Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 25
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 25

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 25
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THE UKtAH DAILY JOURNAL -SUNDAY; SEf»T€MBER 13; 1W-3 Of) iHWf fFWfMtMp TOT' •tabWty. Director Qtorg* Cwhor'i flntl Weaver, Cteevent Derrtcke. A *"* factory foreman feoee ert- •••both at worlt and at hwM whan he reacts a promotion rather than reveel the fact that he )• functionally HNterete. • KOBD M/UTBNPBKX TMEATNE -AH lor Lay." A eateegkl, who besee Mr lifestyle on a women's megeime, fecee sheltered romantic drum* during • brief hoHdey hi Franc*. GereMhto MoEwin stars. (R)g M5* N^ WIMCTME Scores and highlights of todey'e NFL Football gemes. OMC JOURNEY IKTO THE HMALAYA8 A visit to Bhutan. NK* STOCK MARKET VIDEO *»• KTVU • KTXL TRACEY UUMAN •IOW Sketches: i folk-rook ster'e comebeck; • denco contestant who lot•• her underwear; • tribute to an elderly welter. In etereo, (R) WON WHAT A COUNTRY! Taylor seta out to find out why AH wean't allowed to rent e vecant apartment. (R) WTi* WORLD TOMORROW OMN ZONK) Diego muat chooee between marriage and continuing Ne work aaZorro. DISC OH THi MNC AN ACS OHNOM- Cti A atudy of the atatua, Implications end prevention of AIDS NKKWYS TO SUCCESS KTXL NEWS ^^F •MF^PJK TfM 0711190 government's part hi the coup egekist Iranian Prime Mmlstsr Muhammad Mue- eadegh In 1963. UfclO • KTXL NEWS AT THi MOWS Scheduled: ectore MCK StLF IffNOVEMENT HBO WORLD STAGE: THi SECOND ANNUM. PRINCE'S TRUST ALL-STAR ROCK CONCERT Performancee by George Herrlaon. Rlngo Starr. EHon John, Eric Clapton. Phil Collhia. Ben E. King. Bryan Adema. Paul Young. Midge Ure end Jeff Lynne. hi stereo. •MOW MOVIi "Return Of The Jedl" (1963) Mark HemHI. Herrlaon Ford. Thle thkd meteDment hi the "Star Were" taga reunHee Luke Skywelker end Me com- redee for e fhwl battle wHh the evil Galactic Empire, hi etereo. •PQ' g MAX MOW "Rich And Famous 7 (tMD Candtce Bergen. Jacqueline Blsset. Throughout the upa end downs of their literary careera end romantic Hvee, two _ MOW "The Corpee Vanishes" (1*43) Bela Lugoel. Luana WeHers. A sekMitlst ettempts to come up wHh s concoction thet wW oJve'Me wife sterns! youth. WON FAME Jeeee faces a few obstacle when he seta out to direct the school's 1B30s-type musics). (R) OWN MOW "OM Ysller" (1987) Dorothy McQulre. Fess Perker. A young boy Is given the responsibility of csrtng for his mother, his younger brother end e lovable dog while hie tether Is on s csttle drive. 'S' 11:00 • KTVU MAQNUM, P.I. • KRON • KPTX • KOO NEWS • KOEO COMEDY TONMHT Stand-up comedy by Jimmy Brogen, Bob Seget end Geoff Hoyla. t MCU LEFT, RIGHT AND CENTER KTXL MOVIE "Pete 'N' TINIe" (1972) Wetter Mettheu. Cerol Burnett. A married coupla drm apart etter their eon dtoe. but love eventually brhiga them beck togeth- • KBHK WORLD TOMORROW WTBSOjfWTIAN CHLDMN-S FUND ESPN SPORT8CENTER M8C LIVING TOMORROW A new skimmer that can eeparet* oH from we- MCK MOW "The Velvet Touch" (1848) Rosalind RueeoM, Leo Genn. An eotress '• IwtMtvO Dy fWT tv« ••tJMlekjej MIA **••••• ••*' iiniiniH mw psjnwi I.,_. _„. 11:18 HBO MOW "AHene" (1988) Sfoour- ney Weaver. Michael BMm. The only human survivor of the spececreft Noetro- mo'e encounter wHh a monstrous cree- lure Johie another mission to the deeert- ed colony where sH the trouble began, hi stereo.'R'g 11:«6 • KNON SPORTS FINAL MOWN COW*. STI • KOO SPORTS EXTRA • KOED JOHNNY OTIS LIVE AT MONTEREY Godfather of Rhythm end Blues, Johnny Otis (limed et the Monterey Jezz Festival. • MCU BAN JOSE TODAY • •^TWIJJUSWSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT CONTROL WON HERE COME THE BRIDES WTM LARRY JONES ESPN PGA SENIORS • GOLF PsIneWebber World Invitational, final round, from Quail Hollow Country Club In Charlotte. N.C. (R) DtSC TOWARD8 2000 Featured: technology used at s Flat plant. 11:46•KPIX LOVE BOAT • KOO ABC NEWS g 11:66 • MCTV MOW T 'MHIion Dollar Kid" (1944) Eeet Side Klda, Nosh Beery. The Klde Involve themselves In s plot with s minion doHers et stake. 12:00 • KTVU MOW "The Klensmen" (1974) Lee Marvin, Richard Burton. The ahertft of e Southern town la caught between the Ku Klux Klen and violent racial rape. • KOO PO^ STONY' • MCU TOO CLUB) &• KIMC WHAT*A W i MM• ». MiBni *j B Dee'a sorority pledge sisters nrin Raj's participation hi s poetry competition. (R) WTW SAVE THE CMLWW* OWN MOW "An Amertcen hi Paris" (1961) Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron. The music of George and ha Gershwin underscores thla Oecar-wtnnlng Isle of an artist csught between two women In postwar Parla. MAX MOW "Class" (1963) Rob Lows, Jacqueline Bissst. A prep school student embsrks on en sffelr with en older women, unawara that ahs's his roommsts's mothsr. 'R' 12:16 SHOW HARRY ANDERSON'S: HELLO SUCKER! Harry Anderson from "Night Court" puts his gevel eslds to provide setlrlcel tips on the line ert of conning with guests Turk Pipkin and John Lerro- quette. Taped at Hermoaa Beach'a (Calif.) Comedy I Magic Club. «:»tlW»ON GHOST STORY / CIRCLE • KQED MYSTERY! "Adventure* of Sherlock Holmes II: The Copper Beeches" A young woman la offered e lucrative poet ea governess to a small boy, provided she complies wHh several unusual requests msde by her new employer. (R) g Weekdays • • WK CM NEWS (PRO KOO 0000 MORNNQ • ft 00 , J (MON, WED) Fecee Of Culture (Tue, Thu) Frugel Gourmet (Fri) ••MCU TOO CLUB • KTXLTHUNDENCATBg PjOIMKMUTMeUP? WMBCNBDMLEHULK ESPN POA SBMONS GOLF (MON-WBD) Peweifauel Nadag (Thu) Auto Racing (Fri) DMC WONLD AUVE (MON) hi The WIM WMh Harry Butter (Tue) Al Oemtag - MM 01 The North (Wed) Animal Wonder Dow* Under (Thu) WMdHfe Chronicles (Fri) Lne (Tue) Jerusalem Of Heaven And Earth (Fri) SHOW MOW (THU) High School Nerc MAX MOW (TUE, FRO • KTVU I LOVE LUCY KlONQE«IALDO(MON-WB» IVK HOUR MAOAZME OwON-WED) J£pe John Paul *: The Amerteen Journey C. CLARKE'S MYSTERIOUS WORLD (MON) Invisible Astronomy (Wed) Arthur C. Clarke's World Of Strange Powers (Thu) MAX MOW ( AND THE BEAUTIFUL KOO LOVBtt (WED) Pope's Visit —-—-.-lOHU) 10140* KQEO MTENACTIONB M SO- EN01 AND BOOTY (TUB) "^••tTVUONBDAYATATB* •JMN BUPEN PAMWONO (MON- WBWVtelt Of Pope John Peul •(Thui Fri) THi NESTIJM MAX MOVE (TUE) Chtomex Comedy Experiment (Wed) 2K» WTBS MUN8TER8 (MON-WED. FRO *»«KOJDTOBEAIMOUNCEO(MON) metructlonalP^mnfflingOriM) KTXL DUKES OP HAZZAND MHKBMAOY BUNCH OBMUX) HBO PADOMOTON GOES TO SCHOOL (MON) Seebert (Tue. Fri) Velveteen Reb- MtfThu) SHOW MOW (MON) The Almost Royal FemHy(Wod) MAX ORKW4AL MAX TAUONQ HEADROOM SHOW (MON) Movie (Tue, Wed, Fri) 7:06 WTBS MOW 7:80 • KTVU BLVERHAWK8 g • KPOf MORIBMO PROGRAM (MON- WED) Pope John Peul II: The Amertcsn Journey (Fri) • KOO POPE M AMERICA (FRO • KOEO UUAS, YOGA AMD YOU • KTXL BIONC SDt • KBHK MY UTTLE PONY tf PMENDS • MCTV PIT FOR UPE DMN TO BE ANNOUNCED (FRO D»C PAOUC OUTDOORS (MON) Trevel Imeges (Tue) Journey Into India (Wed) Nature Of Things (Thu) Becomhig American (Fri) HBO FRAOOLf ROCK MAX MOW (MOW S.-00 • KTVU THUNDERCAT8 g • KRON VISIT OF POPE JOHN PAUL II (THU, PIN) • KPfX WE THE PEOPLE 200: THE CONSTITUTION PARADE (THU) • KQED TODAY'S SPECIAL • KICU MIND POWER (MON. FRI) Can You Be Thinner? (Tus) Everybody's Money Metiers (Wsd) Lovs Your Skin (Thu) • KTXL HE-MAN AND MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE • KBHK 8HE-RA: PRINCESS OF POWER O MCTV CONNIE MARTINSON (MON) Amsrlcsn Baby (Tue) Fresh Idess (Wsd, Fri) Mlcrowsves Are For Cooking (Thu) WGMWALTON8 ESPN BILLIARDS (THU) Dt8N EDISON TWINS (MON) Anlmela In Action (Tus) Horns Alons (Thu) Hsre's Boomsr (Fri) DISC PEOPLE OF THE SEA (MON) Lin- dlslsrne • Credle Islsnd (Tus) Wonder 01 Western Austrslls (Wsd) World About Us (Thu) Journey Into The Hlmslsyss (Fri) HBO MOVIE SHOW PAPER CHASE (TUE) Movls (Wed) MAX CHET ATKINS: CERTIFIED GUITAR PLAYER (THU) 8:16Di8NDTV(WED) 8:30 • KTVU QH08TBU8TER8 8 KOED MISTER ROGERS (R) KICU LOVE YOUR SKIN (TUE) Look Al Me Now (Thu) • KTXL POPEYE (MON, WED-FHI) Love Your Skin (Tue) Efi KBHK INSPECTOR GADGET • MCTV ROBERT TILTON DI8N WALT DISNEY PRESENTS DISC OASIS IN SPACE (MON) Spies 01 HBO SURVIVOR* OP THE KWAI (MON) From The Shadow Of The Own (Tue) Al- cetrai (Wed) Odyssey (The) American Dtery(Fri) SHOW DON P4CKLE8 ON THE LOOM (MON) MAX MOW (WED. THU) fcOB WTM PERRY MASON S-.80 • KTVU LAVERNE A SMRLEY • KOO POPE M AMERICA (THU) • KICU LOVE YOUR SNN (MON. WED- FRO Look At Me Now (Tue) f|KBHKIDREAMOFJEANN« • MCTVJMMY SWAOOART ESPNGEIIMQFTT OMN ADVENTURES OP OZZK AND HAR- MKT (MON. TUE. THU. FRO Beet Ot Oi- HeAndHsrriet(Wed) DIBC PORTRAITB OP POWEM (MON) HBO MOW (TUE) Warning: Food May Be HaiardousTo Your Health (Wed) SHOW CONCENT STAOM OP EUROPE MAX DANGEROUS FLM CLUB (MON) Movie (Tue) HfcOO • KTVU BEWITCHED • KRON WHEEL OP FORTUNE (MON- WED) • KPIX PEOPLE ARE TALKMQ (MON- WED) • KOO WHO'S THE BOSS? (R) (MON. TUE) Celebration Of Cltlienehlp (Wed) O KQED INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM- MMQ (MON) Interactions In Sclsnce And Society (Tue) Insturctlonsl Fsll Prsvlew (Wsd-Fri) •a KICU LOST IN SPACE • KTXL LOVE BOAT • KBHK DtSN SHOW MOVIE • MCTV LIFESTYLE (MON) Truth For Todsy (Tus) First Light (Wed) Choices We Fsce With Rslph Martin (Thu) Robert M. Taylor (Fri) WON NEWS ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL (MON) Auto Racing (Tus, Fri) CFL Footbsll (Wed) Top Rsnk Boxing (Thu) DISC DISCOVERY (MON) On The Brink: An AIDS Chronicle (Tue) Towsrds 2000 (Wed) Breekthroughs (Thu) Bsrrlsrs Ot Ths Mind (Fri) NKXPMWHEEL HBO MOW (MON, WED-FRI) MAX MOW (MON) 10:06 WTBS MOVE 10:20 • KQED INTERACTIONS IN SCIENCE AND SOCIETY (TUE) 10:30 • KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COM- • KRON JEOPARDY! g (MON-WED) Z KPIX POPE JOHN PAUL M: THE AMERICAN JOURNEY CONTINUES (FRI) • KOO MR. BELVEDERE (R) (MON, TUE) Pope's Visit Continues (Fri) O MCTV LIFESTYLE (MON, WED) Nor- wsy Today (Thu) Nochs De Estradas (Fri) WON BASEBALL (THU) KTXLQUjNCY —i MCTV UPBSTYLB (TUB) Sewing WHh Nancy (Wed) American Baby (Thu) WONNHOOAOwON-WBDiPRQ DMCJENASH-POMPBOPTHEEAST (MOW WHd Canada (Wed) Hawkhi'e River (Thu) Bookmen Treatment (Fri) MCK TODAY'S SPECIAL MAX MOW (TUE. WED) 11:80 • KTVU DIVORCE COUNT • KNON MDOAY (MON-WED) • KOO LOVMG (MON. TUB) Mr. Belvedere (R) (Wed) • KQED INSTRUCTIONAL PNOORAM- MMQ (TUE) • KBHK FANTASY ISLAND (THU. FW) • MCTV MTBNNATIONAL (WED. THU) Movie (Fri) WON PHYLLM (MON-WED, FNO ESPN AUTO NACMQCFNO OMN SNOW WWTB: SBVaW. OANCBT. HBMN HO (TUB) Wind hi The WWowe (Wed) DMC PBNSPBCTIVB (TUB) Nile Crocodile (Fri) MCK ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLE KO- HBO MOW MAKERS (TUB) SHOW MOW (TUB) MAX MOW (MON. PRO 11:36 WTBS WOMANWATCH (FRO DMN DINOSAURS (MON) 11:46 DISN DTV (THU) AFTERNOON 12:00 • KTVU 2 AT NOON • KRON GETTING IN TOUCH (MON- WED) • KPIX NEWS (MON-WED) Pope John Paul II: The Amerlcen Journey (Thu) • KOO ALL MY CHILDREN (MON. TUE) Ryan's Hops (Wsd) O KQED INTERACTIONS IN SCIENCE AND SOCIETY (MON) • KICU HERE'S LUCY • KTXL ANDY GRIFFITH • KBHKCHP8 • MCTV INTERNATIONAL (MON) Look- Ing Esst (Tue) Germsn News (Wsd) Hello Austrls / Hello Vlenns (Thu) WON WELCOME BACK, KOTTEH (MON- WED, FRI) ESPN AMERICAN MUSCLE MAGAZINE (TUE) Auto Rsclng (Wed, Thu) WKA Chemplonshlp Kick Boxing (Fri) DISN DUMBO'S CIRCUS DISC MASTER OF UNQAVA (MON) Changing Worlds (Tus) Orphans Of The Wild (Wed) Wildlife Cinema (Thu) Animals 01 Ths Grsst Northwsst (Fri) NICK STAR TREK (MON-WED) Mysterious Cities 01 Gold (Thu, Fri) HBO MOVE SHOW MOVE (MON. WED-FRI) MAX MOVE (THU) 12:06 WTBS TOM « JERRY AND FRIENDS 12:30 O KRON SALE OF THE CENTURY • MCU SHOPPEN-8 CASMO (MON. TUB. THU. PRO Today'a Kitchen (Wed) • KTXL DICK VAN DYKE • MCTV MEDIA ANTS (TUB) hrtemetton- el (Wed, Thu) • jjjjjjf SjjBj> BUNNY IKON WED, PRO ESPN WONLD SPOUTS SPECML (WED) NFL Yearbook (Thu) -™""-*" 1 "" "SNWBWOMITO POOH CONNER DRW QUESTION OP WBMS (MON) Thle Land (Tue) Animal Wonder Down Under JWed) hi jThaJ WNd WHh Harry Butter (Thu) WOnd ANvt (r n) MCKTUNKEYTELEWION MAX MOW (WED) 1«0« KTVU MOW (MON, THU. PW) Strong Medicine (Tue. Wed) ANOTHER WONLD (MON- DMN MKKOUNA (MOW KMa Of DeOree EARTH (WEB) Travel MAX MOW (WED. THU) fcSSWTBS LAVEHNB t S. . WED.PNOBeeebaKTue) fcSODMN OAK STREET CMNOMCLES KPIX AS THE WORLD TURNS (MON- WED) « KOO ONE L« TO LIVE (MON-WED) KQED WTERACTION8 M SCIENCE AND 80CKTY (MON) Inslurcttonsl Fall Preview Continued (Wed-Fri) MCU MOW ESPN AWA OMAMPfONSHP WRE8TLMQ (MON-THU) World Clsss Championship Wrestling (Fri) DMN MKKEY MOUSE CLUB DMC WORLD ABOUT U8 (MON) Longest Weve (Tue) Leet Place In England (Wed) Smell World (Thu) Lend Of The Borders (Fri) NICK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVI- liOfWTBS FUNT8TONE8 (MON-WED, FRO 1:»« KGO POPE'S VISIT CONTINUES • KQED INTERACTIONS IN SCIENCE AND SOCIETY (MON) O MCTV COOKING (MON-THU) American Baby (Fri) WON SMURFS' ADVENTURES DISN DONALD DUCK PRESENTS NICK LASSIE HBO MOVIE (TUE, THU) SHOW MOVIE (TUE, FRI) MAX MOVIE (MON, FRI) 1:36 WTBS FLINT8TONE8 (MON-WED, FRI) 2:00 f| KRON SANTA BARBARA • KPIX GUtOtNG LIGHT • KGO GENERAL HOSPITAL O KOED INTERACTIONS IN SCIENCE AND SOCIETY (MON) • KTXL MARY TYLER MOORE • KBHK WEEKDAY (MON-WED) El Amsnscsr (Thu) Blsck Renelssance (Fri) Q MCTV MOVE WON G.I. JOE ESPN TRUCK AND TRACTOR PULL DISN KIDS INCORPORATED (MON, WED, FRI) Have You Ever Been Aehemed Ol Your Parents? (Tue) Two Ol Hearts (Thu) DISC ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CARICATURE (MON) New Pacific (Tue) Journey Into The Himalayas (Wed) Deal Mosaic (Thu) Hands (Fri) NICK DENNIS THE MENACE HBO MOVE (MON. FRI) World Stage: The Second Annual Prince's Trust All- Star Rock Concert (Wsd) SHOW MOVE (MON. THU) . «DAY8OPOUNLIVBS I KPIX Wf. SHNBKN (KOO OPRAH WB8*NEY KQED OROWBM YEANS (MON. —D, FNQ Computerworke (Tue) Constitution: Thst Dellcste Belence (Thu) • MC^VOLTHON. DEFENDER OF THE t KTXL BUGS BUNNY AND FREND8 KBHKHEATHCUFF WON GOOD TB4E8 ESPN8PORT8LOOK DMN MOW (MON, TUB) Have I Got A Story For You (Wed) How To Be A Perfect Person hi Just Three Days (Thu) Snow White: Singhi'. DanckV. Heigh Ho (Fri) DMC YANKS MEET NEDS (MON) American Diary (Tue) Odyssey (Wed) Ateatrai (Thu) Survtvore Of The Kwal (Fri) MCKMONKBE8 HBO MOW (TUE. WED) SHOW THE ALMOST NOYAL PAME.Y (WED) 3:06 WTBS ALICE (MON. WED. FRO 3:30 • KTVU SMURFS' ADVENTURES • KQED FRENCH IN ACTION (MON) Mechenical Universe (R) g (Tue) Colllectlbles Etc. (Wed) Children Are The Future (Fri) • KICU DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH g • KBHKDINOSAUCERS WGNJEFFERSONS ESPN FISHING (MON) Pro Skateboard Championship (Tue) Inside The PGA Tour (Wed) Winner's Circle Horse Racing Magazine (Thu) Running And Racing (Fri) DISN ZORRO (FRI) DISC PORTRAITS OF POWER (FRI) NICK NICK ROCKS: VIDEO TO GO HBO MOVIE (MON) Behind The Scenes (Thu) Movie Makers (Fri) SHOW CONCERT STAGES OF EUROPE (FRI) MAX MOVIE (MON) 3:36 WTBS CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS (MON. WED, FRI) 3:60 WTBS CNN NEWS (THU) '4:00 • KTVU TRANSFORMERS O KRON LOVE CONNECTION (MON- WED) Pope John Psul II (Thu) Jsopardyl QjFri) • KPIX HOLLYWOOD SQUARES • KGO DONAHUE (MON-WED. FRI) ABC News g (Thu) I KOED TODAY'S SPECIAL 9 KICU BKJNtC WOMAN 5 KTXL BRADY BUNCH JKBHKOH08TBU8TER8 J MCTV ALIVE WON BENSON ESPN SPORT8CENTER DISN BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA (WED) New Vaudevilllans Too (Thu) Movie (Fri) DISC HAWKIN'8 RIVER (MON) Wild Canada v (Tue) Jerash •• Pompeii Ol The East

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