The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 6, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1859
Page 4
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P*ter 1 Wort8,'Tor"tbb supplying th_e for the enjoyment of oomfort v and cheerfulness .• ..^—„S-. *--• at homej for inciting the tpo%my 5?^ dl- mlnishnagjQSeexpogtte andflolii -*--—•"labor; iiar.i'bp inestimable vSluo; . »fSA* THa.flOJO'A.ST •They glnes of the'inoBt approved the a restorative to the convalescent I and the du- l."wl'tB"fereatecpnojnx;ofy?e,,Jraterworks .n 5,0^0,000 ' ~~Te« feoe o*f[the grounij-rt& pipWiduJfeig-tne present -ana 13 miles additional pipei the Doming ii-dti^lh«J.irf.into-the--diffei«nt th«J ,Thii flnbjecHsWmB the consideration of th w e intoij cftS-zens; as wrff-as' tha* 'ol^th* corporate jan- SlPPIFPi of nptlessthian t su eleratioii-'-oMW.!- dftujnallioighi '&*$ -,„ .^a.^.,.. ; ,,, snpply-pf.wa- _ _. - _ fell (rill give a heaTof BOme 120 :feet j3i)V» the river, snffi- -dent to'throw water overtheh1ghestlbur« J; "~•tin East or West "Water jtwefi'. elemJiit in die introduction of the arts, manufactures Md commerce to the city, without hpse=institntions of industry and buslnesti, no city.can pqi^Bly^^^s^fqlr-aiiiy great length '~r:'":';-'~ : '''^" r ' :: '''r"''''~^ ;v '"' : '"-;,'"''''"',''.^'- ; ' ' " evidence bfthaiiac't, look for euirnple, at the prosperous cdndttion of large • cities al- eady ^wvid^^iUijwiiter';vTorksV »nd contrast their prpsjperltyj Sith?t£e conditions of other cities, poiS8>ss^''eq.ial"nfct;nral adyan- agtis.'bu't unprovidnd with water works, and he latter will be found snrpassed, beyond measBra, in the attainments of wealth an ' • " irovements and '*.: tto?ftj • ^jrahUori , J wh.ioK, •-•'•"- this very ;*itfch'e Company desire that the provisions of a law passed hy the legislature,' And appjoyfid February 24th, 1859, be enforded 'and.carried uitQ effect jfor their bentflt^ *aid law requiring the Common Council- to assess and collect a scheclule of water rales, which rates shall fa .a lien oh all of the improved property situated or being on tha linea.'Qf, irAterrjpipes,- when laidln the itreets into which water shall have been intrpdncetlreadlx:)for "distribution ' For nil buildings tinder 18 feet in width, $ 4 " ^« »' " 18 & under 20 ft., 5 it <i it "20 " 22 " ** u it it 22 t4 24 ** 24 • * t 26 26 " SO " 6 7 8 9 -« .,»» ,ii « •««- "^0- " 85^ ID " " " *' SSandovet, , 12 ^ For httfldings. three stories and npwardsin height, one half greater rates.; '••• ' The city are not to become Habit? in any manner infits'iorporate capacity for said rates, excepting -to obligate itself to enforce their collection. All property ownod or occupied hy the city for municipal pnposes, county, State, United States, hospitals, asylums, churches, colleges, schools and academies, are to be exempt from the imposition of the above tax. So .soon as the "water has been introduced into m building for use, the receipt 'for the water rent from the Company shtll be evidence of the payment of the above tax, and the water rents ttjen'to be charged by the Company, in 1km of the tax, 'ahull be an average of the pri- aes charged Cor the same service in the city of Cincinnati, Detroit and Chicago The proposition in reference to this schedule of rates, aad the contract with the city, proposes to make it perpetual. Your committee would not deem 't advisable to recommend to yonrOonsiderationa proposition that would forever tie the city down to what would be equivalent to » perpetual tax, but vronld recommend that the contract now proposed shall at the option of the city, cease and be void ai the eipiratipfa of ten years from the date of the completion of said works uuder this contract, and the Company then left to rely upon its ywn resources. In return for the aid asked of the city, In the collection of the schedule of water rates, the Company propose to famish and put np 175 hydrants, or fire pings, costing somt §25,000, and to furnish the water free of charge to the city for nre pbrposes. The city of Buffalo is now paying theCompany in that city a yearly bonus of some $30.000. in addition to the amount paid for street hydrants, the Company there having started the "works without any city aid, and after atruggling along for some five years, not being able to realize anything from their investment, gave the city, as well as their customers, notice that on a certain day the water wonld be shut off unless soipe aid shon >d be rendered by the oily. At the same time the several Insurance Companies of the city notified their policy holders that their policies wonld expire on the same day that the water should be shot off, they having taken their risks based upon the water works being io operation, and wonld not continue those rates provided lu« citj was deprived of water. Among the reasons urgvd bj many the proposed water tax asked to Iw enforces by the proposed contract, is that of its beini unequal and burthensome, particularly at ttu present time. At first sight ther* would B^m to' be .some justice in .such reasoning; thef. tax proposed "is only to be levied on the property actually benefited by baring the water at hanc in case of fire,and in tho reduction of the rates of insuranop. This proposition, 5n the opinion of your committee, is far more just and eqnal than to levy a general tax upon all of the property ol the city, as the property lying away from the lines of the water pipes, could not, neither would it, be benefited in the least by the introdnctiou of water, hence a genera) tax would be unjust and unequal on that portion of the city not contiguous to the water pipes To a Certain degree, all taxes are burdensome and not to be desired, and in many cases bear unjustly npon a certain portion of the r^m mucity. For instance in tha cose of the st...i<> tax, tlie man wbo has no children is taxed to pay for the edncation of hie neighbor's child ren -', but who is there that will deny that snch a tax is not legal' VVIiy. because it contributes to the general good of the whole, notwithstanding, the man who has no children realises no direct benefit from each tax. On the contrary, the benefits that will arise to us in the commencement and completion of these works will be many, and decidedly advantageous, in a pecuniary point of view. In the first place the rates of insurance will be reduced at least one-half per cent., as will be seen by the following statistics, which have been obtained by personal application to the several insurance offices in this city, and may be relied npon as being nearly correct , thus showing an annual saving on the property insured in the city, equal in amount to double of the whole proposed tax ; besides, the fact of the commencement of these works .would tend more to give confidence to those abroad of our steady and permanent growth, than anything else we could do. The whole amount of fire risks for the'city., in .the several offices, 'amounts in the aggregate to the sum pf §10,857,000. At an average rate of 1 1-4 pen cent premium, these rates will .T)e reduced tby^the introduction of water to 3-4 of one per oent. Consequently, -a reduction of 1-2 per cent, will be made, which your committee think a safe and reasonable estimate; thus producing a saving 'to the property insured to the amount of §54,285 00 per annum ; which amount would be sufficient to purchase the entire works In six years — a right which the proposition now presented gives the city. In addition to this, it provides that after paying ten per centum, on the investment, all surplus earnings, over.and above that amount, shall go into the hands of the Board of Water Commlssifaners, which shall be composed of the .Mayor," Controller and City Treasurer, to be by them invested as n sinking fond for the purchase of the works. As a matter of economy to the city, in the way of building cisterns and welts in the different-wards, as well as reducing the expenses of dur "fire department, in the purchase of new engines, ought to recommend itself to the favorable consideration of ^ the people, ' iS with the nse^of the hose some eight w t ' ion, ani ;emof prosperity.. As'to the tax;; proposed ;%e haye'a number of preoeidBnts.yonr committee will only refer to 1 wo similar esses, the first is an act pa tied' by he legiBlatnre;«f the Stale^of Psnnsylvianlaj approved FehV:20th: '1857, authorizing .the se- ect and Common Councils of Pittsburgh to asseFi water-rates as follows: 'Sec. 1. Beit enacted by the Senate and louse of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it is hareby enacted by theanthority Of the same, That from a rd after the -pas sage of this aot, the Select and Common Gouiinil of the city of Pittsburgh shall have power to adopt a schedule or schedules of water rates by'which all water rents shall be assessed to the owner or owners of the premises, and such water rents BO assessed shall be a loin upon said premises, and collected in the same manner as city taxes are now by law a Icin and .collected. The next case relates to Chicago, an act passed by the legislature of Illinois, approved Feb. 1856, authorizing the Common Councilto ,evy a water tax as follows: _ Sec. 3. The said Board shall have power and il shall be their duty to assess, as water rents, snch amounts as they shall deem equitable npon the owners, occupant, -or occupants of'any building or buildings, which shall b» situated on lots adjoining any street, or ally, in said city; throrigh whichthe distributing water [lines are, or may hen-after bt laid, from which inch, building or buildings can be conveniently supplied with water, whether the said owner cr owners shall makt utc of tuck voter or not, and said water rates shall become a lien or charge npon all such buildings, and the lot or lots npon which such buildings are situated, &c. The tax proposed to be levied by this proposition could not be enforced or collected under two years, from the time. The work cannot possibly be completed and the water let in to the pipes for distribution before Angnst or September, 1860, consequently no tax conld be levied or enforced until tu« following year, 1861; by which lime it is to lw hoped we shall have entirely recovered from our present embarrassed condition. Another weighty and important reason to lx> urged in faVor of th« early commencement o" these works, is this: that we have now in our midst hundreds of able bodied men, nho an anxious and really suffering for work, but can find none; should this stale of things continui to exist, (which, most assuredly, il trill this work be commenced,) the city, in its corporate capacity, will have to furnish work for these men, or else contribute Uvtne support o" Ihemselves and familes during the coming in clement winter, in order to prevent an Immense amount of suffering, while, on the other hand, if we adopt this proposition now before us, and allow these gentlemen to CODIH among us and expend some three or four hundred thousand dollars during the m>xi two Tears, it will obviate the necessity of doing much citT work, excepv for repairs that ar* a.l>>olniel\ .necessary, thus enabling us to recuperate onr now exhausted treasury. JOHNLOCKWOOD E 0. HAYDEX, JOSEPH PHILLIPS. JOHN W. FESS, (J..i.iniHt.-e ,idic1tf,=ftnd enforce the lein thereof «ad col-: •cttotother«)f,1n^m«8ner aforesaid, for the '' take to and shall construct water' works for the eupply of wa«er to ihe/inhabttants of said. ,ion 3^>Tbat, tie t Common vfCbnncil of .... ind execute, any ordinance Ibat neoessarr to carry luto effect the tjno ntctit Rnd aeantrng of this act, '^~?'^. : : ;'.' 7,.v SMtion 4. This act shall take effect "iuid w mforceJ'rom and after its passage. _ -, v •;. Speaker of the Assembly. :. .V~ E. P. CAMPBELL, Lieut, 'floy. aid President pf the'iSenate, ; ippTOVe : d Beb."54 l :1859. i - ! . " , ::.,-:./ I ; AL15X. W. BANDAitL. ' 'i ; .-'." : STATE OF WISOdNSJH. ,'•-;'::'; ;. , = HsoairiRr 1 * Orncc. fj, The 8«cretiry of State of the State of Wisconsin doc • hereb; certify that the foregoing act hu been cotfipmred with the .original enrolled act dei dslted In thl> office, «nd th»rtheBamela» trae«nd correct copy thereof " ' -'"' whole of such o It-toil, Jn»tlneM whereof,! h .TO herennlo let my hand —"— . .and affixed the Great Seal o( th« State, at the L. s. i: Capitol In iUdtaon tt»i« flfih' day of M»rch ' ; >p- -< J.D.UDQaLIS, Secretary of State. MEMORANDUM OP AGREEMENT Made and concluded this twenty-fifth day of March, A. D. 1859, by and between the Milwaukee Hydraulic Company, a corporation duly established by itlie laws of Wisconsin, of tho first-part, and Joseph, H Converse & Gardiner 0 Hubbaid, both of Boston, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, of the second part. •'••...-• • ' •• • • WITH ESS ETH, That the Bald parties of the second part dp hereby agree to construct water works,-for the purpose of supplying the city of Milwaukee with water, in confoimity with the provisions of this agrtf ment and the accompanying specifications. Tha construction of tbu works to be com menced as soon AS tha Common Connril of Milwaukee have adopUd tbu provisions of this agreement substantially, in tho manner hern- inaftcr set forth, and prosecuted as rapidly as is consistent with the nature of the works — To erect the engine and boiljr house, the pumping engines, the reservoir, and to lay not less Jhan-twelve miles of pipes, and to deliver water iuto the city, on or before the first day of January, A". D. 1860, and to finish and bbu- pletti the entire work, including the laying ol not less than thirteen miles of pipe additional, making twenty -five mil-s in all, the walrr be- :ng introduced into < ich of the ward*, th work to bu performed nccordiug to the sjmri catinns on or before th : first day of January,' 1861. For this work the turtles of the first par hereby agree to pay to i lie parties of the Beconc part four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, in stork of the Compai y. fit par, including tb assignment of all right.-- in. to and under tb said charter Payable as folloits: The sail parties of i!»e second part, on Hi c xucution of tliis contract, shall have tun right to become the eubsonb rs to fifty thousand do! lars of the stock of said Company, full paid and entitle themselves to the delivery therto upon the execution dt-iivery of the bond, ir ilic like sum, hereinafter mentioned, two bun dred thousand dollars i>n the first introduction of water, and the halan.w of said four liundrtf and fifty thousand dot >*>rs r together with sai< assignment on the coni}>]etion of the cuntract. This agreement is made 'with the under standing that the pro\i-.ions of an act of th legislature of Wisconsin, entitled "an act to authorize the City of Mi waukee to asses water rates; approved on the liflh day of Mnrrb/A 1). 1869, shall bu made available fortbeasses^ ment of water rales mi improved property that dru>s not ns>> tli • water in the mannei herein set forth. To wit: the said Hv.lraulift Company sha! on or before the second Monday of September in each year, in;ike cut and deliver to the irtrnnr, agent or tenant, of all improved property in said city, contiguous to any stiee.i or ully, through or along which the lines of water pipes shall have ber?i laid for the supply of water, and into which the water bliali have! l>een introduced, ready for distribution, a bill lor water rates, as follows, viz: FBOIfT WIDTH. For all buildings ouder 18 feet in widt'u $ 4 • " !1 " 18 & under 20 ft. 5 EI4UANEOUS. , „ . . ... D considertlioB bftbe preHilses, agree W ind | ith the eity-of JLTilwaakee as follows VT^ • --." Finite ^brt&afrHydriulie" OoJnip«nf OaAl ermitwldoity»odr«»»at«r for-theextin- gnlghment of .fires, .free 'of all ,ols»rge, .from;,' hydrant* erected it anoh points a8^ the city may arfectj The parties of th*^eow4;p*rt furn|»h- ng And Betting one hundred »nd sBTeoty-OVs ijrdrantB at their own expense. ! : '•:' '' V Second. That the water rents to be cbtrgetT by said Hydraulic Company to ibrir opstom- e«, shall not exceed thfesVeniga iftes f»r;Blm- lar services charged in the cities *f Chicago, Dutroit and Cincinnati, according to'ttwirrates hereto annexed.- $' } < t s S' "\&f r .-! "/•' third.- Thdtthe'tJlxea" for citjr and watd purposes assessed upon th» stock and property of said Hj-dranllc ponij»nyy sh|ll lie »i»n. aily remitted, in consideration : of thrf water ; 'urnfehe'd hy said Company "for the extinguish- ment of flrus free of expense. , ^ Fourth/ • That tlie pipes f pnmpiag engines, engine and boiler house, reservoir and all the 3ther ? worka of the Company, 8jjaH,a![>Jl.Umea l» kept in good repair. Fifth. That the Mayor, Treasurer and Comptroller of the city for the time beieg shall constitute a board of ! Wat«r Commissioners, with general powers to examine the condition of the works of the Company, and to inspect their books at all reasonable times. Sixth That .after paying all expenses of the said Company, including a proper charge for depreciation, the Company may declare totnl-aunual dividends equal to fire per cent, upon the capital stock of thu Company, from the date of the issue of such stock, and all excess of profits after paying such dividends, being the balance of net profits, shall 'be annually paid to the board of Water Commission ers, to I e invested by- them in the stock of said Company, when the same can ba purchased at ten per centum above par, or in such securities as are used for banking purposes in ths Slates of Wisconsin and Illinois The certificates or other evidences of suftli investment, shall have stamped or written upon the face thereof, the words. " the property of the Board of Water Commissioners ot the City of Milwaukee." The fund thus raised shall us a sinking fund, to be applied towards the pur- chaw of said works.. Seventh. The city of Milwankee shall have the right to purchase tliese works at any time 14 26 30 35 i4 30 35 over Bteaay^itreamg of water could be ttoBght to bear on any fire, on the lines of the water pipen; *"• • - •• •• •= -• •••- •••--Many are laboring under a great mistake-: supposing that in consequence ai the adoption of water works that we shall necessarily b*', driven into a system of sewarage. That this' is a'mistaken idea, we think, no one will denyi Dhr city cannot be enrpapssd for having- a flne>urfaoe drainage, equal at least to that of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, both of which cities luffi had waterworks for the lost 20 years 7 anS jet have no system pf suwerage No one can-Beny that sewers area thing to be desired/ anikthatthey are far more necessary withont- waXer works than with-cannot be gainsaid,M »e are now compelled to nsa wells for the, supply of water, and every year tends to les-' eenttha value of those wells for that purpose; thclljronnd Is being filled and saturated with' th<f fcoil and filth which is being oonsUnH/- deposited in it, and is continually permeating the -earth into onr wells; thus destroying it for the ordinary aaes of life; in, fa£, in many*otfchealder "portionBHf onr <*rfthe wi " " •-••'• ' ^ »n 5(3»nnihint supply of "pure lake'water: iUcnftttaffl not whether the wafer jlnpqr wellf IB destroyed- by that erase" or £ »otj the.snrfMw; drainage being owiplf te, The advantages which trill be tJieiiit.rodnBtion"l)f watar areinom m saiuli»»M«to,«aa»pK>vwite l «jr «mtUmtM.j now oonhi te more' A.N Hclhting to Water Wort-i.- WHEREAS, The Sliliraullee U;dra.iilir Comp.nT .f the C ty of M Iwanke*, by Jotio n V»u Vftr, Presl- Heat, and Edward O'Niel, brcr.t.rj. did on thr £4t»- <l»y of March, i. c , 18i9, b/ order ol the Board of in recton ofiald Compaujr. inter Into contract wlU Oard- Iner G. Habbard and Jose h H. Converse of trie City of Boston, MaajacliuBelts, ror the ffontmctiou of Water Works in-tbe Cltr of AUlwtakee, irtiich said contract If eat>ject 'to the axseat and approv&l o( ttic Comm>ui Council of the City of Mlliankee. And wbereaa, it Is deemed adrtaable in order to obtain an expreiataa of public opinion nrtan ttie qo<-Ktior.. {hat the same be submitted to the vot*-r> of tin- C'lt-r • I Hilcaukee, for their rejection or approval : •Hierefore The Maj or ani. Oomtnon Uoancil of tlc« City of Mil frauVee, d& ordain aa follown : Section 1. An election shall be held nn the IhLh dny of IMay, A. n., 1659, between the hours of ten o'clocV A M.. and aeven o'clock P. •., of the said day, for the |mr- |>OBe of voting for the approval 6r r<jectioa-Df ihe Bald cunlract, with the amendment* thereto proposed and adopted hy the Common Council* at which election, none hut the qualified elector» of the aereral Wards In aald City ahalt be allowed to vote, and the votei shall be received, canvassed and returned to the City Clerk In tbe same manner, and by the officers provided and designated by law, to receive, e.nvaes and return the votes at the ancaal election for city officers; FDC!I election shall be held at the placea in tbe teverai ward-t hereinafter designated, viz: In -the First Ward »' the bouse of Pettr Theli, corner of Jackson and O^den streets. In the Second Ward at the bonsa of Loots Aner, on 4th street*. In the Third Ward atfl'.e Laalaiana House, nn Main Streets. In the Fouith Ward »t Smith's Coach Faclorj, corner of 24 and Spring streets 1 In the Firth Ward at the Niagara lloose. In the H1HA Ward at the hoose of I. Allpcicr, coruet of 3d and Bherm*tin streets.' In the Seventh Ward at Best's (Hem«in LD'S) Bi e Ball, on Market street. In theKizbth Ward at the house of Jobn Nolden, on Elizabeth sin el. In the Ninth Ward at the house of Mr • Baker, on 12th street, between Galena and Walnut street s Sec 2 On the t allots which shall be rece.ved by the insjiectots of B ch election shall be written or printed Uie words "/or the Water-Works," or the words "Against the Waief Works," and the same shall be deposited in a box to be provided lor that purpose. 8eo. 3. Al the nut meeting of the Common Coan- cl> after the returns of such election 'from the several Wards, are made to the day Clerk, Uie Common Council shid! proceed to canvass such returns, and If H Is found that a u-ajority of. the whole number of .votes taken upon that question, are IB favor of tlie said Water Works, It shall be the duty of tbe Mayor and City Cleric to .give the assent and approval of the City of Milffauk- e to said contract, modified by Incorporating thercltbthe amendment* tberetoi propose j and adopted by the Common Council, under the corporate seal of said city, and the same ah»ll be In force »nd effect, and binding npon the Ci'y of Vilwankee, from and afier the execution thereof b; the Miyor r.rid Olerk as aforesaid. Sec. 4. It shaU be tbe.dnty 6t the City Clerk to cause til*'said contract, the amendments thereto proposed and adopted by tbe Common Ooancll^*DdspeclDcat1ons to be'published In tbe official' papers of the city, at least tea days prior to said election. ; Sec. 6. The Common Council propose tbe following av-nendments to, the said contract to be Incorporated therein or In a separate agreement to be annexed to and modlfyiag-eald contract before the assent of the City shall tie given thereto, as In this ordinance provided, viz: Amend tbe elgh'h stipulation therein, by insertlnR alter the word "Bond" in the fifth lint, the words ?So tbe Wtjjof MiHriuke*." •-;/• A "i;;: : . ; ••, Al!0, amend the'«lrteentb? stlpnlatlbn, ' bj' 'striking out Uie words "And to case tbe title thereto shall fall, such arrangements snail be made with the elty as may be equitable," a,nd Insert In lien thateof as foUows :— "Btu without any recourse to the cl y In cake of the failure of the title, or to'any paH thereof/' Also, amend spedflcalton sixth, ty striking out Uie words "twenty flre/'in the seventh line, and inserting lit tlea thertof, the word •'thirty. 1 ' " Also, auoeoa the: *ald contract ; by stritlng out the word "January,"where it ocean in the 2ilh and 28th lines, ion the first page, mod Insert In Uea thereof "July." 'Amendthe theasJdcontract further, by incorporating therein or In sajh ieparate agreement. an express itlpUationi -that tke 'dotj of .ttie city; or the officers tttreof, to makeor collect »ny water rates ,or asseu- mentsfor i-ater rates, as in said contract provided, .ao^tte asjd oontract, and all obligations. and.-stipnla- tions therein contained, by arid .between the sald.City and the HydmllC'Ootnpany, or-on the pan of cither of 'said | atrtles, ghallceue «ttd determine on the flr td»y ., . . _ ..- 1 the said contract, between tbe. City For nil buil.Huas tUrev st<iri«s and upwardx in bfiglit, one-half (freai>r rat"S i gui-li lulls shall tic delivered by I~aviu<( IhH u« at each buildinc, and lit naitn any they may so elect,'pay ing a sumu-qnal to the oost of said works at the timx of making sucli purchase, and if the company are unablo to ngrct> npon tbe amount of such cost, tho sum shall be fixed by three commission''™, to b nominated by the Jut-tici-fl of the Suptvine Courl i>f Wisoonsfn Eighth. This agreement shall I* null aud void, unless the parties of th« second pstt shall, on tbe adoption of the provisions of this agreement by tbe Common Couir-cil of Mil- waultee, enter into bonds to the City Treasurer, in the penal.Biim of lifty thousand dollar*, With Fufflrient sureties for the faithful prrformnncH of thf work described in *he ac- oonipuaying 5pecifii.-oti.cns. Ninth. In L-.I&- tiler.- should b* any d in obtaining the adoption of the provimon.i of th!« n<rie>-mi-nt, sobsUntially as l.~r,-in forth l>y the Common Council so t4iat such shall not l>« otitained by th« firit ilay of May nest, the parti.-s of the s.-cond part ghat), upon notice to llt<-ra of iu adoption, sinoifv tbeir intent to carry oui tho proviaious of this contract, and in snch case tlit-y nlmll take reasonable HXU-DS'OB of lb** time for constructing the work Tenth. The parties of tl)«-second part I: by «grc«i to assume and pny any expense.-" heretofore incurred by siiid party ol tha first part, hereby guaranteeing ttiat all di-bu anil liabilities by tlinn incuTp-d, do not cict^d In amount five dollars. Klcv«Dth. The (-aid l.jdratilio company hereby agree without ally'ary il-^Uy, to mnk-? applicatlcin to ih-' rntuinun d>unc)l for thf b-neSt of thi- provision-" of said act, ap prov.-d on thp fifUi 'lay ol March, A. D I8.'<9 tn tbe manner herein sat forth, and to c»rrv out the provisions of this agrwra-nt so far a-i they are to Ice by tli>-n» kept and [xtf^'rim-d. Twelfth. The parties of tbe si^-ond part, when they acquire tin- fraocliiat- of said hydraulic company, furlLer agitj- 1 to eiWnd, nn- dnr their corporate privi4,-c. s, tbi-i' lin- j s ol pipes into snch Ktri-t.s a-> may l»- ci«vis.-»l l>j any p«rti.-!>iutfre.<t -d in property on <M>1 -ir-—t Or coDtigUi>us thereto, ^ur by ih* CniBOoa C^ni . ril, proviclwi ttie atn.>uul uf riiU-s i»O Hie jnf*e> i r--quired for such extension, shall .cjnul tin ! avt-raige rates cm tin- l>io<— ih-n laid, ami tin- I SAiil C'trporattun may issue -li^-k rf^uirt-ii tc^- j r-uoh cxl*ri<.oti, fift*.-r tin- ai.-si^um-rtil i.f iii,> charter to them Thirteenth. Iris further land di>n .t^d lor the ^ city, shall lit- appropriated f HOUTK EAST DETROIT & MILWAUKEc R, R ; , • (Now »p«it<i to Lake Michigan.) firtt-Clau Oteamert, l 'CiCy 6? (plevelwi.!." ft "Clovcland," . ,:.. (tliorou»hly reBttnl foriliU route.). O N AND, ATTEB VONDAV, April 11. I«i9, leuftor-Tralu wtll ronaa follow*: . OOINO WEST: Pu- .DrldS*. dtp, •Detroit, depart.. Fetitonville, arrive *O>w;go, arriTe . . 81. Ji.linJ, Grand KapMff, arr. aven, itrr. arrive. Rail. P.M. 9:80 10:50 K:T8 S.05 4:40 *.*• 2: 0 Mixed. r.m. 430 S-.S3 »:35 A. H. • 4:20 eaa r.v. ACCOB. a.n 4:45 7-.SO Night r. •3:00 i. ». 12:15 fcW p. v. 12:15 •Be/reihmenU. OC*fN,O EAST Uilwaukee, depart •Graml Havon, dejj. Grand H&plfa, arr. St. Johns, arrive .. Owoaso, arrive. ... Tentonvnle, arrive •(•ewolt, arrive... SUB. Rridjre, arrive »40 r u. 8:65 Mall i xpr't r. M. s.-oo A w. 4:00 Ii30 8;3U B'53 P. ». 12:16 p. «. allied. 6:80 9-Wv 11:20 P. H. 6:80 A. M. 4:f-0 Night" 10:30 A. *. wo fcOO p. » 4:511 LEG AIiJADVllRTISEM ENTS. DRV GOODS, &C. srrATE-H fflABUHAI.'S fTAX,E. Newcomb ClaTuiaud, " '««-!• The La Croaw * till- f ' •rsaketBallnadCo. j • , fH ponaaDCe «n<l by Tirtne of a writ »f H«-ri Ki^-c u I 1 Uaued oat of the District Craft of the Cmttil ?»ii ;s I for the District of WWeoosIn, In furor of the •»!<! New- ' comb Cleveland, PlaMntlor, agalnae ihi- Li Cmiae * Mil- «4ukee Kail RoaJ Oorapany,.1«fendant In utu ahnve .-nti i tied eatue,-Issued for the amount of one hurulre't ami fcvelve thousand two bun<lreU am! iev«nty-ont> dollar* *aoil BeventT-alx centa, recorered hy the <-ii<l Pl.iintifT against the said defendant, the 7th day nf Oemher, A. D. IS57, by the judgment of the salt! District. Court, tested the tjrenty-second day of October, A. t). I95T, iu ' me directed, I tirre levied npon anil shall J.-II \t Public ' Auction, on Tuesday, the 15th day of Decemhcr nett, ! at the United States Marshal's Office, In the City of \lll- mrankee, atlO o'clock In'the forenoon of «:u.l d-iy, th^ following property, to »H: Th* Lm t>o««p * Mn»» u ki.r. , Railrenrt acfl all the Interest of the LaCrcta-t-'.V ^lilw-icikc- j RallTjad Coi»T>ilny then-ill, cisHh-ill c.I»: fr-vtu hl^t-3, r^htn aad t/rrtlleges thercooto beloDKing an.l .ippctrlainiD-r, incla,!ioR roads, roadwiys, nghts of w^y .md renl ^«- ! tate of every description, mad bei!3,~tr».--lts, ti<-», ruin, . •tatioa honies ami bntlcjlnj^ and grounds, slieil;, in.I grounds, engine h.iuscs aprl r^roamls, .iftnpo nnd irr.cnndi. | water houses and p-onoda, car-»and appurt.-n^nc-c.H, i... ' eomotivc engines and Hppurtenanc.>9. IUCJTC- purtn-u larty descrlb>d in Ibcirolloirm^ ».-hc-duli- (m-irHnl A i Alao, ail portic.a icf the LnCruvn «» ' (llll « '"•"— Rallrujad, known an tliti Wat.-ttuivu Pi *micci .cl ianl , ItajilrnaJ, juirt all Ih.? interest t>f lh>- ml.i L^tVitASf And Milwaukee Rallroart Company" tln-rc-lo. * th all tl t fraaciilses, rlghta'and privileifes lher.;niit*' »pp er i^..m- Ing. including rondn, rond ways, rights o-f way and rf^l estate of every description, road beds, tracks, '-.t-n nlla, stAtloa houses aod buildings andc. ffrnui.,13, ihnpr. ani grounds, water housra and ffronnds; ••n,r.iic IIOUSUE and founds, cars and appurtenances, lb<-oni.»tl\ -^ t:i.< appurtenances; al>io, abnu4 forty-flTe thotisHu.l .. Railroad Iron, more particularly describe.! :n ; tlnf tr.l owln,; artiedule (marKi-d B.) Also, totaH, 1» »ml 11, in bloc* 8, ind luii I i, i, i. block 47^1n the Wflli Ward of the City of Al.lw:iuii,-.- Lota 1 n:'U, in blo..« 1M; lots 1, 3, 4,. 1 i, r>, I, i. j .u i2, 13, 14, in block 1SS; S of block 1S7, except lot •> u.. 10 of tlie bayou ailjoli in: slid block; X "f '••'••• •*, J m.i V, all of lots 12, la ai.d 14; ),' uf lota It! .n.i :. n.l ' )i of IS, in hln,-k If.-:, in Uie Fc.artli W lr I ', .: , IN IV ., «• < ' ci -A. n;! I '> i Ml i i .! i. •Refreshments—Hotel In Uepol »l tlr»ml lla»^n lie»l will leave Mllwaokf- on SalurJajs al It p a.- for Patorday Nl<hl'& Elprt-n-i p-iasengera wett, but 4 * • tru n. will a IT leave on ."aniiaj*. Trains lca?« termlul daily t*«D.l.ij$ eiceptfil. put, ant- 4 a.u.1 ^tie.l, b~i:tc-!<.^niitti B/I ahop, st^tlonit.! >- eon'.De Coi>p*riiniUl ah>>p, UOD uib.q, cirt-ular enffino h road, pot. A., rci^rred to *t»ove.) One pi y houtte, ' 'V" fl fTeli^ht depot-H, jr i :tc-^^mith B^"p, three tank -> cu^ lli.IV eDU'.De tiuu^e. pamLsl..n>. I\L OUde. bUclLjtn.Ltl ise. car dhnp, ail in u--f on section iwcflvt- "f toe turn table in I per L'f'ArA., A H i i.- t- "l .l pft«3f fr-iy Ir. -, nl link hemat- TBE TELEGRAPH LINE Is now op«n for PUBLIC Bc- COMNF.OTION3. AT t>r.T« HIT- GREAT WedTKB.N RAILWAY f..r nil point* But— MIOUIOAN ONTitAI. «txl MICHIGAN .SOCTHKKN RAILROADS, »nrt CLS.VE LA NT) Llior of Htramrra A r «il{.*M» .i.*Vl:\-B«h •• UL'RO.N " Steini«r/or CHTCAOO, *<• , Ac. AT K-Wtl, „„ i!l-.<l£SIPPI. LA CRO8SK, CHICAGO, WATKRTOWN an.l UURI IX'N HAILBOtO^, for alMmpnrt»nt :">'0ts W«3t ami Northwest, an<l on Miss usippt Klvft a:..l •rith ,^tr im^f i f«r Port! on Likr Mirhlffin. PuiFDcer. for Orral Weilrf n R»llw«j no i, ih^ 5»ll- w\y FKKKT 5TKAMEB, at D A )1> H. Uo«:K t l^nvln^ Duck m ":IO i • , 1-0' r K , in. I T:J'l r H. NIGHT TRAIN:! on Ihe O W R hiTtr .• ) I.EtHlS<i •CARS ntlKchrd. PARCKLS Un u »ny o( thr T1CKKT 4TS >..-n5.- AfiJ tank hui ger aO'i (r^l-M depot »l Ju Prairie; turn tahle, enfrioe hous ien^er anil I'reiuht depot at nt-a freight depot anil taak house and freUlu depot at Cambria; (nwse pot, Uiro table, tank house %n'l r laud; paaaen^er aod rr.Mjth 1 . I^I...L»- lii'l t:ink !i(1UJ*e at PorUtft- ('It VY'.unils up'in whM-ti HU<-h h. a^. -i sltnated and wb'cli »f appurtenant one locomotiv* «Ti31ne*. t#n lir*t ''u tw«> second claji* .Mto. Niur ic tank h...*.'- r I>am, pa.- 7n< LAU^: IrtMjtil c.ir5, I'.'i h.tiul i-:».-t jSch.Ju!. I!., In Ihe Cily nf Jur.t-t if..rm SLHIloll lc* At Hirt'-ind. • at 1 * nouses, i-ui.' XV ti. 'II IIC WBITMIH i P.KBI*, Ticket Afrat. ^: Wu.Os.aiK, Prtlghl iient *l C.)mn*i, it. O. WIL^OS, v.rneral iVc;t«-rn U. J M. 8. Offices,, ISiS (Ira I -i p'i Past iv'tter it i-s,o7 but earn,- THE \<njriiFj:> . TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, clnrtni I',-: pr.-si-nt g-anon, run Ihelr »«•!! iUi -.NSMI; .»\D TUT I{OHI Jt c;s vs I PPnt ^."mi nt HGII 1'i-rtv r > OGUKS- Pt'llpteD O Cf r»t«jr, Na* B^sU'U, ^r..| Thirty Klriil A'A'tl' YuKh Anil t .rmiQJ -* Uunbirh, : nr i-,.,.-,,, „ l ) i nl On I r^i.-1. i VKSVONT CEN TitAL SOUTH, . k ft, an,I ft--. ..«.ij lcc-vle.1 li..-r Mir«>cal'i diB -, M.I.I .» ocull .I<,»k6w |3f~ Ttie ill- -a <»i- n n^r the 4th ,l») .f J AI J-iij , l--~, U.S. Mar-ohm'. urtT, ml - ' ojclock P. M , *«.l ' • -' -">• » i- ary 6, 1-jfc, al * ./cl,^. r n itanhal'i DtBt«. M.i» >••• - I Hi.i II I .\ % ork. 16. Cliifa^Oa tin ^ ui _ u _ __ m _ main unpaid Uiirtr .lavs, a noticfl nf anilin cas-tl,^ tttl- tlieret.:, 1 .«! ' . . •* .!_ .. ._.._rL_1lu. _i .1 _ and uly, A. D., 18T1, and -from thence all things therein contained, as *Bd tin aald OydrinHp Comptny sluill be null and roltl »nd'of no further forco or effect. ^auU»driteihV«tyrfMiiw.,ulMe to cnrafoo* VATI+B '* * * 1 f water rents. . Ihe people of the State of Wt«o6nUn repre^ eented inflenate' and AMumbly; do enact as Jollows: *:*,*,•> • * - 'r ' Section 1. That from and after tbe passage of *bto aet, the city of Milwaniee , shall have power io adopt a schedule or Bcbedulea of rate* by.whkh all water renta shall be assessed to toe* owner or owners of improved property in Mid cfM 3 cbnHgnons to " any street or alley throngllir -along which the lines of water fliatl ivi such fact sliall be si-nt io th« owner of sncl property, if known, lliroujrli the po.-it-olBcr-, an^i said corporation uhall tli< n maKca ont and dnlivcr, on or before the first Monday of No- T«ml>-r, in each yi^ar. ^ statement containing the street* on,which thn propprty i§ situated, with.i du-scription of tbe loin or parcels ofirn I proved property .sufficient to identify the simp, | the width offiuch building, the nnmlwr of sto- ! ri»*s thereof, tognlher with tho wau»r rfttrt i adopted by the city, the amount nf tb- assmg- m.'iit bniuR affixed toeiwh parcel of propcerty. j Sucli w:vU-r raUis adoptutl by tho city sball be ! as follows i I PKOM WIDTH. For all building under 18 feet in width, $ '..• - •' " " 18 & under 20 ft , Ii 1. i« • - •' OQ *' oo *' 7 " " " •' -J2 ' 20 .. .. - c. 04 -- -1,3 " i6 " 30 -' •• " " 30 '• 35 " '• " '• 3 1 ) and over For all buildings tbrm stories in beight.and Upwards, ouc-half gn-ater rat^a than the above. Such statement shall !*• made in duplicate, Billed by the treasurer nf said company, with bis affidavitthat the same is fairly aud truly made out, and that all fncts therein set forth arc true , aud said statement shall be sect to the Board of Review of the oity of Milwaukee, or to such Board or Justice aa may hereafter exercise the duties nour p rforuu-d by said Board of Review. Slid Board shall thereupon give one weeks notice, in the official paper, and shall fix a convenient lime aud place, where they will meet to hear any parties aggrieved by the premises, and they may abate any water rate assessed upon improved property situated in any street or alley through, or along which, the pipes are not laid, or the water introduced, or where the ratts are charged for greater sums than those adopted by tbe city. The Board of Review, or a majoi ity of them, having completed the review, and corrected the same shall .respectively sign and relnrn the same to the Common Council Immediately thereupon the Common Council shall assess snch rates, and shall levy anch sums of money aa shall be equal to such rates, and such rates shall be a lien upon said premises in the same mnr.ner and extent^as tbe taxes le-rfeTi by the city Aa soon As said rates are levied, a warrant Shall ba appended to the list sigued by the Mayor and Clerk, sealed with the corporate teal of the city, direcf'd to the Treasurer of the city, commanding 1 im to collect the said rates in said list, specified in the manner that may from time to time bo prescribed for collecting city taxes and assessments by the laws then in force for such purpose, and in case said rales are not paid within such reasonable time, as In gaid warraut shall be fixed, tbe said Treasurer shall tli^-u proceed to sell the several lots or parcels of improved land, or those parti thereof npon 'which eaid rites shall remain unpaid and to make due return to the Common Council, rod said Hydraulic Company within such time as filiall fee Szed^in said sarraat. Bach sale shall take place in the manner provided for Belling real estate for the non-payment of eity taxes at the tima such sale shall take place. The Treasurer of tho city shall receive in payment of said water rates on any of said lots the receipts of said company as cash in pay- meni-of the rates assessed on the premises de scribed in such Receipt. All monies received by him from such sales shall ba entered iu a book to be kept by hini for that purpose, open tb tte inspection of said company, and deposited in such bant as inrtf be designalea by said HydjrtoiUo; Company to their credit. A commission of fiwa pur centum, on all water'to 'tha InhabiUnta of said city, and such •srjiter rents ego assessed shall be a lein upon said premises, and collected in'the'same matins? *» •city taxes we now bjr J»ir-a, lien and collecta-, "Praviaedj-however,, that no suoh w&ter- «bi,U ?J be a.>i9cBsted 2 upon any property of J "* yj °' J '*" 'be^wa^r IB Aet Into »noh,; fcr distribution. ' - ' r?*BtfC" h«eby_empo water'rktei M may ~ adopted Be sums collected 07 tb shall be allowed by th Treasnrarof tho city, company, And paid to him, provided the amount of aach commission in any one year shall not exceed one .thousand dollars, and provided farther that the Treasurer shall, on tbe deli very of the warrant give bonds to said company with suf- Ucsnt sureties/ to the amount of twenty (boa- Kind dollars for the faithful ^performance of his duties nnder the provisions of thiaagree- , incut. The city in its corporate capacity, howeve ; , shall not be held liable for tbe said water rents or any part thereof, uuder this contract, further than to enforce (or tli-j benefit of Mid Company the remedies nadir said act of the fifth pfMarob, 1869, as htrein stipulated. But no water rates shall Itaassesse^ nnder,tbeprp> vigJona"o(!Lsald act on any property owned' ir occupied, by the oity for municipal purposes, i any Inoor-/ .ooanty^"But«, United Si*te-i, or any,] tiohool« >ad rt-H-ii lliat ?oir by tli,- Vh^t purpose .uM fail Midi sfcall h* rriail.- nitli th- rltr :u- may bn eqnital.le. Thn Ian 1 for tb" -n-i-in-- h on su la to Ui obtained! by th(*.compnnr, the pirlics o( tfap second part piyiui; suc-b reason- abln sum a.s the promises arc now worth Tbw right of way tor 11.e pipes from the CDL-IPO bonsti &-.TOH* the r-anul of the city, anil Irotn the reservoir to S*-cond Avt-nti'-, lietug pranuM to the company by the city. Fourteenth. The Raid party »t tb.-first part further agree that they have JESn.-d no Bio k, and that they will not iasu« any euxak excepting to the parties of the second part herein pro. vided, and they will in no way incum 1 et the company, or incur any debts or liabilities binding on said company, provided the par- linn of the second part faithfully jurform-this contract on their part. Fifteenth. That after tbt* complt tiou nf lie contract the corporation shall at all tmi»-s» ba- ilable after thp stn^-ts have bern opened for lay ing or repairing pipes or for aii-y purpose connected with these wnrba, to close the «ui.-, aj»d put them in a' good repair na they were before tbev wer>- opened, aud they »h»H U- liable for all damages occasioned by any neglect or default on their part Sixteenth. It 's further tiuite<lly a^rwd that said narliua of the second part may at any time Jcfcome the suliscrit ers to sai'l four hundred »nd lifly thousand njollara of theeap- ital stock of said company, and thereby entitle themselves to the privileges aud franchises of said company tinder tlio charter, npon giving statifactory security to tbe Treasurer of the city of Milwaukee for th» completion of the said work according to the true intent and meaning of this contract In witness whereof the Milwaukee Hydraulic Company has the day and year first above written caused tUtae presents to be executed on their part by the bands of the President and Secretary, and th» said party of the Btvoad part by suliRflribing the game. . Milwauken Ilydralio Co. By JOHN H. VANDYKE, 'President. EDWARD O'NmLL, Secretary. Oardiner Q. ITubbard, Joseph U. Corwede. We, tbe undersigned members of the executive committee of the Milwaukee Hydraulic company, and composing a majority of said committee, hereby for and in bvlialf of said committee approbate the execution of ftiis contract as above. Milwaukee, March 25, 1859. J. B. CROSS, J. TAYLOR, JOHN LOCKWOOD, EDWARD O'NEILL, JOHN H.VANDYKE. At a meeting of the Milwaukee Hydraulic Company, held on the 24lh inst., the following members of Uie Board being present, Messrs. Vandyke, Cross, Ludington, Yonngi Furlong, Humphry, Lockwond, Taylor and- O'Neill, the following motion was unanimous-* ly adopted: i That the proposed contract, together with the amendments, b« referred to executive committee, and when approved by them, that th« President and Secretary ha au- thorizedjto sjgn the<eoatract in behalf of thj Company. : Dated; Milwaukee, March 25, 1859. EDWARD O'NEILL, ••i i Secretary. MT i, ^ Ai'PJ, II: N T i . A^-rnt N u N Ar ' 10 7 Hrn«.! ., i C. II the U t klri "f itailr<. i arc .«.lj..u. ii ilS »l S i'' aJ Iruo mf-ni.jn«r.i a.lj earned i Or.«.-, - 1 - 1 11 r i v. . r . ' t.l^ • -LI . . . Jli>7 tT It CHAW »oao, Oattrc* N . ff 8. D. C A LD » KU-, A.-^i.:, D^oltirlt, N V CBIMBk&UX, CBAVroHU A C° . OlrTrUaJ, I JOtfl Hocnso, Ap, n t N T Co ,»S«tnt,. , J If CnrrxH, V-nt, Boost's Pamt, N Y UK,,. 1'A.itBa, A h -^iil, Ojc J^nst uf^h, N. V §»!••! I.. 4. IlliitlV 8. D. p..l. M : . \V .m lo-.lliwu Tr»e abi.T esOay. the J4U, day o si Hie C .H. Marsh*! 1 Jt-s al Ka;lri'a.i irvin N. B. — .Shipper* arc r f M 4 VI UK t^l in sr.- <jn«* u( iftc ai t ,, -'Ofe F r u , s Office, t OtTtr verj l»w ralca, «DcJ Ui«ir connectiooa v the Sf* York a Knir Rallrnatl irtT* lh*-tu nn*ur iUt thf fy with j.«a«»»«l Th at»ove s.-fcl , the llih at ibc Luilftl except the i:».« ol I B., which are ai*,'i I August H, T. I MilwaulK-c , April 16. Rates of Freu'ht Reduced Again by I\«*i» Vork & llriv Knilraa<l -ANP-- Nortbcni Transpori-atioii <>o.'8 E X P it K S S 1 T NTIL rtmnrr netlce th.- p<-k» it , at ^ u'cU» l»>n«nl it>-i ve. AUrshal'i OUU?r. jylS tB^" Thf :luk^.-. J III.- I.'., ISs u. j. rii CM i.<, i;. a hrrtby :arth,-r ' ,y ;t Aauu.-l, 1SW, rtaltil* MAf-lll.!'* ItlBc-r allro4il iron mft.noti--. O'C-IOCK f H , etc I >>•• r U...T.I Ihe rr.).. t i;»»ci,,,., Jul. U, LS.'>- th^ lith 0 ',-.'•. c i i u , -it th-- C. ^. ex.-*fj>t tfie 4;vir* •>! it:ii!ro B., which are ajj-'arnrj 3ept-.iinb.-r 15, 1HAH, at •£ trnaber lT,l<*d, at "J j'c pla<-»-s mentiAntfti almv*. Marshal's Ortlre, Milwu ea Mil* at storra : lit Clui. : tiic. Mefc-hmndise U,o 14.h in5t . « I i>- B<1 Olin. 4 Ac. J'.la rculf, 'rJ at thi^e -w V . k t,, (.<,, delwer 4th Ol*3f. Uac. >n.i v iter J. rHi i '.ervt>y A,,, I. to J. H.ORAWFOKD, N<"ft- York <• Erir J MISH--, Agcot. IT. Bro.i.l*»y, N. If. |> -latly irom I't-r s, D««t R,\ f r. or font of to. In Jnstlre'a Court. STATE Ot WIJ3(,ioN8I.V, O.ty of To Willlajn KrdcoV: : ' V OO»reher«bJlioUfl«lth»tairarr«Bt ofntUchmsnt . Z. liu been inoitd against you, antlyfiut property »t. Uohed to »atlif/U« demand of William iSchooeCkel and. Aug. F. Bmnetio, : »monntlng to twelve GO'-lOO dollars. Now, uolraiydn ahall ajiMar before Albert Smith,-a lattice of the Piaee, in .and for said conn y, »t his office In u,id city, on itna Utb day 'or M»y, A. D., 1SB9, at» o'clock in tbe forenoon of old day, judgment will be rendered agajntt iyuu, and your property told to pa; Ihsdebt. i Dated thli 2l>t d»y of April, A. D., 1 I vniXiAMsouw ^ AUGOSTU3 V. BRtoHJSTTO, Flalntlfla. ! [No '639J Notice of tie postpoiitmcut tor a brief period ofjt(ie |iublicsales nt <kc. Inod office at SttpcTior Cily^ Wisconsin, ordered by {H.oclnmatipD No. C28, NOTICE 1s bireby (ilven' ttat the public tales order- 'tdby proclam»Uoa No, 628,dated iDewmber S4, J858, to be heidiaf the land office at Superior Oily, Wls- cons n, on Uie 2d »ml 10th days pf May neCt are htrl- by declared to i be postpone* until the 6th andSilib days of Jnne nart. ' -' ; Ulvea under mj hand, at tbe QenerM Land Office, a,t the City of Washington, this 28d day of April, 1§19. By orde? of th« Pteildem: ' . -. , i ,«I 4J . . .jmtW.A;8BJJ««UpK9, , . j»prS9-law«w'. \~ .. - Commissioner. -| |-\V\ nDLSJIBBS BKW, toitore,for«»Je7 '"""' AUU MII6- LATTOH4PUSI5TOH. Diiane xtreet, Nrw To.-t. »pr ll-llfiwlw Detroit & Milwaukee K. K. 1- KKIOHT 1 ) K F A KT M KN 1. OB greater convenience t* merchants »htppin|f, or obtaining mfotmauou relating to Freitht, an olfice (No. b \\lscon3ln lire l) opened on iht 1st of April, whert orJers for collection or delir-jry of goo.)* will rc-c«ite prompt atttntioa. Tbe office wnl t>« a der the (raperintecdcnc* of Mr. Futw, Aj;eol for tltixdrle A Co., fromvhom ill cccesa&ry .nIotm.vUoa c&abe oMntned. W. K. MDlR, Qen*l dutxr.niendent. MilwnuLce, March 30th, 1850 aprl-Ulrn l^ai roM^e A: iHil. Rai.road. "intTE, the undersigned, having be- n appointed ageuts \f for the collection fcnd ilellvcry of Fr*ighv.lor this Comp±ny, bo if to Inform it>erchanta »n I othei* thai an office (No. 8 WUtoosin street.) opeaed on Uie 1st of April. wh«re order* can be left, »a«l will reeeiye prompt at entloa. Oar Authorised collectors will receipt poo'ls •t th* TarehouseB of shippers. Information respecting Freight Uansportatlon on this tin* can b? had by app icattoc at the office of Mr. A. P&EW. Atreo;. II^NDRIC A co. Milwaukee, March 80. 1S59. aprl CHANG R OF TIME O N an<l after Monday, April 4th, trains on the Milwaukee, Walertown i Baraboo Valley Rallroa.1, will arrive in Milwaukee at 11:35 A. »., and depart at 4:tO i*. x. arpj-dtf 8.8. MERRIU., 8u|>'t.^ FARE REDUCED PY THE MEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! f BMiE Fare between Dunkirk and Ncir York b; the J. Hew York t Erie RaUroiJ, si 1 be IT.tJO until further notice. rlO J. H. CRAWFORD, Agent. NOTICE. opvicm or BISHOP * Co., MOROAOBRS, i In Pot?csstox or MIL. * CHICAGO R. B., Milwaukee, April 8,1S6». jeRs. i ^} O H »Q-1 &(ter April ftth, tSS9> and »ntU further notice, no person, ja aDthortied to m*ke porcbafca. or contract for cn'.Uer;»,l» for the MUmraoke* and Chicago Kaliroad without a written Cl?ler from Uie »»<I*T3lffn- ed. bills »H1 be p%id raonthlj and »ceo on is wilt not be centime I w.t& aoy concers lh.U»r»i«*ta to render moDthlr bill*. , , : ': -. / > .C-B-HALI^GwiM 4k*,llM*i|»fe«t.% aprlB X.T. MOODT. JUiUr of Transport titoft. would respectfully announce to 'the i eople el Milwankee ind Wiseooslir, that, he cow flffera for «»le, a preparalloa kao»n as • ! WASHIPIC! 11 ,' COMPOUND. Th)«Artlel«wUI be found to betbeteitOempMOj eyer offered to theyablio, and wirrxnUd not fro miore tha fabric la (he lent. By Its o»e, famUki marlMT* one aalftnaiotp and labor now employed. The foHowlD),; LttUgt have toted my prepitnloft «nj pronoUnco It tbe beat l» ait; .MriPctaaTcK, Jefftricn »«re»tl . »Jr4,H. OWXWM , tad Mr.. H, B. H»ift, Third afreet. VorcUle at at. AlcoUU Dra« Stow an I u HuweUI Orocary, cocr.ergptlo "' ; !Wa*UsKita»f«aaiTriOTir M. J T.M'.I \.salt* is hereby :ur'. WediieS'litJ, the "ttli o'clock A. «. t ti the U. p- eitcev' 1 the »ntea nf RAiilr-a B-, wMch »re adjoun.c.l bcr 1.1S.V*, at a o'cl tDeoiioned cib<ii>-e. Uanl.ari Otnit>-, ) •eptlG-lawtt &?~ Tht- abov Uon lay, the lutn ilay of »i ilie I'. 3 Marahil'a ...ti.-?. .U.l - tu-c.-.-. c >. i tl.e sated of ttoilmatl lr«ca iuetiti..:n- I . I-CI.F.IUIC u e, S, ISM, »t-i o'-iock r n , m.l We-lii'».l.i.i . !>--•« Bcr 8, 185S, at A u'cloc« r. »-, ai ijie rraimon.- M it. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, Se^ 1 - - a , 1?o - s - ueptao-uawSw M J 1 llu>IX.-. I' * *' « £S?~ The above sale 11 !itrrel»j lartner .:cl.c.cir;i ; .1 r Vedneadjy, Uie 12th Jay •>! Januarj. li..y, it .: • -.. ,. n , attheD. S.'s Offlce, Hiln.iukH-. r\.r\ he sales of Railroad imn mentioned n u.^ -irhi-cliil-- . rhlch are ftiljourneil rrnpectively m u -.lucs.l > . . * Ty li, laS!), at i O'^IOCK P u., au.i ir^t-u,-. J v.,u .. Ii, 13i>9, al :1 o'clit^-t r 11 , at the rwcipecti</•• pUi-. . n,-c loned above. Manhil'i Office, Milwaukee, Den. ti, l^Sa. decT-oawtt iT J. TUOM A.", L' ". M-iriha. ^F~ Tua above sale cj hereby iurlher i.lj..cirii.-.l Mcju.lay, the Uth day of February IsftJ. it 1. - VI— ». «., at the U A. Ylnrsbal'a tllllce, ll.,-> ..i,,--. i. the sales of Rjo.i!roii4 Iron inetil.oneil in itic i. h-'lci B., »hich are attjourned n s^ccu»t.-ly 10 >l ary 14, IsS'J. at-i a'.-lock r. u., and \\ ed ruary 16, ISS'J, al 4 o'clock r »., at '.h,- r .,,-•" places mentioned cibove. Manhal'iUtlice, Milwaukee, Jaa U. lv.9 jao!3-o»wU ST. J. THOMA.i, I'. ." M»r.h.i. t^ff~ The above iale is hereby further vtj"uri >-t Thunday, the Mth day of February, 1-oft*. «i I" • ... a. »., at the U 8. Uaralial'i Office, Ullnaukee, ••<• the lalea of Railroad iron mentioned in *i.-ht-au!u irbicb are adjourned respectiTt ly to Thtacsilay, Kehi ary 24tb, 18A9, at 'J o'clock p. M., and Satur.laj, Vrtu ary !2tith, 18Sy, at 3 o'c ock r. M-, at .l"ce r.-^pei-tt places mentioned aborts Jclanlial'iiOtBce, Milwaukee, (feb. 12, hiM. feblS-oawtt M.J.THOMAS I' S. M.-mhul §3^" The above Bale Id hereby further idjoiirned Weiinesilay, tho 23d day of March 1-39, at 1" " vl " In the forenoon, at tha O. B. Marshal's olllee, .Ubwi kee, eBtjept the sales of Raitroaif Iron nienti»ie.l (chedale B., which are acjjuurne.l re»i>ectlvply w rt> aeaday, March 'iU, 1SO9, at - o'clock p. ».. %od Kruti Jlarch 25, 1849, at 8 o'clock r. »-, «' ihe r>ap. ,-ti places mentioned above. .1 Vir r-.. ^u l i; i ^ t Marihal'iOCcc.c'oMli.yloltoe.Fcl feb25-lawtl M. J. THOMAS, 0- S- MarahaJ MT The iboTB salo Is hereby further td|o,irniMl i.> Sauirday, .he at day of April, LS59, at 10 ,'clonk A. M., at the IJnlted States Manftal's OUIce, Sl'l-o-aukci-, . x- crpt the sales of uUUroad Iron men.looBd in s hedulc B., which are adjoiirned rc»p«tl»ely to8atiinl*y, April 2,1^9,at 2 o'clock p. u., and Monday, April I, I^A!). 3* o'clock F. v.» at Ihe respective places m*-nttun>-<i above. Marahal's Office, Milwaukee, March i. 1 , 1 ...> mar24-lawu M. J. THOMAS, U S. M.ic-,., u. *^F" The above, sale la heroDy further adjourn.:.! to Saiuniay, the Jlh cliij of .May, Isi9, ailUnMa^k • i. at the United 3Utea M.%nb<al > » OlBcc. MiliAuk.-. - cept the sales of It&tlroid IIMO lut^ntlune ! in ch B., which arc adjourned reft-pcctivvly to j?*timi-ty- 1,18S9,at» o'clock r. «., »od Monday, n iy'J A o f clock r. M., at the r.^pecUrc; pl.cei aien above. In the <ale ot tbefrincnlsn and other c.irporuti perty,the perton who than nAVily th-'iecntinn all legal fees aod expense* tiiereon, aad fllull HKT-JC- taka such franchlae for the shortest perinj of ui-», u to receive doting thai time alliuch toll is 'aid corpnr tlonwonld by Uw be entitled to J.mao.l, Jlto.: I o. . . ilderedth* highest bidder. aUnftal'l Offl«, Milwaukee, April 2,15.'.9. •prt-lawft T«. J. TMOJUS, D. S. U ir^Iml , May pro*•<>• <T.l I K i , Cr 111' ' \Vl l llw . Co, C'owrt— «|»i i'r»t>nl«-. In th< matUr ofiha K««li) ot y.iry Orcx^r, dei -nxcd L KTTKK} of ailmUiUlraliaa of s.iJ EUUU. having beta grsntHl (• Many Drew, and ux raonilio •ad after the flr»t litiy of April, A. D , 1399, Mag aliow- «d far ete.lllon to pracatUuir claims tKnImt s»J<l dc- eeauad, for examination tod ailowsjnca : No«lce la h«Nbj jlTeu that tbe JUgt ot salit Coanty Court will on the 2»<b. day of Jane and filth day «f , J«1y, KS9, »t tin ftat»te Oflm U> tha City of Ullwsu- ? k»e, «xamln<l ktvd •4]oM«Q claims and demand* of all Uw Mid Eavory Breser, deceased. BTaW»P41M«,ConntyJ»u« e . '*'"_ .t :l ihu "1'lnClC !X! ivl'lluon, iraukee, i of tVisconsin.' Dated MierlU's Officu, HTIO B. (taoiiM, I aprl-Sinllniw i Ii <• .' <i it .-i y o S July, ,rK'i V1U- A J.LAMiWullTUY, JIKrur Mil. t"., 'iV'i

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