Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1941 · Page 7
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1941
Page 7
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October 1S._1Q4t STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STEELING. ILLINOIS ,Pggg_ Seven In National Defense Program Stressed Mrs. Jerome Robbins Speaks of Lincoln P. T. A. Meeting A thought pro 1 . OKIT-.B ',Viit ^.'fc; jttvrn bv Mr<; Jrtnn-.'- nol-.hi!i<; at the Lincoln school P T A Tue^dav ln Heod b ° ve.-] Mr\V.-.rd Mr-: h^on recei F.mrna B, 5trn'ich. Ro-"k Island, for- 'i-ei;-.- of Prer'lng for l.S year.';, a r-^'ient in Pt Anth-inv hO'.;>:'a in * '"r; r >'!- '^r.ri: :: r -nn '"•*.' n p r »nv p. t t r. r . .•"" r ^f ::'. ^ •-?:T. - .<-. Mr p:id Mr. r Ff.iv H •< '••:;• :T: \'<:'tr ;<»>( Kr>!-ir-in-. !?f- ' ;:- 'r~rt] y n rr k and •• r : ' r "<:*' :!i! - ir'. ni-.d ':'..'• spine ha.s VV»:T tap;^d \t, .r/. Pictured wilh Sea Heroes of Mafapan ..r^'h'.' Baughm«n. dRViph- ; ;trr of Mr srd Mr.<.. Clvde linrin. n ' Mi ''"'?'". lil*. a .' i WR.S r'"'"**d :n s northwestern j f.vo 'i:.r o; bv.!>::-:; at. P-;c«" R«$t Room For Headquarters A prop'~f^! for t h' 1 o^ r' j i "**i *"; r *-' r; * the ci'y bu;W,~(t rest room by '!'.'' FT! fror-.s fnr >'•ndqiifir'T> •'.>' pf'wnted fo th* 1 city council T'-v--- fifly. aith the a?rr«-m^iit that ; r for s'lpervt^lon' of th* p •.'t. room wo'ild N* (*s«umed. C" T K- Krn?',r. w»« »dvi«*x? hv ?>•;»• I to n*r*>va;fi i* Rrrans" > rr!' > n r .' : b» m*<1* bv The R^d Crnss '^ ! To Bi Revealed Soon - I Ohio nrd pr>r!*. of Mi^onri. rr .., r r of r.rrn u*ert normally i- rhr amount "f rrrm produc- rd In.-;>•;•.• rind hichT than «vprpf?e i - — ro: r, ;-:r r '.' normal!'.' prevail ' v:..\5-Hi:-:nT<>~ _ <AP - TI-.'- (•::;•...- .:,.-: •!-." ;r.:>. r, ra-c-. 'h-vi)<i | sericulture department •? ill a!i-., a .... t.,,., r , n ,,'im of p. bout , !-. r .-;:v- *r. hi:; a few rt-r. .•. :i •-'!-.rd- ^7 f r r -<i a h'r-h<"l 'n a maximum of i •'!!» of r*.'p* 5 - for loans to fjirmTs in '^v-'->.• "" r<"ri' k hir s'.Tse.inR ~^R [ the ("prnmprcial corn belt 0*1 !Q4J- rf ---'-, '6*^?;; mm thrv rnnv deMrp to Mor'* _ _ ,o'h«T hi"; n fm *n«S « rt^lJn? in Import* of . bfsti oil in IM2-43 trcraW N> »b*bt « da* to nhippirn Iw.f* and . SOQ.OOO.OOO pounds fmter *h*n in rfsffirulti"'.. ;!-,<• department, j th'- current fawn. *h" KM fRimfr 1 : *" ircrra'f 'lirtr : 5-n. W : arrrner p.ext ^, «ar from i.- -Arc - t!V: ' rfv "' It a ;• s'.riper at Ira.'t ss high s< in ths ..'; ; a^kfd '!-,n' 'hr to 1 , bean . rurrrnt frs-on. r^-cn though the otit- •?? inrrra'^d frnrr. .^f>lRnon put of *oybfftri5 «nd pfftmits mny tin iub5!anl;»»llv inrrra'.rd nrxt ypar," satd. j for f'l' i Th" f 11 • r or ' '•'*. tr'. n'lll '. nn -r b'i Ti or,' 1 nr of tl-,e home in -the dr;^m,e i>:ocram Her discussion of new 'kills whi r ! homemakers will need in prejwrR-j ^ lion for defrnse was ap;>ie( iatrd by, P the parents and teachers. 'If WP build strong enough homes." Mr5 Robbins stated. "WP as f\ nation ran faf-e the inevitable turmoil we will have in Ihf next few years. . If adults could shoulder the results ft of war it would not present quite ?uch a fearful picture, but it afTect.s the children. Homemakrrs must . study the question of what can be done in the home to defend our children. our home nnd our nation. _ "Home needs should be studied 9 carefully. The advance in food prices force homemakers to learn of food values if- they nre to live within the family budget nnd still feed growing children well balanced nutritious foods. The most expensive food Is |t not necessarily the most nutritious. P C»nn«l foods nnd foods in boxes are •o well marked that » littlp time and thought is economy. Well balanced meals make everyone feel better and when you feel good your morale is higher. fe "Higher prices In clothing presents »nother problem. Again we need to know the value of materials. Many of the synthetic materials are fast taking the place of natural fabrics. This fascinating study run keep your ^family comfortably and attractively Pj clothed, which is also important in •keeping up morale. Need for Development "P«thap* the greatest need is mental and spiritual development. the home is the- place to teach fe greater faith in oneself, in each ~ other and in our country. We can. not preach patriotism unless we believe in democracy and are sure we have something to preserve. Homes •hould be the places where parents CML offer something of a philosophy •VoI-Hfe-beyond -the terrors of war. To offer it parents must _h*ye it ihemaelvea. Skill in teaching chil- , drcn to control fears and to be re ' Mponsible for others is necessary in a home defense program. Our homes should be a supply house of encour- P. agtment, confidence and assurance. These qualities are; embodied in Christianity and cannot be given by • •omeono who does not live them." . In conclusion Mrs. Robbins states that everyone has a power to build ^ • strong philosophy of life. It takes P practice, a little at a time to develop — but It is most important in Uie borne defense program. Mrs. Ernest Smith handed in her resignation as president of the P. : T. A. and Mrs. Lloyd Good, vice b pCMident. will take her office. Mrs. * John Llikala will fill Mrs. Good's — "Office as vice president. Other numbers on the program were a demonstration group lesson to piano directed by Mrs. Kathryn — Caihonn and community singing led •i by Mrs. Maurice Ford, with Mrs. ^ R. Bailee at the piano. R. G. Mc- CuUoh presented the new tenure law of Illinois to the P. T. A. by an Informal discussion. Mrs. J. Kenneth Rice, general _ chairman for the play made an an- P) nouncement. The program chalr- _ man, J. Harold Lobaugh. explained the new program booklets placed in •very home. For the past three years the Lincoln and Central P. — -TrAf-fioupB-have-enioyed theae^ery at fine handbooks of information. j Lions Will Pu! Team Into Basketball League This Winter if s.':' H M S. Warspite. i throughout th' day. r <•'""-S Two Criminal Cases t.hf Mil- !hf and -"TJ - M v c R.v.ichmnn Manri- mc ha k nf :;•.«• fjio ranking officer.*, n ho %:<* -j-a'./yl R^niiinf? under thp Self or Next Week In Circuit Court ic<"r;r< a bi:--»:f! 1 ! PT c»:r r:f M ; r S i prjrf f)f i n; i: I': : m^i' •/ if-;i;: ra' r«. rrodr if"; - r nrr. u srd rot Ton n::i' p«r f-:.- n{ par if. Lions club will hark a basket ball trnm in the. Uaeue thi5 \rar. Ten ni?n will lie put into the team and uniforms r>rar!nK the Lion's emblem will be ordered immediately. Art Weir is to be raptam and manager. Should thrre be nnv profit at the end of the wasoti. it will go into the fund for blind children. It wa* surprise night at the club and everything was done backward, much to the mystification of « large group of Rockford Lions, who paid the local club a visit. De.v^rt wa.s served and the 5alad-cocktail course came la-st. Alex Hagluixl. who i.s here on a furlough from Camp Forrest, Tcnn., WB.S the speaker of the evening. Mr. Haglund told of the recent maneuvers and the life of a soldier at Tullahoma. 'Two '. p;r:,-\i\f ot thr Mrditrr- rnt'ifa:. P,T find M*a bFittir. Ijirut Comd-5- N A . CoiK-man 'iPlf and V. C. Bf-^f E':iMirry nnd torpcrio lofTirrr^ of H. M S. Wair.pit*. arp '.sho'.Mi 35 t!-.rv >»• ia.<-t niRht ;itr>r!rd iff Kor;!-.-.'.c.-- A:r'.:nf5 plane for I Wn.'ihiP.Etoiv I? C. to ron-sult about | repairs on thr riarnaRPd.ship now at tho PtiKft So:ind i.avv vard. Shown jwltli 'hPin is Strwardoss Dorothy Bausliniai:. D^irniR thp Bfttllp of Matnpan. a British dP.Mroyer turnpd it.s spotiiKht on an Italian cruiser. Thp Wf»rspit«'n Cnpt, D. B. Ftcher Rftve thp order "Open . . ." and b«- forp he could finish with "fire." Commander BFPK> 15-inch Runs had roarrd into action, ripping the deck to pieces on the Italian craft. In quick snccfAsion two other Italian warships were put out of commission." The picture was wnt to Mr*. Oporgp Tppt* of MHleriRcvllle. by her *or.. GeorEe Jr.. who saw it In a paper In Seattle, Wash. in the White- Young Republicans Give Dancing Party The attendance at the dance given by the White/tide County Young Republicans' club Tuesday evening in the Sterling club rooms was larger than had been expected, between 80 and 90 couple* being present. The party wa* enjoyed by all. Hospital Notes Raymond Pitts submitted to a major operation at the Sterling public hospital this morning. Mrs. Henri' Jacobs submitted to a minor opera - tion.-Mra, John-Wink, «v who submitted to a major operation Sunday is getting along nicely. Mrs. Pleamon Adamson and Mrs. Jake Dykema have been admitted for medical treatment, Mrs. George Whalen and infant son and Peter Gallagher have been discharged. Making Good Recovery John JS. Ferris, who suffered severe lacerations and bruises last Saturday afternoon when knocked down by an automobile at. the intersection of Third street and First avenue, is recovering nicely from the effects of the injuries and shock. He is still quite stiff, his muscles are sore and he is black and blue, but soon will be able to get out and around again. Reports Auro Accident Roy McClarey reported to the police that his car and one driven by a woman, whose name he did not learn, figured in an accident Tuesday on Avenue O between Twelfth and Thirteenth itreets. There was some damage to both cars. TBaiTTUE C'LABHIfiED ABB Fmral Horn Andrew r. Meyer m rwt* AT*. MAIN • Many Improvements Are Being Made Around And In Fenfon Village Floyd Black U erecting a modern six room house on his farm near Fenton lor his son. Ronald Black, who was recently married. Clifford R^isenbigkr is erecting a machine shed. 30 by 40. on his farm. Roy Burns is also building a cattle shed on his farm and the barn on the Miller farm, tenanted by Simon Bush, has just been reshlngled Arthur Forth of Fenton has pur- cliascdfour^partaol lots-ln-the ^village of Fenton and has erected a garage. 20 by 30. while Wayne Bealer is building a new cattle shed. 28 by 40. on his farm near the edge of the village. i A call of The d>> side circ^.i' < f . WPrine.'iday rr.r>rn.r.g bv JudRf L. E Teiipen of Orr.bririRp. who 15 pre.Md- iiiK hpre for on" day. and two rnir.- ; innl are set to Sx 1 tiled the ; fir.«t of next np^k. A nuinlxr of other ca-'w* al«o have been set for trial although it is po-wible they may not be tried on the datp.s,whic!i I have been set because of other cs^- es taking nior* time than anticipated or possible continuances in other cases. The case of Leo Jordan of Fulton who was Indicted on a statutory charge has bwn set for Monday morning. Oct. 20. when the panel of petit jurors is scheduled to report for service. The case of Jeff Bailey of Fulton, charged with attempting to intimidate a witness will follow the Jordan trial and has been set for Oct. 21. On Oct. 27 the rasp of Johnson against Peugh and aho the ea.v? of Harrington against Frankfather have been set The Grabill suit against Teach ha* been scheduled for Oct. 23. and the of Folk- prs ngalnM Cedro has open set for Oct 24. A retrial of the Peters aBalnM Peter* case, which was ordered by the slate supreme court 5ms been set for Oct. 27, and the ca.«.e of Grennan agalast Manfield ha.n been set for the same day. Delegates Meet to Plan Dixon Meeting A meeting of the Whitealde county dflegates to the Rock River division of .the Illinois Education association, which will be held at Dlxon Friday met in the circuit court-room Tueaday- niglit-to discuss plans and matters pertaining to the meeting. Solar light is equivalent to 1.575.000, war candles. ARCADE Tke ARCADE SOfT WATER LAUNDRY haa JMt r«»alHrrt the Inatallatton »f a new, larger iMtaa- tamnM ctoihev white aoftener plant to apMtf •? •redaction and take upwlal care «f the ARCADE'S Ian*, Increasing laundry, eartalnn, drapea, ragm, cleaning and tterilliing bnvlneaa. ' The ARCADE b •^•ipped !* handle all alat rogi . . . done in •mr •wn nlant. Oar e^*rat«r» hare taken rag cleaning and naMac- ing inatitate couraea. There la no experimenting, *• have been doing thla work for Zt. yean. The Insurance board hat j«at giren th« ARCADE a 1M% risk claialfleatlon for aafety. improrraient and cteanllneM . . . REWARD, LOWER RATES. FRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE PHONE 144 K WED here M if for take-off is i« jorgeout now croation whtob is the Buiek SUPER for 1942. Fresh in line, dean of contour, solid cs s combct ccr but grcccful ss • plant, it i» one of 23 spcjrkltng new jRodcls thst prove jw« cam 0*0 it if jsmt try! For the very thinji thst mode some peonjereildy to say there couldn't be iwything new in the 1942 cstt mode Butck engineers resolve thst if there were any they would be •utomobUee. : ,„ Continued High Prices •.nu!d averrtgr 74 -9 r* f i ft i ,,. nvrragr is R, ror ioybeons, Peanuts Are Considered Certain 'AP< With rrTihT i."' pnnv. ;• 'he law. rnrr.- .'o; the ba r -ir ron'- nt tohnr ro ri' r br at Ira 1 -! P"> V.'A>5?!N(.noN ' >•."•: ::• 2'"> •• f-nr^ ';-.•• acnculturr ;' :'r.\f'.,' n:rrii"Tri 'odflv that :::>•:• :-:t'bRb"r. wrr.;ifi ; '•( P\\ e prrs ' :,:«.:. ;••:!'•'"• for thru ro'toiisrcci. \ !•'...;•.- :'::ri pfaniiT? In 1P42 even nan :ate« the dr- ri I ra; triiP!;! i,s tskli K ir.'f rdti^iiiTn- : j •;":•. sui h factors a^ !hr COP! of ; '' I tiRr.spoi tine Rinin from t 1 . c siu'jilus |- 1 , prntluct ion areas to terminal mar- : ' ke-.s and thp supply and demand sit- ''» r ' p r -.-.r.-i'-- mny be substantially ua:ion in tlip storaRp nrras Officials i'ic;pa:-'-d | , , ...•__:... '•aid hp !oan schpdui • was deslRnpd to rrflrct the normal price relationships between corn producing and j^For'MlSr. h, the past coril j »*rV .due tocdd, .. . ««d ' prices on the average hfne been low- ' , est in the heavy surplus corn pro. ducing areas of soutliem Minnesota snd northwestern Iowa, «nd, therefore the corn loan rates will be lowest JOHT COUOHS to colds .. . ease without "dosing". BV .•> Cl Nf RAMUNS Now they're here. Everyone s Buick FlRBBALL vdve-in-head straight- cistnt, every single one s honey. Put foot io trccdle in any of them end you find out in s. hurry, how little defense conditions hamper men of reel skill end alert ingenuity. Push this beauty, force it through the toughest going — it will take all you can give it with frugal ease — and be f rettessly ready for more. Ytc, tp we the«« can now and l^arn how wrong the fellow was who said thtr* oould be little new in '42. N* *MMr Mr kM AU 1MM MM TOM IN «4» FIHtALL «T«AI6HT-£I6HT VAIVMN-HCA» IM1MI * COMNUIW CAMURCTIOM (itMteri w MMt M*b> * OtL-OMMIONfO ClANKltMrr flMS AN* JMMHAU * STUMM-LITI CONMICTINQ tOO$ * STtPON PMKINa •IAKC * IROADItrMWMEElS * fUUY*»JUIT*»LI STEttlMG POST -'it tOOV IV FISHU A VCATHCIWAMUI VfHTI-NCATU (MMHiy) BETTER BUY BUICK II TWIN CITY MOTOR CORP, It, PHONOGRAPHS AUTOMATIC RECORD CHANGER S?^f£?S5 rj?--"^:--^^ WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OP AUTOMATIC RECORD CHANGERS EQUIPPEi WITI ADMIRAL LIFETIME NEEDLE NO NEEDLES TO CHANGE NO RECORD WEAR MAGNA BAND SHORT WAVE Tw« wave bands! StarKterri and M«|na-land tuning on 31 m«t«r Short Wav« land (»H»-.r-o-<iHi-Vi»oHon«fofoo»i - - ~S^^-. •?! tuning ond loffinfi) SPECIAL OFFER RECORD CABINET Comptot* with 5 R«cer«l Albums $14.2$ VoJuo, Only RECORD CHAHGER Pley* twelve 10" er leu 11* wceids. le^tfipeed with Admiral "lifetime" PfO60t9* •vl^viflOT fMfllw nli9 rwwMIHI* •Me eewor ewtpwt. Sweer Aerescepe elietlneAet eortel end ground. Net •moling tone e.uelity. A truly teiue- tienel v«luel Whan purcheied wNh Admiral TeWo MedolPlieeoledio Stdtt Co. 308 LOCUST ST. PHONE 265

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