Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 11, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1959
Page 3
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i Fifty Teams Due FFA Contest I LKf »S MAKE PAMPA ctrv IN the the Two Pampans Put On Council ST. LOUIS From f*Af« 1) Slif THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, rfeBRtJAfty 11, 1959 I Hughey Rites WOMAN EMPLOVfcfe— | "*TIC1 Name • I (If s warning had be«n issued, it |is doubtful that many persons iwoiild have been alerted. CANYON rflpl) .... Two Pampa! The giant funnel swooped into ft t • f students have recently been nam-jthe city at 2:15 a.m., when most ^CnHHl Ullia also furnish *«ftt!on ; t d l ° lhft B * ptisl Sttldenl Union >« f «i« city was asleep. ,»*•• •«%•*••«« • ^r^^™'= -'-"c.n'!^r^ t ^ r sr^=;4S".r r ^' - """ tAljtf->nlnrt.*-!ntill*»«.*JI..<*y i t fl^ iV'^fl tHp t* Ell f'Pfl 1] ffl *" ' •» 11 * •- **• * -. ' » » mwi This nlcst i3 y*ar« of Business Clip otitt fill Iti; and please tnall the above to "Friendliest, Most B Courteous" Employee Awards, at The Pampa Dally News, Pam. pa, Texas, of deposit In any one of the 4 ballot boxes located at Citizens Bank and f fust Co., First National Bank, Pamjrn Cham• her of Commerce, or The Pampa Dally News—voting ends on • Sunday, February 15. Announcement will be matle In Ilip It* <•> I* *•*•._ *•. nrt »_ 4*11 __ * r*^. j_ three boys, accompanied by their Instructor. Judging will get dcrway at 10 a.m. Awards be made at a 5 p.m. banquet in:"" 1 * "'* leams competing, Tneimajor. the Senior High School cafeteria. j nonlesl nss ftfea dily grown until j Kenneth Yager, son of Mr. and; All contestants and coaches will i|oday !t ls one ot u be the guests of the First Nation- '™°* 1 P°P"'«'' Judging al Bank and Citizen's Bank and ;the Southw est. Trust Company. j Williams and Smith have served '' »-,. ~ " Details of the Contest w e r e I a* supt. and asst. superintendent j BOOM worked out this morning by a five-. respectively, since its inception in jman steering committee; Quentin; 1B45. ! (t.'ontituied Prom i'age 1) LONDON' (0Pf> — F. C. Pybus, ft leading BfltlSH jsurgeon, warned fodfty tMl J smoke from burning leaves ftfttl tgarden rubbish arc posslblf emeritus of Mrs. Lee Kdward KMc^r^:^^''^^ 1 ^"^-'^ held at 3 P- m - Thursday in thejham, wrote in the magaa un , ..-,, r ,« Hl ,., now ,, years o.njlA devotional chairman. Kalherine! n ' (1 one-hal" ho,r« aer • ,' n rT Tvfn ""IT,, C™" 1 " 1 " Church medical press that, "the „„„.. (having been started in 1945 withi'is a junior elementary education T h e Weather RrJ,«'i u^i « h Dr ' W * ! ' ace Brown ° ff «=ial-; from these smouldering heaps i* t jn :only six teams competing. Thejmajor. ' i not leTn of .^tornado un i, V ^' i?* r1kep ' ™ n irHlatin *- **™>^ , r , B (contest has steadily grown until | Kenneth Yager, son of Mr. and; mimit .es after it hit and then con > Mr H "^iey died at I2:20> foul smellin » and > ** mighi ftf wil , today it is one of the best and'Mrs. Lewis C. Yager, Is in charge j cen(n , , ed on warninfr Tlljno] , area , Wednesday morning in the North' ex P efl(cd ' contains benzpyfeft«, * igmg events i n ;of Sunday School. Yager is ai ln lt , palh K ,Plains Hospital Borger He wa, a aus P ectcd C9nc er agent." .. "' --—-»/ • "« • ••••i\'llIIVl-I>ll-lllf IV 111 IJC 111*111 T? IJj 111 P ( February 22 e Mtlon of The News. Store owner., or managers are I . . , „ not eligible. Vote as often as you wish; t*e only the award vot- |'?. ch .° o1 Vo ™tlonal Agriculturej I | | ...«...i. obi,t;i ing L lyiiiiiuiicc , V^UCIILIIl ; 1 »1O. ; \ »-•'•• • •••«•••-« * i <MII J n^r: J ; WPPP Hfl m A £ ' irA.ra-.TSisriij^! <^« s.r^.i.T?'-?-'.'.^™ •—«• "»>"* ! *" —- T ,-, „ ... . , • ,•-----• n* in louay .15 teams nave DI «• ss^ssrp.rrssisr^" ,rr -^- '••«• -•«•• ing ballot which will be published dally In The News. Roto nans Honor Wives With Party iTeacher; Frank At. Carter and The K>ank M. Carter Scholar- ijeacner; MranK AI. carter and ~-, •*.*.. «> ...JM _ 1:F, O. Wedgeworlh. manager of the '" hlp v/nvai<1 wi " he P«»ented B _i Pampa Chamber of Commerce. ' the bn "1»et '" some outstanding j The official judge of the show 9hlcient ( ' hosen b - v R -^lection com- j will be Char-lea Smnllwood. head mittee - The »l"'lent will be chos- Pampa Rolarlans honored their wives last night at their annual Valentine party at the Pampa bert Bratcher paid a tribute the ladies and Afax Bolick introduced the visitors and guests. of the agriculture Department of West Texas State College. Small ° 11 onthe basis of his interest in Denver and Tuscon observalor- VOTES a Vwvt V» nt\ t-n-ii-t ,* -i «A».r>i:..^. ^j^_ _ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ies both reported negative on a "quake" in the area. •rushed a total of 21 multiple dwelling., and 20 b«»i.! A 7*.AM. ann ,ne new, place.,. Another 1.2J5 multi- shrine in Amarillo pie dwellings and 423 businesses were damaged, along with 13 sin- 1 Hft is ••"•'•'Vived by his wife, Mrs. i Ida Hughey of the'home address; 'a step-son. Bobby Burns of Am«- rillo; two sisters.' Mrs. ,1 i m m y PanarhfV.-k of Dallas, Mrs. N o r- rnnn Carter of Point. Jnlennent rites will be in Mem- (Corilintipcl From Page 1) Protect YOUR HEART! VIOHH WHtAT OtHM Oil HELPS HEART ACTION GIVES MORE STRENGTH STAMINA VIGOR University Etptrlnints, fROVfO YldBia 01 iffitttHtt ctian — increase tntuttntt. Mainly About People •fndtcatM Paid Adv*rt(«inir ~.,,, -.,,,,,., . i. 1M T| , .Tin. || H, nI5JllirO-f/~«,, €t /"'*»**»»* in fl T 1 point.,, st ,,dent anro we i-heacl. but doubled if thatl^/p"' 1 ,!""^', ^ ene , . me '' . recoid, personality, elc.; was the nature of Tnpq»l«v'« ! ' Tnlst C ' ompany i The scholarship amounting to SHOO [••boom " i"c«uayj.| De | m ., j ones r>,-. (.5e or gp Snell'.o |at Texas Tech hns been present- j Severa , , ate llinrhera In a Pam-'?'"''' 1 ^^ Jones ' ™' ljlml Drive jed for the past .several years by . pa dinin)r establishment rose from j Carter in order to encourage | their tables when the "boom" o<--' T ' M - Kiv l ph en. Culberson Chev- 1.young men in the field of agricul-1. (; ,irred and then srtt bark down ! r ' )let - jture and livesUx-k. [thinking a large delivery truck had' Vinfl ^a'^ent. Penney's; Kstelle i The local committee will be as-'rammed the building \v h i 1 e ''""• sfotf '' Citizen's Bank and Trust I slated by the Agriculture Depart-! backing in to let off supplies. ;rnent of Texas Tech In running off! Perhaps the most shocked per^ ,,T1 / »,. : ._ :thc fl °ntest. T,. M. Margrave. a : son was a local woman who was No. 966 AKftAM. Funeral are by Kd Brown, Gill- Borger funeral director. (01 f K . B.I N . .M«mit«ii«, Country Club. Over 200 p e o p 1 e j n a SD eclal nr IT 1" in attenda "«. Neslage,'with the assUt^nTe'of Ed "^ M ^ n " ": TA *"' meel « l J^jthe contest. L. M. Hargrave.' „ ! son was a local woman who was : Q uaI ">' ««« Station: Alii, The main program of the eve- Myall, presented Floyd Watson i£, J " 1)rsd *- v m Horar -C Mn " n member of the Department is ex-' fust, turning up the thermostat of,' 1 " 1 -^ Hi -'' B » ( J Pharmat'y. ng was a talk by Miss Florence ( with a plaque in recognition of his'« , ry h '' no< "- Ml '*- , T ' M - ; peeled to be here. her home's central healing unit I r ' en eva. Mend. West Side •^ffoo «# c*an\mn i.rVtn *^i^ «# i,*« t . . ... .'. Brooks, oresioent. made this an- 1 . : .» .. .. . . . :/i..... Ar....» n .. n . ^»-«n_._ * Company; Jewe] D. I>ewis, Memory Oat-dens: Obie Laramore, Quality Gas Station: Allie Lum- wer, in attendance. Neslage; ^h^h^^is^ce of Ed a< ' 6 • •• -- —- —' Myall, presented Floyd Watson i™ . c. u , ^, ~ nlng was a talk by Miss Florence>lth a plaque in recognition of hla'!; lemeillary ™ l Ml ' B ' T ' M ' ?".".?' - Cany0 "' ^? told _ of h .e r iP"»t sen-ice to the club. ' l^!l!L. P ™ Sldentl m "' 1e thi '" an "''' The contest is sponsored by the'"^ thought she had' "'''bombed- ' *ry: Margnret McAllen. •""'"""'""" Agriculture and Livestock Commit. i hp| " ow " home in some way by the : lassie; Billv tee of the local Chamber of Com-| fli( _' k of a (lial merce. Lad & tion Fellow in Australia'where sh'e 1 , l " e ^[. illir0n Tl ' i0 ° ffered sever - i Tracy n. Tar.v, STUDIO of did graduate work id traveled ex! I* '^'^f for the "tertainmenf P i A NO AND ORGAN. 4M N. Sum- tensively. Most of Miss Coffee's! „ P ' ; ner. 4-8415.' Visllors a "d guests for the eve- j The Public Relutioni Committee, talk covered her travels which : viailora ana (fuesis wr the eve-j The Public Relutioni Committee,! were well Illustrated with colored ning were Rotar y District Gover-JTop O' Texas Girl Scout Council, j !/*..!L D..A I. slides. i nor Burnett Roberts and Mrs. ; will meet at B:30 a.m. Thursday I I OuTll rUT IR _ 1 Robert ft. Mr nnrl Mro U o ,. o v, « i !„ <i,« u««,- _/ Af__ -\t :_ c-ii • w»» • •• • •• I ill Parent's Custody slides. Don Cain club Vicars led in the siing. Dr. Hu ., .. lRobertS ' Mr - and Mrs - H e r s h e 1 In the home of Mrs. Morris Silver, J. W. Dugan. WINDS (Contlnuod From rage 1) their homes when Town Creek hoy. ap-'P™" room - and Mrs. Joe Tooley, Mr. and 1 Chicken and dumplings or Roast ! Mrs. Bob Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs.! Pork with dressing Thurs Noon! A 13 -y f>al '-° lri r-nmpa noy. ap- • Art Aftcrgut, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. \ anrl evening. O & Z Dining Room* i preheilried here followin S a break-.. Stanfield, Mr. and Mrs. Frank! Lee Miller h«* sold the bull Ml-! in Sunday, has been identified as „ ,.,,,,. [Store; Joe McCain, R&B Phar- Kmployees of the Daily News. !marv; Pfut ' MiMgrave. Pampa which like both radio stations 'N' n rehouse: Sam Morosco, 71iomp- KPDN and KHHH received phone ; ^ n Pharmacy; James Mote, calls from anxious citizens, heard i Karl's the "boorn" over the din of office typewriters and machinery. One News employee thought it wa s a heavy roll of newsprint (750 pounds per roll; falling in the ANNOUNCEMENT Waldon E. Moore and W. E. "Gene" Hollar are pleased to announce (he forming of a partnership for the practice of Architecture and Engineering in Pampa, Texas, to bf known as . .. MOORE & HOLLAR 512 W. KiiiK.smill Waldon E. Moore Engineer Ph. MO 5-5921 Willie Etigonp Hollar Architect nomilar hHipf Mo ° 1 le Fata, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. that a broken the sound Mvatt -lane O Inv 112771 to Klein x. thc aame b °v wh « recently forged: "" ' • ^' hir1 ' ° rrurs »* sflo( ' k -- - - - —. —- — — . —••• AIJ an, i lane u. joy, i.uiTl, to Klein « • . • " waves following- tho flip-ht nf overflowed its banks. Buildings on;Mrs. J. L. Nance, Miss P e g g y Sons, Greeley, Colo. The sale is thrce ( ' hecks ln p a m P«. Juvenile p * ^ "K nl or a the city's outskirts were flooded i Jamison. Mr. and Mrs. Don For- ! registered with the Brown Swiss authorities reported Tuesday. ; ^ ' * ^ n _ lnp " ' by as much as six feet of water. | shay. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Barber. ! Cattle Breeders Association, Be- In Juvenile Court Tuesday the es '' r ' h nrp ri f ed h a w tn At least 98 roads were closed in (Mrs. A. W. Brown, Mrs. Gertie '•• loit. Wis. youngster was put into the cus- wf)rds e a rtn ' Howeve.' cff »i t the Buckeye State, nine of them iFoster. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller! For the best Steaks in town, tody of his parents with the warn- Amaril | 0 ' A i b uq. 1 emue' Clovis'and since the floods of Jan. 21. jand Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wag- visit your IGA Food Liner. 606 S. '"g he must attend school regular- vVichita Falls nir bases reported Cll - vler -* !'- v ' no jets in the Top O' Texas area The Top O' TPXIIS Chapter of the The n year-old WHS picked up at the time. Federal Credit Unions will hold a in an outhouse on S. Barnes Mon-' Thus, Tuesday's "boom, thud, dinner meeting In the Horace day morning-. He was accompan- ;quake or quirk c/ nature," is ex- Mann cafeteria Monday at 7 p.m. iod bv n 1:> year-old who lulmil-lpected to remain a secret. Inves- I Reservations can be made by call- ted he also took part in the break- ; tignlors did report that the ;ing MO 4-2531. Mrs. H. R. V a n in. The younger boy has also been "boom" definitely was not the Sickle, secretary, announced the ' released'to his parents' oiifiody. ! result of a flying saucer hitting " 1eetin £- ! rhpcka n.Tjcori v,,, tho r, i H » ^ earth. For Sale ner. Local DeMolays Installation Cleveland Area Flooded Flooding also was reported In the greater Cleveland area, East Lake, Willoughby, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg and Valley View. Although rivers and streams , were rising in some areas, other; Ohio communities reported th a t i The Pampa DeMolay Chapter >^"'<--. •• maverick waters were receding, iwill install their newly "elected of-i meeting. : ch(lf , k< , sscd . , hp 0 , d p r In Indiana, the Wabash River' fleers Saturday night. j P»r Snip: II HI. ft. ,-hset type hov t/lta , 0(| J2( , p ,; haUon Offlno ,. swelled to near record crests.! The installing team will be fur i G - E - Proezer. phone MO 9-9875 H ' A Do?gett reporl( , d Ulp hoy ahed by the Lubbock and Bor-•' after 6 P-" 1 -' .readily admitted to both the house seven-iger DeMolay Chapters. Refresh- 1 J ' et()rs H"'"' 1 Demonstration bl . onkjn ., and forceries maftita will be served by the De- Club wl " * 1ave a rummage sale; Molav Mothers Circle. .'Thursday and Friday Rt 321 S. J P » t«v. •ii'ii.iiiiiiif, hi. ri 111 >%l|l Uc I 141 •• forcing more than 350 families ( niahed by the ' Lubbock and Bor- •' after 6 P-" 1 -' from their homes in a seven-'p-er DP\fninv r-h<,,>i<,,.» o«»..«oi, ! Lefors Honu county central Indiana area. Detachments of National Guards- M.olay Mothers Circle. men were dispatched to lhe worst-j DeMolay boys will meet in the lc "- vler - ; Tlie American Society of Com- hit areas of'Delphi and lagans-^ Ma7onTc'"i'x)dge"Hall'on'^ Kings" 1 3 "•''''•oom unfurnished house P"«™. Author and Publishers was port. Guardsmen patrolled one of;mill. A special Invitation is ex-i for rpni - See after 7 P- m . today. orKaniZP1 '" 1!)l4 ' two levees at Delphi, where the! tended to the Rainbow Girls and' at 4M Doucette.' destructive waters c r a s h e d Scottish Rite Masons. The meet- 1 J ' a "'I' a Womnn's HmvllriK Asso- through an old levee but were, ing- is open t/> the public .elation will have a meeting for contained by an inner, new levee j Dickie James will be installed as a " women bowlers at 7:30 p.m. yet untested by savage floodwa-1 master counselor John Grimslev toni ^ lu in c «hot auditorium in the t*r«. ias aenior counsel ' or Hnd D aiTelV Hl ' ehes bulkl ' n S- Jean Chisholm. River experts expected WabashJKirby as junior co\mselor. | president, urges all members '• r-A»i M tf\ a-vj-irtA^t tnon1_ nf 1U. -1 r» t it I INCOME TAX SERVICE fn Your Mottle or Mine BOB RATLIFF 1534 Hamilton MO 5-3305 crests to exceed levels of the 19«! floods, reaching a top of 24-24.5 : Q « /•»! I feet at Wabash, where 48 blocks JCICttCC ClUD of business, residential and indus-' trial buildings already were under water. Families moved out valued furniture while factories worked to clear material and machinery from the muddy waters. Break Ice Jam (attend. to j Tri Sci, Pampa High School's ; new science club, heard its first j guest speaker, Cliff Akers. <U a At Georgetown, Ind., an ice jam! m ', ent meelin *- Ake '' 3 '" » ''hem- piled up against a bridge, shortly ^l ">K'"«r with th. Phillip, Pa- after a 14-mile long Ice pack was t ™ lellm Com P an >'. Borger. broken up Just above Logansport. '" a *«» P«par«i speech, h« The "Friday the tsth" sales of plf " in "L the "P^ation. of the merchants in Sharon Pa. were | P ^ llllp> Com P»".v. Takmg a bar- cancelled as the Shenango River ITS 1 cnide °"' he " how " d the dif jumped to * crest of about 14 :'* renl Presses that it goe. Met. Merchants began removing i ^ f • .? beconlin « : a /inlsh their wares from stores while the',•,?,' Sharon Steel Corp. shut down sevJ,.^ 1 " 16 , 11 !, 1 ; 6 " were ' meiesl ^ to eral facilities jleai-n that Phillips makes a chem- However, colder weather an- JV" 1 . ( ' alle ^ ''.Vloliexane, an essen- peared to ease the threat of ma-|!. 1 J ' nffredlent in lhe P rorfll ^'°n of jor flooding in Sharon. Some sew-i .._. er water backed into streets in the business district, but the river remained In its banks. At Meadville, north of Sharon, Fr e neh Creek climbed within two feet of the 67.3-foot flood stage. The Weather Bureau predicted SIMS ELECTRIC COMPANY Commercial, Industrial and Residential Wiring FREE ESTIMATES, Phone MO 4-7320 KULM' INSURED LICENSE add BONDED Bill Sims, Owner sol Lowry. Pampa 3 DAYS ONLY Thursday • Friday Saturday -Piece World-Famous Italian MILANOWARE Porcelain-on-steel cookware light snow for the area today. For Your Insurance Xeedi CONTACT Buzzard Agency 1812 N. Nction Automomin 9 Fire 9 Casualty »iAHK BI//ARD — MO 5-4S9\ To Better Serve You, We Have Moved! Our New Home Is; 303 West Brown Street Highway No. 60 1*4*11*4,. TKXAft Phone MO 4-4791 After Hour*— Phone .MOiiaufc 4.8830— .John King i'lione MO I 78JJ4— Kuy Johii»uii Power-Transmission & Equipment Co, Inc. YOUR ALU5-CHALMERS, PUPA |N6IN| OUUR Al^O DlgtrlbuUirt Of— Worthington Q.p. $heoy«t — Goodyeor Hoft ond Beltt — Piston Ringi — Dig mood Boiler Cboio And |— Wi* &i NONA/ ONLY 8-cup percolator with trivet Our Regular 44.95 *3°° Down *1 50 a Week on our Firestone budget plan //t- Started Af<? Off wd Helped Me Be Your Lowest Paid Servant With An Average f^ify Wu^ ufJust 23 Cents a Day. Edison knew that electricity was going to some day do much more than just light your home. He knew that it would save you work, provide you with entertainment, make life Culler. He knew, too, that it was businessmen, under the free enterprise system, who would make electricity k>w cost and useful. And he was right if Choice of flame red or lemon yellow with sparkling white inside it Cool baKeljte handles tipped with *>t«6l wall h«ng«rt Cooking foo'd* do not • tick to tides or bottom CT5 -dr Each lid acts as Q trivet for tabl* if Spoon-shap«d »id«s for mixing, stirring if GUARANTEED 9 Perfect Gift html if Clodn a» efislly china dish « « ION A t t t t I iTECTRICAL } V WEEK X-**. ^ p ^^™^^^^^ w "^"^^^H^^^*^^^W^^^^^^P^^^^aWWI^HPHBIi^^HBipPPBBJ|H Hie Most Beautiful Cookwar* You'vo Ever Seen I 1 '* qt. sauce pan with pour lip 2 qt. sauce pan, trivet covt>r 3 '« qt. sauce pan \ trivet 8 <„ inch skillet /cover 7 qt. dutch oven \ trivet 1O '-* Inch ikillat J COVf* 8-cup percolttor, trivet oov»r Get We expect a sellout! ircslone STORE 117 N, Cyyltr MO 4-3191

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