militarj- critics of the semi-off, ! c °TM gathering has begun this week. | The first meeting of t h e Al F. '·' ' of Chillicothe, .cial news agency reported "today i The Yield, will probably average 20 qnm-=.h, ,, - n K , i , · ,T , p a J1 ' tlX SPen-t the week end with Mr. and Mrs. I ' to 30 bushels per acre. j ^ TM£?? " ° U ' B ' " ° "'" ' --"' ! Wm. Grothe shipped one of his JUDGE FOR 1'OUlSSEIjF Har Id ' W h i c l ' Js lietter -- Tr .V an Kxperimcnt Rnho,-, I " r Pl ' ofit b " -i Cliillicollie Citizen's Kxpcrtencc. Something new is an experiment. Must be proved to be as represented. The statement of a manufacturer is not convincing proof of merit. But the endorsement of friends it. Now supposing you had a bad back, A lame, weak, or aching one, Would you experiment on it? You will read of many so-called an amazingly Io, v ,,,-ice. Enloe Al ; ^'ize-wmnlng WMte Wyandotte to which , an ° re united. 24-2 Read the Constitution "Want ads. Hortwell, 2nd floor New York Stoi ainnj- SSlaiig-htey Shoes at Hawley's will rest your puise as well as j-»nr feet. o. fic ,' j Cockerels to a customer at Bogard j Mo., last week. I Ed. Colton delivered fat hogs : from Friday ,,,,,,,,.. A program wiH be provided ,'Be sure and attend t h e sa]e of - Chillicothe Market last Monday. to Dijr . n ^ rr.-iise-s Hospital. F. L. Sinnard o-f Webb City is here visiting his brother, Frank Sinnard. The Democratic speaking which was ..\Whiteside, Tuesday, October 31. WHEEUNG. . - - . J. L. Castle and Will Warren are held over Fink's store last Saturday .business visitors in Palmyra. BEJIOCKATJC Si'RAKIXG DATES, The following dates are f o r C o u n t y Candidates Wolfskill's 'String Band will b e . present Sturges. Thursday, October 28, at 7 : 3 0 p m Farmersville, Friday, October 37. a j 7 - 3 9 p nl .. Leaton School House, Saturday. October 28, at 7 ' 3 0 p m ,. H ° n " ^"r B ° 5 ' d °* Monroe county. Speaker of State Leg,.,, sak at tne SturECS Farmersville and Leaton cothe Hospital I was accorded 'courtesy. The rooms are pleasant ^and mieal's well prepared. The build. - ing is being rep-aired aad equipped with modern conveniences as rapidly as possible. The operating r o o m is · it ( _ _. w U3AJtt «3 3 v ioiLurs in JCd-iinyra- evening was well attended. Judging ' Dr . ^,3 Mrs . Edgert on and Mr. and _ b y the feeling that seemed to be in M , rs . Edgar W6lch an . d chlldreil o£ ^.evtdence, the Democrats have things Chillicothe spent Sunday afternoon la-vptT ; -- -- "o" u i i i i n u u L i i e spen.1, oui n.5«T,i S °m5- ^^ W f y Ci ° Wn in thi ' S sectio ' n - wKh Mrs. Wm. Davis. jrvices of Chas. Golf · Mrs. Emma Barrett left Monday ; Goff home last Sat- "for her home in California a f t e r an at two o'clock. Mr. · extended visit with relatives here, for many weeks and . Mrs. George Walkup of Hale visit. as possible Thp operating r o o n 's ~~«- ~~~. ivj. in . ^ e u i g w ivtiii-Lup ui r. one of the".best to be found. Tleretfj"*TM*TM?? k TMTM- tl1 ^ vrould ed relatives here last week. i = »,, _«,,,,-__.. -, . , n o t survive his illness. He was a n . ' Harry Smith of ChUlinol . Harry Smith of Chillicothe spent .r^ Ruoker win address the TOters ° f Livin - tM ·» Springhill. Monday, October 3 0 t h at night Sampsel, Tuesday, October 32st at nisht Jtooresville. Wedneday. November 1st, at night Hosman School House, Thursday, November 2nd, at night. an emcient^co-rp., of nurses to',, ' 6 TM* ^ ' ' Harry Smith of ChU1Ic j t r a i n i n g .chooT untr diretUon of SX f lelU to TM"-^- a W n d neighbor .Sunday with friends here. JMiss Adldns; ,, J":;I,;'r^ ....[ attd a S00d man ' His 1Ifo TM *': Mr. and 'Mrs. Len Bassett \ gical nurse. also gradtiate and sur, !'q u j c t and All doctors who p,at. ; f o r that. i r o n i c this hospital deserve the s u p - I n a t u one, yet none the less forceful children are visiting Frank Bassett j Doan's Kidney Pill -O.f.. TTp WJt « flf nT. n n c t c a i l - l - n i - n w ' J v _·» rm_ . , . . - Endorsed by strangers front faraway places. It's different when the endorsement conies from home. Easy to prove local testimony. Read this Chillicothe case: I J. N. Ridgeway, retired farmer, Chillicothe, says: "I had a weak and p a i n f u l back. I suffered from sharp pains through the small of my back and it was a hard job to do heavy work of any kind. I was weak, tired out and nervous. Doan's ICidney Pills always removed the trouble in good order and from the beneficial results -. they brought me, I highly recom.,. mend them." . · . - . " ' · Price 50c at "all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy -- get He was of an- unassuming 'and family. The: ;y are en route to and his influence was that Sioux Falls, S. Dak., where they will n f CTTPTT P i n TM n p T · · - .'""· UIB * na "'= muuence was that Sioux Falls, S. Dak., wh count;? n "'J?n^« t h U iSo^fe^ «£* ""*' Tf "^ ^^ """ "*"" ^ Mrs ( D r ) E'J M ' I S °?. those a m o n p ; Miss Katha Inderweisen returned ' ' ' ' l r s ' whom, it exists. The services were Wednesday from a week's visit in . conducted by Rev. A. E. Settles and Maryville. pains, interment was made in. the Avalon ' For earache, toothache, liurns, scalds, sore throat, try Dr Thomas' Eclectic 6il, a splendid rem- for emergencies. cemetery. Try E Constitution Want Ad Mr. Ridgeway had. Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. --the.same that Foster-Milburn Tax Notice. The tax books for C h i l l i c o t h e town, ship will be open .for Uie collection I of 1016 taxes on and aitbr November Bis reduction in all millinery. TCn. 1st, 1316. Office in court house loe Harwell, 2nd floor Ne%v York Store. P25d3wl "5d3vrl B. F. Thorp, Twp. Colector. -*,, iEWSP \PERI INEWSPAPFRf

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