Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 24
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 24

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 24
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THE Sunday •£00 KRON MEET THE PRESS a • KPIX WAYNE WALKER'S 48ERS PREVIEW • KQO CHARLES IN CHARGE 0 KQED SESAME STREET (R)g 0 TV^SWAGGART DISC NEW PACIFIC A comparison of the technological progress of China. Korea and Japan. NICK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION A llghthearted look at literature. HBO MOVIE "QulcksW" (1080) Kevin Bacon, Jam) Gem. Whe-.i his stock market predictions fall through, a brilliant commodities broker tradea In his suit and tie for a job with a bicycle messenger service. In stereo. 'PQ' g 9:300 KRON NFL LIVE • KPIX NFL TODAY ••£00 WALL STREET JOURNAL RE- 0ICTXLPRrVATEBENJAMW ESPN FOOTBALL FIM Highlights of Super Bowl XXI. (Qiants va. Broncos) MCK MCK ROCKS: VDEO TO 00 SHOW MOVE "Return Of The Jedl" (1983) Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford. This third installment In the "Star Ware" aaga reunites Luke Skywalker and hla comrades for a final battle wHh the evil Qalactic Empire. In stereo. 'PQ' Q 9:36 OWN MOUSE FACTORY Host John Astin looks at moose, duck and fox hunting. 10:00 O KRON NFL FOOTBALL Regions! coverage of Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Salnta, Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets at Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots or San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs. •B KPIX NFL FOOTBALL San Francisco 49era at Pittsburgh Steelers (Live) • KQO BUSME88 WORLD O KQED SESAME STREET (R) p 0 KKU MOVIE "My Favorite Brunette" (1947) Bob Hope, Dorothy Lemour. A mysterious woman persuadea a baby photographer to become a supersleuth. 0 KTXL M*eS POWER O MCTV MONEY, MONEY. MONEY WON WILD, WILD WEST ESPN DRAQ RACING NHRA Northstar Nationals, from Brainerd. Minn. (R) DISH HOME ALONE Malcolm-Jamal Warner ("Cosby Show") talks about safety for children who are home alone, including tips on dealing with strangers and handling emergencies. Winner of the Achievement in Children's Television Award from Action for Children's Television. DISC CHANGING WORLDS The story of a Brazilian explorer who waited alone in the jungle for nearly a year to make contact with a fierce tribe of Indians. NICK LASSIE MAX MOVIE "Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got" (1985) Artie Shaw, Helen Forrest. Interviews and vintage film footage highlight Brigitte Berman's Oscar- winning overview of the life and career of the great jazz clarinetist. 1 0:05 WTBS BONANZA 10:30 O KTVU PRIVATE BENJAMIN O KQO THIS WEEK WITH DAVID BRINK- g KBHKBIONICSIX MCTV FINANCIAL DISN MOVIE "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation" (1986) Animated. The cuddly bears and their assorted cousins find their mission to spread caring and friendship threatened by an evil force who turns children against one another 'G' DISC STEVENSON'S STABLES A visit to Stevenson's stables in Australia. NICK ZOO FAMILY 11:0011 KTVU BASEBALL San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds (Live) 8 KQED SOUTH AMERICAN JOURNEY KTXL MOVIE "The Reluctant Astronaut" (1967) Don Knotts, Arthur O'Connell. Afraid of heights, a young man becomes a janitor after his father algns him up for the American apace program. 0 KBHK BRADY BUNCH O MCTV MEDIA ARTS WON BASEBALL Montreal Expoa at Chicago Cubs (Live) ESPN PQA SENIORS QOLF PaineWebber World Invitational, final round, from Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, N.C. (Live) DISC REALM OF DARKNESS A look at the photography used to record a caving expedition. NICK THE COURAGE OF RIN TIN TIN Set in the Old West, the adventurea of Ruaty and hit faithful dog, Rin Tin Tin. HBO 80UPMAN Joey thinks it'a easy to rob the elderly until he finds out they can give him something he can't ateal. 11:06 WTBS BASEBALL Lot Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves (Live) 1 1 :30 0 KGO FASHION REPORT • KBHK WHAT'S HAPPENING NOWII HBO WILL ROQERS: LOOK BACK IN LAUGHTER Comedians Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin William* and Harold Ramla pay tribute to Will Rogers. Features newsreels and clips from his movlea. In stereo, g AFTERNOON 12:000 KQO ONE BIO FAMILY Jan lends Don's credit card to Brian. (R) 0 KOED MASTERPIECE THEATRE "All for Love" Defying her parents, • 13-year- old girl befriends a man dying from the effects of being gataed during World War I. Frank Flnlay and Deborah Stokes star. (R)g 0 KKU MOVIE "The Littlest Hobo" (1958) Buddy Hart, Wendy Stuart. A German shepherd dog rescues a pet limb from a slaughterhouse. 0 KBHK MOVIE "Which Way To The Front?" (1971) Jerry Lewie, Jan Murray. A ragtag band of World War N Army rejects form their own brigade and set out In a red-white-and-blue yacht for Oerma- nyto kidnap e Nazi field merehal. 0MCTV NEW GENERATION HAW CARE 0«N BEST OF WALT DISNEY PRE- SENT8 A harbor-seal pup accidentally gets tangled In • flaherman'a net, leading to a aerlee of adventures. OWC GHOSTS OF THE SKY Tbla doou mentary focueee on the Mend-hopping journey of • World War H B-26 bomber piloted by two Americana and three Australians from San Franciaco to Sydney hi SHOW MOVK "Electric Dreama" (1984) Lenny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madeen. An unuaual love triangle develope when a bumbling San Franciaco architect pro- grama hla peraonal computer to compose love songs for the captivating cellist In the apartment upatalra. 'PQ' MAX MOVIE "Show Boat" (1961) Kathryn Qrayaon. Howard .Keel. Jerome Kern and Oacar Hammerstein IN provided the words and music for this tale of romance and drama aboard a Mississippi River showboat. Baaed on a novel by Edna Ferber. 12:30 0 KQO MCCLOUD 0 MCTV WOODS 'N' WATER SHOW MCK CADKHON Animated. The adventures of a donkey capable of underatand- ing the human language. Flrat of tour episodes. HBO MOVIE "The Lion Of Africa" (1987) Brian Dennehy. Brooke Adama. A doctor's efforts to acquire desperately needed medical supplies for her African practice are complicated by natural hazards and her immediate dialike of the truck driver taking her to her destination. In stereo. D 1:00 O KRON NFL FOOTBALL Los Angeles Raiders at Green Bay Packera (Live) O KPIX U.S. OPEN TENNIS Men's final, from the USTA National Tennia Center in Queens, N.Y. (Live) O KOED IN SEARCH OF THE TROJAN WAR Letters inscribed on clay tablets in East Berlin aid in reconstructing the political crisis surrounding the war; the Hlttite emperor's 500-mile journey to the Aegean coast. (R) g 03 KTXL MOVIE "Walk, Don't Run" (1966) Gary Grant, Jim Mutton. A middle- aged man tries to play Cupid for the two young people he is forced to live with during the Tokyo Olympics. CD MCTV OUTDOORSMAN WITH BUCK MCNEELY ESPN AUTO RACING American Racing Series, from Lexington, Ohio. (Taped) DISN MOVIE "Old Yeller" (1957) Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker. A young boy is given the responsibility of csring for his mother, his younger brother and a lovable dog while his father is on a cattle drive. 'G' DISC ODYSSEY Archaeological information about ancient moundbllders who once roamed the central United States. NICK RATED K: FOR KIDS BY KIDS 1:300 KrCU MOVIE "Can-Can" (1960) Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine. Score by Cole Porter. A cafe owner defenda her rights when her dance hall Is raided because of "lewd" dancing. O MCTV OUTDOOR TRAM. ESPN AUTO RACING Barber Saab Series, from San Antonio, Texaa. (Taped) NICK MR. WIZARD'S WORLD 1:36 SHOW MOVIE "The Comedians" (1967) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. While having an affair with the'wife of a diplomat In Haiti, a resort owner becomes involved In a native upriaing againat the dictatorial Duvalier regime. Baaed on the novel by Graham Qreene. 2:000 KTVU MOVIE "Bataan" (1943) Robert Taylor, Thomaa Mitchell. American Gla fight a gallant but hopelett battle in the Philippinea. 0 KQO HOLLYWOOD CLOSE-UP The movlegoing experience, paat and present. (R) O KQED OPERA IN THE PARK Kurt Hebert Adler conducts the San Franciaco Opera Orcheatra live from San Francisco's Golden Qate Park. 0 KBHK MOVIE "The Art Of Love" (1966) James Garner, Elke Sommer. Two buddies decide to fake suicide in order to further their artistic careers. CD MCTV THUNDER ON THE WATER WTBS SANFORD AND SON ESPN AUTO RACING IMSA GTP Series, from Sen Antonio, Texaa. (Taped) DISC QUTTENBERQ REVISITED A report on Telidon, a new Canadian development that may traneform the television aet into • communications ayatem. NICK I SPY MAX MOVIE "Roee Cafe" (1987) Parker Stevenson, Linda Smith. An aaplrlng restaurateur, whose business partner la alto her fiance, haa mixed feelings about embarking on a romance with a former friend from high achoot 2:30 0 KQO THAT'S HOLLYWOOD _MCTV OUTDOORS WITH BILL WQNKUNGFU WTBS WORLD CHAMPWNSNP WRES- TUNO OWN COLLEGE BOWL '87 A quit ahow Involving four-member teema composed of the country'e leading college scholars who compete to answer queetlone on science, art, pomice. current event*, mu- ate and literature. Hoat: Dksk Cavett. In atereo. DMC DISCOVERY A clue In the wmg pattern o< the Ethiopian awaKowtaH that of- fere melgM Mo the prevention of Rheeua HBO]MOVK "Ck*Paradlae" (1988)Robin WHHema. Peter OToole. Forced Mo retirement after a aerioua Injury, a Chicago fireman becomes Involved hi efforts to aave a run-down Caribbean resort from foreclosure. In atereo. 'PQ-13' 3:000 KQO CHARLES M CHARGE Mra. PoweM orders Chartea to have a relaxing weekend even though ehe'e holding a yard aale. (R) 0 MCTV MOVE "The Perils Of Pauline" (1947) Betty Mutton, John Lund. The me of silent film alar Peart While la traced from her humble beginnings to her trl- underwa- umph In the Follea Bergere. DtSN DANGER BAY Grant goea —••" ^rm-r>^n •*•-* I WH HIM IfWel HmjVTWKT ter to retrieve a atolen shipment of nuclear reactor fuel, g DISC FROM THt SHADOW OF THE GUN The history of religioua upheaval In Ireland. (Part 1) MCKMAD MOVES WITH THE L.A. CONNECTION Thla parody of 1937'a "A Star la Born" haa Janet Qaynor'a character desperate for a date. J:300KQ 3:300 KQO BANACEK 0 KTXL MOVE "The Caatawaya On Gil- ligan'a laland" (1979) Bob Denver. Alan Hale Jr. The shipwrecked crew of the Minnow II are reacued again and decide to turn their tropical laland home Into a posh resort. WON PUTTIN 1 ON THE HTTS Lip-synced aonga Include "When a Man Loves .a Woman" by Bette Midler and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" by James Brown. In stereo. (R) WTBS CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS DISN ANIMALS IN ACTION Featured: animals that live near and in freah water. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? MAX MOVIE "White Nights" (1986) Ml khail Baryshnlkov, Gregory Mines. Attei his plane crashes in Siberia, a Russian who delected to the West seeks free dom with the help of an American who left the United States during the Vietnam War. In stereo. 'PG-13' g 4:00 O KTVU STAR SEARCH O KRON STANFORD FOOTBALL MQHLIQHTS 8 KPIX CAL FOOTBALL'87 . KOED HOLLYWOOD The early stunt men are profiled. O KBHK MOVE "The Anderaon Tapea" (1971) Sean Connary, Dyan Cannon. A thief plans a million-dollar robbery of a Fifth Avenue apartment building, unaware that his plana are being monitored by the police. WON FAME Jesse facea a few obstaclea when he sets out to direct the school's 1930s-type musical. (R) WTBS MOVE "The Villain" (1979) Kirk Douglaa, Ann-Margret. Lovely Charming Jonea hires a heroic gunallnger, the "Handsome Stranger," to protect her from the wild attacka of Cactus Jack, the moat incompetent outlaw In the Weat. ESPN NFL PRtMETIME Scorea and highlights of today's NFL Football games. DISN MOVE "An American In Paris" (1951) Qene Kelly, Leslie Caron. The music of Qeorge and Ira Qarahwin underscores this Oscar-winning tale of an art- let caught between two women in poet- war Parla. DISC BALLOONING IN EUROPE The sights of Europe from a hot-air balloon. MCK SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW GROWN-UPS Jules Peltier's drama about a successful journalist (Charlea Grodln) who attempts to cope with family demands and expectatlona. Coatara Jean Stapleton, Marllu Manner, Martin Balaam. In atereo. 4:16 HBO MOVE "Just Between Friends" (1988) Mary Tyler Moore. Ted Danson. A California housewife must deal with both her husband's untimely death and her discovery of the fact that he waa having an affair with her beat friend. 'PG-13' g 4:300 KRON SPORTS EXTRA 0 KPIX HEROES: MAM W THE U.S.A. Jeff Blatntck, 1984 Olympic champ (Greco-Roman wreatlmg) and cancer patient; Chicago educator Marva Colltoa; ths Lot Angelea police department's battle against atreet gangs. (R) 0 KKU HUQOA BUNCH MCK BAD NEWS BEARS 6:000 KTVU WON LIFESTYLES OF THI RICH AND FAMOUS Elizabeth Taylor at the Windaor jewel auction; tobacco heit Patrick Reynolds; New York Yankees S ' lyerDaveWlnfleld.(R) KRON NEWS KPIX WILD. WILD WORLD OF AM MAL8 I KOOABCNEWSg KQED EXPRESS T Csthollos" KTXL MOVK "Buatlng" (1973) Elliott Gould, Robert Blake. A pelr of vice oopa In Loa Angelea get the leee-then-reward- Ing )ob of arresting the "Httle guys" whHe the real criminal masterminds go free. 0 MCTV CABLE SHOWCASE ESPN NFL THEATRE NFL -88: Road To The Super 'Bowl. CMC COMRADES AT ARMS A NATO commander tafla how a brilliant Marxist surgeon eaved his We. MCK DONNA RBB) WOMT BACK) WITH DAVTD 0 KPIX MAC AND MUTLEY Featured: Sonny Aden, whale trainer: founder of the Alaskan 20-day MHarod Dog Sled Race, Joe Reddlngton; Warren Eckatem on framing rabbtte; a 8 loot. 6-year-old boa conatrictor. t KGONEWS KKU THArS HOLLYWOOD DISC VICTORIAN VALUES A tribute to Britain's phllanthroplats. MCK MISTER ED EVENING 8:000 KTVU WLL STREET BLUES 0 KRON BAY AREA BACKROAD8 Featured: a backroada tour of Alcatraz; the Mudflat atatuea In Emeryville; the Marin Wildlife Center: e unique Berkeley playground. 0 KPIX BAY AREA PREPARES FOR THE POPE A report on preparetions underway In the Bay Area for the Pope'a arrival. 0 KQO WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY "Big. Red" (1982) (Part 2 of 2) Walter Pldgeon, Glllea Payant. A Canadian orphan finds work with a wealthy kennel owner and embarks on a aeries of adven- turea with a champion Irish setter. O KQED AGRONSKY AND COMPANY 0 KJCU GREATEST AMERICAN HERO 0 KBHK MOVE "The Defiant Ones" (1968) Sidnsy Poitler, Tony Curtis. After s black man and a white man ahackled together by the wrists escape from a chain gang, their mutual Inner hatreds ol esch other diesolve. (D MCTV GERMAN NEWS WON STAR SEARCH WTBS COUSTEAU'S REDISCOVERY OF THE WORLD Jesn-Mlchel Couatesu and the crew of the Alcyone travel to the Channel Islands, located off the California coast, snd expound on the theory that man must become "an ocean farmer, not an ocean hunter." Narrator: Raymond Burr. ESPN SUNDAY SHOWCASE Meadowlark Lemon and the Shooting Stars Basketball Exhibition, from San Diego. (Taped) DISN NEW VAUDEVILLIAN8 TOO Host Ed Begley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere") Introduces contemporary vaudeville sets. Including a World Champion hula-hooping comedian, a radio-controlled dummy, and a dancing frog routine by the Theatre Mask Ensemble. In stereo. DISC ON THE BRINK: AN AIDS CHRONICLE A study of the slstus, Implications and prevention of AIDS. MCK MOVE "The Velvet Touch" (1948) Rosalind Russell, Leo Genn. An actress is haunted by her conscience after committing the "perfect" murder. SHOW MOVE "The Turning Point" (1977) Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine. As her daughter rlaes to prominence In the ballet world, a woman who gave up her career for marriage begina to wonder It her fata would have been the aame as a friend and former rival had aha continued to dance. 'PG' MAX MOVE "The Slender Thread" (1968) Sidney Poitler, Anne Bancroft. As a volunteer at a medical clinic trlea to keep a suicidal woman conacloua and on the phone, police begin an Intenalve. aaarch for her. 8: 16 HBO MOVE "The Money Pit" (1886* Tom Hanks, Shelley Long. Everything that can possibly go wrong does when a couple movea into a manalon bought for one-fifth of ita original value. In atereo. 'PG'g 8:300 KRON W8KEL a. EBERT e THE MOVES Scheduled: The movie critics take a look at fllma they're aahamed to admit they like. (R) 0 KPIX NEWS 0 KOED ZOO VET: ONE BY ONE 0 MCTV COLLEGE FOOTBALL Teams to be announced. (Taped) 0 KTXL »1 JUMP STREET Penhall ami Hoff* aet out to arreat the organizers of a high-school pom ring. In atereo. (R) 0 KRON OUR HOUSE (Seaaon Premiere) The WHherapoone' lives are endangered by e powerful earthquake. (Part 1 of 2) m stereo, g t KPIXaOMMUTtS KQO MOVK "Double Switch" (1987) (Part 1 of 2) Qeorge Newbem, Ellaabeth Shue. Feeling the need to get back to a almpler lifestyle, a teen Idol temporarily tradea Identities with an unassuming look-alike. A "Dlaney Sunday Movie" presentation. (Condudea next Sunday.) <R)D 0KKUI — —JKMQHTMDER WON NEWS DMN BMDQC TO TERABfTHM Annette OToole stare aa a teacher hi thla atory about the Imaginary world shared by two it-year-old Mende. 7:S00KOEO WU>. WRJ) WORLD OF WON NN NEWS DMC METRO MELOOKS The atreet mu- alelana who congregate hi the Parla ffwtro lire profited. 8400 KTVU 0 KTXL MARRKD... WITH CHLDREN Al battlee temptatlona when he's attracted to a fHrtattoua ateward- eas. Jerry HaH gueet atars. hi atereo. (R) 0 KRON FAMILY TKB (Seeeon Premiere) A psychology major (Courteney Cox joins the ceat) becomee romantlcalty involved wHh Alex while reeeerchlng a paper on overacnlevera. m atereo. g 0 KPIX MURDER. SHE WROTE At an engagement party for the offspring of two feuding comedlana, the father of the bride la atabbed hi the back. (R) g 0 KOO SPENSER: FOR MRE Spenser receives a phone call telling him that Hawk haa been fatally wounded. (R) g 0 KQED COMEDY TOMOHT Stand-up comedy by Jimmy Brogan, Bob Saget end Geoff Hoyle. « KKU MCCLOUD KBHK MOVE "W.W. And The Dixie Danceklnga" (1976) Burt Reynolds. Art Carney. A charming rogue robe Southern gasoline atationa while attempting to manage a talented but luckless country- western music group. WON TALES FROM THE DARKSOE The twin slater of a dead computer whiz tries to bring her brother beck to IHe. (R) WTBS SPORTS PAGE ESPN 8PORT8CENTER SUNDAY DISN MOVE "Baby: Secret Of The Loat Legend" (1885) William Kelt, Sean Young. In Africa, a sciential and her journalist husband attempt to reunite an Infant dinosaur with Its captured mother. •PG' DISC THE WAR AT HOME A email Midwestern town - Medlson, Wisconsin •• Is trsnsformed Into a battleground when American foreign policy In Vietnam and American values st home sre challenged. (Part 2 of 2) MCK SMOTHERS BROTHERS HBO MOVIE "Legal Eagles" (1886) Robert Redlord, Debra Winger. Two Manhattan attorneys employ some unorthodox methods to prove the innocence of their client, an avant-garde artist accused of murder. In stereo. 'PG' g SHOW MOVIE "Dreama Lost, Dreama Found" (1987) Kathleen Quinlan, David Robb. While In Scotland to rediscover her herltsge, an American woman snd her nobleman lover vow to break the curse thst hangs over the csstle she now owns. MAX MOVIE "About Last Night..." (1986) Rob Lowe, Demi Moore. Two young Chicagoans attempt to belance the uncertainty ol modern relationahlpa with their developing romance. In stereo. 'R' g 8:300 KTVU O KTXL DUET Laura T s apprehensive about living with Ben. In stereo. (R) O KQED MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS WON DEMPSEY t MAKEPEACE Diamond heists, bank robbers and jewel thlevea all play a part In Dempaey and Makepeace'a Inveatlgatlon Into a group'a murderoua plans. WTBS JERRY FALWELL MCKMONKEE8 9:000 KTVU 0 KTXL MR. PRESIDENT Hectic schedules keep Meg and Sam from enjoying time together. In atereo. (R) 0 KRON PRIVATE EYE (Premiere) Crime drama. Michael Wooda atara aa Detective Jack deary, lighting crime In 1960s Loa Angelea. Tonight: a atreet- wiae partner (Josh Brolln) helps Cleary find hla brother's murderer. In atereo. 0 KPIX MOVE "Nobody's Child" (1988) Mario Thomas, Ray Baker. Baaed on a true atory. After yeara of Institutionalization, miadlagnoaea and Ill-prescribed therapies, a Maaaachutatta woman triumphs over a lifetime of mental Illness. (R)g 0 KQO MOVE "Bluffing It" (Premiere) (Confined on page 3)

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