Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on September 17, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1938
Page 3
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON The morning after Maryland's primary returns came in, some wag around the White House remarked that President Roosevelt's new motto was: "Let's take the Leser of two evils. Behind the scenes information is that there is more truth than humor to this. It is not supposed t- v be known, but immediately after the primary returns showed Tydings a definite victor, certain potent White House aides sent out inquiries: "What kind of a man is Judge Leser?" In fact inquiries to this end began to go out before midnight Monday. This is not a matter of spite on the part of the President, but results from a firm conviction that there must be a house cleaning within the Democratic Party, and that the sooner the reactionaries within the party realize this, the better. Roosevelt has spent some time The labor vote merely shifted overnight, and O'Conor walked away with Baltimore City. TRUSTING JIM FARLEY But the man who really proved to be naive in Baltimore wag Jim Farley, the boy with tbe reputation of being the hard-boiled and sagacious politician. lately studying the Administrations of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson, and he does not hesitate to tell hu friends that the problems he faces within the party now are not unlike those of hia two great Democratic predecessors. Jefferson faced an attack by the Supreme Court during which Chief Justice -Marshall attempted to vilify him personally and denounce his policies. Jefferson finally decided that he could not rely upon many of the Farley picked Willie Curran as the man to put his money on in Baltimore. He said: "Curran's a man you can do business with. When he says j thing he means it." After returning from the Eastern Shore trip, Jim had a talk with Wilie, and what the Lewis forces thought was a definite alliance was worked out between them. But how much Jim could trust Willie was indicated by the results in Baltimore City. Willie's little boy, Herb O'Conor, walked away with the city, while Jim's man Davey wan left way out on the limb by the Curran forces. MERRY-GO-ROUND Here is what the banks thought about the Senatorial primary. Hale Sarrison, big nursery man in Worcester County, is a sincere Roosevelt rooter, made a speech when the President came through Berlin, calling him "the greatest man on earth." Next day he got a call from the Union Trust Comany in Baltimore which ACTION AGAINST GAMBLING } Aside from the racket-busting ac- 1N LARGE CITIES ]tivitics of District Attorney Thomas E. Dewcy in New York City, Mayor Democratic leaders within Congress, hafi a mortgage on his farm telling and began a quiet campaign to urge him not to be so outspoken in hia his own friends to run for the Senate. The inter-party problem facing Andrew Jackson waa even more similar to that now confronting Roosevelt. Somewhat like that difference of opinion between Roosevelt and Garner--only more so--John C. Calhoun resigned from the vice-presidency to furnish the backbone of the opposition to Jackson. Jackson had to deal with a conservative congress largely out of sympathy with him, whereas he had been swept into office by an overwhelming vote of the people. His chief opponents were the banking crowd, and their war against him was waged under the camouflage of liberty. These two battles, Roosevelt has studied carefully, and he has made it clear to his friends that the fight against the reactionaries within the Democratic Party will continue, even if it means occasional victories for, or even cooperation with the Republicans. NICE ROOSEVELT Such cooperation was touched upon rather casually, but none the less significantly, during the long visit which Harry Nice had with the President on his week-end trip to and from the Eastern Shore. Roosevelt has a warm spot in his heart for Nice, feels that he has had more cooperation from him than from many governors, including some Democrats. So it would surprise none of the inner circle if quiet Administration support went to Governor Nice and Judge Leser. REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR Here is a little inside story to be considered when you are making your estimates regarding who will be the next Senator and Governor of Maryland. Just three days before the, primary, two powerful labor ileaders called N$I Mayor Howard Jackson. One was John T. Jones, potent and able head of the United Mine Workers in Western Maryland. The other was Ulisse De Dominicis, astute head of the Amalgamated Cloth : ing Workers in Baltimore. Between them they control a tremendous section of the Maryland labor vote. Although they called on Jackson separately and without the knowledge of the other, the message which they delivered was almost identical. They said that what labor was primarily- interested in was Davey Lewis, and that any Democratic gubernatorial candidate who did not help Davey would not have labor's support in the . final elections. They also pointed out that Governor Nice had given a square deal to . labor, and that to vote for him in November would be like a duck taking to water. Howard promised to cooperate, and there are indications that he did. However, the fact that his own vote ran far behind in Baltimore city indicates that he did not have the power to make good the promise. All of which may result in another term for a Republican Governor in Annapolis. BRUCE VS. JACKSON The real story of Roosevelt Administration jockeying-with Jackson and O'Conor has never been told, and here are the highlights of the maneuvering. Early in Jtaly a conversation took, place between Howard Jackson and Jim Farley along 1 "the general lines that the two should work together for the benefit of Davey Lewis. Nothing tangible was worked out, but a friendly foundation was laid and it was left for Jackson to continue conversations with other New 'Dealers while the Postmaster General was in Alaska. These .conversations did continue, and although a. last minute effort was made by the O'Conor-Curran crowd to put Curley · Byrd into the gubernatorial race, the .New Dealers stood by Jackson. They discouraged the entry of Byrd and gave effective though silent support to Mayor Jackson. But after-all entries had closed on August 13 and It was too late for Curley Byrd to get into the running, Jackson let drop a story to the Baltimore Sun that there was no alignment between him and Davey Lewis. This and subsequent newspaper stories of similar portent probably cost him the city of Baltimore. For labor, which had. been with Jackson because of the word that he was backing Lewis, immediately deserted .: Urn-far O'Conor. The people in Washington bad very little to do with it. Three of the largest cities in the country--Philadelphia, Chicago and New York--have rated the ftoht pages of the leading daily n.fwi|«pers in their fight against gambling. A special grand jury in the City of Brotherly Love has just discovered after an investigation of some nine months that vice and crime have flourished there during the past two years because of a conspiracy entered into among gamblers, the police and city officials. Following an extended investigation of the facts by the special grand jury, the regular August grand jury, on the basis of the evidence submitted to it, handed down indictments against 150 gamblers. The grand jury, it was stated, will continue its efforts "to lay bare the causes of wholesale vice, bribery and extortion" and requested the continued cooperation and support of the State Attorney General's Office. In Chicago, where it is alleged that Scarface Al Capone's old gang is still flourishing to the "take" of millions of dollars a year from the handling of bets on horse races, and where the courts have held that jockey sheets and registers were not evidence under the law, Thomas J. Courtney, State's Attorney, has ordered the police to raid and destroy the paraphernalia and furnishings of the various booking places in the city. The fancy leather cushions and hangings are shredded, the modernistic chromium furniture is smashed, and mahogany paneling is split and broken up with the firemen's heavy axes. The plight of the bookies, among LaGuardia ordered 707 slot machines to be crushed to bits. The collection included some 430 brand new streamlined machines, all of which were put under a hydraulic hammer, such BC used in mashing concrete pavements, and the fragments dumped into the bay, the destiny of all confiscated · gambling devices in New York. R , oosevc ! t · · · Th . e . stor y [whom are leaders of prohibition days rackets--Frank Nitti, Ralph Capone, of Alan Goldsborough and his rnan- euverings on the Eastern Shore is a long and complicated one, but the upshot of it wad that a certain timidity on Alan's part won no applause from the President. . .. What they think of Lansdale Sasscer around the Roosevelt Administration wouldn't be fit to repeat in polite society. He was the boy who promised to deliver Prince George's County to Lewis on condition the Lewis people stopped organizing Lewis Clung): But on primary day, Lansdale was something of a vacuum. Put in that classified advertisement. Billy Skidmore, Big Bill Johnson, and Dago Lawrence Mangano--has been made more desperate by the acitvi- ties ofjjjlhe Chicago Church Federation. This organization has demanded that Governor Henry Horner support State's Attorney Courtney in an effort to discover the identity of alleged politicians who are giving the nod of approval to the gambling cliques. Members of the Federation told the Governor that an investigation would reveal "a scandal of the first magnitude" declaring that crooked officials levy a tribute of $250 per from the bookies. RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Coat . . . BY CERTIFIED EXPERTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. PHONE-- HILLSBORO 16-F-22 BUDGET YOUR HOT WATER COSTS With "Shorgas Budget" Water Heater On Our Low Rate Special Offer--Range and Budget Heater Installed, $129.50 Budget Sells for $4 Down, $2 per Month for 24 Months or $44.50 Cash See your dealer, D. RALPH HORSEY, Denton Eastern Shore Gas Corporation coal* · *hlae cod* n not a Oassasj ftaal that flares up qnicUjr «a*ijr to suddenly die iVrwn ttsawi maT i§ a medium free-btirai***; aodirav cite. 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REDDY KILOWATT (A copyrighted feature of the Eastern Shore Public Service. 1938 PROCLAMATION OP THE GOVERNOR OP MARYLAND PROPOSING AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION OP THE STATB WHEREAS, at tbe January atssion of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1035, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 463 proposing; an amendment to repeal Section 36 of Article 3 of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, title "Legislative Department," said section prohibiting the General Assembly from authorizing a lottery, and providing for the submission of aaid amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1037, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 494 proposing to amend Section 21 of Article 4, title "Judiciary Department", sub-title "Part III--Circuit Courts", of the Constitution of this State, to provide an additional judge in the Second Circuit and to provide for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of this State for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January acssion of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1937, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 625 proposing an amendment to Article 16 of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, authorizing the General Assembly to impose taxes on incomes, and providing for-the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; in words and figures as follows: CHAPTEH «B--1033 AN ACT to propose an amendment to repeal Section 3(1 of Article 3 of tbe Con- ·tltutlon of the Slate of Maryland, title "Legislative Department," said si-cMou prohibition ttiu General Assembly from autborlilnir a lottery, and providing for tbe submission of tmld amendment to the qualified voters of the Stale of Maryland for adoption or rejection. Section 1. Be It enacted by tbe General · Assembly of Maryland (three-Uftun of all tbe memberi of each of the two Houses concurring), Tbat Section 39 of Article S of the Constitution of tbe Btalu of Maryland, title "Legislative Department," prohibiting tbe General Assembly trota authorizing lottery grants be and It Is hereby repealed if adopted by tbe legally tiuallfled voters of the State, aa herein provided. Bee. 2. And be it further enacted, Tbat tbe aforegoing amendment la the Constitution of the State of Maryland shall, at the next ensuing general election for members ·f the (ieueral Assembly of Maryland, be submitted to the legal and qualified votera of the State for their adoption or rejection, In pursuance of the directions contained in Article 14 of the Constitution of tbe Btate of Maryland, and at the said general election the vote on tbe said proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be by ballot, and upon each ballot tuerc shall be printed the words: "For Constitutional Amendment" and "Against Constitutional Amendment," as now provided by law, and immediately after said election due return* shall be made to the Governor of tbe vote for and against proposed amendment, as directed by said Fourteenth Article of the Constitution, and further proceedings bad In accordance -with said Article U. Approved: May IT, 1035. CHAPTER 4M--I93T AN ACT to amend Section 21 of Article 4, title "Judiciary Department", sub-title "Part III--Circuit Courta", of tbe Con- Itltutlon of this State, to provide an additional Judge in the Second Circuit and to provide for tbe submission of aald amendment to tbe qualified votera of tbls State for adoption or rejection. Section 1. Be It enacted by tbe General Assembly cJ Maryland (three-fifths of all tbe members elected to each of the two House* concurring), Tbat the following section be and tbe same Is hereby proposed as an amendment to Section 21 of Article 4, title "Judiciary Department", sub-title "Part III--Circuit Courts", of the Constitution of the State, and It adopted by the legal and qualified votera thereof as herein provided, it snail supersede and stand In the place and stead of Section 21 of laid Article 4. U. For each of tbe aald circuits, excepting tbe eighth, the second, tbe third and tliv sixth, there shall be a chief judge and two associate Judges, to be styled Judge* of the Circuit Court, to be selected or appointed as herein provided, and for tbe second circuit, tbe third circuit and tbe ilitb circuit, there ihall be a chief Judge and three associate Judges to be styled Judges of the Circuit Court, to be elected or appointed as herein provided. Ant no two of uld associate Judges, for any of th* said circuits, except the third and sixth circuits shall, at tue time of their election or appointment or during the term for which they may have been elected or appointed, reside In the uame county. If two or more person · shall be candidates for associate Judge In the same county in any of tbe circuits, except the third and sixth circuits, that ona only In said county shall be declared elected who has the highest number of vote* In the circuit. IB ease any two candidates for associate judge in any of tbe circuits, except tbe third and sixth circuits, redding In the same county ·hall have an equal number of votes greater than any other candidates for associate Judge IB tbe circuit. U sball be the duty of the Governor to order a new election tot one associate Judge; but the person residing In any other county of tbe circuit and wbo has the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. Tha said Judges shall hold not less than two terms of the Circuit Court In each of the counties composing their respective circuits, at such time* a* are now or may hereafter be prescribed to which Juror* shall ba summoned: and in those counties where only two such terms are held, two other and intermediate terms, to which Jurors shall not b* summoned; they may alter or fix th* times for holding any or all terms, until otherwise prescribed, and shall adopt rules to th* end that all business not requiring the Interposition of tbe Jury shall be, as far as practicable, disposed of at aald Intermediate terms. One Judge In each of tho above circuits, Including the second, the third and sixth, circuits, shall constitute a quorum for tbe transaction of any business; and tbe said judges or any of thorn may nold special terms of their courts, whenever In their discretion tbe buslnea* of fLe'acvarsl counties'renders ·uch term* necessary. The additional as- ·oclat* Judg* for fhe third circuit elected la accordance with |he ferms of tha Con- itltutloaal Amendment heretofore submitted 'and adopted shall be subject to tha same constitutional provlclops, hold his office for the same term of years, receive the lame compensation and have the s»m« powers a* are herein provided for the other associate Judges In tbe third circuit, Th* additional associate judge for the second circuit herein provided for shall be a resident of Cecil County, shall be appointed by tb* Governor after the expiration of six (0) month* after the adoption of this amendment and shall serve until th* first general election for memberi of th* General Assembly that ·bill be held In laid circuit subsequent to tba adoption of this amendment, at which election bis successor shall be elected by tho qualified voters of Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne'* and Talbot Counties, constituting tbe second circuit. The Judge o appointed shall be subject to tbo sam* con- Htltutlouul provision*, receive the same compensation and have the saruc powers as are hureln provided for thu other associate Judge* In tlic second circuit, and the Judge no elected shall be subject to the Kiime constitutional provision, hold hi* "Illco fur the sauiu term of yearn, receive lie HUH' loiMiwnsntliin, and have th* inn- pinvcrt ai nn licrc'ln provided for th* IKT a.sKiK-Iiile judges In tliu second clr- of FreTtefleE County; IS coe any cnnillilnlo or cnnillilalra for a»mn-lnle Judge *t any Judicial election held in the xlxtli Judicial circuit shall recclro sufficient votes to cause such candidate or candidates to be declared elected, but the election of such candidate or candidates would CHUM more associate Judges than herein permitted to reside In any county of said circuit, then and In that evenf only that candidate or those candidates, as t u p case ""ay be, residing In said county In the orJer of the votes received sball be declared elected whose election would provide the permitted number of associate Judges from said county snd tbe candidate or candidates ai the caie may b«, residing in the other county, and not similarly disqualified, who shall have the next highest n u m - ber of votes in said election sball b* declared elected. If, by reason of such a condition or by reason of an equal vote for two or more candidates a sufficient number of anoclate Judges duly qualified ·s to residence as above set out should not be elected at any election In said sixth Judicial circuit, then It sball be the duty of the Governor to order a new election for such unfilled offlce or offices. s ec. 2. And ba It further enacted, Tiat the aforegoing section hereby propoted as an amendment to the Constitution of this State shall be, at the next general election to be held In thla State in the year 183S, submitted to tbe legal and qualified voters thereof for their adoption or rejection In Pursuance of directions contained In Article 14 of the Constitution of this fitate, and at the said general election, the vote on tbe said proposed amendment shall be by ballot, and upon each ballot there shall be printed tbe words "For th* Constitutional Amendment" and "Against tbe Constitutional Amendment," as now prescribed fey law, and Immediately after said election, due returns shall be made to the Governor of tba vote for and against said proposed amendment as directed by said Article 14 of tbe Constitution. Approved: May IB, 193T. CHAPTER B2-19ST AN ACT to propose an amendment to Artlcls 13 of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of the Btate of Maryland, authorising the General Assembly to Impose taxes on Incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection. Section 1 Be It ana/ted by tbe General Assembly of Maryland (three-fifth* of all tbe members of each of tbe two Houses concurring). That the following amendment . ., 8 ? d J he . Mlae lf hereby proposed to Article 15 of the Declaration of Sights of the Constitution of tbe State of Maryland, the same, tf adopted by the legal and quail- fled voters of the State, as herein provided, to become Article IB of tbe Declaration of Bight* of th* Constitution of tbe State of Maryland. ties; second, Inefr ptice of residence; third, thulr age; fourth, their color; fifth, whether married or single; slxtb, whether related or not, if So, In which degree of relationship; |*v»nth, If ever divorced; which fact!,upon the payment of out dollar ($1.00) as an application f«e shall br set out In printed form to be signed by the person making the application, and nu such license to.marry shall be .delivered by the Clerk until after the expiration of Forty-eight (48) hour* from tbe time application is made therefor; provided however tbat any Judge of tbe Circuit Court of the county In which the application is made or. If made In Baltimore City, any Judge of the Court of Common Plea*, for good and sufficient cause shown, may. by an order In writing signed by him, au- thorlie the Clerk to deliver such llcrntc ?» *J? y ,,'L me «*'" *«« application therefor. It shall be unlawful for the clerks of any of the courts aforesaid to make public the fact of an application for a marriage license until sucli license sball bsv* b««n Issued. .·,?* c ; *' v A ? d be " ft "'nw enacted. Tbat inls Act shall take effect June 1. 1837 Approved: March 22, 11)37. CHAPTER 300 AN ACT to repeal flections 1 to 13. Inclu- !,'"£.. °f, Artl . cle 32 °' « 1 " 1 «-'ode 0' Public General Laws of Maryland, 1033 Supplement, Flack's Edition, title "Dun- tlitry · and to re-eoact In place and In ileu tBttreof twenty-three new sections to be known as Sections 1, 2, 3. 4, 3. fl. 7, 8. 8, 10. lOa. 11. 12. 13, 14,' IB, ifl/lf. 18, IB !0. 21 and 22, for the purpose of licensing dentists, which licenses shall be Issued to Indivldusl dontUts; providing for a State Board of Dental Examiners, Its orgauliatlon and duties; providing for the giving of examinations and licenses by ssld Board; providing for the Issuance of new licenses In place of those tbst are lost or destroyed; providing for fees upon taking of examinations; providing for the revocation and suspension of licenses; prohibiting advertising by dentists; providing appeals from the ruling of the Board; defining dentistry; «««lng certain exceptions To the Act providing for penalties, and providing other matters Incidental to tbe general purpose of the Act. «*nerai flection J. Be It enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland. That Sections 1 to "· lnc'u»l«, of Article 33 of the Code of Public General Lawa of Maryland 1633 Supplement, Flack's Edition, title "Den- tl*try pl . b*, and the aane ar* hereby repealed; and that twenty-tar** neir lecUoni. 8 0 , b * 1( ? B ,° nWB .··j2 M , t ! on , i J, ». S. *. 0. 6, T! ' * lUftt 1.1 1 1Z* 13 · lv ]^ 18 IT IB. 5 wlllr proof eriiming- sucTT person to be examined for registration under HU!paragraph (a) of t h i s gectlon. Sucli limited registration shall he for one year only and the data of expiration shall lie ulalulv slated on the face of the Certificate of registration Such limited registration shall entitle the uld applicant to practice dentistry onljr for the said I n s t i t u t i o n d u l f f - oated on hl» ctrilflcaie of registration a nil only oil bona fide patients of laid I n s t i t u - tion Such certificate may be revoked by the Board at any time for cause. i 6 : J * _. iny llcen Be herein provided far la l0 .".. or destroyed, and If the holder thereof shall desire a new license to be Issued In place of the license lost or deitroyed, he shall make written application to the secretary of the Board for re-Issuance of tbe same under affidavit, setting forth that such Ilcenbtt Is lost or destroyed, and the circumstances under which such loss or destruction occurrc-d. and upon receipt of such tatlbfactory application and affidavit. i rt,E?i« t ,' r V" 1 " 'I 8ue to "'d «PP"«-«nt a dupt cate license, for which there shall be paid a fee of five dollar*. . T - A f*» of twenty dollars shall be paid to the secretary of the Board at the time ?»in P .?| le ' tlOB b7 J !ach ·P»«e"« «- aralnallon. or regljtratlun, or both as "5 » e , or 8he "" m "W 1 ' for ""me; .i. *· ,V'. Thlt ehe letylnsT of taxea by the poll Is grievous and oppressive and ought to be prohibited; that pauper* ought not to be *ssess«d for the support of tbe Government;_ that the Central Assembly shall, by uniform rules, provide for separate assessment of land and classification and sub-claaslflcatlon of Improvements on land and personal propDrty, a* it may deem proper: and all taxe* thereafter provided to be levied by the State for the support of the general State Government, and by tbe counties and by tbe City of Baltimore for their respective purposes, shall be uniform aa to land within the taxing district, and uniform within the class or sub-class of Improvements on land and personal property which the respective taxing powers may have directed to be subjected to the tax levy; yet fines, duties or taxes may properly and Justly be Imposed, or laid with a political view for the good government and benefit of the community. Taxe* may be Imposed on Income*, which may be classified, graduated and progressive and tbe exemption of a reasonable amount of ncome from taxation may be provided and ·uch taxes may b« In lieu of laxea on nny class or classes of real or personal property as tb* General Aisembly may determine. Sec. 2. And be It further enacted, Tbat tbe aforegoing amendment lo the Declaration of Rights of tbe Constitution of tbe State of Maryland shall, at tbe election to be held Jn November. 1938, b* submitted lo the legal and Qualified votera of the State for their adoption or rejection, In pursuance of tbe direction* contained In Article 14 of the Constitution of tbe Btste of Maryland, and at tbe said general election the vote on the said proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be by billot. upon each ballot there ihall be printed the words: "For Constitutional Amendment" and "Against Constitutional Amendment" as now provided by law, and Immediately after *atd election due return* shall be made to tb* Governor of the Tote for and against proposed amendment, a* directed by said fourteenth Article of tha Constltu- tlon, and further proceedlnga bad In accordance with said Article 14. Approved: May IB, 1937. s · . ^V*? V" 1 ,? 2 ' "·· mn " tht * «· ner*by?*n' acted In lieu and ID place thereof. **ld new sections to read aa follows: 1. It shsll b* on lawful for tar person to engage In th. practice of dtntistry In the State of Maryland, unless sneh per- ·on shall have obtained a licens* from the ' 8 ° d D « ntBl Examiner, of th. " provided that payment of said fee ,,, iwsaij- dollars by .n applicant who may aw y for examination upon certain subject* as 1QB.11 fntltiG bin or her to tBlce tin* or * m !? a y° n U P°° tne remainder of the ore" scribed subjects, no part of said fee to b* refunded under any circumstances. 8. The fee* collected by the Board ahall be used to defray the cost of executing Md enforcing- tho provisions of this Article ·""eluding-a salary to the secretary as fixed oy tbe Board and a per diem to each member of tbe Board of twenty-Qve dol- Jars for every day he I. actually employed In the discharge of hi* official duties, nee" easary expenses of the secretary and mcS- y "._ . ferfownance of iheir duties and such other expenses as tbe Hoard shall deem necessary In carrying out th* purposes of this Article. The secretary shall receive and disburse all moneys of the Hoard, and shall account for the same to the State Comptroller In the month of De- cemlier In each and every year; and should the amount In Ms handVa, of December Bret In any year, after deducting all ex- 1* n ! c i Vf t(i CT te c u «e«l, exceed live bun- Urcil dollan. the excess shall be paid over to the State Board of Health. 9. Transcript, from the aforesaid book I'.??' 8 'TM 110 ?. «rt«"e« by the « n t h » K , Provided except that tbe license of any dentist existing at tbe time of the passag* of t"s Act, shall continue In fo£e unless la,. psuded or revoked by the Board in the manner hereinafter provided. All llccnie* Issued by tha Board shall b* issued to Individual p*nona7 ud Jt » pra" NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OP MARYLAND, In pursuance of the direction contained Jn Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this proclamation containing a full, true and correct copy of the text of said Chapter 463 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1935, and said Chapters 494 and G25 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1937, be published In at least two newspapers in each of the counties of the State where so many may be published and where not more than one may be published then In that newspaper, and in three newspaper! published in the City of Baltimore, one of Which shall be publyhed in the German language, once a week for at least threa months next preceding the general election to be held in the State of Maryland on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1938, at which election the said proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in form and manner prescribed by the General Assembly, to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rejection. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS. THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. hi* own true name. No license shall L lamed to any corporation, association, part- n*r*hlp, parlor, or any entity or,association of any kind or character. It shall b* J"jfwful for any Individual or group of Individuals to practice dentistry In this State as a corporation or under a corporate name; or under a partnership name; a* an association or under an association name; a* a parlor or under any pailor name, or an entity or under th* nam* of any entity of any kind or character. f There ihall be a State Board of Dental Bxamlners, hereinafter called tbe Board whose duty U ahall b* to carry out tb* thli Article. Bald Board ihall consist of ·IX registered_ and pracUcIng dentist* of recognised *bjllty and honor, residents of tb* State of Maryland, each of whom .hall hav* been la actlv* practice la the State for Si. it i?. ft *f~ ln)n "«dlately preceding- bis appointment. Ko member of th* faculty or teaching staff of any nnlverilty or cof- leg* la tbe Btate of Maryland which offer* ! n *^f!ISI llu f tt ««urse« in dentistry shall be eligible for appointment. Tbe member* ·f 'be Board a* at prevent constituted .ball hold office for the residue of tb* re- ·pectlv* term* for which they hsve been appointed. Oa tb* eipliatlon of the tern »r term* for wbleb any on* or more of tbe member* of tb* present Board may hav. · n ·D n ,°l B t*d. la pnriuance ef thl* Artl- l*-J2?-°?TM°2!J i ?"..«?P°J 0 ! « ?»cc e ..or . , i lts eeal r c a issued In pursuance of the terms of tbls Article, shall be evidence of ths act. and "* B0 * r ' 1 ln "' court * f /T\ I MtMT MAL \ HARRY W. NICE By tht Oovtnun E. RAY JOKES 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUMS r "lif sihi:iIdi^.l Judge! for the slxtb ctr- '·-i.'n |imv!ili(l f u r "nil elected by the qualified voters of Frederick and Montgomery Counties at the 1038 election In accordance with the terms of the Constitutional Amendment heretofore submitted and adopted shall be subject to the same constitutional provisions, receive tbe same compensation and have the same powers as arc herein provided for the other associate Judges In the sixth circuit and his successor shsll be appointed and/or elected In accordance with the constitutional provisions relating to Judges. The Chief Judge may be elected from either Frederick nr Montgomery Counties, but when the Chief Judge la elected from Frederick County one of the associate Judges shall be a resident of said county and the two remaining assoclat* judge* shall b* residents of Montgomery County and when the Chief Jodg* 1* (totted from Montgomery County on* of the associate Judges shall be a resldtnt of said Montgomery County and (ha.,. tmo WHCllt* JjldgB*. WHEREAS, at the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act waa pawed known a* Chapter 91, fixing the time, within Which marriage Iteense may 6« issued ( and WHEREAS, at the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 306, for the purpose of licensing dentists which licenses shall be issued to individual dentists; providing for a Sta^e Board of Dental Examiners, its organization and duties) providing for the giving of examinations and licenses by said Board; providing for the issuance of new licenses in place of those that are lost or destroyed; providing for fees upon taking of examinations; providing for the revocation and suspension of licenses; prohibiting advertising by dentiata; providing appeal* from the ruling of the Board; defining dentistry; creating certain exceptions to the Act; providing for penalties, and providing other matters incidental to tha general purpose of the Act; in words and figures as follows: CHAPTER 81 AN ACT lo repeal and re-enact with amendment* Section 0 of Article 62 of the Annotated Code of Maryland (1D21 Edition), title "Marriages", to fix ·the time within which marriage license may b* Issued. Section 1. Ba It enacted by tba Central Assembly of Maryland, That Section a of Article 83 of the Annotated Code of Maryland (1924 Edition), title "Marriages", be and It la hereby repealed and re-enacted with amendment* to read as follow*: B. Before the Clerk of any of tbe Courta ·forssaid shall issue any license he shall examine one of the contracting parties lo the marriage, under oatb, who shall appear personally before the Clerk and make application for the s*m«, and th* Clerk shall aicjrlala: first, Jh* iuU. aam*. of Uu p*f- on from a list of dentists duly , . . - - - »· hereinbefore prescribed of doable tbe number of vacancies to be filled 1 , proposed snd mbmUted to him by tbe Maryland State Dental Association, and chosen by a majority vot* of the member* of aald association -present at a meeting °5 "I* f- 11001 " 0011 »U«1 for that purpose, of which meeting at least two weeks' notice, stating th. time, place and purpose thereof, .hall be mailed by tb* Secretary to tb* member, of said association at their respective address** appealing In th* record* thereof. Th* term for which the member* of **ld Board shall b* appointed a* aforesaid ahall b* six year*, and until their successors iball have been appointed and qnmlifled. No member wbo has irved two full consecutive terms ihall b* Ulgtbl* to succeed himself. In else of a vacancy occurring in laid Board by reason of th* death of any member, or of hi* Incapacity, ntglect or refusal to act, or la any other way, tbe Governor shall, horn a ll*t of duly qualified dentist* of doubt* tb* BOB. DM of vacandts-to b* filled, chosen, submitted and propose* to Mm a* aor*U- before provided, appoint · successor or successors of said member or members, wbo ihall hold office for the remainder of tbe unexplred term or terms of .aid member or memberi. Any member of uld Board, wbo, without adequate reason sball be absent from two successive meetlDgi thereof shall cease to be a member thereof, and the Governor'shall have the power to remove from offlce, at any time, any member of the Board for continued neglect of duty required by this Act, or for Inconv petency, an professional or dishonorable conduct. t. Bald Board ihall choose one of. Its memberi president, and one secretary thereof, whose duties shall be tbose usually appertaining to their respective offices, and shall adopt such rules, reguls- lions, or by-laws a* may be necessary or expedient to assist It In It* organisation under this Article. The Secretary shall also be tbe legal custodian of all the property, money, minutes, records, proceeding* and fh* seal of uld Board. 8ild Board shall hold rejrular meeting. In tbe months of June *nd November of every year, and special meetings a. It may deem necessary, upon cell of the president or secretary thereof and upon due notice. Meeting, may be held at any .time and place and without notice, by the unanimous consent evidenced either by writing or by the presence of any member whole consent is necessary. 4. Tbe Board shall give an examination twice each year at a suitable place In Maryland to be decided by the Board, to all perioni who may desire to qualify to practice dentistry In this fitate. Thli examination .ball be at such time, place, under sucb condition, and 'of such kind or character aa the Board In It. sole discretion may determine. H. (a) Any person of good moral character, twenty-one-or more year, of age. wbo has been graduated and admitted to tbe degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Doctor of Dental Medicine, or other equivalent degree by any university or college duly Incorporated sad authorised to grant said degree by tbe laws of tbe United Btatei or any of It* territories, districts or possessions, or by the law* of any State of the United States, or the law. of any province of the Dominion of Canada and recognised by the Board aa requiring adequate pre-professlonal collegiate training and as maintaining an acceptable course of dental Instruction, may make application In writing to said Board to ba examined by It with reference to his or her qualifications to practice/ dentistry, and upon his or her passing an examination satisfactory to laid Board, which examination shall he In writing so fir as said Board shall deem practicable, the Board shall cause tbe name and residence of inch person to be registered In a book kept by It for that purpose, and shall issue to .uch person a certlflcaM of registration, as evidence of bis or; her eligibility to practice dentistry, signed by the officers of tbe Board and seated .with Its official sell, which certificate shall also state tbe name of tbe person to wbom Issued, and the date of inch Issuance. (b) The Board may. In Its discretion, register without .examination, la whole or In part, and Issue · certificate to any person who has been graduated and admitted to tbe degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery or equivalent degree by any university or college Incorporated and authorised to grant such degree by tbe laws of the tTnlled States, or any of Its territories, districts or possessions, or by tb* laws of any Slate of tbe United Stales or by tbe lawa of any; province of the Dominion of Canada and who has been duly registered and licensed to practice dentistry by a Board of Dental Examiner* created and existing under tbe law* of tbe United Stales, or any of Us territories, district* or possessions, or under tb* law* of any Stale of the United Slates, or wbo may have absolved any part of the requirements of examination xinder tbe authority of a recognised Baard generally accepted a* a reputable agent of the profession. (e) Students of dentistry at a recog- nised college of dentistry who have completed the regularly prescribed pre-cllnlcal Instruction In dental schools recognised by tbe Board, and who m*y be certified by tbe Jean of the college it which they ·re In attendance a* having satisfactorily completed certain subjects Included In the nxamlnitlon given by the Board, may on application be admitted by said Board to Its regular exammatlon upon such subjects and upon passing such elimination shall be deemed to bar* absolved the requirement* of tbe Board In inch subjects. 1) Upon application of tbe Board of Manager* or executive bead of any bona fide ventral hospital or StaU hospital or lanltorlnm In the Btate of Maryland, and upon the payment of a fee of five dollars the Board shall issue a certificate 'of limited registration to aoy Individual of ff"°B |"°"1 ghmj«pt»»»»lin «h«ll fyjnUli ttj. 10. Following B hearing, as hereafter provided, the Board may revoke or mi- Pen ii for lucb period as tbe Board la Iti sole discretion may determine, the license of any dentist practicing in this State Upon a finding by the Board that Itfe dentist whose license waa revoked or suspended; (1) was convicted of a crime Involving moral turpitude, in which case a certlflsS copy of the docket entries by th* Clerk of the Court wherein the final Judgment was entered shall be conclusive evidence of tb* ·amef (J) hai pre«ented to the Board a falae diploma, license or rerrTflcate, or on* obtained by false or Illegal mean*; n/iUr i! 17 *?"S a cf Pe«f»tent Inebriety or addiction to drug* Incompetent to eon- ttnu* In Ibe prictlce of dentistry; la by reason of Insanity or con- Unue In tbe practice of dentil try j ***" (B) has practiced or offered to practice dentUtry at defined la thl* Act nn Sir any name except his proper name; which la tbe name aa set forth in the license granted to him or has used the name of any company, association, corporation, trade-name, parlor, dental clinic or business name In connection with the practice of dentistry as defined In this Act: has permitted, directly or Indirectly, an unregistered or unlicensed dentist to practice dentistry under his or her direction; (6) baa employed or tnaJe nse of advertising solicitors or free public press agents; (7) has used any sign, or whose came is upon any sign, In violation of Section 13 of this Act; (8) has violated Section 14 of this Act; (0) has violated Section IDA of thla Act: (10) baa been found guilty of dishonorable or unprofessional conduct. Unprofessional conduct shall mean: (a) the obtaining of any fee by f r a u d ; advertising to guarantee any dental service, or to perform any dental operation painlessly; making use of any advertising statements of a character tending to deceive or mislead the public; (b) advertising professional superiority or the performance of professional services In a superior manner; advertising prices for profesulonal service; advertising by means of large display or glaring light signs; using In any sign tbe representation of a tooth, teeth, bridge work or any portion of the human head; employing or making use of advertising solicitors or free publicity press agents; or advertising any free dental work, or free examination; or advertising to guarantee any dental service; or to perform any dental operation painlessly; (c) advertising to use any anesthetic, drug, formulae, material, medicine, method or system; advertising by public exhibit at residence of practice any appliances used in restorative dentistry; advertising any free dental work or free examination. This Section 10 and Section 10 A shall not be retroactive, and no license sliull be suspended or revoked for any violations of these sections, which violations occurred prior to the taking effect of tula Act. IDA. AH advertising by dentists la prohibited by this Act except the following: (a) A dentist may use a personal professional card of not more than 3'4" by 2", upon which may be printed only his name, title, address, telephone number and offlce hours. Such card may be printed In newspaper* or publications of this State, and that which is set forth on the card may be announced over the radio. Not more than one card shall be In any edition of any newspaper or publication at one time; not more than two radio announcements ihall be made In any one twenty- four hour period. (b) A notice may bo mailed every thirty (30) days by any dentist notifying any bona fide patient of sucb dentist that thirty (30) days have elapsed since any dental examination ha* been made by inch dentist. (c) Signs are authorised a* set forth la Section 14 of this Act. (d) Removal notices may be mailed by any dentist notifying any bona fide patient of such dentist that said dentist is removing his offices from bis present address to tho address set forth on said notice. Such notice shall not bo more than 3V4" by 2" and may only contain the name, title, present address, telephone number, offlce hours, and new address of tbe dentist who Is removing his office. Such notice may be printed In any newspaper or publication. Not more than one notice shall be in any edition of any newspaper or publication at one time. (e) Notices may be mailed to the general public by any dentist who is about to begin tbe practice of dentistry notifying the public of this fact. Such notice shall not be more than 3Vi" by 2" and may only contain the name, title, address, telephone number, and offlce hours of auch dentist. Such notice may be printed In any newspaper or publication. Not more than one notice shall be In any edition of any ncwpaper or publication at one time. Thla Section Is severable, and If this Section Is declared unconstitutional, the decision so holding the same shall not be construed as Impairing any other provision of thla Act. It la hereby declared aa a legislative intent that this Act would have been adopted had tht* provision not been Included therein. 11. In the event the license of anj den- tUt Is revolted or suspended, suA fact shall be noted by tho Board upon the record of registration, and the registration and certificate of the practitioner so offending shall be suspended or revoked as tbe case may be: and any person whose registration has been so suspended or revoked under the provisions of this Section shall be deemed an unregistered person and subject, as such, lo tin- penalties prescribed for the practice of dentistry by persons that are not duly registered. Every licensee wbose license has been suspended or revoked by the Board may appeal lo the Baltimore City Court of Haltlmore City or the Circuit Court of the County wherein tbe licensee has his or her otllce where tho matter shall be beard tie nova, and where either party .ball be entitled to e jury trial. The decision of the said Court shall be final and such appeal slisll operate as a stay of tbe order or decision of tbe Board from which tho appeal was taken. All appeals must bo taken within fifteen (15) days from the date of the decision of the Board. All coats on appeal shall be paid by the losing party. 12. Tbe proceedings to revoke or suspend any license under Section 10 of tbls Act may only be taken by the Board upon the complaint of another. All complaint* must be In writing, verified by some person familiar with tbe facts therein charged, and two copies thereof must be filed with the secretary of the Board. All complaint! must contain the request tbat the Board take action against tbe offender. Upon receiving any complaint tbe Board shall, tf it deems the complaint sufficient following an investigation, iiaas an order letting the same for a hearing at a specified time and place, and the secretary .shall cause a copy of the order and of the complaint, or of a complaint drawn by tbe Board, to be served upon the accused at least ten days before tbe day appointed in the order for said hearing. Service upon the accused shall b* by delivery of a copy of the order and complaint to tbe accused In penon. la th* event tbe Board I* unable to serve th* accused In person, the service shall b* bad by delivery of tbe same to bl* last known residence and last known business address, or by sending a copy of the same by r*a Istcred mall to the accifaed at hi* last known residence and last known bualaesa address, any of wbleb mean* ihall con- MUuta -uifflclaat notice tft.Juattti ings WHO a-rearing-or TM enaTe_ -accused must appear at the time appointed' In tbo order and answer the charge* angi make hi* defense to the came, unit** fori sufficient cause the Board may aaalga aa*' other day for the purpose. If th* aeemsed , ? n , ot "PPear the Board may*proofed' with tbe hearing and finally deUrmlMfhsV accusation or complaint. In tb* abotnco of the accused. U th* aceoscd nloiiTsj guilty, or refuse* to answer tb* caaraW or upon a hearing thereof th* BoardiCH! find said charges or any of UMZ* traa, tboi P.°"d may proceed to nip*ad ornrikl tho license of th* accused fofinch IautS of tlm* as tbe Board, la U* diserrtfca., shall deem proper. Tb* Board and thai tttuied may have th* benefit of eoaaaal.' The Board shall bar* th* power to aSSa-' Ister oath*, uk* th* d*po*ltloa* of wit*! nesses la tb* monnir provided br law aa civil caaef. and to compel to* attaadaMe! of wltnesse* by subpoena limed OT*I tat ilgnatur* of the secretary of tha Boar*. Th* Bfcird ahall Issue for any and s ^- nesseBfrtaneited la writing by th* Whenever any person *ubno*n**d to aiv! pear and give testimony thill nfnatTa appear or testify befor* .aid Board. «· So answer any pertlaut. nlatlv* or proper s»«.v.fl Jr«kT SK! the presiding officer of *ald Board port th* fact to tbo Superior Court, tlmor* Qty In th* *vant tb* party of contempt resides la said CUyV or bM a place ef business la aald City, or t* tko Judge of tbe Circuit Court of th* donatr "berela tb* party guilty cf uld cc-ntettpt reside.; thereupon th* Court ahall ls*n* SMS attachment In the ninal form, dlneted U the Sheriff of tb* City or County eonunaaeV '"*· »!d BhMlff to attach uld person and forthwith bring bin befor* th* ConrtOa tb* return of uld attachment and tb* production of the person atUchsd. th* eoort iball hav* Jurisdiction of th* contempt, and tb* person charged may purge hlm**lf of tho contempt la tb* lame way, and tb* tame proceedings ihall be had, and tho same penalties may be imposed, and th* same punishment may be Inflicted a* la the case of a witness subpoenaed to appear and give evidence la tbe trial of si civil cause. The Board shall bar* tbe power In its discretion, to authorise th* payment of feea and trawling expenaea of witnesses calltd befor* tb* Board and examined In any proceeding properly before tb* Board. 18 AH sign* prohibited by tab let ·ball b* removed within tar** noata* ajtar tb* passage of this Act Any p*nw or person! who shall prohibit, neglect, fall or refuse to remov* any algn preblbttad by thlii Act Is guilty of a violation of thl* Act and .abject to tb* pnaltlea. thereof. .h^Ac^^^hlb^'on'tio^oor^S: wall of th* Building whereto b* FM" practice d*U*try, aot nor* than two den. on which .ball b* placed th* nasa* and - - - - - L1 c--i-- of mel1 Bwwa, th* letter* of which shall not exceed three Inch** square. Any person practicing dentistry In any building may exhibit anca dga on tb* door ef hi* offle* la addition to tkoo* on the door or wall ef inch building. IB. Any parson (ball b* deemed to U practicing dentistry, wlthla the maaala* °'. t . hl( ict ( * wio u · nan*g*r. pro" prletor, or conductor of, or an operator In. any Place In which aSy dsntal iSTrtci or' any dental operation Is performed wlthla the mouth of any person; or (b) who for « fee. aalary, or other remuneration or reward, paid or to be paid t* hlmaelf or to another, or gratuitously or otherwise. perform, any racb service or operation; or (c) wbo dlagnosss or treat*, or attempt* to diagnose or treat, any disease, loaloo, melpcelnalon, or malposition of a toota, or Jaw, la any person, mechaaleaUy, by use of X-ray, or otbar- H!! e L OT .i. tt) . who mtUni Pt» »» Perform la tne mouth of aay person any operation Incident to th* repair or replacement of a tooth or teeth; or (·) wbo publicly *_*£ EVfe°%rf^ title* or letter* la co'nnectlon with U* name which, la aay way, repr***at hlaa a* being competent or ready toporfom any dental service or aay dental operation ° or human month. Thla nb-**ctioa a?iha Ki«wa aras does not, either directly or practice, or attempt to practlc*. a* hereinbefore set forth In thla BeetloaT 16. Nothing In thla Act ahall apply to a bona fid* Undent of dntUtry to th* ettU* rooms of a reputable dtntal colleg*; t* a legally qualified physician or rornoa ««. les* he practice* dentistry a* a specialty; to a dental surgeon of th* CnlUditate* Army, Navy, Public HealthBerrleVoF V«E «f*i" Bureau, in the discharge of hi* oO- clal duties; nor to a lawful practitioaoraC dentistry of another State, territory Jr foreign country making a clinical damoa. 8tr*tion before a dental society, dintil convention, association of dentf college, or In performing prt.__,, * M ' D . conn e:tlon with a specific ». H which be may have been called to th* Btate of Maryland. Nothing la thl* Artlel* r . -- eleemosynary Instltntiona. or to business eorporatloni whlck z*ay maintain clinics for pnplU. Inmates ·» MI. Ployees only which shall employ school clinic. State lastitntlon! nary Institution, or br ' ahall advert!** In any method, either directly ',. ^^«vu, thing relative to th* »rartleTo7d*ik Such Inatltutlon* an prohibited lot «v from advertising la delation of 53. Aefe but are prohibited from adnrtUnrxa aar manner anything relative to th* onetiA goS's; gsspisisks* ay-sag tsri^vS Health Department from broadcastlag educational programs over th* radio. IT. All persons now authorised to Brattle* dentistry la thla SlateTaad tto**T^ may be hereafter registered and** provisions of tht* Article, shall b* · "Gin service a* Juror* ID any of tb* CWB STM$:. St V?x I P rllllr . th8 «-Owar5 iT practice of their profession. IB. The Board (ball always b* 4**1* nated a* th* "State Board of D«?tal amlnen", and under thl* name it ^^ tt. Any person wbo shall practlc*, or attempt to practice dentistry wltbjT tS State of Maryland, without haTlaij cense aa hereinbefore provided or d the period of suspension or nvocattooT ·uch license previously granted deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and IMOJ conviction thereof ihall be fined not Em than arty dollar, nor more tbaa Onto hundred dollar*, or b* confined not mor* than six months In JalL la the dlMratt** of tbe Judg* or Judge, of tk*Or**5 Court of the respective count!** o x tt* tb* matter aboil . _ vlctlon of a subsequent offtn**.~^aalf*ho confined not more thaa ate montaa la iS or fined not lei. than thro* hundred dot. Un or more than flv* hundred dftDarm. Any violation of this Articl* by a Mraeat convicted under tb* tbaa exlsUna- lawsTZ thl* State of practicing dentistry wltkosil a license or registration ahall bo laetadM ^· te 7 ni ?^sa? tntefl *" fc BWT«S- vlctlon of unlawful praetlc* mb**ou*sitl*i a first conviction thereof ahall b* b ·*·. vletlon of a ·ubMQ.Mat ·flcaaa. aj. It shall bo tba dut Attorney of th* City otV _,,,, th* various conn Us* of tali But* to ·*·*)·. cote aay resident of tb* City of HiTfla*o*a A*» *# tK_ rt..^at^_ ^M ·_·.·- ·*._»_ - UJT' _*L CONSTITDTIOirjU, CONWsWO- TION. The provision* af thl* Act an air. erable. and If any ef Hi Drovlataaa a** declared nncooKltattaaal. t£* o^dr*-- -- toldlnr ahall not b* craatnud aa : Ing any other provialoa* of tall ,»_ is hereby declared a* tb* kalalath* tent that thla Act wooU hav*Te**?i|L Cha against any M* of th* Act* of of Maryland rt tMt. See. ft, And bo It this Act .hall take rtrerto JIM Approved: May IS, 19*7. NOW, THEREFORE, L W. NICE, GOVERNOR C STATE OP MARYLAND. S^lffilTaVS^iS* the Constitution of MarylandTdo bin. by order and direct tf ·* **·*· tsZT- lamation containing a correct copy of Coi of th» Acta of tha of Maryland of 1987, b» ,^. at least two newipapera la the Countiea of the State many may be pnbUahed and · more than one may be pobll In that newspaper, and a threw! papers published 61 «ha Grfcr «( ! more, one of which ahall be pnhL in tbe German language, in coofe i per and for ench time ili^ai In Section 1 of Article 14 ttt'\ __. »«tation of Maryland. GIVBlf 0H- DER MY HAND AND TBE G1BAT SEAL OP THE STATE OP MOW. LAND. DONE AT THE OTTOF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH JULY, IN THE YEAR LORD, ONE THOUSAND IL--HUNDRED AND THIRTT-MCliT.' iNEWSPAPEr

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