Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 3, 1930 · Page 23
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 23

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 23
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DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 3, 1930. DECATUR HERALD ational Judge McCoy win h» V(] ueat or honor and meeting Monday, served In the St fcCoy win on " ::CHILDREN IN'S ATS AD TNE5S J I V ATION CMAN- p :IAL DUP 9 lur trimmed. n*» cont i* in acme m- Stort rns V ID WCAR ttWtHHUMfl Bobbed Hair Has Ruined Hair Line Gladys Glad Bemoans Shaving Effect On Neck ir,Am'S CLAD Vunxint JWuuty" I THINK that bobbad hair lend* I luoK admirably to style* of indl- v. Them iiro no mnny bobbed h n l r »tyl(ia that U Inn't d i f f i c u l t to find tho one bc:t ndnptod to youi failures and to the null in on o( yniu* head. I admit that tho l o n f t c r colffuro. now n ftenctal tftvorltn, tt attractive on women under 30, It softens the fca- turoi and ad it * nn appearance of CKtmnie y o u t h - fulnoa* and feni- Inlty to the wear- cr But on thn older wotntm tha rtylf la nut boeotnlaR, It only serves I (i; e»((([fnftti h«r ;IKC. I Weren't A'l Hwtutlfiil However, de*plto Ha good quail lien, totblnit tins eoinpleloly ritlnod the, beautiful h n l r linn nt Iho nape of the I neck You On rirt realist* tho damtif.o I (hut tlic tiio (if tho rodoi' ov clippers 1 i,n the baelti o( n«ck* hns done until I you Mo filrlK whn arc beginning to, adopt tno lonfcor bolis i It cnn tiii retrieved to n certain extent, but will never powsodu the sama mftncHH nnd (Uilntiiiojia ad before, ronilant ciitllnc h a i wade the Jmlw hcnvlir nnd conincr. Tho pretty little HDD th«t tnpfrwl to It V now Bjuawto In n hnphaxnrd pntteni far down on til* nrrh Kvrn Ihono women who Ixuvo boen rnHUoun cnniiFfh to tfir tho tise ot i-lip[i»ri nnd rn/,wn on tho bftclts nt thftr nochi find thnt tlio Dchiorn did plenty (it t/inmyc The I'lccitlc needl* wilt help many til w w)t n tlin tliiui Hi'l'lvdH for ud II pile Mir hulc on top of mil' "BEAUTIFUL JOE" AUTHOR LOVES BIRDS, TOADS M»r.h»ll S««od«r» k»d ber dof. Ftjii opp.r hit, Mie* StunAtr*' fantai Utow, Urd t»W«, Almost every one ha* read the story of "Beautiful Joe," the classic tale of a dog as told by himself. It was written tn 1804 by Miss Margaret Marshall Saundcrs who now lives fn Toronto, Canada. Mis» Saundcts, who ha» written many other stories, still loves dogs and is pictured with her tittle doff, Fiji, named for some fraternity boys at the University of Maine. She also maintains e sanctuary for birds and a most unique "toad hotel." which gives shelter to some toads who, in return, k«ep Miss Saundcrs' ' garden free from insects. Kut unli'ii tho operator cm- H mi tiiilnt, the hair line will riot lie n n l l v hrnrtiled, Lot UN hope llml the fnililcmible oolfftircH w i l l In ix in TMti(,'ixl low on tlio HERALD PATTERN Madame, Look At Your Husband And His Clothes "What art- men wearing this fall?" Tor «J! of their scoffing nt women fur their attention to the fnshion of the moment, men. and cspecinlly young men, ore sensitive nbout their appear* line*. 1 . Moto tint! more, "that well (licsMfd iippe(irn.nce.' 1J playing a blj; part In mrti'-j uttltutlu towaid* each otlior find thcy acnn tholr follow-j (tnd tliu (I hi [ill iy windows to see what U tho now, comet thing before buy- ln(f. Suits tliS.i fall, Eiecoidlng to the Inlying that hat beoii ttone, shown that blown, [;ray nml blue make Up neatly nil o( the bualticaa. There hna been much tnltc of the Importance of vailous colon such ui guen ami powder blue, and they have been ro- furred to as tlwi IH) tut nnd Ing color*. But mon m o choosing tho moro retiring shades, with tho miscellaneous colors running to a very small per cent. Hut 1 ) lUn to snap brlmst lor early Cult, with tho colors In light gray nnd HI:!* t tan a* -well as a number of iciltllsh brown shinies to hoimon- ku with imlt-j of a similar color. The l[»w lint, which cmiBCd something of f l u i r y In Wow Ttorlc last spring, 30 M not loom up nt a good number fur tho fall A liwllnp Chioat'd store, In Us f h s t Hhowing ot now fall headwear, tcrttuird light Bi'»y * lll(l tnn wllh nllk band snap brims. Tho rib- bona on tho gray haU ivoro black and tho bound clges wore of A light that matched tho felt. In the brown attados loth tho ribbon and the cdtto wore of brown silk that mulched. Tleefera are sitper.tcd to come this fftll and winter at tho tx- 3: In Mnnulnft fAulitoned wool imiiri COlor tulfn ^Ji'Mv. oilit cropo or marocaln, cr n m l x t i t r o In equolly . P »r sntln in contrfwtlnn will bo (IMI K ht(ul for collar and ««y )o nliinlnml only in sixes 14, "· W. 3! 34, 3d. 38. 10 and \Z. '" N CKNTa (IScl in wrip|.ed. or stamiw \Vrllo plainly your ponao of tho niik square muWler. The return o( the reefer means thai striped pattcins will wane In Importance. and that fancy patterns will grow r SolKI coloit with contrast clocks m e expected to bo In tcmond in half hose, with slx-nnd-thrce hoslci y In very strong do nmiul. TllPto ate finy number ol variation* in tho clock)nj;«. Next to HOlUItt in Impoitnnco wilt bo small, neat flfitUPH Aitily* 1 * nt c fading out, U It vt\\d, «nd tlieio haa not beer much clcnmnd for any other bold pattern. ( Ixjmlon. which buna to men A ityl") tho snmo iclntlon us Paris doon to fomtnlnu fa-monH, U going In strongly for attilctlc vesta and lojiti whorta with clastic waistbands. All sthadw of rayon nro tuatured. Sliirchixl Collnr Tho dny of gtvrluli ptttloi-na In ronslclorpd over, at least for thn time boln((. Demand tor tho fall is for noat flRuros and ront MtHpPti principally, with strlpw far ttniitRor than figures. In tho ehltt lino the starched coi- Inr Attached 18 oxpoeted to be heatd from this fall, though Its popularity mny W limited. Everyone »eoms to ngieo thnt tho marched collar pre- wilts n bolter appearance, but there It, objection bccnuse of tho difficulty of putting on the tlo, In the south there ts a voituo ot Kiatchlnft tht bolld colored shirts with solid colored uuspendoist. It is satit tho sollu colored suspendors me itipldly taking the place of tho ttlghtor colored ones. Wool polo ahlrU to replace tlie rnyon. so poP ular during the sum mor, nre expected to go well this White shirts aie expected tn hold first ]lfu:n In popularity as ummi First Professores* Senorita Ei(*la The firrt woman in Cuba to hold a full university professorship is the charming Senoritn Eitcla Agramonte, daughter of Dr. Aria- titles Agrmonte. Sho occupies the chair of history of Cuba at Havana university. x highly hut tn many plaeoa, blue Is favored, In itilt sty Its the most popular la expected to b« n two-button, a Ingle brenatuit, soml-form flt- t!n(f coat with notch lapch, natural .shoulders, nnd 18-Inch trouscn, In eomo sectioni It la thought a three- button Jacket will ba favored, with young mon favoilng the tvvo.buUon mode], Box type and inglan. lousa fitting type of topcoat, 1st expected to be popular, with belts believed likely to be more popular this season than In seasons past. Both half belts and full belts wilt be worn considerably. Lighter shades arc likely to pro dominate In topcoats Spnts me exported to bo In Increasing demand thin scion. They enjoyed it nationwide jwpulurlty l fall und winter, and It Is believed that the demand will carry over. CHILDREN NEED MOTIVES TO MAKE THEM DO WORK Assign Child Independent Tasks, Then Praise Their Work MYRTLE MEYEIl ELDlWll A FAMILIAR complaint ot mOth era la that their growing chll- tlicn re(usf) to help with Inaks about the house. They grumble when aent to Ilia grocery; they havo a thousand excuses to jirovcnt helping with the dislift or the dusting. The mother cannot but feel and act aggilovod when liar children not only make work for her, but cttnnot be Induced lo loar sonic of her burdens, Shn Is sum that ttiey will bo selfish, irresponsible adults, unable to take care of tUcmsolvw. From the child'* standpoint these aro vory natural actions. All hlw life he haa taken his parent's work for gianted. While It was the family's home, their things, he wnu Just part of tho -whole, having nothing pciaon al to do with It. Naturally children n going to expect their parents to feed them and keep their homes cic:in; they do not think about.thank- Ing their parents dally, or relieving their burdens. There Is little personal Mtltfactlon In helping someone else finish his work, Children are self-centered and need motives of self-satisfaction to make them work. 'Assign the child Inde pendent tasks and make him re.npoti bible for them. Lot the girl choose the menu for dinner; then any part of It which she tlcalrca to make will be worked over, watched, and scl forth on the table with all the vim and vigor and joy which her own mother feels when she has made particularly delectable tidbit. Children too young to cook can be allowed to boat aalad dressing, set the table, get down the cana of vcg etables. Some small part of each meal should be their responsibility If the child adores opening the iu box, give him this job at dinner time to get It out of his system while bo- ing helpful at the same time, IJit Taska Then work Is fun. Meanwhile the child is reaping a full *at Is (action Vitamin B Is Necessary For Every .Infant Undernourished ' Children Thrive If Given Vilavose In Diet By tOQAN CLENDENING, M, V. V ITAMINS are auhgtanoe* found In fraah food nccewary to life. Of the live known vitamins, vitamin B Mema to be found In common foods leaa frequently than any of the other. Even In milk, which contains all the vltamlnea, there I* S vitamins B than any of the others, Recent work Indicates that in* 'ante Buffering from poor nutrition irobabljr do ao on account ot the mnall amount ot vitamin B In the milk. When then* thin, underdeveloped »*bl«s are put on a concentrated preparation of vitamin B they be- :ln to thrive and grow. For normal BftblM Toe- Even normal babies stem to do better on- It than on fcreaat milk alone. For Instance, a pair of twin* waa selected, both apparently healthy. They made a very good comparative study. One was put on breast milk alone, and th« other on breaat milk and vitamin B. At the end of 30 weeka the one which had been fed An breast milk and vitamin B (the ?lrl) weighed 13 pound* 7 ounces. The boy who had received only breast milk weighed 12 poundi * ounces. Bodtty Effects Vitamin B has other actions In the body. It la thought that lack of It In the food la always a factor In the production of secondary anemia. Another action Is that on the In- leatlmw. It gives them tone, and may relieve constipation and other fermentative conditions. A diet which consists of white bread, meat, potato, coffee ana pie contains) very little cltamtn B. It can easily be seen that tt IB also very constipating. UnU yet If nothing In added to this diet but vitamin the constipation effect Is overcome. It does not require the addition of a lot of rouRhage, merely the vitamin concentration, It thua may prove an excellent means of overcoming sluggish In leatlnal activity. DAUTS' FLOWERS --Are ture to be greatly appreciated. The //outer* listed here are particularly lovely fast now. ROSES $1, $1.50, $2 and $3 GLADIOLAS $2 DOZ. TfUTOMAS $1.50 DOZ, SWEETHEART ROSES .. .$1 BCH. EASTER LILIES $4 DOZ. CARNATIONS $1 DOZ. from a task completed successfully. Hit own work Isn't lost, as It Is when only part of the whole. Itlst tho child's tasks. It may be more pleasant for Sally to do all the kitchen work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, than to help mother every duy. It may be more Intereat- Ing, and therefore more satisfying, for Son to araume all the rosponBl- .jlllty of keeping the furnace-room clean, or the ashes carried out, or any of the manltke tasks which usually fall to the boy of any household. Children hate being slaves nt the beck vnd call of thmpernmcntal ndults. They do not resent doing their share of the work, providing it In always their work and they alone (·ot both the praise or blame for Its performance. JUST WHAT IT MEANS All this discussion of transtmls sions has brought tho phrase "direct drive" Into prominence, Just what does tt mean? It means simply that the power ot Hie engine lu being transmitted directly to the differential with no Intermediate gears employed, It Is as If tho propeller shaft were solid, direct con nectlon between thr engine and differential, METER MEASURES WATER IN WOOD MU* EtM B*rk*w. MU* Ethel B«i*mM of the department *f ·fihatton at WuMnr tow, D. C, U picture* 4*moiutraUnc * wfatuM n*t*r. Th* ma- chin* t**U the amount of moitture contained to wood. H WM dV ·lined by the forat «ervi« of th« department *f affriettHw* and will tJd lumber rauwfactoMn. Count 10 Before You Answer to A Compliment More Persons Lose Poise Then, Than When They Are Angry By ftCXH CAMBBON "^·OTJNT ten before you apeak v when you ate anjrry," How many time* we hoard that when we woro youngsteri. nut there la n variation that I think wo might have been told and weren't: "Count ten before you speak wh»t» someone has galil nomo thing ntcc tc you." I do bpliove that there ar* more people who can iMCivo a rudeness without loainR their polio than can loocivc a compliment gracefully, Some people are made gruff by a compliment, You will lionr people nay; "Dr. G, doesn't like to have anyone any anything nice lo lilm. He fairly on ftps your head olt if you do." If you believe that, you will be vary much off the track. Dr. (!, loves to have nice things nalJ to him, hf cherish is them In hta heart the way we all do, but ho hus never man- leroJ the Ren tic art of receiving n compliment gracefully. He Is no pleased that he Is embarrasiwU, and that make* him gruff, nnd that, nlae, dr'vcs away the nice thins*. Other people ruith Into speech and WIFE PRESERVERS TASTELESS TABLETS REPLACE FISIY OIL ·KTOWyoaeu bufld up wtlfM mt IN w«4 off Mmm ·** cod IMr oi, tHe tMtctoei ««Mtt «m|rl Ttaato** McCoy'* aft«r»»teu»uMtU, poplt who) could oevw ukt cod y«f oil Moct tn oowtni hMhhy MW, Mothet* cipccUIr wctoent «*m. It i to 10 hard to |et eUUtm tottfct · wbok - McOoi/a Ubleti awt^n ill *· vtu- mtM, all the bMMi-bulUtot *fcUW« of the oil. Evenrthioc but the iM*lMt- ·M Ust*. Docun e»«rywhtt« menrn- mend them. The Good HaUMt*«pta| iMtltatc DM flvto thm iwq«iUAe4 ·ppravtJ, Get · bw fren your draattt, UkioR them t«l«r, MtdtowktbTi M C C O Y ' S (_ O U L I w I R ( I I I TA B L E TS WHERE CAUBB UBH "Vapor lock," the phenomenon which Is the eubjact ot *o tnuch research by motor ear designers, occurs only when the engine It very hot. The heat cou*e« th* full lu form bubble*, blocking tho puwee ot vapor to the cylinders, Methods are being sought to deflect engine heat «w«y from the carburetor. Vapor lock cannot bo remedied by u*e uf the choke M some driver* have thought System Pobons All Eradicated say Mmelhlng *llly. They discount Iho compliment. They call you n flatterer and claim yoil dont mun II, Or, again, they go to the oth«r extreme and am Irk. A Graceful AwtpUuHst "I am so slftil you think so," nl* ways nccmn to me a sincere, friendly, gracious note to utrlke. For Instead of discounting the gift of priM It accept* It (tracJoutly, at you would accept any other gift, The eecret of moat aoclat BUCCCSX la net to think exclusively of yourself but always keep the other per- son'i feelinga and point ot view in mind. If you apply thli alio lo re- ·*!vine compliment*, you wilt have teat reton (o blunh Inwardly afltr ward when you think back over what ynii aald In answer to B compliment. Children's Colds W A Ctactad*W»oot 1SJJS Million JABS usto Yi*my '20 E. Prairie Phone 5281 Choosing a Correct Diet for Infants B REAST MILK is the bent milk for bnbiet. This Matcmtsnl it unchallenged by the moat experienced and most thoughtful of physicians, dietitian* nnd mothers. After Weaning--Then What? After trying th» and trying that, Mot hero of bo tile fed babies find that Pasteurized Milk give* the greatest satitfaction. There are a number of reasons why Paateurized Milk is ideal. The formal* prencrlbed by your phjvtelan is practically the MUM In fat content an motlier'H mflk. Tb* real milk tuate «pp«*I* to the UnleU WU MI ranch at tt dee* to older children Mid adnlt«, Then there U tkn utMictlon nf hnnwInK that unHMial oirr hnn taken at every alnp In order t« produce a SAFE MILK, For Safety and Protection Intitt on PattturixtJ Milk From Your Grocer ot Milkman I wft» in n Kent'i'al run-down condition, I had no pep »" d '*" llr *l and *l*itr(liilt most of the time. X had *m! trotibln with my irtamoch and Iwwclii iind ih« food I ate teemed to He in my xtoniach lu lumiM, My bowel* wci'ii n»l regular and my liver i alNu iui of oitlor, E WM ntrv* uua and couU not ulecp well at night It teemed aa it my whole *y*tim wora ]olNonet bectium of conitlp*- tlcn. 'I liit v.i been ultlittf Par A Pep*ln for tevwal ^veeltii now and It h»* helreJ mo In evory way, I urn inueh. »tro)iff«r and my nervo* itrit nironnr, too. I go to bod now Mid »!««) ·aundty nil ntRhl t havo rvuon to Ix-llfva Dial pmelkully all of th« pol*on* hav« b«on cHmlnated from my »y ·!««,'' VUlt tho QUAKER DUOQ CO., Deculur, III, where PenttK la Mlni{ Introduced to th* poonle ot D*- catur and vklully, Mltf, i IK *jHtVKrt j N. CUlhoun tit, LtecuMr, IB. U ' a l l l i M e a n s C I r a r Sk i n "Fotnlntytarf Iwifttou^ with acne. I tried ·vtry* thing t could think of tnd tventhiitg people told me but ftdldn'tdoinvRood.U*t winter a, nune whete E wu wort ing told me to take Lrdii E. Pinkhtm'i Vegetabk Com. pound to build up my ivttem from the iniide, 101 did, WheD I htd taken three bottle* my face waa 95% better. I kept on and now I haven't a ain|)e pimple on my face, cht*t or back.'-Mary L Hdntlt, Qn- North Dakota, Veaelalile Cmn! ifcWSPAPfcR!

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