Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on September 19, 1935 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1935
Page 3
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THE LENOX TIME TABLED LENOX, IOWA bF SPECIAL ELECTION wftX IOWA TO BE , THE 4th DAY OF "VOTERS OP LENOX, e hereby notified that election will be held of Lenox, Iowa on may of October, 1935, at Son there will be sub- the voters of said Town wing pu blic measures, [ the Town of Lenox, Ipurchase for the use lenefit of the Town's final Water Works | and System the I Half of the Northeast , (N 1-2 NE 1-4) of Five (5), Township (70), Range Thirty- J), West of the 5" P. j Taylor County, Iowa, lining approximately iAcres, and the South |f the South East Quar- ! 1-2 SE 1-4) of Section &,-Two (33), West of ' p. M. Adams County, containing 80 Acres [ or less, at a price or Mum expenditure of not ... $40,000.00, payable lout of the future earn- I 0 f S uch plant and sys- l issue Water Works __j Bonds not in excess Ich sum for that pur- [ the Town of Lenox, ! the management ol of its electric nd power plant system \ hands of a board of hall the Town of Lenox, Iowa place the management and control of its water works plant and system in the hands of a board of trustees?" You are further notified that the voting place and the polls shall be in the school Gymnasium Building in Lenox, Iowa, and the same shall be open on the said election day from the hour of 8:00 o'clock in the forenoon until 8:00 o'clock in the evening, ar^d that all qualified electors of the Town of Lenox, Iowa may vote at said election upon the three public measures above set out. southwest corner of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter anil the East Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter all in Section 30, Township 68, Range 32, West of the 5th P M in Taylor County Iowa, That you and each of you Banana Fritters 3 bananas 1 cup bread flour 2 tsp. powdered sugar 1-4 tep. salt 1-4 c. milk 1 egg 1 tbsp. lemon juice Mix and sift dry ingredients. Beat egg until light, add milk xiic'.u J'uu an^i VUUU Ul you JDCfcll/ egg UI1U11 Uglll/» ttuu Ullin. would be entitled to share in the land combine mixtures. Add lem- estate of said absentee if he ' ' ' ' J were dead, and asking that an Administrator be appointed to administer the estate of the said Carl VanCleave absentee. For further particulars see Petition on file. You are further notified to appear on or before 1 o'clock P. M. on the 12th day of November, 1935 before the District Court of Taylor County Iowa to WITNESS the signature of the be held at the Courthouse in Mayor ol the Town of Lenox, Iowa and the attestation of the Town Clerk thereof, this 3rd day of September, 1935. C B Cassill, Mayor Attest: W C Lewis, Clerk NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR FOR ESTATE OF ABSENTEE In the District Court of Taylor County Iowa: November term 1935. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF GAEL VANCLEAVE, Absentee To Bessie VanCleave Hibbs Vern VanCleave, Marie Van Cleave McMullin, Margaret VanCleave and Carl VanCleave: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Taylor County Iowa, in probate, the Petition of Marie VanCleave McMullin, stating that the said Carl VanCleave was a resident Bedford Taylor County Iowa and file objections thereto on or before said date or you will be held to be in default and an administrator for the estate of the said Carl VanCleave, absentee will be appointed as prayed in said petition. Flick & Lucas Attorney for Petitioner Marie VanCleave McMullin Published in the Lenoxs-Time Table Sept. 12-19-26-Oct. 3-1017-24-31. Concrete is URIFTIEST r County Roads UAL cost figures prore Concrete the thriftiest nens for farm to market i carrying as few as 100 es a day; or 10 foot concrete pave- will serve local farm comfortably, safely, in veather—thousands of of such pavements are pg good service today! j first cost of such pave- |ts is low and maintenance are far lower than foe jailed "low cost roads". p after concrete roads are I for they still serve faith* P meanwhile concrete saves [money on car operation S mile you drive. 1 for FREE copy of "An * Letter to Henry Ford." AND CEMENT ASSOCIATION \ Hubbtll Dldg., D<3 Moines, low* of the State of Iowa and has without known cause absented himself from his usual place of .residence and concealed his whereabouts from his family for a period of more than the past seven years and that he has an undivided one-fifth interest in he following described real es- ate in this state, to-wit: South Half Northeast Quarter and 80 rods east and west by 3 chains and 21 links north and south in the _ HARVEST TURNIPS WHEN HEAVY FROST THREATENS Turnips should not be harvested until the first heavy killing frost threatens, says, A. T. Erwin, Iowa State College vegetable crop specialist. Turnips can be stored for fall" consumption if no root cellar is available, by piling them In a high location and covering with a light coat of straw. As the weather becomes colder, more straw should be added, with a coat of dirt if the turnips are to be stored into early winter. Precaution must be taken not to cover the vegetables too heavily with straw, lest they get too warm, Erwin warns. For household use, turnips can be packed in boxes or barrels covering them with damp sand and placing them in a cool corner of the basement. on juice and bananas forced through a sieve. Drop by spoonfuls into deep fat and fry. Drain and serve with a lemon sauce. Bananas on Gratin 1-4 c. grated American cheese 1 tbsp.. dry bread or cracker crumbs 1-2 tsp. salt. 2 tbsp. lemon juice 6 bananas halved crosswise Mix grated cheese, crumbs and salt together. Roll bananas In lemon juice and then in mixture of cheese crumbs and salt. Place in well greased baking dish and bake for 15 to 20 minutes in hot oven until brown on top. Serve hot. Banana Pudding 1 c. stale bread crumbs 2 c. milk 1-2 c. banana pulp 1-4 c. sugar 1-4 tep. salt Itbsp. lemon juice 1 tsp. vanilla 3 eggs Scald milk, pour over crumbs cover and let stand 30 minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Steward, Edgar and Melba spent Sunday at the home of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ferman Steward. Mr. and Mrs. Guy German and daughter, Lois of Benton and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Sheldon and family were also present. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Little a 5 pound daughter. The little Miss has been named Dixie Lee. Mrs. Little and baby are in the University Hospital in Iowa City. A reception was held at the school house Friday evening for the teachers and pupils. A large crowd was present to greet the new teachers and those of former years. The following program was presented; Invocation, Rev. Hutchman; piano duet, Mrs. John Stephenson and Mi'ss Maude Hamilton; A short talk on the church by Rev. J. C. Turner; study clubs, Mrs. A. S. Conaway; quartette, Helen Barrans, Mary Swan, Donald Green and Guy Henderson; community club, J. R. Crew; patrons, L. H. Andrews; short talk by Supt. L. E. Church; and the high school orchestra, three numbers. After the program refreshments of tea cakes, coffee and summer drink were served. Miss Irene Robinson is employed In the Spurrier Cafe at Mt. and Mss. Panels Wald and son Duane were calling on relatives and friends in Mt. Ayr, Sunday. Ottls Wall and Kenneth Hayes are the proud possessers of a new Ford V-S.s Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ferguson of Clarinda spent Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Pete Horton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Horton and family near Bedford, and Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Horton and family of near Conway spent Sunday at the home of the formers niece, Mrs. Archie Bailey and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beatty and son Paul and Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Stookey and Mary Ann returned to Des Moines, Sunday after a short visit at the M. W. Palmer home. A family reunion of Mrs. Jen- Rub through sieve. Add banana pulp, sugar, salt, lemon, vanilla and eggs, slightly beaten. Turn into buttered Individual moulds, set in a pan of hot water and bake until firm. Remove from oven, let stand 5 minutes, turn out and serve with the following sauce. Cream Sabayon Sauce Yolks of two eggs 1 tbsp. sugar 1-2 c. cream tsp. apricot brandy or 1 tbsp lemon juice Add sugar to egg yolks and beat until light. Heat cream to boiling point and boil slowly. While beating constantly, add egg yolk. Add flavoring and cook stirring constantly, 3 minutes Strain. nle Clayton children and grandchildren was held at the Bailey Camp Gronds, Sunday September 15th. Mrs. Clayton is the mother of eleven chllden and all were present to spend the day together with the exception of one daughter, Mrs. Ralph Reed who had just returned from the Dick Dunbar The Insurance Man Mr. and Mrs. Lion ouriiiige 01 i Lenox, Iowa are the proud par- Insurance Coverage Ol All hospital on Saturday and was not able to be with them. A line picnic dinner was enjoyed at the- noon hour. The children were; Mr. and Mrs. Elme Clayton Barbara and Robert of Edgely, North Dakota, Mrs. Bertie Pointer of Detroit, Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. John Clayton of Akron, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Laughead and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Williams and son of Leon, Iowa, Mr. and Mr. Arthur Clayton and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bailey of Diagonal, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Palmer and son Jack, Ms. Ethel Porter and Chas. Clayton of Clearfield. Mrs. Clayton has 12 grand -children and 9 were present at this occasion, also 5 great-grandchildren . In the afternoon they all came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reed and there Mr. Rinad took a photo of Mrs. Clay;on and her eleven children. ntnuuuntt iiniminiti GEO. L. GOODALB OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted GOODAlE JEWEMM STOKE Lenox, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. Don Strange of ents of a daughter born, Friday, September 13. She has been amed Shirley Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Will Allen went o Lenox Sunday afternoon to isit at the home of their grand- on, Mr. and Mrs. Don Strange and to see their first great grand child. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Allen; Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Walters and daughter Bernlce; Mr. and Mrs. June Stamper and son Ber- j naye them all — quality Summer Drudgery Let us do your most tiring work for you. Washing clothes is hard work and in hot weather you become easily exhausted. Our truck calls in Lenox three days each week. Leave a call for us and we will pick up your laundry and return it to you—clean, sweet smelling and ironed, if you wish it. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 TIMBER STANDS CAN PAY EXPENSES— RAMSEY "How may I make my farm woodland a definite financial asset?" Iowa farmers frequently ask Guy R. Ramsey, extension forester at Iowa State College. The problem of paying taxes on woodland when the owner cannot harvest timber for many years is sotted easily. In Iowa a land owner may declare the woodland areas on his farm as "forest reservations," thus reducing the taxable valuation of such land to $1 per acre. Such land can be held at this valuation as Hong as at least 200 trees per acre 'are maintained and the area is not used for cultivation or pas- Kinds Town and farm property Automobile Fire, Lightning and Tor nado Accident and Health tmt »»»»*»»»»»»»»»""»^»»"~""^" : Professional Cards :- O. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER Funeral Director Lenox, Iowa Barber-Boltinghouse Co. . nard; Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Stamper and daughter Virginia of Creston; and Mr. Dewey Stamper and JAMES R. LOCKE Attorney and Counsellor at Law Farmers & Merchants Bank Bide Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Courts— State and Federal Special Attention Given to Settlement of Estates and price. and Mrs. son Jack e of Diagonal spent Sunday at the Consult me as YOU WOllld Mr. and I -------- J.A ----- . j in an orderly plan of wood- and management materials derived from cuttings made to improve or thin the stand of timber may be profitable. Such thin- COLITIS There are many kinds, or varieties, of : coj itis, and these range from simple catairhal welling of the lining of the bowel to intense ongestion, ulceration, hemorrhage, and slough Ing seen in the dysenteries. The more common 4nd is non-inflammatory and ^%*gJ|JJ jave insisted that it should be called irritable iolon" instead of "colitis", i In this type there is a decided nervousi up- Set- which results in headache, nausea vague cramp-like pains in the bowel, excessive fatigue, cold hands and feet, low blood P re f,^ a ™ nental depression. There may be alteinatmg "icks of constipation and diarrhea. . There are days when the victim is com- [paratively free from symptoms and then win [come a period during which he feels as u ne |is going to die. , Osteopathy has been able to offei•great I relief to suffers from this common aise^e. Osteopathy relieves the nerW J^SUvto lieves the pain and helps build up the body to [overcome the disease. DP. M. J. Sluss OBTE0PATHIC PHYSICIAN OFFICE IN may uc !-"• «"»>*"••-• ., nings include posts poles, rails or fuel wood which may be sold or used on the farm Timber crops furnish winter work, Rams J explains, at a time when men and teams are frequently un- Sfployed. Good stands of merchantable timber are -'«" *« Clearfield Events Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gray are the proud parents of a son, born September 10th. The young man has been named Paul Herbert and weighs nine and one- half pounds. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Busby a ten and one-half pound daughter, September 12th. Mrs. Lillie Jackson of Kellerton, Iowa came Thursday to visit her mother, Mrs. I. Wilson. Mrs. Mary Hadden, Mrs. Ben Jenson, and Miss Leona Hadden of Exira, Iowa, and Mrs. L. M. Hadden of Council Bluffs, Iowa, spent Thursday with Clearfield friends and looking after Mrs. Hadden property. Mr. W. E. Johns received word'Tuesday that his mother- in-law, Mrs. Garver, Sr. hac passed away at her home in Hutchinson, Kansas. She has been ill for some years and Mrs. Johns has spent much time in Kansas caring for her. Two daughters and four sons survive, one son G. G. Garver of Tlngley was a resident of Clearfield for several years. home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Allen. The High school had a pep meeting Friday morning,, they formed a line at the schoolhouse and led by Paul DeBord with his drum they marched to Mainf street where they circled around he flagpole singing and giving heir class yells. When they re- xurned to the Gynaslum they icld another pep meeting. Mr. and Mrs. George Carlson of Diagonal visited at the J. C, Beatty home last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. George Carlson] g of Diagona, and Mr. and Mrs. your attorney Frank Wisdom O. J. Kirketeg Wisdom & Kirketeg LAWYERS Special attention given to settlement of estates Bedford, Iowa j. C. Beatty visited a sister of Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Beatty in Barnard, Missouri, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Harvey, Carolyn and Marvin visited a sister of Mrs. Harvey In Des Moines, from Friday until Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brown, also an advantage in Bamsey adds, obtaining for many credit, loans been made possible because tne woodlands were valuable Sough to form substantial se- purity for the loan, tstabllshed timber Is a permanent producing asset if « "> protected from livestock or tee, rut or thinned to insure the Duality of the remaining trees and practice of a cutting policy fhat will enable the owner to have a continuous crop from the on rough or The Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church held their regular meeting at the church Wednesday afternoon. Election of officers were held; President, Mrs. John Rlnard; Vice President, Mrs. L. H. Andrews; Secretary, Mrs. Etta Stephenson; Treasurer, Mrs. Franklin And- Mason Ranck and family will soon move to Hopkins, Missouri where they will be in a cafe. Mr and Mrs. Elmer Clayton J.VU. * i***v« ••— — • -- — Robert and Barbara and Elmers mother, Mrs. Jennie Clayton spent last Thursday in St. Joseph Klmo and Fred Brown spent Saturday night with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Brown. They returned home Sunday evening taking their mother, Mrs. Herman Brown with them. The Clearfield high school football team won their opening game from Bedford at Bedford, Friday by a score of 20 to 6. The Orioles scoredTouchdowns in the first and fourth quarters all on long runs by Crew, Bailey and Routh respectively. Bedford pushed over their touchdown in the third period after a 40 yard 1W «.- Veneta Grant, Bernice Huffman, Mrs. Hazel Reed, Bob- bv and Charlene Reed and Elbanks Wilson went to Creston Sunday and enjoyed a picnic at McKinley Pak. . ...,., W B Rood attended to busl- ness'ln Bedford, Saturday morning. The Ladies Auxiliary NOTICE The partnership of Reimer & Roll has been dissolved, effective Monday of this week, and I am now sole owner. I have taken over all book accounts and the business will be continued in the future as it has been in the past. I hope the customers who have been calling at this station will continue to do so and we will continue to give the best of service. T. J. Reimer Service Station DO YOU? Timoer B^» -- - arid iwith Mrs. Claytons sarss-sr^' 1 "- •"* —•- therwise of little value. daughter, LENOX. IOWA land Mr and Mrs Hugh Gelvin and Mr. James Gelvin spent last Thursday and Friday irt Co to. For Ideas, _ the Homemaker Suggestions, News for EAT BANANAS RAW OR COOKED Bananas are an excellent food O fthe entire family, says Miss ? a M. ShiUlng of the Foods and 4. HU*ww* J k---— — - Iowa, with the gentlemens sister Mrs. Jennie Young. Dr and Mrs. Edward Grossman of Glenwood, Iowa, came Saturday and spent Sunday with the J. R. Crew and Wl1 ning families. Mr and Mrs. Ray Brown, Mr Fred Brown and Mr. Elmo Brown down from Des Moines came Department at Iowa &£3£yJ~ sarjriira recipes which ^ShiU- of the CHIROPRACTIC • 1 ADJUSTMENTS t-—i UtEMWE NERVE PRESSURE] hristian Church held their re- ular meeting at the church, Thursday, September 12th, by a overed dish lunch at the noon hour. At the business meeting n the afternoon officers for the coming year were as follows; president, Mrs. John Hepperly; Vice-President, Mrs. Lawrence Smith; and 2nd Vice-President Mrs Clem Ruby; Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. Frank Bye; Assistant Secreary and Treasurer Mrs. Gene Baxter; Muslcan Mrs. Baker; Assistant Muslcan, Ralph'crew. Plans were] Brown. Sa ^evening to visit thei parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ralph Reed returned Saturday from the Hos- at St. Joseph, Missouri Mr. and Mrs. Clark Smith ot near Conway spent Sunday at •«* SSSSSKS- ffi~iTsr««;>«- - es are: Mrs. R. C- Smith. Mrs. Kaip" ««•"• --- -- ... made to hold a Baazar the first j week in December. Entertainment was in charge in the afternoon by the following commit-1 tees Mrs. Joe Baxter, Chairman; SI T. M. Beggs, Mrs. Gene I Baxter, and Miss Mildred Sage. Rev P O- Nystrand attended a funeral of a cpllege friend, Saturday at Winter**.Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. AJva Spicer, Mr. Few people realize the importance of naturally and regularly eliminating the waste materials from the body each day. Do you? After food has passed through the process of digestion what is left is simply a waste product and should be eliminated. If it remains in the body it becomes poisonous and this poison is absorbed by the system, it it is eliminated each day you are going a long way toward preserving your health. If your elimination is faulty there must be a reason, and there is a reason. The reason is that the bowels are sluggish. The reason they 1 are sluggish is because they are not getting orders from the brain to do their work. There is pressure on a nerve leading to them. When this pressure is removed by Chiropractic adjustments, the bowels can and do go back to work. Constipation, the commonest enemy of mankind, yields readily to Chiropractic adjustments Safeguard your health wrth Chiropractic. Consnttvtfcm Vrc* Dr E R. Pennebaker

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