The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 10
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?AGE TEN." THE HUTCHINSON NJW3, ruttbiJAY, j UNI!< Ab, VJAA ociety The home <>t Mrs. .1. A. Ogdnn, 12 | Nenl Zandstra ami daughters, Mr. and T.w.ent.v,-?<cojit\d .v.y.eom. wist wii? .11)10 mem: i>f 11 very delightful miscellaneous showor last ovoninK. when alio nnil Mrs. O. Miimmel, Mrs. A. W. \Vili;lit, Miss Bii-itli Hill, Miss Paulino CilHT iim! Miss Natalia Leggett en- ii'i'i.ainxil for Miss Thelnia Il.iliey who.,,' marriage to Mr. O. K. Kusaolt •will In- an event of the w,:ok. Mrs. Mtiinel road un original poem vhii'ii <ontaincd instructions for Miss j'adt'V ai' (o llmv lo I'ilKi her gifts, nhwli wro hidden all over tho house. Ai tin' * ;o,Ti. of a social hour, dainty 11 '1 1 shm'.'illi' »w» served In tho din- in:: riKim, v>here Mrs, Kthol C. Horn') ami Mrs Mauimol presided. A imno,,-r l'.if'-l;t't. hold coreopsis, and ye'.- lir.v randh-H in bilvor oaudlo sticks binned at • ithor end of the table. 'i '!:t: ^nest? for v'ne evening woreds f,.lh>ws, Jlri.. Ivlhel 0. Hiiritn of Hot'-. «r*. Ark.. Mt». .1. I.. Oarmack, Mrs. V,' K. Kolly. Mrs'. R. !•:. Fnrney, Mrs. <j \V. Oassidy, .Mi'.-,, ('ano', Smith. M1 -.1 Wlitiliie, Mm, Charles Fc.viiKOll. Mrs. H. 0, Ortter, Mrs. J. K.-tt. Mr.-,. (), 11. Hill, Mrs. Joe Ibuloy, Mrs. l,oo YarlK'H, Mrs. Hoy K»-»iw, Mrs. Phil Haildoley. Mrs. H. H. H:WII!IIOIKI , Mrs. Clinton Uyau, Mrs. A. .1 trine. Mrs. .1. II.'vMtie,, Mrs r \V. Mittcndorf, Mrs. 11. It. Ilaniels, Mr* lion Innis. Mrs. Urostnu'h Mrs Cbarl.-a Hrtgga, Mm. I!. A. Ear liirt. Mrs. II. R .lark, Mrs. A. (!. Molir, .Mra. Z. Ramie!. Mrs. L. 11. Ilnlne?, Miss Mary Crane. Mi.iH Mattlo Kent, Miss Mnble Kent. Miss Isabplle Kent, Miss Helen Mlttendorf, Miss I„,ri-na CuHsidy, and 'the honor guest nnil bosiesses. -?> ^ The art of forecasting future events is sahl to be found hi the magic of the teacup from tho pos',i!on and nr- . rniwmriu of tea leaves, according to a ,'.:> -f< rtous loie whb h ortcrliiatod in tho highlands of old Scotland. It la Idle to :-j ,"Culato as to whether It Is truth or twaddle that. Is foretold, but there in a certain fascination about the iellerof.fjrtunoa, Tho signs are like t!::s: If two spoons accidentally fall into one 'lance;- ihoro soon will bo a wedding in tho family. Hubbies that rise to ihe top of tho tea indicate Kisses or money. If around the cdno ot tho euji. kis:e.^; If in tho "enter, money. To insure success in love and fortune, tlio.-o .should lju sipped up boforo thoy birth of an «dght and one fourth pound daughter, June 17, to whom they ita-re glvon the nuno, Aano Ivoulsc. Mrs. K<>psmaa m formsrly Mlijj Slfirgaret Kanaga cf this oily, Mrs. Maude T. Droeae and her mother, Vre. Bdilli Thomaa Wero the Kiteatu over Sundaj' ot tholr brother and son, Mr. Harry Thomas ot 1206 ...... „ „ , , Fourth' avemuo cast. Thoy hnvo re- Mr*. A'1»a W"b(!n.e.v ami aqii»..Mr.. and (.turned to their home In CoUonwood Mrs, Clydfl •Smlth.'and daupfhtern, lit. j Kills! and Mrs. Oacar Moon, Mrs. George Bhannon, Mrs. Marie Duvln, Mrs. C. A. Jennings and daughters, Mm. Gladys t /ORX and sons, Mr* Faith Floyd, "Sirs. O. K. Moon, Mrs. Frank Pnlmatior and children, Mrs. Paulino Johnson, Mlas Pramuw Murphy, Miss Edna Kohb, Miss Cora Whltnoy, Miss Rachaet Mil. lard, Mr. Harold Oaborn, Mr.',James Smith, and "tho honor guests. Mr. and Mrs. S. 13. ItobertB of 13S Wosi Sherman street, celebrated their rdlvor wedding anniversary, Sunday WOULD ENROLL THE ALIENS This is Suggestion of James J. Davis, Secretary of Labor, Today. * * • Mrs. J. J. Hudson will entertain the momborB of tho Past Presidents club of the W. it. C. Thursday afternoon at her homo, 227 Fifth avenue east with Mrs. W. M. Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Jones and Mrs. Bessie Monroe assisting; hostesses, * <?> Mr. B. R. Pearson, vlco president and general manager of the Pathe Picture corporation of New York City will come tho last of the week to Join Mrs. Peaireon who is here visiting her slater, Mrs. W. D. Day, and go on to with an Informal family dinner party > at their homo. The color scheme of . their home, pink and white wr:s used In tho decora-. „r*n , tlon of the tables, and quantities of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stringfellow sweat poaa in these shades added a ! <">«" eon Carlton, who have been ylB- dainty touch, Places wore marked | M*S StrtogfelloWs sisler^Mrs. for Mr. and Mrs. Hert Hobwts of In man, Mr. ami Mrs. S. T. Krob and children, Mr. ami Mrs. .lames Pennington, Mr. J. W. Shipley, Mr. Henry Shipley of Arlington, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Harrlsou, Mr. and Mrs. John Shipley and children, 'Misa Kern Roberts, M!»s Brook Yowell, Mr. Arthur Parr of I ill tie Hock, Ark., Mr. Kdd Roberts of Pretty Prairie, Mr. Earl Hobcrts aaid the host and hostess. ,5. <i> Mrs. Frank Palmatler cnterlaino<i Saturday afternoon from two to four o'c'ock at her home on North Chemical avenue, complimenting her daui;b- ter, Hessle on her seventh birthday. Oamoa and music formed tho diver- Plon of tho afternoon, and at a lato hour, dainty birthday refreshments wore s-ervod to Edna Jean Kolfci, Ella Mao Wells, G-eruhllno McCleHan, Muriel McClellan, JJctty Jean McClellan. Ve ima Henderson. Marie Shook, Hussol Shook, Bert B. - Wright Jr., Marjorla Chonoweth. Jean Chcnowoth, N'ellle Taylor, RoRer and Franklo Whitney, Jiunoa Smith, Blslo Smith, Harold Palmatler, Alfred Pamatier and tho honor truest. * <!> <S> Mrs. Ralph YounK was hostesi; yesterday to the members of her bridge club at one o'clock luncheon at the RorabauRh-Wlley Ton Room. Sweet peas formed the centerpiece for the luncheon table, where places were marked for the club members only, the afternoon was spent. playing bridge at tho home of the hostess, 300 her Aiford and Mrs, Pyrnn? left today for thels- hom» In Gary, Ind. They niot-ofod through. Mlsa Clnrtruda Sponsler returned yesterday from LiteMlold, Ill.~wliero she has been leaching school in tho high school this year. She visited in Alodo and Champaign, 111., and Kansas City, Mo. en route here. <i< & Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Galloway and baby of Wichita have roturnod to their homo after spending the week end hero visiting Mr. aud Mrs. T. A. Gallowav of 421 East Sherman street, 1> «> <3> •Drv E. C. Carhart la in San Francisco, C-allf., this wosk attending the annual meeting of the American Medical Association. Ho Is visiting in dlffereut points on route here. •» •«> <$• Miss Grace Marie Becker, .of Wichita, will come the last of the week to visit her brother, Mr. Charles E. Decker and Mrs. Becker, of 313 Thirteenth .avenue east. * <> * Mr. aud Mrs. Eldon Smith who havo been attending -school at {Lawrence this year, are hero spe-ndlng some time visiting her parents, 'Mr. and. Mrs. J. S. Simmons. 4. •:•> 4> Mrs. Martha Land of Aurora, Nobr., who has been here visiting her sister, Mrs. L. K. Day ot 29 Fourth avenue east, liaa returned to her home. <•• *• * • Dr.. Bttta Mundpll will return Wed- Chieago, June 20.—Enrollment of alien - immigrants and tho adoption of a einipllfled naturalization system whereby, desirable aliens may become American cltizoiss, was advocatoil by -Sooretary' of tabor D»vt« In an address today before the convention of Winchester .clubs. The plnn was designed to prevont Uie smuggling of undeslr-| able aliens Into the country, ho said, Illicit immiftrants numbering 100 a day are coming into the country (surreptitiously, Secretary Davis said. TOvory means ot transiiortatlon and oyory guise is employed, he said, the profit in thei'traftio attracting many smugglers, who exact a tee of ?500 or more a hon,d, he declared, •'It wo put the entire army and navy at the tusk, I hardly believe wo could stop this trade," the secretary said. '"But there Is a way to stop It and Inv, Co., part lota II una, }!, Uk. U, Miller * Smith add;, HutehlMon, Mary Schott to J. C. Holloway, lots tt, Si. SI, 30, 33, S «r S6, SS, 40 and 41, Ave. E east, South Hutchinson. hucy 3. EStalcup to J. II. Dyck. lot IT and w *3 ft. 13, blK. £, Sunker'e add,, Hutchinson. James H, Johnson to Baton J. Johnson, lot 2 and soi4 of nw^ lot 3 and noti- of BvcH and nH of ae!4 ox. traot socflon 18 -31 -10. James IT. Johnson to Ira C. Johnson, BW* 81 -33-10. . O. O. Honshaw to McNatrhten Inv. Co., ne'4 34-23-9. Oiiisioiiliof- SbbTuBrri to It* i» Danford, lot 21 and eS4 20, blk. 2, Bunker*f add., Hutchinson, S. D. Barry to John D. Phillips, Etux., lots 4, 5, 6, 7 and g, blk. 0, W. U). Payne add., Hutchinson. ENITTED SUIT IS SUMMER FAVORITE Marriage Licenses. 'Samuel T.- Glbnon, Hutchinson, ''legal aae": Inobello Gara|?as, Hutchinson, "Iceal age."^ Cltve L. Holllngaworth, McPherson, SB; Emolelch Sc-hulz, Seward, 22, Everett H. Heed, Hutchinson, 111 Bather I,. Chltflo, Hutchinson, 20. MUSIC HATH CHARMS. You Will Be Charmed With the Service and the Delicious Food st the coolest placo in town—layman's Cato. Hear tho Hutchinson Trio corn- posed of a piano, violin and cello, 0 to 8 each evening. A prominent American woman Is making it possiblo for six British students to enter universities in the Unit., , , . ,„ , od States every veor, She baa foil ml- that is to make it utterly ttselesa tor acholareWps at Princeton, Harvard .any alien *to enter this country illeg­ ally. Would Enroll Them. , "To this end. 1 propose.that "the federal government enroll every alien upon his arrival In this country, and Issue to him an Identification "Card that will establish his right to be hero.' Over a period of years I would provide for (ui annual census of feheso aliens In order that we might ofi'or to those legally here every opportunity to learn what America menus, what its traditions are, and what life' in America, has to offer.them. I would see that they were given every chance to become good American cJtlaonB and it they proved unworthy 1 would eeud them whenco they came, "Under this system we would have no trouble weeding out the illleit immigrant. Tho alien unable to produce his identification card would bo given a hearing, and It, after an impartial itwestigation, he was unable to establish his right to be hero, he would be summarily lUid promiptly deported." and Yale for students at Oxford and Cambridge. It Is to bo hoped that tho time soon will cotne when it will bo possible to arrnngo exchange of students with all the enlightened nations of the world. Saturday dance. Stevens' Pools. 24-Bt r.'Cu;' a itraniti-r. If short, thick and hard, lour visitor will bo a short man. If lone, ; ;u(l thin, then a tall, thin c<T.-:oii may bo expected. A lot of odd tea leaves floatini: lit",lit [lie ton of the |e;i no'-JUS Wol'l'V. tiriiher 0. 011 ail up in a spoon and the worries wtii bo Mtu -ht ones. The pi'Mcram for the tri-atato woman's coif neeiin,; .it. the Hillcrost golf cour.-e, Kansas City, Mo,, Monday, June Hf> to Ksiurday, .1 nun HO, hail been announced. This, meeting is ot tho women colters of Kansas, Missouri, nlid OMaboina. A riu.ll.f., iltK round of olyht'cn holes will he piayed Monday to bo feliinved by m:il< il piny in four divisions until and includinK Juno 30. There will bo prizes for classes A. Si. C. and P.. All entries and liniuiries should bo sent io Mrs, lOd'.vlh It. Monisson, S37 West Kifiy ..••fb'li street. Kansas City, Mo. Nc,\! year is lie- > ear for Kansas to secure the trlsisle toiivney ami f'uo THE DAILY RECORD Births, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Blackburn, (Ottls T,n^ndn A.rn r tt>. 408 ttamphcU east. FANNIE HURST CANNOT CANONIZE DISK WASHING Carr and Mrs. Lloyd Payne. ^> Tho regular mooting of the Past Matrons club wrrs held last, ovellinn: at the homo of Mrs. A. VS. Noonatt 4111 Twelfth uveuuo east, aud the usual enjoyable social evening was spent with fancy work. At a late hour, refreshments were served by the hostess. Tho uo::t meeting of the club will bo held July S with a picnic party at tho Carey Park. ••> ••' <•> MIVJ . jRoborts was hostess yesterday to the mo-moors' of her bridge club at luncheon at tho Uo,a hau^h-Wiloy Toa Room and bridge at her home, 1125 North Walnut street. Tho guests of the club included her sister, Mrs. Max Merrill of Mct'ook, Xebr., Mrs. II. D. Sterett, -Mrs. S. E. Hetmls and Mrs. George Bidwoll. attendance of Kansas women at this!' 1 wiennie roast last evening at their meeting will determine whether or j Homo. 102 Eighth avenue west, commit this golf meeting comes, to tho I' ! " uentl "S their house guest. Mr. nas ueen spending ten aaye visiting hor sister, Mrs. A. B. Chicken. 'it Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Oxford of SaJina have been hero visiting Jtr. and Mrs. W. D. Day of 318 Thirteenth avenue] east, auu others 'the past week. i <•> v <'» Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galloway of Tulsa, Okla., are hero visiting at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Galloway | of 421 East Sherman street. ' <;, ,i. 4, Mr, ad Mir,. A. E. Wester and small son, of Pryor, Ok!a.,_are here visiting Mr. Wester's mother, Mrs. -Mury Hoach of Third avenue east, ... .;> <$> •••> Mrs. Fred Rrundage, ot St. Joseph. Mo., is hero visiting relatives and friends, and expects to spend the remainder of the Bummer here. Mrs. EUa Cranor who baa been re- Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Tattle enter-1 siding in Preston, has returned to tainod a number of young people with [Hutchinson and is making her homo, ' ' ' ' J " ' " ' •'-'-- a t (343 First avenue oast. Jayhawk stato. It is probabh) that Mrs. H. D. Htorrott, of this ctty and Mm. Tom Elcocck, of Wichita will meet on tho Hlllcrest links. A very pleasant surpriso party was hold last evening by a number of friends for Mr. and Mrs. Grover Smith, at their homo, 313 North Chemical street. There wore games and contests throughout the erepfng, arid dainty refreshments were eervod at a late hour. The guests Includod Mr. and Mrs. Alva Stonier, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. AV. J. R'hoinhnrdt, Mr, and Mrs. John N'olsoo, and children, CMr and Mrs. Art Lynn and childron, Mr and Mrs. William Hughes and children, Mr. and Mrs. Byron McClol- Gau and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. B. McClellau and children, Mr. and Mra Arthur McKlnley of Kansas City. Mo., aud Mr. Carl Tuttle. There were seventeen young people present. Miss lInK-i Catte of this city and Misa [Ruth Battey of Nlckerson have started on an cxtensivo western trip, to JJOS Angeles, Calif. They will stop at Williams, Ariz., and see the Grand Canyon of the Colorado enrouto aud Tetumlng by way of Seattle, Wash., Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colo. <•> •* The members ot the Zlon Evangelical Lutheran church will entertain with a reception tomorrow evening In the social rooms at tho church, for Dr. and Mra. A. J. Bell who were recently married. Dr. Uiol la the new pastor of this splendid new church. All friends aud members of tho church are invited to attend. * * •—fi— $ — 1> — $ —*—4>—<9— f—•$>—• 1 1 PERSONAL8 OF SOCIETY, i YOUR MARKETI Quality Groceries THIS is your grocery market. Our product* are unexcelled in quality, and our act -vice prompt and ever ready. ORDER EARLY Fresh Cat Fish Dreoaed Fries Baked Ham Lamb Chops Roast Pork Roast Beef Choice Veal BeoU (Sr. Beans Cucumbers Tomatoes Lettuoo Radishes New Peas Dlnckberrles Raspberries Pesohes Apricots Chorrl»« Cantaloupe . Pineapple* Plums Looanborrles Fresh Home Baked Cakes Phone 1500 "THE FEfiNDELL STOR«" 7 S. Main —4 —$—-3> —eg,- iMiss Virginia Fresor of Wichita has visited in Hutchinson several times, will loave July 2 for St. i*>ut», Mo., where she will be met by counselors from a girls' camp at.Sturgeon Bay. Wis. She will »pend the summer there. Her mother, "-Mrs. W. V. Fraser will accompany hor, going on from St. Louie, Mo., tor an extended •trip In the ©n»t. Lieutenant and Mrs. McMohan who wore recently married In Leavenworth have oomo bore to spend a month visiting Major and Mrs. S. L. Klser, 812 Thirteenth avenue east. They will go on at the end of that tlin» to Saiina wfnoro Lieutenant McMohan will be stationed. Ha was formerly at Camp Lewis, Wash. <» <i> <s> Mire. Bdward H. Crocker received • Moaonlo patent from'hor uncle, tho late Nate. B. Horn, of Wichita, who wej a 38rd dogroe Mason, and Saturday she gave it to President and Mrs. H'airding tor their autographs. It was returned to hor yesterday, signed Warren 0. Harding and Florence King Harding, * # * MJas Mildred Sinclair of Fort Wayne, Ind., will arrive Sunday to srpend a month visiting hor sister, Mrs. Ralph Young and Mr. Young, of 300 Seventeenth avenue east. «!> <«>> <S> Mr. Arthur McKlnley of Kansas City, Mo. who has boon here visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Tuttle for tho past ten days, left this morning to return to his home. 4> ® •$> Mr. and Mra. Kenneth Kosamtui, of Illilsboro, Illinois, announce the 'Miss Mildred Cunningham has returned from Chicago, 111., whero she has been attending the Chicago School ! of Fine Arts this yeaj-. c ... <S> •«> ' Mrs. Harold Hobart of Kansas City, Mo., is hero viBlting her iKtrents, Mr, and Mrs. George Qano at their home, 52S Avenue A east. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Snyder and daughtor, loft this morning to motor to Sallna to visit Mr. Snyder's mother for a few days. — <•> <5> Miss Vera Chappol of_ Wichita was a week end cuest -here at the home oif her aunt, Mrs. W. S. Greever, 805 East Sherman street. <•• <3> <5> . Mr. William Horrell of Pasadena, Calif., lfl hero visiting his brother, 'Mr. Steve Horrell of 725 North Main street. vr> •?> <S> — Mr. Carl Zuderman of Newton was the wook-end guest oT"Mr. Wllmot Day of 31S Thirteenth avenue east. • <5> Ganible). £01 Eleventh avynuo WRSt, daucliler, Ilonnla -Pftlilnio, JOSR 20. Mr. and Mrs. l^.stor Kwbank, ( Harrison), 2J0 Tenth aveauo west, June 1.3. son. Mr. and Mrs. Lec B. Moser, (Haxel I'ecit;. IVi Scuth Main atrt-et. son, Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, (Annie L. ] Tosh), K. F. I). No. i. sun, John, May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey C. Tlnirman, (Mary Shea), 629 Avemia C etist, twins. Ixiy and fflrt, Juno 12. - | Mr. and Mrs. Albert Orrcllus, (Kllza- hoth Woodward). 411 North Madison, son. Jack Iticharil, ,\lay 27. . Mr. and Mra. U. O. Fast, (Kathortno '^K'ertzcn), M.edor-1. dauntiter, .tunc 1?. tvfr. and Mrs. Leon I.. Myers, (Florence Purred, 71' Houth Maple, son, June 20. Mr. and Mrs. i-jirl Uakor, (Katherlno AVilliston), £13 Tenth avwr.ue west, dauijtjler, Marjorto Jwan, Jun'i 13. Mr, and Mrs. C.eorsrell DoirKhla.-??*. (Kdlth May Harcourt), 713 Third avenue I;.IEIE. sen. Oortfe Loren, Juno 13. M:. an f t Mi-=i. James B. Powell, (Vera Phillips). "Wichita, daughter. June IS. Mr. and Mrs. Horcrlno irijjmao, ,'HoGa Ix,[)fcz), D wtst, daughter, Juautta. March 27. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hopper, (doldlo Hegarty). son. WiltU, May 27. Mr. and Mra, Charles Hadden Cook, (Vera Huth King), 419 Fourth av.muo '•uM. daughter, Catherine Claudlne, June 10. Mr. and Mrs, "Wilbur I-cssle Bacua. It. F. DftlQ. 1, (I-etl<:la Lund)'), daughter, June 10. At Sawyer's | Extra Specials Womenj all wool bathing suit* of the usual $5.00 quality for $2.98. Plain and striped — Ice Wool and Shetland sleeveless sweaters $1.98 to $6.95, and fabric sUk sleeveless sweaters $3.98 to $15.00. Never was such a fad for woolens. People used to think they wore warm for summer, but the sweaters that appear on the 'hottest' days and "tho knitted- frocks and two-piece sujts seen everywhere deny the thought. Tho Bttlt shown, consisting of Jac- quotte and skirt, is one of the many attractive models shown la this material. It has a white background with diamond figures in delicate pas- Pleasing The Bride The thought one uses in selecting a gift is quite as important as the amount one spends. . You will find that our careful thought in choosing our stock of suitable gifts will simplify your selection. The Zirin Jewelry & Optical Co. j| The House of Quality. Henry Zlt.n Jno. P. Blrchfleld perfectly plain model, a sitylo that is beat suited to knitted things. The hat worn with the suit, ie a little different from those shown lately. !t turns back sharply from tho face and has z baaa of flowora across tha entire front. Speaking of hots there are hats for traveling that fold up and can bo put in a box like a man's opera hat. Diamonds mado by scientists no larger than pin hoadB. "Beauty CreanC Building Permits. 1. W. .Tones, Ninth avenue east, stucco residence to cost $3,300. W. D. Hamilton, bulletin board at corner of Sixth and Main streets to cost $300. "VV. C. HarKha. 227 Avenue A east, addition to garage, %\'u Carl Jennings, 119 Avenue 15 west, garage, »300. Ben Drown, 1209 Third avenue east, garage, $100. C. W. Scott. 91S North I'lum, addition to residence, $250. Deeds Recorded. J. M. Pitchford to Julia A. Blair, lota 1, 2, 3 and 4, bU<. 2, Maple (trove add., Hutclilnflon. Jesse LahRford, Sheriff, to Mary Kreh- blel, BWVI 20-26-6. ~ J. E. Hodge to Carey Real Lstate & Miss Fannie florst To mention the name or Fannie Hurst to nine poople out of ten is to elicit the remark, "Oh, yes, sho is tho woman who only has breakfast with her husband once in five days." It seems to be human nature to remember people not so much, for the on- durlng work they do day by day as by some original attitude toward conventions or an unusual and often thoughtless remark. Miss Hurst's views on matrimony soeni to have pat her literary nehievenfenta in the shade temporarily. Miss Hurst maintains the question ot women pursuing a career is largely a question of the woman. That the fact of a woman being recognized as an economic unit in the homo was comparatively new, but that there Is no doubt that a woman equipped for a career waH not so prono to indulge In a marriage of convenience. Also that a woman with such training was better trained for the duties that marriage brings. Wo must remember that much of the drudgery of housework was done away with by tho modern inventions, simplifying tho problems of the housewlfo and added, "Try. as I may I^cannot cuuonize dish washing." HOUSEHOLD HINTS •y MRS. MORTON <S> TOMORROW EVENTS. I ^The m'etnbers of the B. C. club will hold thoir annual club picnic at the home of "Mrs. S. J. "Ballard, 1324 Third avenuo east. The active members of the Apollo club will hold a called meeting at tho home of Mrs. C. TO. King, 720 East Sherman street. The regular meeting of tho It. D. S. club will bo held at the homo of Mrs. Frank Ranlor, on Fourth avenue oast with Mra. O. O. Garruau assisting hostess. •Mra. W. O. Quiring will entertain t'ho members of hor bridge club at luncheon at the Rorabaugh-Wlley Tea Room and brldgo at her home, 202 Ninth avenue west. The membrra of tho Zlon Evangelical' church will hold a reception at the' church to" moot 'Rev. and Mrs, A. J. Boll, who have come here to nrako their home. The members of the Pythian Sisters club will hold a club picnic at the Carey Park. Mrs. A. D, Wiekendol will preside p.s hostess to tho memlKvrs of the Sunshine club at her home, 90S North Madison street. <S><$ <$> I CHURCH NEWS., Tho Missionary society of the Congregational church will moot Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. P. Nold, 101 Fourteenth aTeaue east. MENU HINT. I Breakfast. Shredded Wheat with strawberries and Milk. Toast. Coffee. Luncheon. ^ Creamed Peas and Potatoes. Fresh Pineapple. Poppyseed ItoUa. Milk. Dinner. I-aml, Stew. Green Peas. Boiled Potatoos. Lettuce Salad. VelvetOream. % Iced Te (i or Coffeo. TODAY'S RECIPES Hot Weather Menus—Those Bhould bo lighter both In quality and quantity than those served in the cooler weather. Moat should be oaton In smaller quantities and. the more easily digested meats used. Many omit it from their monus altogether. Fruit, vegetables, milk, and eggs shou'ld be tho main dishes. „Don't worry it family appetites Boom to fail somewhat unless the failure is accompanied by other more serious symptoms. Just sue to it that meals are -Attractive, well cooked and wade up of easily dlgested'foodeaud let nature take its course. For the -broakfafit, 1/ tho family eats a dish of prepared -wheti! und. fresh_Xruit and milk, it is suCflcleut. Tho loa*t und coltee are put in In tho present case for the benefit of those to whom breakfast is not complete without a cup of coffee. Creamed Peas and Potatoes — Cook tho vegetables separately, then make a civum drosBtng and put the po- tntoos, ,/1jo«i, and the peas in and let come iff a boll. Lamb 8tew—Yru can stew any part of the lamb that you ohooae but ttut cheaper cuts are as good as <ttue mora expensive, floulderor breast are good , outs to choose. You may brown tit* moat first after washing or put it in a saucepan, cover with water and gently simmer until tender. Onions added the last hour and carrots and turnips aro nice when in season. You can boil the potatoes with the stew or not as you choose. Tbo peas also can be cooked with the meat It the moat is browned in the first place a brown gravy is easy to make in case you have one of those ^families that Insists on gravy. If you did not brown the meat brown some flour in tho trying pan and gradually add onouugh of the soup stock to make the gravy. The •leftover meat can be utilised, as mlncod lamb on toast. Separate the meat from all fat and grlBtle, run through the food dhopper, put a tablespoonful or eo of flour to thicken and add enough moat' stock to make the desired quantity. A little chopped parsley is nicd added, and 'tt' may be served over toast, crackers or boiled or baked potatoes. ' -• Velvet Cream — One quart mtlk, one-half box golatlno, throerfourUUs cup sugar, three oggs. Put the inHi in double boiler, add sugar and gelatine . Wlhen hot add beaten yolkB of eggs and cook until gelatlus has dissolved and it looks like H thin custard (about, tea mini tee), then take from tiho stove and add the beaten whites ot ttio eggs and flavor •with * teaspoon of vanilla. Serve cold with cream. ._ . '' • A GIFT FOR THE BRIDE —A tea sot of charming design in eggshell china,—a gift that she will be sure to treasure. We are showing several new patterns—they Just arrived. And wo have some of the daintiest—most attractive congratulation cards with which to express your good wishes. A SUGGESTION. When • Water Pipe Leaks — Use modeling clay to stop a leak In a water pipe. Tula does not harden and fall off a* patty does and lasU tor Flowerphone 3300 18 North Main St i F0LTZ PHARMACIES -3 STORES — AT voun st r>vic^ . > Trusses Abdominal Supporters Suspensories . Obesity Belts We carry a complete Una of these appllanoas and are able to fit the one you need to your condition. In our stock are spring and elaatlo trusses; cotton, Hale and silk suspensories. These appliance* are vary comfortable and will last Indefinitely.

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