The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1944 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1944
Page 7
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THE ibLA REGIST^ SATjES^DAY EVENm DECEMBER 33, 1944. ANNOUNCEMENTS QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds Coiillng Sajes Dates ^ TUESDAY. DEC. 26—R. M. Fierktns '.•iili'".'3 mills south and U mile east ;ui Hiiinb'ilfii. :it 10 :i. iii. See lari;e 11 (1 111 ll<'i!l:i'er. Tuesday. December I 19, or Friday, December 22. WI.UNESD.'W, DEC. 27 — Walter CIlur Sale, lialf nillo north busl- iinf.'f di.-;trl(i in .Moian at 1 p. m. ..'liiiti). Sre lanre ad In ReKlster Fiklhy. December 22. .3— Strayed, Lo.rt, Found LOST—Spotted fimialo hound east | of Humboldt. Reward. H. Culbert-; son, Ida. Phone 666. 1 AUTOMOTIVE .5—Aatomobiles For Sale COMPLETE STOCK Of G-.'nuine Ford and , Ford Tractor Parts. Fcrd Batteries. Ford Anti-freeze. Authorized Ford Repair Service. ELLIOIT: MOTOR CO. Plioi:e H93 20. T S . Jeffer.son • \Vr. n .WV MECHANICS .AVAILABLE IN OUR • IMPLEMENT DEFT i<j work on your tractors ar.d f.irm machinery. liVV ;\VHITE IMPLEMENT DEPT. Salps-—John Deere——Service ' ' •How many more payment.";, dear, before we can sell the house with a Register Want Ad?" -.*bto .Accessories, Tirea, Fftrta GOOD USED PARTS : PIONEER AUTO SALVAOl 817 Soutli St.—Phone 069 LIVESTOCK MERCHANDISE After rummagmg- throufeh the wreckage of the church jr background, this little Dutch girl takes a rest upon a piece of smashed masonry, holding two statuettes of the Madonna; she ; found intact - ,\Vc H;ivo a Limited Numuer of .FIBER SEAT COVERS Give Them for Christmas. WILSONSERVICE " 301 \. Washington 22—Ponltry snd 9appUea : LICE-COLDS—Use GoodseU's Roost Paint to rid yoiu: chickens of lice. Use Kre-O-Kol for colds. See Goodsell Hatchery, Gas City. B:as. 28—Household Goods WE BUY, SELL and exchange furniture, stoves, sewing machines. Curtis Furniture. BUSINESS SERVICE 0—Services Offered .MLVN'KAPOLI .^-MOLrNE .MACHINERY ^'•v\ ici and Part.s. HI..SI:R IMPLE.MENT cp. 22-1 N. Jeffer.-nn Phone 63 NEW SHIPMENT of Macomb brooder stoves; gas. electric, and oil. I Buy early. Limited supply of each. ' _Taylor Hatcheries. ~^^^CHANDISE 24—Articles For Sale ! I iooOD USED CLOTHES of all kinds. Suits, coats, dresses, formals, shoes, etc. 702 North Walnut. 30— Musical. Radio PIANO FOR SALE—402 South Sycamore. 32— Wanted—To Buy I .'^.'•:A L VOliR HADIATORS and I 'lactM 'd l .'li.ik.. liii- 2.') C '-nt!-. Plenty o; i'(.,o:! S;:.'.;!,:ii- .ilciiliol. Service . .-liali'.ii 'rncc ry fur .sale. Ed Kt:.-. ;-''.iith W.i.shinutgn. MAN'S OVERCOAT, in good condition; also shecplined coal, medium size. 523 South Washiimton. FURS AND HIDES wUl be at Horde's I Fruit Market every Saturday. ] Kenneth Sharp. RABBITS, drawn, heads off. 15 i cents each. 101 South Ohio. B. A. ' Jones. I LOCAL FBODrCB : Oradsd Eggs: No. 1 No. 2 Checks Ungraded .. No. 1 Bijtterfat '. — No. 2 Butterfat ^. Sweet Ctcam • Hens, 4 -9 lbs. .38c ...33c .310 .36c -47c _44c -SOc _a <K No. 1 Light Hens, under 4 lbs—18' Heavy bred springs, 2 ibs. up —JMc Ught springs, 2 lbs' and up .._..23» AH cockg and stags, lb 14< All classes No. 2 Poultry, 3c IK. less i Green Hides —lOc PASSENGER TIRE VULCANIZING Passcnser Tire Recapping. TRACTOR Tire Service Complete; Dunlop Tire Store Floyd -Chig" Mann • x05 St. Phone 156 SALT AND PEPPER SHAKER collection: also good mans or boys bicycle. Mrs. Slawson. 704 East Lincoln. Phone 104. 27—Feed, Fuel. Fertilizers COAL for sale, any amount; free delivery. Don Parnswoith. 20 Scot; street. WANTED—Tricycle fur three-year- uld boy. Call or i)hone Western -Auto Store. WANTED to buy from private owner; a repeating rifie or 12 gaus;c pump gun. State price in fust letter. Box 87 care of The Register. Real Estate for Rent 18"; IMCO Economy lay ma .sh. S3.0o' i _cwt^Iola Milling Co. 28—Household Goods 36— Farms and Land For Rent There are 820 persons to the square mile on' the island of Java, most densely ixjpulatea country iii tlie world. Real Estate for Sale 40—Fanns'and Land For Sale 80 .ACRES— Weil .mproved. to settle c5tate ;-5'j miles sbuthv,<est lola; rock riSad. electricity. g?is CCorgia Brvant:. 309 South Elm. : - i HAULING — Local and long dis- •; tanc'e; also haulin? stock to Kansas " City. Earnest Tipple. Phone 12O0.' WARM MORNING heater almost I new. 3 miles west;. 4 south. I west of lola. Vincent Culbertson. EMPLOYMENT 13—Itelp Wanted—Female WE BUY, TRADE, sell, household goods and other article*. Hen- Wpst Madl.<wn. 170 ACRE FARM—Mostly in cultivation; hard surface road; electric hne by place. Leavell Ranch, j or phone 147. 37— Houses For Rent .MODERN HOUSE. 6 rooms, furnished or partly furnished. Phone 1440. 164 ACRES, extra good, leve'-, productive land; all -but 2 acr^s can be farmed with tractor; ^school house.:'I mile eas* oi Lea'hna is on north line of farm. Thi-, farm has always been^wying go*od rate ot interest renteil. Price SiiSOO.OO. Ed Hess. 823 Soiith Washington, lola. ' PAGE SEVEN tie Linda Mae Hlte'S first birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Alderman from Old Elsmore district, visited Mrs. Bertha Maxwell Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. A. C. Best has received word that her grandson Pvt. Darrell T. Cook, has been transferred from Camp Douglas, Utah, to Camp Roberts, California. Pvt. Cook lived In Moran for a good many years. Mrs. W. H. Slaughter is looking for her son, Gilbert Hoover and family from Joplin, to spend the Christmas holidays here. Word has been received here, that Pfc. Keith Hobart has been trans­ ferred from Camp Clairbome. La., to Camp Shelby,-Miss. 'The W. S. C. S. met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Lillian Brouillard. The devotionals were led by Mrs. Charley Agner' as Rev. Alice Sutton could not be here as planned. Mrs. Kate Smith acted as installing officer and in a very impressive ceremony Installed the following officers, Mjs. Vara Rogers, president; MLss Ifloy McGlashan. vice-president; Mis. Plndley. recording secretary; Mrs. Lillian Broulllard. treasurer; Mrs. Ila Young, corresponding -secretary; Mrs. John Day. social relations and |ri^"'-"h n^t^jrv; Missionary Edu' cation, M EP Rogers; student work. Mrs. Pierde; children's work. .Miss Ci.iiU WWtlow; secretary of sup- plie.'. Mr/ Laura .Martin: spiritual I life. Mrs.' .Afrner: .secretary .status of women. Mr;;. Umphrey: publicity. Mr.<-. Norman: literature and publication. Mrs. Mary Smith. A good attendance and a sn !er"^*'l p'""'- ir.k'. The next meeting will bo with .Mr.s. .Sawyer. Dec. 28. The BritWi army'.s mobile laundry units can wash all tlie luuir.- clothing for". 12.000 troops every week. "Llj 'iC-!—S.u.-l Ct'li...;: Cui.'...' ers 1.:.: -ao .. „ : ' Moran; Happeiiings MORAN. Dec. 22-'-Mr. A. D. Eflin i left for Kansa^ City today to visit his ;Son, Wa^-ne Eflln and i family. Hft plans {o visit his son.' Elnier Eflln and family in Wichita a little later. L.ADY to do hoii=.e\vork. days only, .: Excellent wa.ites. Phone 772. 14—Help Wanted—Male ME.N to .shock corn, single handed, or with oututs. Charlie Smiu-t, :" LaH.nrpe. FINANCIAL 18— ."Money to Loan—Insurance INSUliANCE. Surety Bonds, • Real • Estifte. Farm Loans, Notary Pub: lie. The R. L. Thompson Agency. INSURANCE. Real Estate, Bonds, Farm and City Loans. Charles M. Funk. LIVESTOCK 21— Siorses, Cattle, MiscelLlneous O.NE 4-'raAR-OLD Whitefaced registered bull. E. A. Long, fiiqua. ' • USE REGISTER WANT-ADS THEY PAY! ' DAILl' RATES (Minimum 15 Words) ONf^: DAY: P IT word 3c THREE DAYS: Per word per day _.lHc SIX DAYS: Per word per day _ DISPLAY RATES (Minimum One Inch) ONE DAY: Per inch THREE DAYS: Per inch .50c 46c CONTRACT RATES . (Minimum 3 Lines) 26 E'AYS: Per line per day 4c (9 lines to the inch) CLOSING TIME : "A'ant Ads will be accepted until 1 p. m. for that day's insertion except Saturday when they must be received by 10 a. m. PHONE 18 TO OUR FRIENDS— A friendly hail, a glad "Hello" Now Christma.s time is here, And many a wish for happines.s Throughout the coming year. Just a.s the tie.^^ of friend.ship are strengthened at thi.s Holiday Season, .^o may our business assso- ciation.s grow in mutual accord and confidence. With best wi.shes for Christmas and the New Year, we are, •i Sincerely, MR AND MRS. T. B. SHANNON MR. AND MRS. DAVID SHANNbN MINER THEATRE Moran, Kansas -Sun.. Mon., Tucs.^ Dec. 24-25-2G I:ene Dtinne. Al.m Mar.shall. Roddv McDtiwnll. In •THE WHITE CLIFt-S OF DOVEIV Shorts S 'ews - Matinee nt 1:30 -Eve. 7:30-9:30 > Mrs. Bill Hite and daughter Martha spimt yesierday at the horhe of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Q. JE. -Lacey. helping celebrate lit- I JOVfUl i {jiim i A Joyous Christmas To Each of You —and— Welcome To The New Year 1945 Our patrons have made our firp what it i.H today. A sati.s;tic(! and delighted customer is an a.<set. therefore we .strive to serve and please in every day. -We feel it is v. distinct privilege to be' abie to serve your needs and we assure you we shall continue our same high standaid' of service, way. We feel it is a distinct privilege ng with iheni mii.h pleasure an,I good luck. Sales CHEVROLET and JOHN DEERE Service WASH TUBES Idea Wanted BY LESLK: TURNER yfiSSlR, EAS/-TH (J RAip WE'RE PLAMNlNcS OM K0«j3BE WILL MAKE THOSE SIJC<-T 00T' XEP CHIMPS / DtSTSOY WHO THOUGHT OP PEARL HA?8ai? /AM WPUSTRlAL M5H THEy HAPN'T PCNE IT,' ^CiTyO'TWATStZE ivi ONH RAID, CCtOWEL WECAND0(TlWTWClTKi !=5 ,WiTri \ tNCENr >lARlS6 -1F WE CAN PIAS)^-- --^ THE S .V 'OWi? ATTACK FROM X WAS AIR PHOTOSSH0WIN6/POSSIBLE AiAMST WHAT WE MISSED ON / THE ^ AHS,SJH-6UT T THEFlRSTi y ^'^^ JAPAN ouro' BAW6E,H0W'— SuGSHSriONS •J-:-; S'. N:A sE^^^iCfc. iN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES fcooo Kit '.oe ;\<yot-^ Or Greek to Boots BY EDGAR MAK'Vl V 1 Gol'i'b \ voK'^ vii't.r -xvJVN' COT "ROOTS'. V>\C vov'y -p FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Wrong Answers BT MERRILL BLOSSER --AND I've ME-^CD TMA.T MOST Or \ WELL, L FOB. owe DONT Tue -.pAEFNTi; IK;SMADVS(DE- ARF > „ I WA ^ar lb 6£ A YESTEK- USIMG JIVF -TAC^. MOM / HOW CO^^y DAVf^^VV-SS^^^I WASr —^- • , X I -HMES \ fl DOM'T WANJT'TO T&UT, MOM, BE- STC?ICUY sroCK / ITS SJOT --I WANT TO Be / LADYLlXf.' 0ROO6y./ .-r^lTs^OT, gECDMlNGr,' tU.SEaviCE.4NC. CM, COME NO'.V, SOV, CCfJ 'A BF A- APPLE i G£T H£P, )

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