The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 12
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PAtiE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1923" o <rao T! A ^ 1 Uis Ffecsse 3 swl Call ffaar OasaniBiBali Ad D»ipil- 1 tnwertlon , lc per word 4 Insertione 3c per word i u 10 iHNi 'iUium pe, VV 'iiu I 'm i ^ftufi 10 limertlons 7e per word in to 26 Inserllolia .... .7-10e per word per India 2i» Insi-rUiin* . ^fco per word per Minimum chaise : 20o FI TCI A I J RATF. fo;- advertisers tielng 1 or more Inches per day for e month, runnini; ihe eamo «veiy day or sub.loct to thunge, cun be ubtalned bv cJIln^ The N.v.e '"Mi'elfied Department. \il« under regular elnfiMflcatlon mint bo entered or Withdrawn before 11 o'clock noon J 'mm 12:00 till .1:00 p. m.. add Ko under "Too I^tte to Classify." Phc-aa ' " ~ ' " ~~ '' "— of bllL "ur c cuiveule nee, -to be paid upon presentation AM A Ci> t: - G6 1' I',-, }, - r.t; 1' CI J L -O:. K-OIS c.i 1- I'.V- TO 111.1N1) AOS K-r.ii -2. K-C6-1. 1...I 4. N-63--I. N-64V-0. O-M 1. 0-87- 1 U-iii~2 H-li4- 1 K-er.—c S • iiO 3 it-nr. -7. v-(,.">- '.. \\ -6..- »•• I POSITION WANTPD— MALE (Cont'd! WAN TKD--Furniture t? repair, reflnlalh and unholator. Call 7*3. f. a7-30t WM NI F.O—-MALE , w In thf Suit .,,1 ri-ady I .. H in•ititliH. 1" .tlih-tt. t. I''•»!! '.hVli 'v. IIUlCl .lKI- HAWS filed al *lJop| B2K FlraL POSITION WANTED— FCMaLI If. yoU want firm-class hciiMlltrlllnt:. 1 em ;,Ue to di, It. Mrs. (j. V. llob.-rts, plruin- 2343, IS. Weill Sixth, o la-Hi FfjB RENT— Mt -SloeNCES (Cont'd) F»)H 11KNT • Five-room house, monei-u '.-xecpt furnace; no Karaite; 110 KMt Tenth. Ihone 8711W. 1 tb-il X-*ri H Hl-:NT--MV home furnished; nos-ieH- alun .luly 1: reference* required. Mrs. Mai tin. iill Knnt U. 7 25-tt KlVE-l 'K 'Pr, nl'id 'TIl C 'lttUfi .lttne 21. with a garage, all rliniiu IXtrlow J 205 , o fur rent West Fifth. 7 Wfm 20-11 FOR RKNT — Five-room eottafro well located,, modern except furnace: garage. Phime 72bJ. __L?„ 1 l-OH RKIs'T - Oood five-room, modern house al 114 West Seventh. Inquire 108 Kevenlh. • ____2iil'i lOll RENT---CVood five-room, stucco bungalow, strictly modern, to adult*. Vhona 2217. 7 1-25' ANT OF THESE! HOMES CAN M HOUOHT WITH A VERY SMALL CASH PAYMENT 736 Clieinlcol— 6 room-1, basement and gariiKe, ~i rooms and breakfast room. 009 North Chemical$1800. Gil West 7th -"i rooina, modern except hent—A 61S North .'Star Street—4 rooira, chicken house. Lot 70x140. Lot yrxHO. Price l'rico' trood rniy> Price ??.7f>0 Lot DOxHO. I'rlce *1100. " Hcakor. I'fUl-ltlCN 'r or sale—Four-roofit, modern iiunsalow; aiiletidld terms; 211 Kaat H. I'lione 3040. 7 J5-1H Ki-iK ItKXT to rraponalblo parlleH —beautifully furnlaheil home. 715 Nortn Main. 7_Zt^4t FOIt KENT—Six-room Itcua'i. piodorn except furnace; fine location. lMiono l'« 'SITKlN Koft ItKNT—Five-room, modern houao comtilotely furnlohed. Call 3S47J/ . p 7 2a-4t •ity p,,n • H.^I Clll R.iii. l *.r»t KAi 'll A 1 • 1 ' I • V T • :K. . . si" N iUNO i Tin; N'I-:WS AI-TI.U ' M 1 fA KT .i 1 1 •• <J 11 r iu a f k t- 1 • pr, h: - !ii.(!tt:e .iK- ,i widow, rofinfMl, t.-jiiiabli), inn .K 'mnlH .-ifi!, -|..y !:i>a pOMitlun !n n.'.i:ht -i U.- H Imiiir'. Km! p.irtlcul:ir« !n (\VH{ i-H.-r. li -i.i, .Tiru N^wa. 0 IIICMSTITCUINU; work guaraniefil. Mall unsw^i -Ml promptly. Vina deliv- B . M'iiidcll, lyy Kant Tt'Jitli. FOR RENT—Fiviwoom rf?Mi<l «nCo, 1503 Kast Second, inquire 211 Tark sirtiet. 7 26-5 I "OR RKNT-- KtVH-room, furnisiiwd cot- tn «i3 .'lose in, $35. Phone 3299J. 7 25-41 W.'diiui, |;i M\n. litUid(-r, SOU S,iih -h-. Also u!! I .i I .UlMlllfc;. I 'll.Mln; . d;k'ui'p' , r tw.-i ati'imtniphc-r. hire's^ II KHT-CLtAiib nrewimnkinff; h'imntltc.ii- ins- Mra. J. li. aoniiio, Ka»t Thirrt, phyne 2Kb7J. G 2' tit FDR HKNT— rooms. $Ki. 1'honi at 203 Wcat C, R .)\'t »n : 943. 7 22-2S FIVP-room house for rent close in; w;\t«r an.. li«h!s. Call 'J2y4W. 7 lH-6t HKNT—106 West Twelfth. von 65. KJiUtT-room h'-uso an FOR 111 •: N T— N i n e - r o o i at i-liisl Sherman. Sherman. 1 lS-lot "STAR BRAND- SHOES ARE BETTER!' Shoes for Boys and Girls, Shoes for Men and Women, Shoes for Infanta, Shoes for Children. PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. CLOTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS. Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Week. COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut- St. Sairiaofliffls Strict!}- modern 5-room Imiigalotv- on Fiftoenlli enat, wlilto enamel finish, oak floors, lots of bull tin work garage uuii front..<lrlva $5250 tortna. Nifty 5-room Jill modern bungalow on I! Aunt at $4750. Semi-modern close-In cottage o'n east Second, corner lot, nice shade, a real homo like place at $3200, with good terirm. , \ South front semi-modern cottago on Fourth east, a real bargain at $3850, owner la'leaving town. • , Call 2224 For Showing Appointment . •i.i—i .—. -—?r- Established 1888 HBALTOH3 <&& ©©an No. 4 Bast Sherinaa West 20-101 , modern houao Call at 210 ISast 7 l6-!»t WAXT1-1U lefi'lelie. WANT I I luff lij nil glvn li 2ti- tit I k I 'V th,' hour, i'ltoin- r>ti:i\v. o /in imi'iiH, r,ec i iUitha V UKD U K. LIQMT HOUSEKEEPINO ROOMS I V/ork cuarantiied. hlall ordeia anawcred uromptly Free delivery .Mrs. Mcndell, ICt Kant 'IVnlh, lliaaW. 6 2J-2ot ^**'i< ^ii 1J IK. Ironing and clt-nn- • I t'UKTAIN *ptcla;i«t. N10W Iwo large roimioijiungulow fur- i nlulied for light haii«'ikeenliiB; «as, "" 'witter iiiid lluhts: aleo ifantKo; 10.60 per sson'. • week. 1« M Ninth. • FUBN'ISHl'll' IlKht housekoeiiliiB rewms ,t[..,viiHlalra; ulun one houaekeuliiUK room "uiwtuli a, 410 Koat Bherman. l'hoiie ;u04W. 8 Some people would upend, a fortune trying to locate cooler wentlier at night when If/i hot. Wo can locate you in the ocioiest mint In Kansas within 5 mtnutew ride of the Ueavt of Iltitehlnscm. Location? O.N FoliKTII WEST PAVEMENT ON THIS SII>K OF THIS llAVt, H!U,. TllAfn 'S S300 I'l-JIt ACKK IN TUB !^' : . AUT OF THE ALKAIJ-A DISTRICT. This eround will bo WORTH DODHLhl ©irftlh' Em<& M©m( /81-x roomft, aJI moflem.i, two-aim*/, full hftflcment, v oak flonra and woodworK, built-in coiivcnlcnoea, tlouble tfarRgea; -will trad« on small rcwidftiicea. lyrics $6, GOO. Six rooms, two-Mory; all modern, Bleeping poroh, oast front, a ROO <1 homo and l>r!cM to sell; ?S,7H0. Six rooms, two-Btory, oak flocrs and rinlsh, built-in convcnloncoa, largo claiota ufui lar «G rooms, well ventilated; house new and up to date. You should sea tt. Pi-Ice $8,600. .» See our lot bargains. COHHE& •& OWCE ... ^ a*jUl»n» 104 Plrst Natl. Bldr Phone «27i. We buy. »ell and insure property. If you want to soli your vropevty, Hat it with u*. PRICE IN FIVE TEAKS. 9 East Sherman aEALTST CO. lloaltors P. S.—^7ust one tract left in WEST llltnAN UHIVE. ELKGANT IMPROVEMENTS, ON EASY TKHM3. Phono 43 ACRES WITH Tkmt ®w lm®!iffl( 0 .J-25t numli'.'r of i'iioiii) 7J7. «AL E J MF.N youiifi i.-i •yraiihU* -p"!"! '3 <i >»y uuil West Fou:\..'tiith. WASHING and trnning. Call 230 Fast TWl, Ret frnnt i rooms furnished for light houao- phi;; in inyd(frn htmu» v. Uh priva'a; cntraiu-f. , 6 , :\l Hast Fifth. 8 U6-2» FOR KKNT—T hoiiN^ki 'f-piliK l 'hune BS'J'W. •o nkroly fl RFNT--Thr sxtii, privalo M > rooiurt entraiinu. furnishud lib'ht No thildrun. S 25-41 tlownatalrs, 319 W*»st 8 2ii-4t 1 i. t ,|«TI» :!v lor It •.l.'l.-t h .-ive Ulill uooii . .iic ..ii..Ii 1 ]i.; I ti' i i " :i I to ill' i»-r ihiv, Esp. I : n:i n -111 propo- llie i:uli!li,i IV, IlMloll- ;i J .'• - - t WANTiJl-)—WHaiiinK. lri tilng ,jtnd Lli 'au- I li g hy the hum. 2LM »-1. 6 2'»-2ru «'-ul iiurshiS. I'h .inv i'JtM, J FOR KKNT—One or two nice mod urn ( looms with kitcheuutt'*. lUiono 2707J. s ia -iyt \'.\ N'!'i'"l> - < I'iuwt., aiCii. WANTKO- -Woik Phono G 19- lilt ML IX'!. i:,h and )J1< W /^ N -\ e D~~ r E M /• L Vi ik-ni offh- • ypin IN. with Hie U:ltcrt in n.iw ht u.ic In Spcoial r;i*-.' nthnl:.!, 4ttl Stult: H -] .UTlfll < riUn .fl h" 'sal >!>• hy i •i ii<A Kin Mr -:p l .•ri'*.l ' -\\ r )iltf Kirl for H. \ iv, niu.'jl ui v c ("fft'i •.•lit' ihnauietMl. :<!.• ;i.lpha- u;; IluLi-h- .' t.-arliei s al lor . ol- y.'.iuoi or gt- Hank 1 y-'Mii n U A bonus, 1'T or phnim Co., Pratt, 4 >;!-;it a! li 'iUS'- 111 \VANTKJ>—\V H %1 I I I.BM . Phono 3957W. fl 7-25t WANTKLw-Waahlnga. Phono 2-*16. V.'uHK hy hum, Uiie. Phone UKti'jW. WANTFL> — L'r<;usn i aU1 n g . Phone Z2\iSJ- \VANTF!>---U':i.'ilii;i|,'P. PhoUu 3957 W. 0 7-25t. IIOt;Sl. ; :KFI':i'lN(> rooms iiict'i funi'.bh- TWO or Tour-room furnished apartment, cheap. 506 West Second. a 2-^5t FOR HKNT -Housekeeping room dost? In. 2U4 Fast Third. 8 21-tit THHl'U'J light hoiiBekcepiiiB rooms, nicely furnished. D22 Fast $ iC-10t FC»R RENT—Fight housekeeping rooms, 104 West Fourth. S FUHNISH.KI) housekeeping Fast ». rooms; 313 ... 8 2-25t WANTED-Bowlnj. Phone 1010. 8 2-26t WSITIOK WANTS D —MALE ffilairir^ Q» lBa©ftftG .i '5ir General Sh'^t Metal Work and Kuniaces PH< INK 893. 315 Nort h \Vtilnut. Hutchinson, K;irtiu». C(.»Nr>Tltl,</TION wup.-'iinlfiidciu. wutor- work « M '-HIB , f iP,: aitt-n pl;m !ft. sanitary howi'i Hystciiia, 'lispoHji! plants, flush lanka, iiunihohi on'.-i 'i -te :iiul brick woik. O u. siiort, pUnm JoJy, i,too icast Bixth atrtTt. i> i-25t 1^©^1E Koipiffiiiirb^ •'."•n i.n«; nen^ral udbi'iiKi*, piioiu; „lL7'iV FOR RENT- RSBIDHNCTB THE WORLD MOVKS AM) SO DO Wlfl Padded vans and nuto trucks. Pooled euro of hou.ieh.ntd goods and automobiles snipped to California and other point*. We haul anything anywhere. A-NO .STOUAOfc: COMPANY Phone No. ii 19 West First, Hutchloscn, Kansas. — 7 J-361 Schall Tranater and Storage Company. Thirty years' experience moving and packing h &Uoch 'jld H«uda. Oftlce 14 West Fourth. PBaffiiEe 3© 7 2-25t FOR BENT— riJRNISHED BOOMS S KOH HKNT, rcASOliiible-l ^iiKe, cool. Bleeping moms close In; car Hue. Dr. Do'lund, iii East A, phone 2066W or ia». 3 28-26t 12 EAST FlfUi-Two cool rooiOH In I'li-ivatii uiiHrtiil.nt upsitulr.i; private entrance, reasonable. Thone 1454J. 3 2C-4t pgr M@EI& Let u B show you a cozy •comfortable 5 room homo not far from business center, whUii you ci\n buy with mnaU cash iiaymont Oown or a pitir of lota or good Ford car. Balance 5-5 per jiumth. We have something Tor you. Tiki® C®© oI iriii ®tc5ig ®i5i EEap5r@w®tM @[a(i: C® a Members UbflJ Katate Board. 4 Salc.*>mei••: IX F. Coo, Albert Thomson. K. (i. AshR, Krroll MoDornvid. MOST CENTHA1.LY LOCATED RESIDENCE STREET You expect to build ti real homo some day. Tako a drivo out North Adams street, when you come to Nineteenth turn wr-at and look over the lmildinR sites opposite Glover Colladny 'B homo, you will ueo my 'Tor Salo" elgn there. You cannot find a alte In the city that will bent this. The trees alono are worth more than 1 will ask you for UiG elto. v.. Forty -nine Years In Hutchlason. No. II Shsrman East, Ground Floor Office Telephone S10I FRANK PILHL Manugor Heal Estate. Phone 12J After 6 P. M. V.'i hiV6 ttr^ >.^r .;iLi; - -.'c.----;i£!o at -re.-;l- '.'ah:e-prlc^v; -c::;- th;.2 --.v;vi ?I-:aiV."l. e.nd Intpi-oveil street. A eeven room two-story strictly, modern home and a six room strictly modern bungalow. In nice weather it Is Hint a nice walk to tile center of tho city, while in stormy weather vou Irave hut one block to the cur lino. You should sec theae homes before you make your selection. In*nr«r Lloyd S. Brawn Realtotel 41S North Main Phone 97i! FOR BENT—APARTMENTS 11 Three-room, furnished apartment, modern throughout; private. Phon* 21t>S. 0KK Fust Firs;, ~ li 2G-2lrt FOR HKNT- - South aleeplng room to inUhil" agod working lady, AI30 a good origin. 202 Kast Ninth. 26-4t FOR HFNT-"I.arge, cool Bleeping room, masonublo. C IOHB In; car Hue. Phono 20GGW, Dr. Darland. 9 l«J-2ftt HLKFPING rooms, outside ontranco, one or two; modern. Phone 1030J. for 9 2S-4t stud palntiny, repalra. J. F. WANTFli - To aliatp.-n ami icp.ur lawn n.ow.-ia, (juiis, fui Ji; t nvi\ iii-iviim mi- chiii.-n, I", i.,** and kr\.i, l.icy..i^;-i, saws, ft-'Kr -oiH, k ..!VMi, nil kind:) i^ola. Hi ifwn UP-TO-THK-MINHTF SERVm* PIBIOKE g§© FOR It F Nil' — - 1 J10 North Main, and bath, $2f. . Scvi-n I' OOIIUH, i rooms at IF* Kn.\A 1'oiirth, rooms, 22 T Four! h, 1 ui nao i[\h. 220 Kast JS, bath, $2U.&0. (b-alty Co. 7 4-27t uix IOOIUH i«d ahadtj, Hrvltm TWO hoU8fki -*eplng roo.ii«, n*»wiv piipsr- ed ana refurnished. 221 Weat F1 J 8 ^ Seventh and Main. Nlcoly rurniahdd apartments and sleeping rooms. Phouo 340. ll-28-2St. BIG traes, largo' lawn, flowers. Tho desirable Pactola Apartments. One vacant duwiuitalrs south, exposure. Phone 2330. _ 11 31-25t iM@iHllB Deposited here The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading- his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. "Assocaaaftnona nBsKsMmpBs^^ We havq ample funds and can take care of all your loan nocda. Do any of the following Items interest you? BEAUTIFUL, now kitchenette apaxt- ment; built-in features; ground floor, private entrance, 804 East Sherman. Phone/2432J. ' 11 12-2ot FFRNI!iHFl> rooms Suitable for dressmaking, close iib References. Address X, care iiuvts. - aL.EF.PINO rooms, aeinl-modern, $1 .75. 301 West Sherman. Phone 2269 W. * B 7-251 F»jK liEN 'T- Nicely furnished modern apartment with Eiuwiss l^rch. 12 Fast Sovonth. Call 1589J aft%f 0 p.m. u iS-it FOR KENT—Modern, two or .three-room iileuping porch, 534 FOH RKNT—-aieoplnfp room In modern homo, 111 West A .Phono 86SW- D 2B-4t a in INCFK of RUH tta • oiiii'.m 1 h ,.i ! veji! > job i-iiilliilii.; bllldt t ..i :i for thn nhitiij -, wvtuld cm• or ln-aib-r, Frunk 5 2;,-tit HTIJAM p-rlouc C- F. >'!: WN dt ai .y Phone 11* ClUIUil'IT, ,*:!ion v. iinli hiinti'u-rs, ritutfonl, SJ V I ii.iiiiiic ami m kind. satisfuctb !«24W . . a rs. 0\- ihrt-blu'V. rp-iH'-r woik of n guaranteed. 6 20-IfI !••» iR HKNT •• l-'our-room nottnti'e with ylfi'pms porcli, 0-iJ Fast F, 1 b month. Also fivn-room, modern at 417 Fiittl A, U'2 month. Fhuiiti FulltiiK Hoalty I'o. 7 :'0-H WE mol'o you anywhere; lony or ahort hauls make no difference; all work (juarant'w'd. Cody Transfer Comisany, phone 211) or 838. 123-126 Fast Sherman. 7 13-25t ]•'• )1L KENT-- tin wllit Kaiu ( ! (J', toilet on each floor R. O. (.letter, rtall n -room, modviu Voitse bfKant nhaprt, 13 ^. T« 0 Phone 1770 r. 2«i!J. 7 23-41 FOR RFNT---Modern sleopIiiK room . No. 2 Atwood Flats, phono 1229W. 9 26-8t tlown- 9 ae-4t TWO or Mlaira roonm, thri 1 '* \JLT HQ furnished, riT> infRNIftllFD room, modern homo ti\oso In. Call at 210 West First. 9 23-4t FOR KENT—Ntce, cool, Ing room, 30S East R. furnished sleep 9 2(J-4t newly decorated, n apartment with ,aat"». Phono 730W. 11 25-4t BEAUTIFUL kitchenette sleeping porch; private North Main. Phone 3640. apartment, bath; 10l» 11 25-llt FOK RENT—SJrlctiy modern, furnished, three-room apartment*, $SS and MO. Phone 3500. II 6-26t FOR UENT—Three-room, modern, unfur- nlehed apartment McCttrdy Insurance Agi*nay. U.8-25t MODERN, unfurnished, five-room apart rnont. Call 2168W or HIS. 11 1-2H '70 your cash Is sate and available L®aiB <^ Sav. A SSIE- Deposit your bonua with. The Salt Olty Building, Loan and Savings Asa'n Lloyd Brown, Sac'y, 413 North Main. Phono 673. 7 Western Kansas Loans 6% Western Oklahoma Loans 6% Eastern Kansas Loans 5% Central Kansas Loans % 5fo Icity Loans in Hutchinson 6% , with the usual commission In each respeci tlvo territory. We believe wo can Bavo you some money. Write or BOO IU tor turthor Information. 1st Natl. Bldg, e' _ . i»/M>Tn. A/ltll It A Hk'tllHH FARM • MORTOAOB BANKHRS ©a 'Hutchinson Kansas. FOB BENT—MISCELLANEOUS (Cont.l MU.SIC studio for rent—Beautifully furnished, cool studio; Stoinway grand piano, vlctrolfl, etc: July 1. Call 462 for appointment. 12 2(i-*t S-OK RENT—Office room at.24 East First, Nelson building. M. Wolch. 12 8-25t VEKT desirable offlot, rooms. Curdy Insurance Agency. See 1» ' Mc-Ut MOI^WEtN, sleejilnK rooms, ilb Sherniun. Phone 2D53. East 2-2St FOR ltlONT--Two modern sleeiilng; rooms 101 East Fifth. » 14-SSt SI.ICF.PING BaBt B. li P«r week; 811 i a-ttt FllllNISHKD ro..m«, 311 East B. I'liens 210. 9 22-7:as cool sleenina room, 226 Woat First. 9 25-0t FOR RENT—Furnished apartment close in. Phone 2379. U 21-81 UN-FUltNISHIBD Call 2178R. apurtment. 11 l-14t NO. 8 Stewart Apartment* Phone 2M8R. for rent. 11 4-14t FOR BBNT—WllSCBLCAN«Ol)» 1S BUSINEBS room for rent, 110 West Flr*t. Suitable for automobile business, tire or battery or .any kind of retail busln Inquire Superior Motors. 13 thfs 7-12t ROOM and board, |5 per weolc 627 'East C. 14 28-7:1 BOARD and room. 306 West Second. 14.11- hit ! »Hto HMANQAL ASSSSTAlfCE ,B make you a 83 year loan on your farm. No rnvMiue stamps—no com- HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR YOUR 60NVENIENCE to be loaned you through. Tike CMy MM S&ock lUitsdl Bwk tTJnder the supervision of the U. fl. Government) OaH at *»Mf ofrtce or ate «ur local agent in your County, • ' L. L, TAYLOR & COMPANY District Hcpro-ientutive Dod^e CMy, Kansas. ....... Ilutohlnson, Kanaaa—712 R.- FOR SALE OR TRADE 10 FOH HALB or exchango for merchandise —Eight-room, modern houao -tjloau In, city. Address, box 253, phono 2277. 15 ood 14-30 PIANO to trade for car; Ford rosdstftr preferred, H. O. Philips, 102 North Walnut. 16 SO-Ut FOR BALB—MlaOElLANa-Qlia 19 , P1AKO B Ali AIM S A bettor Hat today than t*vor before; One Kimball, plain dark mahogany.. .$160 One Klaman and Nord, goldon oak, like new One shop worn Slrohbyr, mahogany. .S31U One 'high-grade Mehlln and Sons $176 One Cable-Nelson, golden oak, like new tWj One New England, ejttra go*od.........?135 One Voao, walnut J14y One Baohman, mahogany, fine shape. i i 80 One Uush and Lauo, new $275 VVebuy for less; we soil for less, H. O. PHILIPS 109 North "Walnut. 18 2C-B im mtfo w@g!>- A„ dandy little home consisting of a five room house, barn and a summer wash house with a basement, »m;Ul chicken house, tot Gflxllio tt. This if a real buy ut $1,900.00. SFJH Earl W. Bressler, Realtor. 210 St. Ex. Bldg. Phone 3055 BKVVlNti uiAiiiilno oli-iinlnw:, overhauling; I work Kuaiiiiileed. -t. iianman, phone :4>e. Kw-irdl CiEBiEi Roof Ifuaraliti imlntinu a ed. l'hone s;iei'iuUy; 21I3J. all work i 21-7:21 IF In need of a Rood cai imnler, phone 2155 from 7:30 a .m. lo il u.ili. and to II p.m. I p.m. 5 2 25t WAN 'ri ^l? l>nir -nil window screen work. Also porch uoxee made to order. Phone CAM' 8417W and have your bonne roofed or lepalred. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5-23 -iot. PAHTIK3 wishing plastering or S«ne>*l mason work, phone lt»7&. 5 2fl--et I'AFIOK haniiljl*. pallitliii!. "a'T-v L'llne, phone il826\V. » 31- WANI'il^-I.awil and yard work. CaW Innwn phono 3043. 8 12-7:1.1 . U L Y/N and garden work. Call 2294J Kast Sherman. 702 6 17-26t I The Doo Dads—The Tale of an Angleworm. By Arch Dale | WANTiri)—Any kind of carpentering. Phnrin H920W. 6 I - *".' Phone J920W ^ "rAlNTINO "lid l'hone S027W. dtworatlng. •WANTBD-AU Phonn 1787W, kind* of trash Mauling. I lS-Zet .AN V team" work! Phoiie 81"- » I »-7:24

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