The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 31, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1973
Page 4
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VIEWPOINT AAcGovern claims subject of doubt Seasoned Democrats and politic*! QnMYYCfs here. aren*t buying SMI, George McGovern's claims be was misquoted In a New York Timea magaiine piece thai ha* Mm putting a hard rap on Sen. Thomas Eagteton, saying further that McGomn's wife grew to hate the pros, and that after he taut to President Nixon they thought of moving to England. McGovern, in a reapom* printed in the Ttroea the tame day the article appeared, charged that IU author, Joe McGinn!**, actually fabricated quotations. McGinniss stand* firm. The author has McGovern saying he •ever liked Gagieton, his choten running mate, and felt he got the "run-around" (ram him, since the Missouri senator never did show him his controversial medical reports. A bit later In the piece, however, he suggests that history will make his campaign took better. In obvious effort to assist that judgment by comparing his 1972 activities with the outrages of the Nixon administration's Watergate enterprise, McGovern says: ".. We didn't steal We didn't wiretap, or burglarise. We didn't tell any ties. We didn't try to deceive anybody,.." It is not my attempt here to equate anything with Watergate, But some highly responsible reporters who covered McGovern and his key sides in South Dakota's Black Hill* during the ««ek of the Eagleton crisis were convinced they were being Bed to constantly One newsman, in his publication, quoted an anonymous McGovern aide as directly contradicting another aide in an important assertion about the Eagleton affair. He later told me he grew that w«ek to BRUCE B/OSSAT Agnew would face most trying task Notwithstanding President Nixon's bold assertion that be will not resign under the pressures of the Watergate scandal, it is vital to weigh what would happen if be did On the assumption that Vke President Spiro Agnew would not feel compromised despite Us oft-renewed professions of loyalty to the President, be would be expected to succeed to the office as the Constitution provides. But be would do so ;: under the moot trying conditions ever faced by such a successor. ' •• ' ; , : Agnew's most formidable task, pmsitig upon him with crushing immediacy, would be to assemble his own lop level White House staff, put together a full Cabinet and fill at least bail a hundred major agency posts already standing empty under a beleaguered President Nixon. No vice-president succeeding to Use presidency in midterm has ever had to undertake so massive a recruitment, knowing that (he altcrnaUve would be a dangerously immobile government. It is a fair presumption there could be a few holdovers from the Nuon regime, since (he conditions which might \e*d the President to resign would be of such magnitude as to compromise if not openly taint many erf the high officials working for him. A newly elected president a Stays has the luxury of a November-January cushion of lime in selecting the key people for his administration. Even thai span ran seem inadequate, *» dwtfwl caodsdatw (or appointive posts hoki out or rtfuw !o Of U* «r»ght US. devated to the presidency, «Uy Calvtn Cooiidge moved wio offk* agairat an impending period of faigb-tev«) scan&l But the disgraceful criminal actmtitti which occurred tn President Warren Harding'* regime still *tn *u n»oth» from general dijctasjjrr. With lAt«rw Sccrewry Att«rt K*U of Teapot Dome lame atrrady cut of the Cabinet though not yet r.Tpawd M a laker of bribes, CooJjdfe'i Wofrapbtr. Dorakl R McCoy, descnbed th* n*w prestdcot'* Cabinet as "«abl*." It contabed «ucb men of accepted integrity as Secretary of Stair Charits Kvaas Hughes and Com-Tvcroe Secretary Herbert Hoovrr (but also Atterney Oneral Harry Daugbcrty. but twke indicted though never convicted for bribe- taking. perjury and other off«a«3> Cootidite not only bad Um Urg«iy *ubk base as a starttr. but actually rvitcd co trusted Cabinet men tor rtvomnxncuiiora wbkfa be foilowed ciosdy in ciukinf policy. Plainly, should Agnew move up, he would have neither the newly elected president's tinw cushion or the advantage of a secure, m place rstabUshmcni such *» the other elevated vice-prmidenu enjoyed. Moreover, he wouW be the first compelled by the ConsUluUon'i »tb amendment to nominate a new vice- president. With majority-vole conTirmatioR required from both Housr and Settle. Out could mean a bard light BERRY'S WORLD T/s« M t* a Mortfca Mftcfe/J "This Could Hurt Me More Than It Does You!" HMAKMTOMT distrust every major McGovern source he could talk to. One morning, amid these events, two leading US newspapers using hard- digging reporters carried diametrically opposing stories on McGovern'* altitudes and intentions toward Kagleton and his future on the ticket. Both had George McGovern as their source. The evening before, be had circulated among newsmen covering his campaign and led them clearly to believe he was leaving it up to Eagleton, then on the Pacific coast, to decide whether or not to remain. He left the Impression he stUl had confidence In the man. That yklded on« story. But only hours earlier he told another reporter he had firmly decided Ragtaon had to be jettisoned, which produced the quite contrary story. All of this happened just a couple of days after the matter of Kagletan's history of treatment for mental-emotional breakdown was disclosed. Furthermore, in the manner of his disclosure (a press conference at which a key part of the tale had to be dmjged from Eagleton). McGovern doubte-crtmed newsmen for the Knight papers. They had gathered the story on their own. confronted McCown Aides with it. ant) had been promised an exclusive fareuk In return for holding off white UcGovvm tod a c&uxe to weigh the thorny profcfan. The Watergate altatr may turn cut to be the worst political scandal in hbtory. But it doesn't give McGovern or anyone eb« license to make false pcatunng* at total tweesjy. His kettle may not be black, bus it shows some gray smud««i Comment and Opinion' FrteptH. T»*a« I'agt« ANDERSON AHaWcV-CO-ROl/ND Solon from Salinas < denies golf prizes ttw dapper dufkr aur itury Uwi lofci>)fcil» (Of 4 C«*tgf*»4itMtl*J tfiti (JvaWfc "I tttih* I hit* two arfwm*) Tkkvtt W*u by ttuil MS&efl A -ji- ctir io At *t»m^> hr »i uuM tttjtl i.^ !»o«t UN? jtsrfl J 7*1 BUSINESS MIRROR Trading fear now bugs institutions Its* ftaHMii*tl, 4* ftwMKtf * fa* S-x •«»> tfc* uttfatt tt^affi *te»f«*«et *'•*«* tlxtuA fct» «***? <4 CM fkas&u All** ** ttNUffeftteii »«fe ran |**i», ft* ie«Hfi«>««M tftrt! t* &*4 fcei-tt* ****-» fc,i> ICMte Wte* WWW IwEj tMjQi tfe* HuntMtB t' t» tot NJ* lU»#iwtS ttit d «ua it it. •««*!*;* Slit *!»sl By Jt»H\Ct'.S-MIT .M* Ua<«ln«M Vaaljtt NEW VO«K tAl'f A dorp <»ar 'jfl at Tii:>«l!'» -•( fin iiSS»rsU li:ii at.-ntt*. (N* Ij<,'ll »!*t*».> Sr Uw <wc«urt!t«i ieijuatry, wfcteti only * ft-* l»*»«r»lprtor»Tarftif!»c« f,j! years 4Ko iKMJsnl ita? tosinfcdwjl lfsv«2£ar ««' um<->t j»f ihafv eara for Ih* bi£ folswri uiix-ii wfe m maoy -j jf'trt tJac fifm ?ua* tai was th* common ricufcr (or ihrvUmaut she 1 «btiti> *.o ifaiswn i-jpi!»i. <; favor of tfc»> fcujfip cwirsnu-wiefst jwisf by S-xm*- i:iar.f«es<f» »Hfi tiMuranev ewnpanw'* aftd baftiti an<4 tM<*m»i E; 5o;» j?« «cli!.^ p*ftfi<xi aftii CTMtUdt fwwt* S<! >Ki? :;i .ice fv:j.«(« ^ ttratter* ts t«> tVtET*v!i di»«cnt Ttooi ?<-df w«t»w»<« <t!r«m« r;f tmnmtionj! l TTscy a« ctxirtinj Ttserf ar* *o*i;« uMicrvsttttsj f««« lot thia O«wr o< ihrm a Wut JjouitUfv. «i th»r 1 sfcut j Jjl". >«!% 5B«t foe * !»-, 'V frtac* tat *il la rnjuirta ttany invc»:ao w vartog* prwn. When ih? t « hj.Tttful o< wa^!{uli«i!s». « the (turkci ti In tra^e S£r*«t **» tl sK heartened, foresumpte. by sftr 79 c ff )>«i* * evnli I'liaS- «!«•. Too oftot. tteiry ,wy, ilw if»(UutKM» n«;< crr , t » [ e,,^ ^y K . afK !h>ia !fei , t caity (run Us* wove .«<**.» bu! buy tfc«*K *t -{tr<9*«r Ih*. Mr lw«i*!ug»n ** fc^ much UK wm* twtvr *fid »«« th*m ai«»«« pmitwit tu»M Uw bfcxi wrwrtt**, WT »j!h e»<h other. j*m » jsrwr oni^ of,r <i.f,h4h t«-fi>x» tN? r {Bfwfcftnr wi»iff »*Jr. siorf. iY 5 price %wtOiKA. otft^t.fvj* purirrvi.^ Joftrt Wtnt«bc%<l. ffiAtmidft »f Ihr OH out tt^nttth Security Ininlrj A-vuxutHWi. pfj-<(<VrJ lnn(»eujt*xi W«t{ ( -inn's ki%»« jom*rrraarliabk fijtufM oo roncontralmn t wwari'h Thai * jnt,>t(*r >Vpurtm«n of ownership at a twecl m««tkng( of ilui J: , | !t) fej ?iju j^ f! , ,.,,„,, c , jB j- to broken.' organtutiw r , 0 p^ ? ThcT1p 4rp j,. t; , li( , ^^^ -ht ,, "tWe- of o«r IdrKmi bdnk,*," bw MM). ,5 (^ SJraS "rrcT»vrst*»CTrll iHJJtofl in rtwttnrttt tuct • iittAcr W*U aU »v*M H«* WMI prtsswn fund roewry to inntut U*t >rar It »-«•'«• just jtu< Jo 4> t*ts«t tVi tti* •* cUred fti prr c<rnl of that aro-xw! m jt,c«! j^^ j u , r 4n> seven »tock.«, antXIwr 3> prr cmt into right «! ' utfc«r »twrk» 4R«1 the fcjUrn'r i/sio I«sa t^ji t'stu;|s4s!«l W M"*r 0»<M9 (Jjf, (., , 1(l)( j jW^tMShW It is Wilale tha may b* fUTpiwxu! fc<rhaVK5r, t.HNrr-< »iwM c^U t( it t»n't ur.Kjyc TV .uartj at ttfjfra of arr cooorrKraifd tn (he at . Ne PAUL HARVEY NEWS Man's ancient ideas' awaiting 'discovery' (', te then HAL BOYLE'S PEOPLE Stewardess wife has high-level problems 'But (htog» NEW YOKK iAI') A (rtetrf of mine recently married a former airline stewardess. Meeting him on a bu* tbr other day, I asked ruin now the was woriung out "Not bad." he r*p«*d should be much tatter •.then I finuh detraining her" "What doe» that mran' 1 " "It incaro I've got a problem In making her forget her oid airpiane routine* and getting her to treat me more tike a husband and tes>» like a passenger ." "Ttll m« m«t," "Weil, no matter rxw grumpy I get, the never quits smiling. That kerpibe- customer- happy smile e»a gel pretty unnerving. And about rvery otbtr morning when 1 cwn« to the breakfast lahhr the forget* we're married and a»k» me whether I want coffee, tea, or tuiik "Is the a food cook?" "W«U, the lofi*tcd Uiat I buy her one of lho*e infrared cooking gadgets, and the food comes out pretty much like you get on most airplanes. You know, tiw nut*bcd potatoes have a crust on thctn and ilw st«ak is hot enough U> burn your league un the witsidc but is still half-frozen oo tbe and txxklf yyui *r4t MU We arr through » m<j*n«nlvir> lurtailencv ' "Ha. hi Hut « prirify jmi«»nj( " "Anything sl**^" "Vc» When I g«« fwrtw crwn work. *H tired evi, the ga*« thr«u|(h a routin* thai rrall) gi»« rm> Ike cmpt A* *«on aj I wnk d*»n oo the sofa, the c«n«* owl of the kitchtn pushing a Irundk <-art wfih two Xlaruw* »nt) nuii on i< WUI r fit I* f*» * HawTl r*«Jt«i dud not. w (»<« ttn*nt the Or li not "Ttm> the cwn«» liatk /-* . ihealtt-muon w*iiwpcr and A selection of five "Any other probkm*''" "Ye» Kffficmber tbat suoden w« bad tb« other oiglX? W«U. it bit, soy wilt narlf<t motuot "Then pvery five mmtrfr* after »fee cvtncs by again, fluff* m> pillow, and sa>s. "lao'l that murv comfy, ttr? If there is «nyUiing vise I can do. pk-asc let me know.' " '•You lucky stiff M<*t bustj«nds I know wuwld IWnfc they were in heaven if they got UtiM kind of Utal/M-n! " "Well, nwybe. but If has itt «rw supecu JUM th»» i»wk. lor example, she came to me *tlh tea/* in bcr «ycs and when I ask«d hut why she said, 'I gum as it brick I'm a flunkdut The Uul three month* I was flying 1 woo « cwnpauy bonus cv«r> month for bviug (?»tra nke hi pcopk. but stow I married you, you rwivt-n i giv«n me a stogie ww ' " "How did you solve liwl goe?" "I i^tve her a U*u» What etott coukt I dw?" t* f It w»» not tk» Krvaklin w ekctrtcily and lltwy ford w»» oot Uw first to prxtk* RUM* producttan A crtdp n»n«td John FUcfa several pa«4«ng«r carry Ing rum un the Deiswarv R*«r 1* tyrfori* Kitllon I re recite and correct UMM fictions noly to /utijJy my own CaatfastoB thai "tte wUKtmiil has not yet t*tn dteovtrvd " Tr* aMcstry of the windmill whicb pumped the water that nowtshed the American WeM can be traced b*ckw»rtl from the Holland Dutch to milhrrtgMa of tcn:i.U> ttftiw>, perhaps bty«nd Yet I insist it o*Wt r«*Uy twta 'discovered" yt<- Kinn U« steam engine came along to outproduce th* alndinill Then «ktt/itiiy. particutarty rural dcctrtftcatton. In the IKK* But now thai engine* poUut* JUM) electricity is becoming prohibitively cosily, unc American cofnpttay, Helkr- Aller, *M m windmjtia last year But again, the wiodnUl hi* mi yet been (U»C«VCT«I An Unagiwtive eflfincvr named Pet«r Harper of Brigbloo, Enclwd. recwuly re«rtv«| a grant Irani Uw Ualtwi Natkn» for devdopmeot of au alternative pvwtf aaurw. H*e»vWgo» ftMt varsiMM of Uw M<w»» ll»» U»«« *b«M ' And IteMKfc tip Ofm4« Uw wiM *f*w«l by »i* ttatea, ihua thrtr tvfae IVnttk wtrni is kilowait Out of Uw world's t»r«*»o4 n**d foi cfcaiw*. )•« txptmtv* pM«r will «J*M f«r hajT** the tun Md tht E«* is <m *ixw^ idea vt*d» «*»iu tl» with th* »v«*i to d«*t«.«» tt FACTS

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