Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on September 19, 1935 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1935
Page 4
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX. IOWA The Lenox rime-Table LENOX, IOWA VERLIN L. SWEELEY MARY E. SWEELEY Publishers Entered as second class mat- 3OCICTH Federation Sees Good Year ter, March 2, 1904, at the post- | corning Free Press— The Fed^ S^^'o?S&^ er ta e ktlon B of Women's Clubs isbt act of Congress of March 3, 1879. j Subscription price in Iowa, $1.50 per year in advance; outride of state, $2.00 per year in ginning a year of Intensive work under the enthusiastic leadership of Mrs. H. C. Houghton of Red BAUC: UJl Obaut:, >p£ , UU per yoUJL ill — « 0 -*«v* A VA Abi*il advance. Six month price one- Oak. Seventh District club wo- »,oif „* *„,.«„„..,„ single copies (men are especially interested this year because the state presi- half of foregoing. 5 cents. THURSDAY, SEPT. 19, 1935 State Lending In the issue of the Webster (S. Dak.) Journal received last week, there were 16 mortage foreclosure notices, covering a total of 2398 acres of land and 3 town lots. All this land is located hi Dajrcotinty and all of it was mortaged to the State of Soutl Dakota. In mose cases the notic states ..that the taxes have been paid by Day coutny. The average price at which the land must sell, at a sheriff's sale is about twenty-five dollars an acre to return to the state the amount invesed in principal, unpaid interest and taxes. It would be interesting to know what the state would do with all this land if, for any reason, it could not be sold. It would also be interesting to know if the state owns much land acquired hi this way. iiiiiiiiiimiiiiimimiiimmiimiimiiii Waterworks (Continued from page 1) iimiimiiiiimiiii iiiimimiiiiiimi threat to the town. On the other hand, the owner of the land has agreed to sell the land to the town at the price named in the lease and to take revenue bonds in payment for it, the bonds to run over a period of 40 years at 3 per cent interest. These bonds, similar to the, ones issued in paying for the light plant, are, it Is said not a general obligation against the town but only an obligation a sainst the waterworks property. ""---- per .cent interest 40 year period, added to the principal amount *ould total $64,000, or $8,150 less dent is one of us. The year will open formally with the Fall Council meeting to be held at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 25, 26 27. Wednesday September 25, there will be an executive Board Session, finance committee and district director's meeting. A social courtesy will be the ;ea at the home of Mrs. Forest Huttenlocher, the guests to include all board members. Pictures of the Detroit convention will be shown. On Thursday September 26, will be the conference of president with chairmen of departments, division and committees; and vice-president with district directors; second vice-president with county chaiflnerr? A depart lilacheon will be held at noon. In the afterfioo'A.the district directors will meet'with the 'ounty Chairmen; the Depart- ening as a courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Spring of Corning. Mrs. Sping formerly, Miss Berniece McClelland, is a niece of Mrs. Jennie Preston and a grand daughter of Mrs. Chas. Preston, Refreshments were served. Meeting of H. S. Club The first meeting of the year of the H. S. club was held Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Geo. Trost, Jr. Twelve members responded to roll call with prize, Mrs. John John Drain re- |-jnillllliniltli(llllHlilliiiiHIIIIIIItlllU| ceived the traveling prize and 5 5 1 OPINIONS I Mrs. Maharry received the hon or guest prize. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. Bair-Norman Wedding PLATTE NO. 1 Mildred Wilson, teacher § (Short letters are invited = seven grades: eighth grade- Dirt s Ferguson and Velda Gharri = sixth grade, Darlene Wursg = andMar Jorie Haas; fifth gSde ste*!?""'W* ^ade ; Dor-' ?• * I SS3S | ent day affairs., g They haye re . decorateCdk - nlllllimimiliilliimilllimmillimiin f kool r oom. We have naw cur- Bair, on Saturday, September 7, 1935 In Des Moines. The Norman family were former Lenox residents. Teachers' and Officers' Party The teachers and officers of Lenox, Iowa, Sept. 18, 1935 -1™ 2*°' w ^ ich ^ makes our or'ol Time Table: more attra cWve. Eldtor'ol Time Table: ae: . You are publishing notice of . We have had a Perfect atten- an election October 4 to author- | dance sln ce school started. Lester spent sund home. and' Vina and Mr, ize the town council to purchase Regular Meeting of Priscilla Circle The regular meeting of the PHsniiio ni^i« * ii. ,, i, 7 " "w«u uuie was enjoyed. Ke- chicbWM hPM ™ f * f freshment * of ice cream, cake church was held Thursday af- an d coffee were served. Mrs. Donaldson W. R. C. Hostess The Woman's Relief Corps met for water works and to put - - — -,-— Municipal Light and the church Tuesday evening. Plans Waterworks under control of for educational week were made and committees were appointed. A social time was enjoyed. Re- . Marjorle Haas. ternoon at the Jennie Preston. tesses were Mrs home of Mrs. Assisting hos- .Clark Barteau ment Division chairmen will and Committee meet with their Three over the than the rent the town will pay during the next 39 years which up the life of the con- makes tract. The town is assured, say the men who have investigated the matter, that if, for any reason, the town should default on the bonds, it would be safe from any judgment which would be a general obligation, as revenue bonds are payable solely from earnings and not from taxation on property. In the event that town should not realize enough 'revenue some year to pay the amount due that year, the holder of the bond would have to wait a while for his money, but it would be a safe investment. Another question to be submit- members. At 4:30 there will be a tea at Drake Lounge, courtesy of the President and Mrs. D. W. Morehouse. At 6:45 all present will enjoy a banquet at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. The program will be in charge of the Fine Arts Department with Sara Biala Cohen reviewing "The ' Brontes" ind Margaret White Stolz will ontribute vocal selections of the Jronte Period. It will be an vening with "The Brontes." ' Friday, September 27, a club resident's luncheon will be fea- ured at the Hotel Port Des Moines at 12:15. For the first time club presidents of Ipwa are invited to meet with Committee members. Reports will 'be given' by chairmen of departrrierits and divisions and at"3:30 there will be a book forum with th'e'ieadlng book reviewers of the 'state" taking part. At 4:30 the home of Governor Herring will' b^'ojpen- and Mrs. Floyd Wall. Twenty- eight members were present together with the following guests: Mrs. Ted Bruington, Mrs. Robert Reynolds, Mrs. Rollle Bender, Mrs. Cora Hale, Mrs. Chas. Preston, Mrs. Walter Shepherd, Mrs. Haven Salyard, Mrs. Claud Dixon, and Mrs. C. C. Mills. The program consisted of a piano solo, by Marjorie Beadel; a vocal solo by Thelma Hunt, followed by games and contests. The program committee was Mrs. Earl Beadel and Mrs. Wesi .. _..«^ 4 i,ui»ujiui \JL i WHEREAS: the Supreme trustees. Therefore answers to Grand Architect of the Universe f he following questions may has seen fit to call our Worthv isist the voters: Brother, J. Albert Cless from Have we made any public im- labor on earth to his eternal rest provement in this town that has and it is with regret that we not increased tax burdens be- realize we will see him no more yond anticipation? a t our -Altar, and Who is willing to have his pro- WHEREAS: We, his Breth P ™ srty taken from him at tax deplore the.inm nf « *.,„„. .' -— its social meeting. Ten ladies , not every property pur-1 fore be it Cain ce S Clips' n last bean hay. Mr. and Mrs. children and j, were present. The afternoon 'chased at "ax sale for*7h^bene- R ESO LVPn was spent in auiltins. A sa ^v'• m- „* ^^ !„.*,_, , . .. RESOLVED: was spent in quilting. lunch was served . that Dinner Guests At Terry Home Mr. and Mrs. Will Terry en- A sack! fit of the interested taxineTdis- and Ch^el beS ,T . tricts increase the burdens of an i ng - • draped in ever decreasing number of tax that payers? Altar property children. Joseph Cain „, Thompson with his week. Mr. and Mrs. Earl and "- -- "" Crouch. Refreshments served. Legion < Auxiliary Met Thursday Evening GUM Harlow of Gallatin, MO., Are we not to have the heav- ,Mr. Minor Terry of Keystone, ies t state tax levy next year in were Mo., Mr and Mrs. Chas. Dea-jthe history-of the state? ver. and Lnpiin- TUV anA »*•„„ _.,,, ... , av »"°' • I Did not the town council ob- Mr ; Mr " aln ^mission last year to in- and Mrs. IJoyd Terry and chil- j crease the tax levy beyond or- dren Jackie, Pauldean and Binary statutory limitations? Whence shall come the money with wihch to pay each and every one of the six trustees an annual salary of $100.00 each? Is it generally known that the term of each councilman is but - -a- |. -«w. M ,*, A CVMAWCa.il ClIlU. The American Legion Auxiliary-Eleene; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Terry mte Thursday evening at the and Betty and Billy home of Mrs. Chas. Bivens, with 14 members present. Officers Presbyterian Missionary for the coming year were elected Birthday Party as follows: Mrs. Rose Lesher, The Presbyterian Missionary ie rm 01 eacn president; Mrs. Clark Barteau, society will have its annual fwo vears and that thp t * , vice president; Mrs. Claude Rey- birthday party at the home of 2?*, £ V S u the term of nolds, secretary; Mrs. Ida Crab-'Mrs.'G^ Cheese ThurS at T?* ™w? ?" j* "* yeafS? tree.'treasurer ' ..'*«•»,««„ „* o J±-,V .* y ** Is a public board ever created •• • . ^r — If f WA * ed for a tea, a courtesy extended to all delegates. Hill-Catlett Wedding Announced Miss June D. Caltett of Oskaloosa and Walter Hill of Lenox were married at Bedford, Tuesday, Sept. 17. The Rev. Boshen of Bedford performed the ceremony. . The bride is a graduate of the Corning High school, 'class " of and Mrs. Hill will make 1935. Mr. ;heir home west of Lenox. Hr. and Mrs. W. E. Richard Entertained Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Richard entertained with four tables of tree, 'treasurer'. Thfe evening was : ;spent in sewing and lunch "w^slserved by the hosess. The next.meethig will be with Mrs. Ear! Henderson, Sept. 26. Entertained L.F. G. Club Mrs. Raymond Miller and Mrs. R. E.jPoindexter entertained the iternoon at 2 o'clock. All the of the church are invited. without creating heavy addition- Thursday, September 19 The Presbyterian Missionary therewith? Is it generally known that such trustees have important rate making and tax levying powers as provided by Chapters 212 and 213 of the Code? Did not an examiner from the state auditor's office last year L: ftT^ arSHSS >S r r ay Party ^ a «ern^n at '-Port the town to be to V£ home, Friday evening to™ I "? e home of Mrs " Geo - Cheese P lorable financial condition? Claude Dixon and Mr's Fdritl^ 2 °' clock - ^l ladies of the Has that condition improved or Quinn were invited guests Ron i rch are tovited • bec ° me W0rse since that re P° rt? call was answertd T'^Sf I The Ladies Alter Society will . Would it not assist the voters the publisher of the Lenox Time (Table for publication. TREMONT LODGE NO. 343 A. F. & A. M., Lenox, Iowa W. E. Richard Chas. Preston O. D. Tyler Committee RESOLUTIONS WHEREAS: it has pleased the Geat Father of the Universe to call from our midst our brother J. Albert Cless, to give up his work on earth to take part in the Life Everlasting which is on high, and WHEREAS: he has been a true and faithful member, of our organization and has spread the light of human kindness far and wide, now therefore be; it RESOLVED: that we tender, to '• H. Leach home, Paul Cain was school a f ew days ( account of sickness. The farmers are busy in fall wheat, putting, hay and doing their fall p.,. _ Jeff Chandler arrived J mg, Satuday from Bellvuei and other points when 3 been for the pastf Wl with his cnilden and bn™ He will visit his chlldenhffll some time. answered bv irivin<r ter on the ballot at the election brid e e at their home Monday on Oct. : '4, will be the matter of evenl ng. Mrs. Roy Nelson received high score prize for the ladies and Dr. W. H. Cash received high score prize for the men. The guest list included Mr. and Mrs. Roy Key, Mr. and and and setting up a trusteeship for the waterworks. A similar question involving the light plan will also be submitted and the two can be discussed together. Many people have been in fa vor of having trustees in charge of the municipal industries. The advantages, say those who hav< studied the matter, are manj and the.:dlsadvantages are few Under t|jis plan the town coun cil will appoint one member o each committee each two year. to serve for a term of six years thus spreading the appointment of the full cpmimttee over three council -administrations. This would remove the municipal industries ^frpm the influence o politics and 'would make jobi secure to'; capable employees who could not be replaced because of some personal whim, closer supervision would be possible and more attention would be given the industries than is possible under the present plan. In towns where this plan has been tried it has proved very successful. Four sisters of Decatur, HI have the same birthday; having been born at intervals of two years apart. Court costs in a suit, brought In Oklahoma over ownership of a cow valued at $45 have already reached .$150, and the .case has yet to go to f^e supreme court. Henry iearjfenter of Chichester, Eng., re^refilas a. postman after 42 yearsf|seryic^ ^timates t&# he Jias iaH&d 15&.00-tailes'on duty, Mrs. Mrs. Herman Holben, Mr. O. p. Mrs. Roy Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hughes, Dr. and ' H. Cash, Mr. arid:. s, W. ,_,*Fred Abernathy and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nelson. Refreshments wer served. September scenes., were read for t.._ "Friendly Houses" by Susan^Taylor and "House of Golden Weddings" by Mrs. .Gerald .Wilson. An exchange of gifts was held, with each member receiving a jift according to her yearly Bridge score. Mrs. Margaret Estel received the highest score for the year. Four tables of bridge were played and Miss Ruth Kilby received high score. Mrs. Claude Dixon held high score for the guests. Refreshments were served by the hostess. The Ladies Alter Society will. " ils afternoon at the home *° have the financial condition K. R. Mclntyre, at Kent, i of the Waterworks and Munici- Chapter F W, P. E. O. meets P al ^eht Plant published in your paper? Would the mayor and council appoint the same trustees for this evening with Miss Fanny Wilson. luesday, September 24 —ft -"" u«inc lausuees ior The;Dorcas Society will meet: the Municipal Light Plant it today at the home of Mrs. Mary i would appoint for the Water i Thompson with Mrs. Finn Gay as assisting hostess. works? Have the mayor and town Mrs. Stoner Was Hostess Mrs. Harry Stoner entertain ed at her home Thursday even ing with five tables of bridge Mrs. Don Tyler received high score prize and Mrs. H. C. Killion received the traveling prize Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. were Mrs. Glen Leckllter and Mrs. Ed Penney. The program consisted' of an article read by Mrs. Arnold Walter on teaching. .Mrs, Orval Walter gave two poems, "School Philosophy" an "Mother's Boy", 3ridge was played with Mrs. Francis Folcey holding high club score. The next regular meeting will >e held at the home of Miss Flora Fergusom Saturday evening, Sept. 2§; Y \ f ;. '. > , «r. and Mrs. Howard' Spring Honored ' •' I, • Mrs. .Jennie Preston and Mrs. *" %^ ; .>fr?Wwft,> of Vdurtg people at' &* home of the former *"--- •""->* H. R. C. Met With IMrs. Bruington Mrs. Carrie Bruington was hostess to the Harmony Reading Circle, Wed., Sept. 11. Sixteen members responded to roll call by giving current events. Following the business meeting the afternoon was spent in visiting. Refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Tedford. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Donna Runyon, Wednesday, Sept. 25. G, C. W. Club Met With Mrs. Thehna Schmitt The G. C. W. club met with Mrs. Thelma Schmitt, Thursday afternoon, Sept. 12, with 14 members present. Work for the afternoon was quilting and piecing on a stamp quilt. Visitors were Mrs. Coffman, Mrs Schmitt, Mrs. Raymond Miller and Marie Casey. Refreshments were served by the hostess. •\iere will be an afternoon party next Thursday, Sept. 19 at the GecA-ge Swartz home. The club will meet with Jennie Evans, Thursday, Sept, 26. »arty for Mrs. Bonnje Maharry O. E. Bricke entertalri- The Methodist congregation cou ncil made a success or a fail- will have a basket supper at 7, ure of the waterworks? o'clock, tonight, at the church, | Have the mayor and town as a farewell for Rev. Shepherd council made a success or fail- and family. Those who plan to ure of the Munioinni T.i<r>.t. attend are asked to bring their pl ant? If a the family of our deceased friend our sincere, condolence, in their- bereavement, and that a pppy.pf this.resohitions be entered upon the minutes of our organization^ a copy be sent to the family and a copy is ordered published. SALOME CHAPTER, o". E S Pearl Killion Ethel Bricker. Verlin Sweeley Committee (Read the Ads) Joan MeHer, "radium" „ was striken with metallicpi ing from covering her luminous paint. Jonas Burcham is ^ life guard at the Blair, municipal swimming pool til age of 74. Leanord Reynolds, i old,- Illinois, was. found u, in Chicago after. lunntlis i from home 15 times, ' James West and his son;L Jr., both made holes-lmal the Rockaway golf season. •'• Marlon' DarrieiloY^ai sued a Chicago 'packing M for $5,000, alleging he. tooth on a wire in|j, made by the companf;' tn»MnttninnmtitiHt>»mntmTitmt own dishes and silverware. The G. V; C. ladies are meet- Municipal Light success why the ing with Mrs. Harold Gustin this its source? proposed change? if a failure can a fountain rise higher than . d. Ito-iday "afternoon for her of Bonnie Mafor evening. Wednesday, September 25 The M. P. c. ladies are meeting this afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. C. Mills. Lenox Fortnightly club is meeting this afternoon with Mrs Ed Nels<yi. The Woman's Relief Corps is invited to attend a picnic at Clearfield today. Picnic dinner served at noon. Thursday, September 26 The Woman's Relief Corps will meet in the Legion hall this afternoon for their regular meeting. The Church of Christ will hold a reception this evening for the parents, teachers, pupils and friends of the church school. Bring a big pot luck supper. Serving at about seven, j. A! Dilllnger, state secretary, of the Church of Christ, will be the speaker. Mrs. Rose Caden of Chicago charged that her husband was so stingy he hid her shoes to keep her from wearing them out. Mary Miller of Iowa masqueraded as .a man for 60 years working as a farm hand, circus' trapeze performer, and other occupations. J. A, La voice .of Vermont cele- Is it not the duty of every town official and every voter to help decrease the present heavy indebtedness? Yours sincerely, A CITIZEN GROVE CENTER Verle Maye Branan, Teacher School opened Monday, September 2nd with of five pupils; seventh grade; sixth grade; fourth grade; an enrollment Paul Roberts, Lavon Hayes, Marton Hayes Patricia Jean 1 -T^T- f — •••*'W**V ^C4C~ srated his 90th birthday by call- ng off the changes and dancing the quadrille as hi olden tunes. Mrs. Elizabet^f B^urEye; who died In Indiana at the of 90, ordered 0 Hayes, third grade; and Cecil Roberts, the primary Miss Verle Maye Branan of Villisca is the teacher this year. Those who have averaged 100 percent in spelling the first two weeks are; Lavon and Marton Hayes. Thursday, September 5th Miss Branan took her pupils to the circus in Lenox. We had a very nice afternoon and hope that we can go again sometime. The sixth and seventh hygiene class is working on drawings of cells and cell division On Monday, September 9, Miss £*?£? *"? prlsed L ™>» Hayes • • \ - Auction Sale TIME IS HERE 'If you are contemplating a sale this fall or winter, see me or get a date at the Time Table office. My sixteen years of experience will help make your sale a success. Prices will no doubt remain high tor the next several months, so figure out when you want your sale and see me. L. B. Anderson Lenox Auctioneer.' Used Cii| Bargain! 1931 Chevrolet Coach, nleejj clean 1931 Model A good one. 1929 Chevrolet Coupe, all as you will find i 1934 Chevrolet Sport Sedan,?) new. 1929 Chevrolet truck to shape, good tires, reai^j go. 929 Ford Coupe, priced ( 929 Whippet Coupe, a good* 927 Ford Coach CASH OR TERMS WE TRADE Miller Chevrolet ALES — :LENOX, IOWA birthday, ments were served 1 T = .We are very ; p r oud ;ot school house. VSegalnS fd and papered and van5sh«ft ar&ai^^SiSfti RED & WHITE HOME OWNECL -1.-M '* ' 1 Red & White VINEGAR Quart Bottle Red & White WHOLE SPICES 2 dozen for __,.:•?' ./::.• • ;••?. ^-±--^'"" 1 " >'*" . Perpoiind 1___^_ 1 _______ — .«• PAPER NAPKINS^'-?-'^ -• ••'>'" for 'f-o'r-__ j^^^-^ i;jiWi . ~«- ,, * •-.- £•• t'-'^.v 'bul 1..V0 1 .".-' seniniecj jars .2^— «*-ii.j'««ii «-!_J. •!.-.; .:• -..- '. 'f.' ;L __. ii^.,4 i .JlJli- 'i'i

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