The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 27, 1966 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 27, 1966
Page 11
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Sunday, February 27, 1966 Wi- usiness Need Perking Up? Use Classified To Tell & Sell SIZE HEAVILY WOODEr HOMESIT6S — Cedor Bayo-j Park an Siotomier Rood. Paved streets, uil!l!ies Model homes. (OHice ot site). JSPF 6. FLEMING. REALTOR, -582.7222 and 5S3- 2J23. FIVE LOTS — Located In Bayfront Addition, Lc Porte. Owner will hf.y with fi. noticing. HUGHES REALTY, 583-273* or 5K-5250. IDEAL FOE MOBILE HOME — 60 X 200 lot (appro*.), wooded, ell utilities. See w«ke<}ds_ Easy terms. McCANDLESS, 583-121*. LOT FOR SALE — Dwinael perfectly located homesi!e — heart of Baytown — Drive by us todcy. RAYBORN JOYNSON, 220! WorHet. 531-1784. Street — DENT DRIVE. IB? —Just o« N. Main lear the new hign school. Clean as a «*isiie. M>edrooms, nice- family room. =xtra targe tot. 100X115 ft. Nice 'w'ah- x>rt«3oa. Good loan cvai'.oble. StO-SOP. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 564-7221 or 5&6-5C6C. EDISON, M)0 — .sear high school — two. oar aaraoe and fenced oacK yara SO-Tw? 1 "* Mttttsoti - 1NC - 22>1 Martlet, SPECIAL — SPECIAL — SPECIAL 1517 Llndbera Walking distance to Rooert E. Lee High School. Clean as a whisJie 2-oerfroom home. Nice wooded lot. HARD To 8E- LI6VE — S4.750. S300 down. S50 month. 566-7221 or 56£-5060. SOME PEOPLE EXPECT THE MOOK But ... FRANCIS, as w. — Two-bedroom house, I fenced yard, gereoe, S5.500. Phone 5S3-2233. — i GRAYWOOD — TIM Brentwood, 3-bed„;.';, ,. room, 2 baths, lots oi close! space. CHA- ar.s en.11 TEAU REALTY. SS3-3252. niants 56i-56O«. Opening New Wooded Subdivision HIGHLANDS — rooms, 1 V~ baths, tieat. 7Vi acres. North ol N. Pruert ond Inwood Streets. 54,060. Irs yours. 1 Lots sold with small down payment on L S.year te.-ms. HURRY: GET FIRST i ARBOR HIGHLANDS — 3-Bedrooms, central heat, den, utility room, trees, cool cna quiet. Small equity, 426-3605. I i Twt>story "brick home. 4-bedrooms, ell! electric Kitchen cpo!;cnces, bis Scmity roo-n. 2-car garage, 1 baths, real tire•"lace. 5Vs ocres wooded lot in Crosby. Next door to the Fair Ground In Crosby. Price S24.500. EDDIE COX, REALTOR. 566-722; or 546-S060. i TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! — Four ovtr-j sized bedrooms. 3v~ bctns . . . it's for j sale. Owner transferred. Largest ad-elec-i trie kitchen in Baylown. stainless Steel j . si"**. 34 x 16 ft. birch paneled family | room. Oversized lot with plenty of trees. ) Drive by ond take o^ look, 603 S. 3urnet j THE BAYTOWN SUN FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Close censorship is exercised over a!! Classified advertisements that are untruthful or fraudulent, that might be injurious to the health or morals of our readers, that are indecent, vulgar, or suggestive; or, that tend to be intentionally misleading. Any advertisement which we know fails to comply with these standards is restricted from our advertising column. Readers are urged to check Business Opportunity advert ; sing with the Better Business Bureau in the tovrn where the business Is operating before making investments. SOLD OUT We hove buyers for executive houses. LIST WSTH US LOANS: FHA — Gl — Conventional ACREAGE GARTH ROAD — 22 Acres HWV. »o at CrcsSy — J Acres McDonald & Herbert DAYS ! 583-1704 NIGHTS SM-4S77 LOOK — LOCK — LOOK '63 Chevrolet toa £&2ug; Witt Y-3 fnT^^fj &a£ narrow b«t Healer ana new tiro. Beige finish and In natty <*«an I* side and out. Se* It Before It's Sold* Dan Hutchins Motors Mlway 512-7131 53. Work Cars 47-A. Houses To Be Moved CHEVROLET. 17S3 — Original owner, standard shift, radio, heater, goad motor. S!3S c«h. 582-9350. CHOSCE of the lot you wont today. ACME REALTY T. W. WIU<S, 602 Pork $82-4113 or $32-6026 47. Houses For Sale ! bedroom bride, *r»-!COX. Reqi.or. 56^7ai or 566-5060. [JAMES. «8 E. — 2-bedroom house with > den. central heat, oarcae. Apply Second Bestist Church office. LOTS OF WORK CARS WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES Pelly Motor Company °C7 w. Main sa-aa 47. Houses For Sale TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! a look 566-5060 M-XXU. EOD. A GOOD DEAL Two-story ho.-r.e wiTh 2 big bedroo.Tis! UDSTairs, I'/i oaths. Oi taroe 1st with pecan end shade trees. Built to las: 100- j veers. Owner has boooM c new home j qr»d can't afford rwo. See 5920 Scyway i Dr. then can EDDiE COX, Realtor.! 5SA-7M1 or 566-5340. ! place. d«n, dining. ACREAGE 7 ACRES — Cedcr Bayou. 25 ACRES — Near Hempsiead, long river frontage, runfing creek, trees. { G~ 4 ACRES — Frontage N. Main, opposite i — Sterling High School. WANT A NICE HOME?? 35 ACRES — Frontage 2 roods. Cedar j Drive ty 1337 Jefferson Bayou-Crosby Rd. and Archer Rd. -, 3-bedroorrt, 2 bctn, new carpets. GRIFFITH REALTY, 532-2049 or 583-1713 i Col! LUTHSR LEA, 5E2-7S57. 47. Houses For Sale 154.950 buys this rslce 2-bedroom home, j _». . ] Par Dependable Maving service ' On Ferry Rd. ovensoscmg. Nice den _ cycione fenced yard, oecon InFOW AwaV IOUT PaDBr i Locoi or Loag Distance — Call M2-»S»i trees, oil oil royalties so. Drive &y and ••«'•'"'» "T • v*ui i <_>fji.i „— u , 1 ». « Hasty Transfer and Storage »rti> Amerieon Von Unes 48. Mobile Homes 54. Automobiles HIGHLANDS — 102 Inwood. 3 bedrooms, j WARNING TO HUSBANDS!! — Don't 5350 equity. S77 monthly- Coil ior appoint-! show your wife this home unless you are ner.t. 436-2S.7. i prepared to &uy!—19O1 Richardson Lane. Eva Moud. Three bedrooms, centra! air, heat, iust like new. Total price S15.500. HOLLY, 313 — Three beoroom home in nice location. Plenty of trees. Buy equity j^d assume notes o! 573 month at 4 per- cs-nt Steal this home without aoina to 11 must i* so!0. Call EDDIE COX, Owner transferred, buy equity. EDDIE COX. Realtor. 566-7221 or 566-5060. A FREE 7-ROOM, 2-BATH HOME — With i Realtor. 566-7221 or 566-5060. carpets, drapes, stove and refrigerator. Unrestricted 1.47 ocres on Baywcy Dr For iess than cpprojsect uo.'iie of iam^ 566-7217- I WANTED NEW OWNER • To fiM tnis cut^ little home with love end i HIGHLANDS — 114 S. Fourth. I-Bedroom i 8EYOND YOUR DREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP 500. lot. A» your for only SS.-ljecpid . Driv*- &v and can us today. King and Son Really 566-Ste! or 566-73S4 PRICE REDUCED 5),000 and come see this home today! 1S&3 RA1NTREE. 1} has 3-bedrooms, 2 baths, den separate living room* 2- cor gcroge. completely carpeted/ and centra! air a :d heat. Dean King end Son Realty BUILT ON YOUR LOT 3uilt on your lot or ours, from your plan or ours, homes built by master " craftsmen with you in mi-id. Cost kept to a minimum &y pre-planned construction analysis. Stop by and see how easy it is to own tne very best ot the lowest Agency yc''d. Pleniy paper shell peccn j trc-es. Woiktnq distance to schools, and churches, shopping. Good loan available, J -)rice 57.350. 220 E. S'erlins. hea-"t of Btzv- ! oudaet price available. 2317 N. Main, 582-213J. Daytown Realty. H1NE5, 333 — Two - bedrooms, large 1 town. P.S. All aluminum siding, nc pclnt- ' closets, central heat, oversized oarage, i ! "3- --„,_ i-~^, a i. 8&4 And 804 \«op:i^~ood. In becutitul Grav-|, S5.995. SS2-22JO or inquire 307 Hafer. | ^^ EDDIE COX, Realtor HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. !.;,.. .'\,^ n . g .^ e ..^ homs or will; wood. InccrporateG Info trtese lovely I IWSSHING WILL NOT BUY IT! — QUICK V-u ore Soo'iUna fe' Livin3~rtx>rrT~$e:wVc'e i HIGHLANDS — Nice 2-bedroom, !-ccr i dlnmg room. 3 lovely besrooms. 2 Botns. j S^roge. 2 pecon, and ottier trees. SS.OOO. j ACTION" WILL!! Just "Listed — 703 Lin- end breakfast areas. Pius double gcraqf? i A. w. HA.WA, Realtor, 115 S. Mctn ; der*wcod f Graywood SutxTvision Very on !a^3e lots. YOU CAN B'JY ONE OFjJ3i-^- : ' or ^a>-3AM j few rinses euer a-va!lab!e here. Owner! THESE HOMES TODAY. HUSBAND TO SEE 10] ! transferred. Call EDDIE for orherinfor- OUALITY DOES NOT COST — I rr^t^-r,v in h«,ntit,,l I ^k^we^d Brunei i niotio-i. EDDIE COX, Realtor, >54-7221 ori GOOD CREDIT end 5500 moves you into this lovely 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with ceatrrt air and heat, all bricit, 2-car oarage. 103 LAKEWOOD. Deon King and Son Realty S64-5O61 or SU-73S4 NEARLY PERFECT- DAN SAVELL, BUILDER. • - _. '! new. 2.4-M sq. ft. under roof. Built to lost ^ ! 10Q. /e ors. Three bedrooms {can be used ~ 'as <J, 3 corno'ete bcths. Yes. )t nas every-: rr _ ^ BEAUTIFUL CEDAR BAYOU — 209 South 1 thlno " "'~ - " ""- - r "- rT1 - - New Spanish Home 22H EAVES — EVA MAUD Wrougnt iron gate opens into private courtyard. 2200 sq. ft- of luxury living area. Large poneled den, nylon carpeting throughout. Be Sure to visit mis home today. Starett Lumber Co. MOBILE HOME — 15Vi X 37 Ft. Ex- pondo. 2-bedroo-m. electric kitchen, ex- rrcs. Ideal for your lor. IW5O. 5S4-3947. .I""""""'"'' ! A LEGAL STEAL — 1MI Oldsmablle tf 4-door. air, radio, heoter, very low mile- 49. Automotive Service , age, new tires. Porte. 582-654!. . one owner. See at 606 BUICK. 1«B — Super, all power, air, «- coor, gooti tires, good second car, S295. RADIATORS REPAIRED AND RE- CORED — Good selection of used radiators. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS, S34 S. Main Highlands, 426-2811. 51. Cars Wanted CHEVROLET. 1*58 — Factory oir conditioned. n**' paint, 3604 tires, V-S engine. av'omotic Tronsmission. Call cfter 6 p.m., 532-2355. CHETVROLET STAT.'ONWAGON. >?J7 — Runs good. 6 cylinder, 4-door. S32S, Call PLYMOUTH, 1W1 — Ra<U*, door. new paint. goad tires, ciecn. trcde. See at 296 Lane Drlvt. PEUGEOT, 1T5T — «3 icrMs. 4-de*r, «Bod calm, «.'«, 35 mltel per aa*. *293. Take old work car In trade. See at 2D6 Lang Or. RAMBLER, 1«J — StattaawvfMt, Classic, Owner lea vino far Viet Kam, 5ZM92H RAMBLER, 1!*4 — Eaaity trie. assume monthly 'voles. Factory oir CwxStionlny, standard trcnsirtlssion. Phone 5B?-ftS?l SUPER SPORTS, i*M — Fatty equipped, 51,895, See at 3222 Arkansas, or phone 583-7717. VOLKSWAGEN. IWO — Solid block, radio, heater, new tires, very clean. Reason- oijtv priced. Contact James Webb. 5*3- S3C2 between 1-S or 5S2-394E) after S p.m. •5» CHEVROLET — *<Joor, V-». automatic. eir conditioned, radio, healer, wnitewa!! tires. W9S. STRIPLING OUTBOARD MOTORS. 758 E- Humble, 5SJ-20S3 or 581-3085. '5» CHEVROLET 1MPALA — VOOOr sedan. All power, fcctory oir. A yyxi family car, S5?5. 564-7503. LATE MODELS TO WORK CARS At! mokes and models. Yoo are lore to (ill your needs from oar selection. DON D1TTMAN Ernie Dittman Motors 521-M70 737 E. Texol CASH FOR YOUR CAR THAD FSLTON FORD A-l USED CAR LOT NO. 2 24D1 Hwy 145 CHEVROLET. 1!S£ — Running iSS Dp Corvette engine, Crosby, 428-2427. Ph. 582-M06 Country Club Oaks GLENHAVEN, 5004 — Exquisite example of Colonial design is incorporated into this lovely 4-bedrooni all bride borne- rate Mjntna rofm^CArrod Act ^)d otr condirnHM tfoviKsf year KU0Q ccrn- lovekr de^rwXlMfwoonRrTlins fireplace. A bl^l^^* area makes tnose early morning hours more pleasant. Situated CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE "HONEST JIM" Jim Carter Motor Co. 532-K38 a* W. Texas on large wooded lot. you name It. Also a 3 .i acre screened beck oorch. fenced back yard, Let's talk terms. . . . . St. Fine neiSJlborhood for the youngsters.' corner lot Please call fcr other Infort-no- Jwst like new inside, oversized 2-beBrcom! tion EDDIE COX, Realtor, 564-7221 or home. You wil? like If. V.'QIking aistcmce'566-5060- to school. IOC x 165 ft. lot. Two bearing j • 1 — peccn tre« Price S7.S30 with oood loan; INVESTMENT PROPERTY — Sharpes. • yol . WON - T BELIEVE If, but it's true! available. SDOie COX, Realtor, SiA-7221 i tiupie* ,n town; Irvina room, dlnins area.! OA ., W . leav n B . owrl . oversized 2-bedroom ,. , All it needs te you! 3-Bedrooms. 2 baths. i WEST LOSIT, J09 — Two-story, four bed- central air and heal, Carjwted, separate l.vms room, .detoched _2-car garase. Pric- , NT ERLACHEN. SOU - Prom the well- b , , ivlng roorn> breakfast area, big kitchen. two - car 552-5603. or 566-5060. BEST BUY IN BAYTOWN — ISM vcrd. Clean cs a whisrle! 2-bedrooms.; nice den. Keeo vovr children protected in! one bedroom each side 2-Car Sarage. home . B , 3 Mre led den; 1>A baths. Fenced Seporate otil.ty meters. HUGHES REAL- back vord _ 10X16 !t _ p, oyh ouie in rear Hor-!TY. 533-273? or 5S2-52SO. \ nra ,,,, a, WrKt . Plenty of trees. 710 «u w — Wa'klna distance to i Larao. Hill Terrace. For other inforr 1 brick." priced S29!H)0 FoT other \ n °"_ =?» EDDIE COX, Realtor. 566-7221 :rma- or . COX - RMltor - »*-«* O'-i DIE COX. Realtor, 566-7221 or 56i506CT iV" 1 -^- CUL " t = V.UA. MTOIIOT, xo-i^. i oi j 3-8EDROOM, 2 '• ^ • — '. — ; 5fr&-50eO. den, seixirate tf! BRITTON CRAVENS — TJOS Alabama, j JUST LISTED — SitM Bayway Drive, ets - carpeted rnasonry buirt home, extra nice. Two bed-1 clean as a whistle. 3-bedrooms. 2 botris.; rooms, icreenea-in corch. Central hect: Central air and heat. Approximately =<* i end c:r. Close to Cctnoiic Cnurcti and schools. A reel bo-ccin for au'ck EDDiE COX. Realtor. S66-72U or 564-SOtO. BATH HOME — Large lino room. walk-In clos- ! fully aroped. 2-car gcr- REALTY, 533-2739 or BEVERLY REALTY _ » South Ashbel , This , ., S ' 3 _ c " dr S one °" has BAYTOWN. LMk- 3-bedroorn brick | central heat, air 2 MOVED INTO CORNER S. KILGORE AND LAKEVIEWJ i"S_ * r c " lce DR. — Spacfcui solid brick and meson-j' ry home crjmpletelv reoecorated indud-j^ Ino new carpets, it's on almost 3 A ocre}^ corner in Deer Park School District end [ ^v S£ m 8BfCee acartmenl TO ^jslSm-Vc^™™ o^ancble;-Drive . cay i nd ^.^ Q (oofc m 1?? CATHERINE, in f .,! GeaurifLri Brown wood. Don't miss this; frd to sell. 160 MACARTHUR. Dean King and 566-5061 Son Realty 566-324 FOR SALE 312 MORRELL Nice 2 bedroom home. Large room, living room combination, area. Close to grocery store- SELL1NG price Si,000.W) and you beat it. dining dinette; p armed Interior . . to The unusual ex- lerior, you get so rnw:h more Uvobllity IP this home. Three bedroomi, irttitliple baths, homemalcer's dream kitchen and many more much-wonted features. Garage space for three cars. Your present home may be considered In trade. SOMERSET, 5100 — The wooded setting and professionol landscaping that surrounds this home compliments the architecture of elegance, Every room - comrnutina ar-d soys SELL. Qualify • . . --—-^j^ r-oir or^ttnr buy. EDDIE COX, Realtor, . or 5*6-5060. IS! STARETT LUMBER CO. "o'i BUILDERS of Barter Homes For Lea by j Your Choice Of Large Wood&d Lots TRADES CONSIDERED 3318 N. Moin — Call 582-561E . 3-bedroorn. 2-bath brick home with j __ .'.iv.'nB room, sepcrafe dining room, den j LOVELY HOME — 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, I and kitchen bu.'ltip.s. Over 4i acre j cen _ ia r ™ | o f Pruetf Addition. Call for GULF, 703 E. — Priced $7,950. corner lot, nicely landscaped. Good loop cpDoiniment cvaitoWe. 532-5321 or 532-8171. 120 LAFAYETTE DRIVE Nice 2 bedroom, separate dining-room. Nice Shrubbery. Priced for quick sole. Lois of good buys In Commercial property and large end small acreage. STEWART REALTY CO. IS N. Ashbel Telephone 583-7457 is spacious including the four bedrooms, two wood burning fireplaces, watnuf paneling throughout the living area, screened end covered patio will be the setting for many ptea&ant hours. Large 2-car garage affords crnple room for storage and cant olfkt. SOMERSET, 5111 — One of the most exceptional homes to be found in this area. Extra features are incorporated Creative Homes CA 7-?9«, Baytftwn 566-7915 Cleon as wbistle, 2 bedrooms, good loan avail- PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING Residential. Commercial, Condemnation Clifford M. "Sparky- Bona NEWCASTLE DR., 2706 _ Good eaulty j LEISURE COTTAGE — 500 Ft. on bey. 3 tearooms. 51/5 bcths. 2-cqr oarage, | SI-4^5- !6>G8 Highway 73, centra! heat ana window air. i Call C-t_ 2-1072. -r-t-...,,-,.-,-,- ~™. . , 907 S- Main " 552^243 - TENNESSEE. 2001 — A reel bargain,]—— __— Pil««| S11.37S. 3 bedrooms, extra large den, SCHILLING, «0? — Heart of Bnytewn, J"war all schools, ctiurcftes. FHA loan I bedroom, exi.-u nice, comer lot. Far SIX MILES FROV. BAYTOWN - -3> m in-i ">U«SE STREET -Notlllns down. $170 j utw from Houston. Loveiy larac home- ! ^°? (n 3 -S^u- 130 rr>on!h - ->*>e<* r °°™' ''- , carpeted, droced, centrally healed and! bq'ris. JOJ-WI^TJ. j air^onditiotied. Two larpe out buildings j L OTTA BEAUTIFUL SHADE TREES —i —•— this a sertect setup for a fiorne! Desigred fy r y.^y.j^ \Mna._13f Ridge-j available. EDDIE-.COX, Realtor quidc sale, 15,750. and business. , I way. beautiful Brownwood. Clean as a! WISCONSIN. 3«7 - Solid brick 2 bed- roorr.s, ready to f.cve Into. Electric ra.oe and air cnndltio-ier go Pius fur- nisned aoartmer.t at rear. Julie Ann Villa batrts. 2-car oaraae. Screen enclosed pctlo | with barbecue pit. You'!! want it! Drive! by and take a look. Owner says "Get an i offer." Call EDDiE COX. Realtor, for orn- > A.V.CLIA, 1721 — N:ce 2-bed-'oom home on , ^ informction. S6A-7J31 or ;' aDproximateJy 1 cere. Priced law tor; QUICK SCle. BEAUTIFUL LAKEWOOD — Corner lot 5&4-5060! with plenty of trees. 201 Honeysuckle. All modern. You'll love it! Price 515,700, good loan available. Eddie Cox, Your Realtor 564-7221 5M-504C j NOTICE - NOTICE — As managing brok-. „:...„.„„ j er for v_A., we have severe! 3 bedroom j "'snv.ay H1NES. 211 — 2-oedroom nor?-.e with aver-• hcrnes for saie with iirtle or no down i Restful Country Livirrg IN CHAMBERS COUNTY Homes By T. F. Odom S32-5530 sized oarage, cr.cin link fence &-. nice I payrr.erit and small monrhly notes. Call us j corner tot. Small eauitv S51 total month-: todcv for ^rther information. : ly notts. i Raytoorn Johnson Aaency 2201 warket St.,; BEVERLY REALTY 566-5977 NiBhts CO., 5S3-1751 or 56*-7547 nights. Glen Erwin. j COLBY, 1703 — 3-beoroom brick, oood FHA loan available. Telecho^e 533-185?. CROSBY — Ramsey Rd., ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of pri- i vacv! Plentv o* elbow ream, 112 Oakland: Ave., on TVs acre wooded lot. Four veers aid. extra nice 3-bedrcorr: home. Large ! den. new all-gas built-in kitchen, 2 baths. ! c ei-.ced Crack yard. Paved street. No ciry taxes Prtced for quick scle at S13.95C- Good !ocn availo&le. Call EDDIE COX, . mile east i Realtor. 566-7221 or 566-5060. cos On 7 acres S fen-e--* S"*^ 500 S3 000 d nonce" balance' at 6 per Crosby. AH m.-no; ONE-HALP ACRE LOT ON WOOSTER crns. outbuilding, i STREET with 3-Scdroom house. 2 baths, -- - FOR SALE BY OWNER I 12 Live Oak Lnrge 3-beoYooni, 2 bath home, recently remodeled, almost new wall to wall corpet. Central heat, 4 room air- con fJ.hor.ers, built-in dishwasher. Detached dcyble garage. Small western ceelor utility building. Large corner lot, s*verol trees. Ideal I oca lion, con- venie-it To schools, churches, shopping area. By appointment only. Phone 5S2-2S97 Of 532-5431. MAKE A MILLION! Good Business Opportunities ! i {3732 Highway 146 — Nice home, lot size i 60 x 250 Ft, Priced for quicK saie, S4,?50. this graciously comfortable home, spaciousness of the family area into The and bedrooms ere inactive cf the thought ond planning. You w(H enjoy e 't&'-taining on the unique patio. AH The finest and newest ideas far today's modern living can be found here. SOMERSET, 51C3 — An excellent example of quality and craftsmanship combined to produce one of the finest homes in Country Club Oaks. It has three spacious bedrooms, 2 baths, large den, cen- tra) air and heat, carpets and drapes. Beautiful Col on let design on this landscaped lot shouldn't be missed GLENHAV Colonial is truly tures you tral air-nnd den cn9^*riV can' as you enter. ;ample Walker Realty Classified Display S S S WE NEED. CARS TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR CLEAN USED CARS Quality Motors Orvol Dunham Lcn Williams 70S E. Texas 52. Trucks CHEVROLET clecn 2-door NOVA 400, 1?42 — Extra sport coupe. A-l AUTO SALES, 91S N. Main, 426-373S. Highlands. CHEVROLET, 19S7 — I door hardtop, V-B, standard, radio, heater. £525. 303 Greenbriar. DODGE DART GT, 1*S3 — 2-Door hart- top. Shiny original oyster white. Radio, heater, Torquefltte automatic ircnsmis- slon, air conditioned, bucket seats. Like new inside and out. 31 .TOO actual miles. 19,OCO mile warranty left to purchaser Don't miss this one. LUMUS SAYTOWN DODGE, 2300 Market. 533-7474 FORD STATIONWAGON, 1»57 — Gold tires, new battery, good work or fishing car. 424-3327. FORD, 1957 — Good body, needs i main. 150. See at 2111 Carolina crfter 1:30 p.m. FORD, 1943 — FOOT - door sedan, air CHEVROLET — 1»&3 Half ton long wheel conditioned, power brakes, radio, heoter, base Fleetside, air, radio, heater, otner i omomatic. One cwner. S1X»S. SS<i-51U. see otter 5 options. 35.000 553-2440. p.m. CHEVROLET, 19S« — - Ton Picxup. Cut off to to-v mobiis home, good tires and heater, Touraide hitch, dual wheels, west coos! mirrors, $300. Coil 556-S036 after 5 p.m. CHEVROLET, 1957 — Pickup, Half - tor. S473. See at 2307 Garth Road or coll 5324273. FORD PICKUP, 1945 — Styleside, custom cab, V-3, air, automatic, radio, heater, pnone 533-4163. FORD, 1940 — Power and oir, good condition. Have new car, must sell quick. Call SS2-7204. FORD. 19M — Gaiaxle 500 4-door, automatic, power, air. and other extras. Low mileage, excellent condition and the price Is right. 582-6393 before 5 p.m., 583-2139 after S p-m. FORD, 19» — Galaxie. 4-dbor, air conditioned, heater. clean. Phone 523-5S7O. FORD STARLINER, 1941 — Radio, heater, air, power steering and brakes, red and white, S895. Phone 533-5444. FORD PICKUP, 1944 — V-8, Custom cab, radio heater, air, 19,000 miles, with William Craft camper. Used 1 trip. Will sell camper separate. See O.Tl. 110 Scott after 3 '61 Pickup Truck Half-ton wlttl «-cylinder engine, 4 speed transmission. Excellent tires (mud-grip rear). Selling at a ridiculous low price of only ... $495 ALSO Two lower priced trucks. Excellent fish or work truck. DON DITTMAN Ernie Dittman Motors 38J-2470 707 E. Texas '66 SMC TRUCK-$ 1795 Mony o* lost year's options are standard for 'is. BAYTOWN MOTORS, TOO W. Texas 582-aiil Classified Display GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE 70*0 Lark, Convertible, radio, heater, $2»S. 1958 Ford, radio, neater, standard shift, 6-cvllnder. S295. 2200 N. Main, Across From O'Briens Grocery. "Saytown's Best mta Car*" Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E- Texas SU-8J67 '65 Ponfiac Bonneville F-ontotn« blue with matching interior. Air a;d power. A one-owoer car. Low mlteaoe ar/J showroom new. Drive this car and you will love tbe masterful performance of Ifs executive style. Page Ditiman Motors Hoyt Pose Hwy 1*4 at Fayle Fred DlJtmon Jr. 522-7212 "It Makes A Difference Where You Buy, Let Us Prove It." Bayshore Motors, Inc. 2113 Morket 532-8241 LINCOLN — MERCURY — COMET BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Classified Display !96I PONTiAC«$595 new except SO-OJ). '64 Fairlane 500 r*d flntifc wttb grOc wkii* yl IM« m«y top aid matdaa* vinyl IM«ri*r rt tat- moodoM. The •urncr m«y mimirM ttris one, mlleoje and cxafttua. Ev*pv*a wit* automatic nvouBlssMM. rot.e, heal«r, new tires. If this is the kind H car for you, don't hetitet*, cwn* Own now and let's tettc deals. Nea! Dickens Motor Co. -Wher, Quality Is Always Comii!»-if Under Tbc Bis Sned Hlway l« '63 Buick Foor-door L* Sabre icdan, fuilr t««n>- eo witn all p«.sibte extm inciudios factory air. Beautiful baaey ttiae firrisft witft motchios factory Interfesr. Real nice, $S749 Quality Motors Orvol DunDcm Lon WitHoms 523-1917 nt E. Texas Buy In Confidence You will be confident o» gettlRS your dailars voltte in The cor you choose and the service you get. SELECT A New Buick OR TOP QUALITY USED CAR Busby Buick "Where Customers Send Tuelr Friends" Sit w. Texas 5O-7371 Shields Motor Co M Inc. Your Plyrnotttfc-Vollaat-Cfcryslte- Deoter 2712 Market Classified Display Got $50?. Xeed a Car? Can you pay from $5 to 510 per week? Then See J-B Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed Alexander Dr. MUSTANG. 1945 — Hardtop, white, blue interior. 289 cu. In., 4-speed, sood condi- Kan. 382-5411 after 5:30. MUSTANG, 1M6 — R«l, blade interior, 6,500 actual miles. 3-speed, 4 cylinder, radio, heater, S75 and assume payments. 83-2613. MUST SACRIFICE — 'SB Pontioc. New paint, new interior, stick floor shift, toch, very oood tires. 582-9853. OLDSMOBILE. 1757 — Good mechanical condition, good f(res.-sl95- 583-2702 or 533-5512. ORIGINAL OWNER OFFERS VOLKSWAGEN. 1962 Sedan, radio, heater, tUt- ed windshield, cigarette tighter. Clean bargain ot S740. Coll after 7 p.m. 552-5744. PRACTICAL ECONOMY — Late Model Volkswagen Stationwcccn, low -mileage,, radio, heater, beautiful wood paneling j and carpelip.B, In excellent condition, 5S2-63S4. Classified Display cwntr d-iocraae. boat house. su-r>mer-house. screen-] cert* 42S-3U', i cd wiTfl barbecue pit, too! house. 122 i wooster St.. 566-727?. tEEKWOOD — Home IDS! completed. I OAK, 514 W. — Highlands Very nice 1 bedrooms. 2 bams, deroenetf i Bedroom. home, co-trrj! heat and air rase. ilA,7pO._Wooded harne. sites. i ?««. |on,n ? J-HA approved. Call Jay CREEK 3 oa _ . WALKER HO.V.ES, INC.. 523-32M. -426J010 or 4T4-Z549. EVA MAUD ADDITION j See These First!! ay 1 2203 Tuscan Lane, Open For Inspection Other Homes New Under Construction CABINESS. 159 — Beautiful Browrtwood. i PRICE REDUCED . Lcroe 3-D*£room home, 2 fuil barns, over- On ttvs spacious home, i-bodrooms, 2Vb i sire kitchen, centra! heat, ecrp«Js wiih i fraths, Icrsfe family room, lots of s!onage. | atr uniTi, >car qora^e. This nice hcrr.e i J-ccr parcge. larae- lot. SHORTY THA.RP, j located on asproxSn>creiy Vs cere wiff.j REALTOR, 566-7010. i tots of trees. Drive r»y and caH today. RAYBORN JOHNSON AGENCY, 2XH Marfcci, 533-17W. E, F, Luquire, Contractor -------- * 2IS W. Jock — Buy equity. Clecn as a j whistle. Notes only S77 month. SC3 W. Jcmes — Hecrt of Boytown. Your dream home. 4 bedrooms. Suilt to fast 100 years. Lot siz« 100 x ISO Ft. Drive by > end take a IcoK, ! 715 Crow Rood — Oversized boy home situated or. IV? beautiful acres where you always dreamed of living. This home has been graciously assigned, it even has a swimming pool. It's iirst foo big for the family. Cell EDDIE COX for other Information on alt these fine homes. Eddie Cox, Realtor 566-7221 or 566-5060 PONDEROSA SOLD OUT!! j Watch for new homes under construction. 1 JOE AYLOR. Builder and Developer, j Classified Display Classified Display MILO STREET BARRETT STATION Cro«by- Uyrtchburg fta. New bride. S bedroom*, i -/x baths, attached garage, built-in range, large tot. bargain. S1QQ move m. already financed. Call collect. JA 3-9967. Is Only A Month Away Select A New Home !504Echols — 2100-2109 Buchaiwn Others Under Construction 3 Bedroom Brick Gas Built-in Kitchen Appliances Central Air Conditioning and Heating 2-Baths • 2-Car Sarage Carpets TRADES CONSIDERED Directions: North on Highway 146, Right on Word KdL to Narcille, Follow Signs, "The Best Built" by Carrier Builde Kenneth Office: 160! NarcIIle 582-6417 CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. 805 S. Seventh S56-77U. Street. 3 bedrooms, fenced £«ck yard- | __— BIT/ of o lifetime. It won't las! tong i REAL BARGAIN FOR YOU S7.9SO. Good ioor, available. Drive bv and j Two-bedrooms. carsetVig, new 2-ton tafce a look for voursetf. tner. call Eddie! conditioning. Cyclone fenced. See auicfc EDDIE COX Realtor, 566-7221 or i Scheme, shown ty aosflintmerif. ( 5*4-5060. j 5S3-133S. i Classified Display Classified Display OPEN HOUSE MODERN. DEPtNG*».E S*S IN - Glenmeadow - See these two houses featuring: 3 Bedroom AH brick exterior central heat and air gas builtin kitchen paneled den Carpets and Subdivision Swimming Pool 704 LITTLEWOOD 612 L1TTLEWQOD Bayou Lumber Co. David Rogers, Bfdr. N. Main To Bob Smltt) Rd. Tike Rlaht To Glenmcadow In left CALL 582-8321 583-2430 MODERN. DtPENDAS-E GAS GI S25 Down FHA 35-YEAR LOAN Peace- Time Vets $200 Down MODERN. DEPENDABLE GAS Another Blue Star Home Gas makes the big difference...costs less, too -i 9N BAYTOWN'S CRAIGMONT PLACE Open House Two Big Weekends Saturday and Sunday — 1 to 6 p.m. 2204 Eaves -- Eva Maud // 3 FURNISHED MODELS OPEN TOTAL MONTHLY $12,000 to $13,000 DIRECTIONS: Looted On Dicker Driv. Berwten lnner>t«t« #10 AnJ Downtown Baytown. * AIR CONDITIONED BY LENNOX * BUILT-IN NORGE GAS KITCHEN * 2 ROMAN BATHS * 3 BEDROOMS * ALL BRICK 5664814 CA 7-9944 ALSO SEE THE FURNISHED MODELS IN THESE ADDITIONS NORTHEAST HOUSTON SOUTHWEST HOUSTON NASA Area—O« Clear Lake HIDDEN FOREST GL 3-8686 FONDREN PARK PA 9-0820 GLEN COVE PARK DIAL DIRECT HA 4-2315 REGISTER FOR FREE Portable Motorola TV. Outdoor Gas Light Comfort Controlled Year "Round Heating and Air Conditioning By Gunn Air Conditioning & Heating Co 1607 N. Alexander « 582-7401 Starett Lumber Co. BUILDER OF BETTER HOMES FOR LESS 582-5618 582-7332 Drive out today and compare price, construction, location, design and financing . . . select your home of tomorrow today . . . We build from your plan or ours. Buy a better home w/th your BluewStar savings

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