Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 11, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1959
Page 2
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2 THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS 51st WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY n, .1959 Year DfAR ABBY... 8y Abigail Van 8uftn Mrs. Anderwald Has Bell Meeting Mature Parent Bake Sale Plans 8y MRS. MtmtKL LAWftEttCffi ft A A A /I *| I When ftt 14 or is, we start doln^iDy /U'uU UUD LBFORfl fSpl) MM. DEAR ABBY; First let me any jit! thai I flm fl very happily married nKAR ABBV nil 6ur topping for mirs«lve* by Mrs. torn Anderwald ftpokft on ! ourselves, we cftn have a pretty: Cain was surprised with A fcaby the topic, "Club Refreshment*" Al contusing time. Uhpwer nt IM recent m6«llng r>f a recent meeting; of the Bell Home A sale.Mady shows us two dresses.; the 20-So Oub 1ft the hofflg of Demonslrfltlon Club held in the Neither Is the color or style we j Mrs. Calvin Lacy. home of Mrs. Anderwald, south- hflv * '" mind, fhe saleslady says'; A bnby motif \ V A» carried out In west of the city. •coldly, "How can you tell you don't the cake decorations and J ft r g e . What if a man During: the business meeting con. llk * them If you don t try them on? napkins folded as a. three corner- woman so T can't understand why; DOES break dishes, smash mir- ducted by Mrs, D. W. Swain, pres- : So we fo . her lnto the ftuln *- ed diaper were used. Coffee and : T should dream aboul «U my old',.<„.,, flm) destroy chairs? They are idem, plans for serving lunch ft t; room - The f ' rs t dress is too small, i candy mints wer* served i boyfriends. For the past few ms dishes. HIS mirrors and HIS Ihe Top o' Te.xns Fat Stock 8how! A * we zip U P lne * econ ' 1 on*, the Mrs j hrMl ,, Anf j months I have been having Ihe rha i rSi j llsl as u j., his privilege were compleled. II Is planned that': 8 * 16 * ftd - v ': las P s h * r h9nds in ad- ovef 'the j most fantastic dreams about a dlf- to kick his own automobile (or his all members will help with thel mll>flUon of USi "That's tor you!" iferent one almost every night.; own vvire) ln ft . m of Cmo tiona1 preparation and serving of food. i she cries - " lM >* flt th « M "? that •When I wake up in the morningi ra p P . jt, ny p/tychlatrln will lei! "Some of (he I feel so embarrassed I c a n't. Vfm that'll is healthy for » man when serving 'look at my husband. I would like' j o release his pent-up emotions. meetings" Mrs Anderwald said I to know how I can put a slop u«; SAM "are the'lime of the meeting' who" she cries. "Lor ! bodice! Never should j | anything but sweetheart es!" The bodice Is loo short u wear necklin- Jimmy Pennington calling Ihe roll, reading minutes and glv- those dreams. Is dreaming bad Dear Snm; When a psychlalrisl is coming; and what will be easv "weetheart neckline sags and we for you? Am I normal? jadvises a man to release'his pent- to serve wilh your equipment and wante d a brown dress Instead of a DREAMER: U p emotion.? he rloes not space. The hostess needs to dster-' hlue one to £° wlln our tan spring Dear Dreamer: Yon can't stop; mcnc i that )le k i ( . k j lis wlfe He mine If Ihe guests need extra ca1-! COAt - But the saleslady seems so j dreaming, so don't waste, you rj ran g . o mi( . jn ( ne garage and take ories or if they are watching their j inlcrested in us that we don't want (energy worrying about It. Dream-;his hostility out on a punchng weight. Usually It is best not lo' to offe "d her. We take the dress jing isn't bad for you, but the feel-:bag. It's "a man's privilege to serve rich deserts that are high! we do "' 1 want . feeling all mixed ilng of guilt combined with fret-] sw ing his arms, but that privilege: in calories a? they are too fllIing| u P and unhappy. •tins: and stewing about things over em j s wn ere the next fellow's nose and will dull the "appetite for the; We can feel the same way about i other things. A reader of M writes, showed am " rve started going with a boy who I which you have no control can make you pretty miserable, and begins, inext meal." Mrs. ANndcrwald RUTH MILLETT Why is it that everyone encourages young couples lo own their jown homes, yet well-meaning ; friends so often try lo discourage i a woman wilhout a husband from being a homeowner? The woman who lives alone We omen^ Doris E. Wilson Daily News Women's Kditor j TWENTIETH CENTURY WELCOME—Mrs. Kirk Duncan, left, president of Che Twentieth Century Club, extends a welcome to Mrs. Weldon Adair, center, and Mrs. Thelma Bray, right, as they arrive at the Open House Benefit held Tuesday morning in the home of Mrs. Joe Gordon, 1811 Charles, for the benefit of the March of Dimes campaign. All members of me Twentieth Century Club were hostesses to the guests, who called between the hours of 9:30 and five o'clock throughout the day. Over $100 was derived from the Benefit, . "••_ (Daily News Photo) Mrs. Bradley Feted I At Pink-Blue Party | LEFORS (Spli -- A pink and ') , blue shower WHS given recently in ;>;;thp form of a coffee honoring Mrs. ' L i Theron Bradley, in the home of Mrs. Dean Higgins. Hostesses were Mmes. E. D. Ross, VV. f. Brelnlng, Bernard Johnson, Dean Higglns. C. n. Mul- lin.s, .less Graves, Gladys Pnffnrd I Joe WutHon. Flnyd Mines, and | \Viiyne \Vttll. I The serving table was laid in a 'linen cmwork cloth over pink cen- jtered with pink daisies in H lamb!.shaped vase. Napkins were cm- jboswed with a silork. Crystal and j silver appointments completed the :s«tlipg. Mrs. Brelning presided al jthe silver coffee .servh c. i A corsage of pink carnations was i presented to tile honoree and H I corsage of white carnations was j presented to Mrs. Jeff Bradley mother of the prospective father. i Guests were Mmes. Cleve John- jScn, L. H. Berryman, A. T. Cobb. JCHS Bradley, Mollle Jones, Carl Ferguson. Karl Atkinson, M a y o : McKnight, arid Miss Marilyn Paf- jford. Approximatfly twenty gifts were sent by those unable to at tend. "When we go to a movie, It's not to see the plclure bul to smooch in the balcony. If I say anything, he gets mad. My girl friends say I'll lose him if I don't do what he wants is nearly always told by those who think they have her host interests at heart that she should rent an apartment ao as not to have "all the worries and responslbilily" of home ownership. Jf she listens to such advice a woman does have a fairly simple way of living — no repairs to worry about, no mortgage to pay off, no yard to take care of. Yet the happiest lone woman T know are ones who have grown tired of living in rented apartments, tired of feeling "rootless" and have gone ahead and bought or built homes of their own. As one career woman explained do not take alcoholic beverages as pctlzlng refreshment that had con- our religion does not permit U.; lPa ,, t of co ] or , texlure, and taste. As a result of this we have had: p re8 ent were Mmes. Glen New- many embarrassing moments. ; marti a guest ftnd members, How do we handle the situation Mmeg H . H. Keahey, Roland gracefully when a hostess tries to' DaU er, Carl .Smith, Troy Maness, . . . force a drink on us? Should wc| WaUer Noeli D . w. Swain, Ernest They say thai because they're announce that we are forbidden to McKnight, and T. D. Anderwald. not used to having bo v friends drink because of religious princi- 1 plea? Or should we simply say, "No, thank you — not right now?" NON-DRINKER55 Dear Non; If you offer a weak! excuse like "Not right now, thank | you," you will be pestered every I few minules by a well-meaning j hostess. No one need be ashamed! to frinkly stale lhal his religion! doesn't permit drinking. It to me: "There are so many Miss Friz Feted On 18th Birthday PERRYTON (Spl) — Miss Rlcki Frl7, celebrated her eighteenth birthday with a buffet dinner In DKAR ABBY: My husband is aj the hom « °' jMr - fln d Mrs. W. C. truck driver. He drives all O vor! Sanders . 1417 s - Colgate, recently. the U.S., Canada and Alaska. He! Miss Fr ' 7 - is an exchange stu- makea good money and sends itj dent from Germany and is spend- home regularly, but the responsl-j in ? this school year in the home bility of raising our children 13, . r )| of Mr - and Mrs. Sanders. She is and 7) is left entirely to me. We' s l' onsored by the First Methodist have a nee home, a car and al^Cnm' 0 ' 1 the extras, but he comes home on' Hosts were Messrs. and Mmes. the average of once every two| Dwi S hl sims - Arch Talley. W i 1- months for four or fi%'e days. He' lal ' (i Witt ' Paul Holdeman and Mr. can get a job where he'll be horne' ancl Mrff - Sanders. every night but the pay isn't so 1 Pictures of the party were made good. Should he take a job with i throughout the evening by W. H. less pay and stay home or not? advantages in having a home of her own that the woman without a husband doesn't even realize un- jlil she has become a home-owner. j "Being a property owner in her j neighborhood, instead of a renter, ; gives her something In common I with her neighbors. Right away |she has things to talk about to ithe couples who live near her. An, - . 0 ... ,, . increase in property taxes hits her! b "' Vl Children need both parents. •'>'• JJeV °" H Mrfcnlire, Anita as hard as anyone so she j s (Talk It over when he comes hoinni SI;l "E htei1 . Cal '"' Daley. Jimmy and se e how he feels about it. j ( ' ! "' (j| Newman, Oma Dell Ryan, |Ronnie Witt, Tommy E 1 1 7. e y, so Miss Friz can enjoy T/)NKSOMK tl'ein when she has returned lo Dear Lonesome; Time is more f^'winy. Parly games were rli- preclous than money. You can't ! rpl ' u - 1 ' b - v Paul Hokleman replace the years you've spent 1 Thfi gues<t list included Sherry ing a. finance report. It was decided to have a bake sale Feb. 14, at al] ihree grocery stores In Lefors, and to invite the H 6 m a Demonslratlon Club to assist In the sale as proceeds will go toward buying playground equip- meni for Ihe city park, A supper in Pampa was planned for Feb. 13, for th« club members, after which they will attend a movie. "Why They Act That Way," was the program topic used by Mrs. Ernest Foshee In a talk on the behavior of two and thre« old children. Members present were Mmes. Leonard Cain, Joe Archer, Ray DIckerson, Bob Wilson, J. M. Me- Pherson, Chestene Dunn, R. E. McDonald, Bud Means, Ernest Foshee, Jimmy Pennlngton, Calvin Lacy, Wayne Sims, Billy Just as we let salespeople make .Cox, and one guest, Mrs. Joe Dan us buy dresses we don't want when we first start shopping for our selves, so we think we have to let boy friends neck us when we first start having dates. Like the saleslady, they seem so interested in us that we don't want 'o offend them. But the trhth is :he boy friend who Insists on neck- ng when we don't want to Is no more interested In us than t h e saleslady. She's interested in ringing up a lew sale on the cash register and he's Interested in proving he can make a new girl fall for him. Both are pushed by interests which have ittle to do with us. In our hearts we know this and become secretly Watson. angry at them both. Sometimes it takes time to learn this. We have to lose boy friends before we discover that they stopped dating us, not because w* re- rused to neck them but because we did neck them — in anger and resentment. Emily T. Hicks, D.D.S. . Announces Removal Of Office from Hughe* Bldg. lo 1718 North Mobnrt Practice Mmltod (o Orthodontics A Taste of the 600D01D DAYS! WOLF CHILI West, Becky Roach, Karolyn Kel- Iv, DeVonti AfrEnlin genuinely interested. A much-need- j ed rain makes her as happy as it her neighbors. Confidential To "Still Wailing:" ; f -'harles Peterson, Teddy Jo nun- tor, Don Townsend, Richard Hal- Hcuul Tlw News ClasNtfled Adi. ' I « FESTIVE and gay, these aspic hearts are just the thin? to brighten Valentine tables. COOK'S NOOK Aspic In Shape Of Heart Makes Delicious Valentine By GAYNOR MAI'DOX NEA Food and M;ukr!s KMitur Big red hearts of tnmntn .ism'c jparked with hot red fn-pjirr .s;juce will brighten the V;tif:n:n;e parly buffet. :NTfNh; ASI'U'S Two envelopes unflm 1,1 ;\<\ f.M'1- atin, 3 13 cups lonintn juice, divni- •d; \' t teaspoon lahauro, ' •_. \?U' ipoon salt. 1 (easfj'ioii «up;ir, i teaspoon WorcheHterahire 14 cup lemon or linu- ju bread slices, 6 stuffed olives. on<3-ounce package ci't-nni < -In •c.-ii- Sprinkle gelatin on 1 cup of the tomato Juice in saui cpan to so! 1 en. stirniifr con- is i|is-/]'c<t add reiri'iiu- juii «. ioi>a.«- Place over low he^u. stantly, until g<?l;itm Remove from bent; ing 2'si cups tomato eo, salt, sugar, Wmchester^ lauce and lemon juice, f'ouc I one-half-cup individual h shaped molda; chill until firm. serve, cut bread slices into h shapes, Ihe same size an m< Finely chop olives; add to rr cheese and cream well. .Spi bread Ith mixture, t.'nnifilr] a on cream . Serve with miiyonn:i'*e uxintr :4 teaspoon tabasco to ouch >;. c-.i;» ni»yonnai«e Here 'a anoiher retre»\i\ng mokl- »d salad, this one .-.|,,ti 1-r.i \vi')i Aromatic bitters TROPICAL (Makes * Two envelopes urifliivori'd Kni tin, s -i cup *iugar, 2' 4 cupH wu' divided, one U-our.c« can fi'./ eoncej)trat«(J grapeimit jui^e. ( tabltspoon* lime or lemon jui'- 1-3 cup medjijin swet aheny water, 1 tablespoon aromatic t |*r*. Mix tO|eUier gelatin, .s.-y 1 cup ot uttttf in »avivfepaii. 0v« rntdium heal, stirring c o R- |t*flt]y, yptil gelatin and augur ;ue 4i»olv»«J. ReiDOV* fro;n heat. Add remaining J'. t cups water, undilnt- ,cd Kr;.tj)yfruit juice concentrate and reiTKiinuif,' ingierlients. I'n u r into a !-i up hiiild; chill until firm. :i.'nnnild. Jf desired, gfirnish witii whipped i-rc.iin. TOMOftHOWS UIN'.VKR: Krais?i\ pi-.ri; chr.jiH, fried npple I'ings, whipped piil.-itoes, lima beans, rye bread, butter or margarine. Valentino fthpics, rhocolule walnut ca{<ft, cofi'tii, !i..-a, milk. Mrs. R, Higgins New GA Leader Mi'. <;k'!i IColjci l«on, president of the U'lini'-ii's .Mi.ssioimry Uni.on i>f UK- White Iicei- Baptist Church presided ,-,t dtp recent hiisine.i.s meeting of ihe group in he church ii!*-f!'n;j of (he group in the ;'[!'; I •' i i Mrs-. Ke!:z liyais read the prayer c.-jli-nd-ir wilii Mrs. K. .1. Keiih o/ferinx prriyer Mi-rnbei's made phins fur visitation cadi 'I'lmr.sdav. It V.--IH nnn'iU:iced 'hat Mrs. I'.alpii J(:^^ins v. if b,- (lie n ,• w Jiinlui (;,rls Auxili.n v < nunselur. Mr-. T,- I M, (•,,,!.->. led I ii f cioMiit; pta\ ei l j i'-srfi' v.-ere Mrm-.-, fJlen l-Jolj- f.-tlsi'ti, 'IVd McCurU-y, C C Kelly, Keli x |;v-i!.-i, t-:i;.,; t .Jif |{u ji,.rd- .-«u. Andy Simon. \\'. ]', ('a i e y. • l.i\- /'fillli/.!-. Ca!v.i, Adams, Toii: IntiMim and K. J. Keith Tin- ii'-M mi-i-tiii^ fm 'he group ^'•'il! '•'• a iL'iya! Service rij^i'Miu !.'. li;.- home <:f Mrs ./ a y i'!i Keh 17 at 1 Mil. Miss Jackson Named For Home Honor CANADIAN (Spl i - Miss Andrea Jackson was named 1959 Betty Crocker Homernaker of Tomorrow at Canadian high .school recently. She will receive a hnniemakins pm manufactured by J o s t e n's^ which represents the slogan, "Home IB Where Ihe Heart Is." Miss .Jackson's examination paper will be entered in competition with those, of other school winners in the state to name the a t a e Betty Crocker Hornemaker of Tomorrow, "Mutual problems bring- people • If lnls heart is good enough for the together and the woman who "owing team, it's good enough for '">'• Dom Netifeld and Keith Good, avoids the problems connecter! j rnarria e e> Tel1 llim v ° u arc Ko'ng; with home ownership automatic-' 00 a "'''ike and have no more ally builds k self-sufficient wali> tirne to spare. . , ( around herself. "More obvious advantages of home ownership for a woman are UIP feelings of security and permanence it gives hrr, the opportunity it offers in expressing her ideas of decoration, and the happiness thHt comes from being ahlp ! to say 'my home.' " If you think you can't have a home because you haven't got a husband this career woman's ideas may make you think again. paradise a d HI* LAND WASHATilVIA SAVE PAMPA PRIDI STAMPS * Best For You! * Best For Your Community! Hungarians Stomach Hi-he could br cured i>,v lifting a lurgc whltr slone anil spilling under it, OPEN 1:45 Ends Tonight 1HS l;:J,f 7:01 8:41 N»NK SINATRA otAii MARjm r Starts Thursday ,.. Southwest Multi-Theatre Premiere NO NAME ON THE BULLET PAMPA HQPLE « a warn- hit; from nature to »ey n it- liul)l» f HVSU'Uof. |t'» a, »urt HU> to he health) $nt B&B Pharmacy Bajlard al PH. M© 5-5788 * UMVEISJU-WTniUTWIil. PICTURE HEARTS DESIRE II ihe loves their sheer beauty smooth fit. and long wear "color excitement" dark stockings with dazzling while, pal* stockings with bright colon, adventurous tints wilh prints! see the complete color story! our seamless department includes these styles! lied and toe ,,. Uemi-loe, sheer heel ,,, reinforced heel and toe . reinfo!ced mesh sheer . relnfoi i ed stretch sheer reinforced Mnee-hi ,,...,,,. 1,60 charge tccounts with up to six months to No one's too young or too old to enjoy sweet sentiments on Valentine's I3ay. Express them In the nicest way of all ... with gifts from our wide, wonderful collection of new spring shoes. You're .sure lo find here perfect heart-winners for everyone. Jti4t the right weight and softness for your nnw Spring ensemble. t W« Give and 207 N. Progr*«* Sttmps t Qua/it y M0

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