The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 6, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1859
Page 2
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THE Friday Mornlnjc, , i. .» .-,,M«y6 A Good Joke on U«e Know 'QuLftohxin was Infona&Sr* J chnsettfl.thnt the risjinMidaniijositlyely agn*? to refuse Baffrage to-natll»lw6a^oreignera, for tw<fyear B '«Rertbejtccowe oitUwns, fts one of theoonditioMof R onion of BepnbUoanB.wid Americans in that: States Pursuant to that agreement, the republicans in two legislatures ti«ve'passed th6 measure by a two-thirds vote, and it no* remains for'them to ratify or reject it at the polls. Mr. Sohurz ; adviseS the republicans to reject it, notwithstanding their agreement to adopt it. He said that the know nothing! Would cheat them if they did not cbeat ttio know nothincs, and, therefore, urged them to get the start of the know nothings by cheating first. This is a good joke on the know nothings, *nd we hope that Scburz' suggestion •still be followed, as we sincerely dssire the defeat of "the two years'amendment,. 1 ' We do not believe, however, that the republicans ar»opposed to it.. They may vote it down, as a matter of poUcy, this time, but it will be with the understanding that it is to be revived after the preaidential election, in some form, and put through, not only in Mossaobusfltte. bnt in New York and other States where the republicans arc in the ascendanoy. The Boston Post says : " There cannot be two opinions as to the coarse of leading republican papers out of Massachusetts, as to the two years' amendment.— It is characterized by a bold mendacity seldom surpassed. They represent that the repnbli-! cans here are hostile to this provision. So farf from thin, the proposition is the result, notoriously, of party arrangements. The republicans, as a party, flatly agreed to refuse suffrage to naturalized foreigners for two years after they become citizens N ow tbe New York Tri- bvnt is advising the republicans to vote the proposition down, because its adoption might defeat tbe election of a republican President in 1860. It says, however, thai it is in favor of doing something in the know nothing line hereafter, when '-the proper time" comes j i. e., after the republicans have bagged the Ameri" can votes. Tbe Tribune goes for an interval between naturalization and voting, bnt thinks the,two years' interval is too long. Thus the republicans -are in favor of branding the foreigner with a servile badge, on account of birth, after he becomes as American citizen. " Old .leffersonian Democrats ! Resolve to raliy neil Monday to defeat the Two Years' constitutional proposition ; and rally witb the spirit, and for the same reasons, that animated the republicans ol '98 when they carried on their noble warfare against the alian aiid sedition laws." Early Convention. There has be»n a good deal of sharp discussion recently, in some of our democratic pa papers, as to the time when our next -Stale Convention should be held Those which favor the calling of that body at an earlier date than has been usnal, express a 'desire to have time for a fall and thorough canvass of the State before election, and they allege that as the principle reason for the proposition.— Those whe are opposed to this course, pretenc to belive that it is part ol a scheme contrived bf anxious politicians—anxious for their own advancement—to cheat tlie masses, especially the fanners, out of all participation in the primary meetings, and the presses putting fort I: this view of tlie mailer ring with denuncia fions of this wicked attempt to ignore tlx rights of thai valuable jiortion of our population To reaH ttieir invective on thif- subject, ther rhetorical flourishes about restoring the party Io itc pristine purity, and eWt'ne "pure men,' and driviuc the corrupt captain.s, lieutenants, ««rgra-ul* and c.orporals of tb« organization inio inglorious reiip'inent, you uiiirht if TOD did not know anv lietu*r, fanrv that the?*- gentlemen had never aided in packing a Convention, Aiad wi \ c<l uu^j>}»t-uliwrslilp. nor acte.d in the capacity either of journeymen or master-workmen in that entertaining and useful branch of business. They evidently int«ud to make the people of the rural districts believe them to be the pure kind of men they themselves pretend to admire no much, aiid perhaps our rural friends will swallow ihe bait—they are somewhat in the habit of pulpine down, without winking an eye, very large doses of that description - bnt w.- rather tlnrik th*T will not lie inclined to tuke these fzmiUemnc mt<> their confidence so readily. Tbe fact is, that so far as the inflnence of one set or another of politicians is concerned, it is a matter of no importance when the convention shall be held, and we do not believe that anj of there care a fig on their own account whether it be held & few weeks earlier or .later. They are all smart enough to < '• r np to any programme that may be arrai...,-<1 for them. Bui if our friends who display HO much anxiety tn have the co-operation of the fanners ure sincere, they can better gocnre that desiteratum bv having the convention called to meet by or before the middle of July. In tbe latter part of J'One, and the first half of the next month, th" men who cultivate the soil have more leisure than at anv other time of tbe year, except that large portion of the winter whieh we have in this latitude after the first of January. Soon after tbe middle of July, harvest commences, and then there is no more rest for them until late in ihe fall. They mast reap what they have jsown, and gather It in, and thresh it. and take care of their corn crop, and do their fall ploughing, and dig their potatoes, being lucky if election doe? not find them busily engaged in the last named opera tion. We believe that the reason we have mentioned, as the main one assigned for having an early convention,!? sound. The State ought to be as thoroughly canvassed as possible, and il will bf an advantage to the electors to have the candidates before them at least double tbe time that has hitherto Intervened between nomination and election. Let the farmers and all classes of men attend the primary meetings and see to the election of delegates who will represent them fairly. It ie their duty to attend such meetings, just as much as to attend the general election, and we hope they will not neglect it. Let them take a hand in nominating candidates, and then there will not be the usual grumbling and growling abont pabking conventions, and the tricks of politicians. Let them direct the politicians what to do, and not wait to see what son of a dish tbe management of a few operators may prepare for their judgment.— Janeainllt Times. AK ELECTIOKEERIKO DOCUMEST. — The New York Herald nays : The New York' State Central Committee have issued an address to the republicans of New England. H begins with a pathetic appeal to the Massachusetts republican know nothings, against the proposed law, which prohibits citizens of foreign birth from exercising the privilege of voting until two yeans after they shall have been naturalized, and urges the necessity of concentrating all the opposition elements, of whatever creed, color, party or nationality, upon the one idea i— hostility to slavery. We doubt, however, Whether the Germans, who, as a class read the daily papers, and are, therefore, generally intelligent, will be caught by chaff of unch poor quality as that thrown out by the black republican party managers. AT. — A spirited contest for the mayoralty of-Watikesha, Wis., was-torminated on Tuesday by the election of A. F. Pratt, Esq., an ardent democrat, and the democratic nominee. His majority was not large, but sufficiently decisive. The republicans do not like Mr. Pratt at all, for the reason, it is presumed that be does not like them, and works against them with a will. His candiday, consequently, called ont the full republican vote. What gives peculiar significance to this result is tbe fact that Wankesha is the home of Randall, the republican governor of Wisconsii. —Chio iimet. • \ Ripon jSfar etye that domestic nreet can ;be raised from -tVe sugar cane cheap. «r than H can be bought. W6 never, knew be- fon Uyrt for » man to raise cone tended towtrd (be Rev. JT. Cook Richmond, Rector of :—-It mty be deemed- impertinent n an unolerical tnechanic presuming to reply to anjr strictures that a reverend gentleman'; ike yourself, has advanced, bnt as a letter, directed to the Eev, Mr. Staples, of the Unitarian, has been addressed by you, through the columns of the Daily News, this presumption in me, I hope, will be pardoned, as in hat letter are certain allusions to tho hearers of that gentleman, which 1, as one, consider as fitting to reply to. If any offence Is given by the aot H it is my peayer, that it may be met with hat feeling of forgiveness, that one so eminently Christian in profession M yourself should oheerfolly accord. Yon commence, after stating yonr personal Headship, by an assertion of your faith, fol owed by a sneer at a disbelief having existed against it, then bj an assnmption.ioo wide fo r the limits of a letter, as it embraces the whole ecclesiastical field of history for "fifteen hundred and thtrty-fonr years," and which might possibly open the field again of controversy, mildly hinted at in the ninth article of the creed of which yon subsequently profess to be a believer, but which article seem to imply that the whole "Christian world" have notex- eroised that unity of belief claimed by you in the second clause of yonr correspondence. You then go on in the third clause to state yonr faith to be contained in the " apostles' creed, or tho faith of the apostles." I would merely enquire, which one of those creeds yon refer to? As there are some three or four, if not mure, bearing different dates on record, and which bear on the face some things that do not readily accord, and appear to have followed respectively the spirit of the age in which hey were compiled, and, therefore, evidences either a progressive or retrogressive faith, that to me looks somewhat like differing with yonr deas of never changing: and if the creed to which yon refer is "the Nio«me, as the articles of faith of your church assart, did ittake tlirne lundred and tweuty odd years fdr Christianity to progress or developc to that form? or does it accord with tbe confessions held an tenor to that period. You next indulge in a charitable fling at ''Boston" and its "notions." Not having ever had the pleasure of being at that " At li- nns" of America, 1 cannot speak personally of its surroundings, nor of its peculiar claims ; :iut of the notions of some Boston men, 1 may say that they do look to me as in accordance with that living faith written of by James in chap. 1, verse 27, and io be an embodiment of that principle of prirate interpretation of Scripture for which Luther and Calvin warred, and of that Prot*stant idea of despising the teachings and traditions of a so-called church, when in open violation of the plain record of Christ and the Apostles' teachings. And if it is a ' notion," It is one that the prophecies would look like leaning to, when il desires every soul to look forward to that time when each one shall become a " hi^ priest to the living God." These "notions of "Boston' are certainly of that character that teach men ihe practical duties of tin- hour, the requirements of to-day, and not the indefinite postponing of a reckoning that an eleventh hour confession of creed may avert And having that effect, they are such "notions" as fill ttie wants of man and lifts him up nearer to his Maker. Mr. Staples has his opinions and dares to n tier them ; hie hearer? havi- th~ir« and dare contradict him when lli.-y differ. But they each profess and lielieve in the, txerci?-e of tin- individual rights of conscience, and to follow ont that broad line of duty that it directs th'-m to pursue.. They place no l-liml faitlj in urevcU or dogmas, nor accept no man'n n« i l-oily of men s ipse dixit., I'tit look to the II, avi-nh j Falber lor that puHlunc* which H'l* spirit tfiv.-* Io each of Hi* children They j.lui-.- no M'U'i attachment on books .nor a collection of l>ooks. but accept ouch for the truth it contains, not for the errors that are clear t" the sensi-s. Nor do they ground their faith on any man s clamor or windy assumptions, but exercise God'e given faculty, reason, in reading and jadcinc for themselves, and by an honest eiercisi- and use ol thi.1 faculty, they are convinced that ''Him who is without rooveableoess or shadow of turning,' is the same " yesterday, today and forever," and would not have commanded that to be written as His word, which the science of to-day demonstrates as an absurdity and lip. Tiie hearers of Mr. Staples therefore be. lieve, in one respect at least, like the i R> i v Mr J. Cook Richmond, that "Christianity is not founded on the Bible," and cannot conc-ive why such a palpably self-evident fact should have employed the labor of his astute pen to demonstrate, when the veriest tyro in n-ason- ing could have answered Its first proposition , and they will also go as far as that geutlemaT , and perhaps further,in disbelieving it is founded on the Church. For creeds they care not. nor for dogmas, but labor to understand their duty and to perform it. They have no fear of the ceisatibn of a heavenly Father's love, nor dread of an endless wrath to torment them, but look np to him witb an abiding trust and hope that all the disasters of tbe world cannot shake. Von refer Mr Staples to a book called "Common Prayer," for a confession of faith as held by yourself, it may be well to inquire to which particular collection you refer* If to the one n use by the Episcopal Chnrch of Enuland.of which her most precious and Christian Majesty, Victoria of Great Britain, (strongly supposed to be tinctured with Unitarianism,) is tbe visible bead, it may not be amiss tor you to state, or if to the one adopted by tbe Episcopal Church of the United States, possibly it would be well to compare tbe articles of faith to ascertain whether there baa been any "progress" or change made in accordance with the march ol ideas ; and as some future changes may take place, would it not be as well to state whether yonr faith will change with those modifications, or not. The hearers of Mr. Staples believe this :— That to do good ia the first, last, highest doty of man ; that to this end eveYy purpose of the mind, every faculty of the soul, shall be employed ; they know that, looking from different stand-points, and through mediae more Or less obscure, that every day the same object does not present Itself in the same view. That which is now dim and obscure, "seen through • glass darkly," may to-morrow be bright with spotless light; and so, If under a former impression they give utterance to an error, if tomorrow's light exposes that error, they as boldly state that conviction, and wait in trustfulness for more. They believe in that "charity that never feileth,'' in that hope tttrt always endnreth, which lifts them up above the sooffs and sneers of narrow bigotry and blind sectarianism, aod makes them at peace with their God. Yours Very Respectfully, A HEAEER OF MR. STAPLES WATBB WOEKS.—We publish this morning, on our fourth page, tbe Eeport of tbe Joint Committee of the Common Council on Water Work*. Thereport embraces an aot u / {h e legUla'nre, authorizing tbe city to assess water renta—the contract between the Milwaukee Hydraulic Co. and Messrs. Converse & |Habbard, and other.matters pertaining to. the subject of furnishing the city with water, which ahoold ba carefully read and examined by the 3fy Dear Ntw» :—In the great enterprise which-we-havo undtrtaken, to dig put, and show to those people in this country and England, who wish to know the truth, the pure .gold"of the ancient Christian Faith, we shall of course, have to put our crow-bar and pickaxe Into some thick layers of dirt: such as gndicH, ignorance, want .of docility, prej sumption, arrogance, modern Pharisaism,—. » "little learning* which is here truly a daii- gorous thing,' 1 —and false reputations for love of Tinth, and true greatness:. In building up this truth, and in purifying this: precious ore from dross, I am forced, though unwillingly, to take some of the pegs ont, and Irt some false reputations down towards the ground I thought it best to begin with a pretended demi-god, and show tnat Beecher, for exam pie, is not exempt from the rules that guide gentlemen in polite, Christian usage, e. g. In regard to answering the polite letters of gentlemen, and other people. For this purpose, I address him this lett«r ; auother 1 have sent to the Chicago Timt*. which has already begun tbe war against the charlatanism that blinds the people's eyes, like that of a juggler; and a-third letter cornea ont in tho Church Record, 16th inst. If the letters are not.TBUTH I shall recall them. RICHMOND Richmond and Bcechcr. To the Editor •/ the Newt : Here are tbe much talked of verses, or rhymes, with Belcher's name Io them. He has never denied tbe authorship, though he has had an opportunity ; but the answer was evasive. Now, he can come out and deny them, or else his silence will ncknowledpu them, ao- cordinf; to the old adige. Out of regard io his reputation, I withli.-l<! them two months , but as Bencher does not obey polite usage ami custom between gentlemen , there is no bond on' Richmond, who .toe* obey gnoh usage with all who aro »o bound. I need not say that IS -echcr has not ncttinlFy a glimpse of the point in question—or rather the historically xettltj ,K>int which the ignorant or wilfully blind «t 1 .juestion—and thai tbe verses are so child 1 >h, and so far criticism,that Inmtruh and honestly, ashamed that 1 challenged him I wish I could find some sectarian preach r wbo would l»> t;/i / this »'ur. Like the Disinherited Knicht I tried to touch as high as I could i but th. •bii'ld that appeared so lofty as to be golden turns out after all to I. • nothing but Beeeher brass. As the Chicago Tiiam says, Biwchvr'n peculiar style in the pulpit is getting Io bi publicly notorious. 1 .-taw it stoutly main lained as "charlatanism," and justly, in that able journal. .His ansu ,T to Mr. Rufus Clioali e g. was quoted, "knocking his khees together," and with a i isal twang, saying ii country bumpkin »tyl', in a puUUo U-cture •' finrfitt. ifhat i/o ijou (t'ink ttiotr- etc. Thif is verv cht-a)' wit. in.leed, and the peopl ought U' K' a-hained l.-r hootini.' at it, anil " throwing up their .I'rty night raj,*." as honest Cajca says Now, here, in this d-i^irerel. is all this mat i can say on tin- gr--ai qu ition of Uod's Cliurch '•\*' cannot 8(-rr-- 1.1 land Mammon ' ' I re ply, <i< Irulu, " \e cannot ol'ey ll.i-ch.-r in* God ' ' Cannot a man ol»-y his Bishops an, God, too, anil obey (io 1 n. i/'it ff ••/•••! to the J>iriui'\ gu-t-n authority "f hm Uislini. by Apostolic succession ? I- il sure tli?il tli-- Bishop and God are »« ro-i"••!•>/ a« (iod and Man, i mon 7 Who toltl H--i*c)ier thiscr>-aL, truly and ; new newg, thfti in uterine; lli.- ""'••'.'/•.. v»1- I Iu, &i, ' Snt' • '. i/ ij'i'n- .,,i/>,-..< ol tl,.- ni nt'-^l nn I '•nsti', , i rlnWi'M, set ov, r in^ f •• >'>• I <>' > ,"..••'• tl,,,'. I ".'.>.. rlisol'-y <;,,.! •' KITHMi'M' I'r.-l TM 1MOUM.TKK" , •• K r. n \ , t .< t' :,1 I « !. .11, -. . > ., '.'. l " ' •• ! - - ». I ,'il - i i.r.. \ [ . M i i nn: f V i' - « ' ' > •' ' IV U <V .1 1859; SPRING AND SUMMER. DRY GOODS! 178 Ka»l Water *l. 178 MILWAUKKK, ............... WISCONSIN, I 1 * NOIV receiving one ol lhc Urgent ami best selected HlncfcH ot UuoiiB ever brojuhl Io this market, to whl'lioill t.i- Mliltil, frum time to tlmr, ilurtug tlie The Latest Novelties 1 Our. arrkiict-iD'-nts F%*1 ure such tlmt »e PKta no iMPhTtTtoa, &B we have ft t»ayer constantly in the innrkft. \Vc nre ilelfrmtnel io give our custttmern THE LARGEST AMOUNT UF GOODS T or .0 IT K UULSS t,OODS UEPAKTMEIVT In vrry lull nml ailracti v r, cnnl ti-.i-u; UUck nn«J Pan ry vilkn, TlsHu-1. BarecfH, Ptlai ff, Challirn. iViti tn<Tra I** wn*, Orinindt* 1 *, Koln? 'tie' l*ari«, Knhe 'a' Quill, Hnlliunte, Ar., Ac IN oim \Vhitc irood* & Lifi<>n Department Will l..- ( ninJ Jn*h Llin-ns, I.ifim [i^nia.Hkn. Nit|>k!m TaUr CUitlm. Ciftati, I'^y"", I'JHDIIM. v Jur -Dt-IU C.'i*filrr|»Rnr«, K i't>n-n|. rir", Kurmitbfiu; (ii'Oilf, dfr. IN THK CLOTH DEPARTMENT" In a (u I .lurk "I PrVnrl, 111, I Orruxi i;i,,lli», Ca.«.< mfrrn, V"-*tiriir", I'<.|t"*ivlf-«, rirmnn. pummi-r .-nnr J.-»n*, *r. IN « • I •K HiiaitU and llanlilla Rnoii Wt- hH\c :i tln/as»,.ilmt-f.l , f llr..,-:,.-i, I.on,: ni.,1 >-,| ian fill, HI.1U. I'-lr fur.,-,- IL.rl.r, 0».''!Tl<r,-, lVl lt .i|,»«l>. I'- Hi l>,i-l.-r«, !.».-( an.i Silk MinulUi :i * rlmr-M ' f -, \ ilnkrr VutiiMi- BUSINESS CARDS. i .A \v CHANDLER & HICKCGX, Attorneys & Cunsollors at Law !i\o. a 1 -' itivKKr/AN» : . MILWAUKEE. J JB*kT CBUDLU, ..... .(aprlSJ ..... Jiims aicicoi. -*-, CIOSS. I. H. MKBISB. t:UO.SS A; PAIIKISH, ATTOK.VEYS & CODNSFXLORS AT LAW. No. to, AI bun y i:ntl<liiiK, "i I j.«'A0EEE 11: .... r .apl WISCONSIN. *»iS EUlAHS. . KAMCU, J. CROOKfl. .KKLfOS C- OBIDLXT" Elinore, frook* A: (-ridley, Attorneys at Law, OFKHT., .NO. », JIAKTIN'S ULO«K, M1 LV AUKEE (dec21) WISCONSIN. ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW Ariadt Buttling, ITS ffatt Watrr ft., Sllliravl-tf. O. W. I'lcniiX, formerly I PuCIIUMSi CoLT.AIhai y, J. P»^ai:ifl BLOOrauiio. '>w Vo,V. I P. liLoofwoo i.i I'. 8. Court Oomniiasioner urnl Com- tssicner for several state*. oovli>-<it>(ti H. U PiLMtP . . J"Sliri fT* H* PA I M KK tV S'i'A UK, A.U<Jrneya & Counsellors at Law fgf U«cf, No '2, Murlifir- N--W [liuL Hu.i liui'.cur rr . ) Mu-J.iK-ir. an.I R/. ! W ti»-r -tr«. U. Mil* t">« •' I IMI A 'I A <HC VII A U, Alto tuya »l L.-\W ;ui.l .^t-li. ;t.-r- .n O: -uir^i y , N'i t \V.ft-t»n3in strfpt, Milwiiifc'-r. -f ' BUT i-. riar J ^ v »" MTK« Attorneys and Counsellors p.r La w /V'/.VY. iry.^v>.v.v/.\, Will practice in the vurmos 0"urL» o' lh«; ~f * - t^if- J u-li rial Circuit nf Wlsronaip, noil W.ll fiHNf-Jtly ntu n.I i SPECIAL NOTICES Land anTi ColforJ jim ,i o i> a I h a « 4: r o u «- Si -4', _ _HATS AND CAPS x H A T"> c ,\ I- ^ t-JD— S T R A \Y O . 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' "•" 14 •• i iiiva ,.f ^11 Sin h Fr.r snl.-. • I'M THU WUKAT K.\(.J.ISH liK'W.Wl, rflK JAilKS ri.AUKK.S *'rl«-l>rnlril "Ffiiisil* 1 i°ili«>. Thin .nTBlni 1 l.t me.l'.'in« 11 nnfi.lir "'''•• ir- •!• thu-ie plllliful iinil il^oirf-rfU^ , [., .vhnli lli.• !••- \i\t\ reni'iv^i -t 1 'ihstr'i.'ti r\* i 1-1 i . .- I- . • -• ;,* li,. ri-h.'.l ,n. 10 •>! 4 I! K I I l> I \|i|i^ L>< >N \ 1- I: I I I >< r i i; i i \ ' '•* i ^. \- \; i i I ii , '• i: i i I '•' ' N \ | . i ; | j | , i , , , . | i I1 < ' N N I | ; | i | ., , l I I IK 'N V I- K I I I M , ; i . i | Hi >N M' I: I ' I M . | .1 I i I'.' 'N N I-. 1 I I I M , | | i iu>.iill,ly IMTI. .It.i. r.-.-i.. ii ' v n.-l, bnill^. |.n,-,. .I.,,, p.. ' . ' mp .»t (4i-'-lt Brit vln. '.-- |.r-v-n' FIR.-, r TI1RKK II, i, a»,-s ,i> N.TM .., ,., : J,., , the lilt. '-. 111.I l-iint-l, f + \ ••' . . ian.... "f l>" Ili-iri. Hyt. •'- 'l \ I \\ i I • ' , : ^ • " t i i * - r i R E1T Ail. GU • .,,^ - V| l '. ' i • i ! i ;>> - ;>« i > •. -. J (•' ill l.r '.I,. t •*' ' it-.. ]l I ' \r>--: i I v I • ' • <. - • ' r I h,- I , Jilll M«JS». Hoij. J CATOH, Ottawfi, I > H - |l '«• -II- ". ^ ,t ''. I II j M;I:.M, : <t ,JN<>. A. SAVA(JK, .111., Attorney and Councellor at Law KIM>n No. .', AUIAXy ni.^H'K, Mll.WAfK+.K X WISrONM* In CoO"r,'-"i|, n,-r 'r>r N V, r.-,n, I'll,,,. l:i-lni. t, l f in,I !'»•»" 1'nitril tU'itr* ami I'f'i-u I •••>•'• ••" .--er. j 1, ' r " H l! " ' • •'•••"- ' ' ' '•"''"• ' _,,, l_l ,1,.. l.lU'll.HH IF I1.IV - . ll. •• - ' ' . -I .cilli c;i].|ta Wll! f.i,.l l nr«l '•>,•• I • 'I" *F-> i .Till! w V IT" <-i ' l,..^K,T,,k 'm.-nll.v \.|,|r.-,^,i , l -c L. r t .( •- . ,' IM I . « I, \ \1 f' I I ( f 1 . : " '''' HOIJD \} H A J 1 ' SOFT - A T -. I 'A U I N I- K V* v. N I t l A ^t HOTELS, &C. 1, < > I' 1 > 1 i ( > I .-i u^ h-,: V | ,.1,1 ... y.,.-. U t - .- . 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'-r lhar, 1 W r ..npht 1 -.N-i Tf-.,1 " Kcn-ri ni'i '"M \ \ "ur H^^.nj. 3 In vinr. d'j thti » 'ir«-»,'|- nn-, %-i <»(., 'huv il So m »'-1 - >ur t, |>'-* -.f H >-n\ i ap. 1 -<u Oar rnnsrirnce \,r> c.-'tn^L Weo*-t at n&nrhi tfie WnrJ of Gr><l, '• The anrhor >f tlir (•oul." Pfitnf 1 hfiw in r«'Vf*renrr to n mat. Whi>«t ilnini"* tliej ••' ri'lcnifi. In hiprfi f-n- 'lay 1" (•-!! )•'• plwr . Ohrj tliy H.BUoj, 11 ilir- pir-rn Tn hif submit Diy will (H'Ktly. an-1 with a r-«.lj uur. I. Hm jtirlpnif n1> to 1\ t I'M Nn mattrr if t.r l.e H IW.«i.- A PnttPT, OF » Wh.l- 1 , In earh <he **ying .5 fullillr.l. " Whatf-rer I*, ^ rt^-tit " U then- a ft<rv.tmlt like thlp In repons Denr or far v Fxcept whirc supers:.t f.n cluum A captive u» Ins Thr Lord Uiy G«U Uxm Rha.U obtj, " Him only ah&lt them «rrvc," TliB«- *rc U»P wordo i.f truth, ffm. « f.i No ChrisUan hran may *trrrv*. Two roast er^ wilt. en:i.'iii): \otre, Stand knocking at' ihp tlnf.r, Choose whirhthtui * iM , fnr on I) u K C*n enter, and no more If our ad v irr IB w^.nn Hi* 1 thought, Tlie BtBl.op -*-l fclo'.r. A Btnner like th*- re« r>f men Of panMone like t'.ine own Nn matter if come ptrosUy hands, Laid oO ft mortal' hiir. Had rhanped him to ahitUr pod, By superhuman care. One moment nnlliinr hut a mttn . The nrxt, a lofty prltnl. And if we ft-arch firm head lo foot, Not aJtered in the I-A-U Some mrtisti with a mitred brush, Have hlshopcd him all o'er , Yet uodernefttfi thi- tinsel, stands The man, and not'iin> r more. He may he pond, he mny be had, Almost an even rhanrr ; If by the record of the past, We jutige him In udvanrn. These " flatlerinR Ml.a." gilded str^iv That tickle human pride ; Go, root them oul s nnxloua weeds, And cast them all aside If nelf-conceil conf-rs M right To mansions In t .c -lues , A mortal wilh a mlireoc I« certain of the prize. BKECllKR. PAPER WAREHOUSE llanford, Bl;irkniarr A: Co., (LATE BAEBISON. BAHFO&D & <?o.) Oonnccted with HAHRI80N. HANKOKD & CO., ~™ M OWAffOGA f^ H ^. 0 ^ 0 ^ V.» ( a pOaiteNewhUIHooRe, a large stock of Book, JffiMM, Cover, Colorttl au$ JDnvd Alto, Uttftr Papery flat Gaps, Poet, Letter and Not* Papers, Whldi will be told very low. Constant addition i wlfc beTnade to the stock to meet the waziU of tbe trade. H^ Printer* and others are invited to «atl and examine our stock and prices Iock( r¥>H- u '.i f- i. «« M.r ,1. . ,i*ir t i : . " - h .: I ! - tr 1,1. li r. - nl. I l».il • i ••[ ' \ ' \ I»f t r r . .-* . »t i, » i « HI, ~f .n i M.J Kt-|t"» *< ;- n i '> t nt;i -r->n- • '• i,* r i i r. k -» h v Aa-..-. I! »r • -.•!. T>i- ii t.l F-l w. 7. vi I'-. V. »i . .1. .)•• - i ' !•;• , . rj • f 11,1-1 ^l; w ' |.. . r. l.rn. i- f i .-t*tl ..f t ' . « \ F: \ A J 'i; A i i . \ I 11) TIM-| «• iilitl < on n or 1 I or* :t I I nil. - :. I .1 . • h i.i -Ti- r M\ r »ti-t U M I L 'V < I K i r . ! M I ^t I- I .1 .A N I- i ' i ' • : P \ P A N 1 » I :.\« • I M \ 1 t .K--. •j s U I s I" \* % • I !! VI l« I I 1 Sli: •* M K> K .,>.'.• wt-.'.i -IN ii 11*1 43 M I. 'il i li u _ .a -.-1 h I'Ri'F'KI --T'^H I XM v ' K OHIO CATA.WBA BRANDY, .( IT»rl..-, ( •' Vt,. r — ..I",. •• ••! illh-'-r. 11. I l,...l;u- . l Hti. '.»i l>..n»U-- n K..r .»lr »l .•"TRITKHN n * I'll 'S . H.M.l.rl'. r> an.i .*! \l ..(.rrt, 1.14 K«-l « »l^r .1 T. SOUTHWELL, ,!K,. 'jirpriiit r, Join.riitul ^ CMKNKK 1UIHU> AS|i M I i. vt'ACK I- ' . J TKfK'l>. K KTt'RNH ' • i'-.'A. f.r tf , p»n .nan- h. 'im r- rnvt-'i t--r Lhr f \'l • , - * ; v r- JTF . »a-i * uJ.I H.U-rt* • *t, ihM '.«- 1 • *•!' I. .H.'l I'- :iU--O.I In all * f'l DWELLING HOUSES, W A Hi '. H ( » U S l-;s, \:( '.' either \V,..,-| ,.r H- ..-k ,= in tr*1 .'Us j siylr, Wi.] *( )' r ' r ' ' t ' «u t t)u- ttni-" , '"•• ' •*-< nit'.. >, ;«. (.'(.ml \AS*irtnifnt «•( ^tnrr-mrtily nt-ft* 1 - '>•••! luml—r AH, I .-U.-T f\nlili» •» nNio' »lii nintilc- ii.m i" r = T " e- : rr B^ttsf&piiin t.i tn..s- Auction and Commission Merchants. j HM' Aiik NT? AM' MONKV IIROK EIL-l. i N«», i :i \visro\M> s« tt » i r, i \\ '•!;.',MI,IT '"•'", \'"."::,,'>'""'.'•" "^'M- f 6^~ l.ih.-r-\l n. i »•..-••« -T. • .-' • rr.i-, 1:1 - • r n , - «lurns ma.4<- N. B II. t..l-, N. !-* an i M. r'.r.-\. -1 f .'-,; < *'• -I A 4'AKI>. s -I »:: I. vr,,--n •\.--m-i-, I'*-..- * mi •! I'ur- ttr=*-, i \ y \.* ;•! «a[n?r»t'"i»- '.h*- j'ite K ,:ll ...)''•-.. I in ;i: • ,, U. I. TV .1 S" r \ VI I I 1 Ml' H I i -•- A '-i S «> .Jia<3 -J JO -East W ater ^t r\i! TRM'V l»krs jn-Miir •-I i:. If .1,. ll....l,-lm .-,.-..- II.I- .I." , I* 1C' K v <[ vv ,1^1 -tr--- . • *..-•"..<,n, wh^r- it- lirrn i ,.l ,. i,-,- • . • \x ruturnM n nuu^ im, : . •! ^r-a,tli, \n I ...... u rriH-tt'aL nf [>atr,.nifff A! 'f,.' ^nn.- : .:TI • ' rn l'•r^ •f»ar,»i» f.,r p.v«t r»ror«. I>r,. TRACT ii,.l I'KHRlNf* nip.-... *!\,-t •'- -rti M«y,will b,- fi.uu.l »t Ynuno> N •* Huil.l.-iii. N... • »n ! , i.n Ihr n.rnrr u/ W,s.- : r,,i;, «r,.l M «,i. -u. • • « p(P"~ [>r. WrnnrS rt-ii-.,lrn.'" irf T. 1t4 -lr-,1 '' hous»- nortl' of yprii't:. Mil»»okf«... April 2-1. IV.~ »|,-?T ••I) S3 9% MO T!l3.i.i-, A<il, K Ii Ki .ii - A \ ^ l> nil i i \ is i» t« K E M O V A L Ml I,\V i: KK1-. UAX.AAK. iV G, OELORME& OUENT1N B \ i, i: 159 R,l*t It'.llsr Jt Sit. (I An I h i HP, F.A.ST WATiirt vrnrr.T, IXIOUTu IMP"RTtt », Toyi, W 1- INK U' <> K T It A ITS! A» to rnah i- him Ut aay to the (-ulihc wifh ronOdrnre at !"• Is now prepared u> furnish them with every dc- rsblc style of Picture krif.irii tn the romn. unity, and ch Astnundtntf L,nw Pnr^ ai to tle'y competition; f»nrj Oo Also, \VA1.I. 1'APHIJ J. .1. .TBr^KATll ^ 4 O. KOOP'ING-, HARDWARE &C. »i . .n !•: A 4 a, a-; A «»<»>• S H r-N » • I lilt. t'HUViSlONS also for st tor Cls. KIM, SI7.F. I' II OTOfJH.*I*IIS .Ft.r only |I.IKI tht- firm i>nr, and Me fnr l}n- Dnphr-lr» n m, A i N KOT v ITS, A ii aiuo<; K A PII.S Alii In furl ,-ve.-y olher ulyle of Plrtnrr, »l roiri-ii- pon'lioc low prlcf«. linPFHIAI. I'HOTOWIIAPIIS, Oolortd in etthtr Oil <" Watfr Uolorii, nml flnlnhcii In lilt hlfhi-jt fljle o( the Art.f •nir. sTri-:i.oTYi*K, A new and popular Myl* <*' Plftarr, tlolore'1 in Oil, irtich far excel* In Accuracy. Boldnm and Ilpauty nf nnlKb.aay other Plclarr i-viT D(fereil to Oic Pahllc— Thege Pl£tnri!!i b»ve only "> be >e ' a '" o<> *^mlrcrt. All who lire AtiUoo" of nvms money ivr» reuppctfally •olirlteil to cull »ml «wnini' Specimens at ihe Old Stand, ffn. ISC Ba*l Wnlfr iitrfjl, ililMlxlctf, Witcansin. m.rlS-dOm W. F. IIATI.KV, A,t,«. DETROIT SL MILWAUKEE Uailnay Stoawboal Line ! SUMMER O N and after 2d M»y next, partit* will he carried by ttic «wlft»nd elfRltnt Nleamerii I ily "/ nrrcltind and ClrreJand, to Grand Hiven, thrnce by Irmnl to (irac.l RapMl »nd back at cheap eicurslon farta, and time i.Dor.le.1 to view the beaut ful and romantic •cenery on the Grand River around the Oliy of Grand>, with ill e3tlen.iv <,VPSUM BEDS, and other InWrevUng fentures- Faret (Inclod Dg rooms or berth-) for parties of five—to (Iraml lla»en and bace $l2,ftfl For part-.o of five to Urand K»p»'s and baclt... Jfl,T5 Meal i can be had on hoard at flity cenH each. TIME. PuUo can le»»e MIlwaoEee twice ilally, ami have ticket* made r*Hd! to go and return any time within one reck. Ilourc of sailing A- nnnnlng of •fratno. Leave Milwaukee.... ..: ....12.30 A. «. 8:00 p u U»« Qraiiil Maven 8:« r y. 4:f.O i. «. Arrive at Grand Rapldj 10:30 p. H. 6:20 ». n tear- Grand Kapldi 2:36 A. u. 3:U5 r. M. Leatc Orana Baren 6^0 i. • 9:00 r. *. ArrlTe at l^lwaukee 12:15 p. n. 5:30 A. «. There In i new and comfortable note | ahore and in the Railway Depot at Or and Haven, where Bucoralon Parties (deiirtair to Bppnd a feir hour* «t Grand Haven, or on the Beach which la qnlte do,e to Depot,) may haveerery btt»ntton. «3T" PariJepfr<rtDOolIe!!««,8(ihoo]« and other kindred Uutltntlonii-vill be carried oa very In w terrni, which eanbehad the tnbjcriber. 0f~ Tlclteojcan behad at Doijk Office, or from Par•en on board Bteaner* >nd W.K.MOf^ ' W.GRAHAM, „ General Bdperintendent, Dock Office, aprBO-dlnj j', ; .Detroit. ; ' Ullwcakee. •.• i tvi CMPOHTEk-J, WHOLIKiLIt *S:. ft HT * I i 1 .4 » t.. ?..- -i Paper Han?ing3, Window Sh:iJos, &c. Competent worfcmen *enl In »n pftrta of lh»- City in ' Country for Decorating and Pip.T llitn>r"i^ m all i't branches, all work warrant*- ' feb'i. 1 ._..-. • - -- ... ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Font ardiflg &. t M 1 ,K<U1 \N 1 S. Pro('rir-uirs or Lh- I.AIK;I: i i.i \ v i OK \\ \UFMOI si , Al the lermlnns "f thf Milwimlie*? k Misin^ip).i an.i the Milwduki-.-, \Vatf rtnrn A »ir-xb->n Vaiii-y Itxilrn-ui* ^y Liberal %ilv.inu L *4 m»«lf ou i>rnt»tfrty in store, <>r for shipment to Kan tern \I»rkeLa. octi'1-dtf V. B. QBRtiOffT ... . . ....... < ••MAiiLKT. W. II. 4-re^orv A; i o., COMMISSION MKKC'HANTS. NO. 2UU V» I>T \» ATKI« M-HEl'T. Pi-raonat attention f\v*n t.i i'onsi w r nFm 'DU of Plour and lUI kinds of Fruduce. .lecll «;. PFISTKIC A «•«. UaDufactnrers and Ocalcrij in l.vnilu'd'. FlmllUK'i' Iliiico, A r -149 Cast W&lrr IU.fl, Milwaukne, Wia Oath paid for Uidt-a. Pelu, Wool, *<•. .j.' I'KTKK'S 1 J ATKNT i\ on- Ilx plosive «iia«i Lamp. T HE public Is now favored icith the I1KST, i^AKKST aad roost ECONOMICAL I.IUUT ever produced. e<|Oai If not superior to the best Cnal (J^js. It is dapted to Churches, Hotels, Slor«a, Readmtr Rooms, rivate D»ellln(ri, ttallroad I'are, Ac,, *e. A trial <HM 'Stoves Sheet Iron. Tiu. Uai.lwn.ri -A.M> W OCLD r,-n..-,-i;ul1y lii.-ir ;i . ,.: , ... pal^'u /- r. - i.i , . ' l! " '. •>• .'i i . i • ',,- ' i •" . -• i ' Cor. h-ast W.i sr & il.isou M. .V \ . -' A XI 1 1. \ I Ami A^ni-nltnrii I m pi. T -i.u s--:.-,.^ i,, »..|l .1,1"'' MlEK r 11101 « N i> n \ N i it >• \% on K, ^4:i |>l<' ;m<3 1 : | -I.- -U- .-I.' j Slovet put ap l" or-Vr fST~ R<>,.rl ..,<. ll ' '-»" "i"" ''" ••'' >— •""> '" •' KKP\1R.ISO ..( \l\ lim.1.1, \| .1 -very ,.ir', f v,.,i ti 1'|. \ N , si t. * U M t Or S "^ IS, X V H ) our lln* i^notiiilly ,:..^n.le.l u... M ( i I ' ^ ^ I- >, i „--.-.,... _ _ • i ' ' v i - -^ Oril.Ti SON. »"•'• " , sion. Apply at dec8 e a JOUN GOODMAN'S, 3J Wisconsin street, to B. W. PABNUM, Altent for th« Slat* of Wisconsin. P. 104 KAST W'ATEJl 1 ' jfilualitit, IFIeconinn, flu j | . '• •" II- .1 i BOOTS AND SHOES. i PKICKS HEI.>l'ft:i) —ON— B «> O T « A * l> •*» II OK*! H. F. CUKTIS A CO., Ill l-'J Ea«( U alfi* *(., ARF .JE1.L1NU Ucst ^r^nch Culf i*ewcil Boots .Anit-rli-ftn (Tulf .^'-wil llo-'L-i American C«lf ffftff'l H"i>t» L&ille.i' ConRrfSs, llecleil Boi'ts. Lailion' Lace Hfelfil R« l-i .. Laiiu-3 1 Conjfrvs^ tlai'eri.. ~.. .... LAI||*-I' Heiitfy Sult-O :*Q )w Nlum< WANTKl), A SITUATION aj Sahirman or Hlil(n>ini; Clerli, in t grocery or Warehouac, hy • man whn haa ri.iti many yean experience In thi- huslnrnn \V" 1^3 no object, hut constant employment. DEFY COIVIPSTITFON • iir i 'V" K-,i.:< tn. I I , Lti.Mn, in. I »r' '>..»i,, i i,i«-ii- *• ^u run.-.!, L f A M L I . "I < i ! C i > (. K i: i I-. of •I A.JD QUALITY A ant-rate assortment ol d .t r £*• \A/ C3r ^3 o c3L © Alto, a irreat variety of INPAWT8 UAT3, new ssylej, • hlcJi will be sold nt greatly redured ratej, at vholeaalr indfeUU. _. rriTQ-tf SMOKKt) SALMOrvT. Smoked Salmon at mart? 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