Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1941
Page 9
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, October 15. 1?41 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING, ILLINOIS Page Nine StfTilnif-Rork cent Trading Territory PAID Rock Falls City and Every- Adveri'-T - I,•?"£•- nr Fr into T^r"* H^ Central Section Industrial, Business and Agricultural Interests of Whiteside County t. Rork Fa IK MiTf'drrrllle, :, C'olet*, Lansrk, Pr>1*>, IX^r GMT*, Walnut, HfK?ppol!«, K*w !*<•*! fwnS, M»nlto*, Twtf^wn, NormantAy. T»wp*r«, Prophet* town, Erie., Fentnn, Morri««n. I.jT»«?nn. Gait, Coron, RCKK FALLS NET PAIR 2,863 InrlurUnR rarner. mail th:owo;;< and 5»re in mrromiding vil- IflEen «ouffi of Rock River Every Ad vert l.ser—Large or Sninil —Go*'- ln<o R.585 Home-; Rflnnd Grf»T« *nd Nelson Flower Program at First Meeting for Rock Falls Club Lovely Arrangements Demonstrated on Tuesday Afternoon Flower arianRemesi'.- 11 »Tf explained and demnn t -'.M'r->'i :n « mo 1 -: interesting fashion be!o.-e *he Rork Falls Woman's cluh T.<--o:,iv afternoon, in Its fir«t fa!! w'-'ii'.e o' the 1M1-42 season. Mr? R L, Box meyer of Rork FaU« ami Mrs Rol>er Lunstrom of Sterling, !o-,er? o flowers and authorities on then presented the program. The stage in the .social rooms o the Congregational church wa« ar ranged in a floral settine. <ion by the two ladle*. Bouquets o flowers depleting the various type Of arrangements about whirh th Indies spoke, lined the wa',1 nnd ther were several table displays. One o these was a table for gourd?, a traj Which contained 19 \arlrtics-o gourds which a member of the gar den department of the club hat frown from one planting of spoon gourd seeds the past *es?.oii. Seated at a work table in tlv center of the stage. Mrs. Lund •trom first demonstrated an ar rangement for a dinner table Sh used a brass bowl for; the comaine and lined it with sprengerl to keep the flowers In place. Taking t« pieces of wire In her hands she ben them together In the center to form V Bhaped openings and placed lh< wire over the bowl, fastening th> •nds over the rim to hold It In place. for her flowers Mrs. Lundstrom chose yellow button type chrysan themunis. and explained each step •a she progressed with her work 8he told the ladles always to use a sharp knife to cut the stems of flow era aa scissors bruise the stems and choke up the water causing th flowers to wtlt. Never arrange i dining room table bouquet too high Mrs. Lundstrom explained, keep i low so that the persons across the table may see each other. When she had fir.ished the beau tlful arrangement Mrs. Lundstrom placed it on a table covered with a White cloth with a brass candle •tick and lighted yellow candle on either side. She called her arrangement "golden wedding." A basket arrangement by Mrs _BOJUneyer followed. She also filled tlw bottom of the basket with spren- ttri although small branches o oridal wreath may be used as the foundation. Zinnias of several colon were her choice of flowers. Mrs Boxmeyer' suggested that a few buds be placed In.the arrangement give it a more jnatural_lpok_and. it^the darker tones ol the flowers be arranged toward the With the lighter tones at the top. There are so many kinds of zinnia* Mrs. Boxmeyer stated that they can be arranged in a number of ways. She had among.her varieties the scabioaa and oriole. More attractive plantings are obtained Mi» Boxmeyer told the ladies./if the coJors are planted separately rather Uum to use the mixed package seed She said that by making another out on the stems of flowers while working with them gives them a ne* "On life. Do hot crowd bou- tUttU .was another helful suggestion. .-A large copper tray formed the background on the table where Mrs. Boxmeyer placed her bouquet be- braat candleholders with a lUd Orange candle and called it twUlghy" **r Lawchec* TaMe The luncheon table bouquet ar- ranged'by Mrs. Lundstrom was mo«t attractive, and dainty when it was finished and placed on an oval mir- 9he used a low white circular Bttery container with a cupid rest- W»n the edge. Small yellow hardy ageratun and sweet were the flowers cut with .Stems and Ju«t peeping their ' above the water. placed tatthlng children to arrange Both are aiotple and wfaoUy ahe amid. Moat children and the beat way to then is to work -Tiie Japanese teach airangeaoent from m« ^T! an am! wcel in Us* an. JCra. for their approiirrataneg W WIMEIS WILL COLLECT a; ir.r:,'. R:.;.: 'o a massed n:;a:;»; ri n! f> n', \i;', ft r~~: f :.:i bo'iq:ict in pn U . >:'.«(;« S •of r:?-.. ...A= The Frencr. arsange- ; .Tir:.'- K-.r- tt'.v.A\f, jwMrl s.'iaoes she s^vc: \Vi:.> M:s. Boxmeyer- arrangrd niai.i'/.^ :n H unique <op;>er tea ke'.iie M:s. Arthur H. Lihby, chairman o! the garden de|varuneni of tl'.e Ro- ic Falis Woman's cl-ib. re«<l an sr.c.e on the Goldsmith mari- go'.ti a b:oii7e medal winner ol 1941 ail Am»--:;r« trials. Mrs Boxmeyer then explained the color wheel which is a new angle m the flower field but a very importan: one. pointing to the monochromatic arrangement, of colors, the analogous arrangement and the complimentary arrangement of colors. Preceding this part of the program Miss Geneva Hlrth. librarian at the Coloma Township library, spoke on 'Our Library." She told the ladles about a number of new garden books added to the library recently for their giviag the titles and authors of them. Miss Hlrth also spoke of the growth in the circulation at the !:t>rary. 'Hie artist appearing for the first club program was Mrs. Lyle Pa pen dick of Sterling, talented pianist who played a group of three selection.-- "Sesuidilla" by Albeniz. "Bruy- eres' by Dcbusscy and "Valsc Brtl- liaote" by Mana-Zucca. Followuig the program there was a reception for new members and tea hour. Mrs. Gerald Smith was chairman for the tea. Rock Falls Will Meet Ht. Morris On Friday Night There will be only one game at Mt. Morris Friday evening, when Rock Falls Invades t.he.Jieid there for another conference tilt. Mt. Morris does not have a reserve squad, and hence no reserve game has been scheduled. Rock Falls is expected to be in fairly good condition Friday evening, barring any injuries in practice. Arthur Barnlutrt. who has been suffering from a Charley horse, ia much better, although his leg atlll bothers some. Lane haa recovered from the muscle injury received in practice U*t weck<- Indication* are that all the other members of the team will be able to play. The eligibility list was received from Mt. Morris this morning. It calls for the game to *tart at 7:30 o'clock. Rock Falls fans should keep this in mind, for lt_rnffns that th* varsity game wlU be earlier than other contests where two games are played. White Mt. Morris is not rated as having a very strong team, yet one of their players is a real threat. Rock Falls should win this game, but there have been many upsets in football contests, even in college games. Over-confidence has been the biggest- bngibwroriHyTeani: Twenty-five per cent of all the motor fuel is used by farmers. They own about one-jUriird of alii the pasaenger cars in America and i are one of the greatest uselrs of, trucks. Excellent Program Is Announced for Woman's Club Year Educational Tajiks And Music in Store For Membership Tuesday was the opening day for the 1941-42 M-a-son of the Rock Falls Woman's club. Mrs. Peter F Dictz heads t.lie c!ub of 111 members as president Serving a.s the other officers are: First vice president. Mrs. Francis Grennan; second vice president. Mrs. Alice W, Rivwell; recording secretary. Mrs. S. D. Cameron; correspondlnE secretary. Mrs. Robert MacDoiiEall; treasurer. Mrs. ROKS Lrnnox: auditor. Mrs. C. M. Snyder and deputy treasurer. Mrs. Arthur J. ROM. The standing committees are: Reception. Mrs O. J. Pohly and Mrs. Harry Manfield; program. Mrs; Orris Peterson, chairman. Mrs. Roy Jackson, cochairman, Mrs. H. F. Daggett. Mrs, L. L. Wlnn and Mrs. Phyllis Allen; printing. Mrs l\an D. Holdrrman. Mrs. Francis Oreusmn and Mrs. Arthur J. Ross; refreshment. Mrs C E. Brant. Mrs G, F.. Newburn ami Mrs. Joseph Walton; house. Mrs H. P. Shnrt.<-.' Mrs. Leslie Newton and Mrs Clifford L. Crnmer; civic. Mrs. Oolder Plppert. Mrs. S. D. Cameron and Mrs. Paul Knube: philanthropic. Mrs. J. F. i Wahl. Mrs Francis Grennan and | Mrs. Roy Jackson: nominating. Mrs. L. L. Winn. Mrs. H. F. Daggett and Mrs. G. E. Newbum; membership. Mrs Hugh J. Andrews, Mis-t Alice Swanson and Miss Emma S. Swan- aon; literature department. Mrs. John Sturtrvant, chairman; garden department. Mrs. Arthur H. LJbby. chairman and music department, Mrs. H. E. Shiffer, chairman. Calendar for Year Program numbers for the first meeting are contained In another article on this page of The Oarett*. For the remainder of the year the club calendar is as follows: Wediwday. Oct. 15: Regional institute. 12lh and 13Ur^dBtrlctsrLa Salle. 111. Tuesday. Oct. 28: Vocal solo. Mrs. Roecoe Eades; "China and Its People." Mrs. Maude B. Hunter. Thursday. Oct. 30; Pall county convention. Rock Falls. Tuesday. Nov. 11: Whistling solo. Mrs. Mark Reitwl; "Winter Birds, Their Habits and How to Attract Them," Mrs. R. M. Robertson, Morrison Tuesday, Nov. 25: Piano solo. Mrs. Dean Hay; style show. Mis* Mary Omen, stylist. New Y-rk. Tuesday. Dec. >: Christmas music, Rock Falls Woman's club chorus; food demonstration, club members, Mrs. R. E. Johnston. Mrs. C. B. Sotn- Mrs ASIC* Rawll. Miss . S. Swau&on. Mrs. Glenn Oppfelt. Mrs. G. E. Newburn. Mrs. R. E. Howe Qiick RdM f rM Pfe IrrititiM 30 years ago a Buffalo druggist created an ointment for relief from the itching and smarting of Piles. TtTbroughl such quIcTT cooling, aoolh^ ing. astringent relief that its fame spread throughout the country; and made Peterson's Ointment a favorite in thousands of homes. Ask your druggis^ior* 3Sc boirof Peterson's" Ointment today, or <0c tube with applicator. Money back if you are not delighted with relief. aix! Mr.*. FJm*r ('"mptm.; T^'r-.h- m<--',}•-. T'.-".-fiiT. . Jn;' \3 ACCU! ri:f'i; .•"'.-•• Mix 1 Nnrnn }-:'.\7'\ ' T\«:.'.:::.* Atj;rr\r;t 5 \V..yk/;:'>;> ; h-- K'.'f':.<:'. P. R Htu:r- ^•'•i:au W"ir,»ii> <:•:•) Bifst.s; T's Mr F. C. fit<>.'-.-" ' i,»ir- mftti. T'i'-sday. .Ian. :7 OU^.M nu':.' ;r.- eluding fucultv ni r :iit>crs of P.u < Falls higl; and ernde Mhoo!. 1 -; \y.- me supper «it 6 30 p m. Mrs. C. F. Bran;, find Mrs. .'us"ph Walton, [<•chairmen: Brtrndaav mail* rhOTA«. Sterling: Whfi: 8 Nation Decidr.v ' Rev. C. Viu \Vt:rr d< mi of th* 1 .vm- inary unl\er. t .!r.. Dubuque. IB. Tuesday. Feb ID; Litftature day; vocal solo Mrs. Marian Nunemskrr: ''Hungarv. the Lend of Romanc'? ' Mrs. Madg* Clatter. Dixon. Tuesday. Feb. 24: Vocal polo. Clarence Church; panel discussion. • America's Heritage." Rev. James R. Uhllnger, leader. L. L. Wlnn. Carl Thokey. Jacob Cantlln, E. I. Lehr and Samviel Rubin. Feb. 24-25: Midwest forum, Hotel Sherman. Chicago. Garden Department Day Tuesday. March 10: Garden department day: Piano , c olo. Mlws Mary Lou Newburn: "Astrology." Clement Her. Sterling: Dnffodil tea. Tuesday. March 24: Music department day; spring concert. Rock. Falls Woman's club chorus. Wednesday. April 8: Spring county convention. Morrison. • Tuesday. April 14; Spring luncheon one o'clock: flute solo. Mrs. Cloyd Meyers; 'The Cradle." Mrs. W. B. Walrath. manager of the Crndle. E\-an?ton Tuesday. April 16: Thirteenth district convention. Hock Falls. Tuesday. April 28: Piano duet. Mrs. Harry Manfleld and Mrs. Ross Lennox; history- ot China and glaw- ware. Tuesday. May 12: Piano solo. Jt«ck Chapman; "Life o! a Zephyr Hostess," Zephyr hostess; election of officers; tea, Mrs. Roy Jackson, chairman. May 11. 12. 13 and 14: State convention. Hotel Sherman. Chicago. Tue-iday, July 14; Woman'* club picnic. The Rock Fall* Woman's club was organized in 1911 and is a member of the state and district federation. Freshmen and New Teachers Given initiation Party Birthday Event Mrs. Allc* McNltt of First avenue. Rock Falls, was honored at a birthday party Sunday in her home, by members'of the ramnyTOth^rirpTes- ent were: Mr.s.-LJzrie Morgan. Estle McNltt and son Jerry of Oglesby. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Riley. Mrs. Henry Portner. and Mr. and Mrs. Darrel McNitt and family of Rock Falls. Econony Store n w. THIRD BT. MEN'S and BOYS' PANTS Hard finish or non-finished worsted, variety of colors. High waistsrpleateJ. ^ippci -or-airbut= ton models. SALE Si .98 '• SHOES. Ka'.ing onion. 1 !. piHimc pennies around ni!h one 1 '; no?-e. and similar s;-ints were u.*ed to initiate the '.•eshnifn and new instructors of the Rock Fails Township high school at ti,p freshman-'ophomore party in! 'hr old gymnasium Tuesday evening, j Vernon Purdue, president of Die, '"pliomore class, was the master of ceremonies, and required various students to do certain things. Others who helped included'. Jean Johnston. Jeane Cameron. Kent Robinson. Olen Ford. Don Werland, 'Bud" Bloom. Roland Smith. Clarence Schueler. and Joy Yinger. During the day, the girls were not al- Itfwed to wear make-up of any kind, and had to wear their .dresses Inside out. The boys. In turn, wore lipstick, rouge, and women's silk hose, which was a great torture to the bashful type. The new faculty members received their share of initiation. Carl Tho- key, principal, was required to sing two verses ofXTm a Little Prairie Flower," the Rotary song, and received loud applause. Due to the handicaps of eating, an apple was presented to him by Miss Janice Wilson. Orchids go to Shirley Smith and her newly-organized band for a fine performance. Members of her band composed of students, were: Warren Kyger. Robert Milroy, Roland Smith, Earl Carter. Lovier Figeley Darold Allen, Larry Deets. and Miss Smith. It was the band's first performance, and they received the praises of the sophomores and freshmen present. Following initiation, dancing was enjoyed and refreshments of ice cream and cake served. The advisers of the two classes were present, and other faculty members were guests. t<rri iv vn <;:',".' Mfwrl^v '<"> teachers rr> s"Tid ?h* i: T.hiir.'-'iav Frlfia*. ir.M;-;i-o a;!! he h»id « f M r >::.-' 'Ih;ii e <lav ar;d thr f\\.--:;^ rr: at Dixon r>n Fiidav Bf:. and h:eh jcr.rwil rr-srii*': .-i •*..; Ihr.v sessions. High School Faculty Has Annual Picnic r-Tir;'v .-'^rt on Schools Close for Teachers' Institute Rock Falls schools cloned this af- NOW... . . . if'ta* time for e*»ry v«od man to come to B-L-S for bis screen door covering Mt«. Stops draft*, a*ve* fuel. r * eaay with one of theae, set*. B-L-R Screen Door Covering S«t includes everything you need. Choice of black or brown color. Our price FlexoglaRs Screen Door Cover with 12xl2-inch transparent S«.t£ —windows r^ic«~cdmp1et«~Z~» BROWN LYNCH SCOTT ARCADE UIIIIY PHONE 141 Each time you ta*t« fef-coU Coca-Cola, you arc that her* is* the quality of genuine goodness. Experience . . •usiy a refreshing experience ... has taught ptoptt everywhors to trust the quality of Coca-Cola. sornii> AUtHOiirv or INI COCA-COIA COMVANV »v rs of thr fis..-.:i". (f thr F?ock Fn\\- Township I'.is::; ^ciior.l will hold thnr snir.;*; p.•':•.ic 'hi.s evening »' Sinni^Mppi p«rk Thr purpose w for the in^'.rut'.i'rs and their wi 1 .e* to beco:i1> b»"er «c- quaintrd wi-li each oilier New members who will meet this e\er.:r.R BIC: Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reed Miss Margaret Shaver. Mr. and Mr< Carl Thokey. and Miss Janice Wilson. Antonio Marianie Passes Away This Morning at Home Fire This Morning Af Emery McNeil Form Fire, which started amongst gome p»tnt rags In the oats bin at the Emery McNeil farm southeast of Rock Fulls, CAU.<«d little damsge thu morning. The Rock Falls Sire department was called to the farm about 10 «5 o'clock today, and .«oon had thr blaw out. The country pumper was used on the call. The American steel industry Is capable of producing 81.000000 tons of steel ingots annually. An'on;r> MRrmni* 1 . 61 rii«yi at S tf a in \Vrrl:.'"•rinv nt h:< homf R r> <> W Sixth >•::•'"*';. Rock FniK as h<- wa.'- irfi:,K remo\e<l to a Tr"-;'li fiminiifiiu r or. thf «a\ to the Ster- linn ;> ;»)'.:.• i."--;'i:al Mr had ber-n ill ol riiaw.f. Mure 1M9. Hie :xxi\ was iaier remo'.ed to the TiOMth !u- nernl home, wherr it reposes and thr ifc-aiY -All; l>f ieri;rd there Thuisday at 8 p. in. by tho Holy Name memiXTs o( St Maiy church. The funeral will be a requiem ma<-s Friday at 9 a. m. from St. Mary church, with committal in Cahary cemetery. Mr. Marianie was born May 8. 1880. in Corbaro. Italy, *on of Mr. and Mrs. Emello Marlanie. He came to the Unlrrd States In 1901. and married Miss Mary Julienne on August 15. 1920. In Sacred Heart church. He i.s survived by his widow and two daughters. Mrs Dom- inir Napolilano of Chicago and Miss Lola Marianie at home. Surviving sisters are Mrs. Anthony Cedrp of Rock Falls and Mrs. Sunday Del Bionto of Bridgeport. Conn A brother preceded him in death. There, also is left a number of nephews and nieces. Mr. Marianie was In the employ of the maintenance ofway depart- iv.'n; of Mi'- Chi'aEo Nm'h \Vr','c r ; ; rni!'.', a v h r re fr>r 13 \*. He w,i< a rie\rr,i; inemryr of ti.o <"a!hr>;i'- cii'ir'li. a nT'inhT of the/ Ho:v Nam" 50 lr;v u| S;. Ms:v «'!/Kih ar.ri a rnerr.!* 1 ! of 'he Gar::.->>!) .«onr;\. Ml. Maiia:;ie ^ ftS ft ;r.:':i whn was an rxemp'.arv r'.'i7 r a "i'/i hPfj map.v .'M"n<!- •.' |m f-jr^nirrj him (or his fplendid q-.ialitirs. Tr.'condolences o! many frln;ds to to th»> bereaved familv. Home from Camp Kenitrt). Pfiip.dsfem and Kenneth Kimball arrived home Tuej-day fr'om Camp Foitest. Trim, on a 15-dav furlough. Bo:h \oung men are :u the medical detachment out o[ Ottawa. 111. Wlille on maneuvers, their duties consisted r'nleHv ol givms InM »id tjeaiment to other soldier:., and of assisting In the various medical dutley connected with camp. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wi*4M» OlMMl-And TM'il JIB* Out *f ••4 ia DM Mxronj Rtria' I* G« The liT*r shouM pour 1 plntu of >ifl» into your bowtlt rv«rr <)«r. If thil bil« I* not flnwinc frt*lr. your food mar not di* EMU It m*r juit drt«? In th« bow*lt. Th*n (*• t>lo*u up your itomieh. You t*t con- >Up>t*d. You f**l wnir. *unk «nd lh« world look* punk. It Ukm thot« *ood, old -C*rtrr> I.itll* Lirtr Pill* to Rtt thti« 2 pinle of bU« flow. ln« frmbr to mtk* you f**l "up »nd op." Ot * ji»ck«g« today. Take an directed. EIT*cU<r« In rukin* bil. flow fnwly. Atk for Carter-a LitU« Llv«r Pilla. 10* and lit. - •• 'V\''XxV^\<$|% : ^^l^>^^^^^ \\^VMS\\S\V>\\N\\\^^^^ • The Beautiful New FOR BEAUTY Yes—a real thunderbolt of beauty! Its utterly stunning lines strikingly resemble that famous show model. The Chrysler Thunderbolt-"The Car of the Future." Massive yet sleek—graceful yet dashing. Interiors are luxurious, modern ... iste"! v FOR POWER Even more power! Power for the zooming age we live in— power from a new, more efficient engine. Combined with fluid Drivt and Vacamatic transmission, this new Spitfire is designed to conserve fuel We've got a precision instrument called a "tachometer" on our demonstrators which shows you exactly how Chrysler's power transmission system gets more power out of every gallon. FOR EFFICIENCY Far more extensive use of Chrysler's famous alloy -Amola steel -greater use of Oilite metals. No "roughed" bearings . .. Chrysler's SuperfinUh-with aircraft precision— conserves fuel and oil, increases oerfbrmaac*, reduces wear. FOR SMOOTHNESS Smooth in line and smooth in action. Chrysler's now famous fluU Drive and Vacamatic transmission reach new performance peaks with the new Spitfire engine. You flow from standstill into full action with the fluent smoothness of a gliding swan. Why shift gears? IIIEIE'S a lot that's new... there's a lot that's down-right exciting in this new Chrysler. It answers the questions many people have been asking. It answers them in a way we're all glad to see. It's a car that's built to the tempo of the day—but with an eye to the future. Come in and get y^iai'm^d with a truly great car. A TMUMftB REVOLT f COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF STKSXINO Tak4 Avcntw ' ' - WEAVER MOTOR SALES STERLING. ILL. West 5th St.

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