The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 13
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flTPESDAV, JUNE 26, 1923 THE BUT CB IT* 3 UIS IN E. W /WANT APS jfOR «ALE—MI»CBl -UANBOU8 (Cont 'd! ! . FOR SAtJC—FURNSTURB One «o]!d walnut bedroom sulw: large wnlty dresser, chlfronstto, bow-end neo fa& bench; one ivory bedroom suite, same pieces ao wnlnutl two non'tufled Hoaly fnattressi-s, bedroom ruKS, large mirrors, bedroom rockern, four-pioco living room •ulte, two wicker rocker* tapestry up- hourtorlnif, one ank library table, six dining ohiilrs, <me white and nickle coal range, ono kltclien cabinet, two electr a lamps, one Ice cream rroeier, two electric Jans, ono roll-top desk, other articles, at a bargain. All need less than one year. Parties leaving city. 729 West Fourteenth street. I 18 26 - m AoBcttdMiief r. When you "lire seriously 111, whofti do you employ? When you need legal ac .Vco ton neck the best. When you wish to make a Bale of possibly oil you have earned and accumulated of several years hard work, whom will you employ to •ell It? (A salesman who knows value E ,nd Is in tho business). I'hone lutchlnson at Davy's expense, 18 6-25t EJSIE <SOLBflEH WEST BUnrTEK. MHLK. AH© Doldcn West Creamery,- U liust Fourth. Bum lighting, nyslcni; nu vibration no K olsc; laMs lutiRi-r lens repairs; Elves etter satisfaction. Let ua allow yon. ALAMO ELF .CTK1C CO, FOR M!.B~MltOllXAN£OUt (Cont'd FOR BA ^S ^Fully eauipped lunoh oar. Inquire ft car, 412 South Main. J8 20-80 FOR BALB—BeMo, carrot* and Will dellTflr. Phone B5F5. FOR 8AIJ3—Two bicycles »ood repair, III. «17 North Main. -18 2S-8J Bid \rork team, volglit 1,400 pounds, for •ale. 406 North Chemical. IS 83-86 FOR SALE—Second-hand tennis racquet and not. Phono 2843W. 18 25-2t FOR SALE—Pair good geldings. S. S. Spangler, phono 8330. IS U-U FOR SALE—Beets for canning. Falrvlow Gardens. Phono 8S60R.. " 18 21-10t.| FOR RENT—EleC-n* oteaaers, 11 per day. Phone 2049. 18 2-$5t MAGAZINE subscription!. Mrs. Inn Mies, 317 East Fourth. 18 2-261 FORP purls for sale. C, C. fcchelberKer. Bill South Main. 22 28-tlt FURNlTUnK. g:is platcajgnd swings. 115 East Tenth. 18 23-2'J FOR SALE— Bulldog*. Bun-ton, Kan, Ralph Hnz*n. 18 2S -0t "OP. BALE--Three- Call . plow tractor, cheap. IS 25 -St WANTIO TO 1UY (Cont'd) WANTED to buy—Uncompleted I. fe. 8 course. Will pay cash; must be reasonable. Phone 498. 21 23-28 AUTOMOBILKa EXTRA SPECIAL f Painting prices for June: Sedge tourings 130.00 Ford tourings ,,,, $17.60 : All other cars in proportion. Best of workmanship and materials. 823 South Main Street. Phone 1181. 22 1-7:1 OTAKANTTEEID) Panyard piston xlngs are guaranteed to" stop oil pumping, hoid compression, better than rogrlnding; lost than half the coat. Let us Bhirar you. Barry Hafor Auto Sorv Ice, 116 East Second, phone 744. 4- - I 18<35t- -»- AfiENCY Let me order you genuine liaxwell aud Chalmers parts. Call at 22 East A toe demonstration. RILEY MOTOR CO. Phone 2006. ' - 2! 28-2»t FOR good homo madefies call 3011,1. Mrs. Salmon. 18 7-2H ^XriCRT ptano'tuning. Jenkins Music Company. 1? 3-2ot STEVENS' phase. Studio - • PhotographB that 18 S-26t HOUSEHOLD furnlturo for 3S60J. ale . I'hone 18 25-28 FOR SAL.K-.Cu nanus. Phono 370. 61.5 North Adams 18 2:i-30 IRoadsftAnv 18 28-01 •toot' Mollne brncler. FOR BALK— Ono 8 - .. never us.-d, 1170; three Mohno i-row Lister cultivators, $C0 each; two Mollne balance fnimo cultivators, *37 each, Abov .i prices r .i.b. KlnRmnn, Ivan. Frank H. Buse iiji]ii..-mc:)t Cn. 18 ^'>-*t Iiarno fireworks; reman candles and sky ivekets at the rib'M price. E. L. Wells Merc, South Hutchinson. IS 2li-4t FOR SAl.n- -Tractor plow and farmlnir outfit, cheap. Will also rent farm, Improved, to parlv buying tools. Write Cha» K. Monroe, 612 South Orand. Ave., Lvons, Kan. 18 2u -6t Closing on ply 11123 r... Smith & Con 450. (Gsardlieffii Iffiosfi out at coat; suaiaiilcd flvo- ln',' t;a'.-d.-i: huue. I. S- 00 South ilaln. phone 18 26-61 .any. FOR SAl.Il- One nuto truck bed. $10; ouo rcll-fr-i' ilcs'a, $25; "one Puny safe for chlldicn. ^31,; pony Haddlc anil bralle, Spi; iwo .-h-cliir fans cheap. 72-t Webt 1* '>r,-ji SFCOSP -HASU ItF, V P.lG10i :,\'H .iKii of aH kinc.i at barfealns. Also use3 furniture, repairing raid uphelsterliiff a apeolalty. Hil'-aid Fumituro C North Main, plume 169. 510 18 2-26t A OOOD Ford truck for sale. Call BIOS. IS IS-lOt TO TRACE A SaHTBHi lEoom EIoEae to Ezcliiaiiiai® Far IFaurnan This home la well located In the hest residential portion cf UntchinBon; has kiiGe llvluR room extending across the entire front; large rUttlnit room: kitchen with built-in convenieu r ei4; breakfast room; full ' basement; garntro with front drivo; beautiful lawn; elegant shudes. » K1KC BRO.S., HealtoiH. Phone 550. lC>,a North Main. 17 26-lt YOUR chance lo quit farmlnE—Wlll trade six-room, modern housu tor your fanning equipment aiul lease. Address O -68, care News. 17 2ti-2y Wsunit A Cair for your summer vacation? Flml Just tho c*r you mt> looking i (»r Uiroutfti this want ads in Tha News. It you can't flpd It there, R IUUQ BL <1 will Utid it for you* Cull number 3, Newe clRsaliU'ii rtGp&rt- raont. 22 21*2bt WANT TO KELIJ TOUR CA.U? Thon list It with us. We u<i\\ them; no storage. HUfcrs Motor KxcUango. oppo- sito Convention Hall. . 22 12-Ut UUIGK 6 touring car first-class condition, good rubber, Al car, cheap for «fl .»h. Apply Mr. DeHart, Thlia. and Adams, Sterling, Kan. 22 26-4t FOR •ALE—CITY PROPERTY (Cont'd) by phonlnr S278 after 1:30 any ford- noon, 24 n-Jm FOR 1 * BALE— Five-room bungalow and vacant lot. Phona 29»7. 24 38-2Bt . ^rOR SALE— REAL E8TATK 2B alfalfa land. • Nice pcrove makes a nice rlvnrside park protected by tho new ditch; won't overflow; lays alony: paved road. Beventjen acroB above tho ditch; good land. Would sell at half price, Bea th» owner, I*. P. Helrortlmus, route V, Hutchinaon, Kan. 2E 22-^7 KOR SATiB—SO ar lBO acres sraas land, five mllea Maekevillc, Kan.; fenced; Ideal cow. pig and hen farm; high achool; need cash; 115 per acre; posu-'SBlon at once. J. F. Harris, Dodgo Cltv, Kan. 25 tU 5-51 FOR S A t.K— Improved lCu-n.-ro farm: no In wheat; ono mlJo oast of Medora. For FINANCE TRIPS BY BUM CHECKS One Tourist Started *on That Basis and is Still Going* Bankers are Warned. Of tho various methods expericncpG •by tourists aiul others In solvinp the "problems of "how to take a vacation trip at minimum cost," that of a man, mid to utilize various aliases, has heo.n called to tho attention of tho *en, Inman, rout« 4; phono lnman 1216. end 2-30 "MONEY to loan or. McXachtenI real estate; —ask 25 2-2Sr. FOTIK urond lots; mntl Will uf-11 aepar? abio price. I'hone 1097W ern coriveninnoes. Will BHII separntpt or tolethn*, reason- WALL PAPER. PAINTING, Eft. 26 I>»t us figure 3443. your palntinff. Phono REIJIABLB pnporing at a rfaaonabln price. Farming ton residence) phone 49F5. At ofrico Saturday and Monday. Phone 2617. Jaa. White, 21^ East Sherman. 5 20 29 r 25t PARTS • 1 tear them up and sell the parts; all make*-. A. K. Johnson, 16 South Washington. 22 18-2At FOR SALT 1 ;—Reo sedan in good shape, price 1175 cash If taken by July 1. Phone 813 or 39S;tW 22 25-3t FOR bargains In used cars, KO to Slifers Motor -Exchange, ' opposito Convention Hall. 22 121251 FORD—1921 touring- car-* for sale cheap; also trailer. Jenkins Music Co. 22 25-lit terms and 'prlco,, inquire of H. Ji. Ooort- \ Kansas Bankers' aEsoclattnn as "au ' extremist for personal eoonomy." Although trav+?linK in a fino biff touring car. ho la said t,o be nialilrjg his cross­ country trip entire at tho cost of others, via the bogus chuck routo. t To Iwgin with, i .H reportort to have purohast-rt the automobile with a fraudulent check, on the Scott County Savings bank, Paver.port, la. He rnr^j lert a trail of bo.^ia checka through Iowa, Missouri ami into Kansas. A report to the banken*' aHrto/s latlon heaaouartern here suy* he ha? used the name of "0. H. Oriffeu," "C. rl. Moore" and others. There nro many such inp-tanvos, according to County Attorney Harry F. Drown \Vho train that KB yet no chockB from this last hijrh fh?aiicier have appeared here. Hardly a day passes when several complainta are maJe to tlto county attorney of bad checks. Many are made in instances where no one Is ever caught. Scores are Arrested rfrul then released vrheh they make good. "This check law isn't rl^ht,* <taifl County Attorney Brown, "but I do not know how to do otherwise. It looks like a pi\rfronr--has everything to gain and little to los« by writlns a b'lu chock.* Of course ho or alio ia stuck for cost* of the prosecution If caught." FOR SATJI'J—Chevrolet coupe in Al condition. Sco Bunto Coul Co. 22 25-tit FOR SALK—Auto trailers. 116 South Walnut. J. L. Wara, 23T2-2& KIOIITY uer**H Improved land near Mll- tonvillc, to exchange for llutchlnMuti propiTt}'. 'X-'hoiif: 400. 17 H2-M WANTKD—To trudo an eqi fcrty for a good cur. K-GS, ilty in prop- cart* N'H\ s. 17 2 :i-30 URNO county land Id 1 rad* ^on property. Phono for Hutrhia- 17 3J-25t NOI'lCe—MISCELLANEOUS jntlck c, liutcit i, i-'uujsc, i .'»ui ^"-^'"1 Chevrolet 41)0, Ovorhmd, Auburn, Oakland and Puliimin cars. 11AHNKS AUTO SUPIHA CO. 12-24 West Sbenr.a:i St. P.umc 1G33. *^ 18 7-2.»t For your flavor, fr*:»h tea from all Wishing up to ©©Ss© Cffi'If«® Co. l!esf grades, fine Mixed fa for lei- \cW ti Parties •anh \vet:k rail or phone ISy, 302 .\yrth Main atverL ?rce oVllvtrj . TS i-gBt Mra. Ina Kilea. i-hon» il ; 7 Faat Fourth. rs 2-26t CabbHc;" tind lomatu planiH. Tralme Be.M I JIi.'Us>:\ .South HiiU-ldtibon, plion:) SSClUt . IS 0-25t for cooX frtovi;. iuaiinii atove, kad furnace. Vaaify Plantation. fireplace 3H 13-2^t WIRING CONTRAt-'TOi: AND KI:PAIR V\ OP.K. £27 Kast Seventh. ... I'hone 3034. IS H -T:U FOR SAl.iO--<"nns pray horae flv v years old, weight about l,2;i0 poimtis, well broite; prtc*i Noah Kiwloy, route l. is la-iui A CAR for your summer trip at your own price. A summi'.r without an automobile la almost Incomplete. Many bar- •ralna in Oil* line can b« atjcurcd through New* want ad«. £ SHOE HOSPITAL cor T 9 EAST FIRST fe y a MEANS a rhono ». Frue Delivery. • VI t-n .l is-?ru EVERYTHING VOll THE HOME . MmT!m@m WwwwMmr® WE HXHHANGE NEW puuisrriii'.n KOK UHIID. HOTECE Gaa burners raised and adjusted, save fi0% on your gas bill. Now' Is the time to get your furnace repaired. All work guaranteed. Phono 404 W. Morris & Morgan, stove and furnace experts"; 13 27-1'St Ma:gwl5csill Why mifftr \v!lh rhcuiriatism. liiyh blood prefc'iire, hi<y t'evci-. ..'i<-., F \vh'*n you can bo cored ri^h! ;i t lu>m-'V Com.; iwjil sua sis N. A 1 *A .\iy 1-J i'a-:<o WE FIT OLASSKJj '1*1 1 AT FIT lOy, Kaat Sluuman; ovt-r Oatea. H 28-26t GEO, C. MCE Optorr;«trl«tL Lyoa te» k e.i— Giaaeta fiftea. 16H North Main, over Jones tUioc Store. 13 2-26t Farm lighting system; no vibration, no Boise; laais longer, K-sa repairs; glvea botUT aatlHfaetlon. lAit us ahow you. ALAMO ELKCTR1C. 18 23-30 FOll bALL:—Cherries at Lelmbach oroti- ard, one mllt^ west on Fifth street, Vi rnilo north. Bring baBkota. Th n «* cherries arc fine, largo Montmorency. J2 -H.P. engine, jf3 tu'parator, cook ahack, water tank, everything complete; will sell or trade. For particulars, wire R, S. Randal), Grecnsburg, Kan. .FOR SALE!— My hoinu in Xlckorson. two lots, aix-room houa», water, lighte. Earage for two cars, large lots, fenced chicken tight. Frank Rltcha. bo*- 325, Nickerson, Kan. . 13 25-7:6 FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Jersey bull c West coining two years, J50; Jersey cow " " " Frederick, 3U W 18 22-4t bo fresh. ?75. F. F. Frederick, 3 Fourth road, south sido FOR SAlilO—Klectrle fan, bookcase and deak combined. Perfection oil stove, drpBuerfl, beda, dlHheB, etc. 1118 North Main. 18 25-4t FOR 8AI1K —Fuvnlturt,, Htovoo and rugs aold on ee,ay ])aymenta. MftchaU Furnl­ turo Co., 422 South Main street. IS 27-30c WE sell Storm King famous pJaatlc roof cem*nt for leaky roof a. L. J. White TLumber Co,, phone 65. 18 S-2St FOR SAIJ3—One 4^-ton T/iacher Machine Works Ice plant. Inquire of A. A, Appol, BusMon, Kan. 18 11-7:11 BARGAIN for quick cash sale—Three lota, garage, four-room houae, furniture. 706,.West A. -,H *l>-4t PITCHER pump with IS .feet of galvanized pipe; never been used. Fred Ha mar. Call 2181 \ 13 33-4t TIKGISTftUKP Jersey cattle; entire herd for 8*le: bust blood llnea. GWi\ Krlder, Newtorf, Kan. 18 13-7:16 EARN R5CTUA SFKNOING MONEY BY SIS LUNG THK NEWS AFTPJU 4 P.M. KACI1 iiVUNINti, ' 10c STARTS YOU. APPLY TO MR. GRAGG, NEWS OFFICE. 10 19-2flt OR. JIULL., a foot specialist la With Dr. Nichols at 223 Kast Second. Broken arches treated succeaBfully. phono 2013 for appointment. s 111 4-26t FOR SALE—Auto trailers, lit South WalnuL J. U War.l, 2^ 2-2M POULTRY M.llk fed, nicely dressed. Phone us your order. Salht City Pr®diai(C® (Co. 18 East Third, phono 779. KOH SAIJB—l->; to 21;-pound trier! and hroilcTB at CO cntu i-ui.'h. Arkansas Valtoy Company, ono block north o£ Sylvia pavement on Hcndrlx Btroet. 23 2G-4t ^on civvijr.— nv r». .v. Jour weuiiM old chicks, Hr.c each; IS U. o. laying hensl fine brollera 35o pound. 729 Kast 10. 23 iS-m BAHRED Hock esgB tor netting. Also baby chick,, Buff Orpington and Barred Koclt. Phone 2381W. 23 thf3 2-25t FOR SALE—1'uro Whit© fckln duck PitKS. r.Oc acttlnK. Mildrtd "White, piiono Wh. 2a 22-28 FOR BALTl— Thorouuhbred Ba-red lloolc ««*s, *1 «etting. Fliooa 30S», 413 Eant A. -J3 7-261 AilK your chicks dymg7 Savo them -with D&rho,'i Drug. 23 7-2Bt FOll BALK—Baby chlcl;«ua, 16 conta each. Phono 8600. - ^ 23 B:ll-90t FOIt KALE—Egif^ for hatching. I'bon cleaning wanted. Call 24*W or Duvall Pharmacy St. Work guaranteen. 20 8-7:8 nn Paper nanginK and painting. Leading line 1923 wall paper. Prices reasonable^ work and paper guaranteed. Phono 8017W. 20 10-26t FOR flrat-ciaas paper hanging and paper, reasonable prices, call J. A. Lister, phone 3292J, 1018 East Lleventh. S6 2-2Jt WALL paper, to per aoubio roll or bolt and up; 26c per bolt for hanging. Phon. 12o3J. 26 7-25t WALL paper, 6c pel uoublo roll or bolt and up; 26c per holt lor hanging. Phorip 12&3J, it 7-251 RAPER hanging, painting, Cllne, phono 2826W. Harry F. 20 21-261 CALL E. C. Stltt for iiJctntlns and paper hanging. Paper furnished. Phono 1439W 26 20-25t PAPKU hanging and palntinp;. Let us show you new samples. Call 2194W 26 10-26f MESSENGER SERVICE HASTY Messenger, phone 5;!S. Ideal Messenger, phone 2i»i>4, FINANCIAL. national elimination balloon contest to start hero on July 4, Lemuel Bollea national adjutant of Uio veterans or- g-^niiatlon announcod today. Tho balloon which •will have a capacity of 80,000 cubic feet, la being tur- nlilifHl by the commanding officer of the 382nd air ehlp compruly, general hoadquartcra ra«orv«a, rlilrd corps, army area, and will bo pllotevi by C. il jMcCullutigh of Baltiiuoru, Md., -with T/Ui'tt. Carlton F. Bond. U. S. atr Rorvico, Aberdeen, Md., proving; ground, aa aido. BELPRE FAVORED BY PRESIDENTIAL STOP Bflpre, June 2G,--Eolprc i» feeling her oats over ths fact that uh« was out! of the favored few towns wlicro the Presidential ai,eriai stopped. Most of the limited traljm mko our '.IS per cent pure, water lion', so IVolprc^il asltiiiK 'that tho apnciaj do the fame. The engine did not liappt-n to he WILL RETURN TO ADDRESS COfC. Edwajrd Colladay, Now Preaittent of Washington Chamber, to Como Here July IS. Rhmrrt Colladay, a former Hutch- lnKon man, who has he^n In Washing: IV C, pntctli-iUy all t!:« tlrn" wim-o grndaating from law aohool, will aililrws tho Hutchin-Mii Chamber of Commerce <m July IS. He haa ac- ei'lileil the Invitation extended by tho local hoard. Mr. dtlla'lay la-now lie' projldent of th^ (lutmber of r<»mi;ieree. of Waiihlniftiin J). C, nr,d hrs in rile past f.'\v y'.irH demoli'blnile.l t' ho IR uiui'li alive to tho need;; of liiat town. He was 01?'' of tho iawyeis of tho thirsty, but tho train stoopVd anyhow, J S a i lihl1 ''•''• v «<'<-iiT- t .d" iejrUl.itiou and the populace » U '<x»-U • w " huh **"«'''" lh « ''eflidenis of that city from both tho Chlof liiccutlvc aiul Ma 1 tl ' lvn V """ K l' rM "'K"-" ">" beautiful wife, and had « kxrk ' th " r '' » v '»e Ui ih«. «»(..». Mr. Colla\ day is nl.^o Keimhllean n.iteMial com! mitfeemnu i 'ri .m nistrirt ''oliimttia. Mr. C.,,ilM!. ( y will j,.|n !':- frtUT, 1 Ilr. S. M. ('eUadn.y anil In' hrollwvr, METHODIST BOYS TO, HAVE SUMMER CAMP THK K'IIVKKN AGENCY Phone 205&. Slate Jixchaiitfe Uank TlMff 25 2-2it MONKY to loan; ninall amounts. Woifar^ Loan Co., 15Ws North Main. 2it2ii~7;C FARM loana, 6% Interest, low commission. i_,oau «jo., u Noth Main. 29 2-25'' FARM and city loans, lowast rates and commission; wrlto or call for f uil details. J. N. Balloy &. Son. 29 2-25t MONEY to loan on farm and city property; —aak McNaghten! 29 2-25t CITY loana. Newlln-Manning Loan Co HH North Mali*. 29 2~25t LOST, STRAYEti^OP. STOLEN 30 lA^ST, last nfElit—Lrfidy'a p».-kfibouk between Uurrtoii and HalatPatTT containing: bank book und papen;. Jt-.ttui-n to Hulbert I.. \Vag"K«rnmn, i '05 Kaat Fifth, Haifitifatl; or Lincoln Inn, Hutch!u«on; and receive reward. u l) i ^-L'i -•n Ky KO.U pumps, driven wellu, casing wells and irrigation ouU'lta and yard outfits, sou D. M. Mayers, 3LS East G, phone 2211, 19 25-7:5 STOPI Thlnkl Why throw away your olfl furniture when we can make It cood ft» new? IVnairtng and uphoVst«rln)( ^, gp«- ctalti. TupecUy ordared. La\*nan Furnt- turo Co.. 60S North Mala atieet, phono 67S. 12 27-20t KI-JMiNGTOfJ Salca and Service—Rem- Jngrton Typewriter Co., 24 West Fira,, Phono 402. B. A. Klintzel. •aluaman, ^ 19 4-3.51 KYKS1GHT; conaervo It. Get th« facts about your ey«s. Dr. Darland, 24te North Main. 13 15-2ftt NOT.ICF., real estate men—Lota », 10, 11, 12, Lee's second addition, are off tho market. 11) 2&-3t LAWN mowers sharpened; called for and delivered. 14'West A, phone 1797. lit 6:i(i-20t WANTED—Furniture te repair, reflnlah or uphutffter. Call 1413. ^lS ia -80t FOU real garbage service, phono Sanitary Garbage Company, 3910. 13 25-26t HIGHEST m-lcea paid lor men's clothing Phone 777. 39 2-26 FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY 2H j IF&rr Fffljaoair© IPir©ifuft , Ii3uny Maw All of these properties are worthy of tnspectfon: * 1 Stven rooinn, hot wiitur heat, 82xl6f» | feet closo in ori A F.iKt. This tootiigp its conatM-vativeiy worth ¥-.,000. The pi ice with all. Improvements te only Jfi.&UO; terms- SU JU G O fret, va»aut close In A Kast cor- ni-T, a real apartment house or bungalow court Pi to. Price 54,000; terms, 4H feet. ""North Main business district. Improved douni^ Jipn rt men t house, leased to pay good Income on lnvewtmont, a sure lncnass In value on this piece every year you hold it. Double apartment houso, closo tn, ln- ouiriD $g0 per month, 66x165 foot lot, a fine Investment or elegant home. Six rooms, strictly modern, also four and five room strictly modern north end homes, .priced right. BEN V. IJAMDORN, Realtor. Geo. Shaler, salesman. S NoYtn Main. 24 26-lt Bight-room houso close In to bualness center, will noon double In value, prfca $4,260; might consider cottage. Elegant North Main street home, nine rooms, garage, shade, fully' modern; sacrifice at $'i,600, terms. Now p.ll modern, five-room bungalow, east front and built-in features, laundry room in basement; |3.&0i>, t^rma. It. C. G1CTTKU Phone 2C3; R«s. 177&. , 28V4 North Main. 24 26-lt LOST, Saturday on road betw via Stafford t-.» Prat t—-FrciiL black ra.«e made by Frank 11*•lt<tu Co.; had ,1-jnt Hb/JtiL Tour )nt;ht.s lonir- Report to I'riitt band atul receive reward. ^0 2C-^L iUlII hinsu n L< >ST —Itrowu and white Itostt Teriier, fcinalc, betwi'cn ]ju and five mil^a south. Finder return tu G1S Faot C. Reward. Phone 2'J02. <^D 2J-4t TAKI2N UP— Six young cattle., five" Jerseys and onu black. F. t;. Kruener. 2U, milrs east und ono mile south reformatory barn. I'hcne 43F12. 20 23-2t LOST—F.rown coat with bhm and red pin stripe, ten miles east on Santa Fo trail. Reward. Call 36F14. ;pj ^i,-2t LOST—J5 bill tied In handkerchief, Sat urday in Pegues-Wright. Phuiu- 27r.i.J after 6 p.m. 30 26-26 First Contingent Will Leave Tomorrow Morning For Grove North of Nickerson. Tho yoimff boya of the Mtitho<list Buntkiy scliool will be tendered tho use of a fMumnm* oain.p a pa in this flHTiimor t^rouch 1'nn.lipln nf Mm Husi- TIio (ramp will be e ^rfablis'lied " aT the (Insch jrrovo six inlk'3 north of NicktTSon. Hero CMmp equipment will bo placed and the c^inp will be in opevnition until the fiiT-t of Septem- bei*. Tho first contingent .eaves tomorrow mormng j at a: ;su m truckfi from tlm church. Kac.h contingent will bo allowo^ thrco days and lb reo nights at tho camp. Tho polii t irhore the cwn p is Jo- cattd is ono of the prettiest places in Reno county. A largo prove will afford pbmiy of irroti .'ction fixnn HUH and ruin ami the creek which runs through tho ftrnund.s will afford plenty of swimming, fishing and all sorts oC oport3. To get to tho camp one drives to the section line this »irio of Nioher- «on, then Etraig -ht north to where the creek mm:.. at their smiling fru^. Tho -courtly Is much ai>prf*elatf>'.l: many children, including sonio bi *i>\\ n-fa* ed ULUO Alnxlotiia, will tell their sraud children nbr)ijt the event in (hiy.s to eonse. FIND PURSEANDRAIL TICKETS TAKEN FRIDAY Tho tholf who entered the homo ot J. P. Hubbard at 019 Fourih avomia oast, Friday morning, afid ntole <hn pockctbook boloiiKlng to Mr. Hubbard's dnughtor, Mra. Grant Dlohorfon, of Canyon City, Colo., evidently only wnntetl tlio monoy and tho watch which was also taken. Tho PUTBO vrna found In tho woods In the alley between third and Fourth Ph;u-'e ;3 Coliaday who will . ;:n.. from (\ilK.irnla. Later Hie d.-i.,:- -,vil| M:- <:oiupa.ny h.ifl HTIU to \\";>s:i;:if i ^n for a visit. While in tho .iiy th -.-v will bo guesla «.t tho l-'hink f.o'hwUy homo. MORE BOMB THROWING IN THE RUHR REGION (Ry The Afisr>Wa to.t I'r»^) We .S 'badcn, Uermaity, ,(uti«* 2*1.—• DomU. throwing has he-:?a r ^yt>rted to In an effort to deter (iiuinan civilians from patronising trmins emit rolled by - the French, A bomb WIL; thiMv/n early Sunday ajid the. money, about ni and j Unlay into tho waiting roi»m of the tlio wrist watch, w.i.s «ono hut Urn] Wehbndeii shahm where a !artf« nnm- railroad tnmsi>ortfttlon was left with ! her of Cermans were awniMiK a train, the purse. Mrs. Dickers-on had ajreudy i Tlw explosion woui.d. i lw,v per*»on« ''l ft ., for hor 110111 ? but n,M ' t^thor sent [ norlously and caused cou >nderablo on the recovered articles. DAMNING TESTIMONY OF BROTHER FAILS TO SHAKK AhLECKl) MURDERERS STOCK EXCHANGE HEAD IN NEW YORK RESIGNED William S. Silkworth Quit* rts Head of the Consolidated Organization. STRAYED -One bay muln branded on left hip. Call 1250, Hern's Mill. 30 ;2-«t LOST —Muaonic nln. Fintler plcuMr. rail 2133J. Sii S»-s» •! 9SE. LC^ST—Alamlte sreuHo Eun , x 'lui 3U8INE8S OPPORTUNITY HERB 'is an opportunity to establish p good paying bUHl- neaa In a town that la growing. If j*ou are a rustler you can make good. No one need apply unless you mean buslncaa. Ad- 6reaa F-66, caro News iov particulars. FOR SALE HTDB PARK CORNER _• One of the, beat vacant corners In the city at a real bargain, from owner. Call phone 2611 ^or address box 320, city. 24 18-10t DO YOU WISH TO SBLL7 List your property with u>. CAREY REAL ESTATE 1NV. CO. m N. Main, Phone tn. tt ai-26t J. H. SHOWEllS, ohlropoiiuK, j;i Baa . A Phone 202B. IS 3-a.t WANTED—M18UELLANEOU3 20 TOR SALE— 8 -foot aJcCormmlc blndor, good Bhapo; 12-foot Acmo header. Phone 2>i6. Id H-S5t FOR SA.L15—Modern, twelve-room room- lilB house. WO Bust Kourlh. 18 20-8t yOR SALI'J—Tomato plants, r«i(l and'yel- , low plums. 310 North WoudarU. 13 14-251 FOll 8ALH:—Ono druseer, two settoea, one leather golf naif. Phone 18 26-4t 3TOR 8AL12—AVe.tinghouse jdecti'lo ranffe, ' iv. Puone 190J. high over, good, as new. 4JALL 410SW for all klmls ot cakes, ploulc WT- », . . .......... , lg W .j SM , 31CWIKU maohtno repair work; guaranteed; country or etty: examination •fre<»; repair all-' makes. Family manufacturing homatttohers » apeclalty. Phoas Wp. J. C. Lynch. 20 l.itt SEWING mac.fdno cloaning, overhoullna:; work guaranteed. J. P. Barman, phone 2470. 80 2-2et SUNFLOWER PRO»UC£ We call for poultry anywhere market prlcA Phone 26SJ, J13 So' Main. 20 2-25t pay uth WANTED TO OUV E1 WANTED to buy— B-conS-imna turniturs and rugs; highest prlcea. John.on Furniture Co., 113 Somh Main, 21 2-2St HIG11KST plena paid for men'k cam-off dominganu ahoes. Phona 1188.1. 21 8-25t WANTBO— Coo-} used houielioM furniture. Phone li!49. 21-2R-8t HIGHEST* prlcea paid for men 1 , elotulne. Phone 777. HI l.jfi WAN'fKD—aecund-haudjlforil.' 7l» Ifoortn- - - - - • ju»«-&t FOR SALE by owner—New suburban home, oteht rooms, sleeping poroli. would consider city property or farm land. Terms win bo arranged. D C. Mitchell, 728 West Fourteenth. 24 2t-lllt FOR BALK—Stx-roora, two -story, at 41S Kast Fifth, modern, except furnace, can be boucht on tarma, la.aoo. Lincoln S Davis. 24M-4t FOR SALE by owncr—Seven-rc-in house 607 North Plum, 60-fuot front, double garage, gjod brick cellar. Phone 150SJ. , 24 2j-26t FOR SALE or trade—Hutohlnson residence, eleven rooms, on Waat Twelfth, strictly modern, up-to-date, will trade for smaller residence. Address F. J Ross, 618 East Eighth street, Larned, Kan. 24 14-2St C®<M3 & Bamsx Real estate, rentals, loans, Insurance. Over Central State bank, phona |4S4. 24»oa4:14-B0t FOK SAX45--My new, strictly modern home, all conveniences oasnpiete. Open for inspection. lOii Wast Fourteenth. 14 l-ao A BlX-room cottage,'all modern en East Eleventh, close fo Main, for quick sale price |4,7«0. Klukol Agency. 24 TOR SALB—Flve-room, strlotly modern OoltMKi. S25, West Staveath ; street. Lincoln I. DATU. •» M-»t BUSINESS PROPSSTV / imall business In fairly largo town. Doing good business. Thriving town. Small capital " irlll handle, Oood roason for sjeUln^r. For Information, address , U-«5, CARS NEWS. 13 21-29 FOR SALE—A good reBtauvant, 501 South Washbieton street. JSuslneas Is very good, will sell ehoap for cash Frank Harris, Prop., phono B778. 88 14-10t BUILD1NOS, lots, commercial and long term leases; —ask McN'aghten; Flrsi National building. 83 2-JM New York, Juno 20^—William S. Silkworth, retired aH president of tho Consolidated .Stock Exchange today*; His resignation waa accepted at a meeting of tin; special exchange com- ralttoo yesterday. Silkworth had been "under fire" in connection with tho InrffitlRsittcni Into tho failure of tlio &toe.U brokerage firm of hi. M. Fuller and <;ompany. Silkworth ceased to be a member of •the exchange also,' H way aimouuced, haviilK aold hifi seat. Lawrence Twoedy, a moinhor ot tho exebangu slnco 1900, waa expected to gucceed Silkworth. CHIROPRACTORS TO > GO TO LAKE BEDEL Reno County Association and Families to Have Picnic There This Evening. Tho members ot the Iteno County Chiropractors association, and their families aud friends, aro to have picnic supper and ylsit this evening at Lake liedeJJ, east of town. The members of tho association from all over tho county and other friends are to attend. It Is expected that tho cool air at the lako will make the evening a pleaeeut ono. Mrs. Anna Buixl leaving New York courtroom with ilrputjp escort. No™ York. June. 2<>.—-Tho -testimony of her broth-or WiWlam 'lure, mtuto'a alar witness, that,»h« ailmitted to him the ftlayhiK of Frederick Schneider, millionaire contractor, failed to worry Mra. Anna Iluzn!, now on trial for her life. Mis. i.hizzi is nllcKnti to havo shot tho oimuairtor while motoring aloii^: a lotudy road. Mrj. Buzzi do- ales tho churgo. 8ERIES OF DEBATES. T111B IB MONK* IB a truo saying of the time you spend tvadlng News want ads. PART OP HEARST RANCH. K ia to Be T»ken Over by tho Government of Chihuahua Boon. Mexico CVty, Juno 23—W. W. Ferrl3, naumgor' ot^the iBabicora Haaob In caihuaiiua itato own«d by W. It. Hearst, has rocolvod word from Gov. Ignaclo Hnrlquei that the Chihuahua agrarlau cotninlssion is about to take recourse to tho agrarian. for the purpose of taking ovor part of the mocii crate* ty,... •. ; t• ••., . Fo-rmor Governor Allen of Kansas to Talk Some. Huron, S- Juno £5. —Former "<> Y. Henry J. Allen, ot Jlansaa, has con- seutsd to a serlea of debates tn South Dakota -with Warren H. Bock, president of tho staio federation of labor, according to an announcement given today at labor Ireadcruiirtefra hero. The debata wlH bo held at Huron, Aberdeen, Mitchell, Canton, and Sioux SVlb. 'AMERICAN LEGIONAIRE" IS NAME OF A BALLOON Indianapolis, I.nd., Juno IS.- ."T!: American Lc-i-;!onuaire" -wlU bo the e: tryv of the Ameiicaa Legion In thei

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