The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 6, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1859
Page 3
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ir. M.AiJLqofT% AibviiRT 2O8 EAST WATER STKI^ET, MIUVAtTKKK ..[ianl].. .-WISCONSIN HAUt & TOO'JII Bill IS >ES. A COMPLETE "and Ecgani assortment of Londoi and American Hair tnd Tooth Brnshee, jnit received ty - J. Jl. ALLCOrT, _ . janl . •.. ..208EastWaterttreet. !•« re .French Krandy. O LD PORT and Maderia Wines, Native Grape Wines, London Cordial Gin, tendon Porter, Scotch Ale, Congress Water, ic., *c., jnat received by j»nl J. M. ALLCOTT. - IAJJ81NS- KXTHACTS. A Lfctheuew.abil choice varieties Lublna' .-flaps mod Toilet Powders, Just received by .,,„„ „ unl J. M. ALU30TI. FANCY SOAPS it SHAVING A OOMPLKTE assortment of Clearer 1 *, Low's,Wright's and Bagius' llcney Soaps, Roussela A Peters'Bhav- ing Creams and Gale's Shoving Compound, for >ale by janl, ' J. M. ALLUOTT. AJLIAJOTT'S COMPOUND CAiuriioit ICE WITH GLYCERINE. A PURE ciirc for Chapped llRndi and Face, Sore Lips, Sunburn, Ac., Ac., for sale wholesale and recall by J. M. ALLOOTT, janl Druggist and Chemist, 208 tan Water >l. C O M KAMI) S .E I A RRIVAL of &Y, entirety new and splendid Stock of French, English and American JEWELRY ! Of Latrst StyU-s. at \ . It . VAN C O T T ' S, Cor. East Water antl Wteoonsln Etreett. Having lately disposed of most of my former stock, 1 exercised myself in searchinc at ttie f astern Market! for all the i\'t'W Styles aaid Patterns, been Imparted and manufactured since the I have also purchased a large stock of Which havi last panic. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches, With movements acknowledged as (h« most superior by the American public. novBO John IWarquiw, Architect, JUNKAU BLOCK, IE prepared t furnisl. plans for all kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. REFERENCES : J. ». lUEBts.! JOHK H. gu.mii, LoM&nKB BBOTHKK, VT. THWA.ITS, S. FIELD, C. E. DisroRTH, OiKFOBTB & PullURS, UlDlB 8. Mtcl, O. JOHBB. feb20 ' E VERYTHING required for a full and assorted stock for a first class Wholesale and Bet&ll Drnp Store Is kept 0} Harrington, null of Uic very best quality .— "Prices as low as any other route." O. HARRINGTON, 151 East Water street, Directly opposite the Auction Room of the (ebS Excentrlc and Celebrated CH.EB WALL. J, r bus! DC** frieDdi tha.1 they removed their Wholesale Grocery HUSl.NKSS BACK TO THEIR OLI" STANl),f Near corner of I.AM W ATI.81 AN I* DKTIIOlT N'l s., Where th*", w^ 1 .*oni!Duf tl.t •n.rne tvs hrrptofore It F A I> ESTATE OFFICE NO. l«-« r _S£OHSi'N''St. . Wo Money liVanted! I HAVE another chance for somebody to fetagooi brick house and lot, centrally sitnated, at alow price, In accordance with the times, without paying any cash down. I will-exchange the properly for mortgages, on unencumbered city property, or a part can remain on the premises for a leng time, at a fair Interest JNO. B. WELD noTl8 , 18 Wisconsin «re« HOUSE ANIt WAGON WANTED. I HATK a nice comfortable house and lot nearBprin; J. Street bridge to trade. It is worth 48,000, but i ai authorized to offer it for 1.2,600,. and to taketttKMn Horse and, Wagon and other personal property. Th balance cun remain on mortgage on the premises. • JKO. B.WELD, decli , 18 WiscooslnstreeL LEASE FOU SALE AT A 1 WILL cell a three yean lease of a nice bon:< on th hill. In the Second Ward, at arrest sacrifice. UI one of the mo.t convenient houses for a small family In tbe city. The owner ii going into the country the let o March and therefore offers It for tale. Moat be Bold a once to rail* money. . JNO. U. WKLD, declC • IB Wisconsin street. bly advantageous lerms. Only a very little cash wil be required to purchase some excellent property. W will trade a brick house and lot in Seventh Ward, a corner lot on Wisconsin street, & corner lot in Firs Ward, a fine residence lot on Walker's Point. Farms in different stages of improvement, and a variety property, all of wbit!h we offer for sale cheap or wil exchange for other property. We can offer some rar inuncemenu now In real estate. JNO. B. WELD, novl'2 18 Wisconsin street. I WILL. KXOHANUK A GOOD FABM for a boose and lot, or a good vacan .£&. lot in the city. The Farm Is in WankMha County in a good neighborhood, and contains 140sacrea, wel watered and Umbered, a good bouse and barn and some fruit trees. A very superior tract of land, and will be Bold low. or exchanged for cfty property as above.— Here Is a rare «pportonlty. JNO. 11. WELD, novlvi 18 Wisconsin street. MILLINERY GOODS. HCW-KS KKNTKD. -WTTLblAMS * RODWAY wil) plve attention lo tlie Vf rentlnp of Houses. Parties hsvinp Houst-s to Rent, or wiKblnp to rwofure tenements, will please cal at 19 Wisconsin strert. . _____ For ttalr Cheap tor Ca«h. THE Dwell'tip Housf. with lease of ground, situated on the north east corner or Riddle and Milwaukee street*, one of the most desirable locations in the cttr Immediate possession gWen. Enquire of apr8-d4t GEO. BODTHWELL. Jr. JUST H II N IV KKC'KIVKI) AT A C K O >* B V 1859 POPILAH TRADJO. 1859 IN Ribbons and Milliner) Goods. RIBBONS! RIBBONS! RIBBOINS ! TO UEROBANTS, MILLINERS, JOBBERS, • OEALKKS IN RIBBONS, M1LLINKHY GOOD*, AMU OASB BDIER8 DJ ALL SECTIONS OT TUK COUNTRY TBE CASH RIBBON HOUSE. 11C OBAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. JNO. PAR WELL. ESTABLISHED 1S5S. W. have originated a Dew principle—a new era In the Llblion Trade, whereby we make this business niii, K1JSPUK,* i.BD bTaPLB Ab THAT or BBOWB SHKETOToa. r]<^fjg WE SELL FOB CASH I WE BtTY FOR CASU ! We are satisfied with 5 PKa OKVT ranrrr. Ask no second Price. Bave all our goods marked lo PLAIM FIGDRES,so that man, woman and child "buy alike," and receive the same value for their money. Our Prices for beat Taffeta Ribbons, all colora, are "jo. 1 IS eta per piece. No. 4 SS^gcts per piece, IX IS « I' •• 6 ?4X •• ••! 8 SB.* " " " 18 No. 16 I1.4TM per piece. WK OFFER FANCY BIBBONS "ALL STYLES," "ALL COLORS," "ALLQDAIJT1ES," AT PRICES UEFY1NG COMPETITION, AND FOR OASB ONLY. Our Establistimenl 18 the centre of attraction for R1ISBONS, "Quick Sales," "Light Pronls," an,I "Good Value," or Cash. RODCBES I RODCBE6 I! New Styles and Patems, at a. saving of 80 PERCENT FROM CREDIT PRICKS. Examine our samples, and be convinced. BLOND I.\CE», QOILTING8, *C , *C , Our line of theseGoods always full. We Import and "Job" them at once for 5 per cent advance. Marked prices -i all Goods "in Plain Figures." A SAVING OP 40 PEB CENT ON THESE GOODS FROM CREDIT PRICES Our intention Is to make the Rlbbou Trade as staple in regard to prices as domestic goods. To do this we must fell ONE MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS PER ANNUM! We are Onion Men. "No North," "no South " We solicit the patronage of Merchants, In every section of the United States, and are the servants of all who favor os vlth their trade and patronage JNO FARWELL, CASB RIBBON BOTBE, 116 Chambers street. New York, a. w WALLSJB near the Budson River Railroad Depot. janlS-d4m »ORH RUMPS. In store ANOTHER EN'VOIOK OF CHOICE for sate. LATTON A PLANKINTON | C OMPRISING lOObarrelB Apples, .tpr»fte,l Fruit); 20 ] boxes oT Oranges; 10 boxes NEW HOOKS. Raipberrtes. 1 ca*e Presb Pip ana Peaches, all of w Ingly low. Lemm "' 1 -•°* W lb * i t barrel, of l.ned P ICTURES OF COUNTRY UPE, by Alice Cary The Methodist, or Incidents and Characters frotn •hlch we are selling at price, aston,..,- , L , (e ln the BMUmor . <;„„,„„«_ hT M „,(£,,„ febic; ; j» or Bale DJ , K TERRY A 00,. i ro art No 157 E»st Water street. Uoctor C. Lander, H AVING located himself in Milwaukee, offers hll servicet to the public. Dr. L has served m the British Anuv for fifteen year*, ID India, Burmah«nd id the Crimea. f^jg Surgical case* promptly attended. |^Jf^ Office corner Huron and Van Bnrcn SL Jao80-d8m BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! W E are prepared lo our Bindjry to Bind Magazines, Periodical*' or anything else in the form of a i Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates. jan% STRICKLAND A 00 BCHNCEfKEL A BRU1VOTIO, COMMISSION MKHCHAN'I'S. Ecal Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN OrriCT—No.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. mar?" 4UREAT The best assortment of the finest \» ntcHo*, Silver Ware, Jenrclry and FANCY CJOOL>S Ever brought to Milwaukee. Just the thing for Boll day presents. Just received verv cheap f.,r cash MATrON A LOOMIS, declS SOI Et»st Water street, Milwaukee. WIs DR. H. \\. REI»HE:AD, VETERINARY SI IKi L- k* ORDWiTJ.rNG.StOTeor.McrchandUielMnredf a nut, call Immediately ;tp<l get them.Insured In Uic following "First Ulio," old .eJtabllsbed and prompt paying Companies: ^TNA INMJHANCK COMPANY. ' or Hartford, Connecticut, '* ' • 1 N O O BP O E A T Kl> IN 1«1». Cash Capital and 8nrj>lu»,...-...'......$l,So7,WU OS IIAKTFORDINSUHANCECOMPANV, Of Hartford, Connecticut, 1 N 0 O R I' 0 R A T E D I N 1 8 1 0 . Qaeli Capital and Surplus,.. ..»798,683 00 IIOIUK INSUUANCE COMPANY, Of New York City, » Oash Capital and Surplus,. |l,on,«M 40 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York. INCORPORATED IK 1926. Oash Capital and Surplus $888^6038 1MKKMX INSURANCE COMPANY, Of DartJord, Connecticut, Csih Capital and Surplus »«9,084 6t LA91AH FIRE INSURANCE CO., or New TotS, O- in Capital and Surplus^ »Z£»,06» 33 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York Olty, Oash Capital and Surplus, (240,889 M CITY FIRE 1NSURANCK COMPANY, Or Uartfotd, Connecticut, Oash Capital and Surplus 4308,231 48 I aollcll business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay. W. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent. JOBB UOU-UD, Aas'L Northwest cor. Main and D. P. MiRSBALl, Surveyor. Wisconsin sU., Milwaukee. septa* . . Morris O. Smith, Joaiah F. Wlllard, Solomon Hotson, Benjamin F. Plxley, Charles Norton, J&iues Mel, Mosel Trlchard. LIFE ASSURANCE Till vr»ii.r» o*- Till-: Mutual Lite Insurdcce OF THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. for JmtmUU. Jamas El. Knowlton, Wm. A. Lawrence, John J. E. Pease, John P. Oizon, Joseph A. Sleeper, Kit ward L Dlmock, BavlJ Noggle, U W. Collins, lolil, C. Johnston, For UUwa-uttt. Ansun Kldred J. B. Martin, B. II.Camp, U. L. Dousman. For Madtmn. Oh»rles B. Euehn, Simeon Mills, L. J Pat-well. For Rarine- Jam.-- R- Doollttle, George 0. Northrup, D. J. Oilman. For BtloU. Matthew U. Carpenter, John Hacketl, Lucius Q. Fisher. For Grant Oonnty.—). Allen Barber. For FlattvUlt.—Jabti tf. Ronotree. For SUru^hton. —Lulte Ptouphton. For Jiea Digaingi.— James II. Earnest. Fm- VnileaaUr. Augustus D. Scovllle, 8 C. Hall. For ShtdJ^tiitrgh. —George W. Lee. i. A. SLEEPER, President, il W OoLUHB, Secretary. A. Gs-aHAU, Vice President. II. «. WILSON, Agent, sept29 22 Wisconsin street, Milwaukee, Wl». l-IKK INStlUANCK. T UB Trustees of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of the State of Wisconsin will meet at their office n the city of Janesvllle, on Monday, the ISth day of November next, at S o'clock p. •. Section IS of the charter provides as follows: The iperatlons and business of this corporation shall be arrled on In the city of Janesvtlle, at such place as the rnstees shall direct, so far as the same can he done, at B rtncipal office ated Janesvllle. Sept. 16, 1S5E. By order, JOBS C. JOHNSTON, sept£6. General Agent. M1LWAUKKK 0/nCK: n mitchell RuIldlnK, JVIicblffan. kl. MtLwinzia, lioOK MAOTFAOTTIKERS.? Blndert* itock, Printing Ink tnot Hat Pipers, tlwkys on hinfl In large qoantltlM. Aniqui In (he neatest siylt. ' No, Sit EABI WATSB ST^KNEELAND'S BLOCK, »pr« NEW BOOKS ! ! F l! T D K E LIFE OH, SCENES IN ANOTHER WORLD, BY GEORGE WOOD, AtTTHOft OF MODERN PILGRIMS, &C. The Ministry of Life, by the Author of Uia.ste.rln Children. Mtta Gray, by II. J. Mclntosh. Uora Ueane a?rd Haggle Miller. The Julia. Prince of the Bouse of David—new edition. Livingston's Afrl. a—12 mo. edition. For sale by [feblBJ K. TCRRT * OO. A NEW SUPPLY. l^l ATORK and the Spiritual, by Dr. Bnshnell. J,TI The Land and the Book, by W. U. Thompson The Power of Prayer, by 8. J. Prune. Alemoir of Btoddard. Bitter Sweet, by BoUand. For sale by E. TERRY * CO., feb20 187 East Water street. •IUST1UK UOCKKTS. M ANUFACTURED for that purpose, out of first qualltv paper. E. TKREV * CO , reV 111 Kail " .Ir. .1 A NEW.BOtM by John S. Abbott.' The Empire of Austria. Life of Douglas Jerold. The MiO'.'trj of Life. Mela Gray. Downlncs Fruits and Fruit Trees. Revised Edition. The liouse, a Manual of House Architecture. For tale by E. TKUKY, martS 167 East Water street. W1SCX)NSIN S T A T K I> I If i: < T O It I -AND— C3.- -A. 25 £J »r T E3 DE H. FOR 1858-59. IMIKI: -rno i>oi.i,\its. TB1S WORK CONTAIN? THE NA.MK AND ADDRESS OF KVEIIY PERSON ENOACsEU IN BUSINESS O N his own acrounl In the Slate of Wuirnualn, from the Wholesale Merchant and Jobber to the smaU dealer. Bepresentlng both the Mercantile, M,nuf»<- tnrtng. Mechanical and Proles. i,,nal brmirhrj r.l bu«i- ness alphabetically arranged anil CI.ANM1F1ED I .Mil It Illl IIC llowlnir, tli'tof ftaslb'est Honies ami Hannfar- luriBgjJ?«tal)lrahni«nU are: acoDZ the bm and moit prominent In thtlr respective lines of btulness. ' \ Architect*!. ! J, M, GROSSMAN, AUctllTECT & O^PCIK—NO. 10 TOr^G 1 ? N.EW ntOCK. Plans and Specifications tar all kinds of [biddings furnished at fchort notice and on the m^st liberal terais. citis^r.s of Milwaukee Waiilic«lia 1 AMjTepare'l lu the dally with V\ UP COINTKV rom thc'n ell known Dairy of M. BARBER, Esq., •l n fair 1 pricr and in quantities from a pint to a puncheon. 'ThoacKisliing lo be supplied, can U?ave Uieii orders with Mesfrl. M«nn A Oro,by, oppo^Mr Ihe Hal ker House T. P. A II DOIT, myve Vaniei- Vllkmin. tinvlc. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! , 1.KA1IFII 18 NOW READY TO PtJRNISH ANY ., number of Instruments, from one to Iw.-n'y-lwo, for italls, Parties, Pararlps, Excursions, Ac.., An., at reasonable rales. Apply of aUdreaa Ctpl. AJJCX. SCOTT or at lieu Music Store, 17S, East Water «t augll 'Sill (ulvinil»ed M.UKKAV, I'UIOIt & 8«aroan'a Maronlolh House Furnishing Block, III RON KTHKET, M-iKcrAuruaua or, ASO DAIXKKH ui STOVKS, TIN, * OALVAN17.KD IRON ROOflNO, Gtltter an<l Conductor Pi|>e. AMo, &KC&U for Uolltm 1 celebrated Ventilatoni anil l-himury Ca-ps, Hot Air Pnrnaeefl and Registers, VeuttUtnrs. Ac f!ff~ tfrdera tliankfully r«reiv«d aj><! promptly atten- ed to. my^2S / *>KH A <itca.tu s*i|>« filler. ISAAC KIN(tSJ,KY. <;A« 4 sTiTA.n pil 1 ^ FITTEH, NO. 291 EAST WATKB BTREtT, WBOLISALB1DD BITAIL DIALSBIH QAfl AND HTKA.M Pll'K^, GAS, 8TKAJ1 AND WATKU COCKS, GLOBE AND OIIKOK VALVES, OUAOE COi'KB, *c.. Always on hau.l. % litrtcc lusortment of «. A N fr ^ V T 1 U K N i\ on tlt>!»- tn K work iiiAiiliK i niAuner, at short Qotic« hDd ]o«,-st pr.^-t-v j,-3-J]y lllllla.r<l TlnniilHilurvr. Illl I.I All l> I' AHI.K' TI AM » \< Toil \ H.I .M K1KM }-.!i, Cor. Fiflli A I'riiiru- >t., K i Iliourn (oiv u MlBOrjICTCKBB Or M Afl; AMU II A KIC1, 1 fill* HI I.LI A HI) TAHI.KS. j fo fl CAPITAL, - - 1200000 Caith Paid in, $IOO,OOO. U. I. U. L. PIL*S 01 K EOTO RB O. !> Divis, W. A. PaajrrtBB, S S Cosovas, II. KHLrHEicrrr. J Hi «riHtrT. Jnsirn r. Hiu., J H Guanas, JAH UCBBJT, L'. Cositrrocs, Oaa>. Dvaa. t TOWN8EK1), President. A I- WALRATH.Heerrtar, Information relative to Bank>, (shovlog tlieir ,»pltal. dale of or fan nation, circulation, kind and vilur nf aecnrltles deposited,) Railroads arid other mror|K,rale,i companies. Agricultural afid Manufacturing Stati^Cu-H <•{ th,- Btate; a Sketch of the State by Cuunnen; a H.siorK-,1 Sketch of the State, and a full and comprehensive Appendix. Advertisement of the leading Uuslnets hous<;n conspicuously dlspla>e.l on tinted |.»jres, mtrrlear«i through the body of the work. Tbe Book is of lull octavo «ue, hai,,l,..m<-l y print,.!. eoDtaJnlng about su buudrr,! [>agc>. The a.iviuitapefl the business community n:u«t derlrr froi/i IU general circulation, as a b"0k of referenrr, ihrnu)rh-,nt the State, anu the prtnclial kastern Clut-s. aBordlns as it does, a true exhibit of the iroirih, history, re»ources, statistics, wealth. In fact, a perfect mirror M in hus, ness, is of lorstimable value, tn<l rancot he to.i (j. ner ally appreciated . |y The Bonk », II be seol l>j mail, free of postage, oo receipt of TWO JJOI.JLA'HS. Law and Llbrarj Bm«linfr, Address mar22 ' W.lh Dime, Triangular an Curt, UaQs, Ae.,alwayr tin hai tian.l Table* repaired al low ratei f3T~ oyFICK—Curner of tlueid. myl.*> N. I,, t JK1S WO 1.1) LA WES', litNTLEMKN'!' AN MIOI;S %M» il ASH N S T K o s I l r the Walk Cushions UilManl Table «le O C 4 IT K K T , . • r linn US KIN IS li h. N N K U NO. |> p o w 1 I i j I 1 Biool . t Sf'KlM, STIlKKT. A ni •• r I t a 11 II o u XI. I ,K i vr >l 1 N Plior, Al kill.I, ..f l.aj: madr l.: ,.r.!rr in ; taUt'a, I, • I. <) I I I.KNTl.KilKNS t > II v| U \ II II >. I II I II I'l 1 I .LAN, 1 i-. ••<! iua>l>- B<« LI « >F--U R'-N I T U-B-E S A L E NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., IM .aTrrvd B EIN& about to dissolve the r f Co-Partncrshlp arrangements, their whole (stock reierr*. The best and largest stock of FURNITURE BVBR OFVSHED IN THI3 CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY OAYS. THE STOCK IS HEAVY, AND JUJ8T BK HOLD 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr8-d2irip MILWAUKEE, WISC.ONMN. RAILROADS. _ Mil., Wai. & Baraboo Vallf^ KAILROAD- O N aod after Momla/, April4LH,»nU antU Farther notice a Puaenger Tram will I en TO Milwaukee from the ti«pot,foot of Second itreei./or Pew&ukee, Hart land Pine Lake, Oconomowoc, W&terCown, Lowell, and Cot- umbuj at 4.20 p. m., arriving ID Milwaukee *i '1-&5 a. m. •Hj^engers arr.TlOK a: JUllwaukee by the Mllwaakee A Chicago R K., La Orosse A Ml) R. S., and Mil. A Ulsa B. R., or by Boat, oan proceed to the above places, UuDoectlanj arc made at Water town with &tagu Tor Lake Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo,Hanchetrllle,Sun Prairie, Cottaftf Qrore and Madison. Also at Colombo* for LocJi, AleriiDac r Aue^o, fnil River, Lecd's Corners, Hamden, LowTlUe f Dekora, York, Arllngtoo, Bristol and for all potnti to the West and Nurth West. Piasenjferi arriving a: the Juartlau from the above places make cnouectloiu h the Milwaukee A Mlgsta- iij.pi &,- R., !,,r Jaa«aville f Ma.1 son and Prairie dn Chicn and &t Milwaukee, with roads to the Sooth, Wfsc «ut North. aprrt H. s. UKRAILL, duperlnhmJent. RAJl-RQADS ATRAIMSPOK'N <) P E TO I> .i V I .1 , 0» tl'i f--»n- Frtejnlrl I ON A.NU AlTKlt 1.1 <•. MUNOAY. L>KC. rraiuii wiU run aa foilowH, /is Leave U&cliie fur Oavis— freight * *,•••. Uave Haclne l,,r Beloll- Haasen«er, HOINII KA.TI 1 . Leave Bcloit for iUclne—fnui-DKer. Leave Davis for Hactne fc'r^^ni s Ar.- fassenKers by tuning tn* : , « ;r dliore tatiln./Ki at Milwaukee, coimect train to Davis , arriving *i I)»vi» u i: leaves Davln lur KT>«.p,irt in irr'vu > a. Lralo from Davis ci.nnecu* at lla.-nr.. decS l forwirUr,! * SuiliKT i Pittsdurgh, Fort Wayao * 1858. lloricoii K. R. AND STEAMBOAT LIME. T \Ut ONLY ROOTS by which passengers from Mil waukee reach SureJca, Lrmro, Butt* L>tn M<,rl* <£r/U;««A, A'tf^fuiA, and Jfentiska the same .lay Th, only route by which paAfieuger, from .Vorri /,/W<*n iiill* [.on/tiny, le., reach Milwaukee the lam.- l»y TRAINS LEAVE MILWAL'K'E il 7.211 A. M. and i. 15 P Jl.. ao.l ABRJVK AT MILWADKKK *l 10.40 A.M. and 4.20 P. M Ask for ti.'ketj by Milwaukee and Moricon aulruad, via Berlin jeS JtSPKR VI.UT. Suu«rlnten.lent. S I 1 M M Kit i S.19. AKlCAN(il-.M — VIA- MICHIGAN CKNTKA1, — ANU— G. Western (Canada) Rail-way !e»7e the Great Central Depot, l( r Uik^ et Chicago, as follows i:OO %. TI.-DKRTOIT ACCO.ll.MOI) ATU)N, , Sun- f u .-C1NLINMAT1 KXPREHd. ,.<i-t.pu-tl ) irr'.ve *t In. I » p M . Cincinnati •* '.lit ? w ,duu.l.i», UA1L, UOAI9. «*, aurl .lircut Ro^tc utiw ,pet. A tSoHtod, Pltubur^h. ft,llu^ u ipl,, H> it W aaltin^tuD city, Cl«v «lr»l.,l, DunK.rrt u,, faJls, au,l allra.,u.rt, Cm. M,„.,.,, ... tfk il.ti WherJin^, *|,,I ,j| ,,[,., . . ,, , !Ink ing unt- (. uliri.kt ii K. K. I With bul lf.jr.1 A tri ."lo,-a lay -*t anj iu,-,i i. t • K A I-. K i; II TI. -MI.K VFIUN, Ctn„».<., — NKW YuilK AM) BOSTON 'XPttx-.-, \eic^j-t ytlur.Uy i Arr-ve at Detr i • J 1 r . ^uaprnsnui .iri'lrf*. or BulT«,>i 4.J<P p «.. Altj»i,y *:uu i. ... N^w V jrt 10 HO . M., Boston i .'i , >. CINCINNATI AND i.oLi."viLL*t K.X Pftfc>a t h irept .^atunlay i Arrive »i Cioeinont, ^:iu t ^ I.,.U>AVUI^ 4.14) Bookseller. SI RICK LAND A i Milwaukee, \rur SIXTH V»|.l III' Firr and MKI * taken *i enrrcDi r WISCONSIN For sale at* feblS 1'JKK-S A NKW MAP, thoo mont In Kansas, A. l.Alilr.-!' HIMiTS ,1 .--II(.• K.-- t in-: ro <>n KI a. I* n«t \ nan A Vtl»iRnoln »[». iM-ti vin- myls f-unluif. l.UN.^l Jil \ll i Kami . iraiu ,o Sunday at H • <r ^ rrO t H. aDU S:*rO r. ir<« KuilaUi s Laae HL an ^MiiDLs^.jt, at li>ri,n l.. Kin/iii ,, O»".lensbo rt rnonect it Pir:i ilva/. f.,r Buira,. rraou Trun^ tt.iji n V ; mi D n l, N - w m ARIIVI • ' nt i: iwsi II \ • i T BE unilenici. d u, take >: and Fire Risks .... . ,,uuce In store, lu .. Western Insurance Co., of O,»ego, New York, si as lo« rates as by ottier reliable Companies. Tbe ref.ntatton f this well-known, long established Company entitles ito public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, nov3 at nmce of H. * J. r. HIIL BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISCONSIN OKNKKAI. INSURANCE AGENCY STRICKLAND < Co, l.U K«»t Wairr iti-ert. )'1'.A)\. h« Rr.ulr h. li,. ti,-., ! |< .''THICK i.AND i i ii . ' b " _ \'U kU»l Water -lr-. I KMOKKJJ HA I.L.imn . 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I 1' Tnird LU< lav- Ant* Clans, io.jr^ i i q ibh -m Li» i [r . f Fir.- \t orU», 1 .> N I K r. K I |.tion re,-tivi-> .Market I N pursuance and by virtue ,,f . ,| rc ree maJe b) tl.e District Court ol the United .Htal«s, for the Dl-.lrl.-t of Wisconsin, ,.n the nineteenth day of March 1X59 m the above entl led cause, 1 shall sell at Public Auction on Tuesday, 2nd d«y of August, 1359, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the su-ps of the Custom Home, ,n the City of Milwaukee, a I ami rngular, the mortgage.! premises mentioned in the b,ll of complaint in sal.l cause, and described as : "All ihe following, on-sent and In future to be acquired, real a-d personal property anu real estale ol tl.e sai,. defendant, the Milwaukee and Superor Railroad Company, fat Is to say all of th« firsi division of the Ra,lro».l of ,»l(l R»|l ro a,l Com pany defendant, from the City of Milw ukpe, u, the l-lly of Ureen Baj In said Slate of Wisconsin, a ,lls- tance or one hundred, and twenty mile-, melurfmc ih.- rl|!ht ol way. and l^nd occupied by said first Jli men of said road, (subject to Mie right. Hue or cla.m, which the said defendants .Stewart, Allerrtlng, Hahm anil Bootscli. or either ol tl.ein, raa.v hive ha.l ai u,e tin,.of majtlugsalj decree, Uj laud upon »h.ct. sal.l 1U.I- road Company nai located lts*aj, aa.l for which no compensation ha. been ma.le to, I together with the superstructure »nd track there-o, nml all rails an,I other materials used Uiereofe, bridge., rliducts, cu I verts, fences, equipments, necessary depot grounds and bluldings thereon, belonging to the aal,t IUJn,a,l Com i.any, and all rolling stock, engmes, tenders, can tools, materials, machinery, natures, and all other personal properly appertaining to »ald nr»t division of said road, sud all rights thereto, and iuteresu to be acquired by sa,d defiindanl, the Mllwaulee and Superior Hallroad, (Ximpanj, toitether with the name arid, functions appertaining to the said first division of said r,.»,l all tolls, rents and Income to be had or levied there from, and all corporate and other franchises, rl^hla and privileges of the said Railroad Company In or in or concerning the same." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April 6 1S59 M. J THOMAS, United States Marshal. District of Wisconsin. EMBOSS. VIB DTIB A lUxu-Toa, Oompl'ts Solicitors a,pill-dii advance of alrcomoelitloo. \PKciiable H . SPA A N , STALLS 9 A II, SEVENTH WARD .MARKET HOCS VEGtTABI.ts ,.f all, fresh rvtry mr.rn.ui, ,1 liv^re'l free of charne Ur any part of tS^cily, anil Steamboau, ..r othe/ t'lai-es. B. Spaan will sell cheap fur cajlj. and niill.a»e , hand .11 ways the best an'l earliest rrwrtahlei. that.-) l>r firuD,) n this city my"* 1) O N N K 1.1 . V li \I\KKS, AKMS'J K<)N(, »' A I .> T r. U s, Gll.liKlib A\h .s/(,'.\ t hlrtl»;o »t., liriiifcti >lialn A \\ater. t3tf~ Particular attention pai.l f. K aliummein,: U "IK"- rayl II a r i» e r IS r o 1 li < r- IIUCM HIUN..SHIP, CARKIAOK AN 1) ORNAM iCN r M. 1*11 in I, -ra., 4ilualrr» ,V l-uiuT-llansi-i IMlTATORi< 0V Wui>U ANUMARHLK, r* O. .1 a O -M K | || A > T II K K / A FSW i~H>/tS S.1STHF TUe MARKSJ Uoi' Wine* l.lqiiorn. -. K, NKK.SON WKli (Latf n'eJ'itfr ,t Ave, NO. ISO 1VKMT \VATI-:i< STREET. WHOLUaiLB DBALKB1H District Court of the United Stales for ihe District of Wisconsin. In Eqnlty. The Farmers Loan A Tro* t Com pany, vs. The Milwaukee t Superior Rail road ompany, Olty ot M Iwankee, John Stewart, Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wqotsch. , I T, baTlag been referred to a Masur of this Court, >.>y a decretal order of reference made In this cause on the nineteenth day of March, a. v., 1859, to take an account of the outstanding bonds of the Milwaukee ajid Bcperlor Bailroad Company defendant, secured by a certain truit deed on mortgage executed by the said Railroad Company defendant, to the Fanners Loan and Trust Company, In trust, bearing dat- first day of Jannary, A, n., 1857,, and. which are a Hen upon tbe mo t- gaged premises described In the said mortgaga; and of the number and holders of said bonds; of the amount doe thereon for Interest anil principal; of the number and amount *f tild bonds, which are pledged or held as collateral security far debts or obligations of ihe said Railroad Company, and tbe amount of principal and Interest due upon the debts or obligations for which tuch tonds are so pledged or held as security; and also to examine any of Ihe holders of such bonds any of the parties to this suit, and any witness &at may be produced by any party Interested in said Company defendant, as a stockholder or creditor thereof, or In tbe said mortgage or trust deed: , ! And IV fating further provided In and by the said order, that all persons handing or claiming to hold any of the said mortgage bqnOs, either as purchaser! thereof n good, fa/th, or as collateral security, hare leave to appear before said Master, and be heard upon the mat- ttr of such account And examination: And the matters embraced In the said order of reference having been glVed In charge by the Complainant's Solicitors to the undersigned, one of the Uasteri of thls-Court: , i j ' Nctlce is therefore hereby given, to alhperions concerned that I, the nnderalgbed, shaU proceed to take such examination and account, and to proceed In the matters so referred a.i &7 office, lo- the Olty of Milwaukee, In the State of WUconsIn, on thetlxth day of [June: A.D.,<B69,at 11 o'clock In tbe forenoon, and,upon other lubseqnent days to which Bach proceedings may from, time to time be adjourned, at whte.VUine and place all parties coniserned, or tome' one -f or ibtra ar e to attend. ; • .•.-•,•-..••:.»;./ >-•!••.•-- Dat«4Jklllw»iike«,'Uit»WHrdajrofJIarehiJffiOi , v^/ jLnes cfc Ijica. vior*e Also, dlitillel of Pure Spirits anil Whiskey. aprt9 Hen! l-.ilnle .......... A ...... lii«nrnnr JONKS & WHl'L'KHKAL)' General Laud and Insurance NOTARIES PIltl.M, «(' OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend tb the having and sdling of Real Estate. Insuring Goods arid Duildrng, In re»ponaible Compa n es. Attend to th* Collection of Acrounta, Makini, jut of Heeds, Mortgaces, Contfacta, Leajvs, Ac. All Coll*ijti0os made on accounts placed In oar t.and will h« promptly p»id. over. A.>. lOSta .......... jyM ..... BOBEET WUrTEHUD. W H U I ; K S 1 , J-: & -AT— K F, T A I I , t tiurney's flHElT WESTEIIN TEA STOUK 174 iiST WATER STREET, Retail prices: from 10 to 28 per lb lower than any other store in He city . Coffee Roasted and Ground on th« premises by! the most Improved methods. Java We Hlo 16c. St. Domingo 13)f. Remember the number 174 East Water si, Seaman A Wing's Old Story. jyai 'tuoo—:..'..... manu tnc tu rer» & PI..ANKK, mAKERX. MAHKB1* STBEET N^LAR MARTIN Repairing and Tuning lone cheap. Flams'con- structed with a pew pand acUon, which Is nnknown lo anyoUier manufacturers r3P^ Piano* kept constantly on hanl-for sale. apran ) j - WALL PAPER. WE KEEP A aOODt'ST.OCK.Or" WALL iPAWSR, BOKDEKS Ff KE nOAKDS, ETC., Which we offer tf the trade at wholesale, ft to the pub*. Ue at retail, at very low ratw. BTMOKLAND A CO. The ar ore ^teamshii-s a-r Iml 1 of Irnn, it, wi r intpartmeols, c»rrv -"tch an f X|.^rlrncr<l Sur^. e,,ry rrqma.te fnr tji- immediaie --tun.-!...'! ,,r Fur paadi^e apply lo R. J. Curua a Lu . ITT «»y, " V , John li Dale, IS Broajway. N. V N. B.- Paliengers by thia Line avoid thn dn»y of ,-ailing at Halifa« and St. Johns, as th, sra proceeil Jlrecl to CoaK. aprlT-llf TIllirTHY I'AR.NrY / SUMMEH AKJLA_NGEMENT. &. HAIL. KOAi). THK SHOltTK A.\D U01T *• \l'l-;niT10I «s HOI TL! TO l,nii»iiij?, La € Winona, Read's Landing Red Wing P1U3COTT, ST. PAUL AND ST (NTHONY 'y 41,y ay. N-w \ . tMBXHLJ.I, f Pltiabargn. W W CH4.ini.xn, 1 C.I e, No ailrii*.!. Clcvelatul . 1 IIOHAIS, Kurwaril, C lut nee ii f Time. Monday, April t. I •*.'• «HT TltAIN I.KIVIS .MII.WAEKEE 11.00 A M., Arrlvlni; at Jlnesvll'e '1 30 P. M. , Uadlsoi 3.33 P. M. , Prsjrie .lu Ohien 3.t)t) P M C'onneotlnK »ith the Prairie ilu Chiea an. .^t. Paul PackeU, wuicfi leare Prairie Ju Chieo on the arrival of the 3:0t) P U. Train 2I> TltAIN LEAVEN .TIll.WArKEE e S-.W P M ; Madison 5:05 P. .M., Arriving ae Janvesr 10:00 V. M. |=W~ Far.- to all points on the Misalasip>H Rlv low as any other Kouto WILLIAM JKRVIS, LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAII, KOAI). 18o9. 1859. HHKLNO AKKANOKMKNT. tiKEAT tVOKTII-WESTEKN IJ.MTKD STATES .IIAII. & I;AI«IIE>S OXLT ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA CROSSE On tbe UPPER MISSISSIPPI BIVEH On and after Monday, April ?3th Two Through Express Trains Daily, LKAVK MLLWAUKKK, iE%OT FOOT OF flHESTNDT 8TRKBT, is roLLOWB: A. n. and td:45 P. ifl Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9:3O A. M. AND 2:3O H. M Close connections are made at LaCroase. Twice ilnily each way with the Mm nesotn Packet Company'* New and Spleudid l.nitedState»JHatl Line of Steamers to & from St. Panl and intnimediate pumt.s. iar~ Passengers, by takint this route, will save 100 nilea In distance and 13 hour* time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to La Orosse or St. PanI, over an; other route. .•Mondays excepteoV tSnndaja exempted. ' Milwaukee, AprllJ4,_185». apt 21 »ROM KDWIN H. GOUDKICH, Manager. JLninber Vessels for Sale. Bchsoner Fashion, 2}4 tuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Rugbr, 16S tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very law prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAILOR * JBWETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. JPXM, Bill aukee, Wisconsin. fthS5 -• "' •• ••-•'• ,-•• * '- '•• ' I'" •• --"• • • IkTEW York Mills Plour, constantly on hvaid. at LJ mariT : BCNtr A OROaBTV. AL « ln<-;«-o K. K. SI MMKK AKKAN(JKM l-.\ l f!r fat Til 1C t'ntted T lily rrhaOle ao.l , LI. tt L .Nor,rn WM.ST, iyu '.hr; ocs. l>u and after TI<»,>IU\Y, 4.M11I I*T tiiiis l«i* v I QUO A. 3:1 ,i p. i (it. .l Uar, tl . -KIPHSS* P,ssR»UKn irr » n^ *t '•ai(o at 1 til f u 'I. - Klransa PI.ISMUUI — rtrrlvmi; M " " ~ ' » u^ Chi .-.•onectlona with E»-rnn^ rriini Ki.^i »n.l .^outh W^t, an.l wuh tne K^i.-n,,- in.t Mississippi U.-iilroa,', 11 KH.-III.. un.-tlon, (or .111.1 >ih.,r .lauuru rti Lhitt Lin.. f*reli{ht Tram leuv*.-* at S:Ai ,. u , arriv's ,%.(Hi p y Freight forwardetl with Jespatt-li. *u.l *( t*»v r..t..^. Passenger Trams leare ChivaK" I' ' ' »o,l the North West at **:tM> A. M.. tnu H:15 f m , *rriv,i,« oereat l'J:oO r 4. anj 1^:13 *. <. ' ^ apr-il J.V). T. MOODY. Master Tf rnapnrtauVrn GJBNTLEMEN'S FUuNISH'G. OB 13 O O § O DOOR TO ... if. aXi Ed •J-- I O'P'I-N. Q P 0 H ua o RU SS STATIUNKKY. OCR STOCK E ill B R A C E E VJRYTHINa er«r kept In t First Class Panur Stationery• Hit.bUshment, which *e o"e which make It tha Interest for aU to try us nSO . 8TKIOKLis04iCO. rrt prle«.

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