The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 6, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1859
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. 1 ^ _* <, --, K , „„ , ~ j -», THE 0AILY VOLUME XL KEE SHAKPSTEIN J.B. ST & L.ATHKOP. «t««TSI'l md, OKMUKW ETUffiT, BUI WAIXU BOD&I. Daily taper, published every morning, except Monday. Ti.-'Wfekly paper, Monday, WedrfeBday and Friday aper, every Tuesday morning. , TERMS OF BAII/Y'PAl'EE. l>ally 1>jiper for one year, payable In advance,..'. 17,00 TERMS OF TE1-WEEKLT PAPEE. Trl-Weekly Papcrfor one year, payable In advance, ta£0 TERMS IF THE WEEKLY PAPBK. Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance. .11,00 KATES OF ADVERTISING IN UAII.Y Ten lines, or less, of Konpareillnake a Bfjuare. 1 do. 1 do. 1 do. 1 > do. 1 do. do. 1 do. 1 do. 1 do. 1 do. 1 do I do Sdaya _ r 3 days ... 2,00 4dM> 6tla 1 8,00 4$0 Smonthi.. 10,00 8 months.. 12,00 4 month!.. 15,00 Cmonthi.. 16,00 9 mouths... 20,00 1 year.... SO^K) Rounds A L ADVKKTlSlXi AGENTS. I 55 Randolph Street, oft aiOkoHwd to receive Advertisement* for thit and all On leading Pajttre o/ZAc Koithvml, and are flu OKIT and cx- CLDSIVELT auOwrietd AgeitU in the NorOtwftt/or a majority n/Uiem. mar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. M. W. POilEHOT. BUITOR. inn and McNuone, two murderers, are to be hang in Chicago to-day. • — Z. Capron, ex -policeman , has appointed deputy Sheriff. Mat H. Carpenter has withdrann from the legal firm uf Rvan, Carpenter & Jennings. LortbiKo rp — The Berlin Cvuranl says bn- ^lnoirf ii belter in that city this sprine than it was efer been before M.ACSTOX MILLS —The puopie of Mauston ar. delighi.-d ut th. success of their new flouring mill Rev Mr Humphrey will |« a re Mil- waukne f..r Chicago, in a «l,ort time, Lie re- quen to lie dismissed from the charge of tbe Plymouth Church baying been complied with . Common Cennelt Proceeding*. BOARD OF AlDttXIK—IFJiO'Al, IrtBTlHO. Milwaukee, Maj 8, 1859, \ 7 1-2o'clock, p. m. J' The-President, 8 C. West, Esq., in the Chair. Present—Alder nen DonemaB, Lippert, Hied- erman, O'Neill, Phelps, Phillips, Prentiss, Smith and West. Absent—None. Tli- reading of the minutes of the last meet, ing were dispensed with. Aid. Phelps presented a memorial from Fire Engine Co.'No S, representing that the bell on their engine house was broken, and calling the attention of the Common Council to the matter. Referred to the committee on fire department. Aid Phelps presented a remonstrance from William Vliet against a petition lately presented to the Common Coonoil, praying that a part of Tentonia, Ninth and Beaubian streets in tbe Ninth Ward, be graded aod graveled Referred to the joint local committee of the Ninth Ward. Aid. Phillips presented a petition from D. A. Glbbs, and others, prajing that a nuisance on lot 4, Uoik 6, Sixth Ward, b? abated. lUfemd to the local ci>tnmitte« of the Sixth Ward The Chair presented a petition from John M. White, asking permission to erect a stajjd on tbe north side of the Menomonee bridgn. Referred to the joint local committeu of UK- Fourth Ward. The Chair presented a comtn animation from the Clerk, together with resolutions and r,- ports adopted by the Board of Councilors 011 the 2d inst., which were taken up by the Board, as follows, viz: A report of the local committed of the Fifth Ward, in faror of granting the prater of tin- MILWAUKEE, FRTDAY MORMSG, MAY -6.' 1859. Esci>rs»,GiNG. State exchanges all speak o! an increase of business, and lighten- inc up of th, tim-> thi? sprinp Wisconsin is evidently recovcrinc from the panic mad dogs, rabid old fo Janesrille. DOQ* — Muriison is n.iw troubled with n bitten by one low Better send the canines to editor of the J uuean Connty Argui has the ague \VELL : S whal he ehoold be, and well he will bt, if Le well qn ii ett&ker, roiujfirjil Kecord. for Maj , 1SS9 |. (,ARDINKH 4 CO., Drn BK l,ts, 18 Sprtnf THBRMOX-ETEK 2 F to. 65 -- • 70 e DBOH-NED —A -man was found in tbe river last evening, ii-ar Chestnut street bridce, and bronchi to tile Dead House, by Policeman K.e8sl<T He na5 ;, l, r .. n ^, r i, u , we ^^ no[ Warn bis ualii*- GALVANIC BATTEBI-— Th. hou~- ,,f A W. Ray, of BoocoM. was struck by lightning Tuesday night Tu- walls windows, floor^ etc ., werr barily shallerfd. but non, ol" tbe inmates, six in number, were 6even-)y injured. Tb* B-rlic Cauranl is surprised to petition of George Abert, and others, for the construction of a sewer through the alley in block i>8. Sixth Ward Concurred in. A resolntion directing tbe City Clerk to give the proper notice tor tbe appointment of a Jury to view the premises mentioned in tbe petition of Nicholas O'Neill, and others, for the pur- pos-of ex lading Pleasant street in the First Ward Cnncurr d in. A resolntion directing the Mayor and Clerk to issne to Daniel Scbultz treasury warrants to the amount of six hundred and thirty-seven dollars, an payment of judgment and costs obtained by him against tbe city, for three quar ters salary as phief Engineer of the fire department. Aid. Prentiss opposed the passage of tbe re solution, principally upon the ground that the charter amendments of last yeai abolished all salaries not especially mentioned therein, and that judgment was allowed to go by default, there being no defence made on the pan of tbe city. Aid, Phelps was of opinion that Mr Snbulti was entitled lo his salary, having been appointed lo (he offlc*. and entered O n the duties before tbe Charter amendments tivri- passed. The Chair put tbe question on concurring with the Board of Councillors in tbe passage of the resolution Which was carried by tbe following vote Ayes—Aid. Dousruan, Niedermann, O'Neill, Pbelps, Phillips, Smith and West. Noes—Aid Lippert and Prentiss A resolntion directing tbe Chief of Police damages by inundations of water, or otherwise, and recommend Bubh -action -on tbe part of the .Common Council j as may be necessary for the protection of such property from the action of the lake, or the depredations of Individuals. Which report and resolution was adopted. Aid. Prentiss from the local committee of the 7th Ward,i.» whom the petition of W. W. Lake, waa referred, asking pennising to con struct a flight of stairs on the alley on the N. side of Wisconsin street, reported that the stair way was already erected; that it did not interfere with the passage of teams, and recommended that If be allowed to remain, .subject to be removed whenever the Council saw fit. Which wag adopted. Aid. Prent'as offered the following: , Resolved, The Board of Councilors tfoucnr- ring herein, That the Superintendent of Bridges be and hereby is directed to cause a notice to bo published for ten days in tha official papers, that on a certain day to be named in such notice, he will receive and open at the office of the City Comptroller, bids from parties desiring to act as Bridge Tenders for the year ensuing. Which was adopted. Aid Prentiss said that the following ordi- dance had been banded to him with a request to lay it before the buar.l. An ordinance to ain-nd and ordinance entitled, "An ordinance prescribiug ilu, dtiU.-s of Jhe City Assessor, and fixing the compensation of the city aud ward assessors," passed April 21, 1869 Section -2 w &3 amended so far an r- lated to tbe salary of the Ward assessors which tra« increased from Sl5U to $200 each. Theordlnanca was read twice A Id. Prentiss said he was not sure if the salary alread fixed was too low. be wonld like to have the opinion of tbe members of the Board. COMMERCIAL. OFWOE OF THE DA1I.V NKWtf • " '.-•' " ' --• Milwaikfc. Mar 0, I<i6». ' i TBCajoir.-^The market to-day wai flnn and char a c ttilred by n Tery lair degree of activity, thotigh ther wa» little «r no aicite. Wheat wu I,, ralr demand, an aale« Include I8.S2S bus as follows, at l,lSai,17 to No. 1 In i tore; 1,19® 1,20 for do ro b 1,'JS for extra No 1; 1.38©l,88Joter ra milling'and 1,80®] f>i f or whit winter. AmobiUiestlM, «rai on« of lo,om> bin No. at 1,20 fob horn LaCrosse Bevsior aod Ullbjrd' Warebouis. floor wts lesi acllvf, though iteady in price. The oaii««e reported was .200 -bblj Countrj Spring Extra, 'f#:b at C,SO. Qthtr loU) were olereil « 6,25, tut l.uyeu !we»e not •nxloos to operate Oati ai •teady at *3 utllrered. Corn firm, wlih ii|£j of ahellei ailB. B»tley« very quirt, wlib^or. cc-mlng forward Timothy Beed U mnebanged. Suiter and Eggj Brm aod i:cadj IltthMDetand Hl.lrt steady frelfil.u—n<| De* eng»(;em..|,ls to-day. Floar-.ale.i2M bbla •• r f na" Spr.o,; Eura at 6 2u fob. ' Wheat-irur)it!t firm. WlnUr—aalej 2J tui ,t 1,50 SOO bin «t 1 -JS. Bjirl .t-sa-e- 800 but N o . i , u „,„,.,. „, 1,16, 700 biu do U 1,10; 4,1 U) bun No. 1 r u b at LllUe comli,j Aid. Phillips said there was rnon work lo be done now than formerly, and he thought the compensation was 6xed t6o low, and moved that the rules ),- su^iuled and tl,, ordinance put on its paasag^ The Clerk inform-d lli.< il.inr.l that Mr Hn- mann, the assessor f,, r th,. 9i), Ward, had s-nl in his resignation to the IWrd Councilnrs, considering the compensation inadeqant,- for the services required. Aid. Phelp 3 *aid that partie., who intended to resign, should do ?o earlier. He did not think it would take each Assessor more than sii weeks, and be considered $160 f,i r Pom p»-nsation. Aid. Niedermann said lh« Assessor iu 1,, 9 Ward did not object to the salary. Aid Dousmau r, marked ll,;,i th« Asses«or» fell that ihey lad a ru-hl to be belter p-iid Aid West did not like l^i ng forc.d into a measure, |, D . be thought it most important that the Assessors shooirl immediately, be wonM ordinance. The question to suspend th u rules was ,„„ • 11... m.«:_ 3 . . ' 10,000 boa do at 1,20 tab, 150 bin fxtr. No. 1 at l,». 25'J bus Eitra at 1^3- 8UO l.u< Jo jt ! fj; B ,a o i» du t t 136. torn—f«| a 375 bm nh»IUJ «i 73 Rye—tuady at 90^98 Ste.U—timolt.y. <!Uirl «l l,COftl,SO. rirffarj. Notrnn^ doiax In olhtr utotli Pi.tatoei— aalel 110 I,us comror.u at r«, H»l l.u» \eiy cliuite ut K. Uljhwlce!—ialea 60 al i4S. ^KS**~tu butler *et]ue», a- 0 tlullcr-lo totter mppl^ ar,.i ld,.d.n K .l^auvardal 18318 !c"r flrklnand ISftz; r,,r fre»>i roll. Prult-Ora-CM In t««ter .upply at 4,K^6.6il per U... L-mons, «t 4,OOi(J46o psr I. x I is <v In I.I.I. ,,- l. t 1 ill I ea l..-r-t/i<r I il.. • 3p , » Ie i|i- . ,rr ,1 «li..lti«ie prlco. Hp al , 6 i, ,i 0 | c 2-niltW | rr Ii u, BlauK.^t do 45® ,er Ib., J,, l.eoi- 26; l!ar,,e«8 I8(ft»4; Brl<lle 86(a.3-; Collar 17<aiS do; l>.:t H.tnlo k 76@36>6 p, Prmch l,0oai,25, Ft«iih K lock 50^8l)c N»val 8lur,.,-Tar 4,»« k ;, ,i w |.. tct 4 ,;.,) a -.;o -- Boiln 4,JU Brlfl.l v.rn-ih Sg,- prr ,-al I'.ntli-oiii! Kfr.«i|ii». RCCIIPTS ar L.Cao3s« a MIL»,OICT Ruuniu.- W.jr S .„ 4 - R36 b u . ^ tlr ., !io rtn oalj] n do coin 641 .1.. ,, t.:« ., 220 b.,ls 0 ,„,, M ,J 0 lr , in on . ^^ tah.'M. 8 l,bl. •»; , 2I..O-6 ,1,. , ul .,| Mr , a •hcep; 1 li.-rB.-. 4 ra tile. .'. l (,pa M'.MI.KIi 1 ST — T1IE- LATEST ,STYL13S --OF- hUH TUE l>.".}[.\ Mattrra ut have in —AT— Tbo Interior Indians wilh houses in K ( u'- '.^ now inn,.,, „, ltpinrl fiii _ Mly f, T: 'il,,. ' BUTTON'S! 1.1 Mi Tl >«y^. Herald's W,,,,i apjw NOTKJK. il'liftoli rorn'-ipoodeii. - , ^ r.'turti(.,| •> jrfl ^[, lx .- tvith despatches fiotu Miuiater M.-Lan<re •' ' ' firming the recent uccounU "'(,( th,. , Q "". "" Miramon ' vr>< * " Mr. W<-L,ihe however writ.., .„ „ \ N 1 ' >• * OM 3-lKT \ \ H Dist'ibutiOD or 70 JfLigniiiceor Prizes, 'V r, h MILWAUKEE CAOFTS: ^ i ALBANY HA.L.L, Friday *-'v«'«ii-> J j i ^.,^ •>7n sSoe I-- §. ut^u attfceofflct nfUie Mnk Conu.irol!-. •Ithln tl., e jcar» fr..m tl.e dav or this notic- r, jh,t Hie fuiirtj dcpotilcj or the nmetupdua of 3 »i,j' r ircuia t D(J h tt-B will l.r frlrrn up t . the laid lUnkini.' ' s^ la if.ii. 16 if- "' "• 4 '-'." ltL . WAN TKD. i SEU.JMl hand Top llu«y, Troj Man.jfa.ture.- t. ». <JOUNSK|,i.< ' It row u '•-. ^Uup, M.tin , /.- ... Jmii.v- Ryan & JenkiDB, .vi i,\w. IJl II. IH.\«. , Eatt n\tltr ttnil JtirJiisfUH st^. JfUiciiukar ujtim.itt; ^u, ce-^ uf i! n.'t wii lmtan,liu< Llir •• mid Pren.'h Minister^ SVMI-. Our Gov t rum,-i,t Jo ,,ot Uritish Minis!, , H idling -, U J, r . I : they have the I ?*i .n.< u " r ,,,,,. ,| ll( wlicn <l,e l-irlis that DIM f'r.i.p,! S ruutifjniz.'J the Jinr^/, Uov~ri>m-n[ use Mini»U!M to ,1,, tl,'- ,.,,„,. In th.. m.-:intiin i r /..i-,.-n,!,.,-,, imoieiliat,* strps t,, --tr-n'tli, n. •',.• onr Miiiiati-r. au.l,~ tl i..terf.-r U.-M .,( -I,.. J/ Dl< |,sh , '-l-r-, Lti.i :,U>, I,- ,,.„,.!, , „ to the Gulf, to p r ..,,.(•( i|,.. , uf Amerlctiti t,-itia..|is v.-ruu,.., i> Jf Otl,l - fhrth «->>T i W A •MllN.iTo.'i May .> ClTT i OMPTKOLLJIR't) Cobtracl Ucpartmcnt April is, ISM [.roposaU iri I he rvrlrrd ia fr».laj, M«j eth ». l.i A » ,t, j .nir ill rt.r! >n.l lllih lr..m Ih* S||^ 6lfi W»r'l, frrmj ii .- lo-.h Jay of ! l»ecfi»if»r, I't!/. ithcr ,ii .J M.^r TyO'Jt:htf ! jqu ftf.i. ,...n uf th' a* Caning of atrerta and « I.-} , »|.r-iv-dtt K Lit UAR \ MB.- niurasioner uf U, H laier t., U,e ,, lr u..i-fyin« him tl, ,; -.t^- -\ iiiii'ntiiv, i, ,, fflc . ay 110 bbl* floui, 32i3b < , -»o j.ota-.'-e? il, 33 do bn.l-y; tj di 6.1.-2 Ibi h,dt«. 6 h Ii , f." ill- butter 31 I tn O B ., 19 c dn It I.v; 5 CS.Vrl, V NK1 lh« ha ' (CIlPTi »V MlLWAClrS t sun 'r ei, 40,WO HOKICX.* t'.AI^Jt'..l» "»l.«. 9".'J do potatoes. S6 bbl. ,, MB do hld.-s ST.l •••!•* ! \USU •hi f. StuiToH »mt | L<T| J. Cwbarn, i be Birque ^ucleu. ' A'imrauj I an,I furniture. J n V virtue of a srll ol \Vnjit ,>:,! K«| .,,„« 41 and under the sr.l ol ii,e D .tra-i c- ;n .,': Lnrtetl ELitci for ihe Mitrict of Wis,-r, n .,n, 1 .). p.,so fur B*|" an I 1,11 at ful>l .: .\ucll,,n l. M'ldrr f ,r r»,h, o,, boar I of »»:.) B.,r, lu - ..„,., . inxat UiUaukeeii. sa.d dl.trlct, OQ » finei-Uy'th- noon, thr B.rqu i.Nucleus her b<iat< t-i.-li,. Ippa^-' aid Turn she QUV il-, :u ,h» u,,»..,,,' K. . ptl 1,11, ', -.i l H I'l : I,.. -,. W ll-I-WIt], t,l [ fnunil I,, -j.irji • •otin; v -ur7--v' .. n,| to It J..' rmui. loth.. N,..,.. pr., "1 III. 10, h J...-I nnrv..y, in CU>I liam-ly ij,.-v ,l .„ a, I fV nlfh<;*l a! 1 . T "'•.,,'[) rn.i i , 1 • I -' H:..( •i ' ', • - i L.u»r from tnr,,pr H t L i r i .1 Kitrr, c..n 'cii.i.e-1 ni lev, J. (_'olh..ur.. Otnct. M,l»»u«^ '.V . M J TH -v. ijof,n> Lu-.. N TIN & CO Ap- - 1 "3 n.:. 1'rc.v t. I IH. I MARINE RECORD. ';UMa,,U,.. ormmmce actinn th-refore rote for th.. l-y the Chair and carried. Ayes— Aid. Phillips. Smith ami \V^t. n. -N.'i.l, rn.ann O'N-il J'tror Cl.. I-II ^'mr fltv of 1-m.r tr.iv.l. ?!mr G i. II- . I'r-p Ofor. Set.- tr- fcJir * Schr J* A K l£ > V I |i. i. ', t> u.-al, (i a .1 Maim - (ilH.-,.la , !•<,„ , r; r , n | u. ••', !• -rrry. O i-,.., "ol -I". 1 H ,rn, t n, Hu-tpj, Cl. -,„„ KIr> „!, ,,, e . n I, v.\l. A I' ,,i Itllllls A > A I ,(.;•! JON. neriO'i -»!,- » u-i .. » n ,i ,, I.-ct'.l ht.,c« ..f Bo.,ii »,..l -h".,-, f . r -i , it ;:, e -tore.Nn -.'9 lV,» c .ajm »tr • l W ILL (.t .i.ld .t .^ Thor.Jsy, the!ilh _\hi»ju« r ,, >lar II, I, jr, l.- Clr,, , r ..,.» nl aud paisnd by the following vol., Ayes— Aid Uou-.m^n O .\..||j Smith and W.M— , and Prrnliii Aid. Dousu.. p L ,|j.. , p;,..,! .NVidermaiin. I'),.,,.. illr Mlo w, u learn there bodi it sintrular considering ci.ies ! morn crime, .and more dead ies tonnd in Milwaukee than in Berlin It 6i Ztf of tbo two Briok deBcribe;. ths wnsatione of Rheumatism to be akin to t|,o-.e produced by having half a dozen "nigperc" splitting wood on yonr h«ad while u dozen more are making a bonfire of it on your shoulders — Sentinel. The sensation is afrtn and no mistake WADPCK —The Tuner says that as Joseph Hin«s, who has been in the State Prison for two years, was let out of th- gat*, his term having expired, he was re-arrest«d by Deputy Sheriff Smith, of Milwaukee, and will probably go upagain. He took it cool lv. More than a usual amount of wheat has been sowed about Waupun this Spring The eton^ quarry opened in the prison yards U a most excellent one. The Woburn firemej do not like some new by-laws the town has adopted for the government of their department, and hav« resolved, unless they are repealed, they can no longer consider them.«elre'g in the eervice of the town — Boston Post The last end of the name of the town may be significant, if the firemen disband, in which rase the first pan betide them QUICK TIME— The NewYork 3d wan delivered to this office on tbe morning of May 5th, at 3 o'clock, by the Drtroit & Mi! wankee Hail way Company This makes its arrival here insiri, rif forty-elrrUl honre from tbe timn it i* j.nnted, and twelve hours in advance ofauy other route, and is. b? all odds, the qnick. ,, r j atS?-T>ie- citizens of Monroe are taking steps for t. .. eaniziuir.r of a fin* company in their village.— JanesvitU Time*. The Timei is careless, baring evidnntly neglected to insert the word "comb" between "fine" and "company. !; We suppose tbe citizens of Monroe will secure their /tw-ence before going z-litad any further in tbe matter. TALK SUSDAT SEBJIOK.—The second edi lion ofthis spiry, sarcastio sermon, by Rev.J. C. Richmond, cutting Its way into the con ; sciences of theatre-going church members, as a whip lash cuts into the naked flesh, .is now ready for sale at Herman's book store. It is almost an ui.heard of thing for a sermon to reach the second edition, proving conclusively that there is something in it. The second «di. tion is belter gotten up fbar. the first, and will sen rapidly. It is the most readable thing we have seen in a long while. ELSOTBD—The following is the ticket elected yesterday, at tbe annual election of the Toung Men's Association. The rote was the largest ever cast: - — P'ji sident—John P. llsley. Vice President—Chas. Caverno. Secretary—Jas. McAllister, Treasurer—J. L Spink. JMrectore^Wurrik Price, Henry C Smith, O. B. Britt, Wia. H. Jacobs, J. Seville, Dun- canMcDonaJd, J. B. ». Cogswell. to notify the occupants, and have removed the sbanties now standing on the Public Square and street adjoining in the Eighth Ward, Walker'e Point addition , aad also cans*, to be removed a fenc* or fences on Clark'* addition across the street in front of Mocks 28 and 29 Concurred in. A resolution directiug tbe Chief En<riureer of tbe Fire Department and the ConuolUrto advertize for the purchase of a loi D tlie FiWj or Eighth Wards, upon which to erect an engine .house for Fire Engine Co No 7 Concurred in Resolution^ declaring sundry lots In the Third, Sixth and fEighth Wards public nuis anoe Were concurred in. A resolution instructing the City Treasurer to cancel the tar oertiBcaU for the year 1858, against lot 19, block 183, Fourth Ward, pro' vided th« owner pay $37 77, being the' sum such owner, (A. S. Messer) ought properly to par. Also, a resolntion that the sp. cial tax for street cleaning against lots 1 and 2, block 34, Third Ward be remitted, conformably to the petition of F. W. Goodrich. a resolution authorizing the City Treasurer to cancel from his books four different sums, amounting to $8 46, now stand, iiig against lot S, block 32, Third Waid, for the year 183S-9, 1840-4, on Timothy Carney, filling a bond in double the above amount, to indemnify tbe city. Which resolutions were concurred it, by d, of , ouncilors concurr perintendent of Bridges , thai the Su to tate" ?trr.r C,,, „, cl CT plan.t. -c,, Bimr T mrlL-r. j.^ nT , r , ,.-.,.„ I'tmr rraz>-ll<.. Bu lln, Twr, R'v.r. Stra' Cl.vrUn.l. D.uir.1,0 »n,| H.rrn Pr..p (l s ,,n.,, F'c,,,d. (, r .., n IU r !• hr fv n, t r' , I. „,, ft,.b.., cfn N-lir iv H !)..«. u TnL-r-.,. «t I-TI.T NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TKTES^L.TE! Y< < l i \t J'--. ; | \ | Will ,. „,,.,, ,. , Clerk i» h.-reby r.-q nested U. the Superintend- ut , lr .i 1( .. u , ,,,, „ " P Pfr tht B -neSt of T. \. this AM iloufitiiau, IL t. i>|y to tu injui Mr Premiss, »a!d ,|i»l th, lT,d K e wa , win,", tbe city limit? Th« rasolulion W.H »Jot>i.d Aid. rr,nti se au,1 »„, r ^, n ^ jn faV( , r o , allowing gandry upeount^ which (,,,,) )„. , Wnt to them tor re-eraniinatioii. Which reports w.ire adopted au j ib- a.- ooants referred lo Ihe Controller On motion th« board adjourned. B B LVNCH. City Clerk. ova; And I lit- « Al. >. M»N S\r t Ml ' MC K I . N H O I S 1 . A T tl..of» *ur i,.n Kn m-, \.. urJ.y .. ormnp, M.. T ;,|, ,, j I* ants rr 'al- m> > c T H «o r -l', A,: NAMES or NEWSPAPEBS— A Publi«h<TB of newgpftp,.ri, stait.n MOOESTIO.V.— g n. w papere, " Also, would benefit their locality by adopting a name that would indicate where it was published. An important local item from a country exchange often travels the newspaper rounds ior month*, au d if the name of tbe pap^r would show where »aid it-m transpired, It might often benefit the locality For instance, we credit un article, »peakiu s of tbe advantage some place ofl^m tn <,.|tWs, Rnd credit to the Lak, Sh,n; Jd, Timei, Wiico'tsin Stale . Ir ilaj ni. rn.oe. >Ji» !» Bu//l.... , „ .., , ,.,,.., ,,,j ,/ l falo p ,«ITfrp Tirni. , uh ('ITT i'- up [R.jLi.itH'i Orri -B . Cu»tB.i,.T IIBP.JITMMT. M«j 4. '59 [ o«»l. »tll I* recHrfJ al ihu .,mce LU. til T««.d. r , the JOih , Ml ., at lo 4 . „., for „,. ,„. i-lcolaJ Ciljr lTintm,r. Pr.,po..»lj 10 bt [u»,le u follow. For componitioa ,,,r I.IKKI prrj.-,,, he rountel in ri* f type nn,l up D and li.rln,,,,,,, p:c,-.l| ,,.„. lfrgft h«r,ni.ntf, K^»..i. ... „._._. Jr^* 'b^l -. ol J II Al r-rV].- c . „ f, .<I!|i|\' K. ncry, Green l^ke De vuca:, \\;., rr ,, Wi, c Jn,i n I',or nouie , l ^r {3iy~ s. ut-i marfi dtl . . D.,,., tbnn indefinitely named In the Stal.-, it may be known wbere sucb location is, but out of j Wisconsin, the article fails ofu-u to apjvar in the -p|a<ie wherf j 1^ f tl ..lulu. NOTICE. l-'lll L dlTK.lLI. • i.t. Mi-nauk- In. r tw-.l [nta ai io o' I t,e Oommn/i t'o.i'i Jc-.Ur.d |.-,L,II.- ,:„,„, exohangas, or (ail« to unanimous votes. A resolation for extending the contract of John Scbroeder for grading tbe pu'^iic square in block 165, Second Ward, to the first day of May. Concurred in A resolution that the contracts entered into on the 30th day of April, 1859, between James Kerr and Augustus Kuvell and the city of Milwaukee, be and are hereby approved. At tbe request of Aid. Prentiss the contracts were read. Aid. Prentiss said that the contracts donoi include incidental printing by the -charter amendments, all work including printing, was ordered to be let by contract. The Clerk explained that it was the intention of the Comptroller to advertise for proposals to do the incidental printing. The question was put by tbe Chair and the resolntion concurred ip. Ayes 8. Noesl. • Aid. Prentiss voting in the i.egatire. Ald. Prentiss from the committee on judiciary, to whom was referred the petition of George D. Dousman and others. Also the petition of Richard Pugh, asking that an or. dinance be passed prohibiting the removal of sand or grarel from the front of lots on tbe the paper Is published, for the reason that not one man in a thousand known where it is. It would seem absurd to call this paper the Aortk American A'ru>», but the Witcontin Statt Bightt is equally so. A local paper should by alt means have a local name We credit an article to the Green Bay Advocate, Appleton 'Oroiccnt, Osbkosb Covrirr, Berlin Co-urant or a pap^r thus named, and folks know at a glance where the paper is published. A'feca/ paper must have a heal name to benefit its locality. t.r i be abjte.1, « 11 . 1 2 'l 6 ' U .- c "'-- lol , i V-. •' 1. J, J an.l .1, l. !ork !-,(. | 0 K; L";?', 1 ""''', Kl4; lot ' '• «• block 4« l,.u . 2. 3 ,, d ,. ,,, ock I , l • « in , ', "f , , . " an.l II. block y , , lor, 3 and 8 I J" r k h, V n ^ - ,-. M ' t0 " blo^k 43 C " "' ' Ownert occop» ta u properi,- .re hereb, i k <:li ,„,. , ., , 3 9 "• I. =, J. «. » and 6, block 81. ' l2 ' block "• lo " ' •»•' ••<• "'• ck > ' ' ol '»• b ' ork S8 ' lo " ». 4 T ' " Dck «• lola '• I2 »" rt N 1 )9 ' b ock SC i :> ' or ' ; > « °' 8 . I "" CH ' t; ' >u •• 4 S " U U - >'lhOt'l r iV'I'RT l C..UUI) ,,, >| lu au. r |' a?atnst I Hllb M. Jcalln, | um ,,,, James ejurere-^, ' *" '(corp- W. Buhop »u.l | William P. Voua^. U.jfen.1'13. J MMtf .-f Wisconsin, to I*.* ab>ve nain tliab U Judiuan.1 I'auhna D J,,s«nj < f.,r K Q,,t I \1 •(}... Mr li'BriHii I, ft f ur \lnm r »*l ;,,-.! l7 Fire at Port Huron .Pour Ht.-H.,v M , The Iliiruii lions" | nrn-.i li-.t :,- i, 1 . l-Atrr fun] HA v ana. .N K\V UK I. K V •. \ Y r OC ar.< l.rrcby tamrnon*-.] and rr.iulr^.1 t,, n TI , L •«.-r tii, compl»mi m thu . eU oo »hici, . ,| 1 T ''" ^^mship yu.iki-rCity na.n -•-••- ••--••-. ' ' Havana dates of the 2,1 inat N^ mail Nn nililonf-rs had S—n . wa.* dull e.i In Ihe ney, | « £<: nu r.f vfc, to ab dacribcd !j nolsancn ~ TUe Farmer f M K, armer for May brings us all In relation to the State *atr that has yet transpired. It will be held from tbe 26lh to the 30th. of September, inclusive. The place t.f holding it has not yet been stated, and is an undecided question It will probably go to Milwaukee, aa nearly as we can learn/ The formal opening of the Pair will be 01 Wednesday, thu 28th, at Jl o'clock a m The plowiug match will take place on Tburs ^ al i 1 5-°'? I ° Ck fl m "' near the falr feronnds The Jadies' equestrian display will come off at 2 p. m. on Thareday. The trials of speed at 2 p. in. on Friday. The address wUl be delivered at 10 a. m. on , , irltn.n th rtr ,Uj . fr.. ra the publ cation of ti«a nonce, or tl.- Stre.,:! Ot.ram ; «s lp Der. ,,f saU Third Wir.l, .1 cau cM tb be abiltd^ndclwged lo th a p»n ,f | o u .,c«ordio« l-j la». K L '"- "ARDlNlia, Comptroll r, cause »aM re«pectivel..H ^ — ^A vasrantwas lately p'cked op in Bnflalo, ana.takpn to the police station. In the morning, the magistrate BBked him his name, when" he gave the name of John Hacy, prominent man of Buffalo. The jnslirte de' oidcdiift ,»Mt pay a fino of $25— on count of being a'man of sncKfrnportanee. . T fle uaaal JSnt Was $5, but the margin of $20 wag paid, apparently not well satis- lake Bhore, presented their report, Theyjwere of opinion that it was « matter of private right and noj subject to the control of the Common Council, and Jthtt tf the memojlalUtfl were damaged as alleged, they bad a right of action in a court of law. Lett however, the streets or some portion of the property .near the Straight Cut Harbor should be endangered by these depredations, they reported the follow* ing resolution: . Setolved, The Board of Councilors concur ring herein, That the joint committee on flar- bors, be and hereby is directed to make an tix amination of the present .condition of tbe lake wore, or bead*, betwaen the foot of Huron • •***• wdtiie monthof tbe Milwaukeerirer wltu a view to ascertain If any pro ' ' lrmm»» »« «l_ -ix^ of ^ flf fa* A and paid. Which the . Some $8,000 in premiums are offered, a $50 pitcher for the best farm of 40 acres, down to * M0rl ' t) ""wond. beat .embroider,;! . , . .e,; skiH," and a diploma for the beat specimen of penmanship. * At the n«t Fair the officers of the society are to be elected by a rote of the life member* —not a very democratic way of proceeding lint well enough, perhaps.— j/orftjon Argu*. ' Oaw»o8poa THB LADIBS— Brown— everybody knows Brown, of 'the .Newuall— tells ns _ . . WT o»PT»ol.U[a 1 !< O»71, K. I ( Contract Departmenl, Jl,lwaukec, May «. 13S». f 'l^".frn° mIOOD Ooon <:il by reaolatlon adopted Maj 3, •. 18o9, frrantt-d t&ei reqowt of the petitioner.. Owners or property »!tna{cu In block 23, filth War I of the Oiij of -lI'Muiee, lln'r the constrnrtlon of a sewer through alley | n eilrt blftck 2i. ar.<J nrUered thit a •ewer be conurocted Inaec rdanco wllh the pUn nnd fpeclOcallona of the Cltfr tnglneer, on file lo thla office. Omtrj of property oli tald alley are ber«b; notified to construct .uch ««-er within tirentj <laji from thl« date, or theMrreti ommlMionen of the . I«h Ward »lll cause the .ame, to l>e done and charged to Ihe re* ninctive lots, according to la". ERNST HERZER, fflce o( tht Clerk ,i| th, L'lr.-un c.iurt ..('U';ty or >fl«r»utre, it Ull* nuki-r, ami lo ie r» f . <-..p) of your antwcr tn the laid cumplaint no tli- mt. • cnb«i», at (J,« r office m the City nf Mllwauk«- wut in ninety .tjiys alter the acrTlc^ of tl,u sunin.on. .,, >ou, tir;u«n v nf the .lay of such >«rrlfv . an.l n r .. u l»,l to nnawer tho »ald tompUlm witl.m ih,- .,:„. aforwaij, n,» plalntltr In this action »lll apply i,. iht Court for irtr reli.-r ,I,man.1«l tn the complaint Unte.1 April Ii, 1S59. LPilAM i UllAllAM, Plalntlil'i ^ti The rbove mentioned waa Lie i !»*/, In tr.c afflcc of th« Clerk „( .i,,l C,,ur, » kee, \Vl5cotiB|n. Djted April 21, 1859. CTPll \M 4 apr'£J-:«»•««• Plaint Fi Attornsjs. * irculi luiiri, MllwauUoc ti-nnly. Chjrle^ h. Itanmrtli an:l } iharlc, \V. reriiiu | axalnai f Alpha C. \Uy. J y appearing that tl.e deleaaatit, tt.-o uon-reaideQt of th-3 Mate, ami a proper p-rt) to thi« action and baa an lutcrnt in the prcini&ea of which pa-rtiLiuu U Bought by ihla action — .m motion of Duller, Buttrlck * Oottrtll, Plaintiff 1 . Attornrys, ordered that the aald eeorge B. Beed, and »•! personi mt. r^sled do appear In this action and ansvrr the complwul thrreln by the 4th rtsy of June - - '""" -•—' i are dra .ribed .» folio,, _ N i . \I I V I x •, uuiin:>.,r- e--n Sq^ir \ K W I > 11 L K \ N i . \I i < ". By i he yunkci i ny »- I, n i t.- li^-u,-.- Irom Port un Prini-v t.> April 1" Tti- hri< A 'ri'M.i fi.iin N ^ jr-iv-,J th^re , "U the ]2th w-ih 300 filibusters in. I 241) rf uns :xtld oth-r ituiultH'U^ of, I.AVI - < :'I.,K! -,, i . md tLbin at .Vnt-ra.s tjr.m.l.,. C,;,.i Hi- i:. umpt w».s made on the 9th u|i |. u . t|,,, i,.,,,^ wery awimpe.1, mil the iut.n:tioii.-. in tj,,.,,, •>-ere lost. The Africau mvir-J $ k DOu u -iJfiiUt'l! of tin »e>rvu-» The Spanish Consul at Hivti ], a .l n..u!i. .1 Oen»ral Concha, who ,lespatohe,| a wir r to eapture th-in Nothiug haj b,*ti l.raril ,.f the otlicr tsrs' vessels. I T aa.iiifacioi.l II. Heed u|» u . _ following real estate i.elog and lying in the Uouuty ilwaukee and 8t»te of Wisconsin, In *lt: Lot. , - iren (7), in b'ock numhcr nlaete-o . Ttieo.loslos Stranir. « «rd of the uf MlUauk.-r f J"nca B. A.Inane- ma?6-<loi UH.ARJ. BUSAOK, Ci.upcillon «nj ftr et Commltiloneri. NOTICE ««d up in matrimony, although an intimate jHead, has Just taken unto liimself one of the fair daughters of. tbe Sonth. Brown is such With the-, ladies, .that If LB should • hundred of f°8 into th* lake, est belles miserable for .life, and, ,h, 1 8 too" cood a fellow for that, ! A conplffcf fine bngjriwr will be gold at »nettoB ttls'.rporniBg; at 10 «>'oiodt it Hjtod't anclioo room. . " .-- CoMTOoLLnt'aOmor,) Contract Department, Mlluauiiee, M»y 6.18: 9. f T HE following described loU oad part of lots In Hie 8ln Ward, of tiit 01 !y of Milwaukee^ hr resolution nf the Oonmon Council, iado|,te.| May 8,1850, irere ile- lared pabilo nulianceii by reason of ktagnant water and tilth thereon, »r>u »»id nalsancet ordfreil to be obated, rli: j ; ' Lou 8, ] and B, block 63; lot 1, b ock 113 and ality In rtar of south half of taiiie! InU 12. 1|, lo, 9 and 8, tn olockr 120; lou 6,6, T*na 8, block 1B2; ton tooth V of 6, 7, S and 9, block 123; lot 9. block 118: north M loU JO and 12, block 82. Owren, ceenpanta atd aginta of above described property are nereuy noting! to abate aaid nal-anrfi within ten da • from Uiedatd of this notice, ortlia 8t L,oiom : «8lonerj or lalll SUi-Ward will caoie ihe name to be dune and charged ;p itbe rwpe live lou and part t.f lou according to la<r, may6-d6t RT^H. GARDINEn, Comptroller. 7^-, . ./NOTICE-. : .! ;.-•" t iirr Co^rnoLLrssUrnoi Oontr«t Di pittmcnt, May 6, «»., f rpHB following deterlbeiil joti In the 6th Ward of .the i. Cltyof Milwaukee, by renolntlonof theUommdn Cotir.cll, adopt.* MayS, 1858, tfcre aee.l. - m ° n oultaoces b- reaion-nfingniint water and on, acdraidnniancia ort cred In be T 1 lock iG; !ol i. D., 1SS9, Kblch The foil of Mllw number six [6] and seren 119], In the f-cventh ^'aril And" It is further ordered, that this order ov pafo^ldhc.l In The Ually Mtlwaultce News, a n*«r;ip»per prlnitd In u.e County of Milwaukee, where aild pretnlsm are ultuated, once In each week for six weeks sncceaalrely And It la further, ordered, that the lommonj In thla actio be also published In said The Mtl-kee News, once In each week for six weeka succeialvelj, and that cop! of the "onraionj; and complaint be forthwith deponted a? S?»t-0face,4,rect,dto aald George B. K«J a Monlpdlcr, Vermont, Us place of residence. Dated March Rl. a.D, 1859. JOHN V SAVAGE, JR, aprl-l»w6» . OonrtCommlaslooer. SF.rrKITIF." W \\T« i, J OLDKIUj ol Railroad Stock, Don,la >o.l Parm i JL .MortjraKefl, ili}tpnne<l to .-;ch:*i,(te ir., B in 'nr Clfv Property, La,n.ts. M«rchan.lls«. Ac., mAy ftn.t n .,. th,.-, j tiercst L.I air^t* i.-> -tepi' \< CIRCUIT COI'BT. | Milwaukee County I tot ,, block43: loll, bloc S6; 2 and 8, block 10 and let B la the Doited States Dls trtct Conrt for the District of Winconnln. la Lqalty. o T « . > 2T, in 8hn m»nV Addlt or to tie 6th Ward; lot* 8 8.8 4, l*nt 8, block «; lot^ B-'WiJ, 4, i.'8,6,blo«*» : ' : V n *> , blc 0, 11^ ois 4, S and 0,'blocl %OoS block 9 IMTEI> STATES MAHSHAI.'S 8AI.I. Roswell 3. I'rntdlct, 1 William'A. Ha I, ] Lewis S. Be:iedial and | Henry 0. 8oat!iwlck. TB. . John a. Mitchell; l-hilani UiicheU, II. W Mitchell,.; rhoaipjon L'ltell, 0. R Baker, : W. B. Thompton,' W. U. Lyon and . H.Prlce, ; ., | N pursuance apd by Tirtue of a d«;reo made by the L District Cooftof IheOnlted Slates for tb» District of »lieouXn on the tenth day of February, 1629, In tbe above entitled caote, I shall tell at public auction at the United States Marshal's Office, In the City of Milwaukee, In IhU District, on .Tuesday, the ttnllt day'of May, 1359, at 8 o^clock r. M.; the following ,'•*-—••-• proptrty r or in nwich thereof a* - may be ntcestary to •\tlsfy e*H decre«,to wit: All -that certalo plecu or parcel oMand aHjaaW imhe County of Portage and State of Wlic-jD«lii,knoin «nd describid u follni.ta »n:.BeglnnIns tt ft point ten(10] rod» east of the qn»rt*r iMia on the: «e.t lidn of Action ntober "f teeo (16), in.toim^ilp nnmber twenty-three (Ufcuiarth of range nnniberejght«)etst: thence louth alr. n& the eentre of tbe h eifrhty-six (88) d 15) chain*; thence north east twelve (12) cialpi iwd fitly ' Omen aod §^TMU of swre described lou are hete- mnllnM tn •n> > ^ a«t.t K«i- a ««^ ..j, n r 1u> .. tiommiril T«] ot>, according tol»w } SAKDIOTB, Oo»aptron«T. . (BU) links; thtDJe nBrth ilxty-one (tl). dqrroo cut 'six (6) chalru and thirty (8a)llnk>; thenea north einhty-Bvir <8S) degreet ea«t |twenty (SOJ chain*; theoce north Iwtlret 14) tb»lnij'i thence due wett on ou»rtir nn< ol Bald Mellon two hotwired »nd thirl* (830) .rcdjtothe place of bt»jlniiln«ll conUlnlng aerenty acres be «• — tur Keluf. (Com. not fiei and B Stran«, asainji J nalh.-vn Ma^e, .A Lull a J.Magle, France* tr.Swain. •Ihe State liank ot Wisconsin, Joseph M. Ogden, Peter V. Lane, "William K. Oull.l an.l John Ogden. ?uate of Wisconsin, to tbe above name.) <!». _ Y OU are hereby summoned and required to unswe the complaint m this action, which was filed In thi office of the Clerk* of tho Circuit Court, Countv 'lUwauiee, at Milwaukee, on. tne 19th day of .\pr,i T869, and Jo serve a copy of your answer to the sal. complaint on the subscriber, at Iris office. In the city «.f Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service o this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service; and If you fail to answer the said compl.Un wittiln the time aforesaid, the plalntuTs I., ihu action «•. til apply to the Court for the relief Viem.indeii In thi I omplalnu Witness tie Hon. .UttHnit McABTnUK, .'ulce o tha CirAll Coort furs-,Id Qotmtr of Miltvankre. a Milwaukee, lh> Uth day of Aptf, 1SS9. vK. MARINER, apnO-lawa* . PlaiutiirV Attorney. John »«•>» tJounty. . Utlpln, ugalatt llannal ..J, ,-. lllatnH. W«<laoa j : . • s t. 3ayle«.. J - ir- Wltennsln, to iht above named Unilam.H. T,_7 . I ^ (>O are herrl.y ' ummcocd and required to>n«wer- ^ th«eoHipWo-i,i fiilxMUbn.wMehnaa beenaietltn . -'HTIceofUirM'l-rk ,,r U,^ Circuit Coftrt, County of I XiitMna; >t - Waitkta i. on the twenl^-tWnl day of aren,Jt.B,lSJ».: 1 n,l t/utrv«*oopyof yoor answer ! • tbe auld «ooipl»int on the subscribers at their oUlce, N->.'a!Knecr»nlV nto.:V, IB th« City of Milwrnnke*, n 'thin twenty >Uys after the sertice of thli »um- c ota dnyow, ..icetualvo of the day or such service; and ( TOO fnU U»..-i»«cr th« aaW complaint within lha time »rore»fld,Uwpl,)ail(r In thla action wiU apply to tie nawi »-dlaww» OHAHDLnt* HICECOI, Ptalnttf-iAttoroeyi. 'TM1E «ub rr'h-r 1 l.-M. l:t.,l"ll \ t t,. ., h. ..-s ui. wlirun A few mi ilroa.i .>ff M ,iit afe pt-rfect. H t vl i \. r - y 1 „ I- • < V ,1 ,tr*. l- , r-fily • •-,..|« ..'I , ,1:0 K^ Ii. FINf-. \KT OAl I,f;j;V. 171 Easf \V<itrr Stwt. i f A VlSa < e CU'e.. tl..' 15 , St; »u,-r. .r h,- a[ » ,, 3JL most t*Xpi»rltPt*p.l ,>p.-rni..r in '->••> \V^st M ;(:,«• k-jna, (tfhoae skll! in h\a ili-t;irlm.-nt » well 4nu^n to Jiuiny i>l" the eitizei s ut \j.iwwiht».-,i I itu n ,M fi. "|» vr~.| i-i olfur to the pulilic cverif JesiranU* si '.• •>{ Pii?iur..*j k:io«rn to the community *t row r r u--« I': * l>etl«r manner tftrui <-'*n '"f rlt t t't inhaii-ru In U.e WVst I Tl E'»sl tv ater »ir.'--t, f'lrrnw tv «».•« 5.1) »HEK I *•»"•« -..IM:. -S.--IV. STATK Of WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwiiukee Cninuy, ( George W. Peckham, I Jud K ment ,,f fnreciosuro anJ agalnit Vsala. Darid P Hull. ) r W vifiue of ami pursuant to a ,n,| K ,nent ••..n.rrrni ,n L jalor Court. In tliei abo»e enilil-,1 ,i ct i,>n, I «h»u »*- MUIC for sale and sell at 1-ubric .tuctloii, «t Hie Cou<t iousu, ,Q thi; City of MHwuukee, on SullirilUy, he as IU 0;jy of M« j-, l<39. it ih.- rtour of •! »-, of that <lay, the fblHwIn? J..«crtbe*|. m..rteii^e*l ramfiea, or do mttcb Uiero.>Pa*ai«y bt- u.-t-es-iary t.» ^i?e tbe amount due to th* for i-rmelpal, in•e^est and oosu, together Vltli expencea-of sAlc, t.. wit • "All that lot or parcel o' land known soil It- tcribedaa lot number eleven (,ll). In black ona hunilieU and rii (196), la tho S«venUi Ward, - (former!.* the First \Vani, > of ttte said City of Mllwaajcee, County of Milwaukee anil State of • Whwonstn^" ' DMed Sharlff'j Offloe, MUwaokc* r Nor. M, 18JSS. Lnov A Moi««, ) intRMAN L. PASS,

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