The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 5, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1859
Page 4
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GOODS, &C. MISOELLANEOUS, NITI HU STATfEW IttAJUHAsL'S SAI.E. '-. : -' '- -* H»ri% ale Medical Ai«t. " NbthingiB vet Pacific niklt ,por «rt*!ot. bids of the .. Po* mmica . "Office departtnent».Jttntil|aie|leci85on||»inad«| '- ThajBow M»tfer-33enet»l,-t»lio letWor New. York yesterday IB expected to return on Friday. . ,_,'-/> All commission*;, of Special agents of the Post Office department issued -prior to March ' 14, 1859, and not signed by Jthe^prescntPost Master-General, litvij been Tevokro, and their return to the department refused. ,, Despatches are being prepared at the State department which trill go out by ''special messenger to our minister at Mexico. The administration is determined to lend its power .-, 'and influence-in aiding and : sustetaing the Jn-::; ! ;**ei government, a«d thereby insure; if possible. Us permanenpi:. ' : ' "''.. .-3 ''',"'. '•;"; " The course pursued by Miramon, liken in connection with the aotion «ftbe.J8ritish and French ministers, necessitates this prompt and decided aotion of our •government. Orders haye.iieen. given for the steamers .Water TCtcli and Fulton to be put in readi- liess, and they are to he despatched to the Gulf. Our squadron in the Gulf is to be largely augmented. .The Cabinet has now under advisement an Important question as to the boundary line between the U. S. and the British North American possessions, as fixed by the treaty OT1846. • The matte? in dispute 'is concerning the possession of certain islands situated in the Galf of Georgia, which islands are claimed by both governments. The commissioners who irere appointed to settle the boundary line, ' hare disagreed on tb5s l point, and hence the matter is now in dfc- rect negotiation between the English and American citizens. The President is of the opinion that these islands belong to the U.S. One of them, San Joan, is the key to the Gulf of Georgia. ST. Louis, May, 4. The overland California mail, with dates to the llth Ult., arrived last night. The San Francisco markets were unchanged. The eteaner Tarwood had arrived from Liverpool, and it is supposed that she will run between San Francisco and Van Conver'f Is_. land. Mr. Bishop and forty men, who left Fort Tigon sometime since, to co-operate with Lieut. Beale, was attacked at the crossing of the Colorado on the 20th of March, by befween six and seven hundred Hojaves. Papules and Turns Indians. The engagement lasted three hours, and a large number of Indians are reported killed. The attack was made after Mr. Bishop had distributed presents and received permission to pass through their country. ALTOOKA, Penn., May 4. The Stcte central committee of the State righte democracy is in session here, John W Forney, Chairman, tor a fall and free interchange of sentiment. There U much enthusiasm, and a determination to press forward the movement. They have resolved that it is inexpedient to nominate a State ticket and proclaim unal terablc opposition to the doctrine of Congressional intervention, as advocated by the republicans for the prohibition of slavery in the ter. •ritory, or as advocaied by the administration democrats for the protection of Bravery, and recommend the friends of popular sovereignty to 'vote for no candidate at future elections who refuses to .stand clearly upon the doctrine which recognizes the principle that the people of the territories shall form and regulate their own domestic institutions in their own way. They also recommend to the State Rights democracy to demand at all times the adoption of the principles promulgated by the Harris- burgh convention, which Were enumerated in the Cincinnati platform and Mr. Buchanan's letter of acceptance. EETT YORK, Mav 4. A despatch from Pawling, Duchess Co., dated to-daT, Fays a large fire is raping 'n that town. Several storns and dwelling houses hare lieen consumed. .Phillips Phoenix, a distinguished merchant and politician and ejt-memt>er of Congress, died in this city to-day. . «i reaterd»y,| jet there wai Iei»"eaRerne»i on the 'part of bayeri to; purchasa,i»nd jnere dltpotUloa on -the part of hplder§ | «o sell, than yesterday, and at the clow or.'Change hour, then was a alight downward tendency, obserra- blef J ifhe fever ttat'of the i art two da/a has ina - J -ate Public Land Sale. WASBISOTOK, Mav 4 Wm. McCaddy, of Wisconsin, who has just been appointed Register of thf Land 'Office at Superior, has been directed to prpceed there without delay, as a sale of 1,100,000 acres of public lands will take place in that district, on the 6th and 20th of Jane. Kentucky Nomination*. Loi'igviUiB, May 3. The democracy of Ashland district have nominated Captain TV. E. Simius for Congress, vice J B. QJay, who declined the nomination. Dr. Flint, of Louisville, tendered a welcome to ,the delegates in behalf of the State Medical Society. The annual reporl was adopted. Resolutions were passed, that every paper intended for publication of the transactions Iw thoroughly prepared and placed in the hands of the committee on publication by the 1st of Jane, and proofs returned within two weeks after reception by the authors. The officers for tne ensuing year were el. a ed, and are as follows : President, Henry Miller, of Ky.; Vice Presidents, H. F. Askew, of DeL, Chas. S. Crip- ler S. A Smith, of N. J., and Calvin West, of Ind ; Treasurer. 0. Westoo, of Penn.; Seo'y , S. M. Beiris, of Ky. Dr. Miller made a brief but eloquent speech on taking the chair. A vote of thanks was passed to the rteiring officers The convention then adjourned till to-morrow. HABTFOBD, Ct , MOT 4. Oliver H. Perry, republican, was to-day elected Speaker of the House of Representatives by 117 out of 228. Several members were absent. W. \V. Stow and D. E. Hotcomb, republicans, were elected clerks. -The .Senate was also organized by the election of republicans officers. cautlouB. The «a\«s of wh at 1,16,91,18 fcr Ho/ 1 to atore, Iflt tm No.lfob.,; DETROIT & MILWAUKEc R, R {Soir;oi>efied to l**e Michigan.) ^. ..:• -..:•: .,.-.f-r^fti : --i'~-^- : . : -''''•"".',' ''' : • 6'wVK lovi-Pratur* fint-Cfam Steameri. ' there w iontone*alepf«» bbta of • city brand on private term*.' The m**rt •» ""Changed, »«»'«•»<!• «w Q»t» are «teady*t jwerf"*'* ngaro. Shelled Corn U firmer and higher, 75c being oflere 1 and reru.- |^t*tot*a«l»ardlr*olbm. *tTS" In belter«- ; quest. Batter plen'ler and tending downward. Freights—schooner Huntresi takes oat* to Buffalo at Flour—tales &03 bbls "Majcolia" Spring Extra, on private terms. , , Wheat-market steady. Winter—tales 60 bus at 1,6) Spring—rales 1,000 bug No. 1 In store at 1,15; 4,000 bui f o b., at I'.ISj' 8,000 bus good do froin laCrosse EUva- toi at 1,20,6.000 bin do private terms; 35) bns extra No. 1 at 1,21; 189 bns d* laf IfX;. BOO bus do 3,80; 650 bui extra at 1,85,400 bui'choice do,at 1,8I#. Oals—«aU» 125 bus delivered at 68. Corn-sales 115 bus shelled at 76, and tbe same figure offered for more, bnt refurcd. Bye—steady at 96©98. Potatoes—sales 2T8 bun «t 68. Seeds—timothy qrilet at 1,GO®1,80. Little coming forward. Nothing doing in other fclnds. lap. Bridge, dtp. 'Detroit, depart,. r enlonTllle, arrive •Oswego, tmre.. It. 3<.ljns, arrive; }rand KapMt, &rr. 8:05 •uraod Haven, »rr. ' '" Bllwaukee, arrive. Highwlnes,— «teady. Ba^es DO bbls Fggs— In better request at 9. ^Butter — in better supply and lending downward at 18@1B for firkin and 18@20 for fresh roll. Fruit — Orarges In better supply at 4,7£<J.\60 per box. Lemons ditto at 4 ,00® 4,60 per box. Land Plaster — by the car load 1,80 per k bbl and In lots of 10 bbls or less 1,40. Sugars — common to fair 71{@73£; good to choloeS <8>&*i; small loaf (O) 11 fc; crushed do Powdered do 11(2,11 X; rvflned while (O) 18J,; refined yel- low(A)9Xi refined yellow 4 (XXX)9K. Coffee—St. Domingo ll)i@12; Maracalbo l«>i©lT, Lagnyra 1!}.®U; Rio 12Ji@14; Java IC&18; Mocha 1SS20. Molasses—Muscovado 40®«S; Plantation; 45^46; Belcbera Syrup In bbls,—56; do In kegs CB. Lumber—fair demand, prices firrar Clear plank per M (30. Clear boards $80. Second plank *22 Clear sid- Inc |1B. Clear dressed flooring $22 Joist and scantling »9. Fence boards $9. Pickets »10. Posia, cedar sp'lt per 100, (S. Cattle—per 100 cwt, good beeves are won Utvtlroitd Icrcelptft. Eccsarrs »v Mn-Witum * Mississwn fLaivaoaiv.— May 8 and S.—289 bbls flour, 6.0C2 bui wheat; 151 do corn; 454 do potatoes; 18 bbls eggs; 50 IDS butter, TJ5T5 do hld«; 11,579 do sundries; 6 bbls hlgbwlnes; 111 bus beans. fBy Telegraph.] New York Btarkei. Nrw Toil, Hay 4. Flour—state and western flour had advanced lOc; sales 18 StH) bbls at &,25©@6.00 for superfine state; 8,8i@6,6u: for extra state; 5JSO®6,90 for superfine wesiern, 6,«0®6,SO for common to good extra western; 6,76QT,00 for do rouid bnop Ohio. Market closing firm. Canadian flour at fi,50@5,7u for extra. Rye Flour—S,75@4,65. Wheat—qu'et but firm; sales 5,0«) bus 1,25 for Mil. club; 1,50^. ,-51 for common winter red western; l,6o (£&1,75 for inferior white Ky; 1,52 for mixed 111- R>e—active and firmer Barley— firmer at 49G&55. Oats- buoyant at C5@>57 for state; G9&GO for w »tern and Conadlan. Mocks—dull but firm. Tenn 6's 98Ji; I aC grants 19; P M ; Harl preferred 8>X; N Y o 1874; Hod B 60; MO 49?i; M 8 grad 88*: Panama IttJt; B t ' I al 6b; Tolrtlo 25«, 8 10; B 1 61)4 MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port off Milwaukee, 3- 1, AKHIVICD. Ftmr Clerd&nS, Do ag&l. Grand Haven. 8tmr Olty of Cleveland, Pquier, Grand Uiven etmr Traveller, Sweeny, Ctiicapo. Btrar G^eetle, Batlln,T«o Uiven Prop Cayabogi, Marsilen, HuC&Jo. ITrip Dacntah, Pease, Buffalo. Prop Rockjet, Elcr, Chicago Prop Hastier, iiick^oo, culhn;** r,(.j Schr &andiuky t t-lmondv, p..rt Uioe. &chr Van Tri-at, Chicago. Schr James',Ciiri8tle, Joyce, Kt-mperB Pier. Ptmr Oitj of Cleveland, Pqnler, Grand Stmr TraveiJer, Sweeny, Onlcago. bttur Gatelle, Buillo, Two Rtvrrs. Stmr C.e'veUnd. Doopal, G and HbTcn. Prop Cuyahoga, Moradf-n. Chicago. Prop iMco ah, Pease, Chicago. Prop Hunter, Dtckson, Chicago. DIEJJ In thti city 03 the 8d inau, BTBOS, youngest S(.D o r Philip and Martha Treruie. Aped '1 yeai i and 0 month? Funeral will take plaice this afternoon at 'A o'clock from the Miliraakre House. MARRIED In the city of Chicago, on Monday, May S, ISMt, at the residence of the bride's brother, n. W. Mope, E' by Rev. W. F. Steicart, Mr. KICBAVD L. Gove, editor o| the Ozankce Times and MIBS JKITHIK A , l ro5C, all of Ozsakee. NOTICE 1 .8 hereby plren, pnrsuEnt to section 10, chapter 118 Revised Statntes of the State of Wls :oo«in, that the Grand and Petit Jarorf for the Jane Term IMS, of the Municipal Court, Milwaukee County, will br draon as the law djrecu, on Tui-sday, May II, 1SOT, at the hour of 3 r. U-, of that day, at the Municipal Oonrt Boom, ou Main «iree,t, In the Sevealh Ward. City of Milwaukee:: Dated Clerk'* Dice, City of Milwaukee, May 8,1859. HENRY HILLUANTEL, may4 Clerk of the Monlclpal Court. CirT CovpTEfi.LLS'aOjnos, J Contract Department, April 28,18S9. f CIEAfcED proposals win «e received at th}» oifice unOl S3 .l^hursday, May 8, 1859, at 10 A. K., or doing the following described work In the 6th Ward, of the O;ty of Milwaukee, viz: Taking up and rclajing sidewalks with old plaik, fur- outline new plank where neceraarr, repairing gutters by relaying old *tone and furnishing new itonevhere required; also (or constructing new plank' crosswalks and for repairing old and laying new atone gutters on erodings. Propooals must state the price aeperately aa fallows : So much for taking up aud relaying old plank; for furnlsttiugiiew per lenial foot; for relaying old gutters and larnUhing new sloiie per square yard; for courtructing crosswalks per len.a.1 loot, for con- •tructlug gutters and repairing (.-utters on crossing per •qureyaru. Th-! abovework-to be under the direction of the Street CommlsslonerB of said 6ih Ward, and done at such time and place aa they may direct. aprZS-dtt E L'li. OAKD1KEB, Comptroller. tJirr CoMpnou.n'tOrrics,» Oootract Department, -April 23,1S59. f ' CSEALED proposals will be received at tbls office ' VJ until ft-lday, May 6th at ,10 A. j<, for cleaning and 'retnoTlng all dirt and nith from the illers and gutter* In the 6th Ward, frota the 10th day of May to the lit day of"DecembtT, 1&C9, when «nd • where parties jtall to ca^ry out the requirements of the law relalivc to the. cleaning of slretts and alleys. i " eprStt-dtt E. L'n. QARMNEB, Comptroller. UJVITEI* STATES WAKSIIAL'S 1B4X.E. John P. BtaJTord and 1 ., ! Xert J. Colburn, -- | her boats, tackle, ap- el and fornHure. B TTlrtae of * writ of Tendltionl Exponss Issued out of and tinder the veal of tbe District Court ofthe United Stales for tie iilBlrict of Wisconsin, Iiliall expose for sale and eell at I'ublic Auction tn the highest bidder for cash, on board of said Barque Nucleus, lying at Milwaukee iu aald district, on •Vedneiday, the eleventh day of May, lB59,Et ten o'clock in the /or*. noon, the Barqna NuUens, her boats, tackle, apparel a»dfurn:ture,M8henowlleain tbe Milwaukee filver, between Wianonsln and Michigan itrecte, onttetast aide of add Blrer, conlemned at the suit of John F. Stafford and i.evt J. Cojbonrn. l MarafijU'. Offloe. Milwaukee, Wia., April 80 1859. mayl-<18t M. J. TfiOMAerD. 8. Marshal. JLAKOK .-Atii: OF BUOT8 Ac StrOES AT >AU6«riON. , ' andireUae- ..-. f ererr desorln- Uon, M toe ttore No.a> Wliconsln »tre=U city an4 Country-dealers wlH 4o Troll to atrend the aale. on «hur*dayitBe6th day of May, 18W, at 10 o'clock A. M t MUwamiee, May g, IBM. u'; ,In sior*, for sale H. ^?^* *SF»4>f At tbe aoDaal zoeeting of tiie KliliraDtee Mnai- ciil Sociely, btlJ i-ursuatit 11 not ce, on tbe evening of iLe 8d ijist , the following gentlemen were duly elected Directors for the present year : President—WILLIIX rxxcua. Vice Preiidei.t—CIUB WitL. Treaaorer—ODABLIS Ecrrn. Secretary—A. M. NrTHASV. Musical Director—HAS a. BILITU Flrii MinaBer—N. SJMOS. Rerond Manager—CBIELKS (TAO«a. mayS A. M. NETMANK, Secretary. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. JAfi. G. JKXKIKH a. a. HVafi Ryan & Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOKS AT LAW TOlTa:ilEa>L'fl BANK Corner East Water and Michigan «t».. GKAND s'sum 1,1^AMI; CJOKCERT AND Distribation of 70 Magnificent. KT T8E MILWAUKEE CADETS! AT ALBANY HALL, Friday ISTeniug, Iflay 27th. LIST OF PBIZES. A Wheeler 1 WlUon Sewlof; Machine Hose wood Can... any hnlf case.... Mahog- giand. .S12SOO 83 00 68 00 4. Gents' Gold Watch, Dun ting Cased, fi ed's American Patent Oomblnauon 125 01 B. One IddleV OroldHunting Oated «atch... 6600 • One Gent* 1 Silver ,' »-.«.„ SO 00 Ooe dozen solid Bilrer KnlTes and forks.. 185 00 ft; 11. . One Bilver Card Oaie, On^ • •• " H * .....-..;.;....:..;; One Dinner let Gold Banded China One •• -plated One " solid " 'Napkin Ulcgs.. One *•" •-••' " TeaBpooo* ... )( " •• " Table " 12. One plated Silver Caster.... ,8. .One "... " \Vlne Castor.. 14. One " Cake Basket 15. One Gents'Gold Vei Onaln.. 16. One » ; "- -Bob •• f IB. One Pearl InlsJd.fcactgimmon Board. 19. - -' -"~ 20. 21. 22. One Tea S3. ObeXadle • Worfc Box. •', .v. ...;•.. i..... i 34. One Magic Castor..T! .., 46. • .'One Ladles.' Writing Desk........'.'.;.... 26.' OneOll Painting.................. .f.. H. One Ureas Pattern tosnlt u Bradford's.. 2S. One ».. 1 •• » .,..« " .... 2». .Oneheavy tjold OhalnBracalet. ..^....... 7o 00 33. OneamaU " " , " 81 to 70. « sets Pins and Drop', Cameo, Gold BtoneandLkva. ."......... .'...., Making a ; Grand Total of. »l,60o o Tbe attention of the jmbllo Is res peo'i fully called to the above Uit of Prise*, which are to be seen at the Jewelry 8tore_of Mauon <t Loomls and, the Agency of Wheeler * Wilson, under the Kewhaj'I HoOje. Tie Priiea are all of thejbew quality and warranted to grre laUsfactlOD, and the Ticfcirts are got up Jti a manner to defy counterfeit, TheDlftrlbutJon will lake pUc« at the Hall Immediately »'ter the Concert, a Commltte* beta*; chosen by the sudleoce to examine the "duplicate number* and superintend .the distribution, which will be conducted In a Dinner that will give entire aitlsfac- Won to all. The Ant number drawn out will take the First Trite, and «o ont • i Immediately after to* DWrUmtion the Hall will be cleared, andtho»irlihlngc»n4anc«IB«W; J»oo». : ,o.,,. ^n the store of Ma»»oO*«x.omls, at -Wheeler* WiUoa'4 Agency, totr m»y5 Captain B. O. illBB AKD, , ttilwauk«ef..»t-0fflca. Top- jlujfly, Troy M . •vr- iXLSWOKTH'8 - <JarrI«ge8hop, JUinati-eet. •City oi^.CleTOland.'' & 1 (rhoroughly refitted for this route.), O N AHD AFTER MONPAT, Aprlh 11, 1859, Pai- senger Trains will run as follows:: WEST: Night ;M«41. -, Mixed. Accom. Kxpress. 9.-VO A. II. 7:00 9:80 10:50 T.U. 13:10 4:40 i. H. 2:iO P.M. 4.-20 A.M. 1:80 :-.'. •"*>; 9:8i A. V. 2iO &50 F. It. Accom. A.M. r. st. 4:45 7:80 A H. 10:20 p. M. 8:00 a. M. 12:16 2:85 • 8:50 P. M. 12:15 •Refreshmenta. -001NO EAST Ullwaakee, depart- *0r&nd Haven, dep. 3rand Baplds, arr. 3L Johns, arrive... OTOESO, arrive. ... Fedtonvllle, arrive •Detroit, arrive... Bus. Bridge, arrive 7:00 9:40 F. H. 9:66 Mall > xpr's r. M. 8:00 1. M. 4:00 6.-20 7:86 8:80 "~S>!58 f. M. 12:18 P. H. Mixed. 9:66 1WO p. u. S16 6;80 A. U. 4:00 Night EXpr's. B. 12:00 r. n 8:49 10:30 l. M. 1:00 2:00 £.•00 r. «. 4:50 'Refreshments—Hotel In Depot at Grand Hnvfn boat will leave Milwaukee on SaiunJitjs at 8 r u— for Ratnrilay Ntv'ht's Express passengers wi- .1, hut 4 A. M. tram wlli N /r le»ve on Pumiuys. Trains leaw termini dallj-, Suu.taj xcept^d. LOW open (or I'UIILJC Bc- THE TELKORAPH LINE I: mesa. CONNED, IONS. AT ttRTBOIX—SREATWESTEBN &AH.WAT for all points Ea»t—M1CUIOAN CKNT/tAL and MICBIGAN 80UTHEBN &ACLBOADS, and CLKVK LAN D Line of Stefunen. AT OKA*I> HAVEN—With '• HURON " Steamer for CHIOAOO, Ac., / c. r r WIa>t»'AI'K.KK.—W:th the Ul.-SIFSIPPI. UA CRO8SK, CHICAGO, WATEKrOWN and 1IO11I- DON r.AlLUOAB.-, lor ajl lir;.ortar.i j,o DU Meal nod Northwett, and on Mississipp idver, au«i «1th Steamers for Ports on Lake Michigan. > P&Bsenpen for Great West< rn Railway ^o on the Railway PxaaT SrcitfKR, at D. ft M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:iU x n , l:u I r M., nntl T:SO p » MIGHT TRAINS on the (..H.R Imve SLK>PINU CARS attached. PARCELS left at any of tie TICKET OFnCKSar- forwarded by PIB.ISXOU TIUBB IT VEB T MODIR- ITI RATIB. The Company"* Ticje-Table.- can *>«• ha«l at ac> of the Stations. \V. K. --II lit. GenlHp-t. WHITMIH A FOIBUS, Ticket Agent, ?80 East Water st. Wn.Ga.B*M t Pretghl Afreir at Como&n>-'0 Dock. H. O. WlLfioB, Geni-ra! We'tern Ag.-nt D. i V. Ii.. Office*, April. U5» : npr'^3 ls.19. I 8.19. IIIK TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present 5 -ason, run Iheir well known atul pc.polar Line of Regularly, between OOlJKNSLUJKCmr A: OSWKtiO, AM> Till- I »T1I{ LAKES ! Forming * Semj-Weeklj line l«?twren up lens'.urcN and Oswetro, and ChicAfiu, M IvauVee and Inir ime 'lair I'ortA, connerlknp at w;th Uie OGDENSBUBOH A VERMOr T CENTR1L itAII.RDAIi ROD IK, Between Offdensbnrgh. Ba lingu.ti, Conror-l. Manchester, NaAbna, Lawrence, L*iwp|!, W,»rci si- r an.: lloston, and at Osw*-po will. t:ie New Osw-i-o i.' Thirty Plr«t Glass Osnal Boats on tbe Ki.lar^-rii Cxn^ 1 . between Troy, Albunr A ^rir > ark, Oonnectlng aUo at Ounkirt wun Ami forming a Trl-Weekly Eailroa.1 Line U-i«.-n Dunki Chicago. Proprjiy forw»r.le<l by thi* Lir.t- will !.*• ial>,r-rt On* Triui' roriii Merchan.h- markud kl >. T- < O. F- X ^?»>," wlH IKT for* ar ded frr-oi N.w Vi>rk *>y in Aa freight Train ovtr tii* Artf Ff>ri <f AVt> •*j'aUrf»iirf, AoJ promptly forwnrdeil from Dunkirk. APFi^ TO Apcni N. T 4J . ,177 Iiru»,l«*y. M^« Mr L. MAKK H C-i-mt.-» Vork . N fw . Phil* CH*M &. TarpaK, corner Ctb and ot.c^: HoviT A CK»W^.IRD, CKwp^C' N Y. S. D. CAI-DWBLL, Ai^ent, Dunkirk, S. Y. CUftMBfc.KulB', Caawroap A Co , Cleveland, O JOHK HocsUKQ, Agent W. T. Co , 9i ,*i«i.- -i., Ho»l< n A CDCHIIAII, Agent \. C. Lloe, Ills Mute si., J'.onlon J. F. CHCECB, Atrrnt, Ronse's Point, S. V. linn. I'lulsH, Agent,Ogdensburch, N. Y. L. J. HHJI1V, Milwaukee, Wis., oflice l.»Orc.s»- ;* M R a. Depot. J. II. <'ltAWr<Mtls, l „ . k « ,,. on , ln O. J. MA I,I., I ' ' ' Office near M. A II R R De|».l. N. B.—fahippers are requvsied to see ot:f of the above Agent, before mikinK contracts, as ihrr are pr-pared t . offer very low raits, and their connect oim with Oitdensburgh and Oswepo routes, anJ e.«p- • mllj with the New Yurk A Erie Railroad pire thc-m nn f scllittes for cheap and speedy transportation marl&-d6m-lastwl«w JFF1CK OF THK NORTBRRE TRaKgf-ORTAT OH CoXPAXI Milwausrr, April 1C, IsSK Rates of Freight, Reduced Again by \e\r Yorl» A. tri'M- EC:iilf<> Northern Trausporlatiou (/o.'s U ITTIL furthtr notice the pric«« from 'N«-w Yink tn Milvauker, irill be as follotri |>er luu tBj, deliver eu at rtort^ : . lit Clius 2,1 Clais. lid Glut. 4th Class Gic. Siic. 4nc. «6c. Merchaodlre uhlpped by t .is route, c.n hnd siflrr the 14:h IriBt., will lie charged at tbe«e rules wl^eUte contracted fr not. Apjlv to J. H.OtlAWFORD, Agent, New Voik i Erie Railroad. J. Mr ana, Agent, IT7 Broad iray, N. Y. f&~ Snip 'lailj irom 1-lnr S, Kajt R.ver, or foot ol DuAne itreet, Ne» Tork. »prl7-<Hf4wlw Detroit A; ifliltvniila^ R. K. FKEIOHT DKPAKTMKNT. TT10R greater convenience t* mtrchants nhipplnt;, or J? obtaining Information nlitlng to Freight, an office (No. b Wisconsin (tre.t) opri.ed on the lit of April where orJera for colltction or delrrery ol good* wil receiTc prompt attention. The office will be n* the superintendence of Mr. F«r«t. Acent for Htndrle t from wbom all ncceuary inl^rmai'On can be obtained W. K. MUlR, Ocn'l anperintendent. Milwaukee, March 30th, 18S9. aprl-dlm LaCrunse <fc niil. Railroad. %\1lf Jf, the underBlgned, hav'ngbeen appoiuted agenU 1*T for the collection and <ielivcry of Freight for th! company t beg to Inform merchants anil others that an office (No. 8 \f licpntln Bttert,) opened on the lat o April, where orders can be Kit, and will receive protnp at ention. our authorized collectors will receipt good at the warehouses of shipper". Information respecting Freight transportation on ti .it line can be had by ap P leatlon at the office of Mr. A. fllKV,', A ent. IISKNDRIK t co. Milwaultee, March SO. 1S59. aprl OHANG-ld <>F TJME O N and after Monday, A| ril 4th, trains on tbe Mil wiukee, Watertown t Karaboo Valley KaiiroaJ will arrive ID Milwaukee al 1 :S5 i. K., and depart t 4.-50 r. M. • . nrpd-dtf 8. g. MgRBtLL. flop't. FARE RL]L>UCEI) BT THR NEW YORK &ERIERAIL«OAD T BE Fare between Dunkirk and New Tork by th. New Tork * Erie Bailfoid, wl I be *7,«0 until fur ther notice. / »prlO J. U. CRAW/OBt), Agent. S NOTICE. OFFICE Of BIBUOP A CO., MOEOAQCB3,1 . . °1» Pow*aBio»orMii_.»;L'maisoU. E-, ) . / Mllitauiec, April tj, 1809. ( O R and after April ttb, 1K59, and nntll further nb- tfce, no penon Is authorized to make purchases, or ocntract for materials for tli« MlHraukee and Cblca- go Railroad wltboot a written orilar from the undersigned. BIH» will be paid monthly and accoun « will not be conUnuedflflUi any concern Uist^orglertj to render -monthly buiav O. B. HAtL, Gen't A K t. Hortgagees. aprlC J. T. MOODY, Mitterof t raninorta t'on. Compound. PABHLIE8 NOW USING IT. H 3OOKMINBT1K wonld rcspeetrnlljr announce to a toe people of Milwaukee and vVlsconsln, that he now oflfen for «ale, • prepiratlon fcpown at ' OOMPOUNJ). , ' 1Ui article win be bond' to. be the but Compound erer pffercd to the public, and *r«»rAa>Ud not to injure th»f»brlc ID the HMt. Sr >W nie, hmlllu may|s»T one half the ioapjand labor oo«r employed. ' tb* foUowlof Udlel lu»ve tested 1117 reparation aa Vn. Pa-rsralmuc, Jefferson street. Mn.B.10*ocua and Mr*. U,.EiB«un, Third «t»eeU tor sale at Or. Aleott'* Drue Btore an i atfVax w.ell'i ,«e4inac Bptinjt nut Xhlrd itteeia.' inand 1 , .waukeelEallroadCo. , INporriaaceandbvvirtiieof »*«» of tlerThotel L lesued ont of the District Court «f the United Btattt or the Di itrlct of Wisconsin, In farerof the said HeW- comb Cleveland, PlalatUT, agklnat the 1* Crone * Milwaukee Kail Road Company .defendant In tne above enti- ledcans :, tamed for the amount of one hundred and welve th inland two hundred and seventy-one dollars nd teventy-slx cents, recovered trjr the aaldnalnlia gainst the said defendant, the Tth day of October, A. D. 1857, by the judgment of the (aid District Caurt, rated tlit twenty-Kcand day of October, A. D. 18S7, to me directed, I have levied npon and shall sen at Public Auction, oa Tuesday, the lath day of December next,, at the Drtlted State* Marshal's Office,In the City «f Milwaukee, it 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said day, the ollowtng property, to *ll- The La Croraa X Milwaukee Railroad indaUtheintercrtofthel*Croi«e4MIIwaukee Kail toad ^ocpany therein, with all the fruchlKs, rights and prlvl eges thereunto belonging-and appertaining, ncludlntj roadit, roadwaya, right* of way and real es ; ate of ei ery description, ro»d bcdj, tracks, tlw, rails, ution hi uses and buildings and 'ground!, sheds and grronndf, Engine houses and (rro4nds,Bhop« andgroundj, water houses and grounds, can and appurtenance!, locomotive engines -and: appurtenances, more partlcu- arly described in the following schedule (marked A.) Also, all that portion; of the LaCroaeand HUwaukM tallroadJkoown as the Watertown Division of said Bailroadjahd Ml the Interest of tbe said LaCrtsse and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all tre ranchises, vlglits and privileges therecnto appertain- ng, Including roads, roadways, ngbu of -w»y and real estate of every description, road bed*, tratks, ties, rills, station ht.njieB and buildings and grounds, shop* and ground*, water houses and grounds, engine houses and proutils, cars and appurtesances, locomotives and appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand bars of URllroad Sron, more partlcnlarly deicrlbed In the fol- owlng schedule (marked B.) Alto, lots 9,10 and II, in black 8, and lots 1, 3, 3, In block 47 Ju the Piflh Ward of Bie City of Milwaukee.— Lou 1 anil '4, In blot.1 156; lots 1, 2,4,6, 6,7,8,9,10, 11, i2,18,14Jln block 155; K of block 157, eicept lot 8 and !fl of theoayon aillolninir said block; H of lots 9,9 and %, all of ilots IS, 18 and 14; K of tots 16 and 17 and E of 15, In block 15S, In the fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee. / (Schedule A., reierred to above.) One passenircr depot, one atore house, two freight depots, grain platform and ched, blacksmith shop, three tank bouses, machine shop, stationary engine house, paint Jhop, lumber house, coppLTSutith shop. Iron house, blacksmith shop, turntable, circular engine house, car shop, all in the City of Milwaukee; tank house on section twelve of said Railroad; iiui ditto on section 22; passenger and freight ae- >ot, at iElchfield; une turn table and passenger and reight depot, alBchl'-'woKerville; encinc house, tsnk house and passenger and freight uepot at Uartford; 'assenger and freight depot at Kubicon; passenger and relpbl depot and 'tank house at Woodland; rtlttn at Iron Ridge; turn table, passenger And freight deput, engine house aud tank house at Uoriuon; passenger and freight depot at Junction; ditto al Hullint' fralrle; turn table, engine hour.e, tank house aod passenger and freight depot at I eaver Dam; pas^engi-r ami 'reight depot and tank houaeSAt Fox L.-vke; paasenger and freight depot at Cambria; passenger and freight depot, turn! table, tank house and engine house al 511.1•and; passenger and freight depot, turn table, engine house and tank house at Portage City, together with thr grounds upnn which tiuch hotutea and building* arr situated and which are appurtenant thereto. Twenty- ant- locot&otive engines, ten first class passenger cars, :*-. second class ditto, four baggage cars, 164 house reight cars, l*U platform cars, 'M gravel mra anil 17 laud cars. (Schedule B., referred to abore.) One en^loc house n the City of Milwaukee; one station hoiine at the Junction; one ditto and woo.l shed al rVw*uki-i:; uno station bouse at ttartland; one ditto al Pine Lake sts- IOB; one water bouse, one wood abed, and une stalioD ioui-e at Oconomowoe; one station house, frame shrd, ji&ciilnv tiiop, ciir shop, blacksmith shop, two water houses, cligine hotue and wood shed at Walertown; ala- lioci bouse aiiu water bouse at Lowell; sl&tion bous.% engine and water house al Columbus, together with Uie irrojnds upon which kiich boukes and buildings are situated and which are appurtenant thereto. St-vca lot.. tnotive cugiii«s, CI box cars,3& rack cars, 10 haml cars, ur passenger car* A two naggage cars, ttJ Jump cars 1 buul 42,61'.! tars ol KallruHil Irun, winch 1 shall, sell of Lbe same flfci ,al Iwu o'clock [i.m.,rrear Uie La Or.-.sse ttail- ,oad l)e|iol,on blocks *o and 41 .in the city uf Mil waojtce, slid about 42:1 bars ol Railruad Iron, which I thill St.I *l lour o'clock P. M., the Saturday, at Dousman A Co's lock in the City •>! Milwaukee, and about K.IXW bam •if Railroad Iron which 1 shall sell on th- 17th <!ajr , l>ect--nibrr, 1.^7, al three o'clock P. M., on the we- ok ol thr M ibc-ottsiii Illver, In tiaukOouutjr, on tbe line the La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad. The nr-i- l»erty enururrated in the forepolng schedule B. will be Id sutiject to an ^trcuUon issued nut DfthrFiilJ Cwun i.l prrvluunly lrvie-1 ibereon in favor of S« lah Cham rM-rialn^lia! 1 * Uffic., XI Iwaukee, October 27, 1W7 M, 3 THOMA.1, oct31-doB«6« U. #. Marshal f^ff~" Tbe abore sale m hereby adjourned to M-.u.l i/ Uu lib ilnj of January, ls.v>, at 10 u'cli-^V i M . »t u. [}. S. Mar.-lial'i OdK-e, Muwaukfr, eicepl ir.i- -ai — Itailr^al Iron t; in rv-lie.lule H., wi.i.-h ar. .1.: urucil r. ».|«-,-t. vi \y in Mi..H!A>, January 4, l-v"*'', 11 . o'clock r. u., an.l 4 o'c-lock p. n.,and %Veilorsitay, Ji:io- ary 6, !S5->, al a o'cl.'.'k r u , at tin- respt-rtin- JII.A--. Tjenuonen aliorc. slarsh%l's Utflre Milwaukee, December 1A, 1 -v'i- 11 J.UKIMA*. Jecie-ilUwil I'. H- M.i.'.al 19T The abore sale Is hereb> further ailjourn. .1 '. .....lay, the ISlh day of February, IV.-!, st 11 i/uoi-n u.hltbeli.8 Manthal'l (IdiCC. Milwaukee, clfrpl ,e »alt-a uf IlAllroad 1 1*0 mrnliont-.l >n !*<rl.rilil«- H »hlcli adjournc.1 rt-sp«-Ii\ rl> to Vl^uJiV, February Ii, li5-<, at ii o'clock r. »., and 4 ./clock p. » n an<l McilurMiay, February 1 7, l-.i», at :! ..'clock r » . »t respective filac-t-4*! abov«- Marehaj's Otln-e, Mi.wauit-e, J »nuary 4, liVi. jai.6-lawU 41 J TiloJlAJi, L' .-. Sli^lia CBr- Tbe above salr -.« lierrbf [urllief a.lj..urur.l I'hursdar, Lbe lill. ilav of April. l^V»t II -''''• i. u , m Itie L". h slai-lufcl'i Oibtr, .11 il«ao .«-, rs. wluch art aiij- u i.r.l r.-«|«^ctlveiy l«i Tl.unHlay, -* k rl1 u%, 1,-%'*^, al S u'. lo.-k r. » , and 4 o'rl..,-k r «., a •auirtlay, April 17, !•>••>•>, al :1 o'eliM-k r. » , at lli' swrt-tue l.laire* tnt-otloni-d above. M.-vrihail'l OUicr, Milwaukre, Feb. 11, liJS frbiil-.Uawn- M. J. THOMAS, t'. J. Marshal IJfr Tin a,l. ru«->J ty, the U' at ll.e I I* Mai .>* Kallr..b-l Ifo t O'clock, ,. Ill JUDt 17, l^is, -j FOB THI KIPIP OUEB o» Comglts, mn* ' U* b.wt remedy I h»T»eTer toaai tor Ho»t»«n»«»7Iafl««6»», and th* CHIUT PIOIOIU. Itt coattaBt nnila ' •npe- rtacitrtaif &» th« ln,<UMntof UWM onaoblnU. KBBN KlflOHT, H.IX RMORTLIT.B.4,ofDnoi,N', T^writM: nted your Relonl rnyitlf cad to iny fkmflT *f«r don fm. la'TRlM It, tod Mitr* It Ow bMt medldn* tor !t» pnrpoi»eT.irpo,ioot, Wltk • Ud cold I should >OM«T p»y, twefity-fl™ dolUn «br •, bottlo Uum do witttont tt, or t*k» u; oUrer nmtAj." • Craoy, Whooptec ., IwOl thMrtully certify roar FKtonl Irth* bwt ruMdy w* pooMi «or tin cmr. of whoopinc oeuk croopi tAd ttia enevt dlfMaett' of FhQdren. We of TOiu-Trater.iity In thr Sonth mppneiaie y«»r tkiH, and •ooBnend jour me^Wne to onr people. i . HIKAM OOKKLDI, M. D. AMOS tn laq- BoirtBOT, U, wrKe.t, Sd J«n, 1M« : " I 'bad • todlcw Ifaflmon, wUeh coaiDeJ m» to torn •Is iMeki; took nOKJ medldn*. without relief; finally tried roar Aetbnd by tbe adTiee of ooz dergymsai. . Th» tnt daw rallMid the »Bi«ne»i in my throat and Inngi ; tMl than on* half the h»ttl» m>o. CM completelr «•)!• Tottr medicinal »r» th» chftapen M *>S aa the beat we eat bay, tod wa esteem JOB, Koctor ami your reiBedlei, M ttM poor man's friend." Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronehitii. WOT UumintniB, PA, Feb. 4, 1S5«. Btm: Toor Cherry Ptctoral It perfozmlni; nuurellotu nres In thi< anctlon. It burelleTed ««T«ral from alann- ing rrtnptoms of coammpUon, and 1> DOW caring a fnan who hu Ubored nnder ao affeetJon of the lann fbr the Uat forty yean. HENRY L. PA&K8, Merchant. 4. A. RAMflBT, M. D., Auaos, Honoi Co^ IOWA. writea, Sept. 6, 1846 : " During my pncttc* of many ymn I h»r» fonnd nothing equal to your Cherry Ptataral fnr tiring eue and ralJef to connunptire pattoata, or caring nch ae are enmble." if e might add rolnmei of erUeoee, Dot the mot eon- rtndng proof of 'the Tlrtnee of Uili raudj to bond IB its upon trial. ConiuaptioB. Pyobably DO one remedy hae erer been kBowi whleb n many and sneh da&fennu rMat ae thli. Some 00 human aid can reach ; bnt eren to fhoee the CAerr) /WorxU affords relief and eomfbrt. ABTOII Houra, Nrw Tomx Crrr. Marco &, 1S6& DOOTOI, ATZK, Lowcu.: 1 Cael tt • doxy and a pleaann to l&fixin yon what year Cherry /Vttorei baa done tor my wlfi. She had beea five monthe laboring under tbe dan- gerou tymptama of OrasnmpUon, from whleb no aid we nonld preenrv emre her maefa ralleC She wae steadily DUV Ing, untfl Dr. Strong, of thie dty, when we hare anno fr» advice, reoommead«d a trial of yonr medicine. W« blMi bU klndnees, al we do your still ; for she haa recovered from that day. Bhe U not yet aa strong ae she uard to be, bnt Is free from her eongh, and calls herself welt Tonn with eratltnde and regard, OKUANDO 8H£LBT, or , do not despair UI) yon have tried Arm's PKCTOKAL. It at made by one af the beet mnlleaJ chemista in the worki, and ita cnrea all aroond oa b«ep*ak th'e high merite of Ua Tlrtnee. — PhdatUtptda Ayer's Cathartic Pills. ceii of CbemJjtry uid U*didxi* h*T« bwo taxed tb*lr ntmovt to prqdue* tkl» beat, mo«t p^rfwi T* which U known to man. Innumerable pmnfi bovn tbal than* Ihiifl h»T« TtrtnM which in •xcvllenw th* onUnArj madidnAA, a&d tb*t th»y win, nn pny»deDt*llj npon tha cvtaem of *J1 m*B. Tb*j tr*«»fr cod pl«euaut to tftkAf bat po»«rful to CUT* Th#lr pcuo- tr&dng prap**rtlMiTtlinTilaiteth« TitmlftrtlTltJiieof thtfbntj. r«inoT« tb* obatrnctlonj of It* orcuic, purify the blood, fcnd expel diseaM. Th«y pnrj»ont th*.btilbui3i>r» wbtcb breed and grov dl*t«mp«r, ftlinntiiiste tlocsiih or dl«jr dertd orgmn» Into thfir DAtarmJ urtlea, And Impetrt fern! Lb y ton4 with •trangth to the vbol* §yit*m. N'nt only Jo they care tb* *»**i7-d*y complaint.* of rrtry body, bo* •Jvo fbrKililetbto mod dmufflrtmi 11 •!••••• thai half* b«Sl^i t^e b<«t of bajnac ikill. WTifi* they prtxloo* pow*rfrxJ '*HTr-cu, they u-*.vL the tmm* Um*, In 4imlBi*hed <io»tw>, th» afrst .vnd b***t pbyn*c that c»n be •mplayerl for chlldr*n B«t3g *rag&r-co*tt*d, they «r» pleiwaat to tak*; aad *--»in^ pur*Jy Tt-trptabla, ar» fne frem any rljk of harm. Cur<*« barft bren made which tnrpaa b«IW w«r* Lb»*y oat tmb- •teqtiat«d by men of mch exalted podUon an<] ehmcttt u to fr>rbid tb* implcton of notrota. \fuir eminent clerrynwTi and pbyvldan* haT« Imt their ntattm to r+rtlfj to tbe pnblie th* reliability 0f my ramedlea, wbll* otbcn b*T# tent me the aMaraaee cif tfeplr mmrlrtlno that my contribute lmm*>n«rly to the r*ltff of my *al(- n heirhy a.lj-.urii'-'l l any ol June, 15&3, a' 'I y'.ioc^ i. » a 1 '. Olbce, Milwaukee, ei ce,.t tf •• *M«10 -nlloiif-.i In S- lieilulf U-, whi.rh mr t.> <-l^ l.t Tue«i|jiy , J ui.f I.'.:!,, l-ii. » mi 4 o'cl.x-K, p. in , a:,. I l'!-,ir«.L.y 1 ..'cloft p. u.. «4 thr re* (MM- til .• [.:.%. t Tip Agent below named ta pteaaed to furnish grttl* mj American Ahnana«,coDtalnJnjt dirvctlrnsfbr tbatr OH.* and cwrlifical»« of thelT mr^a, of Ui* IftHow^nj complaint* — CocUv^ncw, KlUoo* ComplaJntt, RhramAtJura, Pmpfly, Heart barn, Hee^lacb* ariilng (roin a (bol sUiumrb, Nan- era, Indlftmtion, Morbid Inartloo of tb* Bow*li Bo<t Paio ariadnc tber^from, natnlency. Loa o»f Appetit*, all I'lr^ oas and CvtannnaB DlsmM* whlrh rnjuire an aTartmnt mullein •, Scrofula or Kiny*i EriL They al«\ by puHfy in« th* blood and ftlmnlatlnf the ry*tPm, rar* tmny n.rjjpUjnLi wblch It wonlJ not b« *npp>-«*^d th-r c«ii;JJ reach, inch M I>p*fue«, Partial Bllndnoffii, NoamlcLt •"*) Sprtr*u« Irritat'Uity, tVrari(t*m*nU of lh» LlTaranJ KM- ofjl, Oont, aod otliPT llmlrwl nomplminU ailslng fn-m • low «C&t«> of th* body or obctmrtion of ita function". Do not b* pnt off by unfirlnripl*.* d^wlsn wltfc »«ni« .ith«r pill tb*>y mak* mor*« profit on. Ack fnr A TIKI PlLLS, and Uk* nnthtnu *U* No otb*r they «a (ci^n rt.o <Tunp.vr«* with tltls In Iti Intrinsic TaJne cr cnrmn**' powwn Tb* •!<-* want tb* bmt ail th*re ii tbr th*m, and th ____ constitution* by N- f r"H o M s o VI09C the Ira:, naa opcno! aa » ace at U Market square* UP stair near OneMa st., •lltvtiukre. foi the treatment and curt or everj spfClesj'pf: rrivate . D-VMC with- outtheuseof mercnry 'ilie un fortnnsik- srionlil be particular — ?eletliDtf h!j physl.-lan, « U ? i lamentable,' yet Incontro-vernnie fact, that many syphilitic p»ti'i-nt» »re made miserable with ruined mal-tre.atme.nt front inexv»..r.i-ni-»«i physicians la general practice; for ti |> a Iteneralljp conceded by the but, thni the study ami management °' these complaint* should engrow the whole tlsae of those who would be competent and inecesiflil '» "><-•>' treatment ami cnre. The Inexperienced iren«ral~pracUtloner havlntrneiiher np- portunity r.or tia^eto make MmselfsuuViently ncqnnint- e<I with their patholoCT, Commonly pursues nns <ym«rn of treatment. In most ca*e* making an rhilispriminaui use of the antiquated and dangerous weapon, Mercury. More caution, however, should be UB«| by the lynhili- lie patient In coneultintf nominal pb>slcl.ius nf the vi- vertliini; class, as nlniftenths of them »r,Mmpn«! er , vhoanuio« Rrench»nd other names .mil ar* xiilmiu any claims to medical Itnowlcitge. Thcso kn.-ivisli r a<cal» Infesl »ll large cille*, »n:l by ratani nt tiinr lyum •dVerUttBients snil imstcrs, they miiucr the- un»*ry tn enter their Peter Ifauk shops, sn.l anincrciruny iii-er,. aDil poison Uiem with m»rrwry. Persons Ilrlnff at a ilialanee in lh-- '.-uuntry \, f -•n^t'- apl to be dnpeij by the lyiun notices o( 10 •,?** ttmn citizens. Dr. J. THOMBo* h^l3 received meiiical Ins'r'K-.iion !r<»- hli fiUier, Dr. ^Vm. Thomson, of i.hlr*a<n, Hi nmt,i»i:o has practiced over SO years, and miule cun/i ofter 'h< failures of the besl Physicians In K u .. jp ,.. Dr T. •> ,n . respectfally advise the pnMic nol to b.- !.» u,. "tVriodlc*! t'\tl" humbug 1 ut ipply »t ,»nt '• tr* ciao Tho can treat such cases -clfntiftc;ill.y tn«i fully. SpermatorrhccaorSeminJil Kra.r*^i"na, t'. HUence of Jelf abuse, tru.itpij with t-onapl^u- without the use of murderous in^tnifn^nia. All discuses Incldenral to MKalrtTeanxl t :!. The new French ^lin-i-t n-'-t-niiy UTVPI ! ironjtuntly on haad. T)f L'nf'iruimvt* ^^;l can be had by S'tilres^inc i)r Wm r i . m.-,.»i . ' llHjOl«,BllI 71. «l".' llclnflllllt four ,1.11. ...» -I auel? IN LIQUIDATION . -414 r O 1 I I I . 1 I A J LEG A!, A,^V • iiii • 11 . ... DISCOVEEY OF THE AGE. K'. I-.K N i;! •. r > t MH'.l-M One U> ' ->'es OQ if rheu.-n. Fue ' Maralial'i.i> Milwaukee, April 15, ]•*" a|>rl«-dU<rtl U. J. TtlOJlAS, I :. Uar.-h>l f_f;-~ n.r alioi c sale i* herel.y [urtlicr atljouroeil u. tVeanrsday, tl.e 14th day ol July, 1>M, ai 11 u'clock *. M , »l Uie U. ^. Marsh il'n ortice, Milwaukee, e\ce^i .In- rAlcs uf Kailroa'l Iron uientlonc.1 in schedule II , • b.Lh sit! a.ljourn<-.l rrsjK-ct.vely lo ^ e«fne»uay , J'.ly 14, 1-vis, al 't o'clock r. M., an.l Friday, July 16, l<i-v, at 3 o'( l.nk r. M., al Uie resufctive places mentioned above. Msr.lisj'i Office, Milwaukee, June Ii, ISiS. jeio-lawtt M. J.TUOSIA.-<, U. S. Marshal. ^55r~ The above pale is hereby further a ij.m;nr-.i u Wrauroilay, the 1 .ill .lay > f AugtMt, IS.?, at 11 "'r . -k T. u., ai Uir L tuit-J f'tale* Marshal s olht^. Mil*auii t * exirpt Uie nail * ol r allroa.l iron QiLlil .onvl .u <i:l> -l.iir U., which are adjouined rr*prrlii ely lo U t-tlne^.i t> , August II, Isll, »t S o'clock r ».. ami Friday, A-iU-1 13, la^b, at o o'clock f. U ,al the rrspvctlve J.l .vti* ill. tl tloueU alwvr. Uar^liAl'a Oilier, Mija^a'.cr, July 14, 1&3. jjli M. J. TIlnMAs, f. d. Mariiai jygf" The aoiiie sale 14 lirreby furlhej- ad^ourtu-.i l< V\'rx:ije«'litj , thf 15th day ol ^epteoib. r, l&o-^.il II .iV'ock *. w , al Ui- U. s. AlarHtukl's Olfice, Milvaafcee, excr^t tne sales of lUulrua.1 .run rucntiuncil In schedule U., which aie aJjouineU rt-a|^:cuvely t« \\ rdjies-l^y, SepUmber l£>, 1H6&, at '£ o'clock r. *., aud Friday, *--p teuib^r 17, Is63, at 3 o'clock r at., lU the rea|M-clivi- places mentioneii above. Marshal's l>fh*-e, Miin'auki.-e, August 11, Ib^S. augli-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, U. S. Marshal. lay" Tbe above nale ivhereby lurther adjoumedu> Wednesday, the- '^Ui day u, ^epK-uiuer, 1^3, at 11 o'clock A, »., at tbe t'. si. Marshal's ot^cv, MUwautcci-, except the sale* of itajlroad iron uientioneU In schedule B., which are wljourne.l respectively to \Ve.loe«ilay, September Z'J, iN'i'l, al '2 o'clock r. »., and Friday, OcU>. bcr 1,1S5B, at 8 o'clock r. u., at tbe respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Otbcr, Milwaukee, Sept. 15, 1853.' >ept!6-lawlt M. J. TliUMAg, L'. S Uardiai. f3ff~ Tbe above sale Is hereby further adjourned In Monday, the suth day of December, la&s, al H o'clock A. M., at tbe-U. 3. Marshal's olnce, Milwaukee, except il.c sales of Kallroftd Iron mentioned in schedule .ti., wblch are adjourned respectively to Monday, Decem- txji C, loM, al '2 o'clock r. « , and U'edneaday, tt-trm- ber 8, IS^jS* at 8 o'clock p. H., at the respective (ilaces mentioned abure. Marshal's cilice, Milwaukee, Sept. £9, 1S54. sepi30-oaw6w M. J. I UOJ1A3, L. a. Marihal. c^r" The above sale la hereby further adjourucil v> Wedtipsday, the 12th day of January, !So9, at 1! Vclock t. M., at the U.S. Marshal's UlUce, ililwaukue, except tbe sales of Railroad irontnenttoneii lo the schedule ll., which are adjourned respectively, to Wednesday; Jai.u- ary 18, IS59. at 1 o'clock p. U-, aad Friday, January 14, IbZiV, at 8 o'clock r. st., at the respective places men- loned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Dec. C, liiS. decl'«awtt M.J. THOMAS, U.S. Marshal. OT Tne above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Monday, the 14th (tay of February 1859, at 11 o'clock i. at., at tbe U. ti. Marshal's Oflice, Milwaukee, except tbeaales el Hallroad Iron mentioned In the schedule ~ .ondjay, Febru nesday, February 1G, 1S59, at ii o'clock r. M., at the reeprctlre places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Jan. 13,1849. ianlS-oawU M. i. THOMAS, O. & Marshal. IST Tbe above sale is hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the 24ih day of February, laM), a t lo o'clock A. «., at ibe U S. ^Marahal's Omcr, Milwaukee, except the sale! of Raltjroail Iron mentions! In schedule U., which ar« adjourned respectively to Thursday, Febru- arj24tn, 1SS9, at 2 o'ciock r. n., and Saturday, February -2fiibi 1859, at 3 o'c ock r. »., at t(ie respective places mentioned above. Harsnal'sOfBce, Milwaukee, Feb. IS, 1859. febl8-6»wtt M.J. THOMAS U.S-Marahal. ff The abOve'sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 23d day of March. IMS), at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at the U. 8. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In •cbednle """ J ' * "~""~"~ *"" J nesday, March _ . . places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb;3», 1858. febM-lawtt M. i. THOMAi, U. 8. Marahal. rjr-Tbe above salty : hi hereby further adjaurned to Saturday; ihe'JJ day of April, 1859, at 10 o'clock *. u.,- at the Doited Stales Marshal's Office, 1 Milwaukee, except the liHes of JUIIroad Iron mefliVoueJ Inichedsle B., which are adjourned rospeetiveiy to Batufday, April », 18t», at B o'clock ». »., and Mond»y, April 4, 1859, 8 o'eioek! r. *., »t»he respective place* mentioned ^Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March33, U69. -marM-tawtt !«. J^TUU.IA8,TJ. a. Marshal., Hf~ The atovc sale Is hereby further adjoureed to 84iwrdaT^.oe Tth day[*f May, 1859. »t WoMock A. »., at the United Btatej Martbal'a Dllice, Milwaukee, except the ulei of Kallraad Iron mentluned In schedule, 6., which jare »djjonrned resp»cWT«ly to Satnrdar, May T,ISW.atS o'clock », M., «wd Monday, MayM8B», •» o'clock {r. >(., at pie r.ipective placej bieoUoned In the salt of UK franchise* and other corporate pro- Lu_ .L'_r.I- '. _«.^ ^v^lt kAtlkrv 4K«avaArttlAn ^l*k Prepared by Dr. J. C. and Analytical Cnflmiit, Lowell, Ma** P*jc» 3B CTA. PT« Box. Fm BOXKH r^m f t. BOLD BT JOHN IUCK, MuwauMe*. J. II. R>.rn A CO.,Chic&ffo. and Afivnta In every town in th* Untied 8t»t*§. T»II-: 1.1 v En IN V I GO K A TOR! PKKI'AKKU l:V DR. SANr i >KH, Coinpnunil Kniirely Irom (il MS, ISONRnf theh^l Pur^tiT, ao.l Ll~r M-.l....:,-. J. oow p^for- il.^ ;.u*i'.e all ni.irf frnm II - Ciosifip fr-n.l wt-H, jHjnfi f m» ti- •• «, health to the tbeaales 01 uaiiroau iroa meoiionea in t B., which are adjourned respectively to Mo ary 14,1363. at S o'clock r. •., and Weiln roarv 18, 18M. at S o'clock r. M., at tl erty,tht pers 11 legal fees a all .onwhoahail ttjUsfj „ and e»p«n«ei thereon, an« ahall agree to take such Jranchhje for the sbortisl Mrlod of *lme, and to receive during that time all such toll as laid corporation would bylawbetnWJedto4snina, ihailbe coo- fldered the hishetl bidder. . i • aUrahal'* OfDenMilwaukee, April S, ISSf, .TUOUASjn.B. BUlwa utaee t)«>. C«nr»—»la ~ Psrobate. la the matter of the Ef ttvte of Mary ItresCT, deciated T ilXTEiia, of a4mlnW»aQOD of said Saute hsjvlag JLtbesn grioud to Mir* tlresWj laA alx months frott aud after |Ui» first day of-April, ±tt>, ItSt, tr»lag allowed for creilllora to prvtmtjltri* tlajrop »g»lu»t aald d»- ce««Md,fore»amlna«»»nand*ll9wan«et' " w ?" Botlce Ik hereby rivea that the Judge Of «ald County Court wJU «a Ike, SsHh day ol June| and SSth stay *>f July, liSf, sit the frobate Office lo th* CIlj of MUwM- kie, eJaWlne sjBd *jJj*«»t*JJ clilnu aiJd-*siBajidi of all j»»aonriBmlnjt "• " -•* _ _ -airV-^m^ . r the— effe«~tinp a ri'licai rnrf c^ired, and, what n l>"t tcr. pr**vrtUeii by th«* or- c.^*lC^I.^l use r>( the l-lvtr Orie rinse aflT eatin.- is safflcient to rchtrve thv Htomlch nail prevent ih« food from ri.« ; DC * nt ^ soaring. Only one '.jlnst- takfn be'ofe rfUrln?, prfvenu Only noe'to' r taVr-n T ni^ht, loosens ihc hr-.tvc!« lni«e tahrn •» s On- "l^«e, >^:^r rep*-?U- e.l.rures (tin^u, /' 1r. rW.i m its » rn f.-rm, iwhile Summfr -i •» -/ fxncti ^mpi'iiatA firl.t almost tn the first <i- «e. A f,-W hottll" wrll ,•".'<! l^r-iptty hy I'II!II.IIK I'.P \Ve l k- ple\i=ur • in re "One Jose tcfcen »n,*r eachmeM will car.- I y+ pentia. OHf Jose of twn te» •p^otifols will ilw»yi rt- - diatily relieves ' >' ; while AEtch-i wit it ftre ny in ii* /aeor. 3lim irattr in Vif-mfiuOi triiA tht /»»iy."-nft»f . •'" Fttfr ,inJ A'ju-f* ' *» Ftrer, \aA all FPV«M » RiiLifW* typ*. U "p- ,-r?vtc.i with certitnty, tri'l t-hoos-ind-t ar* vriH- n£ '-1 icjyfy t n m * p nn- lerfui vtrttur<. U*tfmJ*7t'>TlA ^(<ftirT.f>~ raict o««r DOLXAB r*a a^m.«. DR. BAN?OBD, Proprlctnr, So. S45 Hro»J»«f. N-w Yor.. BeUtlleJ l<y all Druggists, gold ilso, ><T JOHN »1C», jyl WholesalesaleaaiJ Retan, Uilwavkw, »'..•. NEW T K E A T M EN T . Confidential Medical idfiee! A T the Duffalo PrlvaU Hospital—established for the cure of Syphilis, Seminal Weakness an<f the Secret Infirmities of Tooth ami Maturity, by Dr AMOS t eOK,,Daff»lo, N. ?. OSice, corner of Ualu and Quay streets, (up stairs.) A MOST SCIENTIFIC INVENTION. An lns(rnm«Dt for the cure of Genital Debility, or Noctntnal Emissions, more properly known as Seminal Weakness, Ac.—can be permanently cured In from flftt*«n days to two months by the use of thU Instrument, when nted conjointly with medicines. TOUNG MIS TAKE PARTICULAR NOTIOT. Dr. AMOS A SON take pleasure in annoonclnj; that thef&ave Invented a roost Important Instrument for the tnre of the above diseases. It hai been subjected to ai l?st by (he most emincfat pKyslclans In London, Paris, Philadelphia and New ITbrk -, It bag been declared the *nly useful Instrument eyer Invented for the cure of ^eralnttl Weakness, or any dlaeasa of the genital or* gang, caused hy the secret habit of yonth. Price ten dollar) by mail or express. A CUBE WARRANTED. ' Or, AMDS t SON have devoted their attention exclusively to this peculiar class of miladies, and the relicl thej-havp. conse4asntrj been eaaW«a".to render their fallow creatures, It folly lestlded and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patienU and others dallj arriving In town from all parti of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, while their • elections have been crowned with the most signal advantages; yet from what the/ have experienced In enquiring Into the' fuaa of those infectious complaint-, (from their most simple eoqdltlon to that of the most 4*90*0111 and tarettrate.) Ihej 1 ha« always enter- Ulaed IhSpooslblHty of their preveatloD and lemonal, &ad Ukewie Inyartablv found that Die most horrible natdl mallCTiaut fonnsof disease onnld almost Invailably to one of t«« following causes: IgTiorance, or the 111 «ffect» ofnntkUlful and Improper ; (hcrefbre, DR. AMOS * Box nave sncceedod fa osieaTkrlnc,. IB the selection of tbelr remedies, a safj, eOWtail and cautious coursfl; omlttirgall Com- blnatlw ef rem«dlt» which bear an equivocal character,! a» well aa thojswhosfe prenjatareor iejadlclons ap- pUattoar might be productive of b»4 eonseqnences In till band* of prlrate Individual!. In short, the iaqdit- bleetrf of their remedlea Ij the leMrotng of a great msji «t human mlftry by the- alleviation, relief and prevention of those grleroui avBllcUont that are ID reafltv tbe secret foes of life, tad «h'ch, while they 10 extensively surround as, call aloud for oor skill and lats^fercnct In their extermination. . T ! COUHTIIY INVAUCS, . • I^TtoBi in aoy part of the world may be sncctsifnlry treaua by forwarding a correct detill of their «aj«, WiUiaresnlttaneeforlf»dicln»»,tc. • ' AddrenDr.AMOe* 80ii,.>ofMr MMa ond QI.VW It iJXUfEi<l9 . '+ I . * 1 • ^ j . v :rtaung a i ax.Q^, . , ; \r, . i U) tn-r --if--* ; .•» i ' ' • J Yiior itoraarh \n RAW ^ *• -• i ". * I \ '1 »• you- ' - 'I lu.Lr.-a • . . ... - • h,. ^( ... -»i li- the sptnp %nd sm.» .(••-•,- thit most eicnj'' 1 itu'k- •• r '. -- -ix. , I'll I *. H'•*••¥ many ihco^an " ••( | r ^ .i<-ii n- fr m .t. •> .1 ---xir n 1 i : t . L, . . • . •»11 .,;t \ i I..V4 11% t u \ ..:M 'i~- ; ('. M*. v- „., , . r ... You*;. 'r...f, IX^NALD KKNN -'['V I'rve fl.Oil per bottle V r »-tl- y w \oiesi't- * L-T n .Mil wAukc-r-, i Jrtrn A inf. '. \r..t I'o-wrfth * f r -<'< S n OKI: !TO Bi: fiuv ru- 12 RICHEST l)IAl>i Ev?r worn bj = king- or Kbip< A nKAL'TlFCL HEAD OF IIAIK .» HfAUT.FUI. HRA1> op U.AIII \ itEAUTIFVL HKAD OK HAI:; v I)- AITIFI'L bt'.»l> 0» H vl. i N IT! Kl..'^ . N \f> lit "•= . >i ITF. a> > :i\ N HTKK'S '/" N CAN BK PRKSKRVEJ l.\F > I.UIILV. CAN nK PKKJIKKVED I \ K \l LI Ill.V VAN Be PHESEBVgll INr AI.UHLY CAN UE PKfJtRVKD I'.KvLi IH> V UnTll TUK OICK^ Til ifOTil THK UKOWTII [lirTII 1UK li-UWTH -: r -NT. ... S A»IKNT. .{\ i \1, .S 1 !!!• 1.' lll'AJI" TO THE GREATEST AGK. > TO TliK GKKATLST .»I;K. TO THK OK8AT>«T ACK. TO T:IE OREArwr AO». BY IS1SH WOOU 1 ^ IIAIK u.i" UiiNii winurs Hv.n BV fiisii w,«.i» HU-: BY IS1NU WOO!.'.- ll«:u IT ALSO RK-TORW GIUV !UI!t. IT 4LJO HfJtTOHtS l.ilA . IT ALtO B»>TO8Ki< C,R\V I! t! ( IT TO 1 !':• N > ' I :t i I. To ii" M > n it > • Tj ITS N.TI .. i I. PREVSNT? ITS KALMMt* PRHVKNT8 ITS KALL1KW. I'REVKSTS ITM FALL1.NU. PRKVT.NTS* ITS FAI.UNt*. OOTKR.S THE B ll.,, CovalU THS n v. i CIIVEHS i r s: B i COVKHS TllK HAM FKKES TUK SiJALi' rkdM ALL His* \.<e.' KRFES TUE HC.\Ll' KRil.M ALL III.-KA.-JH> KRKKS Tilt; M-ALP KUOM ALL 'nISn-A.-t..-. FU£ES THE SCALP KKOM ALL UI.-r»-"S SOLD BY ALl. DllL'ttt-H.-T". SOLD BY ALL DB!'G(il.-TS. SOLD BV ALL DKIG'SHTS SOLD BT ALL DKL'O.ii-T.-i. AND BT O J iVn.H) i i'O ANU BY o J « o L t i'" AAD BV 0. J »•,»),. i: Ca AND BY 0. J W.ioli * u" 114 MA,RKST ST., ST. LOL'U. 114 MAOKCT ST., ST. LOUIS. 114 MARKET ST., ST. LOU Id. 114 51ARXIT ST., ST. LOUIS. AND 312 BROADWAY, v AND 312 i ItuA! «' \ v. N AND 312 BIIOADWAY. M AND 312 BROADWAY. V The Restorative In pot np in Bottir* ..r -1 «!*.-., m , lar^e, medium, anil smalt; th*- small >j « p.nt. in.l j retails for one dollar per bottle; tr.- 1 mr.liurn 'i..:.N if j lent twenty per cent, more In proportion 'han trir<m.t.l retails for two dollars per b..ttl«; llielartirh lil« ».iu«rt <o per cent, more in proportion, anil T-MUM i«r f.:.iHi a bottle. O. J.WOOT»ACO.,Proprlet.irt, ^1 Hr,.a.i*i»v. >!.•. Yoikr, (In tbe ureit N. V. Wire a»ihn rf ^lahliw ,n, m t am! lit Hsr^etSt..'?^ Louis, Mo 8oUl by O. IlARHINItTO^ and nil good Druj.-,; it! and Fancy Goods Dealers. marl ::; 1 11 M»ri-n U, I AND HKAKINfi DR. P. A. C VD\Vi:i-a>, Formerly of Toronto, C. W., now of Chlcaso, III , tl e emlcent and skillful operator on thu iEVt 'AND 1 CAR At Ho. 93 RtndoIphV corner of Dearborn street. Is rworkfeg miracles* In the -way of restoring LOST SIQMT AtfD USA-KINO. Upward! ol TWO HTJNBRKI) have been rccqlvail by Dr. C.' within the last four weeKs, many of nrhnrn i>av f hfen blind for nwnths and yesSs, h:ive hail their tfshi reitored Initantlj by dtUcattand digkuttaperationii. while others, nho hav« been ?alf Ten froin dice,t<e. havelee^ rnlrsmloasly cured by tnllil and ;t-nlle treat- menu The belt proof a» to how Dr. C.'j servloH ire appreciated ilrthrrt he* Ii dally receiving new patients Irom all parti of the country, and dismissing, aa cured, his early rtceivw tsaes. " No Ft» to required for an examination or opinion No Ca»aa» for services tha» are no< »«scc«VW, aa will be ittted when tt» patient U reeadred. Dr. radwell'j TrutiH on M* Xarami tf/t t» ke h»d gratis on ap- ptt»»UoB»a»k«ve. ' it t u ril a > . •.i .1 i ,'l| „,, ,, i t-sill- ntunhcr *^ v- ji ijni-i.' tv > w:uiji--f 1.1.1 !>.!.•. I -SLIT ;f '« !> I.I n H Bno « N .4 . Prff. xrl'ys. l: I , .-uit C. uri, Mllw .vi:;i-.. ,..,,,1: • A. Pattenon Smith. Kti;i- i\-rjr-., .;,.t.. ,-t K. \\ n-i * C.iroilo- A.<<». I. h .1 L i-i,^.. j.,,,.. 11 ."I IP, H:rnm Ii. Dit.'r. D-ini : »lo,:i i ..ill,,;.,, i,, 'lei son. i .N VI ;TI:E ol uml piquant tn , j-,.._.„.„, ... .*.-,! in *;inl ^ uurT. .11 it,, i .i^' t . .-in u. i ,. .ui i.u.',] Pulil-c Aui-i ..n, .1 il.« l''..»i Offlo-. M th^ Uilj- .1 Un- vi>uf., an Mim rii.t y, ttn- _'.l Uji ) at Julj, [it ll;e , nur ol 1 p >i ui tn.i! t ly. n\f f i)llow,nii ,.- aeribeil luorti,' jtituu , ^, or -', uiuctl Iht-r*;of an may t- n?is ,i: -I ,:QSI.. o ^.lit-r ,«nh !,.• • vpen^i-s of laid '•) wil: ••Ul.ick nu,,,l.-r.<l f!iiitr-ill. r.- ( 'J| nf Clark's adiilnon. in if •• Kiir tii >v -i"l ,if •!>•• n. i Ull- of Wisconsin." DiiteilJ-hsrlll'j OUlca, Ullw.ii.fx- .l|iril l-t. IS.'.;;. DAVID B. OoDK-f. I A.J L,i'N«WultTHY, WOsAtv'y. l iSlujrilfMiL to., \Vu. aprl-3mlln^w

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