The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. tKt HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY, JUNi: 26, 1923 This Laxative Works Fine on Old People ThoBiondi iiare kept themstWei heattby with Dr. Caldwell'l Syrup Peptia A 1 ]')V\NC1NG npo with it* subdued ambitions and sfiiviiiRH could l»fl nmdn very hupjiy if only good health nci'uin- pMiiiL-d it, and the lmsis of K<HX I houltli, ns cvory- onn learns upon reaching tho sgti of 60, ia tho regular daily movo- mfliit of tho bowels. If it can he effected through tho food you cat, the -water you drink and the «x- crci«o r you tnko, PM much the bolter. But if nature will not operate it must 1M> Hs.iiatt'd or sicknww will follow. Nnplit;tctl constipulion causes tho blood pressure to fro up 28 per cent, and that is tho forerunner of hardening of the arteries. It iiK)l.cs rheumatism and gout \vni'H<:, loo. Tin' ideal constipation remedy for pv;*:t,lti of udvuiicintf yearn is t>r. < -oldwell's Syrup JVpMin. a v^i'1/dtle compound of M^yptiaii sctniit t>ml pt'psiu with jilr:i: : :i!it- 1-t:MiT*s-r firoinntirs. It 1:1 g^ntlo ;(fid mil-!, and does not, cranio or /;rip<\ It is a mistake to tliirik you ne*'d u violent Rait or powder or pill, rnloinrl, coal-tor dniga mid eh things. They purgo and ANY FAMILY MAY TRY IT FREE Thautanttt of parent* ' , "When atking thrfliielMs, "When can I find a Iruif- Ihy laiatit*. that anyon* in th* family can tut whm ctmitipabtd?" I uroe you tn iry Syrup Pepsin. I to ill ylndly praiitlt a liberal /ret #nmpffl bntlU-, mfficient fnr an anVoual* Ust. ft'rtfa rim uhern io smd tt. Arldtw Pr. W. ft. CaUuell. 3/5 Wathingtan St., MontUellu, Illinois. l>o U nut*/ •weaken you. and their reaction tends to make you more consti- patexl than before. < Now try the milder method. Or. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin does not lose ita good effect with repeats! use, and inorenacd done* nro unnecessary. Mrs. E. M. Burgess of Enfield, N. (!., who is 73. keeps herself in good health with it, and Mr. Charles Chonnnn of Stnnlelon, Stntcn Ishmd, N. Y. ( wasted fifteen ycura and considerable money on other remedies before finding steady relief with Syrup l'cpmn. Use Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep- din yourself the itftxt time you Mjfl'e.r from constipation, biltous- nr;«, headache, sleeplessness, in- digislinn. piles or rii^lit cramps. Miitiy thousands of elderly people use nothing r»"d itfusU them liisa tlmn n cent, a dose. Drug^ista have sold it successfully for 30 years, and it is the most widely bniicltl family Iaxativa iu the world. - T I ME T ALES MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY^, CHAPTER VIII. ILL 0 NOT WORK EMPORIA CANT HAVE BACK KEY TO THE CITY Gained Strength, Weight and Now Doing Own Work, by Taking Lydia ^'•••iS«i'> J |«itnSiiiYtfi"to^'' Emporia evult-ntly wasn't In inli-rt'sl when tho key to tho city \viin tilvMti the Lions clubs of Kallftus during H IP recent <."OUVfin- tkm Principal J. W. Jar- "*uT~uie local club who Mr*. Bear 8«y», "I Told You 8ol" When Cuffy Bear heard his father's cry for help, he dashed back through the. woods towards tho »pot wher» ho had left Mr, Bear enjoying a walk upon the fallon pine, As he uearod tho place, Cutfy stopped and Hstoned. Groans and moana' now fell upou his oars ami scared him; to thoroughly that the hair rose all along Ills back. Nowertheless he crept! forward a little farther. And peeping from behind a bush, he saw hU father / sitting upon thn •fallen tree nnd cling- lng It with three paws. His fourth paw seemed to have vanished. •There was nobody but his father In night. So Cliffy ventured to stop out from behind his bush and called, j "What's the trouble. Pa?" I "It's a trap," Mr. Boar bellowed.' "Go and get help. Go home and tell ( your mother." ' "But, Fa!" said Rnffy. "Aren't we j Kolng to find a bee-treo?" I "Do us I lull you. his father thund- • ered. "How can I hunt for a bee tree when I can't move my left hlud- foot? I declare, I-beliuvo you think mure iif honey than you do of your own fill her." "Don't you want me to take hold or you and pull?" Cuffy Inquire'd. "Ko! No! No!" Mr, Bt-ar shiHeked. "Hurry homo and bring your molhor back here as soon as you can. Thl3 trap luirte mo terribly. 1 'm growing weaker every minute." His voice sounded so pitiful that Cuffy loped off towards the family den. "Just, what I've been expecting!" screamed Mrs. Bear, when Cutfy explained about the sad accident that hatl happened to his father. "1 told hlra not half an hour ago that his tree- walking would get him into trouble-' "Do you think you'll bo able to pull lirs toot out of the trap?" asked Cuffy. "I hope I can." his mother replied. "So do I," said Cuffy. Father was going to hunt for honey, after he had finished walking on JJlLLiMilteBiitriRilii'i' Mrs. Bear, putting on her boBt apron—something sh« always did when she left home. "You ought not to be thinking of honey, with your poor father In such a tlx." "He wouldn't let me walk on the t.tllon treo that he found," Cuffy com plained. "And lucky for you that he didn't!" cried hlB mother. "It he had allowed *orc«ncci J^ixs 3 ear. Marion, Ind.—"I was all run-down, norvouo and bent over. I could hardly |dr a g u r ound, let alone do my work. hi the papers telling • what Lydia E. Pink- J ham's veg e t a b I o ! Compound had done 1 for others and I i thought 1 would try ! it. Ihen a man tofd my husband about his wife and what good it had dono her and wanted him to have mo try it. I took mm bottle find could m:o what it did for me in a week's time, and when 1 had taken three bottles I hud gained both in strength and weight and way- doin^ mv own work. I took it before my last baby waa born and It hf/lpod iiii.* t*o inuoh. J .-<ure am sjlad to re.'oiJiMirn'l the V'e^etJihle Compound to any v/winn '.vl,-.> ^ulVijrw fr"in female ail- rnentiS tY-r I know by experienee what it. ean d<>. I have used Lvdia E. IMnk- hain's Sai.ativc AVash, the I.iwr Pills, tnr., and think them t-n«. -Mra. W M. Ki.DKtixiK, t52U K. Grant Street, Marion, Indiana. A record of nearly fifty yearn service ohould ennviriee you of the merit o£ Lydia E. PLnkham'a Compound. Is now attending summer HC I IOO I at the luorruai. iti attending the Km porta. Lions lunch LHJUS and writes the club there i^ demand- nil', tho return of llio key wliich C U V JB. It was the coucensus of opinion of the local cubs that Emporia should not bo an Indian Kiver and tho key will b<3 retained. Passive Resistance. ? London—ChancoHnr Cuno rylterat- od that paHHivo roslstap.eo in the Huhr would continue- as lout', as liec^^Rury for CitTjnau y'a interest, accord ins to a Berlin diepaUih. you to walk ou the fallen troe, it- might have been your foot, and not your poor father's, that got caught la the trap." When Cuffy Boar heard this he uttered a squeal of fright and drew up; his left hind-foot; for it was his father's left hind-foot that was caught. And then Mrs. Bear and CuTfy act out for the place whore-Mr. Bear was suffering, and waiting-for them. And Utile Sllkie Bear hurriod.along behind them. Copyright 1923, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, Now York, (Tomorrow—Helping Mr. Bear Out" Exclusive Agency for Dobbs Straw HaU COOL THINGS For Summer White Shirts Collar Attached Made out of Handkerchief cloth. Very soft and cool. A real value— $3 Other* $1.50 up COOL Underwear A wide assortment of Vassor and Rockinchair underwear. A fit for all figures. Special values— '1 and up Pajamas Sleep Cool Major Conversation Topic WILL RADIUM AT LAST OPEN THE DOOR OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN? • y'.fk and wunt \i W.l. T.Tite fur lite! :ul Why tjiirt MmGE ml i,f;\v cir-incnt b suff**n:rK fi'ini (.;,• Oct Well ntur^ that ! iinliimwri •Inx-i relief nailpation, N-:urltifl, •.•-•TCI OALirORNIA SY8TE UjJi REGULAR If y.tu i It -llS UniV .-ind wtiuA ti> KO Khr'Uma tt. N*c lit'ii.'^ln, N'r-rvi>uJi Prostration, High P'otirl Pre-surf ;iml dltii'iisva uf the Stum- nrh, lft'tt rt. 1 AIIIKS, Li vor, Kidneys and ottior itilmontM. You wear I »fgv.on'M Itadtit- A H II VPI Stdur Tad day ntid nl^ht, rci.'c-lvlng tiiii Iladio-At'tlvo Ka>;i cuntlnvi- oiiKly into your system, »*ausliig n healttiy*ll, ovoi-L-ninlnK s .'UggiHhnpaJJ. throw!r.u off Impurities nnd I^SIOI I HK <ho tSUPS and nervi-H tn a not tnal eowTltlon —ami thn next thing: you knuw you K'-'tlinp well, Sold on a test jiropo3lt Inn. You tlioronghly sat liif tt lit'IphiR yen bi?- foi'fl the nppllancc is yotira. N'ollilnj; to do hut wiiii' it. No tn>uh!f; or exj.'t;na.!, • and the m'i.«l wunderful tru't ahouL tha applliinoo Is th.a: It is aohl so renBonuhla i that it Is within the rt-a.-h of all, both rich anil poor. No mattcr how had your ailment, or how lun« fltiindlnt{. wr will h« plekaed tu h«V'>. you tiy it :it tun- rihk. For full Information v, rite luday--- init tomon-ow« limliurn A|Ji>Ii:itif<* *.' r '.. ttll I.!radbury Hldif . J .OH A»gi:lw, Colli. Proskl-cnt Harding '3 visit Saturday ia stlil a major topic of oonversation along Main street. Business men aro 1 proud oi the attitude ot the homo folk •toward tho President and Mrs. Harding and proud of the .sriioothnf'ss with which tho prcdidoatlal visit wua ih;ui- dted. Here aro tho views of a few picked up an random: V. (VI. Wiley: '1 was impressed by the aUi/tude of the newspaper moil who accompuuied the Presidont's party toward Hutchinson. They v.uro amazed over tho orowds and tho snioothnuss with which ove-rythhig' went oLf. It was lih-e largest crowd Uiey had mot jiud xue. best -haisdled. Kutchin'Gon r^f-elved. valuable advertising and made an impression lew cities «.ro given the op>r>ortuuity." George Gano: Thb coining to Hutchinson of President Harding und his party v/as of great value not alone to our city but the entire sotuhwest- orn part of the tho agricultural ing had boon the benefits by different avenues, for reliaf by long time credits tho the government 'had afforded the fanner,'* Fred C. French: "Hutchinson received publicity of inesfinxabio value during tho President's visit here on Saturday. All over tho world the newspapers carried tho headline, 'Hutchinson, K&s.'" AD CLUB MEMBERS TO SEE A SPECIAL FILM will wear good and is very cool. A good value at— Others $1.50 up N U 3 B A U M Satisfaction Guaranteed lata WiU Be Guests of Midland Tonight—Will Also Hear of National Convention. Tho members of tho Hutchinson A.d- Htate, tho center of, vertisiug club will be the guests of Ed world. I was im- j Haas, manager of tha Midiand The- pressed with the IVesideut while out; aLr0 at g o'clock tonight Cor the show- on tilie golf links. There If anywhere • | ng 0 ( the snecial advertising film, For Sals by OTTO WEISS FEED STORE BEN MYERS, 417 South Main Prop. Phone 1491 PnKTS AND SEKV1CB RUSSELL. Ph!>r <9 2810 K. I1LLEH. Mir. In tho UistrU't Court of lha UnUtM^ .Stales for ( I IL- LMatriet of ICuuAua, Kei-ond 1 ")J vision. No. SOftN'—In Koultj*. Chwrlcfl UHvia, IMHlntlfr, v». R, N. I*ow«ll Company, J.>efendiint. Notice to FMo Proof of Claims. To All Credltura Of and Claimant* Tha It, N. Powell I.uuibor Cunuuuty of Hutchinson, lCatwua (In Ke*i-pivurBliii»): Tfou will hereby mho notlco that in imrsiKincf; of fill order ot the Honorable John C 1'ohock, . U II I KO of tho DUttrlot Coi;rt .»f tho Unltd Stilton fur tha l>la- tiht t.j lv'i£i'H(.M. niiitli- in the U I JIHH »-n- LJ!J<'(i t-nutie on >)ay 29, 19 ?.'t, it>l •-iMlllors <jf Ami (•ft.iniaMtii UL;:\II»'! t hu It. Pi. J\i\\-.:!l J.unib'r Company fduill file tlielr Vti'iftcn, viM'tMfrd iJiu-'-j" (if i;liilm.s ii^.iiiidt tliu fljitt c^mp-iny witU lliu Ht-reivt-r. B. iHt-Uw'UKt. 303 Htaio KAohanuo liank l'Suil'tj"tf, J I utcliln«mi, on or be- Joi,-. D IM 16th day nf July, 1D23; and that in ai'j':iuit of so filing wild written, verified pi "Of ot ('ln)in. UN ufort-aaKi. on or Ij.-fuii dato. tl:« t:l;tliil of any nuch cJ^imnni or cvt-illtor »!tall bo barred. Hm-cvf Tako Notice. Dat<-<! .lutu. i». iy:';i. 11. 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Tho Pros- 1 Id tut was domocratlc and a clean sport. . H IB fjonvepsation nhowed .the iTreadth of liid information, as _ ho tfilkod undferstaud'iiifiiy on all questions." O. H. Humphreys: Tho preateat thing which has happened in a decade to tha farmers of this agricultural distrka waa th<i coiniti'K Prt>s!ilent }tiir(llng, this visit to the wheat fields, tiH««t»E tht' actual laborer In 'harvest- ini', tho fe'rp,fn and having a little part iu ihe oyuraMmi himself. I -k»ok for evon greater help coming to the dirt "Tho Way to Success, This film ihas beon prepared by tlie Advertfsing Specialty Association to show the •*why" ot a4verrisins novelties, and hus beeji ahown by all the loading advertising clubs and also at the convention at Atlantic City. It carries a real humanJtirterest story"throughout, and will giv© you some now and valuable ideas about this branch of advertising. Dlnnor will be held as usual at the Chamber of Commerce, except that tho hour will be at 7 o'clock, following tho showing of the film. The pro- FIRST REHEARSAL HED BY THE NEW BOYS BAND Tbore is im opportunity at the present tima for Huti-iunson boys to gjt Into tho boys' band •which la boine organized by W. S. M U U JOWB. The ]_<abor UaH over tha Everett grocony at Fourth and Main 'hR3 bfion routed for evory Monday nfg>ht and rehearsals bogan last night Mr. Mathews states that every boy who la Interested in gutting Into the bund, should tuko udvantase of thifl oprortunity -while 1t 1B just getting start-ed . Dodge City has a 70-piece boys' band, Nlckerson has a 40-pieco boya' band, BO why couldn't Hutehia- son have a boys' band with 100 members. farmers from -Harding's intimate con-' gram 'vrtll consist ot short accounts ot PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced DentUt 28} N. Main Phone 2659 Gas for Extraction Hutchinsoc Liberal tact with them in Hutchinson on Saturday. 1 was impressed by his speech j at the State Fair grounds and tho maimer In *,vhich It was receivod. E. C. Hackctt: Tho most Impressive sUitement made by President Harding while in Hutchinson In my estimation was his closing wurda to the childtpn when ho said: "I like to think," 'he said, "•that here is the hope of tomorrow, of a greater tomorrow x than today. There is no other where there is such utter freedom from caste or better opportunity. "You make the president of the United States more serious in the desire to perform the duties of his office. 1 wish you the beat in God's bounty under the Stars and Sripos." The huinannesn of tho President In meeting people and 03pooial!iy- cull- <lre!i stood out over all other things to mo." A. C, Mullcy: r was greatly Impressed by tho wonderful -personality ot President. Harding. He showod in every -way ho -was a He-man, one -who created no feeling of awe when one -was in his presence. It was In his presence. It was a fine opportunity to get the people of this territory together on s-uch an occasion and will result In nation wide advertising of Hutchinson." W. J. Duvalli Tli« visit of President Harding was a great opportunity to show to the men of the -eastern part of <cho nation that Hutchinson WAB a live progressive olty und able to lak« oaro of v»st crowds. I -was Impressed by tie display of flags over the otty and at dho patriotic attitude of the people for their proBldent. All thoughts of partisan fooling 'was loot for tho *Jay. A, H. Suterl Tha Blnoority of the Prooldsnt Imprensod me and I -WHS greatly taken TVlbh his endeavor to put uudorstandlnely before the »grl- culturlsta of thin tttatshoiv- far roMib' the recent convention of the Associated Advertising Olubs of the World by CharleB Nicholson and Ralph lifnman, the representatives from the local club. MUCH BUILDING WORK. Business In Tht* Line Reported Good at Wellington, Kaa. Wellington, June 26.—Contractors report -work going ahead in tho remodeling and building business, SeV' oral new houses are reported to be going up In the city and others aro bolng remodeled. Wellington, lumbermen and contractors Bay, Is fixing up her old bouses on-d Is adding many new ones which tends to show that there is an increase la the number ot families residing here. There la also,, some painting 1 , «i- though not a groat deal going on In the city, paiutor» say. Wet weather prevented some painting and that •work is lielng dona now. Fret Crowd* Easy. Persons, June 28,—The eb»temont was made Just very recently by tt man whoso knowledge Is based on Indus- put able st&tlstlos that Parsons can turn out a larger "free crowd" than any other ohy In Kansas—that Is, a larger crowd to witness free attractions. Thoue who heard the statement are still wondering whether to bake It as a compliment or a slain. , Sills Island Matter, London—Secretary ot Vat Treasury Mellon, en routs to England, probably will be oonnuRad on slle«*a Indignities foroad on British subjects at Hllli Island, the house ot common* was in* formqo, COOK BY ELECTRICITY Our electric cooking rate of 3c per kilowatt compares favorably with other fuels used. A Westinghouse Automatic Electric .Range insures perfectly cooked food—a clean, cool kitchen at all times. No sooty utensils—matches—ashes. With our free installation of ranges and a convenient time payment plan, you can easily afford the most up-to-date method of cooking. Drop in our office and see these ranges. BUY NOW United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Phone 780 Wo naver olos* It you want any kind of motor set -riot }ust oall HI, anf- tlme. Ilaglft!id-Klntnl»y Motor Oo, k Eberiok Plumbng u. Every Woman Knows! That frequent cleansing of their garments removes the dust, dirt and stains that causs them to become worn and unsightly. It i» easier and more economical to have ut clean them than for you tt> replace them, PHONE 1335 U»HL«wU UwU BUff. Out of Town Customers served by Pares! Post Io aniwering adverttsemerita, please mention The New*

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