Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 3, 1930 · Page 24
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 24

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 24
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UtCATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVEN'NG, OCTOBER 3, 1930. OECATUR HERALD CARDINALS GIVEN LITTLE CHANCE AS SERIES SCENE SHIFTS TO ST. LOUIS ATHLETICS HAVE SCORED 11 RUNS OFF K HITS IN SERIES CHRIS CAGLE ON JOB A5 GRID COACH Cards Held To Six Hits By Einuhaw'* Brilliant Hurling Thursday A'S SLUGGERS DELIVER CARDS HAVE EDGE AT BAT, ANYWAY titu fnltnt J ' l i i i l PHILADELPHIA., Oct. 3--AI- though beaten In both names, the St. Louts Cardinal* have oulbat- ied the Philadelphia Athletics m the first and second gums* of the world eerie*, with an .average ot By FRANK OKTT1T 3.4 t o the A's ,214 The Cards i'nltod Pr«m Sport* JMItor lmw m ade IS hlU to the A's 12. ENROUTE TO ST. LOUIS, [«'·»« »«'«' ""X three run, t\-t 1 U.vino UAH tk. fir* i to tn * At I* tallie'i. Nine of th* Oct. 3--Hftving won the firol ,, hllll( , M p hlli wu hftv , bwn (or two gam** or the 1930 world xtra Mriea with n* fine an economy of hitting M any October ctni- | nighth Inning nnd shooting tho ball lie ever Kft8 known, the Philndel-!'» «*»' to double Sparky Adams. phia Athletic* were trnveling to St. T.ouls Frilay. bent upon pollshln/ off tho Cardinal* In short order. The St. Lauld Uub, swurllntr unctoi I wo straight defeat*, nlso watt hemt-i «d westward with (M- different In-l tentloiit, IVlnninx Thurjilnj''. )[«me 0 to I behind tho b r i l l i a n t pitching at Knrnfthaw. tlio MncMnien, took (t lead over tlielr NMional| tnajtiLfi ilvnlM whlcb ^itimllv aM(if-| them of tbclr f i f t l i woiW's tliftm- 1111 n Him Once moK II uif cxtiH. l)(i«e hitting nhkli tvon tor c'^chMino, Slmnions din tho tcllMiK blows in Ihi early Imtlujr-t off the »lf!iver 01 Kllni Tthctn tlius fnr In llu 1030 wrl«* tin- \UiletkN h»vo nvirtp but 13 hit*, nnd lutvo made ihfui oonnt for II TUM. lit tho opeiiInK cunir, nhk'li «lvy won 5 tti t tlw Athletic* mnttf each lilt fount for u nni. Thundity Ihfy itppMtw! d lie HllpplriK nnd trrtrcd only iU nn xi UT otifrtli'N nlf Tin AthletLii liftu- i liillhh(| nan world serle* IWCOKIK (in 1 cxtrn Imm hitting in the fltel two ^niiic^, Thnlr; 12 hits hovo hoen for 2B biuicj. A'M Iplfn»* Tlnht The AthlotlcV fiwt Hnp of drfutnc, from Foxx nvotmd ttin bu.ies to plucky Jimmy Liykox, looks bettor thle yehf than liuit. and the crltlrn were saying that this would bt tho weak point In t J hlln.l(ilphlA'i cffortu to retain tho world'« championship Dykes at third has turned In uorun tpnrkllnft flelrtlnft plnx'i. «i h(iv* Ho- loy and Bishop. The Mnckmen'x t h h d bM«tnAn choked oft tho l«"t «nmblntico of St t»- Frnnklu Frlsfh'n line drive It whlnltett past his ear In the E*rt9h«w Brilliant tiotli tcainfl put on a ragged exhibition In the third Inning of the second game, but with this difference tlmt while the ball wa» belnjr tossed (itmiil by everyone concerned, the Athletics scored twice In their half nnd this Cardinals couldn't get a nwn pant third base fllntflns on his own behalf in thL wilier muddled session, when hi' mutfi '.coined bent upon tossln r (iw«y n rim or two. He fltruck mu Jim Bottomley nnd Cbttk Hafpy af. ter both thi-MB hoavy hltteri had given llfn by Philadelphia When thn 1030 Merle* finally Is It will apprwr that on 111* performance. mu«t li» given ft prominent niche In any ixwt setuoii hall ef ffunc, ftt th« hi* right bander nurlRd * nwpilflcent game. »« struck out fight nivn, allowed Hi* hit*, and wu« nlwuyti tl»ere In (i pinch. In ooierinjc flnt bane «n n clnw |ilo.y In the sixth In- nliUTi rf)r(j(t vmi tplked in tho linil b) Wtitklntt, bi. I^MiU right tM\tr. Uut he llmjiMl to tlin box nnd «tood the Cardliul hatnnien un their hr«df. thfri»(tfr. Mlckty Coehcane bldi fur t9 be the lilUttitf h»ro of tho series.. His home nm ThwNday In tho firtit Inning wn,i hh ipcomt In two jmccesatvo times nt bat, ulnce he had cloutud tho bull out o( the park on his lust trip tc ( UJB plate on "Wednesiky. ' George Walkin*. who playi for tit 1,o(il» when a rl«ht bander Is woik- ln(f for tho opposition, drove out t homo run to score St, Lo\i!«' )on« run TUursilo;- In ttie lecond Inning ! Frankin Frlsch's double In tlw first was his 434 hit In woitd series gBni*n, Hatting a new record Connie Mack may try Rube Wai- b»rg in the third game, or lie mny shoot right back with "Lefty" Grove and follow with Efirnshiw In un of- Christian Keener (Rcd Cigk, former ct«r «nd captain of the Weal Point football team, holdp initial droll practice wit* U* new charge* M head grid coach of the Mississippi A. end U. football team at Stwkovillt, Hiss, Cflglc is one of the founfeit bead eoachet la fort to end Iho suilcs in font Tn any event another lout ot the National kaguo rc|)i«flentntlve* cei- talnty uecma In order, VAN KICK UK.T01NS1 SQUAD ItJK i;nit«Ureiu CHICAGO. Oct. 3--Coiitaln Ertett Van Nki*. Chicago baeltfield star, i ha* returned to the squad after be- 1 inj{ out for 10 days with an Injured log, but will not piny in Satuiday's games ulth HlllsJalo and Ripen If Cua.h SUSP's other backs can make sufficient sroraa to -win, CARDS COUNT ON BILL HALLAHAN TO STOP MACKS Gianti of 1921 Only Team To Lose First Two, Then Win Series FRISCH CARDS' HERO (»li Vulttlt Frist ) EN HOUTE TO ST. LOUIS WITH THE CARDINALS, Oct. »-The St. Louis Cardinals had two strikes on them today, and haven't taJten their bats off their shoulders. Beaten Iwka In a row by tho Philadelphia Athletics at Shlbe park, t h e Cardinal welcomed t h o day for traveling to gather tholr d l a o r g a n l zed force* for dctoi- m i n e d s t a n d against C o n n i e Mack's deva tut- In^ machine at Sportsman park, opening S a t u r day. Gabby Street, courageous lead or ot the Nation ytl League chum- plons, hat no excuses to offer for hin toam'B two HALLAHAN .'al"! at Phtli delnhla, but pioiniucd tl"\t, win or lose, the Cardinal* would fight to the very last ditch lit Dili thus far ono-slded seiies, If the Cardinal^ should ;om« on n(,w to win the scrlew, which (teems Impossible to conculve alter watch* Ing the two t«ams In action In th» flrit two games. It will be the second time In world scries history that one team has loot the two opening STURM GETS ACE, SETS NEW RECORD Jock Sturm, pro at the South Sid* Country club added two more records to'his list Thursday when he shot a hoto In one on tho iSS yard first bole, and had i card of 31 for the tint, nlna hole*. Slurm used a ipoon for his hoi* In one. It was hit* HcconO ace on the South Side courso, th* other coming on the 17th hole June of lajt year. The score of 31 for th* flret nine holt* tit five und*r par and establishes n new record, Sturm waa playing with Ben Huffman «nd H. H. Corutn. ROOTERS FOLLOW TDLANK (Ay L'nffnl Pn». EVANSTON, Oot -- Tulww's husky squad of M player*, Meoro pankd by 300 rooters, arrived Friday for Saturday's InUncctlonal battle with Northwestern, Th* Southerners were scheduled for a workout at Dyehe etadlum. games and then won the champion iihlp. Gtaitte DM It It was a Nation*,) League team which accomplished thU feat In 1831, the Now York Giants winning the world championship, five game* to threp, after toning tin first two. The Cardinals are putting a lot of faith tn "Wild Bill" Hallahan, fast hall southpaw, to stop the Athetlcs. It seenTM to be curi-*s and slow bulls the Cards need from their jiltohciB If th*y are to stop Uie As. If Hallahun can bob up with mother suoh game i»s he pitched against Dazzy Vance In the crucial SI Tjouls-Brooklyu series a few weeks ago, It 1» difficult to picture anyone beating him. Connie Mock has singled Frankle Frisoh out as the outstanding player of the Cardinals thus far. Frlsch has made three hits In two flfnmes, but he made a costly error In the second gams which paved the way for two o( the Athletics runs. Afattoon Impatiently Awaits Test of Strength Against Champaign Tonight By JOHN TVBKBV ( MATTOON, Oct. 3-Wllh Uw final tejtlnx of th* llghtlnf »y«t»M Thursday nlfht Uattooo HJfh declared It. self ready for Champaign. The field will ba )lght*d by 34 Otnertil Kite- trio doMd-ty|w reflector*. The team and th* ·choo) ar* ready for Friday 1 * gam*. No «tock IN ne- Inc put In the bear alorle* which float from L«* Mover'* camp. Mjl- toon never ha* beaten Champaign and can s«e ao rea*on why the Ua reon* should lay down this y«ar. Throughout the week the M*t- teontr* h»v« drilled on fundamentals. Blocking and Interference have been MpeclaJly «tr«sMd. Wednesday niuhl practise WM held on th* new Kln««l field. The squad will be Intact wkh the exception of Boggs, an end, who broke hli arm Jn Ih* f»m with Pana last Saturday. EKpecl Better Becord l*tt year Mattoon enjoyeo nut fltio conference victory and weeped ov«r four loittcs. This season ahe la out for more enjoyment and lea* woip- inc. fltorle* of a conference chant' plon*hlp have floated down thl* way from other town* and have br*n Absorbed by some of the native*, but it takes a good team to be a sham plon In the Big Twelv*. Captain Piirvit, Gano. and Zellers are mjic of their places In the bacU field, but the fourth position Is it toss up between Flnnlgan, Wllnon and Saunders, On the line John ion Sullivan, Beem, and Schafer all looh toueh. There are plenty of ttttrvf linemen. Crod Counirr Bun Between halve* Friday ntjht Mat- loon High's cross country team will run agaln«t Cliampalgn. Mattoon bun a new t*m this year and Its strength 1* unknown, The team is coached by James Milln, who lint been in charge of th* ero» country aqnod for the last three JIMMY DALE GETS DECISION VICTORY HeraM. (M, 3.-Jimmi «« BVAN8VWA1:. Dal«, of n*it»lyr Ittliiion nv»r Jlcd Ko-lriiBii of VVsyn* In tho f»ii(iii« bruit if American region H|IOW IKK 14 rouwl*, tM nnj«b*« ihu tltti . 1 hand In the ninth muu4 tin fight hew ngalu (it si uioiith illv t vttrt l'rt,t U8. O, 0n, nquad of 91 plnyer* *niMt) t-|d»y fur th* opening Kitt T*t» conf«i«ne* gam« with Ohio »"! Oliln RI*L» flnsl prucliKc Thurcday Miifllit.d ef durimy Keep Your $ $ Working i Re-invest Your July Funds NOW in This Sound Investment \ AMERICAN LIGHT POWER COMPANY $6 Dividend Cumulative Preferred Stock makes an ideal investment for funds derived from dividends, interest payments and maturing obligations. 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Uoth Icon vetstun eWM, n hlgli «Ugo of d «wly in the eeai Gophers M Vanitcrbllt, ·tionKC«t teams, otHttacIa tor Mini torblng the new Frllt CrlBler und Qcphets have fin had lttll« time i tacttes and mty ·Iron? an oppati week of the scat Baylor lacks t Ikm of the other but may prcHcnt problem for Pun ·M, like Mlnneso their first start and will need * win. Baylor It c of national «pu Ing on u vie ton Ten c! mm pi cms feet, Ot the remain lowu, Illinois i ·trenuouii oppo* and WlMonsln ti ton should prov a |«04 workout Chicago expect* Aoubleheadcr wl Von. , *· lltw, Is none t tof Michigan St Bob Zuppke reg twten hts gi-een wteran tows, gti protwtltlon, whll flu ftre a dung untried leant bu AMU of a powe Hindcll Out Vetcri Muidetl ehampii that h« , for le division. *·» Roettford ··TotUted the " atte a 10-r ihow "A couple mo 1 tt»f tor tnj "* -^ Al 6 · *al --J one to our ti itwttth* kklll *175 Automo AS. *7

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