The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 27, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1914
Page 2
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Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W ^Saturday Evening, June 27, 1914. Creek Near Camargo Raging Torrent Was Tuscola, June 27--Rain fell In heavy ehowers in some parts of Douglas county on Triflay afternoon, while in some other parts the rttin was \ery light ani in others none it all Tuscola -nas not favored with an amount of ram that wouli Ho much good but there was «. light shower In the corporation at about *ht noon hour, 'While to the south and cast ot us it wi hei^s, and the cit\ was just m the northern edge of a- fine rain There were heavy rains In the noith and noitheast parts of the count} on Thursday e\e'img and those corring o \ e i from Ca'nirso reported the cretk t h c i e as b^int i. iasm torrent from the ram that had fallen In the headwat rs of the stieim to the north | The «honers seemed to be holdlns, to the forecasts o* the Lnlted States ·weat'icr man \erv cloaeli and 'were jjtricttt loi-al showers S H FORD MSITING TUSCOL* Samue 1 H Fora the seventy-six 5 ear old brother of Zark Ford the \ettran flagman it the Mim street crossing; of the C H D and C A. E I in this utv has, been M I'ins in Tuscola this v eek "Mr Ford =; home is In Muskogee Okla He Is i \eierin of the chll war and enlisted in the first % o l u n t e e r regiment o leaM. Illinois undei the then Colonel Grant He served three and one- half e i r s in t e wot and at its close ·aent t D wlnt was then Indian teTi- tors w h t t h w n s foi muiiv \ e o i b a s^uut intl ^ n 1" in tho government aer \ice B p f c i r he present \isit he has on % 1 n bid to Illinois one time since g o f n ? to the coimto w e s t of he "\Iissis pj i r n f i w i li \ i it w a s four or f \e ^ irs ato He Is \\eU known to ira-n ot the oiler citizens of Douglas counts Mr Oscir Lnz cr le't here Fndaj \ l a · I mois C ntnl and Chicago for Chirr f r l i i n --o 1 D ikota w h e i e she , ·was c llcfl i v telcsiaph on account of the s e i i n i ? illness ot a niece OOLDTN ·\TFDDING C h n l f s T i c k f t t inc! fimllv were in Can i "o Tr ric 1 a\ to attend the golden wet 1 i = -imnus-iiv of Mrs Tnckett s p rent« iir and Mi" TN Insh p Silers Tl o 1"^ 1 c i plf ha'V c befl residents o' i c-i-n s ind that \ i c i n i foi m a n ) ea" a Miss M-"n Tic^ left here ^aturrtav for Chinas:"* w r" c hp w i l l \i"lt w i t h so ne college fn nrls for a t'mo "Jhprwootl loncs spent 'iturdas In Cl T i ptisjn w i t ) r e l i t U p s Mrs C V H a w k i n s w a s in Newman \ I = i t n c r i ^ l i t i c-s f n d i \ Mr= M t Fi«k in» a Trl lav i)sl or at r-c-ro t Mi= r "lie Fal w i n T as a Filflav Bho^nrr m Tc 11 ir CJporco Stn *-s nnd Tohert Morse ·were FriJa% bi cmess \lsitors in Ham- ironcl Mrs T T "Richai Is and her small son of V e«t I il" w e r t to «llem III rrirl-n fnr a i i c i t r i w a 1 -irrnnton nnd \ t t o i n e ^ " T M ·V. w - n n n n n l " f D u h n m t l were In 4."thjt r - i l - x niornlntr Pel I* H Fisher of tne Pr°so\ terian church l-ft ]fif r iflav for a short trip to \ l l i i n " O FINE f i i U T \I QT X PROOF \M T p TI- i i i n f u 1 fnr the Pattcr- SKT =p-lnc: t h a i t a n |in w h i ' - h w i l l hi gin on Au., 1 Ins been p n b l i s h e f l and promises some "\ el \ interes i n e feature- c o n t i r i n s o er f i f t e e n r^s Mound \ era the gtteet* Ot Mr and UTB Charles Merrls and family Thundty Mlflk Gladys Chynoweth ^ait a D«eatur vjiltor ^\ edneaday Mr* C j d e Younff was called to Spring- rl*ld Sftturdfly on toount o£ the l«riout 1H- nesii of her father Born Thursday June 2S, to Ur and Mrs George Glenn a daughter Kfre Dora Blddl« who hafl be«n 8p«ndlnff E«vcral months fn Florida is visiting her sister Mrs \Vftlter-Crlenn an dfamily this neek Paul Merrlg returned home Thursday after spending se eral weelc» "With relatives near Blue Mound Earl Griffith nho has a position in For Worth Texas i* spending a fe v i\e a ks w i t h Ma mother, Mrs Aiics G r i f f i t h of this clt\ Mrs O H Draper returned hame Thurs day after spending the past t u o months with relatives in Indiana Miss Marv Cook and Russe 1 ! Cook were Decatur visitors Thursda Mrs Ed Carr and daughter Millie were the guesta of "\ir ana Mrs vVliliam Eck- nardt and family east ot t o u n Vvednesday rtobert ^\ lllard was ft Dooatur v isitoi ^Vednesdar ·\Iisses Rose Gordon of Pana anfl Ann e Folly of Assumption were the guests of Mr and Mrs Lee Pacett^and family Vtednes- Miss Cecelia Despres and Mrs I j o n s of this city and Ml9s l u c i l e LvonS granddaushter of ths luttei w h o liven In Chiiago hut is visiting In this city, nil left Thursday for th« ·=pr!n* at West Baden Ind where thes w i l l remain ae\eral dl\s Ben Bafford of this city has accepted a position as foreman of Llwln section of tha Illinois Central a r l Mr Johnion who w n s formerly foreman f f the t h a t section has taken «. similar position at Pana Mrs Pet* Anderson and daughter Irene \ v o i e Decatur -visitors Thursdav Mrs Ullliam Gordon \vas Moweaqua "visitor Wednesday Mrs Wallace of Florida Is the guest of her n int Mrs James GeddeB a few d a v s this week Mr:s ueorge \UBttn of D e c a t s r -was t n e cuen of her parents Mr and Mrs A Do st\ of this place Thursday Mrs A r t h u r \\ilson of Chicago arrived in this citv Thursday tor a Msit w i t h her pa- rente Mr^ and MJ3 George Jacobs Mrs Mrsil Graham and daughter of Blue Mound spent Thurtdai w i t h her parents Mr and Mrfc--A Dorse\ Mle« ddle G r i f f i t h who has been teaching near V* olcott Ind came home Thursday- to spend her -vacation W C T L MEETING Th members of the vV C T V socletj he A their regular meeting at the home ot Mr* John New sham four miles east of this clt ·Wecinc'dai c v e n l r s Mrs Dr Kibble of Decatur was present and cave a chart talk alter which Rev Mr Hnbmart an/I Mr C o d v l n who era honorary memhois each sjvi. a short talk A 1 cture upon the anti-saloon subject w i l l he- g i v e n at the Presbjtcrlan church £ mday "can Gnge tomer resident of this cltv but now professoi in a colle«« In Ml«so r w i l l pro ch Sunday mowing at tho Prcsby- te'-lan church . , * ----· Mrdomc fo^-TMndlor Windsor Gaze'tc W int5Sor is to ha^t an airdome and It will he ready nevt week E P Clay manage- of the Electric theater M inflsar a popular plahon»« has leased the Kirk-wood lot east of the Gazette bull UPS and is row bus ' flxlns up an outdocr placa to show the mo\ies It promises to be a popular amusement place on the hot nights Unique Birthday Dinner Given at Cowden. Cow den June 27 -- \ biithdai dinner was given Thursdas at the home of Mr and Mis C ^ hellers in honor of the seven's first birthday of "Mrs Mt- Hssa Khmehart Mis Sellers mothei A fine dinnei such ae Mrs Sellers is jtistlv noted for was served to a larEe number of guests Tha combined »sos of the following occupants of the first table was 5S(j years Zach Moore sev entv six Mrs Zach Moore e e v e n t j - f l v e M Hon Hunter seventy - t w o John ·« onus se-vent t w o Airs Susan Wak-aficld s e v e n t j M i s Rhinehart seventy one Mrs Mars A Toirence savent-two After dinner Mr Sellers who is a bieecler of f i n e Perche^on horses took the guests out to see his stocit -of Percheions and Shetland ponj and month old colt Among the guests w as Mr« Kate W ooters of Fdinbur and Bon, Dr Her- 1 ei t w rotors of Mo-neaqua who mot- I -t i l the clinne- Mrs Wootera Is a daughter of Mrs Khlne- 'Claude returned to her MACON Mr a Mr= \*t-"r T*Tttrr=nn a i l fliuch fp M'e* Flhrl .f ·* trip tr ie-l* nf Mr ana "Mr* I V K n i p in F ^ n = nrtav Puth H n f o n i r t rn* 1 I In ho hnm*» In this riU \ p l f l p ^ l a ^ if n ^p^nl IE: =n p\ al nceks \ v t h h r = r I * J n T i o n ^ c T r f t M h n it } ren ^p^ndlnjr se^Tal n n I* fh h^r hrotlier^ Robert T - i T-i i fh i f t j r * ' 1 to 1 er h o m e In th «« t MOP q T om c T a n t i « ant? w f f o mmed ttito Mr* E^r- r-h ps prrn rti " n l a i r= ^\il]iim O rl n and rtnuphtcr Mrs A firdnf =rert " W o ' l n c ^ l T v in Dcrttur the gn " =; o relati o c Mrs ^»«:t!n ^"n ^as "hopplft* ' n DeCfttUI 1 ^V* 1 nc c li Mr ^n 1 'M'-o Tirn T ij=e afld rhilflren ·x?rr the «nip«t^ of M- n l Mr« M S Hurt an fin n ] 1 \ n c un ^^^ "VTr a 1 "\T u T^m T IHl p tnn^ nf TPir 'Sine IN SUCH PAIN WOMAN CRIED Suffered EverythingUntil Restored to Health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta- i ble Compound. Florence, So. Dakota.--"I used to ba very sick every month with bearing · d o w n p a i n s »na I backache, and had | h e a d f c c h e a good ! deal of the time and ] very little appetite. The pain* were M bad that I Used to mt right down on tha floor and cry, because it hurt me so and I could not do any work at those times. An old woman advised me to try Lydia S. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I got a bottle. I felt better the next month so I took three more bottles of it and got ~ well so I could work all the tame. 1 hope every woman who suffers like I did will try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound " -- Mrs. P. W. LAIWENG,' Route No. 1, Florence, South Dakota. Why will women continue to suffer day in and day out or drag out a sickly, halfhearted existence, missing three-fourths of the joy of living, when they can find health in Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? For thirty yeare it has been the standard remedy for female ills, and has restored the health of thousands of women who have been troubled with such ailments as displacements, Inflammation, olcerataon, tumors, irregularities, eta. ~ If yon want special adrlee write to lydla E. Plnkham Medicine Co. {confl- deutlal) Lynn, Mass. Tonr tetter will ba opened, read and answered by a womw «id held la strict confidem, i SPAPFRf HAMMOND. The china p a i n t i n g cl-ns w h i c h haft been l i j c h t M M * I M T o r d f m of Docntur d i " i l a \ o l t* w f t l k (n 'Uv^tr ft RirUmnn * store M o n l T . A number ot beiutlfin pieces V% K ' 1 runMiTi i" in ITrctor Minn lOoklnff i f t ? r 1 " f t t m i n t e r r ^ t " \u"-u«t is ^omh is \ M t i n g r e l i t l \ e s _ In t\ i mm TU ite w f l f l 1 n re Ti rsc^ from % m u "honk^el rr of M o n t l c o cimlM-itc f o r count I j l f f ? ^ T t ; In t o w n " \ \ f d n p p i f t v M i = B D c t icr T\ rpn of "N a n t i c 11 1 "H s M*rn C h i c " of P f t l m e r \ l P i t e l he th ·= pok w th rf n t l \ p c nf thg fnrmc-i home in Charleston Tuesday evening after a weeks \islt with her parents Her brother Howard Bcovil, accompanied her home --, « * PRETTY WEDDING AT MONTICELLO Wn BeMfe Bllenor I* Bride of Dr. R. \V Buihee. Monttcsllo, June 27 --A pretty wedding- was solemnized Wednesday afternoon at 2 30 at the home of Mr and Mrs James Fltzwater on South Charter street when their daughter Be«le Ellenor became the bride of Dr Ralnh ·flaldo Bushee Rev M C Long of Streator ana a f o i m e r pastor oE the Presbyterian church here performed ths ring ceremoni in the presence of the immediate families The hou^e -was decorated In yarrow roses and asparagus and in the south pailor where the ceremony t^as performed the grate Tvas banked with the same decorations No particular color scheme -nas "arriefl out After tho ceremony was performed the guests partook of a two course luncheon Mrs \ ilia Jones catered The couple slipped away at the rear of th» the tront and wer« taken to Champaign where they caught the fast train to Chicago and will take a lake trip JTiey will be at home to their friends after Aue 1- BRINGS BHIDE ON VISIT Louis Coon and bride arrived h«r« Wednesday to visit relatives before returning to their home In Hotslneton. Kan Mr Coon and Miss Eva Logan both of Hoisington, were married on June 3, and left at once for a five weeks' trip to Colorado Springs, Denser. Salt Lake and other points Mr Coon is the eon of Thomas Coon of the city, and It well known here, although the young man has been in Hoisington for the past four years in the employ of the Missouri Pacific Railway Company Mrs Ira Cloflfelter and children left Tuesday for a short stay with relatives at Effjngham EIsTERTAIN FOR MISS MI«s Catherine Dlghton entertained Fridas at a luncheon in honor of Miss Irene Handlin of Decatur and a for- me" Montlcello girt who will' be married the last of this month Fred Sllcox and w i f e of Brian O have returned home after a \isit with their daughter Mrs J D ltper Rev H O Glelser of Watiekq. was in the city Thursday Th* Onward Circle class of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday school gave their annual class picnic at the city park Thursday afurnoon The rain did not deter the girls from having a good time About fifty were present Miss Mary Smith was in B«m«nt Thursday morning attending the funeral of Mrs Mary Siders, an old friend of the family County Clerk Harvey Fay hag b«n busy the past few da« delivering election supplies to th« different town- shlpl Mrs Amanda Jones and sons went to Sejmour Thursday evening to remain over Sundaj with relatives SURPRISE PARTY ON MACON WOMAN Jack Sanders Celebrate* HI» Birthday. Mac on June 27 -- Jack Sanders was pleasantly surprised at his home Wednesday evening in honor of his forty-first birthday anniversary About thirty relatives arid friends were present The evening was spent with games and music Refreshments of Ice cream, cake and lemonade was served Those present were Mr and Mrs Tack "an- ders and family, Mr. ana Mrs Hal Ills* and son Edward, Mri Temore and daughter Ellen. Mrs Johnson and daughter Bonnie, Mra Ramkloni tn4 familv The relatives from DecM IT we-e Mrs C H. Kemner and sent tar · and Charles Mrs Walter Slay and daughter Mary Jane Mr and Mr» lk« Kibble Mra, Mary Slay ind aug;htci« Ida and Laura. Mr Ha-ry Wade, Mr. Bruce Becker Mr Sanders received many r e a u t i f u l presrrts Good Spirits can only be enjoyed by those whOM digestive organs work naturally and regularly. The best correctfTe and preventive yet discovered for trregu- larorfaultyactonof stomach, liraroc bo wels, is known the world over to be BEECHAM5 PILLS HAS HO SUBSTITUTE Absolute!/ Pure Tho only baking powder masfo from Royal Grapo Ofoam of Tartar HQALUM.HBUMEPHGSPHATE Electricity Makes Sewing a Pleasure No need for that tired, Worn-out feeling, so common after pedaling a sewing machine. If you use an Electric Sewing Machine Motor, you can aew with ease, without fesr of over-taxing your strength. The smooth, even running of a motor insures quicker and better Work. With an Electric Sewing Machine Motor, you W i l l find what a pleasure sewing really is. A Motor is Really Indispensable An Electric Sewing Machine Motor is Very simple to operate and attaches to any make of · sewing machine. Speed Is easily controlled by a touch of the foot on the treadle. We will be glad to send you one of these pleasing, labor-saving sewing machine motors, on receipt of the prlce,$21.00f.o.b.Chicago. In writing, please atate whether you use alternating or direct electric current--your lighting company will tell you. Visitors to Chicago are, cordially invited to visit Electric Shop. ELECTRIC SHOP --CHICAGO Michigan and Jackson Boulevards Km, e, Uduakla AdvartUUt Ajencr, CQ!«I» 2261 Do Like Mr. Douglas Did He owned and farmed for a number of years several high priced pieces of land in the corn belt of Illinois. His land produced good crops of corn and oats and no thought was given to the most important of all farming questions until his attention was called to it. Is My Land Paying? Mr. Douglas got busy and did some figuring. So will you if you want your work to count the most VVliat did your crops and stock sell for last year? Estimate their actual cost to you with other necessary farming expenses for the year. » Yourself and family must be paid for your labor--how much?--at least what you could earn elsewhere. Subtract the entire cost from your receipts. What's the profit? How much will your farm sell for? What is the interest on the amount for one year at 5^4 or 6 per cent? What is the difference between the interest on the market value of your land and your profit? If figures show that you have a poor investment, you surely ought to do what several thousand other people have done--come to one of our offices and inspect our well improved corn farms in Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Southern Ontario, where you can find a farm that produces equally as well as your land at one-half to one-third the cost. Here Are a Few of Them Wo. M. /H.-TSBK Sent, CMM County, Ontario Lying about ? miles north of \Vheatley, a good town of 600 people on the Pcre Marijuette Ry, 1 wile from school Tins land is first-class black l8Sm with about 165 acres m cultivation and 24 acres ift timber There are two jeti ef building* on this farm consisting of a good 6-room frame hous«. good tenant house, two excellent barns one 40x30, tto other 34x56, new double cofn crib, poultry house, etc ; wind pomp, good orchard and fair fences. Price, ff 17*50 «t «r». Wo. IV. H.--8O HCTM, If enrnt* County, fnrftona Located 3'/i milts from Topeka the belt market town m the county; en gravel road, 1J4 wiles from ichfeol »nd within several miles dme of Mertnonite, Dunkard ind Methodist churches. This farm lies level, loll is good chocolate loam all m cultivation but shout 25 ae«« in itumpage pasture. Has good improvement* consisting of 154-story 7-room frame house with goad cellar, barn 40x60 with concrete floor corn crib, wood houi*. smokt houte, tool ihed. e'c, wind pump and good youny orchard of about 100 trees There i* t good 5-toom tentnt bouse on this farm. f*fM, 91 iS *n mm. Wo. W. P.-101 4c*M» Pausing Ooimiv, Oftto Situated in the eastern part of Pauldmg county, 1H miles south of Oakwood A town of about 450 people, on Nickel Plate Ry, ·nith good school and three churches, on ttone piks This is a nicclv improved place having a good 7ioom frame house, a fine ne\\ barn 28x42 with shed attached, good corn crib *nd new poultry house; small orchard surface i* level, «oil black elm loam, all m cultivation excepting abotrt 2 acres m timber; all tiled. Price, 9180 m acre. No. O. a. ft.-f 6O 4MM, AMwMtf COM*?, Thu farm it located in the northern part of the county; 6 mile* from two good railway towns, 1 mile from school Thii i* » bUclc learn farm with clay sub-soil, lies-gently rolling »nd i* all in cultivation eneept abeut S acres Improvements conjlst of t new two-Mory 8-fodtn frame house, fine barn 30x40 poultry house and other outbuilding*, all well painted itid in good COW dltion, fence* are ef woven wire. Price, 911O an Write for the free Straus Red Book that tells all about the sections where we own farms and describes, illustrates and prices many of them. THE STRMJS BEDS. COMPANY DETROIT, MICHIGAN FORT WAYNE, INDIANA LIGONIER, INDIANA George C. Ferris. District Manager, Room 401. MiUikin Bldg,, Decatur, Illinois United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IirttANY CITIES Decalur Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-seated Chronic Diseases of th» Nerves, * Blood, Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowls than any medical institute in the United States, as affidavits and testimonials from cured patients will prove. FARMERS MERCHANTS STATE BANK 1 PAY On Savings Accounts. O7 Gail and Get a Savings Bank. Under Supervision of State Government 151 E. Prairie St.

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