The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 5, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1859
Page 3
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WATEil -,.-»„ HAiit & TOOTJtl #«i. :-%J ? o6MPIATB and i-Kegant uoL and American Ualr &ud " •';-'• celvedby; ? ^ fnre French f\VD PORT and Maderla Wines, N»tlv« Grape yjf Vfloet, tondon Cordial Gin, London Porto-, Scotch ;jkl«i Oongrs»i Water, 4c., *c., juat res«lTe4*r_: laol ••••'•••" "Ji M. ALT.COTT. LtJBlNS* / .BJXTKAjOTS. a A LL the new and choice varieties l.ablnn' ,-oapj am . Toilet rowrleri, just received by J. M, ALLCOir. SOAPS A: SUAV1NO CUBAfllS A -OpMPI.m5 assortment of Olearer's.lovt.Wrigbt' jfLond BaglaK' Honey 8oapa,RonsBel«Jk Peters' Bhav Ing Cream* and Gale'« Waving Compound, for tale by .; Janf. ... • J. M. ALUUOTT. AL,L,OOTX»S CAIHPIIOU ICE WITH 1 A SURE cnre for Chapped' "Hands and Face, bore ,£*. Lips, Sunburn, *c.,-*o., for sale wholesale and re tan by J.M.ALLOOTT; janl. , Druggist and Chemist, BOS East Water-W. CO M JNf P S ill - ERtVAlof an i entirely new and splendid Stock of . French, English and American JEWELRY ! Car, East Wattr and Wisconsin Strtete. Having lately disposed of most of my former stock, 1 exercised myself in searching jit the Eastern Markets for &11 the New Styles and PaUern*, Which have been Imported and manufactured since the 'last panic. I.bave also parch ased a large stock of ladies' and' Gentlemen's Watches. With movements acknowledged as th* most superior by the American public. . novSO Jolin Jflarqnis, Architect, ' JUN"BAU BLOCK, It prepared t > furnish plans for all kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. REFERENCES: J. 8. ILiRBiB.l LnxsDns BBOTHEE, S. FIKLD, 4 PKEETSS, 0. Jons. Joint H. Sana*, W. Tswirrs, C. E. DABFOKTB, LOCIB 8. MACK, fcbzo E VEIIT-TUIN3 required for a full and assorted rtock- for a first class Wholesale and Retail DrnK Store Is kept by Harrington, and of the very best quality.— "Prices as low u any other route." 0. HARRINGTON, 151 East Wsterstreet, Directly opposite the Auction Boom of the lebS Kxcentric and Celebrated dura WaXL. j, Girc , H, COROES & CO notice to their business friend i that thej bave removed their holesale Grocery BUSTNESS BACK TO THEIR OLD STANl',1 Near corner of CAST W*T»-.!J AND DE'rK«»l'r W onttnu'. 1 thr aame a§ hert-tofore. chanM for somebody to ret a gorxj house and lot,-«SBtoai» »l»u«ea,°*t a Jo* onuL«ncajnbered cltv properli;, oraiiarlcsnretnaln on.^he premises Tor • longtime, at a. fair Interest. '• •• : - T HA1TE a alee comlortablc house and lot near Spring J. Street bridge to trade. It l« worth »3.0i«; bnt 1 am ' •utborlzed tooffer It; tor ;«%«0ft '«nd ; ip. t»*«»«IOO in Horse and Wagon and other personal 'property. :Ihe balance cue remain on mortgajre on the premises. -1 " "-'••" ''' ' JHO.B.*WJIJ>; I.EASE-FOK SALE AT A HARCAi.N. T WILL sell a three jeart lease .of • rjlcetioun on-the J. hill, in the Second Ward, at »great • saerlflcV. It Is one of the mo.-t convenient bouse* for a small family In the city. The osrnerls golof Into the country the litt of March and therefore oDers It for sale, . llusi be sold, at once to raise money. . - > JNO. B. WiL;>, declS -, .- 18 WUconiin street. , AVHO IS FOK A TjtADK Pi YETE HAVE some very choice property;'intproved If and unimproved, which'we will trade on reasonably advantageous terms. Only a very little cash will be required ,lo •purchase Bomo excellent property.: We will trade a brick'boose apd lot In Seventh Ward; a corner lot on Wisconsin street, » corner lot In First Ward, a fine residence lot on Walker's Point. Farms in different stages of Improvement, and a variety ol property, all ol wlildu we oner Jbr sale cheap or will exchange for other property. We can ofler somr rarv Inuacements now in real estate. JMO. It. WELI>, 18 Wisconsin street. A GOOD FARM tor a house and lot, or a good vacant lot in the city. The Farm Is In Wankesha County, n a good neighborhood, Sand contains 140 acres,' well ratereU and timbered, a good house and barn aid come rait trees. A vtry superior tract of land,-and will be old low, or exchanged" for city property as above— Here is a rare opportunity. JNO.'U. WKLD, novia 18 Wisconsin street. MLLLINERY GOODS. Where they nov28 ili liS .KKNTKD. •%TT3LLIAMS 4 KODWAT vrill give attention to th TT renting of Houses. Parties having Hoosrs t Bent, or wishing to procure tenement*, will please ca at 19 Wisconsin street. For Kale Cheap for Ca»h THE DirelUng House, with lease of ground situated on the north east comer of Blddle an IIEIEI Milwaukee street*, one of the most deslrab! locations io tbe city. Immediate potsesslo given. Enquire of apr8-d4l GEO. SOUTHWELL, Jr. JUST RKCKIVEL) AT H T 1% 1¥ /k C K O S B V ANOTHEB ENVOIOE OF CHOI OK -pIQMPKIBINQ 100 barrels Apples, [(graflea 1>ra!t); 2C \J boxes of Oranges; 10 boxes Lemons; 1,000 Ib Raspberries, 1 case rVesh Figs and 6 barrels of I' Peaches, all of which we are selling at prices astonish Ingly low. febie [>octor C. Lander, H A VINO located himself in Milwaukee, offers hl» services to the public. Dr. L. has served tn thi British Army for fifteen years, In India, Burmah and I: the Crimea. fcjg gurgieal cases promptly attended. * Office corner Huron and Tan Bnren *t BIND UP YOUR AZINES VTTS are prepared In our Bindery to Bind Magazines TT Periodtcali or anything else In the form of Book, tn nesvt and durable styles, at low rates, jartitt STRICKLAND A CO. HKtJNOTrO, OOMMISSIOxW MKRCHANTS •.Real Estate and Money Broken, NOTAEIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornoi—No.4 Market- Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. mar27 r>. CORSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW HAS removed to {Office, :>o. 6, State Bank Building, corner ol East Water and Michigan urect. MuTtukee. marSO-dSm ELM « 1TY D IANA, Concord, Union, Tillage, Bebecca and Del * aware Grape Roots. Lawton Blackberry'., and Button Raspberry's. JttcAvoy'a Superior, I'eanpdy's, Hanlboy, Wilson 1 . Albany teedlingt and Early Scarlet Btrawborys, at wh lessJe or retail, 01 Water and »Oi ' ly filled by apr2j-d3t* on corner oT K Is streets. Orders sollc ted and prompt- OHAB R. 800TUMAII), Ag't Elm City Nursery. CAPITALISTS TTTILL find at my office » Beeister, open to their ID W spection of Bonds and Mortgages and other se cnrlties offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find Itto their Interest to Hie with me their applications or statement... C. SCHEEr, ' ylB Opposite Walker House. B O OK S . f \CB stock is the largest in fht West. We sell every W Book sU the Publisher's price. We canTurnlshtn order any book which exists, either In tbe English or other languages. We rtcelve new books as Issued from the Press. jajnSO BTKICKALND t CO. School Hook*. \\l t have every school Book >n demand, and IT them '' •'' ' JanM retail. . StRIOELAND 4 CO. A. H. L.OUD & C'O'S., MARBLE WORKS Corner Spring and Third etreett, MILWAUKEE WISOONBIN. mHE subscribers execute all kinds of Marble Work X foe-Buildings, Tiling for Floonand every description of • ORNAirTErVTAt ITIARBLiE We have In our warcrooms MAB Bt,Ei MANTLKS Of every description constantly on' hand, at prices nogins; from $16 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND STATU ABY of all kl*4s executed at the shortest notice. -• X feb6-dly A. H. LORD A OO. REMOY AL i OF BUSINESS. T ADIES—your attention Is now called to the best JLl stock of '- ' ' ' •" •'•'-". ' BONNSTSi RIBBONS A.ND FLOWERS, • - ^ver brought-to Milwaukee, to be farad at B L A N d BUA^X>' S . fOVTH'^S BI/OCKf OTAIN StT. aprSl MACHINES. EEWING MAOFiN»8. ;ibat took the WRST PnEMlPM & DIPLOMA, star Family tt«e/ at the Wlsooneln State fair, October S, are for sale at the ' Seiviog jflachiue Emporium BLOCK. : CO, 'a ~ GOOD one Immediately, at 861 Main street. A O , 1 HB«ase of freslv figt, revive 1 this day at k - . HUNS iOROSBT-a. 1 ia » f»/\ FEE8H COCOA NDT8 just received at >00 »prl8: , kpNN t« *""*< VJBNISON HAMS. bltt e*rc4ceyeoliori Hams at .received by Ki, JiiJBOSB*,. . 1859 POPULAR TilADE. 185!> Ribbons aDdMiiliner.? Koods. RIBBONS I illBBONs! Ill IJBO \s ! 0 MERCHANTS, MILLINERS,' JOBBERS, IILA.LK1IS IN RIBBONS, M1LLINKUY G001).<, AM) ABB HOVERS Ifl ALL SECTIONS OT TUKOOUNTRT, THK CASH RIBBON HOUSE. U6 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK JNO. FAKWELL. ESTABLISHED 1S68. W, have originated a new nrinciple— a new era In the ibbon trade, whereby we make this business PLAIN, SIMPLE, Ute tTAPLl AS THiTOr BXOW1I.8HEBT1BGS. |.;;• ,,) WE SELL FOR CASH I WE BUT FOR CABH ! We are satisfied with 5 PS* OEHT paftrrr. Ask no rcond Price. Have all our goods marked in PLAIN IGUKK8, GO that man, woman and child "buy alike," and receive tbe sanie value for their money. Our Prices for best Taffeta Ribbons, all colors, are o. 1 1! cts per piece, Ko. 4 SS^cis per piece, • 1* 15 » •• •• 6 74* •• ». ^ ' S 20>i » - " 9 STJd " ' 8 4SX " " " 12 No. 16 tl.47X per piece. 'E OFFER FANCY KIUUONE "ALL 8TVLE8," "ALL COLORS," "ALLQUAUTIEa," AT PRICES uKFYtNQ COMPETITION, AND FOR CASH ONLY. Our Establishment Is the centre of attraction for UliBONS, "Quick Bales," "Light Profits," an.l "Good Value," for Cash. ROUOHES I ROUCHES I! New Styles and Pnturns, at a savmc ul 80PEKOENT FSOM CttEllIT PRICKS. Examine our samples, and be etmvinreil BLOND L\CKS, QUlLTINGS, *C , Our line of these Goods always full. We Import an "Job!' them at once for o per cent advance Markt pnces -•! all Ooods "in Plain Figures." A SAVING OF 40 PEli CENT ON THK8E GOODS PRO CREDIT PRICES. Our intention Is to make the Ribbon Trade as slap .in regard to prices as domestic goods. To do this . must i,ell ONK MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS PK ANNUM I We are Union Men. "No North," "no South " W solicit the patronage of Merchants, In every section tbe United States, and are.the servants of all who fnv us with their trade and patronage. JNO. FARWELL, CASH RIBBON HO"8E, 116 Chambers street, New York, a. w WILLS* near the Hudson River Railroad Derx> janl&-d4m ^ Ijtrl^FQRfr^ Cash Capital and Snrp]py.v..^v.v.. .. , i ! 'i^70r ; fif>riroVd,<JoneecUcul,. , ,:Cith CaplUUBd Surplus,,, ....>... ° vOf'KewTork, . f Cf«n Capital and Surplus,.. .'. .......... |25»,0«fl 38 INSURANCE ..vOlti? \JtV • ; ..|S«,889 IM "•• {'•"'• OINcw yorkOtty, Cash Capital and Snrplm,. ...... .. CITY FUSE INSI'IIANCE COMPANY, ' 'Of Hertford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus,...,.. ..„.,...,»306,SS1 48 1 solicit business for the above named Companies, en tirelyupon their own merits and responsibility, an. refer to their promptand liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies I; sued without delay. >. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent. JOBH HOLLABD, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P.. sURSBAix, Surveyor. Wisconsin its^ Milwaukee. sept* ...... ASWUK- A N C L, 1 Mutual Jiife Insurance OF THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. 'for JanemUU. James U. Knowlton. Jbim J. ti.. T^aee, ' JolnrP.'Dfxon, Joseph A. Sleeper, Edward L DImock, IhivlJ Nogglc, H.\V. Collins, .lohn C. Johnston, . .. Wm. A. Lawrence, Morris C. Smith, Joalah t. WHlard, Solomon Hntson, Benjamin F. Plzley, Charles Norton, James Mel, Moses Prichard. . Anton Eldred H- H. Camp, For P OttH lU/MPS, ir. stori, for tale. •'••£•'•' I..\VTO1W * PLANKINTO" NEW i-lOOKS. P IOTDREB OF OOCKTRY LIFE, by Alice Cary. The Methodist, or Incidents and Characters rro Life In the Baltimore Confrence, Itf M. Kletcher For sale by K. TJCRRV « CO, mart N O . 167 Kast Water street. WHEAT EXCITEMEN The best assortment of the finest \Vatcbcs, Stiver Ware, Jpwclry and FANCY OOOL>S Ever brought to Milwaukee. Jnst the thing for lloll day present*. Jnst received ven cheap for cash. MATRON * LOOMIS, declS 201 Bust Water street, Milwaukee, Wis DR. H. W. REllHEAl). VETKKIrVAKT M7KOEOK, FORMKRLT OF CLEVELAND O , respectfully informs ih the citizens of Milwaukee thai having located In thl< plaee he Intends practicing his pro fession. All diseases to th Horse treated 1n a most >cl entlflc style^and general sat- factlon warranted. In con nection with his pra. tice h will Prick and Dock Tails in Ihe most approved style; and to gain the confidence of th public, he refers to the follow ing gentlemen, wfao have em ployed Mr. Redhead many tunes professionally In the coarse of ten years. We feel justified In saying that his practice Is superior to the general run of Veterinary Fractioneera. strLWicm. John C. Brodhead, Wm. Jamison, Murray, Fryer i Co., CUTVnjW). Judge Wilson, Doct. B. A. AcVley, Bishop, ".- M. L. Wright, Kelly, " M. L. Ucwit.. And-ews, '.' Reiner. Vilden, Jno. Kirkland, OBIOAOO. { Wm. Downac. OITKOIT. 0. Bradford. BACIXK. James Kelly, snoogHA. N. A. Brown, James Foley., Lrvsnv no or ourrzLAsm. W. J. Gains,'; Geer A Harrington, White A Newel, 0. H. Seymour. miBias or TBCHorai.Mxron's socirr/. J, K. Curtis, Wm. Patts, BTJas Merchant, Wm- K. Adams.' ff~ Office. Kirov's L'.very Btablc, Main street. ap-l&-d«wtf IRON FOUNDRIES. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MACHINE WOKKJS Tl71tT«»M &. SEItCOMB, Proprietors. NOB. 298,298,300, 3O2nnd 3O4 WEST WATBK 8TRKKT Two Mocks below tlie La Crosse B. tt. t STEAM ENGINSS, GRIBT It HAW MILLS, . LISB SHAFTING, KILL GEAUlNti, HOB8KPOWKES' PILS DRIVING 1.1 ACHlNEiJ, 1IKIDQE, RAILROAD and BTEAMBOATCASTINGS, IRON COLUMNS, »or BuUdlces, and every variety of Job Work, In the best manner, and on the most liberal terms. Tbe attention of Hill-owners and owners af Water- 'ower, is particularly called to the 'TUTTLK WATKK WHEEL As being by far the most powerful, durable and eco- ontlcal Wheel ever invested— not liable to get ont of rder, not affected by 'Ice or backwater, ind using less water In proportion to the power produced than any ther Wheel in the market. A descripUve circular for warded upon application, free of charge. Jan47-d*w ' ... BOOKS! A MEW History of the Conquest of Mexico, by B. A. Wilson. The Austrian Empire, its rise and present power, by ohn&O. Abbott.' -v. Thorndale or ConBlct of Opinloni, by William Smith. Wild Sporti in the Far WatT ' '• Jorjaleby TBEKTACLB \\KSt, ' " 167 East Water ilrept. . 8tteetTho«ghts,b,DeitCT. Mewand^ood Book* at mart Soardman. ".TERKY400, ICTJSast Water St. , CHANOli. HOUSE ANDfcOT FOB SALE J HBnnderslenedwiH sell his House and Lot, now occupied su a TaVfO by him, situated on Main St., Ba«IOB, Wlsconslo, :near the Steamboat Landng and the H. A U. R. R. Depot. Tbe hoasels located on the best bflUneia plaee, and the Honse u well as thesitm- on of .the Let, would answer tor any branch of boil- nei, especially Tor Wholesale 8to», which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those •hallke to jaake a t^rodbargalB.are requeited to apply, atthennderslgned. ' ' , JOHHBABTH. Racine, Janaary8S,18Sg. -' jantf-dgm HEW" ». Jltt UUtmute*. J. u. Martin, H. L. Dousman. for Madison. Charles H. Knehu, Bimeon Mills, L. J. Farwell. For Racing. J»-i R. Poollule, George 0. Northrnp, H. J. Ulbnan. For BAM. Matthew H. "Carpenter, John llackett, Lucius O. Fisher. For Grant Cbunty.— J. Allen Barber. For PiaitfiUt.—ioha II. Rountree. F«f StouffWon. — Luke Ptoupr.ton. For New fHggingt — James H. Earnest. for Whitmeattr. Augustus H. Fcoville, B. (J For StiuUft-Tirgli. — George W. Lee. I. A. 8LKKPER, President. U. W. OOLLtns, Secretary. A. OniBlM, Vice President. II. ti. VVILSO.X, A^CBL, septa __ 24 Wisconsin street. Milwaukee, Win. JUIFK INSU :ANCI<r " T IUE Trustees of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of the State of Wisconsin will meet at their office ra the city of Junrarille. on Monday, the 18th day of November next, at 8 o'clock P. at. Brction 15 of the charter provides as follows: Tlie operations and business of this corporation shall he carried on In the city of Janesville, al snrh place as the trustees shall direct, AH far as the same can be done, at a principal office Dated Janrsnllc, Sept. IS, 1KJ8. By order, JuHN C. JOHNSTON, »ept2t. ___ _ General Agcut^ MII-WAtlKKK * CITY INSURAiVCE CO., ornoi : In TOUcbell Itulldlnp. rri|rfal,raii »t. JIll-WiBIIS, U'ISCOSBII .VOL -;at--;€? a. j ^^ sJwayson ha»dlntsrge<]«antltl«s. .Juenyn tintfiiro ''"-''' : '' ' " No".,»l» EAST W, -••aptsj-'.. BOOKS!! ' • j . >' E 0U, -fcCEHES jar* ANOTUEH • i WOOJD, ' ' '• MODERN PILGRIMS, AC. The Ministry ofillte, by the Author cf Ministering Children.- r -i ^ . Meta Gray, by M. J. Mclntosb, Uwa Ueane anil Maggie KUler. The Julia. ; Prince of the ttpnse of Dsvld-^new edition. Livingston's Afrl- •— 12 mo. edition. tor sale by t/eU9 j IS. TKRR7 4 CO. A NEW 8UPsVL,Y. N ATURE and the Spiritual, bjr Dr. Bnsbnell. The Land-and the Book, by W. M. Thompson. The Power of Prayer, by 8. J. Prime. Memoir o( fitoddanl. BiHer Sweet, by Holland. For ule by K. TKRRY iCO., febao 167 But Water street. •JUSTIOE DOCKETS. M ANUFACTUEKD expressly for that purpose, ou of first quality paper. R. TKHSV t CO , <"> 167 ICasI A-.IH .1 A NEW UOOX by John a. Abbott.'! The Empire of Austria. Life of Ucnglas Jerold. The M-tt.try of Life. Meta Gray. Poirnlngs Frnlts and Fruit Trees. BevUed Kdltloi The Uouse, a Manual of House Architecture. 'or sale by K. TERHY, ""•ra ' 167 East Water street. WISCONSIN Vl'ATfc; U1KE«; —AND— FOli 1858-59. •rwo uoi.i..\ii.s. THIS WORK CONTAINS THE NAMR AJtD ADDRESS OF KVEItY J^EHSON ENOAQED IN BUSINESS \N bis own account In the State of Wisconsin, from l_r the Wholesale Merchant and Jobber to the small ealer. Representing both the Mercantile, Msnnfac- urins;, Mechanical and Professional branches of busi- alphabctlcally arranged and APPBOPRiATB VN»t:B 6VSTKESS THKfK VHAHTKHKIt CAPITAL, - - $2no IH P.iid in, $IOO,OOO. II. L* E. TownsrSB, J. It. IkCvL..u»*. J. SHiBHts CBiS, QKlsmtRO. H. L. I>I RECTOBS i' r> I)»v«, f 8. Cosovaa, J HcjipnarT. J. If.Cof.Dw, 0. COMETOCJ., . v TOWSgESD, President. A 1.. WAI.KATU, S w. A. PaxxTtss, H. Kmj»Kics», JOSSTB F litto. Jin.Mca«-»T, I^CO. Dvn nfonnation relative »o Banks, (showing their capital ate of or*animation, circulation, kind and value of ecurities deposited,) Railroads and other Incorporated ompanles. Agricultural and Ma&nfacturing Statistics of the ate; a Sketch of the State by Counties; a Historical ketch of the Mate, and a fall and comprehensive Ap- >endlr. Advertisements of the leading business h»use« onsplcnonsiy displayed on tinted pages, interleaved irough the l,ody of the work- Tl e Bonk Vs of full octavo jlie, hst.i«omely\printed, ontalnlng about six hundred p»ner. The advantages the business eonmunlty must derive (roin Its general circulation, as a l*,ok of reference, throughout th« Stale, an,i the principal kastetn Cities, aHordlng-u It does, a true exhibit of the growth, history, rtoor.rces, etatlstlca, wealth. In lact, a perfect mirror of lis business, Is of Inestimable value, and cannot be too (rtner ally appreciated. VS The Book »,ll be sent lir mail, free of postage on receipt of . KB, 1WO UoULAiiS. Law and Library Binding, ti,iO. Addreu BI R1CKLAND 4 Co martii Booluellers, Miliraukw', Wisccusm. SIXTH VOI.lMt. WISCONSIN HEPOKTS ' or§ al«at STBICKLANfT* CO, r ' hl " 1M Ea»t Water itrwt. • taken at earrt&i r IHAItlNI • '> •'lit r¥XffK underilgi. -d to take M JL and Fire Risks . .. , ,._c<: in store, lu , Western Insurance Co., of Oswcgo, New York, at as i u , rates as by other tellable Companies. The reputatio of this well-known, long established Company entitle I tto public confidence. ' HOEAT1O HILL, Agent, nov3 at nffleeofll. A J. F. DHL I — 1'KAK. k NEW MAP, showing ihe lioutr to th^ I \ glons In Kansas, jnsi rfctive-,1 by .^TKICKLAND 1 i febl » 124 C»si \Vnur. !?!• tSSSSSf iW.°' W«tt>ejs House, anrl Manufa •lilies of business. i Aircfcitccti.. . owcijie—KO. 10 .TbrKG's Kinr : BIOCK. Piant aadj'Speclflcationtfor all kinds of Bnild'ings favnlshed at thort notice and on the most liberal terms. </onutv iTIilk. ( AK prepiretl to furnish the cltlcens of MUwaake dally with •• «'»|«E CUIIKTIIV Ml Mi ^ rom.the well known. Dairy of <)M. BARBXR, Esq at a fair price and In quantities from a pint to » pup chton. TtioJe wishing to be supplied, can leave the! orders with Messrs. Uunn A Crosby, opposite the Wai ker Bouse. T.P.ABBOTT, myit Yankee Mllksnan. AMERICAN CORNET BAND CAfT. ALiKX. SCOT**, I.BAUER. ;; Jt IS WOW HEADY TUFDRNiaH ANT ijr^fl number of Instruments, from one to «Bf!Hfg urenty-lwo, for Dalls, Parties, Paraile». TPI** Kjicnirslons, Ac.l 4c., at- rvasi.naul rattj. Apply or address Oapt. \ua. Scorn,r at il Music Store, 173, East Water st. angll .. , s m A CsjUya>ii|sx;d Ko»lni|t. MIJKKAY, PltlOK Jt CX)-, Seaman's Mammoth Uonse Fvrnishiog Block, HUHON SXHFI:T, HiiOTiCTDaiia or, AID DASXIBS in STOVES, TIN, t GALVANIZKD IRON ROOF1NO, Gaiter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins celebrated Ventilators and Chlmnej Caps, Hot A Furnaces and Keglsters, VentilaUirs, tc. t-f Orders thankfully rsreived and promptly atten ed to. my^S l>u» & Metuu I*I|M] filter. ISAAC KINtJHl.KY. «JA» & STEAM PIPK FITTKII, NO. 291 BAST WATER STREET, VHOLS-agLC i « D 1ITAIL OIALCail OA8 AND STKAM FIPE4, GAB, 8TCAJU JtMD WATER COCKS, GLOBE AMD OHSOK VALVES, QUAQE COCKB, *c. Always on hand, a large assortment of <- 4 K fl.V T I |( K S. Work done m a workmanUke manner, at short notice and Invest pricea. )e9-dly ............. Mauus'aciurcr. ttlilUurtt. TOI* Hll.I.IAUU TAItl.l-: MAINI W 1 1^11 K KM K1KM KK, 'or. Fifth A Prnirif »t., Kilboiiruluwn sujiGf Acrrsan or SJ.ATK AND .TIAKtII.E BIL.LIAKJD TA. Wrth Dime, Triangular and Coshlons. BilllarJ Tab!,Cuer, Bails, *c.,alvays on hand fur sale. 8-con,l hand Tables repaired at low rate*. tSf OFFICE— Corner of Onelda luj pposlte Weuteln Hotel. mvlS N. 1.. OK1HVVOK1J & CO.. as^AIL DtALaXfl II LADIES', QCNTLBMEN 1 !) AN • CHILDREN'S UOOT.S, »110ES AMU bAITF.UV MASON STREET. u s i i e I fi e \V a I I. t- r 1 1 u u « e U p | inyii W hi 1 N li K N N K K , UrAOTTJKaa AVD DSALJUI IX SIIOF.N A.\P (JAlrFK*, NO. .24 SPRING STREET, Opponite American II o u » c ray II Boot & Mlioc ?M«Vr*i^ INO. «S EAST \IVII.K S.UKIT. JOHN PHK1.AN, KKKPH always on hand (rood custom raiije Bo-,u ar.,i All kinds of Ladles' and Oeni>men's Br, a4c to order in thelat«3l »lyle ao<i wirr lttsfacti»n. O Ji I ln and 6h., (J it A K N K K , DULKB IS KNTLEMEXS' & LADIES' BOOTS 4 SHOES \\U |TIAI»K TO OKIIKIi. o. aii. i: u »i \Vatcr at., bc-l\acrn .Tln- _*>on A^ V* i»con«ln mli*. myli' A . « li-antiix. ssinir ar.i) Clean .^>%wl. W •- FLERZHEIM £ CO., FUR NITU R E ! C ^ • •- -i ' EVHB Of P12BD IN THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOB THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS THE STOCK IS IIEAVV, Axu MUST BK MILD r 218 and 220 East Water Street O__ I wisro^ttix. apr9-d2mo RAILROADS. Nil., Wat. & Baraboo Vallry KAILBOAD. O N anil after Monday, April 4th, and until further notice a Passenger Train will leave Milwaukee from the d<*pot,foot of Second street, for Pewaukee, Uartlan.l Piue Lake, Oconomowoc. (Vavertown, Lowell, and Col- nmbiu at4.20p.m. t arrlYlQf; <n Uuwankenat 'i IK i. ra. Paaxengcrs arriving nt Milwaukee by tlie Milwaukee It OhlcaKn K. It., La Croase * Mil.U. a., anil Mil. 4 .Mia, H. R., or by Uoat, cun proceed to thu above places. Oonnectloos are tnaile at Watertuwn with ita^es far Lake Mills, Jefforaon, Waterloo, Uanchetville, 9uu Prairie, L'ottace Qrore a/ld Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, ilerimac, AUego, Fall River, Lo-d'a Corners llamden, LowvtUe, Dekora.Tork, Arlington, Bristol and (or all points to the Weal and North West. Passenger] arriving a; Hie Junction fruin the above places makt connections h the Milwaukee 1 Mlasis- «ippi tt. R., for Jani-svllte, Madison an.! Prairie dn Chicn <ind at Milwaukee, willi roada to the South, W^si and Nurth. apr3 _ 8=i!. ME8KII.L, 8up«rinUrn,]5nt. P K N TO 1» .» V I ,s , f) ( U UiUt f-unt »,c;,,, ON .»NI> A/TKU MONDAY, U K(.:. t Is.'.s Leave Baciuu for Davia-- k Leave Uaclne r.,r Itauli—r^, Leave Uavu i ur hiteine— Kr^il'i Passengers by nnm R u,» • dliore iiallruiul »l Milwaukee, t leaves i>»vi» lur Kr*-.-p.,ri ,,n *. Lram [torn Uav, 3 ,:oim.:c 9 %i. trains uu the Lake ahor,- ltailr'i:i<l .%.., ,!? orwani,-,! w ift ti r.^, 4! ,- ttutlAttl 1 u AJlJtld, .",i PitUburgjQ, i'ort Wayne at m Milwaukee.! Horizon R. R AND fciT-EAMBOAT LINK. miPfONLTJlOUTR hy which p a»seu K «s from Mil M. waukee reach Eureka,, BuCU I'M llarU, IkoaJl, A>«nuA, and J/irm«A<i the ,;ime ,lay Thr >nly rout, l UUL, it AIL, icoAi». cvt AIlU llrccl HAulu rlllv <|>rt "ills, anJ lfcy, Cl^v e by which pajaenger* from .Vt<a /,,**,!:, .lay 11, ,t . ' „„ .. " TRAINS LKAVK JIILWAL'KJK At A. M. aud a. 14 P II.. anil ABK1VK it MILWAUKKE At 10.411 AM and 4.20 P. H. Ask for tickets l»y Milwaukee ao.l Horic.m la Berlin je* JKHl'Ea VL1KT. Supenn S11 M M Kit A Kit A N < i K M K N I -VIA- MJCJHIQAN CKNTKAi, — AND— Western (Canada) Rail^wray • 1KA L str :OO the t Ceotrai :OO A. JI.-DEKTOIT ACCon^iODATloN, ( daya exempted), arrive at t elroit f M. .n.-ClNCINAATl KXPRKSS. ^un. ezcrpu-tl > .irriTe4i Indiana p.. MI p «.; OiDcmnan b.30 p. M. tt:»w ». n-— Uall&Ju VfurK < P. .11.- S*li. injioQ B, iU<e or BuiK. Alb^r.j a.iH) r M , Nrw \ Boiton \ 1 P u. Ai • OMifODATlON. J|.— NEW T( ^ezceptri T 5* r 1U:C-0 -». •-[, HK AND BOSTON KX>KK.-.- air.Ujr.| Arrive »l Detr-. 3-dpmaion .ir.4ife or ButTa.. Altianv 4:OO A. M.. N-w Y ir Boston 2:U'J r HAK.Nt*. JSHo 1 and . -CINCINNATI AND LoC '!.-" VIU.E EX PRKSi* (txc«pt Satnr-Uy i \rriv. » r Cinc.nnun 9^0 A M.; I...,) -v;ii^ 4.'*, iJardware, O . The 5 fMi . mid 9:00 at S 00 r M. . Hh rrw Buflalo i Lak s Ua TH« OlMiL, sasr TI> T». CJHnaT Ik, Wool and Kaorj Ijy mz. Ciol!: pr mi:, C^ri-eta, H'o >Vn niar.»-w \>. I ao.1 Clvaur.l 10 I!M; tn^t Htyle raiiu coonecl at Ptr:> Kall^iy, fn f Bur:», iJ >*il p*unU if at; *: r--r.mi , »?ifl tjiran.l Trur. * Ha. 1 »y, to KtOKssi .j, Oiriluuabarjf, Mt.ntrfai, i^ueC r tn.) 1 po'nta in Can%d» KAJI, Northern V-rmoni, \e* air>pflh rr- and Mainr. ^T~ BaKtratrt cJiecrt^t inrou^ti. TUrjf.B-ttL.cteu foi s\s.,e at the ^ tt.*.it , L*ke *tri:«u H. N. HICK, - VI It V, L t. ' j LAliKi A',r. I'; BY STATE_AUTHOR,TY, WISCONSIN OKNKKAI, INSURANCE AGENCY THAUTEIt OAK Fllli: I>S. Co.. Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS »»41,556 93 NORTH AnEBICAIV FIIIU IKS. < O. Uartford, Conn. CASH A88ETS > Ui54J(60 08 TI ASS. FIUE ITtH. CO., Of Pittsfield, Mass. 0»SH ASSSTT3 ................... *205,6M 41 CO\\FAT FIRE INNrRANCE CO., Of COD way. Hass. CASH ASSETS.., .................. »2«3,4S1 4T INSI7RAKCE CO., Springfield, Uaaa. CASH ASSETS ..................... $225,000 GIRARD FIRK INS. COItlPANV, Of Phllarlelphla. CASH AUSETft .................... -$i2S4,TBJ 73 i \V. I'rain, AgenJ, OFFICK, NO. 2, MABTJN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, niar2» Milwaukee. Wlseonsto. LEDYARD'S ADVERTISM'TS AGfclNOY Pale FOK THK —OF- Cream Air, ILLINOIS. I HAVE constantly on hand, a lull supply of this celebrated Ale. Orders from the Country and Private Houses must be accomplished with cash for ALE AND CASKS. On the return of Casks, the price paid for them will be refunded or allowed for In account. JOUN W. LEDYARD, Grocer and Wln« Dealer, marM 161 East Water street, Milwaukee. t) H A. Jfl P A «!%' K WINE. ; i "TIOET & CHANOONf." -f /"..GASES of this Celebrated W ne, in quarts at A V'^rlnts, just received by JOHN W. LEDTARD, Grocer and Wine Merchant, ianS6 1C1 East Water street. LiAY-KK HAISINS, T N quarter, halves and whole boxes, a Urge lot just J. received at JOHN W. LKDTAHD, Wine and Tea Store, JanJt 161 East Water street, Milwaukee. TURKISH I..4TAKIA TOBACCO POK MEEKSOHAUM PIPES, M ANUFACTURED expressly for the London -Clubs, a superior article for Smoking, just received and or sale by ^ JNO, W. LEDVABD, . feblS Grocer and Wine Dealer, 1C1 East Water st. N GWABE CIDER, Champagne Cider, In quart boV- . ties, better than half of the Imported Champagne, >rlce24i per dozen. JNO. W LEDTARD, Grocer and Wine Dealer. febl» .1 received at feblB N. T., XX Ale, In pints, a fresh lot inst LEDTARD'8 Wine and Tea Store. I TALIAN MAOOARONI, a received at feb!9 . very superior article Jnst LKDY AgOfl , Wine and Tea Store. R KNEBEO SMOKED SALMON, Jnstrecelved at LEDlfAED'S -febl» Wine and Tea Store. .».*. K«T. ft j very & lloardiu^ Stable, Foot bfMaqen gttfet, (on Hit Hivtr.) HUB sabterfbcn have rem«ved their stock frcn tbe l stable formerly occupied by them, corner of .alnand Huron streets, to the old! eitabllBhaent foot ^JS^S^S^^f^f^ tte *»o «tabU«l<-- confldeni that ire *• jrood cod stylish & turnout »i ** *•*' ,,3" «••;« "VF »ape»1orHn»Utir ( HDHN* lh» dty,»t ,- CsWftli-». SMOKKL) HOICK Smoked llallit.ut at mar?? HUNN A OEOSf I • 1858. Kit A < 136 EAST VVA1FH STREET, H1LWADKSZ. ilanv/actvrrrt and S -A. I> W OCLD respectfully announce In thrir nld nuUim- eii, that thry mill continue tn k«,ep tlie l-ir ( -r»t »nil best selected Stork ot Goods In ihcjr linr to i,. found in the State, an,l will conduct tbeir,-,. u berelofnrp, • iUi the Intenvi.Ti of fivtnjr •in»[»rti,,n To as many new custrJmen, as may frcl ,, .-lme,l u. mir UJ a call, we would s.1y one of onr fi, m mi.U-s n N r , Vort, an.l we have laciilUes for u» |mrirl,iu,t »n,| man alactnre of goods Ural on p-t hr nrvllc.l W f .n- at all times ready u. tai... advanta^-. ol rjwtrrn Mirlrti, and have been enabled lo reduce the i^-utr ,.; ra. n « kinds of goods, which we -hall eo!iiii,ii<- i<, if i al o ,, lowest prices In (Vesterb \. rkets. We are constantly receiving a M lions to oar su,. k and will keep It so complete as in bf able at nil i imcs to Oil orders for any kind of Caddlers 1 , tJiirlaCB Trim triers' or Trunk Makers' Cto.-k, an.! ir 11 do >o tn a rain ner to t .re .aUs,f»<.t.-.n Ir, r«j«ct an.l iincc- »e also keep an auonmenl of Di-nt Kmtf I'olcs lli*f a relloes, >pokes, Hubs, 4c., *c.. nn I hurf remain Iv 01 li.Dd.orwtll mate tn order, uriv kln.l ,r C.-ai-h C ; »r rlaje, Wagon or Team Uarn, n ' Call and see for yourselves. no The rarmers Loan * Trust Com I n the ° s D1 «- (.trlct Court for the i D.8trlrt of Wiscon.lD ntqu.ty. The Itllwaukee A Superior R,U- Clty of Milwaukee, Johann 0. A. Allenllnj, Christian Hahm and l Gbttfrled Wootsch. j | N pursuance an.l by virtue of a decree made by the J. District Court of the Unl!»-<l Stales, for Oi. Dlntrlct of Wisconsin, , n the nineteenth day of March, !Si9. In the above entl U d cause, 1 .hail sell at Puhlic Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of Antrast, ISM, at 8 o'cfock in the alternr.on, from the steps ol the Hoax:, ,n the City of Milwaukee, arl and singular, ihe mortuaired premises mentioned In the bill of compUInt In sal.l cause, and described as : -All the follo.lng.Vesent and in future to be acquired, real a->d per.orral rn-oper- ty an.l real e«ate ol the >ai,i defendant. Ihe Milwaukee and Snptr.or Railroad Company, f at b to say all of the Brst division of the Railroad of said Railroad Com paoy defendant, from Uig City of Mllw nkee, to the Uty or (ireen Bny In said State of Wisconnln, a distance ol one hundred and twenty mile.. Including th* right ol way. and land occupied by said Brsrdlvislon of sa d road, (subject to tlia right, Uue or claim, which the tald defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Uahrn and Wootsch. or either of them, may hare had at the time ol making sal<l decree, t<> land <up«n which sal.l Railroad Company na.i located Its *ay, and for which no compensation has been mane io t'icm,) toother with the superstructure and track thereon, and aB rails and other materials used ttereon, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, equipments, necessa. y depot grounds and biddings thereon, belonging to the said Ka Iroad Oom- E any, and all rolling stock, engines, t«»deis, cars tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other per*°?/ property appertaining to said tint division ol said road, and al! right* thereto, and Interests 16 be acquired by sa,d defendant, the and Superior Itailroad Company, together with the name asd functions appertaining to the said Orst division of said road all tolls, rents and Income t-i be had or levied there- from, and all corporate and other franchises, rights and privileges of the said Railroad Company In or l or concerning the same." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April 8, I8S» M. J THOJIAS, United States Marshal. District of Wisconsin. EHIIOXS, Vjji DTIS i UAMILTOS,Ouupl'ts Solicitors. apiSl-dtt ridil. T' ( ailtilu« tli li 11. \riji.icj' SVIMtl.K, IIAKM -s> A id Mv MANL'r Ai:TI'l;Kk A CAkkiAi.K I'k.M' No. ZS», K-ast VV»t rr ,i., g .loors -.^.nh r «. rr II ,,us-, Whnlesaitf in. I U.-i» ' aprzs %% SaOle«C.lf*.^ . . .... !<r,l«K JOHN lil* I . \\ ii o i. F. H A i. K t> it i 1. 1. i so HI F.A.^T WATKK stkf.K II »» JU«t TBCr. r Ml B ttj>! lupp) >" l Celebrated Union worku Cyliudt-r Kail Hay. C!cvi-lund « , •. Krv „- f -.n- l>rt s r , OJd N 1 s»ar Liuc of . li I iillnn «lrp,- I > I li I, <. l |. i l i -.%.!.«, Chuago Liae uf screw Steamers. entirely l.'l— c,r V I '. rrM't. r JHH-. HJ !_. X> cir, i-'IIV -T» AM Tu A LI. POI of Grrat UrttAin f. Thr j. ,*erfu' ,n .- BAI-rlMtlRI.', C1 II li fl I \ I. W I ; t , I , <.uu», WBulKML« I'Ulnl-. 1-, iS * >ri ttj A. U I'-i 1KD R.KTAI1. I» , Srtor-ilnt.' ' t 1 A h. Ipparuui GUI., i.uiuui I Uouhle and .Hln.Mf Hirlt-» tun,! M. « o . C. COOK i s x i <> > >i j. ,l- CO., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC r-iu IT> Also, agents for the mlr or rlrc Uork\, NO. i u w I s c o .^ s i \ * r it t: t. r Idt? Domestic Fruits of every desrnj.tu.Li r^r-ivr.i advance of all competition. »pri^ H - S I' A A N , STALLS 9 * II, SEVENTH H ARD MARKET HOUSE VEGETABLES of all kinds, frrah evtrj aiomlarf. dc llvi-red free .if charge lo any p»rt <if the cltj. ami t StcamlHiats, or other places. H. Kpsjui will lell cheap for cash, ami »;ll havr „ hand nlways the best and tarilesl vezrtables that r«i be fnund ,n this city. mf -^ . I*"lt»lor«. /\ltMSTJU>NCJ Jb UONNKI/l.Y I" A I m T K It s, <; » A I -v »; it s , UILLKR8 ANlJ SIGN irA/7'A'A>, Cliicofro »t-, bctwcesi iTIaln \ Ualcr Sf~ Particular attention paid t,, Kalsomlneitif; C«,l logfj mylS II :i r }»«• r It r o I ii r r - , ( £8tat*lin)itd in l&td,) HOUSE 8JGN, SHIP, OARRIAGK AND OR> A.V EN r •. i IMITATOB8OF WOOD AND MARilLK. NO. 30 ONEinA NTRCKT A. fs rr DOOBS CAST or TBJC HABKSI irv C&E \Vlnc« The Fanners Loan A Tnut Com-1 Pany, The Hilwankee «' Superior Ball- District Conn of road ompsny, v • .the Cnited States for City 01 U Iwankee, • . -the District of Wit- John Btewart, , consin. Johann C. A. AUerdlog, In Equity. Christian Bahm and Oottfrled Wootsch. I I having been refemd to a Master ol this Court, by a decretal order of reference made In this cause on the nineteenth day of March,. A. o., 1859, to take an ac- Montof the outstanding bends of the Milwaukee and Jcperior Railroad Oempany defendant, second by a iertaln trust deed on mortgage execuud by tbe said iailrciad Company defendant, to the F*rmers Loan and Trust Company, in-trust, oearlng dat? first day of January, a, D., 18>7. and which are ; a lien upon the mo -t- !agedpreml«erde»et1bed In the said mortgage; and of the number and holders ol s*fil bonds; if the amount due thereon for Interest and 1 principal; of the number and amount «f s »ld bonds, which are pledged or held as :ollateral tecurity for Sebis or obligations «f tke said iailroad Company, and the amount of principal and nterestduenpon the debts or obligations for which uch bonds are so pledged: or held as secnrity; and also to examine any of the holders of such bonds anv of the parties to this salt, and any witness that ma'v he irodoced b>,any party laterettcd in said Company^e- enaant; as astocsholder or: creditor thereof, or In the said mortgaie or jrust deed: ' •••."* And It being further provided In and by Uw laid order, that aJripeisons holding or claiming to hold act of he laid mortgage bonds, «lther as parchispr, thereof fogoodfstth, oral eoliajteral security,haveleavitn tjppear before said Masterj and fc« heard opoV the mat- •^r of Jiach account andexamination: "••-•• \ , And the matter* embnced In the said order of refer- ene» having been tjiTtn in eaarje by th!> Complainant's: iolleltors^lo the undersigned, one of the slasteriol , Mcticelirtereforeijereby given, to all persons con- ctraedtbstl,ihe on«errlg»d, shall proeeed h> take inch examination and aecount, and to proceed In th« nutters so referred at my office, in the Ctty of Milwaukee, to the State of Wisconsin, on tfeeslxtb day of June. A. D., 1889, «>t- l^o'elock In the' forenoon, ind. upon ther subsequent days to w^ch sach preceedjntsioaT rrom' time to time be aajourned, *t, ^hlrtt time and WFiBSTtK, Wibtter tt Ava-eU*, IMO. I8« WKST WATKK W80LX81L1I nsULiatlf Also, distiller of Pure Spirits and WhUkey. apriS Itcal i-,«tnio &... lr>«nrntir JONES & WHITKHKAO General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES PITBI.IC, &.C., OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets. Jfcyrose's Bloc*, Fifth Ward. i W £ l *"/? Bd .r 0 ttB °o? ln « »nd selling of^eal Estate, Insurtog Goods and Bnnd«j» In responsible Compi nies. Attend to the Collection of Accounts r Mak1n« ,at of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leas, s, *«. All Collections made on acconnts placed in ear hand will be promptly pild over. a. c. jonm jyta. aosaar wBmvun. Teas) .« of fecsi TKAN Ai%W COFFEES, WHOLESALE & KE'J. A I L, —AT— Robert Ctnrney's VHE.IT WESTEUN TEA STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, - EeUU prices) from 10 to » per ft lower than any other store In the. city. Coffee Roasted, and QronnJon th» premises by the most unproved methods. Java 19c ttlolSc. Bt.Bpmlnfo lax". sUnember the number lit gait Water st, Seaman t Wing's Old Store. jrfl -iWaumactu rcra, PIANO WAKERS. , MARKET STREET NEAR MARTIN ReniUrina; and Tunltfs; lone cheap. ' Pfuioa it«pt cofiatianUr on hs-vod for tMr WALI, PAPER. WK KstXP A GOOD 8TODK Of , .. BUKDEKS *'«•»» , mionuui» * oo. tar ff r ,v.v.i r.- fr, m ,,- 10 l'iai.-< , fl«s, .-ry Kor | il-l»y of rall en prncrrd iI »prli-dly In C»lun u, LI. \r.c * , n,.r, . .1,; .; f,, R J hnO !>\le. 15 Brnailway, .1 ntfei, by Oils Line av.'id ili ; at Ual,l»< in, I St. J.irinn, \i in SUMMEK 1 I.«»THY > 4R.\> Y. («• •> ARRA1V GEM EN T. e A KAII TH1-; ROAD. .>TBW»dT. A 4-1. . \pi.niTioi rt: Winona, Head's, fied Wing, PKESCOTT, ST, PAIL A .N • ,<T INTHUMY < Imncrof Time .notulity, April t. !•*.>!». ISTTKAIN I. i-AVI.H •>! I I. \T A F. K !•: F. 11 00 A. M., Arnvln< it Janesvll'* 2 .TO P M . ««,l,.oo a ; 35 P M. ; Praine dn. I'hi^n -Hi) P 11 IJonncctlnff with ih • Prairie .iu rhii"i .tud St. P»ul P»c-k.|.i, »h,ch It-avr Prnino ,!«, Chien on the arrival uf the 3:l>0 P M. Train Ull a 1||,HHI«, VI il wanker A: Jto ii. ii I'nile.ii 3tatr.i. Ml i ..l / . TRAIN 5:05 P. M. l.F.AVF.K Arriving »t J.ii _^ 10-M P. M. ^ff Far. . t.> ail pnlnln low as any other Koule apl€ TI I I. \%' V I KF.E i' S:.« P. M . Mbji n the Missi(U!it|i> iliver • WILLI-AM JKHVIS. OeD'i Superlnti Dj^nl. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIL JKOAU. SPKJNG AKKANUKMENT. UREAT >OUTII-\V ESTF.IfV 1 NITl-.D NTATE8 .TIAII. A KXJPHES8 AND OXLY ALL RAIL ROUTE TO LA CROSSE On tbe rPPEK TI ISSISSIPfJ IIIVF.H, On and after Monday, April 2Sth Two Through Express Trains Daily, LEAVE MILWAUKEE, FROM DEPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT 8TRKST, ts roixows: A. n. and 13:43 P. M Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9:8O A. -M. AND 2:3O H. M Close connections are made at LaCrosse. Twice tl»ily each way witl» the Minnesota Packet < ompauy»s Wew and Splendid l.nitedStaU-s Mail Line of Steamers to & from St. Paul and _intei mediate points. IV* Passengers, by taking- this route, will save too niles In distance and 18 hoars time, from Chicago or to La Orosse or St. Paul, over any other route. '.."''' : •Jlondsvs arcepted. tSundays eXocpted. ^ Milwaukee, April 34,1899. EDWIJV H. GO.'JDBICH, apiM Manager. Lninber Vesaels for Sale. Bca»oner rashloo, 324 ton*. Schooner D. Newhall, I JO tans, Scow Schooner Baf by, US tons.' Th« above vessels will be sold st very low prices for (UifMtory secority. Good title. ... TATLOK t JBWETT, Buffalo, New York. Knoalre at B. B. Jaxn, Mil «akee, Wisconsin, febto -•• • FL.OIJK. a KT1W Tork Mills Flour, coaitantty on hard, at JJJ nartT HDNN '* CROSBYS. f I I UK ..illy n-lliit lc:ii) t. n ^ 3:i a p. n.-i «nd outn uuction, I,,r iirl,i in thai Line freight Train antvn »i ,.811 j. « >"rel K ht lorwardwl .lift j r »p:ii.-i,. Passenger Traiiia teavo UJiK.* tf o the Nnrth W-st»t D:00 i > . »,,,! nere at I'J:5U p A. *nd 12 !A . M apr24 . JN ). T. IIOODIT. Mast GENTLEMEN'S FU.-NISH'O. XKXT U4IUR T« \. U. y,^ ( <» I I '•,. 60 •r4 A 03 •s^ s 0 fl o D »» Q 0 H. *« R U SS E I, JL. STATIONKKY. OPH STOCK KiHBRACEM E VmtTHINQ ever kept In a First Class Paoer and Stationery Kstabllshment, which we offer at prlo« which make It the Interest for all to tn us A LCOHOL 98 per ct. at ManufacturB-s price. reca BARRING HARRINGTON.

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