The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 25, 1916 · Page 16
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 16

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 16
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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 1916 ro cno UJ ltb r u n l V v ' i L S O N u -i^na! ~-- Jersey to ".v.ote^'toi;, Sul-tr.ige. ': -* t - ' e SufCn\sO r Pl.mfr in Democra tic ri;itl'oihj': "v\l i'ui fuuint'iid i l i c extension,." of the 1"r;mthi--i. to the \v!UH'J] oC tlio ' oimU'j lj Llie Stalin upon tho stime terms as to men." On/Hi'jittsiibcr 0, lio made t\ sinful trip to A l h m t i c ('My- to arlth'pss the Istiiional Wuman Sufi'; ,t^c Association. "I h:i\ o come to fisM u Itli you, " not ;ui:\hi«1 you," lie vv.d. "YiTommi - Hulfnw i 1 - n iiroat M'^IOII nf ^ii^y u omen Jin\ c scon. The tide is ri^inp: nml en n nut be '-topped. In t l i o lunar i un we, will not quarrel as to methods." Up did not \iU: i o r Suffrage V "T, -He irrtVcie u -i^na! H'ip to New when mi hint rlie chaiu e T ' h i l i t t i ' m : ''The llvimtihcsiii l j nv- t x . ri-'ji.'iiriiimjr its i'.ulh in ^rov- frm.iiMiL ot the j,tuple. ;i^ a i no iM;rc nl" justice to une-linlf ppnplo of til* 1 rmmlry, f ; , \ o z ^ t h e extension of Uic *-ui.*- i'i"ij;o to woiiifii. but ri'COL'm/.t'S llic njrlit of e.Kh Si site to settle tin-- n a t s f l o n for it l ll." A tfu d.i w l p f n r ' hi*; ptt'"!tc ]nfloic?Tm»nt of the roilofnl P u f - fr;i'4O An.cndmont. a Committee of AM!]-; \ i s i U - d him. came out j-ituhn.: nnrl ·vril ho ·u a« Hie man of t h e 1nv t ir. Thr-Snf( i-n^Nf-had ;i M T i i i h i r exp'H'ienoe at the samo time. Mr. TniffliP"* hn«. ?nfd t h a t Mif- fracro j«. i h r ro=.ull of =-ori;i! un- rt.^j, f h ; i f it \ \ j l l omito *ox an- tV-rop ^i, nrul f l i a t it raises n ' I K n i . i ^"p \ \ ! i i h i t i ' , ' i t as ^ ell H U G H E S FOH S U F F R A G E BECAUSE HE'S A G A I N S T IT. In a luit'r to the Xew Yoi k World, Senator C. S. Thomas oC Coloi.'dn. a member of the CfimmiUeo on Woman SnU'iuKu o£ the United Wi itc 1 ^ SeiuHo. ^akl on jSeptumbor 14: "I .im mmed to p r u p n u n d I lie folknrln^ luqufry to Lite KepuMlcaa r.imiHl.m- for rresirloul Uld he not say to a commit toe o1 Anti-RuC- i'r;:usi.-- ·· nor! ly before his formal acfpplance. of, the nninnuiirran: 'I lia\ p aUv.iy? bi?^n opposed to woman ^ullracc, jirobiilily liccause INErs. IJuDili's Jut=. nt-vMns hoon stronirly opposed, and niv daniilirers. =10 1nr as t l u - r h"\i.* thought at all, t h i n k w i t h their mother. Tim inr'ronin^ly "fiefive f o ' l i n N t niovetnent, to my m i n d makes* tho nHim.i.i; grauliny; oi \oro-- I n - v o i n ^ n l a i n e n t n b l e . hnt I n o v i l n b l r . Sex ont.isouisnis and the s u f \ ( M c i ' o u of i i i i f i o i i a f i^^uo into petty poi^orifll is^-nos is to TOO more la men I:' hie ^ t H l , more r u i n n n s to our womanhood and our f o u n t rv, I b ' t n I h^ ( l o u l i l i i i i r of tho olcctoraro, or vote-^ for women, calamitous as t h a t m i \ be.' " A n d v, Ju-n f'.incTnlnte Hncrhe^ s i i b ^ o q u o n l l v ileclored for the Fed- evil A i ' i e i i f ! " M i r \M\** on tho ·rround t h a t , iha^niueh n^' Ihe wnmon worn h o n n i l t o have 1 tlie \ o t p , it phonic! be sriven to tbr j m by tlie shortest po^sihio route, inespoel^c of the merits of the nnostion ' Tfl nnipHQ fit W (U ULiimftuD lii it tin Bulk Comas From Ordinary Business Channels, 'Declares Char-las M. Schwab. CHICAGO PJT UP HI3-IiJLJi OX $2.50D,COD,QOCTPiADEBALAKCE (ITy United PrtsM.) Chicago, H I , Get J j . -- Vv'ha\ con thru eel its climb to \vurd (lie cr* pected ¥ 2 . 0 0 mark wl\en tho Chicago grain, pit opened lofU; r amid scenes oC e^Litemcul Dccc-'m 1 .er v t up 7_S over yesierday's c l o s j M,i j was up l 1.8. \ViUiui haU an lieu/ |December j u m p e d 3 1-2 to $1 S3 1_2. i One^ctfealor Holds a mill.on bushe 1 * bought at, bl 06. Oporn* J a ^ s f oelred 20 Year-. Philadelphia, Oct 25.--A patient wko^e j? w^ liad been, rigid i'or 20 year*, ^\ho bad never learned T D tallc and had been 'Obliged, to obtain all nourishment through a tube wu* the Piihjcct oi oue of the numerous, o'per. a t i o n s performed at the various CUT)- ic here today as part of tlie acfjvitn 1 , of tho clin.ical congress or s-ur^cofi? or North America. The joints 1 at the patient's jaw had hardened fol.lowing an attack oC , scai^eL Cever when he was only 1 year odd Today Dr. W Wayte Babcock ,laid, open the stiffened joints, scrapcfl j a \vay a hard bomy substance which TVEIS cover! nig them and inserted a ' cushion of fat taken from another part of the man's body I Misses Myrtle an»d Daisy Haas aro i the proud posisessoVs of a fine new . ECimball piano, purchased duriing s I-luektn's Piano Sale-, rjlwl 10OTETYA5TO CLUBS *h PERSONAL AND LOCAL Mrs C. B. Swan will entertain the | Miss Ma'ry Phillips or Gallium is Colonial Club Tuesday, Oct. 01 * * * Tho Alpha CUib met with Mrs. G-eo Hoge yesterday. Mrs Haist of Table Grove, 111 , Mrs. A. J. Cocard of Ka.n- sas City anjd Mrs. X e w t o n Reynolds guest of Mrs. M. J Shc,a tor the week Wilbur Southerla-ii-d of Illinois wi 1 visit Chillicothe, arriving tomono\'* '3[rs. y\~. II. Miss'maji has 3-eturned from an extended visit m Kansas City J. B. England ot Hairns was a bus- played with tlie club Mrs. Miles El. j mess visitor in the city yesterday. liott and Mrs. Newton Reynolds were | E M. CreUin is improving slowly the lucky players to whom the fa. j f r o m an attack o£ rheumatism. vors were awarded. The former re- 1 Miss Xe'va DeVaul, cityj-eiporter for ceived silk liqse, the latter cards The diau r"h ters?, Misis Mildreid and Mrs Lee Brookshier assisted in serving a mo£t appetizing' lunciieon. Ths Domestic Science club met^ Tuesday aftprnoon -n-ith Mrs. I=her- -\vood Mrs. Ramsev- led a, very inter- the Trerrton Times, was in itis city \Vedin.esclay visitaiug I-riends. Attorney Ivjewlan Conklinig o,f Cai- rollton was in tlie city today trams. I acting legal business. Mr. Gurley of Deinvcr, Colo., i^ visiting: liis sisters, Mrs Frank Ives and Mrs Karl Blanchard. esting les=on on "Vital Questions.' | Mrs . Herbert Henne will start on and read a paper prepared by Mrs j her homeward journey tomorrow, via Gale, "Standardizing the Household " ! Kansas City, where in company with "Saving the Health, and Tatents oi | Mi EJ ^Alice Alexander, Mie will at. the Housewives" was Mrs. Trimble' 5 i (end Grand Opera. subject, and v.-as well received by the I club. Mrs v Ramsey led a discussion on "Intelligent Ecanionry vs Doing Without." Mrs Mtoreland and Mrs. Kdclis were guesti? of tlie club. Mrs. Isherwood served cle'tcious reCreah- ments during the social hour. » * * Mrs. C B. Swan entertained with Ti tea yesterday, complimentary to her si=tter. Miss Charlotte Hurxthal of St Louis, who will be a. irtie-st at the "home of Mrs. Swan until after Christmas. In suite of a continuous pour, down, the roomis were comfortably filled clurin? the hour= froim 3 to 5 / Misses Grace El'lett an'd. Mildred Ad. nms ponre-d coffee and team, from a handsomely appointed table. Miss Hitt rnd Miss 'Ma-rle Mardon?ld served The iollo\ving matrons a--i°ted tliru- o\it the afternoon: Mesdaimes Paul Kitt. Reuben Barney, Jonathan Hawley and W. H. Ellett. The decorations were carnations, in white and pink. Mints. ,nuts. cheese sandwiches and fancv cakes pccompanied the coftee and tra. The hostess and her sirter -were becomingly goivned in light evening dresses, the former blue, the latter white. The Misses Ellett and TheiLadies Working Society of the Presbyterian church will hold a mar. ket at Gill Ryan's Saturday m 01 n_ iug. Everything good tor Sunday dmner--Cakes, pies, butter, ogss chickens. 25-3 JfETHODrST CHUnCH LA- GIVE A The ladles of the Elm Street M. IS Church will servo dinner and sup. per in the basement of the church Wednesday, Oct. 25th. Menu. For Dimie:'. Chicken Dressing Grav; Mashed Potatoes Slaw Cranberry Sauce Jelly Hot Biscuit- Pie Colfeo, Suppei*. Creamed Chicken Dressing Slaw Salad Cranberries Hit Biscuits Caffee Cream and Cake Meals 25e. Public cordially invited Department of Commerce Shows Vast C r i n in Wealth U n d e r Wilson-M u n i t i o n s Business la but One Per Cent, of Total. In ans\vor fo Lhc cry or l.t'itiiblicnn p o l i l k - i . i n s t l i n L yio u n i i r v i M M U A n l o t ] pt-osjH'nly Hi.ii h;is poiiu 1 (o Ami-nca nndi 1 ! 1 thu !i(linniistr:iLion of !'l-ct.iik 3 nL ^'ilson is (ilia to Ilic Kuri'sienn ^ n r firtU'rs, conies n st:ilt i nn s nl 11-0111 Oii.u-les SI. Schu-nb, he-nil of iliu BoLlilolicin Steel Comp.ui}, liiinpelj a Kopiihliciiu^lh.Lt refute'- ilu 1 cli:u-i;o. "It is a mistake to i m a g i n e that the major portion of our business is war order business," says Mr. Schwab, in a signed article in the October number of System. "Even a casual inspection of the c-cat volume of exports w i l l demonstrate that the b u l k is drawn from tlie o r d i n a r y course of business. It is a'so f o u n d that, at present prices, domestic business is as profitable as foreign m u n i t i o n business." No one cnn donhi: tho c n p t t b i l i i y of Mi. S c h w a b to jnd^e (.he -business i(n- rHion, nor rrm one trtiin^ay f l i p i-orent figures issued liy the ru-piil l i n c ' i u of Comaiorfe. In tins rcj^oi-t, it- us stilted tlint. d n r i n f r the first ei^ht months of i h e pro^v-nt fisr-.-i! o:if, [lie exports of the United Slates showed u trade hfi).-inc'e in favor oi' this counlry of in,T:!vi,0()0,000. Trade Balcnce 52,500,000,000. Prcdulions nre in.-ide ih:i( tin 1 (i-.-td.-- linhlwi'e for t h e entire vi jr \vili ox- er-ed ( h e tinpreoedf ntecl [iunro nf y 2 - TiOO 000,000. The \ n l i i e of t h e uxporLs for tho uiprhl m o n t h s wns ¥'i.-(.T),90f).- 2]2, an incn-isc nl SJ.COri.SSJ 100 over the siime period last. year. '· A n o t h e r f i n a n t u i l n u l l i o i - U v , roo, h.-i. spoken--f"'h.ii-]ps i l t i y i i e n . nf I'os- ton. Hi- e s l i m j l p s t l i n f American securities held .iin-ond have been re- aieed ii-oui SC.OOO.()Oo;000. helm-e Oie niir, to .'Jl.000,000 000 n t tlie present time. Coincideiit.iily, tiie United States lias become n creditor of foreign n.i- tionrf. for tlie firsi t i m e in history, to the extent of Sl.oOO.OOO.OfKX Umlei-Wil- son, therefore, -vye have \\iperl out $0,000,000,00*0 of forcipn indebtedness and are ji creditor to 1he a m o u n t of ?300,000,000. Mr. Hayden calls attention to the fact that this always was a debtor nation under R e p u b l i c a n rule. All Classes Prosperous. An-d so. ft om aij sections of the country, froi.i all kinds and classes of business, from the merchant, tlie mannf.icturer, the farmer, the work- injjmtm, come reports ol unparalleled prosperity The Phnrnber of Commerce of the United States, in an oflicial report, declares that basic stocks are rising, tluit railroad earnings are abnormally liiffh ( i n d i c a t i n g tlie great movement of commoOjue0, and that the national prosperity ^vlll continue. Not temporary prosperity, clue to- the war, is this that is filling the coffers of the nation. It has a sound basis for permanency, made certain by tlie laws enacted linger the' Wilson Administration. TTie President him- ' Pony Hides self, in his recent speech at Baltl- I No. 1 Tallow Si 1 ^o. 2 Tallow . .« 7t O. B. 0. KOTJ3S -- One of the Pacific Coj jt Suites Oregon, 11,15 joined t h e t" en -i.u -'.' iUUus represented by sLudcius-, i,o'. in al tendance here TLe Misses Ici. tha and Belva S'nitli enioliert c uer~ day Irom Pemble on, Or ·,,'.-! Olliei new students enteiin.K yosto- day and taio moiJi nt, v,civ.-. , Pern Lingo. N-,,r C a m r r a , Vo. A. L Wood, Vu.ndj.liu, I.lo. ..'oiin rii \Vare, ."- nl' port, Mo. '., -I. ..I riic.i i.-) ,un, Ga-rlaw, Ji'l Our ne-vt £ool jail gallic i- « ^ h i .. n i ^ r -7r jV,c':ty of tli'.j is-^ek wltli the .'. . ol.i-i ?I"!:j.i-y Ac:-·!-"";/· cf ?Ij:: ! eo Th , prc; ,;i.C: to k?. a more even an i interesting ssjjie t h a n Uie last. Miss Lui-io Sinith, who ha', jy conijilDtcd tlie Cci-n'' CTI Oo\n"o and scLinvd a good poL-on in ."i-n-iu Oily, re igned this rositicn to accept a better phica v.-ith the H j C o Sco-l Company of Pattonsburg. Chaplin Tomorrow. The t u n cv^nt of ^cason proml'-ed at the Empire Theatre j.iorro^ night Charlie comedy. "The PJ.'VII Shop," i jo ibown. Thib picture comedy rj.iv! Lo be the 1'unniefcl oi' all Cao.) -augli mailers. Sv.ect luttj- Bollaira. Th,o I'aramcunt oftering ;it the j J3stic theatre tonight will be j v, cnderi'ul production of Jes^e I.ask;* in ?tsociation with Da-nd Ir.'-co of the imperishable vercic ihe most popular historical dran 1 theatrical histoiy, "Sweet Kitty .: r" 5 j " a istory of lovely wom.m ! n u d chivalrous man. present.nj; beautiful Mao Murray. pn, 2nd floor Xcw York S Kansas City, Mo , Oct. 25 --Cattle jieosipts l O . O O U i ; market stsady Stsei" I $9 50 to SiO 25; cowt, and heifer- j ?4 50 to $S.2.~i; stoekers and l'eed"iv j $S.75 to $ 8 . 2 5 ; c.vlve-i ¥6 to f l O 50 Hogs 13,000; market s.ead t' I strong. Bulk ot sales "fl.So t' ¥1O 25; heavy $10.15 to $10.2S; mr- dmm HO 00 to $10.80, l i g h t $').V!. to ? t 0 . 2 0 . Sheep 8 . 0 0 0 ; m a r k e t yte.uly Lami, $9.SO to $10 25; ewes ?6 50 to $7 2 i , | stockeid and feeders $5 25 io ^9 ""' t'aih Cr.tln ritav.';"r. .Kansas City, J'o , Oct. 21 --Whea 1 market o f t ; No 2 hard $i.C6 t-J t l . 7 6 ; No. 3 hard $1 63 to $1.74: No. 2 red $1.6Ci to $1 71; No. 3 red ?1.60 to $1.6S. Corn market unchanged. No 2 mixed .01 to 92 1-2; No 3 inned .01 (., . 9 2 ; No. 2 white .02 to 92 1.2 -Produce JInrket. Furnished by Henderson Sons j Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chii- licothe. Mo.: Hens, 14 l-2c, springs 16 1-2 cock- 8c; ducks 9c; geese 6c; eggs 2 S c , butter fat "Zc. Dealers in Kirlos, Tnll.nv, Wool, Furs, Salt Cured Hides, flat 20 1-2 Part Cured Hides 10 1-- j Green Hides I S 1-2 j Bulls and Glues at value j Deacons f 1 00 to ?1 30 ' Skunks 25c to 50c Horse Hides No. 1, full mane and tail ?6.2-: Horse Hides, No_ 2 5.25 3 0 0 EMPIR] THEATRE | Adamis wore cn,armin^ toilettes o-i [white and pink. NO ALUM Sixty Years the Standard Made from Cream of Tartar NEWSPAPER! more, emphasized the value to the count rj of the TarilC Commission, i h e Trade Commission, the Federal Reserve Coarcl and the s h i p p i n g bill. These enactments not only will stimulate the productiveness of the country, hut w i l l safeguard its output and" provide a means of conveying it to all tlie ports of the world. How Business Has Gained. Here is just a glimpse, at percentages, pi-eparcd by expert statisticians, that prove'wlitit the Wilson Administration has done for tbj; people: Increase in bank deposits, 68 per cent.; money in circulation, 22 per cent.; stock of gold in United States, 34.1 per cent.; foreign commerce, 52.7 per cent.; balance of trade in favor _ff United "States, 2S7.G per cent.; agricultural exports, 4-1.1 per cent.; manufactured exports, 155 per 'cent.; railway revenues. 37.0 per cent.; value of general crops and live stock, 12.4 per cent.; vaVne of wheat crop, 07.5 per cent.; output of pig iron. 35 pel- cent.; production of steel, 35.5 per cent.; farm lauds, 12.7 per cent.; men ·mployed in manufacturing, 1^3.2 pel- cent;, wages paid m manufacturing, 41.5 per cent; capital employed in manutacturing, 30.0 per cent.; value of manufactured products, 41.2 per cent. So it may be seen that fill lines of industry have profited under the gteat wave of prosperity that the Democratic administration has wrought. AND THE .MUNITIONS BUSINESS COMPRISES ONIA ONE PBK CENT. OF TUTS TOTAL OF MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS. 's it the part of wisdom, therefore, to g a m b l e with prosperity such as Will ihe American voter dare ro throw av ay a sure thing, on the chance that his return may be the enormous cost of war's poverty and | devastation? TUB TTOXEBU TTvODUCE HUTEUS S \YIFT COMT'ANT ALYVAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CI1EAM. Tomorrow's Market. BENS 14% SPRINGS ISVs COX S TURKEYS 18 DUX P. F. F S GEESE F. F. F 6 P S. BUTTER . .' 26% EGGS : : 28 CREAM 33 WILLIAM FOX --presents-WILLIAM FARNUM in End cf the Tra A thrilling story oE tl e Great Northwest. t O R C H E S T S A PRICES 5 and IO S T O C K T O N ' S Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. ' - C O M I N G TOMORROW NIGHT -- CHAlvX E CHAPLIN in the tun even- season, "THE PAVJf SHOP." FRIDAY NIGHT -- HAMILTON HEVELLE, the popular Bi star in "HAliF A JUJjJ-JOX BH1DT-." Special attracti'ou for Basti Benefit. M U R R A Y Stor of ihe Lasky Production M A E TO HAVE AND TO HOLD" "SWEET KITTY BELLAIRS' From the play, of the same Name by DAVID B'ELASCO and EGERTON CASTLE ^ Iost faithful Representation of Ono of Society's C-.-ent--,! Historical Pfcrsonaaes -Shows V:15 - 8:30 s Piece LADIESiOECHSSTEA ADULTS 1O£; CFTT COMING NEXT FRIDAY--The second of_the_series of " GLORIA'S ROIIANCE' the Star Supreme, -M I S S B I L L I E B U E K E iWSPAPERf

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