The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 31, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1973
Page 2
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tWE FACTS 2Sth DEAR ABBY 9roiOffo rvvrvof scfitrfufaf BRAZGRtA- A revival will 'I** evat«cU*t wU) be the J« held lit 2km Tempi* AMR Rev. 0. U Dawwn, pmkUi* Tiureh June *. through 8 vith elder <* the Bay City District.. at « JMH. nightly, r u "£Ll A Catholic Mason? HOLY GHOST R-E-V-I-V-A-L bt in pffip» JHM 3rd The Rar. 1 Mis. Wm. 0. Ms of linois it The Gospd Assembly Conw of ftntfitai Kd. 1 Ofrtw Crwk Drin S«mct ntthly 7:30 pjn. Sunday (Sumit- School) IfcOO un. WonlMp Sonicf HiOO wn. Pastor Rtv. T. I PftRYOME KffLCDME wit H. VRNI set ANGLETON ~ Mr. and Mra. William H, "BtU" WiM will be celebraUng their ttth weddinff anntvenary with an open home at their home. «H South Kvaiw, An«leU», on Sunday from 1 to 6 p,nv The event is being baited by iheir two children, Uu Ellen and HudMn. Mr. and Mrt. WiM were married at the Flr»t Presbyterian Chutxh In Brawria. She i> the farmer Mii> Mary Lou SUnger, daughter of Mrs. Dorothy it Stattfer and the late L. O. Stanfer. He is the w» of Mr*. Ixwb* Wise and the late J. P. Wise of MaytfteW Both have been teaching la Bratoria County Kboob for the past X years Invitations are extended through the press to friends in the area. Plan bathroom carefully It's possible, but ly Abigail Van Burtn « rat * num na*ii •. v. •«« m*. *•. DEAR ABBY: My hwfeud an) I are both CaMwttce, My huaband waste to )ata U» Maaonk Order 1 My ihe Maweatwifl nat Uk* a QrtMBe. My hu*b»nd «yt they will. If he U rt*N ami jrtm Ih* Mawv, I ay K the CaUwtic churth (to* ««( abMl it they -ill kkk him oU, and he *x>at be afcie U> receh* ewnmunton with hU family, and when he diea they weal give him the U»l rite*. Somethlog etoe that I new woW underttand: Why cant a Calhotte b* a Mam, loo? IN THE DARK UKAK IN; T%e MawM WILL ateeft CUkiMn. ha) a Caiheaie wk* Jilaa ia* Mat*** fcrfeM* Ma rt(kt I* reeehe Ik* Meraewatt, Mat k* •« k* ea***araMjr «t*»*ie*le*4- e4 tre«i Ike C*4h*ttr ekmek, (Y»* ca*t "kkk" a CatUak *4*t el Ik* ck«rek-«* tut atkwd ctarck W ke wants to, W* ke eaat reeeHe ifce *aee*a»e*la.| Tk* CatkakVe view Ma**a*y at a teimai reMajkw. m* eae ea*«*l k* a CalkvMe tad a Mamw fee law *•*»* re**** Uurt eaw ea***4 ke a CaUMkV **4 a Lwdkrewai «e a C*tk»Me *ad a Mekaata»e4a* at Ike *a**e huiMii* a n*« *tw«td not forf«t tiwt ar« perhafw th* inoat permamml — sod iwrety the rn«t o(t«« rorf lei'led - ol all the reomi they're a lie INI home »*v(og theo|ht to their their buikfer l«ihr«nn <«hMr fch*mci Jw< ** *»y «*» to ito "the Kiithen aha w * •JUfkuM reom to ehat^e <XK« product* deaifiwr Stan Kurei. -but ihit area t* (oral point (or M« home pl«ftn*t» Hathrtw«v* nertflatty <*< Idil* o( the plannlnt »llenlioo laviihed on the Mtehfit "tl'« only atltr ih* (*mUy h*» nwvwl to and t»v««vw settled that they it^ut it*tf »i4rk white, W*rnl b4thjr»«ft* »« !<**% MH (rf »ttp with the other deeer* tis*y*»< «o by Miller Up 10***, rr**M MT ,Nal-r»l gttt* are ?»*** al- ItaifttM •- if A **** +* DBAR ABBY: ! an now a jnwra «*n» tat when I wa» a child my pateatt B*W forced as* to eat aRjthtnt t dJtfat Bi», and I new tuftered from it. f MAT trad to fotiew tfe** approach with my o*n children, I h**« djwreed *»1 remarried, and my prc*eftt wii* aod I turns my ttiil&en trwa my prv«»«a raaVriacw i«r ma^y w*ta«nd« «o4 matt oi the people at it* ol cotor b»»lh!i4s», »od ««fct*. K«sre{ soil wfe «J(i«j'fe the W« fti ake< fla». nc«fi< at that ebiWrto ihoeU b* mwto to *•< food tNry doe t 6a«. on tht thwfy that U t» food (or U*m, »aJ ih«y wilt Ua* U, Th* thifeit«« haw to«J« an bM*»t «*t«t ctrUin foxfc wtekfc don't affMMt to (hem. hut Uw? itoot Uk» ccrtala thlaa>. My wtfe bmtfe b) p»*t»r» M I*** om ifeia* at «very m«*t Oat (he e*uAJ,'«ts do*i t hlw. to* U te a eomuat h«Mi* at m*«ittm«. W« haw acrwd lo IH j«u wbUr»t« and win atari* &r yotw «kebi*a. futures to rtyfcs In* <«*»."' A DKAH »'ATHKJlr M »t!**tis>ft fcu thrown* tfuft if*«< iMa} ttarut {Klin** out !ftir» y*w ««•'• twikarily <m*r tlwm, t1ui'> »»< late. DKAH ABBY )'v« b*cn p«£!te< tto art f«e 4* 10*07 aa aahauMil «f w**»B. b« abonX it. Wbefl I »*« v«ry JWJ1« t htd *» When «ht ww Z. { mwrtod « tin* com, wal w<? Utrw chtJdrto at oat owti. AU (cur chfekia 6Sto» «sy hw». hand b their fattwr Uy hutbaot) ect«r kf Al{j adufidtd my f»i< cSiW. Sfc* jwt vtml hi» bat tuun«. <nd 8 h*» |am on tu» UbM <m*f lion, Tto fint il<ag»il«f b ao-* H j«**n »4d. »ad we* <t»? to order to f* oW a<« benrfiu *t* *iU fe«t« to fcjn» * t*rih I »wm la recall thai wbcre »fc» «&* m te/*u I « ter tear «h» (or Meoeoat «t«! wooU fani it, t dent wut b*r to know u With, but i thbk ! am mnttrrd Can jou b*«t> OEAll THOCTIUCO: Taai i» • U*j«r. H« kkn» BRAZOSPORT BEAUTY and BARBER SUPPLY 203A Parkinit Way Ph. 297-3% 1 BONAT DUABT WELLA ROUX CUUROL ALURA WIGS HAIR PIECES JEWELRY UNIFORMS SUNDRIES HIM ALOE VERA COSMETICS 4 tMiib.ftx9.iia "r«xi*jr't .' te ifc« M*|»«r BtrtittU)- AI.ICK TMOMfSON, HOBUtK ItUDCISS. JOK fHSHOtM. KOBIN WOODS. MASON WCKMS. KATWV B A S ti V . ii A H V KOHKHTW.Y ttAHV J. 0 H A II A M , t, A K h V HOBIifttSO.S, TKHKV KDWAKUS, R ONE DAY ONLY! Friday June 1 12,000 BTU FIRESTONE AIR CONDITIONER DELUXE! STOCK .NUMBER TheM Mg ca*acil> air «•• dliloner* nt acrfed l*r t«oll«g large U«i*g area» w waatlate ra*n*. Two aMtkU lor It) »*h of 23* t*k •»erati«*. AHAM certified IZ.IW and II,*M BTU*» of c«*U»*. IU. Ut«*4. Voiuntetfs needed for church school WEST COLUMBIA Vexation Churth ,Vft.xU a pUao«d by the f'olumbu trailed M««h«doJ (Imrch Jus« 2i through 2» MM t>qnAi* lUnksm will ijfjm t* tt^e Director o< lh-r tctmrf. but a In (w«d of *»tuiistcer» to JMMt her Veluntc«T« mj> (4l! U/t iUnfcicttal HM7W. or caU Itw church offke. J4MH3 Rainbow InsfolJoffon Is Sohirdoy ANGUCTON - ImUlUltMi tervice* far the Aaglrlon Auetnbix No H Order rf Kainho* Orb »tH be held &*litrday at 7:30 pm *i ihe AngkUn Maacnic Lodge Hall MU» Sheiky K<n. d*u«hl*r U Mr. and Mr* H W iBl**ay> rva of Angktoo, *ij| be laMaUed u worthy advisor R»:V>»,\ NONJK SMfKOI BR'ITV HKKO Mr* W t ^y Surmer // Tkne! I SHORTS *\ REG $coo \ M«« OFF ALL COTTON KNfT TOPS REGULAR M«* to I announcing (an exciting new holiday Tht New Lowrty St*r«o Holiday with Qtnit 12,000 BTU 11,000 BTU 179 229 95 watfcakic Ittter. IkeniMMtai. rear .UleUme, r«M-frce atH»i«*m cakMMrt. .7*0 *f«e4 la*. .fit* »ia*>»i»<« " to M" .Air tnkMiU .T»«t nay adjwtaktc air dkcciki*. UMIMtAi MlMtttC* WlitS. «'»!» CAMOVt MAKIMi »U^CV! 6>n (later «l Ike Week CHOCOLATE VOTIVE ! nc CANDUC& --•••*• JO 1 NOHOOLAIIp WAT LS.I.C. Sol/d State Circuitry ot fhe Futurt— oowl Taiw A F«*% ««Wv Lo«r*y 410 1AKPON INN ,UIA(,E ••f tciat. * a^omttic rtqrUKR p*lt«m» from S*mt« to Watu to Oo-Ooi PW» . and aiifnfl b«w PAIIMTIO LOWfttY AOG . . , Una Automatic Otgtti Coflipytai thai l«m» on* ftng*r not* chorda. a button (• Kfc t P( ^»«»» » OOMf M T0041T fON A ^F* Mff OffMONtTN/ir/OM |||| JACUOi * STEHEOfHOHIC SOUND * BUILT-IN KAY-ALONa CASSETTE * SUSTAIN • REVERB • lOWftEY GLIDE • AUTO WOW AND MORE MUSIC I FUNO GIL •»>W*JPPW ^H f liTinpir , wWi

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