Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1941
Page 5
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING, ILLINOIS J* C I l\* 1*1 Central District Brethren Members Meeting at Lanark Milledgeville Pastor Elected Moderator Of Three-Day Session >V P B r !'^h' > fT pr^.-'nr ri* i.j.r "• '.!!<• B*'"l.:<T. 'h';r(!' •**• Por f r j r r,. r f' 'j-p Rrr'r-r'-, nt an r I rr "''.'•'•; '".r : d ; n 'h* 1 Bf'hrri-, church T'lf.";*'. mornir.K. Thr <r>r.;rrrn-r 1 . a three-ripv Monday r.',-h: cor.r'.'HimR Wr-firip^iav riiel.! T'r r be hriri in flip Midden il> C!v;r•!. of th' Brethren, thr invitation ?: r >T. that hoc!'' II.T. insr b^'-n nccrpirri b~ the ronf p i r ni ( Defeat?. 1 ' nf'rnciir.E ti: r rMiifri Tf fr<">m tlv Mi'i'"'.c:f"< :1> rhiirch wrrr Mr- W W. I/.vrneorxi. Mr.v j. r Lenhar: Mr.v Hnrrv Ha-ieh. Mr> \V S Br.! Mr:- W. W. Fikr. Mr.<- M;>5 Mr* I^.rt Focrl Ml? C A Liven- Rooti. Mrs. Harvev Schrrinrr. W W Fikr. Dr W. S Bell and Rev. \V S I in Ofclaho- f~:'". Okia.. »ft<T b^ine barfly' •ae'd Th<" r«bbT hs<<1 iTq 1 ;*. K M . and fried tr> ]->«-»-n ?.~r . r -:t dollars A* thr nne wa.< -. s -;V~'~ n r.'ir thr pT'ftpr:'"tnr br-> ,„ jj.. p,, u lni hv Jc'nn Wh:'mf>i • • . . Thp .^p-viion."- lx"tan Montlny rv- nme with adtirp.v of •wrlromc nnd HIP <.rrnion nf thp pvptjins brought by RPV. W S. of MillrdKPvillr. •alinf-r fiibjpct "Go Ye Therefore." Tiir.Miav morn- InR'jf election of offirers by the ron- ference resulted In the follow me: Moderator. Rev. W. S. BensliofT of Milledpevlllr: rice moderator, Rev. E. D. Burnworth. new pastor of the .Lanark Brethren church: secretary. Ru-vell Tnllmnn. Lanark: treasurer. Ora Powell. Udell. Town; and stot4.<- tirian. H. B. Puterbnvich of Lanark. District orRnnlrntion ofTicers were aL«;o elected br the conference. 1942 Meet In Mllledgerille. Tupwlay afternoon was Riven <n - er to Bible lecture by 0 Profe.vsor M. A. Stuckey of Ashland Semlnarj', Ashland. Ohio, and to a report of • Brethren Missions by the Mission Board ceneral secretan-. Rev. J. Ray KlinRtensmlth. The sermon Tuesday evening wac delivered by Rev. W. C. - BenshofT of Waterloo. Iowa. who5e subject was. 'Thanks Be Unto God for His Unspeakable Gift." Wednesday morning President E. Glenn Mason of Ashland college pre- aented the work of the school and toW of plans for the coming year. The altemoon program featured an open service sponsored by the District Woman's Missionary society. The evening sermon was delivered by Rev. Cecil Johnson of Udell, Iowa Rev. Klingensmith then showed moving pictures of the Brethren mission work and camp work and of the general conference held at Ashland, Ohio, this past August. Reports of the past year's work showed improvement and advancement. The plans for the new yew "win see an even greater advance In the work of the Brethren denomina- ttaru Delegates were present from Lanark, Mllldgeville and Udell and '"Waterloo, Iowa. •* rsrr.' on trie drivfr 1 * I!~fn<i" "-r ;iq-in fl'n'T phoned th*re and i ' » --ir H" -" n.* rriir-.rH of fr Hundreds of Bikes Are In Use Among Workers, Students B..-%-::i:e is rorninR into it. i-'T.r. lr. fa r v there are rr.orf bi- ; <----;i>5 H*«:ne used todav. H is «rat- i "'.''. •'.-.•>.:*. i-rrr tisort during th» pre- j R .'-v:ro'o:> da'.s F,\ -erv voungstT r>. v .-a: T,''.\ has onr; sometimes i sl-.'-r' 1 arr 'ao or Hirer to a family, i A' 'r.f Pterlinjj high srhool this i m.'>r:v:nc a <"<vint .shnwivl 106 wheels , 1 :v.:i<:<"ri around the building Therr j BTP •.••rofwbi:- a.^ manv morr at each ' i of ih» o'h^r schools. Fnrtory work- 1 I ers ars \L^ine bicycles in growing numbers j Ar»;i«rentlv there is no wa\ of ob- j taming the exact number of wheel* i in use m the two citlM. but B con- I : .v;pntiwi,«. estimate would pine* the; 'number around 2.000 without a' doubt There mny be more or there m&v be lew. i In any event, more rxyrple are nd:riE bicycles now than In days gone bv. Council Considers Installation of Parking Meters Proposition for Six Months' Trial Made To City on Tuesday j from 'he re'-eni)**. thf money to ap. j i ply on the rrt«t of the m^t^r*. Th<* \ city would bf (twured of at !r«<! V> 1 per rent of th* revenue st *i! Tim*.' AmrinR th^ Illm.Ai.'. eltlp.* in «htrh j FTTport. Oi»'.'' t b'.]rB. Blonminctnn. : r r nvis. Csn'.r>r. TV-.-atur Mr.'.sr.t V«r- non. B^ntan and Marmn. The city nfficiab: who rmv b«pn tn'iriR to )to!ve thr parkl-nst pTf>b!"m in th* 1 downtown «rra. with n view of nrot'rt'n? '\\* premium parksr.K .cps{•<-<; for th" .'h^PjTS. advL'-^d Mr. Thornp*-on 'ha; >v -.^ propr\<;al fr>r ti-.p p. of psrkins rrT-'T' wnMM TVrlarm* 'ha' * rom Firs' Third street between 6 m Tuesday morninE few vacant parkinE sp k of a 1ft- oi;- ri'.. r 'ric f vr,'!" and nnd 8 3'"> a. »".rfl><1 but crt. despite • » Army Deserter and Bandit in Custody; ' Diamond Recovered Charles Muesse of Erie received word Tuesday noon that his diamond ring which was stolen reeent- •Jy when Mr. and his nephew. John Carson Whltmore. arid the .tatter's parents, all of Lancaster, i WJs., here held up by two deserters ' from Camp McCoy, Wis., had been found. At the time of the holdup Mr. Muesse not knowing that the car would be stolen too; had slipped lh*-Tm*~ttttder-the automobile seatr i It had been found by the older Land worse of the two bandits before Mrs. M. Schmidt, Jr., Of Monlius Passes Away Tuesday Night Mrs Maurice Schmidt. Jr.. 32. of Manila-. ;w.v.ed away at 9 p. m. Tuesday in the Princeton hospital. She had been 111 since the birth of a daughter seven months ago. Funeral rite.s will be held Friday afternoon in the English Lutheran church. Manilas, with Rev. C. P. Karriker officiating. Interment will be in the Manlius cemetery'. The hour for the funeral has not bwi announced. Arleta Olson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Olson, was born May 13. 1919. In New Bedford. She WB.S graduated from' the Manila 1 ; high school and married Maurice Schmidt, jr.. on Sept. 15. 1939. She was a member of the Christian church in New Bedford, the Girls' MUsfonary society of the church and the Manlius Household Science club. Besides her husband she leaves her mother, Mrs. Elmer Olson, and one brother, John Olson of New Bedford, and her seven months old. daughter. Maureen. ' th* fact that hut f<«w of th^ stores ^-rr* 1 or»n durlnz that period C H. Thompson of th«- Pus] Parking Mrtrr Co s«\s th* situation clearly shows mo^t of th'' parkir.e spacrs were occupied by pthfr th*n shop- Mr Thomson ea\-p th:5 ;r.!'orma- tjon to the ri?v council Tursdav afternoon as a reason for thr Ki^'.nlla- tion of parking metrrs. poinrme out that they would prevent the "rarly birds" from appropnatinc the clr^r- Iri parking spaces nnd thus afford place for the shoppers Inter In the day. Mr. Thompson stnteri there B S12 p«rklng spaces in the area surveyed. not including safety zones. He recommended that the spaces, be widened to 10 feet, and the installation of 307 meters on a six-month trial without Bny cost to the city. The company would pay the freight. employ a local contractor to install the meters.. .-f rain a man appointed by the city to take mechanical care of the machines, paying his salary for the six-month trial period. Mr. Thompson recommended the adoption of a meter which would permit the use of a parking space. 12 minutes for one cent, or one hour for five rents. He points out- that th* averag* use of the parker who deposits five cents for nn hour, is 32 minutes, leaving 28 minutes which would be available to the next parker without any cost. The time registers on the meter. The city would remit $4 per mon'h per maclUne to the company during the trial period ">)?..«; nny srtion Christmas Signs Are Making an Appearance Pas! Noble Grands Hosts to Rebekahs On Tuesday Night Present Ctever Born Dance Take Off for Program Feature *?h they spp^srcd for th» rwrn i Chri.'tmn.« can't V very far after al! $*•• era! PtrrlinR f'orcf are alrrndv di.«:>!a - . ::IB MRII.' ad". I.MIIK c'l.^tonipr.c fo '->•!'• now find ha'. * r«nd,' of Hol T'T'sin'd th* iodR' 1 T^i* 1 ."-:^- rvrnira. fo-lotinK the rr,ff\ns The f;r?r rrirnher on (he program «as « portrayal of •^hat a perfert nob> rrand should b» Mrs LOIR«R R«h>m»n in an oriemal WWIR presented a irroup of If TWK bowfli trra't r*iri!iH)-... il th'e food j-ou t«t iin t • lfrfi*r?!mi... if ynj arr NERVOl'?. r«". <i«d or womoui... if your rniitacct U rundown and you .rrorn trt taiy victim to common eoiat... due TO cMavrj rliminaUOQ if}d faulty diarinon. all for , ALPENKRAUTER Other A»lli«ri>»4 Better Be Safe Come in and talk over your insurance PROTECTION Accident, Health, Life, Hospital, Medical Expenses, Automobile, Fire, Windstorm, Compensation, Public Liability, Surety Bonds and all other lines of Jnsurance. FRANK M. STA8ER INSURANCE MENCY St«rlint,JOB. HP r WAUTYCM FUli tntr for .' n:srip now to b^ ;m now and Christmas Funeral Thursday nt«».<: for Mrs. Anna L. Palmer will br held at 2 p. m. on Thursday in the Melvin funeral home, conducted by Rev. Haro'id E Olson of the Broad^ny Methodist church. Interment will be in Riv- i.rt nf>b]p Efand5. mho in turn each 'P'.Med thp rpquirrmfnt.^ of a •^rfect noble eranri " Thi5 WHS follnwed rr^ music whil? j prfnarations were being matlr for | a 'alcp off on a barn dance, with <-!iaracfpr«: Imper.tonated bv noble grand,'. Mr*. Wylie Melville act- me as soloist, sane 'When It's Pravpr Meeting Time in the Val- iev" and responded to an encore. "Wont You Com? Home. Bill Bailey?" Mr.*. Man- Boehm called for thp square dance. After the program a sumptuous i In D-Jnrsg ih* regular lode* b*fors the proftsm, nine sppliet- fiona wrre presented for membership A numb??' of call* were r?port- fd and Mr?. Rdr/a Collier was re- po:"'rt horn? from thr Dixon ho^pit»i. Mrs. Jenm*! LlnRle. who re- centiy paswd away, was reported as hafsnjr been onr of the oldwt past nobl? Rrand.«! of Holtalander lodse. T?^P assembly dfipgRje. Mrs. Mary Bo'lim. win eo to SprtnRfirid Mmn- ;^av. Oct. 20. to aMfnd th* Reb?k- h fl.vmhlv in ypssion Oct. 21 and 2 Mr.v Mnbf! Lanfiis. Mr?, Vfra UT. Mrs. Mollif Kocifr and Mrs I , Brrfha Robinson will al.'o attend. ' P'.ans were rompl'ted to enter- 1 t»:n the Odd Fellow? with a picnic. '• th'ir l<xigp meeting Families will j . al«o b? rntertamed. Mrs Carrtf Day, > un:t four chairman, announced j 1 coTTiiMR e\ents for thr next three |^ An invitation was retelv-! 1 ed 'rrrm the Minnie B* 1 !! lodge of i ; P-.x-in inviting Holi^iander lodge to; P. FVid»y, Nov. 3*. when thu? ?nt*rr*in the dt?tri.:t. Home on Furlough P. O. Roy Cohenwir h^s hom» &n H IS-dsy furl from C«mp Frrrrrst. Trnn Hr had rec*Titly returned to the pr*M from muneuver* In IxniWana His brother, Kenneth Cohenour. and his rm!,s!n. Jimnita Wlllinm.''. of Norr:.*City. ni.. sre vwiting him The Mrs. Smith nnd Corporal Dmtf5«* rrlypd In St^rHns Tn^dnT from Cnmp Forrest. Tenn. w-lv* have h*<-n on ma- tn Ixviislun*. are home on 1S-rtsy furloiiah. TTiis Is the fir.'t, r" P^rc^ant House man «ti<1 FT- Smith hp.vr hffn horn? sin f < leavintt for Camp Go to Pennsylvania Home on Furlough Srrgean' Biil Hou.--»man. Mrs Mr.' Albert B^rr -ill )p« v .-e Thursday rj Rtitomobiir trip hantn. son Me;v!n for an « > xtrri'1- thro'iRh PT.H- Stir Up Your Lazy Liver Bite To Help Hellere Conttipalion! If UTW bil« down'* flow frwly erery My Into your int««Unw—ccnuttp«tioa with It* hMdaehM, rnenttl dulln«i». a half nltT« fr»llns ott«n mult. 80 take Dr. Edv«rd«' Ollr* Tkbleu to lnrur« fentl* T»t tfiormitfi bowtl rnorwncnU. OllT« ersirie cemetery. Friends may call at the Melvin funeral home u> vie* i lunch waa wfved by the put* noble' fw"iTw"wV'«»e9wuoa'iw|"!taIJ? xj£ the body. grand*. Mill weartni the coatumm w»»euJarlnu»tlaala«ttom.U«.3W.«f. LOOKING FOR HEALTH? 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