The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNTj 26, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE ELEVEN. Sensational Hosiery Sale ONE DAY ONLY Ws of for for toniorrow only, -GS8" - p*n"s-of • Parte Tluftad - j Silk Ho«5— j 1 : All Colors, Include ing Chiffons, Some Fancies, too, included in this sale. No form- err Prices" Quoted NEGROES FREED AT PRISON GATE ACTRESS .WIFE OF K. Y.BUCKETEElfc " DENIES GETTING CASH FROM HUBBY Early for Choice STETTtoErVS US NORTH MAIN ST. Limit— 2 Pair to a Cu»- tomw NO DRUDGERY T6 CANNING NOW when it can be "clone unattended in the oven of OlMJ equipped with the .LORAIN; OVERHEAT REGULATOR Equipped with tbe Lorain Oven Rot Regulator. Noted for 'their almple, durable cooatroctioa and perfect baktag- qualities. Shast metal part* Quids of rmt-rejhrtijj* Xo*4t Iron. Cart­ ings are smooth. Ilo bolt strain on enameled part*. Oven lining! sro sine coated, eaiy to remove 'and dean. Many ilxre and style*. CANNING in the oven at our store every afternoon at 3 p. m. CAKE BAKING all day. Free Whole-Meal Cooking Set—13-piece* of high grade aluminum with every Quick Meal with a Lorain Regulator bought this week. Graber Furniture Co. Technicality in Trial of Cases Left Tnern CoW Outside Stone Walls. Little Hock, Ark., Juno 2G.—Six negrooo, twice sentenced by Arkansas courts to be" electrocuted after Jfcwlco being convicted of murder in connection with the Blaine insurrection in October, 1913, were at -liberty today, a mlsundcrBtandlng _or contradiction of orders baring broaght them release early this morning suddenly and unexpectedly as they stood kuocklag^at the .outside gates ot the state penitentiary hero. • s Sheriff A. L. Calloway, of Lee county, tad brought them from the Jail »t Marian'nn on orders from Judge B. D. Robertson, of the" Leo county district bourt, he Sfcid. Warden Stamp Martin had no orders to reiceivo them, he said, and refused ,to admit them. They were set free. Wens Bewildered. Recovering front their-bewilderment the six, with attendant relatives and attorneys, climbed Into automobiles and roLurned to Little Rock to spend the nigbt as they pleased for the first' time since three and a half year's ago wliou they were arrested and charged with complicity in the uprising w&ich rosulted in the death of several white persons and tin undetermined number of negroes. An opinion of the Arkansas supreme court decided the di&inissal of Uie case against the negroes on presentation of defense counsel which asserted that two terms,ot court In Lee county, ^bere tfteir third trial had beon setTnad passed without tielr having beon brought to trial. The negrooii, Ed Ware, Joe Fox, John Martin, Alt Ranks, Albert Giles and Will Wordlow, agreed before leaving tie penitentiary grounds that thoy would meet In tho office of an attorney li»Llttle Rock at 11 o'clock this inorulng. Further action on their status is expected at that time. Some Still In Prison. Six other negro defendants In, the Elaine affair are in the penitentiary ncro awaiting action,of Federal Judge Triuber on their attorneys' habeas corpus plea which was based on tho alleged ground that they did not receive a fair trial at Helena, in Phil •ej;iiouT"^^^^^^^^^^^ Tho Ilrst reversal of a verdict-of guilty and a sentence of death in tho case of tho negroes, at liberty today, was caused by tho failure of the jury to name the offonsm for which they •KMRrraa- «®srvu*His- Sto'STf- •TtMff verdict was "girllty as charged." Reversal in the second convictiorr and death sentences was based on the > ' Ladies— > It won't cost much To buy cool shoes— We have a special price of $3.45 on White reign skin patent trim one strap—• White two strap— White one strap — alt low heels .dll - - $3.45 H North - Main Z« North Main Lsui4# Oroody McGec New York—The wide boulevards of i that they gay Paree are thronged these days fact that, no negroes were on the Jury :'which found the six guilty, the supreme court declaring that they had not therefore been guaranteed a fair ttt^il. COPELAND SAFE WHILE HE STAYS IN MEXICO MULTIQRAPHINO Mailing, Folding, Addreulng. PHONE 670 We Write advertising campaigns. All kinds d( Mailing Lists. KUQENE RANDLES ADV. CO. I Eugene Randies—W. Raymond Allen S WEST SHERMAN Black and White For Sport Wear. Light, Comfortable! Durable Ladles black and white one-strap a« Illustrated, flexible PO AC sola, rubber heel . ...$Zitvf TAKES PICTURE OF BURGLARS' PJHNTS in Wealth and beauty, from the six, continents of the earth. ' ' And. mingling with tho cosmopolitan visitors, along these selfsame boulevards, an American actress la wont to stroll, bedecked in gems and gorgeous clothes A chorus of "Oh's" and unwilling gasps follow in her wake. She is Ixniise Groody. And her name 13 on every Up. "an is iaiismsuu^^n "^OmlL[raiF of a Jail .cell. His clothes anil face show the "traces of weeks of Imprisonment. lie's . Frank McGee. And here his name Is on ovrey lip. \ Lack of Treaty With Southern Republic Will Make Impossible Forcible Return. .ltd"iST'.'V. •t -'uliVi-.-Wai 'TMe'•^'-wtr ^Hucketeers," had a long run on the Wall street circuit until the props dropped out from under their bucket- ship and tho crash skidded them into prison. Loiae Qjroody hapepns to be the wife ot McGee. - Since the firm went"?'broke" state and federal officials have been making a continuous but vain effort to find out what became of the assets of the E. M. Fuller Coinany, amounting to millions. They'd like to quiz McGee's actress wife concerning tho matter.of some 1,500,000 which she is said to have received from her husband. But before the authorities decided would converse with tho actress she conveniently—for herself —put the Atlantic *>coan between her and Gotham, after switching her sailing date and making an eleventh hour reservation. Of coursft it's absurd, she says In a Paris statement, to even think for one minute that she received any money from her buckoieering husband, to say nothing of a cool million or thereabouts. Her gems, her clothes, her enmfy IParis apartment and the extended vnctltlnn nhrriH <t. wjiru nuifl ^i nnqtilhl xplalns, lest, anyone should believe the reports tbat she received any of the firm's missing assets. District Attorney Banton would like to nuiz her Just tho aamo but—well, I it's a long WRY to Paris . EQBEHBBEflBBBBHSIHBEiflBDlflBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBg Just Received—Shipment of Hand Tooled Leather Bags. We include these in our sale at big discount. j M. WELCH, Jeweler \ 24 East First. B illllBIBIRSIBBSIIBBIIIIBBIHIIIUIIIIBRlf Lack of extradition treaty with Mexico may prevent meetingyout Justice to C. B.i"Neal" Copeland, missing treasurer of the Wlno cduaty high school board and for nearly SCAyetira -trustee of ^umner". township. Tho ndssirig farmer Is confidently believed to be in Mexico, wher^ he is thought to have Invented some of his money. County Attorney Harry F. Brown said today that ho has a state complaint drawn up for Copekiud, awalt- ilng the signature of an official of the t"«chool- board. Copolan^'s sliortaga was approximately ?19,000. A FLOOD VI&TIM DIES. A Baby Made Homeless By High Water Will Be Burled Here. Eugene Luther McAfee, the 22 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. ('tins. McAfeo^of Arkansas City died here last night at a locui hospital. The family was washed out In tho recent Hood au>l was earoute to N'ickerson to visit Mit*. McAfee's sister-in-law, Mrs. Irwin }>*-Bre-url. A short service will be hold at the grave at 5 o'clock this afternoon at tho Dastatde cometery. Saturday dance. Stevens' Pools. 24-Bt I DOC, CRAZED BY HEAT, CHARGES ELECTRIC FAN Undersherlff Fay Brown returned this morning front Kinsley where ho was eallerrto photograph fooitio finger prints loiH. by burglars who robbed a residence there Sunday night of between $200 and $300 in Jewelry. Two suspects are under arrest at Kinsley and the lldwards county authorities, were confident enough of their guilt to' compare iho uumietababla prints. Urowu brought back prints ot the two suspectB along with photographs s of Ap6e fonnd uit the house. PRESTON JEWELER IS VICTIM OF ROBBERS A mad bull dog caused considerable excitement at "$he National Guard Armory thla morning. Ho had undoubtedly become crazed by the excessive heat yesterday. His condition was first noticed when he wejj seen to charge into Vn electric fan. Several of the National guardsmen tried to ehaso him from the, building but without Hfttceess for the dog Trould fight back rather than run. Sergeant T. L. Wilson finally grab- ibed tho dog by the collar so that he could not ber bitten and tied him up until tho dog catcher arrived. Then the dog was taken out and killed. "INCREASED COMPENSATIONS 6AN& BANK CAVED IN. The ; L. C. Mosier Jewelry store at Preston, Kail., was robbed last night according to information received at the. city police station. Altogether the robbers got away "with $300 worth ot Jowolry. Mr. Mosier offers a $50 reward for tho arrest of the guilty parties. The goodB stolen Included a general lino, such as, tie pins, watch chains, lavaliers, knife sets, safety razors, and razor blades. PRESIDENT IS COMMENDED. 'Two Men Lost Their Lives at Kanaaa City. Kansas City, Kitri.,^Juno 28.—Two men wero killed w'gen a sand-bank caved in here toiluy. Firemen were excavating for tho bodies-this afternoon. The naroes or *he. men were imkuown, but one la believed to iiavo" bacn a uestc. • . He Is Praised for Hla Efforts to Enforce the Dry Law. WostcrvUle, . O., Joaie 28.—A telegram commending President Harding on his stand on the enforcement of the prohibition laws was sent him today signed by state superlotenrents from every etate in the union and officials ot the Anti-Saloon League of America. Tho state superintendents and offi-, cera of "tho Anti-Saloon JLeague of America aro in conference tfsre to discuoa enforcement,of the Volstead act and state prohibition lairs. Goo. Barneitl of 'Pratt was hero today on business. . ' E. C. Moses ojjjjreat Bend was Here today on business. F. W. Tudor of St. John w^is here yesterday on business. - • ^ Mrs. W.'G-. Cox of Hugotau was hero chopping yeSterday. •F. :K. McCjimant and P. E. Edwards of Sterling were here today on business.-— Mrs. Nellie Baldwin IS 1 visiting her brother, Ted Clark and family near Hudson. Mrs. A. O. Barnett is having classes In polyuhrome wax work this week at Lyons. - N Mrs. Lucy J. Stalcup has sold her proporty on Seventh avenue east to J. H. Dyck. Christopher Schlegel has sold his property on Seventh avenuo east to Ira L. Dauford. , A total of 742 bonus claims have been Bent in approved by the Burton county board. Mrs. Ella Stephens of Dodge City is here for a several weeks vhrtt with Mrs. L. C. -Wesley. H...E. Davis of Frederick Us here vl3itlng his undo, L. W. Stelubeck and other relatives. L. H. Phillips of Kansas City, Mo., was arrested by the city police yoster day for investigation. E. P. Dudley. Santa Fo division tralnraatter from Dodge City, wa* here yesterday on, lousiness. S. D. Barmy" has sold five lots^>n Ninth avenue east out west of Porter street,to John iB, Phillips. Ira Clark a well known western newspaper man la n ow a land examiner with the Federal Loan bank. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Chinches of Salina stopped over here last night ou- route to Color'udo to spend a vacation. O. O. Hinaliaw has sold a quarter Bection of land to the 'Mc.N 'aghtan Investment company in Hunt3ville, township. ' A"persistent switch stianty rumor has it that the Rock bland is <o announce a new time card within a •few daye. Patterson in Harvey county signed up a petition for a rural high school and every person of voting ago signed tho petition. Major Frank Bonney formerly of the 3Dth Division who. is now }b the rogu Railroad Brotherhoods Are To Aik *Thls of the Railroads Soon. Cleveland, O., June 20.—A meeting for the "conatderatlon of t^le question of Inaugurating a movemeut tor increased compensation," the first in several yesrs by members of .the "big ] fottr" tranh-portntlou'brotherhooda, has •been called by W. O. Lee, presWent! of the Brotherhood ot Railway Traln- jnen and L. E. Bheppard, pros'ldeoit of l^tho Order of Hallway Conduotorv It! a circular to chairmen and secretaries of general commlrteos of both brotherhoods to meet in Chicago, July 9. ' Tho southern association of general committees ot the two protlierhoods will meet in Washington, D.\C., on July 23 and a special meeting ^t the eastern association of general committees has bean called to meet in Cleveland Thursday, August 9, tor the purpose ot considering the question of increased wages. I ' The ladles' Circle of the' Irwin •Memorial Presbyterian church will hold an lco cream social, following a aliort program, Thursday, June 28th,. „„,.„ ^...^.uu n «v.'" S p, m. at the church, ics cream and liar army and has been stationed at cake 15a ~ S8 -lt | Fort Burning, Oa., bag been changed and will be stationed at Fort Logan, Colo. Miss Grace May, who is at tho homo of her aunt. Mrs. G*. A. Jeffs recovering from a 'breakdown, is reported to bo improving. James H. Johnson has sold a tract of laud in Sylvia'township to Eaten J. Johnson and one In Hayes township to Ira C. Johnson. Mhis Iva Bartholomew who recently completed her nurse's training course at tho Mofchodist hospital, has returned from a visit at {Iudson. J. W. Comes who moved from Valley township to Hollywood, Calif., has sold out there and gone to Reseda, Calif., where thoy (have purchased a home. Tlie city council of Inman has passed tho petition to have auutheo- block of Main streot gravelled. "This will give Iuinan four blocks of gravel­ led streets. Leott citizens have filed a complulnt with tho pi/bllc utilities commission against the unsatisfactory service the town is receiving from the Missouri Pacific railroad. Mrs. Emma Caplinfior and granddaughter, Miss Marcellno McMillan, who Shave been visiting at Pratt, have returned homo. They wero accompanied homo by Ehvood Recce. The Catholic congregation ot Jot- moro have entered into a deal with the Baptist cougregation for the building owned by the latter who will retain it until tho first of September. J. L. Schwartz, formerly part owner of the Model Steam Laundry, now in tho laandry business at Mci'herson, was . eiecteil president of tlio State Lauudryman's Assueiation last week. The Garden City Fair Association has selected Sopt. 2B-2S as the dates for their agricultural fair and race meet. Premiums amounting to $8,000 are offered and purses for the horso races will exceed $3,000. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mclvor of Wichita are tho parents of a son born Sunday morning. Mr". Mclvor was on tihe News a few years ago, ho Is now city editor of the Beacon. Mrs. Mc­ lvor was formerly Mies Dorothy Kirk- j Patrick of Dodge City. L. T. Gibbeim, who taught In tJie old Siorman street school building a number of years ago now lives in Scott City. He lias an American Beauty rose blooming In Bis yard which has been In blossom for two weeks and in that time has had 1604 roses on it. ABOUT YOUR BOY to discover thena and brine tliem out. You must hi-1]) your boy find hfmaolf— help him develop as ha should. One of tho ImportmH" thiiiKa"ho iitUKia' to It now Is the Vfilut: of money and how to liundtu it properly. *> "With the aid of a friendly Lank that takra an internet In young people, thla will Vio est-sy. Start your buy t-uvly with u. BavinKH t«:count In hla own mum; and lator when ha'byfctns to earn money st-.« that lie has a e.hcckinR ataount, too. so lio may realize that dollars represent Rtt >rcd-up fiiit'rpy— so h« iiuiy learn to Bptnd iiit Bon't ovr*rl«ok your bo»— Com** with him to the bunk today. We'll b« glad to help you nolo your boy. Well Dressed Men Appreciate Our Service Besides giving you better laundered shirts and collars, we Darn Socks, Sey/ on Buttons and do other Repairing upon request. Phone .44 for this complete service. DRY CLEANBRS £T-29'W««< SitCTivd Waliiir &»«>», PHONE 4 4 THE HUTCHlr/sOK NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week

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