The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 27, 1966 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 27, 1966
Page 10
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10 BagtoaiB £0* Sunday, February 27, 1966 Quick Results On Farm. Equipment-Use Sun Want Ads Lodge Notices CALLS0 MECTIN9 •» C*d- or Serrou LoOs* No. 321. A. F, and A. M,. Saturday. February *. >«66. 7 p.m. Soiotirntng brethren cordially ir>vit*S Jo oStenjt. 8. P. Fowler. W.M. O. A. Wilson. Secy. GOOSC CREEK ASSEMBLY NO. JO, Rainbow tor Girts, will hold its reouter meetinc 7. Instructions ; 12. Male Help Wanted LEAKN TO FLY — Witt, Stery Aviation! HELP WANTED—Experienced: car wash Co. Ne* 1*66 Model 150 Cessna. All irv) man. Appy Jimmy Going, BUCK Turner itructors. Air Line Transport rated pii- j Chevrolet. !0 East Texas. U ,- S*.* -If - T 1. ! : o r -OOe Wc .5. Civil Service lestsi ;GL 3-3*5. "PARTTIME DISTRIBUTOR — For aslo- s motive product. Write giving brief resume, address end ohone, to 14215 WaOe- Way, Houston, T«as 77O15 or call Men-women IS and »v«r. slarfos ptrt- Short Boon. AaVanc*- ! I0 ,5 - ... i SHORT ORDER COOK WANTED — Secure lobs., A;)5ly PITT GRILL. 15. Work Wanted 16. Apartments For Kent - CARE — In mv name, any tours, Old Scytown area. Reasonable weekly or hourly rates,- references. Transportation furnished. 583-5256. GENERAL CARPENTRY _ Sfeettrock, rtanginc., finishing cod paintina. Cabinets txallf, formica tops, ornamental iron. EOWiN ARABIE. 611 Bolsler. meat. Preporctory training os long as Drive. — «,. .-_.— , — . --------- - _ , on MomJay, Febrwjry a. I960 rttjBirwJ. TtousoKs O* low »«»- =*-; USED CAR PORTER WANTED — See! - HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — State i license, working, mothers enroll your cm»d now in oay cafe nursery. Call SS3-2SS7 for aoointment. ' 7:00 p-m. in I»e Masonic Hon. | perienc» moaUy unnecessary. FREE tfi- Initicflion. AU members are I tormchoa en lots, salaries, rettvirwistntv j uroed to omnd. Masons ond Eastern Write TODAY giving name, address and Stars ore cordially Invited. Jaime Ciruti, W_A. Laura Warren, Secy- — v.r. Clover o! THAO FELTON FORD. ! MAINTA1NER — For lease, with opera Lot, 403 W. Texas. I-A Special Notices phone. Lincoln Service, Box. 7J-IA, care of The Baytown Sun. tor. J?.oo per nour. 5£2-2434 oays. j 533-1229 nicnts. 10. Help Wanted WHITE SPACt INCREASES READERSHIP SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING DISPLAYERS — For home Interiors need-; SPECIALISTS, Caterino service, mono- ed this area. Car necessary. Write P.O. i grattmed napkins, wedding invitations. Box 614, Cnonnelview. or col! CL 2-2*72.; bride books. Open ? a.m. to 4 p.m_ loll — —— —— ' Jones Rd.. HionianOj. 4^-2Sl». | DO YOU WANT A JOB that aets better j ' 1 in direct proportion to the population in- • UK£ A LETTER PROM HOME. A sob- A tvtvTe with try- "SJy as its, jcriation to The Bcytown Sun is tftougm- ', L,m-t." SK-7S74 osk for IKE. yours tuL Inexpensive and will be coorecirted I FULLER BRUSH REPRESENTATIVE. i day after day. Start your subscription : today to your fcvorite serviceman of sruOeat ewcy at schooL Just col! The Sun circulation department. 5S2-S302. ORDER SUN PHOTOS Place orders for reprints of pictures made by Bavtown Sun photogrepfters by caliing SB2-BXT2 cr writing to The Sun ct P. O. Box 90, Bayfown, The pictures ore C tor the first prt-it, up to SX10 incnes in size, and SI for each additional print from ttte same negative. Standard sizes ore 8X10. 5X7. and 3ViX5 inches. 4. Monuments-Lots 11. Female Help Wanted DOMESTIC HELP NEEDED — Require! ironina and general cleaning, 2 days per ' week. Apply in person — AFTER 2 P.M. i ONLY — Saturday or Sunday. 158 Wild-{ rose, Lckewood. WE ARE SEEKING 2 Aggressive Men For future raasoeement positions. If you feei you can qualify, and wont Higher earnings — APPLY — AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. Ordinary Division Mi Graystone Bldg., 123? Decker Dr. 1-11 DAILY See Jim Ho,-d or Jim Borcelo NEED A NEW DRESS? Have old mo- ter ol lyinn around? Call 426-4145 tor your sewina needs. PAINTING, PAPERHANGING — Price Reaonaale, Free Estimates. Cell 583-5537. PART-TIME WORK WANTED — Smal paint Jobs my specialty. From o oea- room to o house. Call 5&2-673V. WILL KEEP CHILDREN — In my home, I 721 E. Fayle, day or niom. i Call 583-4161. i 16. Apartments For Rent AVAILABLE MARCH 1st — OM furnished and one unfurnished 2-oecToom apartment. Call SS3-2740 or apply 2617 I W. Main. NEED MEN BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE Low Cost Luxury ond Convenience TRI-C1TY MONUMENT CO. Srcnite, HAIR STYLIST WANTED MARY ELLEN HAIR DESIGNS, Lo Porte. CA 1-06J?. LVN'S and RN'S — All shirrs, good salary. Apply tn person! 4340 Red Bluff Rd. ; Mr. Williams, 5U-3124 after i p.m. Employment NEED EXTRA INCOME?? — We weS-! 1-bedroom furnished apartments, air conditioned, utilities paid, weekly or monTniy rates, Hwy. 146. SB2-6917. JONES. 217 N. — Furnished garage apartment. 3 roo-ns, both, near town, oauits no pets, air conditioned, 582-516?. 26. Plants - Seeds 31. Articles For Sale { 31-B Building Material 3EOOING PLANTS — Petunias. Mart- MISCELLANEOUS — Cub Scout uniform. ' Told, Dusty Miller. Pnlox, Snapdroaons 12, S6; Bin's locfcet, fur collor. size LA PORTE — 2-&4»en?om$, icrge cor p_ ted i i v ing roo- r n over tooKirtg boy. Nc children, pets. il^O. utilities paid. AppJ\ 3«ner. No. I Pine BiuH Dr., or call GA -3742, Lc Porte. Roses in cons. s>.». SMITH BARROtt 1 1 jr. reg. S25, S10; both excellent condi- • GARDENS. 3SO? Thompson Rood. 436-K15 I tipn. 7 «, !o*^e. -S7X>: Chrysler Gr?>rryj- REMODELING 77? Coll us lop "Tum-Key-Jcb" 40. Real Estate Wanted OPPOSITE DECKER DRIVE IN THEATRE 0. „>„,,. _ BAYOU LUMBER CO. MARKET ST., 34J5 4-Roam furnished | gorose aparTmer.f, carpets. sarooe f 230 Climbing Roses (cl! Colors) SiO month, water paid. 532-6564. Pears, S Jo £ Ft. <4 KiTds) i 1.95i JSOTORS — One <O-ho. 3-phase, 220-yOlt, i A 1 I (MlNil JM Plums. S to 6 Ft rina motor; one 5-hj>7 3-pncse. 22U-1 " LU fWl H N UIV! | Pecan, 6 to 8 F:. (Other sizes) ... s 5.0C volt, slip ring motor; one 1-na. 3-phase. ! Mod* to order. Old I 2DO Climbing Roses (oil Colors) . I 1.2s < Oft volt induction motor. Phone Bin Hart- i SULF COAST BLINI NA2RO. 215 W. _ 2-bedrpom uafurnisbed | ^^ fg., Ca - nnSM *-»•* asartmeot, close-in. Newly decorated, 555. inruss' ^R^J^Vl ..'. . | 500 Bush Roses In Cans ..... S.9S-S l.K! -nan at 582-8303 or write Box 90. Baytown ... , — ... Old screens rewired. i.! SULF COAST BLIND & Cans . I. Cans i V.lxed Soil. Tuo Full S 1.5 OFF DECKER DR. — Furnished oport- i '3AVIS NURSERY t, clean, couple or sinole. Dills pcld. I 6311 DECKER Ok. I MARTIN HOUSES — 4-8-14 rooms. ! Priced from S3 to S!»JSO. !94 Alva. NEW FURNITURE FOR OLD Is what a! Baywoy koytown, SiA-Ml) LIST WITH STEWART REALTY !is s. AsaaeJ «a.7«r j -— •" John M. Shearer And Associates Feai Estate, Sales. R;n!«ls, Loctu. •404 Market. Baytown, 31-C. Musical Instruments I REPUBLIC, 500 W. — Clean, modern 4 room unfurnished OJJOrtment. Wollcinc distance to town ana coneae. Recently redecorated, in excellent condition. S45 montn wim oarage. Apply Abe ftoswu- *eig. SS3-170S, oner 7 c,m., S64-5SI8. o°r aVB fost1f °A*J£ V arM, V " JSst*r!n ar a A 5 < 5? Df '? NS ~ 3 "%,%*»!«• £,,!% crtEu-lnlru r^iV-C IIOMAf «:TITOV *21i hi i u . 5 r*° '°r U><±.I Jrol. ulpcn.i- VJlmO.a. I iOWril ^TITO V UPHOLSTERY. WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP "• 516.95 up. BAYTOWN ACCORDION CEN. I£R. 2)7 Alvo. Dfsone 533-:iI7. 42, Acreage For Sale NELL'S FRAME SHOP APPROXIMATELY 3 acres in city limits. Half m.le off Hiwo/ 1« on Mabry St.. SJ.OOO. Can Jim Bclley. 3S3-31I1 or 583-351X ! GARTH ROAD — Edge of Baytown. 1 or CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY JUST S10 MONTH RENTAL — On a new! more acres. Well drcsred loam soil, low Pa.ntincs by Artists 12 | Lowery Piano, rental applies to surcftase! taxes. S100 DOWN, EASY TERMS. Coll 909 N Commerce 532-4053 3r.ce. CHET S PIANO CO.. 200 E. Texas. | cwner. 582-5627. SHADE. FRUIT TR66S — Thousands in NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 510 Williams St. 1 and 2 Bearoom Units Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optionai Individual Air/Heat Covered Paved Parkins Near Churches, School, Shopping Ground covers. Yuccas, all Xinds. ; PIANO — Walnut Story ond Clork, 4O-ir-cn i Aloe vera plants. Violets end p«an i console. 1 year old, excellent condition, i rrees - ! £42-2055 Chainetview Nurseries — Florist I t " ' — —•-••-• i 16S21 MarKei St. Rood. Chonnelvlew (PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when pro-j ='" Bales (new trucks) Locoi and one-way TRUCK5 FOR RENT Drive yourself. Equipped w.'h hydraulic i SPECIAL ] 4 BEAUTIFUL ACRES LAND — Archer Price S7.800. Call Eddie. 31E COX. Realtor, 566-7221 or 566-5O6O i. 27. Poultry Supplies tmised. and done right! Coli MA - i 21V! mor «'<,-r&3? £=«•••.• c JTHERNE'S. 533-1718. ell your needs.! BAYTOWN RENTALS •! large or s-nail. for duality work. | (Next to Ki:gore's Reccv-Mlx) I SOFA — Kro*hler 4-Piece Sectional, i Covered in oark twe«c fabric, S40. '[See at 106 raerble, bronze monuments grave; mark-1 come/ women over 40 for exciting full tr j NOTICE ers. Cemetery work. Terms, no carrying! porttime work. If you like people then j Designations as to sex in our Help Want- Charges, Market at W. Main, next to vou will enjoy &e«".g a beauty counselor} ed and Employment columns are mode Peoples State Bank. 5S2-47C2. for Beauty Counselor Cosmetics, Choose, only (1) to indicate bono fide occupational your own hours, build a business of.' aualitications for employment which your own. Co.ll S32-7S14 and lets discuss! 3n ernp'Over resards a* reasonably nee- i it. Cosmetics available CT all times. iessary to nor-ncl operation of his bust-' j.iess or enterprise, or (2) as a conveni- PERMAN6NT BABY SITTING — Light *ne* to our readers to let them know Housekeeping. Must hav own transpcrtc-i «fhich the aOverjiser believe* lion. S days week. Pnone 582-4773, after would be of more interest to one sex than WHITE SPACE INCREASES READSPSHIP 5. Personals ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS fc^ormction on alcoholism, If you have c drinking problem, call SS3-9700 or 553-2723. Lost and Found HARRIS, C. D. — »7 Jenel Road. Mr. Harris, be our guest to attend the showing of "The HaSeiuioh Trail" now showing at the Srunson Theatre. Present this od at the ticket office for yow two free admissions. LOST — Key chain with 3 keys. Humble embleT> and rabbits foot, Coll 533-3390. LOST IN CHANNELVIEW — Tuesday. One small female Pekingese, black . 3:30. p.m. TOP COMMISSION 4S PER CENT COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section I FREE RENT BONUS and 2-bedroom furnished and unfurnlsfv the otner t>ecause of the work involved * ^ apartments; electric kitchens; air con- Such designations shall not be taken to i ditioning; draperies and swim-nlng pool. indicate tnot any advertiser intends or Luiler Cosmetics. Hours at your cociven- oroctices any unlawful preference, limlta- ience. port or full ti-ne. Collect CA 4-0733. I !lon - specification or discrimination in : employment practices. BAYTOWN'S FINEST RESTAURANT THE NEW TOWER Has openings for 1 Waitresses. Part or full time Apply in person to THE NEW TOWER ZZoi Decker Dr. 12. Male Help Wanted 15. Work Wanted ALL KINDS — Carpentry, sheetrodt, and ccbinet work. No job too small. Call A-l PAINTING AND DECORATING Phone 566-5613 DECKER DRIVE. «11 — Three room unSurnished apartment. Ptione 566-7171. GAILLARD, 303 N. — Two rooms and bath, furnished. IV* blocks north of post office. Apply 303-A. GAILLARD. NO. 10 s. — 3-Room furnished garage apartment. Downtown location, no oarage no bills paid, S40 SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 S. Main Dial 582-8343 I . I. £ IAATES . . 532-5042. References i Nights and Sundays SS3-4S78. 566-7751 mosk, tan ond wnite. Also grey female I YOUNG BUTCHER OR APPRENTICE I ntemaent Sdmauier. one^ear. R " j CANDY CANE NURSERY emale YOUNG BUTCHER OR APPRENTICE I ntemaent ovincnrpot wwi Pr Lake-! BUTCHER WANTED. Apply 22 E. Texas £h oo T "strSofon. ™ a. rr ""o "'"Irn. S GRAYWOOD ARMS One and Two-bedroom Apartments Furnished and Unfurnished From 599.50 Utilities Paid FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT ,BABY CHICKS AND TURKEYS *S2-S4»J LYNCHBURG FEED AND HDW 1 1«49 Market — 426-31!?. i SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE; 17. Houses For Rent 28. Pets - Supplies ARBOR, 41» — Large 2rbedroom house j wirh big yard. Phone 5S6-S463. NEED IT?? — RENT IT!! Hospital Beds UNITED RENT-ALLS Prvett and Pearce, 582-8019 i S45C.QO Used 1.000 Wan Gasoline j FOR RENT •i Li^if Plant 565.00 „ _ J XUI ^ 1 S 65.00 New 30 Gal. 10-Year Gas | _ _ Reducing Equnjment water Hec'er S44 50 Power Tools Power Post Hole I J325.0Q Used Toppan Gas Cook I FI ;o-" Sarasers and Polishers 1 Stove ..!T.T. 595.00;.. Sewer Cleaning Equipment *'« ACRES — OFF WADE ROAD. Ideal site for possible future development. Can ' rodoy for fyrmer information. Dean Kino ana Son Realty 566-5061 or 566-73S4 i LOOK Investors! 143 Acres In Chamber* County. Rtver tro~.ta9e, hunting and fishing. Has S2.QGO ' worth of pine ready for market. 3 miles 1 from oil pr*dwcton. Good owner financing. ARON, 404 E. — 2-bedroom unfurnished house. Central heat; oarage; washer connections. Availasle March !. Call after 5 p.m. 5S2-6439. ARBOR. «M> — Real clean !-b*droom furnished, midcHe-aced coupLe preferred, references. (Lease). Apply 422 Artxw. BAKER RD., 12< — 3-bedrooms, der, 2 baths. S100 month. JOHN SHEARER, 582 — Furnished Hlgh FRENCH POODLE — Proven stud, beige.' S32S 00 Lcte fXodel FriaiOaire 10 j Mowers, Tillers, Edgers, Hedge Trimmers; registered. Ivears ole. S7S. Pnone 5S3-j Ft. Deeo Freeze in top of j J ow ?=" and Cor TSBS ;'oeer, wild hog. turkey. 200 =crej Co- 2907 or 533-2S2S after a p.m. | Electric Refrigerator S95.00J iS' ^M^T o ^AaealnelT 1 ! tulla. Texas. Only 40 miles to border. I4OB MONKEYS- MONKEYS - MONKEYS' JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO j Televisions Travel Trallen '. \ Tropicni Fish and Supplies i 12 W. Defee. Bcytown. <32-!9t2 j wamp Trailers Utility Trail*.-!:, _ GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP SOS S. Main. 426-2537 I>AT-S TROPICAL FISH New shipment of plants and fish, most! monds — items on sa;e. Mrs. A_ H. Parrisn, 45061 — N. Main. ' ~' TWO RINGS — IS caret white gold .hand mode wedding ring with 7 small diamonds. ( also Tiffany mounting 6 small dia-j half price. 5S3-S231. POODLE GROOMING — Boarding, stud service. RACTOR — International Cub Tractor.; 43-ln. rotcry mower, otner ctlccftrnents i S755. 5S3-J73. I LAIR 'LAC KENNELS. 1300 cieor Loke TV SPECIAL - 2i-m. GE console, $15; lghtantSs. 426-3355 evenings and weckenas. -' Tabte Models. S30 ea.; late portable. GRAHAM, 212Vi—3-room furnished house, ne .^ tube- S60; shop repairs. i WORLD TV, 6£M N. ,V.oin. 533-1433. Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kllgore Ready Mix 2101 Market — 582-5815 i Call Molick. SS2-2438 j CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES. REALTORS i 533-7343 42-A. Out of Town Prop. mS °sl'-SI5 n ' ideal for rouple or one 29. Livestock - Supplies 33. Sporting Goods HIGHLANDS — 304 N. Magiolia St. 3-room furnished house, S40 montn. Phone 566-7171. HUMBLE, 703 E. — Furnished 3-bedroom j horr>e, sl 25 per rrwnth. Please call for appointment. JOHN M. SHEARER REALTY, 532-6517. S82-M5S 1305 Memorial Drive 582-5735 Will San Saba Mine Yield Riches To Five Texans ? - Five Cen- f So far. they have done the pre-jed by Spanish soldiers in 1758,! they came across Spanish mark- believe they liminary.mining themselves with!according to legend. ing s and two drill holes bored SAN SABA (Sp) tral Texas men. have cracked the secret of the makeshift gear. But trucks withj T. S. Jr. loaded several five- Lost San Saba Gold Mine and heavy equipment from a ghost'gallon buckets with the ore and LONG DRIVE, 409 — Brick 3-bedroom home, 116 baths, fenced bade yard, excellent condition. S100 month. 582-5554. j HOUSS ON DAY LAKE i Coll Mrs. W. W. Dates in Dayton r i CL 5-2S13. BABY AND FEEDER CALVES G. W. GOLDEN'S CALF BARN 4S1S Redell Rd., 566-77SO. !'V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refriger- i . Jstors, air ^conditioners, pumas. co-r>pres- ] BOAT, MOTOR, TRAILER — 14 ft.iLlBERTY COUNTY — s acres close to : sors. wasrters. arric and window ,ans.. tjoal, 35 h.p. Go^e -rxjtcr, electric start, i jcfmtv, 52,500 ter-ns or S2,25»> cash. j j 000 berts inistoot- MASS6Y ei-ECTRlC. i big wheel trailer. See at 407 Prairie, j Hian Dank of river. Pecan trees. All io23 S. Fruen. 583-,32-. , Highloncs. or coll 436-3150 after 4 week- j weather road. Also, riverfont lots. I USED WINDOWS — 4 ialousie windows, i doys "" °" gnv Scturdoy and Sunday. j BOB GREENE. Agent. 436-3157. | iV: Ft. X 3 t. r one jalousie door. 575 olt.i FOR SALE — Three Whiteface heifers i See 333 Gr^fmbrlcr, Lakewood. 566-5454" i S260. five heifers S245. Covin. 428-3236. Oosbv. GUN REPAIRS GENTLE COWS — Two 4-year ol tered Brahma cows. lust like p pers. Bred. S150 each. 552-7158. Up to 50-^ OFF on MUFFLERS Up to 70°^ OFF on Shock absorbers Spin - on filters, all cars. Sl.?6 WATSON'S. 3207 Minnesota. 533-3572 Y0r<t RENT FRES — 4-roorn furnished house to middte-oced. refined couple or widow lady, to drive car occasionally for widow ICO/. 533-1319 or 532-4819. into the hillside. They theorized that djTiamite may make millions of dollars; town near Deming, N. M., are took them to Lampasas to Aaron had blasted the bluff avvav to as a result. j arriving this week to throw the and Orville Cummins, a dirt con- hide th e gold vein and sent 'rich i tE-' a Awifzw N* They say samples of ore they • operation into high gear. trartor anri cjpnlocrict r-o<mo/-H,.Q_i«-„ 1,;— :_*_'_ ,_ _ I '..'-~ —rrr— have mined from limestone | The mine is located on the eld- SCHILLING, 403 — 2-becVooms, unfurnished. S40 month. Phone 562-S353 before 5:33 p.m. 35. 1Ln f i jJl OIJ r^r^ < T£a, ee*. 5S3-23v5. ocie. 9106 Wade Rd. HigrilaRCis. | MEAT SOLD FOR FREEZER — Pick j your com fed calf from our feed tot. Also custom slcuahferinr; and cutting BRO'.VN SAUSAGE CO., BIS E. VValllsville Rd., ;26-3S15. We Rent I elevisions Repossessed Singer Ziq Zaq ustorr; Barreled Actions. Douglas or S CROSBY — 110 Hurta St., best buy In : AM ImDeric! Eorrc-ls precision chcm- ; Crosov. Clean as whistle arid you'll love • D-red. ! it? Designed everv step for gracious liv- i HUNTER'S DEN i ing. Oversized wooded lot. Owner says ; iC4 5. Jccfc Bcytown, Texc* i sell. Drive by today, take c look., then i j make Sdcie an offer, PAWN SHOP*. 6 N.'home tor quick sole, S7.5QO. j EDDIE COX. Realtor, 5,54-7221 or 544-5060 tractor and geologist, respective-j ore crashing into'an arrovo be- WEAVER, toa - ciean. 3-room furnished -jly. ilnw " t ouse j. For information. hills 90 miles northwest o£ Aus-ier Lemons' 3,300 acres of cattle j A sample was shipped to Col-j On a nearbv- hi!! lav the ruins tin have been valued at S4bi.90.and sheep land near this Hiil!orado and a report of "gold in " Co! 566-5395. WINDY LANc, 1105 — 4-RoOm unfumish- a ton by an assaying company, i County community. The first large shipment ofj The" five have sunk a ithem thar hills" came back. 37-foot I The men searched for miles of an ancient smelter and traces !ed house. Nice and clean. z of copper and silver slag, th ey | said. That's where they started dig-! Walker Realty ore i s to be processed early in;shaft into a hillside and have!through the pricklv pea*- and March. ... - . ~-~ . . _. - . . _ They whether lionaires. _ |country with a multi-minion do!-;had tumbled into"the river. "We weren't looking for rooms '-J""The tive, who nave formec ajlar potential. | But the search always came filled with gold bars" said parmership, are Orville andi T. S. Lemons Jr., 40, noticed back to a large, red - viened|Cummins. "We just wanted to! Cummins and R. R. Me- a sparkling nugget at a low-wa-.boulder sticking out from a lime find out what Mother- Nature' T n »••-»*-»-a e"^ r~ ^TiH T" C ••*«._ _~;,~*- ;_ *i /~»_T j_T-*r _^_ii *-.n—-* •- nad buned there." Legend has it that 2.000 Com- NFW AND USED SADDLES — Take trades, terms. ANDERSON SADDLERY, 12SA1 Market St., Greens Boyou. GL 3-3003. PRAIRIE HAY — Good black land. 50 cents at barn, -a Pone, CA 1-2635. |14 FT. IMPERIAL ALUMINUM V-BOT-. JTO.V. BOAT; 14 h.p. motor, 14 Ft. I i Sweeter - Built trailer, in very good shooe. ' i , ; 1°63 mcKiei ria. Complete fishing rig for ; S ^.Drawer desk. This machine makes but-1 ickes and rivers. CaM SS2-89tt5 after ' I tonholes ond all fancy stitches. Would: o.m. i like party with good credit to take up j _™___ ! payments of S5.40 montti or pay off bat- i ance of $41.50. Cell Credit Department i 522-3935 for information. sell Q-JIC'K «-! Drive by and take j d,e an offer. Norm Seventh. Own- Clean as a whistle, a looK and moke Ed- I SAVE $$$$ SELL CHEAP — Ford tractor with ft. feed auper, 2 oottom oreaKing plow 215 Steeie 'Rd., Hisnlonds. Picture Frames Custom Crcfted fo Fit Your Needs ! ] Choose From Our Big Selection of Ready '• SUDAX SX 11 HAY — Bred, fertilized! Made Frames. Also, Expert Print anai jnd conditioned for moximum protein j Picture Mountings. i content. 11-13 oer cent. Heavy boles, .401 at The barn, after 4 p.m. and or. Sat.! and Sun. Corner of Siolander and Wallis-i ville Rd. ! SOO SAVINGS UP TO S1SO on MOBILE SCOUT CAMPERS BEFORE SEASON DISCOUNT ON CAMPERS IN STOCK. Next few dors. •HIGHLANDS — 207 N. Sixth. Nice 2-bed- i room home. A real home for gracious i living. Oversized lot . . . room for the j children to play. Terms. jEDDiE COX, Realtor. 566-7221 or 546-50JQ i 43. Business Property Home Lumber E. Texns Ave. Co. ! SSJ-SMl j Dan Huich.ins Motors i Hiwoy 144 at Texas ' y lexas I 2-car garage, unfurnished. 4417 Bayway Dr. 544-S478 Coy of Lampasas and T. S.:ter point in the Colorado River;stone ledge. Lemons and his son, T. S. Lem-jin the summer of 1964. His find: North "of the boulder the- ons. Jr., of Bend, a San Saba|wa s in the vicinity of the Lost found directions carved in th" County town. 'San Saba Gold Mine, abandon-.side of an old tree. Further east BEND, TEXAS—SITE OF THE NEXT GOLD BOOM 7 Prospectors Thmfc They've Hit It Rich ! ?R Bedrooms - Board anche Indians attacked the Span-! you oet good beds, gas hect. tub"cr snow! w .* NT ..T°,5- u 'L~:. u ^? d electric roaster,! 30. Articles Wanted TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP 35. Good Eating I LET'S GO HUNTING FOR WANT TO BUY — Engine for 1J55 Ford! Used Sofa i44.°5' CHICKEN HOUS'K with Fordomatic transmission. [Used Dresser end Mirror SI? ?5! Across From the Old River wTow 5S2-v«l. |User; Hic!e-A-Bed 144.95! Highlands ' Phone 416-40SS .MPLEM6NTS FOR FORD j ^^SSS^' .?.'.".'??. .T*'f. W.w ! —— WANTED. TRACTOR — '.Vith three point litch. CaM 553-2163 or •?.3-?9J3 after 5. 701 N. Highway 1*4 Formerly Hollawcy's Grocery SS2-S2JS quief ' Letter Carriers Here To Host District Meet Local 3664 of the National As- ply some. GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE Reasonable Rctes i ish mine and fort in 1758, two j, years after the operation hadj FAYLE . 601 E _ Bedroom privo , e begun, driving the white menj^ an< :e,_private bath, central heating. Ap- away and shutting down th> mine. "Only one man in a thousand would have been crazy enough to keep digging," said Cummins, of the present operation. "Bu tlwas hard -he aded "But I was hard-headed." drunks ~ oc>d working condit.oi, arun«. j^^, or s-j.j,^ RpnT n 36. Insurance ! EXCELLENT BUSINESS LOCATION — iSil Barrymore. Sui'ding and property i with nice living quarters upstairs. For, I Tterly a flower shop. Only SU.750 with '- terms cvciiotsle. EDDIE CGX Realtor. ! 454-7221 or S66-SOSO. t! CRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE—21J i N. .Wain, 50X125 ft. lot. Buildlno with • living a-jarters. good business tocotion tor j most anythinc. Price reduced for quick : jOie. Bcnk fi^iGncing available. i MODERN PROFESSIONAL BUILDING— j For mecical clinic or oenercl office use. *; Ample private parking area. 13^9 Airhart j Sole or lease. Contact owner, 533-43.2S. HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? • 43-A. Waterfront Prop. 31. Articles For Sale We Sell Custom Hitches ! , 'BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, Itt-SSU ' i (Next to Kiigore Ready-Mix) i TYREE HOTEL 3301 /V.innesota ADDING MACHINES - CASH REGISTERS - TYPEWR1TSRS. Sales. Rentals. Service. All makes, electric ond marsuo:. BLOOM SALES, 3305 Marice;, 5S3-2325. or, -Q _- .-. j. -, %53. BUSinCSS Opportunity 19. Business Rentals OFFICE SPACE GRAYSTONE BUILDING — 110" Decker Drive. Ultra - modern in convenience and service. Apply Roo-n 205; 532-5235. WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE — 6,000 sq. ft. at 213 E. Texas Ave Keysone Realty Co.. 583-3111. AS ALWAYS— , Your Supplier of Needle Work and Crafts i s5 7-~ ^JL or Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS • trial. 583-214A. Bob Smith Road. 5E3-1271 | Singer Auto Zig-x-^y 'ASHWORTH-S Used only 4 months. Makes bunonholes.' Own^ -»tir S£ws on buttons, many fancy patterns! ;ures~ 31' W I without attachments. 5 year guarantee. month. Free home BABY FURNITURE — Bed, mattress, chest. White, cjood condition. S25 for oil. GA i-3DiO La Porte. BIRD HOUSES — FOR SALE. SEE AT 100 W. CLEVELAND. is all CORNER ig. Build. r.£ Mail. Prict hurry, it won't lest long. EO- I BAY HOME — Waterfront property, IBS \ Bovshore Drive, overlooking the Monu- ; merit. 3rick home. 5^>earooms, 2 ; '= Sarhs. I cer.?--cl si crsa heat. 2-car aa-age, boat! noo-se. workshop. Located on two full .^^^^^^^^^^ '' oces. Bocu-riful trees end shrybs. Oh. i i torpot! IT has an oversized paneled de/* GROCERY !'Aith reyt firecMar.e! Drive by today one" icnd end fix-'ta* e a 'Ook. Appointrnent only. EDDIE S6.WO . . . that; COX. Realtor. 566-722! or 566-5060. , DIE COX, Realtor. 566-7221 or SJ6-SOoO. SINGER MAPLETON, ijo — Price reduced for Qu.CK scie, beautiful cJl brie* nomr. BE YOUR OWN SOSS — OPPORTUNITY i Oversized living room, 3 bedrooms, nice OF A LiFETlyV.Sl- 1601 Market St Thei aen ' 2 '-•• boms. Centrally heated and air Ivy House business, land, building end i conditioned. Seteciric kitchen. 2-car gar- fixtures !or sole, f.'.ckc a million cellars' aoe ' B "" f ro 1o5t I0 ° veers! Plenty sncde tn this fine busines loccfio.-!. Priced en t ano Pecan trees. Ceil Eddie tor orner in| 545,500 for quick sole. Terms. Can EDDIE COX, Realtor, for other ir.rormaticn 566-7221 or 546-506O. 23. Services Offered CHILD'S DRESSES — Cari Classics ond i other known brands. S dresses like new,! size 3. S5 each. -" i CLOTHING — Teen - Womens, size ?-10. I Siloes, size 6',^, soos, 2 formats, ond 2 quickly, io. , by KIRKINDALL UPHOL-i DRYER — i STOP IN TIME? Big or small j Phone 582-S447! risk an accident. Consult a spe-| _. _.—— complete wheel end brake work j ELECTROLUX WHEEL 8, BRAKE SERVICE'' S" 1 " ond iarket, 5S2-943. ' GE, I Guaranteed, terms. . Ten-Ten Decker Drive sociation of Letter Carriers will! Apoi'noNS, FOUNDATIONS LEVELED.i coats. , , T ^. . T j Rcmodeiino. Lifetime Tediar s i d i n a ' —— •—— be host to a I Spring! For estimates. 582-7252. j COMET RIDING LAWNMOWERS — mAPtinp- nf th^> T^v^c ^tst^ Ac;-!- 1 - ^- BELL. New end used meeting ot me iexas state AS-J _ __ ___ SWSALL ENGINE SERVICE, SOciation of Letter Carrier^ on! CAL L us TODAY cnt! hove your prized Crosby-Huffman Rd., Crosby. , " . _ s i'urniture restored to beauty —•' '- ' March 19 in Baytown. '--- - Sen. Ralph Yarborough is sx- pected to be the guest speaker.! ", N '^ One hundred to«~ns from the ciciist surrounding area will be repre- Jyjc scnted at the meeting, which ^ us NOW FQR YQUR HQM£ M ^ will also attract Officers from lernirotion needs. No down payments. Easy i FURNITURE the state and national associa- ' IDEAL e HOME IMPROVEMENT co i ron x "04 N. Aieonfler Dr. SS3-:J27 i 5315- WILL TUNE UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY iormotion. EDDIE COX, Reoltor. Sii-7221 or 566-3060. MAKE IT CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR! — You would think it's Christmas time when you see -his 12-acre estate on beautiful S3.75 VACUUM CLEANERS. I Service. Floor polishers, rug, sriarrvoooer, free dernonstrctio/is. Jorir. 1 ._ petrasn. 517 Harvev. tion. Registration will begin at 4 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall. A dinner at 6:30 p.m. will precede the business meet- .ng. Attend Church This Sunday BRICK BRADFORD By Paul Morris WHAT'5 WRONG ? I'/v\ 5TE.APPeO THEY'VE MADS MSA THIS MUST &E A ROOM OM TW6K2 TlME-MACriiNE ! RIP KIRBY BY Alex Raymond 6RFAT CAESAR'S YOU HAVE A BIS MOUTH, MISTER AND I'M &OW& TO FEED IT A 8AMQUET BELIEVE THE tAPV 15 WEERNS ' SOOT7 MISS LISTEN. LOVELY — Five rooms, including i stove and refnc^rator and apartment sizes misc. 6U s. .v.ain. Hiot-.iands. 42&-| ANY MAKE OR MODEL WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS !N THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 i DISTRIBUTORSHIP SECURE INVESTMENT ! OPPORTUNITY Ptoy .. . Three baths, all-electric Sitclen. Separate nice servant quarters. Barn end nice . .•spare time supervision required, can ex-! _____ _ i POKd to full time unlimited profits. j PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE— . i No selling. Foctory sets everything Own ROOFING SPECIALIST — Composition! E and wood. References furnished ' " Phone 583-KW7. FREEZER — Frost - free. 1961 Friaidaire. 17 Ft. ROACHES? — 6-Rooms and aarago, SIS 00 Also, Comrnerciol. Bonded ond Licensed! AH rv&es exterrr.inotinQ. ouorar.teed HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL, Ph. SB2 98M SHEPHERDS TV For Fast Expert Service Your Zenith Dealer - Cor, Rodic, TV 5K-5456 500 Park TYPEWRITERS — Office Machines, cosh rea-sters. Sales and Service. Factory trained mechanics. ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO, 3M E Teras. 583-3775. TRACTOR WORK CULPEPPER'S FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED. GRAVES'b'sc"ouN'T l 'FURN'?fuRE i Warehouse Showroom 219 N. Main 533-2321 I for you. Write giving phone number to' 5e " immediately. 3-yeor old bay horn. ; Dept. 11, Box £301, Universal City, Colif. ' " "~~ , — - | Don't Sei! J Yourself Short RECESSION-DEPRESSION PROOF BUSINESS EXCEPTIONAL HIGH EARNINGS PART-TIMS WORK FOR ADDED INCOME ier is moving to form ana wants to immediately. 3-ye<3r cW bay home, many bui!t-ins end extra features 3-&ed- i rooms. I tile baths, large kitchen witn I electric oui it-Ins, abundance of ofass for i bay view. Utility area, shop room, doo- j ble garage, pctio. Cedar fenced bock yard, concrete bulkhead, boat ramp, loo X 200 ft. landscaped lot wirh huge trees. Drive by 133 Bavshore Dr Coll Eddie i day or night. EOD:E COX, Realtor. J 564-7221 or 54*-5060. | SPARKY SEZ ... REMEMBER THE ALAMO Brown's PRUNER purchased before March 1st. LYNCHBURG FEED AND HDW. 1949 Market 424-3119 Clean, VALENTINE all GARAGE SALE — Baby bed, [ clothes. In excellent condition. | see at 708 Chandler. choir. Group T .......... S1S9.95 .......... . New Double Dresser With Mirror . -S 49.00 2410 Market NEV/-USED FURNITURE Per month in your spar • up I time. This com- J Don't Move—Improve re« planning and decorating service. 1st line materials. Expert work. Discount pn- ohonoaroph IONO — Amipesj 31-B Building Material !*»• pers'onci intervi, . Antiaue Edison i •* i write, please include i •Oe). Inquire 314 ^^^"^^^^^"•^^^^••i"""^i^^^^« j TELEVI ces. ing, Rooms, kitchens, siding. dens, baths. r*ol- MORTON BUILDERS GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE Nice Portable TV . I 45 00 Like New 5-Piecc Danish Modern dinette J 65.00 5-Piece Round Pedestal Maple cilnette I 79.95 Highlands | New Admiral Refriaerotor J169>5 Remodei or Build ^COMMERCIAL . . . RESIDENTIAL • CABINETS • BATHS • FORMICA • ALUMINUM SIDING • DRIVEWAYS COMPLETE REMODELING SERVICE 5 YEARS TO PAY C. G. "Rocxy" Roquemor* 1604 Wright Blvd. 582-917S New Preinier Ranoe .. New Apartment Stove ST15.00 S E4.50 15 ft. Chest Freezer $ 75.00 Good" Apartment Stove ^ 2500 ' New 2-Piece Danish Modern Llwig Room Suite S 65.00 2-P:ece Plastic Covered Ranch Style Suite S 75 00 Used 3-Piece Bedroom Suite s 27.50 New 3-Piece Bedroom Suit* I 85.OC New 30 Gal. Glass Lined INCOME TAX SERVICE BOOKKEEPING — NOTARY SERVICE Non Itemized: as low as S4 Itemized: at low as $10 JAMES DUVALL 1433 Ollvi S82-J4K Electric Motor Repairs Rewinding, any kind, slit. Modwn tqulp- ment. Qualified mectwnlcs. MASSEY ELECTRIC, 121 S. Prmtt, 5«-7ai. 24. Soil - Fertilizer TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL — Sackhoc, Bulldozer, Trocklooder for rent, '-ovd Burrli, S83-1S9S. TOP SOIL, FILL SAND, SHELL Dump Truck for Rent ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS ! See us for all your remodeling and ouilc?- i mo- Estimates Free. NOTHING DOWN, up to 5 years to pay. BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY New Location, 315 W. Nozro, Ola Grey Lor. Co. Yard, 532-7628. pariy will extend financial assistance fo j \A/A TC D CO r~\Kl-r l_l/^ijr- fu time If desired. Do not answer unless WA I tRhRONT HOME fully Qualified for the time ond invest- i^i»ii_ m • ' SOUTH BURNET, 4S4 — Three spacious bedrooms, } baths, bio living room, dining room, kitchen ana family room. Two wood burning fireplaces provide real pleasure plos the comfort of central air ana heat. Custom droseries, ore just one of th« many mterior features you'll enjoy. Beautifully landscaped lot goes to ttw watei-4 edge with btwt romp, sJwIter, electric winch, pier bulkhead no* • ••Income starts immediately, "Business is set up for you. ••we secure locutions. ••Selling, soliciting or experience necessary. 'lew in your city, phone number. TELEVISION P. O. Box J373 Younostown, Ohio, 44512 ALUMINUM SHEETS •a tn. by JA-ln. i . hion grooe. .009 in. thickness, loeal for I insutction. rooting, sidiria, .25 each. Can ae seen ot Tne Bo/jown Sun, 1301 Memorial Driv*. 40. Real Estate Wanted DISCOUNT BUILDING MATERIALS.. "BEST PRICES IN TOWN" Try Us and See CHANNELV'EW LUMBER AND SPORTING GOODS 16120 MC.-Kef GL 3-7)33 Water Heater S 49.95 i New Commode S19.95JHOME REMODELING 21 1 W. Main OLD PELLY 582-4713 Free Estimates. GOOD USED LUMBER — For jc!e. All sizes. Phone 582-5773. . I New Ideas; reliable contractors. CURBY LUMBER, 562-8251. GAS STOVE — 50 Inch apartment size, in exceptionally good condition. J30. 1904 GAS RANGE — M porcelovn with large S3SOO. S83-3160. In. Tappan. White oven and broiler HONDA 50, 1961 — S13500. Coll 582-4772. LATEX PAINT, J2.9S GALLON STARETT LUMBER CO. 3318 N. Main 582-5618 TILES — Ceiling rile, 12" X IJ'-V, .11 each. Floor tite, Armstrong's Vinyl Asbestos, 9" X 9", eo., .08. BR1TTON CRAVENS LUMBERS CO., 2609 Market, 582-8265. CURBY LUMBER LOST bright carpet colors them with Blue Lustre. Rent shampooer SI. Boytcwn Market St., SB3-4052. restOTBJSHEETROCK: electric _ «8-V," Sbeetro* Hardware, 3425 MISCELLANEOUS — Draft Beer BOX, 1 Keq Pcrfick; 4 Ft. Coke wet box. stainless steel lined; 16 ft. plywood boat, trailer, 15 h.p. Evtnrude; oortoble acoustic spray fig. 4'/ 3 h.p. B anci S - 12% 101 Avenue K . CFM compreMor, 50 Z?y t>>mnh , Dpsxr - A " Airhart Drive. Ft. Vi-ln. See hose, ot t GULF AT COMMERCE 582-8251 PAINT SPARKY SEZ. . . LIST WITH US GET SUPER SERVICE SPARKY BOND, Realtor rv* S. MOWn - _Migr.ts end Sundays. 583-4878 or 566-7751 Walker Realty 4417 BnywBY Dr. 5«-S47» WEEKEND RETREAT! One-half acre of partial!, wooded, soncy loom land. Near and with access to Lake w«M° nnaW ^,- VK!"" $ile M rol>m > ™?~ t, o£" £' Cabin on<> "O"" Wai -'— ST,W. T«rmj. Coil Mrs. LISTINGS AND ACREAGE WANTED IN HUFFMAN - CROSBY AREA — HUGHES REALTY. 5S3-2739or 533-5250. Ask, Carl Ruez. LISTINGS WANTED! OTIS GRAHAM REALTY SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING PHONE 5S3-5O18 NEED CHAMBERS COUNTY LISTINGS Hove Cosh Buyers Waiting HUGHES REALTY, Emery H. Hugfies iuj N. Main St., 5S3-2739 or 533-3349 WE WANT YOUR LISTING Call "Jake" Rufter Realty 5 N. Ashbel, Bovtown, Texas 583-4062 or nights 582-5067. WE WANT YOUR LISTING Ust with us. Prospects ore woltlna. HUGHES REALTY, 583-7739 Five Year Guarantee on outside while. Res. S8.55, r.ow S5.9S. Insids »cll paints U.40 now J3.». . Sheley Lumber Co. 22W Morxet Sf. S8J-I745 CHATEAU REALTY Mr*. Molonc, Realtor, 1601 NorcllH 583-3252 Or 566-5604 ofl«r 6 p.m. Acme Realty T. W. WILKS, REALTOR ttflt Park PROSPECTS WATTING TO BUY YOUR HOME. WE NEED YOUR LISTING. 44, Farms - Ranches GOOD RANCH 1,165 Acrti, running streqm. Hoi old > «^,K r °'r- Ch J" )me witl> omBl « tMTO and ? . i • 1 . G °^ 1 9T ?" OIMl |iv » «* Wmber. Pnon? '" 1 ' 0 45. Lots For Sale |nT W ° LOT — - ? E D OVERSIZED COXi CEDAR BAYOU — , w* DIE COX. RatltorT.mi or COUNTRY Buminotre 583-2948 O.UB OAKS — Circle.

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