The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 25, 1916 · Page 13
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 13

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 13
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THE CKILLJiCO-THE CONSTITUTION ^WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 1916 A vote for Hughes ts a vote Cor v;ac. ·IUGHES 7 FOREIGN POLICY DICTATED BY THE J I N G O WHO, I HAD HE BEEN IN THE WHITE i HOUSE, SAYS EX-PRESIDENT ' TAFT, "WOULD HAVE PLUNGED j US INTO WAR." | _ I DM-vplt said: "We | by f a i l i n g to take imruHinUng that we Fact 1 -- Ilo Irkod our d u t y j action , l\ mid be npuinil. Fact 2-- Knobo ckcd t i l i n g to .hi and \ routr un and Cn'i'iuan Fact Z -- Hoot st for p;i"i; "it i a n u i u t t i l bet\\eon e., betueea Bet- =act 5 -- I l o o ~ t ' \ c l t declared he · u l ' I not j i r f r . p i a iionmmnoii at t h e inK ot thy l'rnmv-si\ e L'urry if the p u b l i c a n Party w o u ' d n o m i n a t e a :n whose f o r e i g n policies were in cordance with his o w n ! Fact 6 -- On .lutm 10, the R o i m U l u a u Jm\ i - i U u i n ed .fvis- e Charles n u i f h f - i . -act 7 -- On .Tune 1^2, itoo-.t*\o!L '-aid: 'hoy (Mr. WiKmi and (us p t u t y ) vc caught us ( i t , i t jn'.iO', ilio peace co\\ ardn'o :tnd » '-honor a r d indii'- i-L-ncc to the \ \ e l f j r e of i u t r s is IK- put a b o v e i iirlurnuvii 11 -^. above e Mi 1 rii TinlLmliUiii peri'onnauce ot tty." Fact 8 -- On Juuo 27, Roosevelt said : n m.\ jiul^muELt ll 'O nomination. oC r. lliiirlu'fe mooes the ( m y ) court ion. ;Xn good American can have iy fee liny exrept pcnrn and dcto^tfi- on for thcce professional G e r m a t i - mericans who seek to make the Amican President in t-JTuct n viceroy the German Emperor. They repre- nt t h a t adhoieuco to the pahueo- ml l i \ p h e n vJvcli is the b^d^e and *n of moral tret -on to the IU public. . am cer(.i::n Uu't: that candidate I lughes) is i n c a p a l d e ot" hemi; influ- I icotl I the o\ i f intrigues oi." these j ·phenated Ainoric, ns." j Facx. 9 -- On J u n e '2*) Ron^vMt and uirhcs u r r ..u ' l n n e r together for o t.iid a half hours. Fact 10 -- After that dinner Hughes i d : "We talked very f u l l y over all stters AND \VEIU3 IX COMPLETE :COIID." Fact 11 -- Three day^ after that din- c 1 r.ooevelt said of Ilu^heb : "His j h q u a l i t i e s inu^t recommend him thu e*-te»em oE the \vliole world, ·ticularfy to the sympathy of the ies. Lie c?i Lainly would never have L'ered the Government of tlic United tes, as one of the signatories to the TUG Treaty, to pjiss over v; ittiout test the violation of Belgium's neu- Uy i y Germany. IEe would never "e two notes on the same olt'ensc. would pei haps issue a wannng, afterwards he would act according iK r-onscirncp and for the Iionor ·tvllixntion. This* Is what he cor- [y will do, it' lie becomes the lident oi the United Suites." act 12 -- On August ST.. Rooscvplt deiced Gorman citizens for "acting -ervants and allies of Germany." condemned the Administration for US to live up to its duty to resist invasion of B e l g i u m . . He added : can put in pou er an administra- wliieh will live up to our national rations. As between Mr. Huirhes 3Ir. "\Vilson, i\-ho can doubt which he man who v, HI with austere ,ige stand for the national d u t y ? " 'ct 13 -- On September 1, Kutrhes ,1 Roosevelt: "I heartily congrat- ·1 you oa the speech at Lewtton ·kvarmly appreciate your effective tbrt :" spoke of Iloosevelt as "That ·krt American who woke the try" ; and aped "Roosevelt by say- r'YTe want deeds to match words. i not one of die kind that is too cl to fi^'ht." On the following clay, tat eel that he knew what was in. e veil's Maine speech, and en- sd every word of it! ic t 14 -- Candidate Hughes springs i the most loyal of British stock, \Yelsh, His father emigrated from ?s in ISoo, barely seven years be- Chartes was born. ict 15 -- Mr. Hughes naturally sym- isses with England, as does a son i German immigrant with that try which he lovingly refers to Fatherland. 11 It i? only natural Mr. Hughes should stamp his ap- al upon all that Koosevelt -- hater tradncer of German-American ;?nj -- utters. c t 16 -- If Koosevolt's policy, which Hughes has accepted without ncatlon, had, for the past i4 hs, been the policy of this Gov- tent, \\*ar with Germany would beeu inevitable. ^ c ^ 17 -- And iC we had conquered, ·outd have obtaiued nothing more an apology for wrongs committed, onnse to respect our rights in uture, and a monetary indemnity ! ct 18 -- If Mr. Hughes is elected tdent on this issue, it is notice 1 the world that America repudi- her policy of peace for the evelt-Hughes policy of war. Let ssue be not misunderstood. We the world knows, that Wood- Wilson will maintain the peace « the Nation's honor is assailed. s no more afraid to fight than. ·at God-f earing, brave, upright should be. Thoughtful men know a President advised by Roosevelt ·cord and agreement with Koose\ \ o u l d as soon fight as be right. Now Let Us Add It All Up, first noting rarcinU.'i rhat "We talked very f u l l y over a'l rna.tcr:, ana NVKIlE IN fj(».\:vi. T :Ti: AC:'MUD!" i With W n c m ? ! in complete accord with Roosevelt! ' In complete a · o i f ] w u h ihe man ' u ho hi a/.t ub i' * mu- his l o a t h i n g hatred ot ( a ' i ' i . i i r . and hi-' a m ' M O s i t y . l o \ \ a i d ( . i i ' i n ; n - . ^ t t h T t f Jii^ ; n j j u n l y , [traNo^ UIP A I n c s ' \ « i ) ( i an dedicated , to HIP c a u M ' and arc n - , h l m ^ J n r the p n i H i p l c " ; p u b l n . l j i n o c l . L i u i - b Hughes' t " q u a i i t K ' f c wii t Ii m u s t reLoramend him J to the s y m p u t h u ' * of i h o Allies"; trc-Mcln'rou^ty culls the President o£ hi 1 - c o n n r r j a 'uinf|ycoddle," a n d a "man of woa^cl \ \ o f c K " ; a n d falsely | asserts t h a t \\ e ^ ere BOUND by i trealy obli^Mljon*- 10 go to \ \ a r wjth I Germany over P.« Ignmi ! lluirlies Lalks ni' n a t i o n a l honor! Wh(-n lit- dofl'(l the or mi no robe ol rhc tfupieine t ' o n i t o L . thu United f States and tor^ook tlie society ot its i .Tii-ticos and t u i nt'd hib bat^t Lo the ci'pty oi Dlar k-^ioae, Coke, and ( r \ I a r ^ l i a l l , he seems LU h a v e donn^O Uic | ciMJiyriuilt ot an exigtMu-j c nrb-date I to Itorome i h o i Diin-^cl of I ' l i n n , ! U i t c h c o c k , ^^'[^r·^JX, Perkm--, fc.t-ln\ ab, j ;"r;, Gi'-'tr M d i o i i n . Du L ' o a t , L'eui ose, ] I la rues, (Jraur, 8 m n u i , Lodtx^ 1 , U-jot, Morgan, et al -- a t i d the n n h u r a l un- der^iutl.x ot ihe in , t i \ \ i L h \ - \ h n i n he is j in c o m p l u t e IT-MI, I--tiu j n u u i \ \ l i u s a j s , \ \ e o u ^ h t to li · at \\;u \ s u f i (^rrinauy ' .md \\iih iii'XiUo--iioosuN I:LT i It's nothing for a ci^arcl.o '.- 'a;'c? 2:cd -- lots of cigarettes may do that. Bui CbeTiori.cKn do raore- -- they satisfy! Just like a thick, juicy s--j.:k cccisCes when BOLTS G. 0. P., BACKS WILSON you're Yet, with all that, Chesterfields are SIILD ! No otlicr clfarette can give you this KCZ'J enjoyment (satisfy, yet mild}, for the good reason that no cigarette maker can copy the Ckeslerfteld blend -- an entirely KC combination of tobaccos and the most important development in cigarette blending in 20 years. Give me a package of those cigzrcUcs t^al SATISFY"! Frederick Ayer, Financier and Member of Union League C -i f j, Makes ! $1,000 Contribution. | I'rcflei'ick Ayor. a member of the | C n i o n Lo;ig\ie c l u b -- [ h o coiifoi- ot lie- I pnlilH-iHiisDi iu Ne\v York city, iC not ' i n t l i u country--luis sent a check to C'li.iii'nijn Vuiico a i t C i m u i c k of the Dt*ino{-rauc ?nliou;il Coiaiuittcc for M.OOO, his c o a t i . l i u l l o n to tlio ccim- p u i ^ u f u n d fur l!io ro-c!oct!on of Presi- d e n t "Wilson. W i i b his check 1m sc-ut a letter, in which lie s.ild: ''Convinced as I :nn t h a t Mr. Wilson is one ol the irreuU'St 1'residenis \ve ever lul\ e h:id, his h a t r e d o£ \\'.sr and love of his c o u n t i y percli- in^' Stke jou e]^ in his crou n of ofiico, I ^t'tul l u i r e \ \ i t h n u l o ^ e d my ] clic^k for vl.CJJ. to ae Adtied to the. I K a t ' o n tl cjiiiipaiL.!! itinil for his , eleclion." 1 Mr. Ayer is a Un\'i er and fiuitncier, . a Ufe-long Iveiniblican, and is a stockholder and one of the Ce\v directors of the New York Tl ibune Association, publishers of the New York Tribune, u htclj is supporting: Hughes. C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHERS A S T Q R 3 A fiM?. ^r^f^^'" " eceivel a U Knjiilav-. cho( ^-e- Seu the J i n e J i* the \ T h e r e is one remeuy that for many \ o a r ^ nas ^ u e n reLel Lroitt eouglis, colds, croup and whooping coughs ;.l:.-. Jlia.,. Hiolz, AUon M i l l s , l j a , '.Titis "1 have used Foley's Honey _md Tar lor the past e l e \ e n 5 ears an.l w o u l d not be without' it." It l-rompfly relieves hoarseness, tickling throat and wheezy breathing Sjld ·v. erj where \ r 1 · · ^ .1 a C.T ary r-ooc" aeiiver?3 £i -nort notice at S4.C'0 iier corn , u 6t.6. . 17-tf Try Constitution Want BAX McCAilTHY'S SALiS TO 1L\VE B!:i'lX H.S5LD YESTJiU. DAY J1AS BiiEX POSTPOXICD TO MONDAY, Oec. :10tli, OX ACCOUNT OF THIS RAi.V 1'KS. TEKPAY. SMJS A!)U IN T TO- aiOURO\V' Tl ^.L B^--«^.^^»^ Items of Special Interest Right Basement oar^ams NOW » t the New York store. 'FOR KENT--S room modern Uouss. Bath; full basement, furnace, paved street, S lote, garage Rent by year. Address Jtaiiow Bros., Chula., ST. LOUIS PIANO FACTORY has a pta.uo near Chjllicothe. Party is unable to finish payments. Will turn the piano over to party \vho will pay ' cas-h. or terms for balance due Write I John Jones, l i l t Olive St , St Louts ' M O o 2 5 d 2 w l i i FOR KENT--Six room cottage one block from square. Water, lights gas. Phone 365. o 2 5 d 4 t 1 FOR SALE--Second hand KimbaH ' piano at Huckin's piano store. ! dlwl FOK REXT--Store room with f u ' l ' sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location for grocer. ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. a 2 5 W COTTON BLANKETS-- sizo 64x76--weight 2 1-2 Ib, in white, grey or tan extra vaUic at Sl.OO E 131 ' P air SPECIAL- REMNANT CALICO in lengths of one yard and under--suitable foe quidt pieces, aprons, childrens waists, etc-- 1O yard Bundles tor 25$ OUTING FLANNELS Hcavv Velvet Fleeced Outings in 1 to 10 yd. lengths -- Fune Quality Plaid or Stripe Outings -- 10 to 20 yd lengths ............ S l-3? Light Weight Outing for comfort linings ........ 6i yard SPECIAL--REMNANTS WOOL DRESS GOODS-- serges, poplins, mo-aairrs, batis- tes, Ottomans, g-abardmes, suit- itgs, etc Mill end accumulation's from I/, yard up to three anld f o u r yards. PRTOKD -AT ABOUT TTAT-.F TCBGTJTjAK YALTJE CRYSTAL V/HITE .and WHITS ENAMELWARE --Teakettles--1-1 at. Dish Pans. Berlin Kettles, Preserving Kettle, etc--van" specia.1 value at ' Swift's Pride White LAUNDRY SOAP-3 Cakes for DRAPERY REMNANTS --Short lengths from the main lloor drapery stocks at a saving of 1^ to I/,. B'ea,util'ul patterns and fine quality fabrics. SPECIAL- WIZARD TRIANGLE FLOOR MOP-complete with handles. While they last 35^ each Large bottie Cedar Pollis'h--· 25o size--1OJ- CottoD Flannel GLOVES or MITTENS-3 pair tor PAINTS, VARNISH STAINS, ENAMELS-small cans ot good aualny paints, suitable for the rofln-BJi- ing and retouching jobs aro-und the home 1O^' a ein TOILET PAPi . Bob White -- Inrge rolls 3 tor 25i Bob WBiLe -- medium roMs 6 for FANCY DINNERWARE --Dutch windmill!! pattern, dome jn delft blue--plates, cups and saucers, platters, bowUs, etc. nd 15ci each Sale of FLOWERING BULBS THURSDAY, OCT. 26th SINGLE EARLY TULIPS 5 fox 5? DOUBLE EARLY TUL IPS 5 for 5£ DARWIN EARLY, TULIPS 3 for 5i YELLOW NARCISSUS - £ f oi 5£ CROCUS, Assorted 5 f or 5d HYACINTHS, all colors S^Sash; 3 for 10; R E M E M B E R T H E D A T E SPECIAL- REMNANT PERCALES in lengths of 1 yard, amd undar ---useful 1,11 every home where there are children. 1-0 and'_l: 1-2 c qualities-0 YARD UUJflW5S for 25) CHILDREN'S UNION SUITS-- "Onoita Mills J - quality, heavy plush back cc-ttoii suits, grey, carelully maxle and sized-4 to 10 years @ 48« sulit 12 to 14 ears @ 59«* suit CHILDS UNION ,SUIT-- bleacbed cottons, fleeced back, 2 to 10 year sizes, 29c the suit Child's Separate Vests and Drawers, bleached fleeced cotton--25^ each Good Quality Envelopes -- regullar 5o 2 packages for NORTH MISSOURI'S GREATEST STORE. MEN'S UNION SUITS-- heavj- fleeced back, gran-, well made throughout, very -special at 9S£ Suit. Separate Vest and Pants a.* P ar garment. MEN'S SWEATER COATS-Oxford color, heavy weight with roll 1 collar a7idl 2 pockets, rein. forced seanis -- T5? each MEN'S WORK SHIRTS blue Chambray, overy sc-am firmly sewn. -- every garment cut right antd -made right -while they last -- 49) each CHILDREN'S BLACK SATEEN BLOOMERS-Each. SPE CIAL-- GENUINE TEAZSLDOWN OUTING PETTICOATS-in plain pink, blue or cream color--gathered ruffle, well made -. 4Sc Each L'vghter weight, made from Fane Outihgs--S5^ each. 100 BUNDLES OF WALLPAPER-- oddls and ends of our regular stocks--.put up with 8 to 12 bolts In a bundle-Clearing at 25i per-bundle EWSPAPERl ,'SPAPERr

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