Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 11, 1959 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Wednesday, February 11, 1959
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the flampa lathj N0urs VOL. 56—NO. 262 Sieving thi Top d* Texas 51 Y§ori PAMPA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1959 (8 PAGES TODAY) feufcrtfty* tS« No Warning Of Tornado Was Given By DK.VMS t'lilted PfMi International Storm Blank With Snow Winds, Floods Blizzards Follow tlnifwt Prew The second gianl storm of winter, which triggered a Caswell said, "and it' happened so suddenly and It was its start County. ST. LOUIS IS BLUE! This aerial view shows the gaping hole the remains of a fallen antenna of TV' station KTVI after a vicious tornado, in the roof of the St. Louis Arena and with winds up to 110 miles per hour, ripped into the metropolitan Missouri city Tuesday morning. It killed 22 and injured 330. St. Louis Starts Shoveling Debris ST. LOUtS fUPI) St. TxnilS residents were not warned of a tornado that took more than 20 lives because "t her* was no warning to give." according t<5 meteroloRist C. M. Caswell. Oaswell, who is stationed at the U.S. Weather Bureau at Lambert St. Txnils Airport, said today the twister just spiting- up. , "jTIP soconn Ki<tni .*$i.urin ui >vmnrj, r*in\.n u ig^^i I.,.* « We just plain don't know.Deadly combination of tornadoes, blizzards and floods, push-; 1rt 1t ed into tlie East today with a blanket of snow and ice. ', A sheet, of ice spread from the southern Great Lakes \VflVS In St. Louis work crews probed (he rubble and debris IIInly of a tenement area where a pre-dawn tornado early Tues-| .-me' first we heard of the tn r . dny killed at least 22 persons and injured more than toO came from st. ty«u» police In addition, there were three weather-connected deaths in who called to tell us of the dam- both Illinois and Wisconsin, two each in Arizona. Indiana, age," Caswell aaid. Ohio and Michigan, and one in both Iowa and Pennsylvania The tornado occurred at 2:IS for a total of 38. a.m. Tuesday. Reports of the tor- Flash floods swirled out. of streams to inundate parts '•h the Weather of j n( jj ana Ohio and Pennsylvania, the same areas which .„.., ,<™ D i« t »,. i — weathered some of the worst floods in their histories less than a month ago. rnit«<l international ; The second giant storm of winter, which triggered * deadly; combination of tornadoes, blizzards and floods, pushed into the East today with n blanket of ice and snow. mull*" "•<= •"" - •••••II ••••-• • XAJKIL.M. awiizenaiiii n.ri» -- | . gheet of j ce apr ead from the their own wave lengths and do not <-; reece snc t. Turkey agreed today' ' -switch to one frequency. to ^ jve ,,p t) ie i r claims to Cyjirus Caswell said severe ihumler- a nd to sUirl woi-k immpdiatpl >• to did not until a short time Ic.ter. Under a severe weather warning service, the. Weather Bureau first alerts police of the impending danger, and then releases Its warning. Radio stations cooperating with the service then are notified of the warning through an arrangement used in (he Cone)- rad defenae warning system, al- the stations each mainiain Cyprus To Get Independence ZURICH. Switzerland lUPT) so , lthern j^ . nd mea.' o tre ' ftcneroug ', storm warnings were issued a twill U irn the Mediterranean island _ |«MO p.m. Monday by the .lorm Volony into an independent re.uh- " Greflt Lakes into nn . nlnK highways New Into 'J' R Rv STXN MOOKI,KH were ST. !<* necc iy nm j == - ~T~ - "You cant blame them a a severe strain on NATO. but were treated and rolnased. but 52 tornado Is a very complex ,,he- p reml er» Konstn " U " K; ' ran ' a "- ! .* ron«in two each pennsylvania for a total homeless. ,hloflt area, before dawn Caswell said the radar screen itng. They had been meeting Burrait 1-.pi ejijtst- Friday ( objtift" V ' The "ne'xt step" . '"nial outline of the the - 'T *" Cyprus Moat of thH 353 tornado injured f;;*ftHv»feT^«»4^^^ awav mounds of debris that )vn lllc llctMY „,„, , , - ( were homes and searched for pos-| Donations poured in to the Red catching the city without warning;.;at the Weather nibl.e additional victims of a ,tc>r-l^W- t-miiMo reii«r-'funci.> nnitlng' 4te*eoroft>x*rt C. M. CasH«ll salt* shuwect a • hooked nado that killed at least 22 per- them ,-hecks for J5.000 each from'the Weitther Bureau Issued no ; at the lima of the aons and injured more than 350. : lhe st . Ix)1 ] js , Post-Dispntch, the:warning because the twister "jusrdidn't necessarily mean A check of police districts In St. Louis Globe Democrat and sprung; up." tornado," he said. It could have presently ~/£= r P ^r'±r^, £ r»A - ~ s™v°^B,:,rr^^/s*.„,™ £t:rit^^^ " - " '""" r "" due to the tornado, or if he isj Moat of the 353 tornado injured ( See ST. just dislocated." \ Rescuers believed they had re-'** r.overed the last of the dead and * concentrated on cleaning up 'he | wreckage from a teeming Negro £ tenement district hit hardest hy-| Tuesday's twister. '\ The workers tolled through the <; eold, windy night under the glare ^ ef portable Hood lights. \ A fixed lime signal was an increase of 35 per cent '•"- " over an Aug. 8 count. The 38. > i. flood* OOO8, "svnrieti, >oul Of lit reams to" fnundale parts of In- Ohio and Pennsylvania -same areas which weathered some of the worst floods in their histories less than a month ago. Heavy Snowfall final v wind* drifted heavv snow iEven if we naci Known HI me • Averorr or uren-* «n« ra....: vm^.v in« «. . .-.,„„> I lime, it moved too fast to do *ny- RuM u '/orhi of Turkey planned'from th* upper Ms"""?!" V«llf,, thinz about It" 'to flv to London later in the dayiinto New England, with up to six • lining RQOUL u. 10 ny w l ^' lj " .».,.,„ .!„„*.. «/ hlankptinr notion* ! to discuss Uie compromise agree- TO THE RESCUE Should you ever be injured in a highway accident you can count pn some expert first-aid from any Of the state's highway patrolmen, including Pampa *s Koyce Logan (above'). Logan, pointing out. the "emergency first aid sticker" on his patrol car above, carries both a standard and advanced first aid card. The first aid stickers were applied to all patrol cars in the area this (Daily News Photo) of Hospital Zone: Slow ...No Stop! Red Light Replaces 'Flasher 9 City officials declined to give a.n ^ authoritative estimate of the dam- | age, but unofficial estimates ran ;>' above th« 10-millfon-dollar figure.!}Tuesday '|« night declared the nation's eighth » President Eisenhower largest rily a major disaster and authorized the iwe of federal ^ aid for relief efforts. -| The bodies of th« last two mlsfi- | ing persons, a mother ajid «er;| young son, were pulled from the ^ wreckage of a rooming house f Tuesday night and taken to the / city morgue. Hatband Ksca|>e« The victims were identified as Mrs. Lee Buggs and her. son, Lee Jr., 1. The woman's husband. Lee: Buggs Sr., who had miraculously escaped when the building col- ! lapsed, had reported his wife and son missing. Twenty of the dead were Negroes and sight of them children. , Other victims included Mrs. j Mildred Campbell. 29, and her 1 A fixed lime signal was installed at UIP intersection of Hobart and Kentucky late Tuesday afternoon, replacing the "flasher" that has plagued motorists since 1!)58. Agitation for the new traffic light was Intensified year but made no headway until the traffic count rose to 9,930 vehicles a day. Since Dec. 4, 1958 three traffic counts were made al the Hospital comer. The latest, on Dec. 18, showed Depart- Dec. I« count was 9,930, taken over a 12 hour stretch. The installation waa recommended by Charles W. Smith, District State High- w a y Engineer, Amarillo. Smith staled that Kentucky had been opened to the west to afford a paved connection between Stale Highway 70 and Farm to Market Road 282. H was approved by J. A. Wallen, chief engineer of the State Highway ment. The need for a new traffic light has been discussed in the City Commission and local Traffic Commission ever since cross-street traffic began to tie up the corner. The City took the first count on Aug. 5. 19S6 under the direction of the old City Commission. I-ast year the situation worsened and two counts were made within the last four months. blanketing |of Wisconsin and Michigan, and British approval would be fol- jthree to four inches common else- lowed bv a conference with lead-!where. The mow pushed into west- ers of 'the Greek and Turkish I em New York-the scene of ear- communities on Cyprus. Including!Her heavy snows th,s season. Greek Orthodox Archbishop Maka- The nation s mid-continent, reel^ ing under a three-day onslaught of If' final agreement is reached,, ice, snow, rain and high winds. Britain is expected to stage a was besieged by a fresh invasion "phased withdrawal" from Gyp-,of arctic air that worsened rus as a preliminary to a grant:way conditions. Many roads were of independence to the island. | closed or impassable because of I (high waters, and the freeze after Still M By KICK Dally New* Managing Kditnr Minor Fire Domoges Woshing Machine Youth (enter Fund Fattened "Theru is still H need for a five children, aged 1 to 8, who healthful, wholesome, Christian were crushed in a mans of brick t . ei . reat | 0|1 program." The speaker and wood when their three-Hjory Donaldson, board rooming house collapsed. Se\en- teen other tenants were trapped president of the proposed Pampa and injured. , Youth and Community Tenter. The Red Crosa « sliniated _ ab ^l Last year's Building Fund cam- ! paign raised about JlSn.OOO In pledges and since then contributions have continued to come in. Tuesday night the Pampa Chapter of the Society for the Preservation .and Encouragement of Barbershop In an all-day auction Tuesday. Quartet Singing in America. Inc C. M. Jeffrie*, a pioneer trucker donated the pro< eeds m its rec«nt of the Panhandle, sold out the pai(lde o( Q, mrle ts. $7ft, to the stock of hi. Trucking Company Conimumtv renter, ami Grading Corporation. Buyers were from Florida. West Virginia, Dr. Donaldson, wbo was gue«i St. Ixjuis, Mo.; Chicago, 111 : Phoe- 0 / honor at th* SPKBQriA's 'Val- nix, Ariz.; New Mexico, Oklahoma emme Party, told the Barbe/sJiop- »nd California. Umt M ,. Si lllei . carter, t h e Jeffriea' retirement ends fifty » vean in a truckmg busmen be- Center's "Kairy a«dn»othe». ha^ r" In the K.efer oil fields of given $175'* more to the cauae- J^-^^^s^rxwl' -ui:i«.-» <H I>"nt(i<i- of >,,iuh Jeffries Sells Trucking Firm Speculation rose higher than a March kite adrift in A ,h »=,TarH, nf wind storm all over Pampa and The Top O' Texas ar 'th. aiiopervToad. Tuesday afternoon following a one-second "boom" that 1 ! Ohio once again bori th. brunt! reality could have been one of several things, 'of floods unleashed by torrential' Sounding to some like a muffled blast and to othe T waning .T.-W - ',rains. About 800 person, were' as a deafening thud, the mysterious "boom is probabl., A washing machine in the Jack evacuated and emergencies de- destmec i , o remain of an Unknown origin, it occurred a * Plummer home, 1813 N. Banks, dared in Findlay. Van Wert and 2 ;()8 ^'caught fire Tueaday mornin? but B»cU near Lima ,^, rh!t ' Lee Bond, United Press Internationa bureau cnien • did g on, y minor ^^. ^^-J^^ n ^^^^ Dallas phoned the Pampa Daily News shortly after evacuated from | "boom ' Van Wert was the hardest-hit did only minor namage, JT«IMH» »"" ' „ firemen reported today. The ma- by floods. An e.tmiated 78 to 100 chine's molor be^an to smoulder Allies were evacuated from a . m . I (See WINDS, P»g* ») Only Three Days Left To Cast Vote I l\Ji *«JV* V* vc: * VM* H:*« •—• w»« k T „._..._ ,_-__. v , LWU and reported that residents in Wichita Falls ha felt its effect. The UP1 newsman was attempting to checl — , out a story lead that the wa I of a large Pampa store ha cracked, N 7 o such inciden however, had been report i Gray County Sheriff Rufe Jo !dati said his department weiv He y. friend . . . just three days i remain in which to cast your bal-'Punn. Wilson Drug, lots for Pampa'a ••Friendliest. 1 Shellia A. Downs. Dixie P a r t a and man and worn- i several phone calls after t hi i"tiooin'' wax heard and felt, bJ ;that ha, like everybody else, lul . no information to give and wi| Phillis Demon, Md^ellan'a; Ann j ust as puzzled as the next ff low. Police Chief Jim O also reported he had no inform^ lion on the "boom. ' Supply; Harold Deenng, Ueering'a Service StaUon. i.-, " ' Kvans Buick H. die buaine,, v?arg . ' ' <r«m » " Kund »«*to bv ,>,,ur In \.e\s of if, fill u| juvenile Helinqueiu y. !>! tt*ram»r« «on f««l« that the need, YOUTH CENTER CHECK )ti Slu-wniaker, president of the local BaiUn>hop Quartet oi-sanusanon. nghl. pre- sniK a S7o check to Dr. Joe Donaldson, head man of the Pampa \outh and C orn- immitv Center Campaign Another quartet member, C. fL Howard, secretary, loofes on. The presentation occurred at the group's Valentirw Party Tuesday mght m tn« First Christian Church. Most Courteous,'' an employees Tnti midnight oil ing huine«1 bv tabulators, counting the thousand* of ballots that have already been vast Hundreds have been nominated and it appears several rinse races ar* in th* nmkirvg, with tha winners to b« in doubt until the very end Your vote* i today's t»allol and instruction* are on page 3i fan help your favorite friendly folks win i-W each i man and woman* and a frumeil certificate. Tlie ttirmeik hnd »n h«>noi rull of &*> U^p vote-getteia will b« featured in the Sunday. Keb 22. Daily New* along with pi,'lure* yVard and names of many other norm()».'*•*, Hei* ai'f \h« namus an.l [>!»• ea of work of another 50 nominees Fiances Apple by BMA Innur- aru-e: Oiarle* All«n, frontier Store: Mia Verson Alexander Post CXfice; Glen Ad»m», Waukt aha. Salt* and S«rvir« lx»a Brown, Montgomery Ward; P«>arl Bvnum. Oilbeit ». J * ' ' >' B'.ckrel. K?A Focxl Liner and Mrs Ruth BogarU. McCailey'a. l^e youngster. dt».'iib*d »* »t» B*tty CM.*>, C^ii»«n'» Bank »ivi habitual trouWe-makf i and t r u- Truat; Wimut Coi.«. Kyle'a. Mai- ani. wa-a paroled at & heating be Qilb»if»; M»iy <"3»d- for* Juv«nil» Judge Bill Craig Popular opinion of Pampa r«i| dt-nts Wednesday morning that a "tiny" Texas earthqual| Ui« Deskm SUmbet, director of. til observatory at Texaa Tech, a! Store. Sue Koirnar, K r o n t i e r i 120 miles south of the "boom" Store Y C Fiich. Inland's Gro-'; Lubbock reported "wjme slight* c«rv and Market nevtiou" on hl» »«is,mograph. J^a<t r.enk. C&M Television; said some people reported lh Vickie Garcia. Parnpji Theatre; felt tne ground move "If t ,/ur.e Oriffuh. Bi^ly and Braly; g:"und moves, in fundamental 1 Ceneva. (lobm. Hitfhland General • guagf, it is an earthquake." Hospital: Kr«m:i« lieiik. Pampa b«t relaie-i However, at South t'hnu flrailes *;iiiltf\. c; i- o w » Meihodisl t'nrvoi-sily m Dttll Hxuubie Service Siaiion. l>r K. E. Harris said his aeis T H a r d e g i e «. Montgomery graph reconieil nothing Dons Hebert. Worley H»g ••}( jt W as felt, we should h. pnal, Mra Ben Hancix-k. High (See VOTKS. Page ») 'STICK-UP' BOY PAROLED A Pampa hoy. H. who admitted h« attempted to "stickup" a Pampa wnian, has been paiiiled 10 the custody of en uncle in liiaham Texas. ie«-ord«-'d it," he said. H* «aid SMV instrument* >-an record quarry blast »»« nulea it i* aifHcult for rn« to *ay b| w« could miaa aa earthqu* Reports of tht «traJig« camp fioin Pciryton, north Pampa: from Clovi*. N M , tP west; from Friona and CS*yt| on tb.« soulb »nd aoutbwe»t, frwn Borg«r, P»W!p» *nd Mel on tn« .ftfjit. A meteorite fxpert a.t Uj« l\ veiiuiy of New Mexico, Br. coin l^a PU.Z. tgi<} It

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