Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 5, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1888
Page 4
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TOE'EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, JANUARY 5 1888. rmi,*nci.r!!iA, Jan. li, —Mn«. liwrmr» M. l!«rry,the g<Mit>ra! iiiTmtlgftlnr of th« Knlglila of IjShnp, lim Iy'u.u-1 a flr't-illsr ro tt!* f-liiftlo mnmtem of the on!*ir wherever fonnd. It doivh with the aulij-ct of tbo condition of working womfn nn'i girls, and Ktronglj ad- YOCfttes the erppmliture of monej for education instead of stritfts. Pow»!*rly Not Oat of Danger. 8<7RjL.vrrm. Pa., Jan, 81— Mr. PowJerly U not yet quit* out of dars^w. Dr. Allen toM a special corrf/sponslenS that his patlont bad disoboyed ail orders and had applied hlmwlf too closely and early to tbfl duties of hit office, and ha>! completely exhausted hlm- •elf at his desk. The doctor has given emphatic instructions thai no one be permitted to Intrude upon Mr. Powderly at present, and haa deci led that the invalid must take a trip to the south, where ho will be afforded an opportunity to recuperate. Th« Lrfike Snllon In OoBTentlon. TOLEDO. O., Jaa 5.—The convention of the Lake Seamen's union, now In session In this city, promises to continue several days. The meeting Wednesday wa» mainly devoted to tha bearing of the routine report* of committee*. Wednesday evening Master Workman Powers, of Chicago, addressed an open meeting at Carpenter's hall. TERRIBLE DISASTER IN HOLLAND. Twenty-Six Killed and mo' Unknown Number Wounded In a Railway CollUlon. TBX HAGUE, Jan. 5.—Two express trains on the Dutch State railway came into collision near Meppel, Wednesday, while running at a high rate of speed. .Ttw engines and can were totally wrecked and twenty -six persons were billed. The number of Injured Is not exactly known, but It Is very large. Both trains were filled with passengers. Americana Tlilt Bnlllvan In Jail. Dr/BtjK, Jan. S.—Among the visitors received hy Lord Mayor T. D. Bulltvan In his cell in Tullatnore jail Wednesday were Jamel Walkeley and Joseph Lynch, of New York, and Charles Johnson, of Brooklyn, to whom Mr. Sullivan expressed hii thanks for the sympathy manifested in America with the Irish causa and with himself. Parnell Unexpectedly Appear*. DUBLIN, Jan. 5.—Mr. Parnoll unexpectedly arrived bore Tuesday. It is surmised that his visit is for the purpose of advising moderation on the part of the league leaders in event of the government's suppression of the Dublin branch. Wale* Denlei • Beport. LONDON, Jan. 5.—The prince of Wale* has instructed bis private' secretary, Mr. Knollys, to deny the report that he Is a member of the committee arranging a banquet to be given to Jem Smith and Jake Kilrain. ' Beck GeU There Hind. Down. LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jnn. 5.— The Democratic legislative caucus at Frankfort nominated Senator Beck for re-electijn. He had no opposition. CONDENSED NEWS J. H. Williamson & Ca's flouiing mllta at Torktown, Ind., were burned Wednesday.^ LUSH, $'JO^H)0{~uo insurance. The Theatre Royal, at Bolton, England, was fired by unknown parties Wednesday morning and totally destroyed. President Cleveland has notified the managers of the charity ball in Baltimore that be and Mm Cleveland will be unable to attend, George W. Bnyder, a pioneer physician, expired at his residence in Burlington, Iowa, Wednesday, aged H4 years. It is estimated that {410,000 will be needed in Chicago this year for new sewers, cleaning, and catch-basin at street intersections. The names of the present members of the inter-state commerce commission were sent to the senate for confirmation Wednesday. Five hundred school children in Akron, O., are sick with measles, which have be- pome epidemic, and business there is almost ^entirely suspended on account of that dU- ease. MaJ.'Jordane, a member of the Texas state senate, attempted suicide Wednesday by stabbing himself in the bowels four tlmoe. Dissipation wns the cause. Two men fought a duel after church services Tuesday night near Tuscola. Ills. Pistols at short range were the weapons. One of thorn, Elijah Ulm, was shot through the breast and mortally wounded, and (be other, William Crusan, who was tinhurt, fled. In a battle between a band of robbers and the civil authorities near San Angela, Max., the robbers were routed and took refuge in the lava beds. Their loader was fatally wounded and two of the civilians were killed. The indictment charging criminal carelessness and manslaughter upon the conductor of a passenger train in connection with a recent railroad disaster near Jfoutz, Ind., in which a number of persons were killed, was Wednesday quashed at Valparaiso, the court holding that the Indictment was defective in that it did not charge evil intent, . and that mere omission of duty tr'ai not ,, Type« of Mexican Beauty. As Is the case wltli the sex In all tropical countries, Mexican womanhood comes early. As the age of 12 the senorita ^ia very knowing. At U she Is mature. At 10 she Is ready to take tip the duties of married life. At 20 she begins to be too plump. At 23 she feels the need of art to assist nature. -At SO she has ceased to be Interesting for her beauty. Too much fleah, with consequent coarseness), Is the usual trouble. An anti-fat remedy ought to have a great rua In tho land of the cactus, . _ Maya, of the Portal de Mercaderes, Is the leading photographer of tho City of Mexico. He has an artistic eye as well as mechanical skill, and he is an obliging follow. When it was explained to him that a small collection of types of Mexican beauty was desired, he smiled and said he would have to think about It "Call again to-morrow." Something like a week of to-morrows went by before Maya said "All right." But then he coupled his acquiescence with a condition—"hd- names." The terajs wera accepted, and from his large stock of negatives were selected the types of Mexican girlhood and womanhood. They Include representatives of the best families at the Mexican capital. There are senoritas three, from 19 to 18; and there are senonis three—two of', them are still In the twenties, dark, flash! -Ing eyed, full lipped anil already inclining to the bane of the sex in their country— too much weight. The last Is older anil fairer than all the others, and the complexion and features together show a pro-i portion of Costillaii blood in this case far : above the average.—Mexico Cor. Globe-i Democrat. ! Acconipan ing High Civilization. j Cancer is not a disease due to misery, to bad sanitary surroundings, to ignorance or bad habits. On the contrary, It is u diaeaaeof the Most highly civilized, tho most cultured, the wealthy, and of localities which are the most salubrious. One ot the characteristics of cancer !H that, 1 unless the bruin la Involved, it leaves In-! 'tellectual power and force unimpaired.; Kay, it fteems that In some cases it almost! ^increases these qualities.—New York' Tribune. ! Ictolett»1>1y* Stupid. "The man who stops suddenly on a . crowded sidewalk without looking back! to dee if he is in anybody's way is a don-' darhead," suiil a genrleinan who always' walks In a liurry. "(f he is a country-! eua I'll excuse him, for be doesn't haowj *ny better—ho Isn't used to the rush of the city, but <i city ranu who does tha* to Purlx. Thf BcnnWnl. PARIS, FriANcE, Dec. 22,1W. 'r.!ltor<l.i;.ctlt-: ' I spent an hour to-day at the Faateur Institute, and as my observations and knowledge acquired may be of interest to your readers, I will endeavor to give them the benefit of my experience. It la a hospital for the cure, or rather the prevention of hydrophobia, established by Prof. Pasteur, whose name it bears. I observed the treatment of 75 to 100 patients who bad been bitten by dogs affected with hydrophobia, the patients ranging in age from 2 years old up to probably GO years of age. The treatment, or operation, is by Injecting under the skin on the side of the body the virus obtained from a rabid animal, either dog, sheep, or rabbit. The injecting Is accomplished by a small syringe, the same as used by physicians In their practice. The virus Is placed in ten different glasses. The first is diln- ted BO as to contain very little of the virus, each solution being made a little stronger,, graduated up to the tenth portion. The treatment requires tea days. The first day No. 1 la injected into one side of the body in the forenoon and in the other side of the body In the af terfloon. This is repeated dally up to No. 0; after this the balance of the numbers of the solution Is injected once each day up to the tenth number, when the supposed to be cured. The wound from the bite of the dog is treated externally, the same aa any other wound. In this way of injecting the virus of gradual increasing strength from day to day, the system is prepared for the stronger portion. If the No. 10 were used first it would soon throw the patient into spasms and.bring on hydrophobia at once. In order to obtain the virus the strong solution, No. 10, is injected Into the animals, bringing on hydrophobia, when the animals are killed, and the virus is extracted from the spinal column of the animal and used as stated on the patients. The average number of new patients daily is from 8 to 10; coming from all parts of ths continent. I met them there from Germany, Russia, Spain, England, and from other provinces. There have been a number during the year from the United States I noticed the names on the registers of persons from Chicago, Detroit, Now York and other places in the United States. I was informed. by the professor that the number of cases in which they -fail to cure is not more -than one in two hundred-and-ln-tliese-cases-it was owing to delay, the patient leaving it run too long before going to the hospital. From my observation and the Knowledge I obtained from the professor, I would ad vice anyone bitten by a dog supposed to be rabid to come at once to this Institution for treatment. It has not been established for the pur- dose of making money as all treatment is free. Professor Pasteur devotes the results of his valuable researches and experiences for the benefit of suffering humanity. 1 hppe your readers will pardon me for going into details of my observations in this matter as I feel It is information of value the public onght to be possessed of. The French as a class are intelligent. They are great readers. One sees them reading in the street cars and in their carriages and'market'; men and women in their stalls in the market houses. There are a number of dally papers published, many of which have large circulation. One, "L,e Petit Journal," has a daily circulation of 950,000 copies, This paper claims to have bad a circulation on tho day of the President's election of 1,200,000 copies. They have a custom here In families .who have daughters who are likely to tarry too long under the parental roof of the mother finding some young man who she thinks. will be agreeable to the parents, if not to the daughter, to come and see the daughter and if upon sight the man is favorably impressed • the, parents turn over the daughter to the tender affections of the young man and after a short but sweet courtship they are united In jnarrfa^e." A very handy arrangement, but not likely to be adopted in America, as in that land of f ree- dom'the girls, are supposed to have say about It. I like Pais very well, except the arrangement for meals. You get breakfast at I2:30;.dinnerat 6:80; our supper the nnxt morning at any tlmejyptt 'choose to take It, either In your room or' in the "Salle a Manger/' There la no regulation as to the time of returning at night. Respectfully. THOMAS A. GALT. Krorn ~-Thf> Womnn'fl .FnrriR-n Mlnjinnnr Society of Hock Fulls will mrct out t Mr. Fred Veoward's, thla coming' Fr. day-afternoon. A right jolly time i expected as they will go out In bo loads. Mr. Pl$l Scott, who is home on a vlai during holidays from Knoi College, a Qalesburg, will not return until Fri day. He is much pleased with -th school ami says Whlteside county hn a good representative there. Fred Melburg, of Dixon ave. has gone to Arlington, Illinois, for a few weeks' via t wHh his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Pryce. We hear that Elmer Sturtz is back from Knox College spending the hoi idays with his parents, but we hav been unable to see hita. Miss Lily Arey starts today fo: Maywood, which is near Chicago tc remain some time. Mr. J. p. Me Williams las a publi sale on his farm two miles south of Harmon next Wednesday, Jan. 11 1883. Mrs. Grove Wright returned horn from a protracted visit in Galesburg today. The 'bus taking her horn from the train capsized near her resi dence, but Mrs. \Vright sustained., n serious injury, although she was thrown under the seat. Three handed people are becoming quite numerous, they have a right baud a left hand, and are always behint hand in taking Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup when they catch a cold Week of prayer over the land. Bncklen'a Arnica Solve. The best salve in the world for Cuts Bruises, Sorea, Ulcers, Salt Rheum Fever Sores, fetter, Chapped Hands Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup tlo-ns, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refund ed. Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. Small boy is settling solidly down to going to school and worrying the teach er. , RenewH Her Youth. Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay Co., Iowa, tells the following remark able story, the truth of which is vouch ed for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troublet with kidney complaint and lameness for man> years; could not dress mysel; without help. Now I am free from al pain and soreness, and am able to do all my own ..housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed com pletely all disease and pain." Try « bottle, GOc. and 81. at StrlckleTSTBoor ses Drug Store. The slanderer is worse than the thief, says the gentle Williams, bard of Avon. Worth Knowing. Mr. W. II. Morgan, merchant, Lake City, Fla,. was taken with a severe cold attended with a distressing cough and running into consumption in Its first atagea. He tried many socalled popular cough remediea and ateadily grew worae. Was reduced in flesh, had difficulty In breathing aud-was unable to sleep. Finally tried Dr. King's New Diacovery for Consumption and found immediate relief, and after using about a half dozen bottles found himself well and has had no return of the disease. No other remedy can show so grand a record of cures, as Dr. King's New Dia- covery for Consumption. Guaranteed to do just what is claimed for it.—Trial bottles free at Strlckler & Booraes Drug Store. Weather prophets have gone to bed. Like the false ones in long ago days they have been detected In their lying. SHILOU'S cotion and Consumpton Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O.-A. Oliver & Co. 1 Whiteside is steadly • growing in population, despite the removal tendencies of many. CROUP, WHOOFINQ oouon and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shlloh's Cure. O. A. Oliver & Co. "I The California fever in this county is about cured. For lame back, side Shlloh's Porous Plaster. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 or chest, use Price 25 cents From Jan. 3rd—Prof. Reed, of Polo, is here trying to organize a singing class. A large majority however are in favor of getting Prof. C. E. Leslie of Chicago. Glad to learn that L. F. Eastabrook and Edward Webster are on the mend yet very slow is the case of Webster, it is thought he will pull through. Steve Hanna and John Richardaon d a little tilt last week before Judge Lawton in regard to some turkeys, Steve said John owed him for six while John offered to pay for three. Six gbod men agreed that Steve ought to have 82.50 for three turkeys and pay the costs. Steve could not see it in that light and took an appeal. A nice toilet set was put on the Christmas tree for Mrs. S. J. Fletcher but owing to the house being literally packed she was unable to gain admittance. Her name being call£d.and she absent the present wa» handed back to one of the committee who laid it on the platform. After the '.ejwjij^a,,' were over this could not be'"found! The question is being asked, who got it? J. W. Ambrose who baa been visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity for several df»ys left for Sterling on Saturday last, where he will make a short stay before his return to his home in Iowa. « In the near future we hops to have something to say in regard to what Improvements have been done in Milled- gevtUe daring the past year. Ext&x Mr. Gait favors us with a letter from Paris In to-day's issue. ' THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shlloh's Cure. We guarantee It., O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 • Thanks for the new subscribers constantly coming In. CATARRH CURED, nealth and swee breath secured, "by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Clouds still hang over. "Age cannot wither it nor custom state its infinite variety." Fleah Is hardly heir to an ache or pain which cannot be cured by using Salvation Oil. . Raise, that dam money by all means SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable bv that terrible cough. Shlloh's Cure is the remedy for you. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 There must be no going back; we must raise the dam 'tnoney. THE KEY. GEO. H. THATEK, of Bourbon, Ind. says: "Both myself and wife owe our Jives to Silicon's 'CONSUMPTION CUKE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Did you swear off and come back to iff ' Krom f^nlt. Wm. May nirl wife aiifl LPIV Hrnm lily, of iown. are in C'omo visiting wit Mr. May's parents. Simeon Morgnridue, formerly o Como, but now of Waterville, Kanaa- died Dec. 20th, age 5.1 years Mr. Mor garidge is well known among the olde settlers. He has lived in the west fo the last twenty years, living on a farm moat of the time; but his health givin out he sold his farm and has been liv ing In Waterville the laat two or three years. Patrons of the Gait school kettled and pickled and perfumed our teache for a New Year's present which was i happy atirprifle to him. Miss (Sarah Burr, f Como is quiti sick. Mr. Wilaey was elected supt. of ou: Sunday school vice J. Iloak resigned This we thfrk is a very good choice. Dewt & Bnyd have commenced 1111 ing their ice house. Frank Barrett has the contract. The charivari at McCuy last nigh was well attended, and Mr Quiner se them up to the boys in good .shape. Bachelor Bill from Empire was here Tuesday looking after the Interests o the Sentinel. Mr. S. is one of the jolly boys and we are always glad to see him In the year just passed Gait, Com and vicinity have been sorely afflicted In sickness and death, the following persons having died. J. H. Congdon Wm. Morgaridge. .Georgie Freeman Mrs. T.S. Barrett, Wm. Carruth, Henry. Barrett, Mrs. Mary Jones, Miss Ida La mont, Mrs. Geo. Clark, Mra. Furgeaon's little child, A. B. Allen, John Kllroy W. H. Walker, J, M. W hippie am Mabel Partridge, making fifteen in all W. E. Freeman has received the tax book and is around trying to collec the dollar tax assessed on fifteen cen cura—who aays it don't pay to keep dogs? Wedding bella, In the near future Cards are out fiTt'one next week. ETEI' HOB. Alex. H. Htephenn. of «». Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is an article of little coat, but great value Its domestic as well as medicinal uses are numerous while its specialties are most wonde ful. No head of a family should ever be without it. tths From Coleta. Those that have been sick with typhoid fever are rapidly improving, and no new casea are reported. Trade ia good in Coleta; better than ever before nt this time of J.hfi_y^ar.- Jamea Wiutera, one of the citizens of oleta, heard tho Lincoln and Douglas debate;Jand, recollects nearly all that those great men said on that historical occasion. On Thursday evening Jan. 5, Mr. Al- jert S. Ely wss married to Miss Anna ileecher at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Samuel Reecher, of thla place. The gueats were many, and the presents beautful and by tar too numer oua to mention in the form of last. Mr. and Mrs. Ely are congratulated by everybody, and have every prospect of a successful and happy life. At the coming election for circuit udge, let every voter of Genesee come out and vote. Theae "off electipns" as .hey are aometimes called are frequent- y more important than the general election. . Con. WOULD YOU BELIEVE it? We are daily guaranteeing Kemp's Saraaparilla a thepeople for cleanaing the blood, and giving a new lease of life. Price 81... A R. Hendricks. 6K The Btete of Chlhnuhn*. The wonderful, mineral wealth of the itnte of Chihuahua has long been known, :mt until recently the incessant raids of ;he hostile Apaches rendered prospecting and miiiiiiB in the distant mountain ranges too dangerous to be attempted, so year after year the mineral regions have remained unexplored. The capture of oronlmo and his savage band freed the country of the scourge which so effectually irevented its development, and no soorugr was the fact announced than nun- Ireds of prospectors began to venture ar into the unknown regions to the 1 west )f the railway line. A new impetus was given to mlftiug, and now after the lapse of a year the wonderful results can be cadlly seen. The whole country looks' differently rom what itdld a year ago, and evidences if energy and enterprise are met with on very side. New mines have been dis- overed and old ones opened up again. American machinery is arriving on every rain and the crudo methods of former days are giving place to the most 1m- iroved systems of modern times. On the treet it is a rare thing to encounter a_ man or- woman—who~ls~tiot~prbperly~ lothed, and even tho household utunsils and Implements of labor are generally of modern make. A few years ago tho rude cart with its solid wooden wheels was the nly vehicle in use, but today the streets t Chihuahua are ailed with the best •agons and carriages of American manu- Acture.—Cor. Globe-Democrat. POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder nerer rarlta. - A mnrvol of porltj strenRth and wholesome™**. Morr economical than the ordinary klods, and cannot be sold In competition with the mumtmde of low test, inert weight alumn or phosphate powder- Sold only In cann. ROYAL BA KI Co.. 108 Wall Htrcet, New York in. Bit KINO Janaid-wtr MARK DOWN SALE O3P" NEWMARKETS AND CHILDREN' CLOAKS At one-half former prices. A golden opportunity to secure a great Bargain: Shirts and Drawers, 50 Juet one-half value, would be cheap at $1.00. BLANSETS AT $1.00 PER PAIR. Ooocls .A.I1 TVevr. ]Xo Old Stock. CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING- N. CARPENTER & CO. GOLD WATCHES **, Who ever heard of a man buying a Gold, Watch for 39 cents; ai down east had the audacity to head one of their advertising sheets i™ thi manner, and did it simply to calch the eye of the public Now"while we don •»"-e in deception of afiy sort, still we have such an anxietyVa sight ofth GREAT EYE OF THE PUBLIC," That wei havei beenmaking all this talk simoly to get you to looking our wa> and shall be willing to take your punlsninent, providing we fall to SHOW YOU BARGAINS i ™m« 0 anrt q , Ua l t 2 (i<)ld " VVatcb ^ ;ror89ceDta Don't take our word for It bu come and look for yourself/upon the most,astonishing chance ever shown TO THE PEOPLE QF THIS TOWN, In all sorts of usef ul, every-day household" necessities. Look at these bargain AND COME AND SEE 1 HE REST. Japanned Waiters, from 5 to 25c: Bread Knives, lOc; Butcher Knives lOc Stew Pans. 6 and lOc; Japanned Foot Scrapers, Joe; Tooth Picks, large pack *ing Knlvesrs-ro* lOcrCarpet Tacksrs-packaffes Tor T>c- 2-^flor I^K p ' Bc; *~& ole Mouse Trap, lOc; the most fashionable Neck Scarfs only25c, worth We; Fine Parlor Broom,,only 22c, worth 36o; Clothes Fins ; ooz. tor oc; IB inch Lamp, complete. Burner,and Chimney, onlv 25o- Lamn Chimney, only 6c; and Hundreds of other things. Called see foryou\aelf? P 106 Third Street, Sterling. Ills. S. M. BEEO^EK, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— Wm. Black, Ablngdon, Iowa, was cured of cancer of the eye by Dr. Jones- Red Clover Tonic, which cures all blood' disorders and diseases of the stomach liver and kidneys. The best tonic and appetizer knowu. 50 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver & Co.' -y " What Is It going to do 1 GAS FITTER. Cron, Lead, Oalvert and Sewer l»ipe. A Foil Idne of JttrfMa GoodB, Engine SniLOii's VITALIZEB is what you 'need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. O. A. Oliver A, Co. 1 ' Natural £as Co. meets tonight in the Council rooms. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Uriffg'a Glycerine Sal ye— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, bunts sores, piles; tetter and ait akin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 26 eta. auaraat«*d. O. A. Oliver & Co. ! Eplpbany on the 8th. Pumps and Pump Repairs, Gas and Oil Fixtures. TITLES ..WARRANTED While many or tne Unds now owned by a. latora are under a cloud of title. Tneie ands are Bold wltti J-KKFKOT ABSTRACTS W HIUOKS FROM SIX TO TEN DOLLABS PER AOIUC. I have also a " pecn lani For etertln meat, fEMPIRE „-- » .By* property In 11 be taken aa part pay. > get good bargaliif HAP* AMP DEBCBIPTIOIV8 cheap, on which a good nronerfv in irpr ftock Faili vriil be tSjkSn M part p NOW Is the. time to get good bargains. Can be bad at my office, and cheap tickets to ^iiow we»t4tt» Mods. "IJ.BISHJ «•! bttTe been a great matfertr from Torpid Liver and J>y«|><,m,ia. Ewer* Toll's Pills I can n«<r«r hav* a b •4 firuwn nannd* In wl w. «. tvaLatanut, u SOILS »njr h««M< «Tf»t>4. bia, «. c. SHOP OPPOSITE PO(»T OHJ r-OflBTU OFFIVJU Red. Line IV o. 1. rBWDf McMAMIOAL HA8 HTARTKD A I new <trajr. and Is preraroi to do all kind* of . Moving household goods and planoi »n . LOOTS nrtera at MaJrln * Boo H«mr Jcbnsoo'l zrooerr. Wandora exist In thousand of -- —i, hut are surpassed by t iemarvel* or Invention. Those who are In need of proflublo work Uut can be done wbllo llvlnx at home should at QUIT) wuU tti«lr addnita to fl»J- leu A Co., Portlund, Maine, awl receive free, fuU Information how olthcr MX. of all *aeg can cum JromiB to fcS per d»y »nd upwards wh«ra»er thay lire Vou *n> tuned fre». C»ptt*l a»t re(mired. Sorzm tuv« nunlo or«r HO Ul a »iu*i» <l*f «t tol* work. Ail wecMd. dwtf F. B. HUBBA.B3). Hand office oppoitte Mannerchor Hall, bas !? Y0 i utlon J Ieatn8 world dur- ioKtlie last h»lf rentary. Hot, tary. Hot, .. , least among the wonders of Inventive progress Is a metHodf and syatem of work that can be performed all over tie countr out it- Pay lib untry out it-paratlng tb« workers from their horn"! beral; Pay liberal; anyone can do the work; either »eV young or old; no special ability rvquW Ca£ Ital not nee,i*d. you are started free. Cut thU out and return to lu and we will j^d you (ro^ something ot great value ami luiportjui e 10 you Uml wltt Hut you In bialucas, which win brW' you In more fflooey rUa; away, luan anything' utfit In tne world, Grand out .Au«iaU. Maine. tree. Address dwtf KOK £. B. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GAS H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY Mil. JOHN BUCKLEY recently employ of J. 8. Johnstoue M iVumte" 11" wlth WAUruH A. FACKT . ---, — - f lumber, now with E. Bairirot In tli« best plumbing establishment In Chicago Incase Sas^s*.!?. ^"J™ wo , rk ' 5° •»'?«, SfwelK -lake contracts and furnish mate- 'k In the I'luniblnif, Steam and Gas In stock Iron, lead and pumps, &c.,&c. : every- mcut. SHOP AT THE OJLD STAND FACEY BLOCK. STERLIN8, ILL BLUE LINE. THEEE WAGONS WHEN-YOU TRAVEU Talo th< Un.Ml.CUcl by th. Unlt,d SUt., Gov.rnm.nt lu Th. Flit Mill,—the cany /*». > *• CHICABO, AURORA, OTTAWA **" 1 """ r .B.' 8H *»"TO» (T. JOSEPH, AT6HISOI KAISA8 tlTT, KIMIlYlITT, ' OMAHA, CQUIICII. HUFF* UBOOUADtlVtB, ' Making Direct Connection, TO AND FROM •EW Tfl» VHTB ' Cood

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