The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1923 THE- HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE NINE., BREAD AND WATER FOR AGITATORS Sheriff Threatens Drastic Action is Curb AciiviiiM; ARE STIRRING UP STRIFE They Tell Harvest Hand* to Always Hold Out For Dollar . -Mere Than offered. There Is Just one way to handle the ftgitaloi'8, t. W. W. S OT otherwise who are doing their best to stir up unrest among the harvest laborers and In- tlmldato farmers Into paying an ex; horultant wage, thinks Sheirirf Jetaa I/angfbrd and that is to Jail them an<J keep them there »ntU fall. Moreover I Sheriff. Langford Intends' to follow P that policy. ' -v TUera will BO no life of ease lor l-hoso BO handled, the sheriff promises. -Brend nnil \yaior will ho the official diet for Agitators. Rich food might serve to further Incubate tho ' germ which Is Infecting this kind. The County's Duty. "I hellnvo tho county can -well afford the few loaves of bread It would take to handle agitators In this way," said Sheriff I,augford. "Furthermore I loHeve the county owes it to the farmers. I knew that there are men hero whose only 1>uslnp«s S« 'to go among, the prospective hands and tell thejn, that no matter what a farmer offers them, hold out for a dollar a , day morn." Hherrrt Lan^'ord lh£i oily polire bare been kee»iug eyes open for I. W. W.'». E**ry rod card man has . «eon vagged and will be kept where ho can do no damage until after tho harrost. It will be necessary to get dlrt.ct Information on the others. Always Have a Job. These agitators when approached always say they have a Job. Many 6 others are using this method of evading tho officers who are Insisting that tho idlers get out of town. There wore scores of mon loafing about today despite" the fact that hundreds are needed. It looks like it Is up to the officers to make good their threat ot jail or move "oni. _ \ ACCUSED IN DAUGHERTY ESC ABE Pearl Bartmort, 8>W York mctrett, (frozen here, charged , hy Mr: \ Dougherty : with being ' ikej! master mind" ' who planned t'cape of Major Draper Daur/Jicrty from Stamford Hall — atylum. Miis Varemori rfonJei - )cnoic\tdge-of Dougherty's escape or hit xehereaboutt. • e ABBYV1LLE H. S. ' FACULTY CHOSEN DEATHS AND fUMRALS SOUTH HUTCHINSON VET Othelo H. Sherman of South Hutchinson, a veteran of tho Civil War,.passed away at 11MB this morning at the home of his daughter Mrs. J. T. Lam- hen with whom he has lived nlnco the death of his wire June 2, 1921. He was born on Feb. 18, 1841$ in Jackson, Michigan. Ho served throughout the war In Co. F of the 2Rth Michigan Volunteer Infantry, lie was a member of the Joe Hooker Post ot the G. A. K. of this city. Mr. Sherman was united In marriage 'to Marian .10 Adams following tJlf war. Four children wero pom as tlu'.'t result ,of that marriage and one daughter, Mrs. Bessie M. iauubert survives. He Is also survlvod by 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The Junoral services will be hold nt I o'clock tomorrow afternoon atTtho home of his daughter Mrs. J. T. Lambert of South \Iutchlntson with Jlev. Jw. B. Stevens, pastor of the South Hutcbioson Methodist church in charge. Burial will be at the Falr- lawn cemetery. O. T. KIMMEL DEAD. Welt' Known Electrical Salesman Passes Away at"Woapltal." Orrison T. Kimmelt, 48 years, a salesman, living at 546 Sherman street east died this morning- at a local hospital after an Illness of short duration. He is survived by Mi wife and daughter, Martha, and his mothor and a sister living at Youngstown, Ohio. No funeral arrangements have been made pending w*tml from relatives. Owens Funeral" Tomorrow. / Funeral nervices "will bo, conducted at tho Second avenue BantiBt ohurch tomorrow at 2:30 p. m. for TVllUam, Owens, who died yesterday.. TO DUMP FRENCH BEER *IN HARBOR r4ow loi'K, June z6. —Poari Baremore, an actress, young, pretty a>nd talented, Is starring in a new role, not on .the; stage, but Jn real life, according to Mrs. Jean B. Daugherty. 1 Mrs. Daugherty is the wife ot Draper M. Daugherty, son of the if. S. attorney gefierai. Tho actress Is playing tho "master mind" In the plot -which resulted in tho escape of young Daugherty from the Stamford Hall Sanatorium, according to Mrs. Daugherty. Two months ago Daugherty, following the disclosure of his friendship with Dorothy King, elaln Broadway butterfly,"was-committed to the sanitarium" This was after he had told he had challenged to fistic combat alleged blackmailers who tried to victimize him. JMI attorney- general's son. Brit despite the precautions Daugherty now is at liberty. An auto drovo up to the grounds—a taking a walk accompanied by an attendant. Three men Jumped from the machine. The' guaTd woa overpowered. Since then. Daugherty has not been seen. "I know where my husband la, but I cannot tell," Mrs. Daugherty said. "1 have been sworn to secrecy. I have not seen hlra nor heard, from him since his escape, but from ywhat I know a woman. Is responsible tor the entire scheme." Mrs. Daugherty then named Misa Bareniore as the woman. The whereabouts of Miss Baremoro are a mystery. She has not boon seon at her apartmentjind ono ropofTTias It that eho has not lived ai the Bast Forty-ninth street add lonrace oil uau'ghe'rty has been, found. . ' rrient and also expose the United States to ridicule." , -..Canadian Liquor Taken. Detroit, Mich.. June 26. — Fedoral j prohibition ettforcoment agents stationed on the Detroit river and at Wyandotte, cooperated early today la a, raid that resulted In tho arrest of six men and the seizure of 10,000 bottles of Canadian beer, a thirty foot power launch and a heavy . motor truck. Shortly before, the "prohibition navy" captured a 23 foot launch carrying GO cases, ami five halt barrels of beer at tho upper end of tho Detroit river. THE STREET! IS ARCHBISHOP DEAD OR ALIVE? (Continued Prom Page 1.) fCO>.TInued From Page t.) j "medicinal supplies," but that it exceeded the usual amount. Other ghlps Comtna. The other nine vessels which hove arrived to date: Baltic, Berongarla, Paris, Cedrlc, Bufiren, Clonte Verdi, Providence, Tuscanla and Caronla. The four jip- preaching these shores are the Canoy- IV, Chicago. Olympic and Saxonla. Mobt of them had been expected today. ^ I v •Tli<r*Baltle and Berongarla, the first two from which supplies wore seized, •are bfiuud back for Europe, but with more liners picking up fast, it became apparent today- that seizuras would . have tD be made mfarq rapidly or else ,„ the vessels would'sail back with thplr' liquor, or their sailing dates would have to he tfOBtponed. . The French line was notified that •diatoms men would \Islt the Paris this afternoon, break the'French customs' coals and selzo such liquor as did not come within tho reiiulremouts of the Tfrouch law for crew and passengers. i Italy Talks Ridicule. Kome, June 28. — The newspaper Mossaggero in reporting the confiscation of liquors on foreign steamers arriving at American waters, says nobody (fuostlons tho right of the Am- ( eilcan government to enforce the law, •%ut all are agreed that owing to the excessive rigor ot the law Its enforcement may cause serious enibajcrast- codo for anti-soviet actions, I admit these aotlons against tho stato and lask the suyromo court to free mo from arrest. By this I declare to tho supremo court that in the future 1 will not bo the enemy, of the soviet authority. 1 finally and decisively give \ip notions, secret or opon r in aid of the monarchist white guard counter revolution." The signature attached was "Patriarch Tjlchou, Vasslll IniHavin." Not Re&pontilble. London, Juno 2t>.—A Tteuter dlB- patch from lllga says, It Is generally 'bellerc -if In tho Latvian capital that Archbishop Tllthon, former patriarch o( all Russia, waa tn a state of men-' tal lrruspons.'liilitj', dim to torture, when he was induced to sign a loiter to tho soviet authorities declaring his readiness to swear allegiance to the government and asking that the letter be used in his forthcoming trial. Is He Dead? (By Th« Associated Press) Ttiga, .June 20.—According-to statements printed' In the newspapers here, Archbishop Tikhon, former patriarch of allltussla, died in prison on June 10. . • (This is the dato given in Moscow dispatches on which the patriarch addressed a letter to the supreme 1 court adurlng anti-soviet tendencies. The MOBCOW soviet officials says he has since been release*!, but do'not reveal his whereabouts.) > Was He.'Poisoned? ' Tho Baltic news.papef advices, said to have been received from Moscow, to the affecit that Archbishop Tikhon died in Jail, charge that his dcaUi was the result ot poison. _ These reports were printed before lie appearance of the soviet government's announcement x that tho patriarch had recanted. No confirmation of, theru Is obtainable. CONSIDERING PAROLES. Stato Board of Administration, convened Here Today. The stato board of administration was in session at the reformatory today, considering paroles. Ia addition to the usual list of Inmates eligible for conditional freedom there are quite a few applications from young men with farm or coming from farms who want temporary Harvest paroles, x Withdraw RodleeounttnQ Right. •Washington, June federal (reserve hoard today withdrew the right tt gave member banks of the reserve syostem in 1921 to act a* agents in redJscouattag lor non-member hank*. Police Judge III—Police court was not hold yesterday afternoon •because of sickness of Judge W. H. S. Bono- dlot, who has a slight allack ol ptomaine poisoning. He is reported to be getting along all right. | — x — Two Sinn for Navy—Two rocrults for the V, S. Navy were secured hero yostcfjiay at tho local naval rocruK- ing station at, fcho Armory. They j were Hoy N. Ouborn of Whitewater and Ohancey^W, dough of BlackwcK Okla. ' i —o&— Get Another.Wobbly—Another full fledged member of tho 1. W. W. was arrested yesterday by the city authorities. Ho gave the name of Geo. Clyde and carried 1. W. card'No. 114,658. Ho was charged with vagrancy and was booked tor investigation. —x— Two Seek Divorce—Two divorce suits wore riled in district court today. J. W. Van Hiper ls~asklug a -divorce from Sarah "Van Riper to whom He •was 'wed 25 years ago, on tho ground of abandonment. The plnintirf lives at Arlington. Cruelty is"numed in the petition of Grace Clark against John Olark. —x— Inspecting Stations—Captain Donald A.'Soung, V. S. A., Is here today inspecting the local Army recruiting station. Cupt-alu Young is making an extonsive tour, looking ovor prospective sites for now recruiting stations. Ho Is stationed" with the 2nd cavalry at Ft. Hley. Can't Use Old Pole—It is impossible to do anything with the old flag pole a\ Uio court house, according t(**iie commissioners. K.Js unsafe but tho commissioners .today expressed a willingness to permit any patriotic citizen who is so minded to climb the pole and put up a flag. - •- x— Add Some Property—According to Frank Lewis, deputy county cleric personal property valued at Jgo.OOO has been picked up slnco^ho abstract was forwarded to the state tax commission. Host of this Is property of persons who wero-out of the city. —x— 8mlth to Address Teachers—F. Dumont Smith will go to Emporia, July Tito talk before tho touchers attending the summer session of tho Teachers-College at Emporia. He is the third of a group asked to talk on constitutional Questions, the others William Allen White and Judge Rousseau Burch of the Sunreme court ot Kansas being the oihera. 1 '• • —x— Will Speak at Wichita—Ool W. H. Mitchell, grand commander of tho Kansas G. A. II. •will,go to Wichita on July 4th, he announced today and address the Independence Day meeting ot the Grand Army Veterans and the Women's Relief Corps. V Full Corp. of Teachers With Principal Baldwin Returning;—Other News. — AnbyVillo: The completer faculty has beeii employed tor the high sohool lor the coming year. Mr. R. W. Baldwin tor principal; Miss Eunice Broady of the Ottawa University Wr. English and expression; Mlas Eolah Crura- plnger ot-McPhorsoa college as Home- Economics and I^atin; Mhjs HaitiB Mne Kllpstrlc ot etate school. Emporia,-'will havo charge ol the Commercial department. Miss Dura Bur- mnn ot Kansas University will havo charge of the music department. Miss Burman is especially well qualified tor tho work, Ihavlng taught both music and dramatic art. She has boen two seasons with Chautauqua work and one year with Dyceum as reader soloist and accompanist. Tho W. F. M. a. mot Thursday afternoon at .the M. B. parBonago. Quite n number wore present.^ A surprise dinner was given at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. -koycf Kchnurr Sunday in honor of Mr: Schuurr's. thirtieth birthday. Those prcseut were Mr. and Mrs. Frank SChuurr, Evelyn, Leo and ClMr. Mr. D .nd MTB. Hunter S-.'.-.uurr, Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey, and Mr. and Mrs. John \Vluder and Junior. Aunt Bell,.>lr. Laureuco Deck and Iitt1e »glri3 spent Sunday In Hutchinson u'. the Denton home. Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Rumford ot Hutchinson spent Sunday here with relatives. A baby hoy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walt Wright Wednesday. Juno 20, Miss Pauline Wftlburn of Arlington Is working for thiem. Msr. Saurey and Sadie and Mrs. Madge Bridfseinan spent Thursday lm Ntckorson at Ihe Frailer home. Mrs. John Winder entertained the D. S. club Friday afternoon, Juno 22. Sovoral were present considering the busy season uhat Is here and a very pleasant time was enjoyed. Roli call was answered with "My Most Brahar- rassln,; Experience." Mrs. Wilson was the ira'.j ghost. A dainty lunch was served. Mrs. JeflerB and children retumod home 'the lost ot the week from Missouri. Vosta Brid'geman and Mtlbra Cox spent Sunday in Arlington with Carry and Biizabeth^Ungles. Mrs. Dill and Mrs. Dollonbach motored to Nlckerson Friday and called oi( MissTom rvu^iijKiiE. aTaiiil Mrs. WliT Dunn and BesBio spent the week end viBlting Mrs. Dunn's slsitor at Mcpherson. Dr. Ira Jones, wife and baby spent Sunday at the John Martia home. Quito a number went "from ihero to Hutchinson Saturday to see President Harding. 'Everyone Is qulto,busy here now as harvest Is on and help seems to be scarce. The Double Six drub waB enter- I tained F/lday afternoon Juno 16 at the 1 homo of Mrs. Steed In Plevna. Tho afternoon was pleasantly spent with needlework and conversation. Roll call was responded to by "Uses of Left Overs." At five o'clock tho hostess served a delicious lunch. Members present wero Mrs. Chr'sllp, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Winder, Mrs. Myora and Mrs. Dlven. Mrs. Green waa the only guest. ' •* The ladies In charge of the Junior T ,caguo gave- a party .TueuVay afternoon, June 19th In the basement of the M. E. church for the llttll folks. About 24 wero' present and a very pleasant Urns was enjoyed by alii present. The Baptist Ladles Aid met Thurs-, day afternoon in their church basement. Prof nnd-'Mrs. Baldwin and chlldrou wero over from Conway Thursday. While bore they culled o .i Dr.-. and Mrs. Evans and at the Cummtaga homo. A party was given Friday evening at the hon ».e of Mr. and'Mrs. Ah Cox in honor ot their son Ralph who waa leaving the Jsat of tho week for Carmen, Okla., whore ho will work in Chas. Cox's e )evator. VarWiis games •were ptayod and at a lata hour a dainty luuch fat served, /rtrouo pres- out were Mr. and Mrs.'Sam Gngnebln, the twins and: Fay, Mr. and Mrs. irvln Zimmerman, Mlssra'Carry and Elizabeth Uuglos of. Arlington, Rolph Raymond, Ruby and-'Ruth Rush, Ralph, Warren, John nnd Dorothy Fealer, Mrs. Miller and son Louts, Vesta and Alloc Brid'geman, Joseph, Glen, Vara anil Harry Gaguebln, Adolph Kuotiol, Theodore-and William l^ihman, Uor- nn'ee Blrket, Marjorio and onald' 51c- lvei 'j Ralph Canfleld, Wayhe Dunn, Eiolder Whetstone and Roy Stull. Grandma Beavers is g.ulte poorly now. A blrthdaw dinner was given In honor of Mr. K. J. Winder at his home Sunday.'' Afisses ijary, Ed'ith and Ruth Billing spent Sunday hero in town with Mr. and -Mrs. .Wilbur Dunn. Misses Jennie, Llla and Kato Guyer of Arlington spent Sunday afternoon at the Martin homo. The. male quartetto from WlnfieW will give en entertainment at the M. B. ohurch Monday evening, July 2. No admission is charged but a free will offering will be takeu. Everyone Invited to come. Chester Deck has boen painting the hoii!^e oi ibis farm north of town this past week, •" hopped out of his plane, tit ay told •him he had met every reauiromant of the rigid tost. >. Gen. Patrick formerly was an engineer officer. He entered upon his present duties In "1921, and several months ago began taklns flying ln- etnictlouB to make hlasaalMijofSclent la tho air service from the top downward. AMERICA HAS NOTHING . TO FEAR FROM FRANCE Thia is the Statement Made By President MiUerand to Correspondents. (By Thfl Associated Press) Paifa, June 26.—Franco '3 great •difficulty is to make hei- course ot action pun^erstood abroad, President Mlller- and told the foreign correspondents today «t a luncheon given tn his homyf' by the Angta-American Press Association and two other organizations of foreign newi?puper mon. "Tell your countrymen," the president said, ""that 'tho prosperity and peace of the -\v<n'"'i ho-vr Mothlng !*.• fear from republican France. "The wonst (iis 'grr.r 'e that could incnuco FViuice would be to be misunderstood." it waa difficult emfiiigh, ho uu..<-,i, for live people ot ono i -ouutry to explain their Ideas to others speaking the samu language, hut the foreign correspondents Imd the extremely difficult task of dealing with foreign languages and 1 foreign customs- IJcferrlng to the France-Belgian occupation ot tho Ruhr, lie asked: "It is indispensable to attribute ulterior and unHvowable motives'! Cannot one admit that a people, like an individual, should wish to be paid and object to the rolo of a flouted victor?" OFFICERS SAY THEY HAVE TIRE THIEVES Two Men Arretted Safe Blow, ing Suspects Found to Hav« Missing; Auto 'Shoes'. gnimms, paving, a vr.luo ot $3.G0O.0O<>. The radium owners are included in the Ameriran Radium Society. Thoy announce<l ihs.t rich depowlts ot ra- dfum bad beeo found in the African Congo. It Is necessary, Jwwwvar, even la those deposits, to woxV over b.MCOvu parts of ore before eae part ot radium can be extracted. The mines In Colorado that formerly produced radium hare been closad, It 'was said. Two>men picked np yesterday by the j_pollcfl. »fl .s.'!.«?jw*c.tftd an^c-- irci'b^ri: iusT,- ed out to bo tire thlevee, sccordlng to Sheriff Jepa lAugford. A state warrant chargting them with the theft of two tire* will he lieued some time today for Jim Doughty of South Hutch- ! inson and Tex Cox, 1519 Fourth ave-' nue ea:it. A drunken boy In Sylvan hark paved the way for the. arrest ot thosu two men and the raid late yesterday of the John Morgan place by Sheriff Langford. The hoy said ho had been with three men whose names ho gave and they had bought booze from Morgan. Thoy had also stolen two d,»KS from Morgan al'ier buying hi3 whlnkey. According to Sheriff L&ngford s-ix stolon tlrc-A wure found In tho possession of the mun. At thf> Morgan farm the sheriff found .two fallens -uf tho vSN-ari «>rn whiskey y,>t 'Seized, 'buried in tn,^ PTOUnd and a quart of tho lll-i-n>k,:<l, sour s'tuff In the houso. Morgan iras released on ?300 bond by Justice Wll- SOQ when he was arraigned lost night. ^ Something Doing. i -Sfel-MSii'l—T-hat -ftfan- r"Ju« sold a 5 pound box of cairily to said It was for bis wife." Second Ditto—"Is he newly married?" First—"Either that i something." hals done Timber used In t;>« construetlon oj the Mount Vernon mansion placed, there In 174,1 ami 1744 ij aim in an excellent state of preservation. H la reported. TOO I.ATB TO CUASSIFV C "il n ,'* INS l »^na«rfa rajaHu,, ij cur ,„r^ ul "? ,v " I'roei-sn. W. : c»n r-.',"«r vo.i to uuindry, j henc 4i: -jl S<-JISt l^'HOT.HVKltl.Nij .1!0 Ninth !•..„,'., 1". Pri.:,-, IIJI^IT, OLD NELSON BUILDING IS BEING MADE SAFE J. W. Neteon^ the owner of the (building on First avenue oast, which waa formerly occuplw by the Grauer Supply Co., Is having new trout and roar walls put on tho building. The walls of tho old building had begun to give 1 way so much that thoy wore uivsafe. A new moderdN front is to bo put 'on the building anil the old rear wall hah berji entirely torn down tn readi- 111.1?. to rebuild with new brick. The building iiu .y ha extended back to the Blley if the next teiL -.T ,t nhould deolra more room. A Gasoline Substitute." Detroit— Announcement was made at Ford offices that tho Canadian factory la planning to manufacture a gasoline substitute from coal with out hampering the heating value of-the residue, - They Havo Foreaathered at Atlantic City to Try It Out. Atlantic. City. N. J., June 2G. —Forty marble kings from as many cities today began playing for the United States marble eliampioughlp. Tho mercury was well over 100 but tho »heat failed to affect the sturdy youngsters. A contest that attracted much attention waa betwivin two little negro boys. In which falter Pate of China- go, conquered Leroy llrowii of Now .York City. "The far away" match showed Johnny Naves of Sacramento, Calif., taking .the scalp of Jay Thompson, San Diego, Calif. In tho "cowboy match" Charles diva of Des Moines, la., boat Milton Smith ot Oklahoma City. •» •BIG TEN" PLAYER "~ GETTING CUB TRIAL GENERAL PATRICK DID SOME REAL FLYING TODAY i'OUNG MERMAID WINNING AGAIN Ppn IIK.VT -itoilfrn. room hoiuio, clnsu in. >H SIAIJK-IVO I- ';rril rivhhlt I'rn;, ryrlo. OU in,, IT '"nir.K!,, 310 l-::i fl i furnlsht-'l. flvft- l'h..,;ii. ;H44. Tl 2S-4t l :ii!\s, anil liuly 's l'..r'Vl lor h>tl!H -k £0S Sontli Kovil, WAS'TKP-*" lodv l,ii .h with t i'piiifir. niiiin- -r?i!noci as'ja w, S H6 -M %vhd wnnl .H a S" n ^ L'laoft, i,\i2 Norlii \.'ul- 4 ;ii-37 IBBaaSiiiEsa Piropeirlly Umall iHialness lu fairly IUIRS town. Duiriif good bu„lno.<w. ThrlvlnB town. Ismail capital will handle. Goot! rvnmn for •eHhiR. Vor '.nforinathtn. u-.MieBS U-tiS. CAXIM KKWS. Tl : atXARANTKKO rebuilt tyvowrltnr* ot M raakuji. Wt drj ^l-anim- „i„} re ]i ,ilr *Ti». Ktntzd Typewrit tr Kx<.'baiiK». l'lumv «oa. Tl 4-281 TYPICVVltlTKlt rllihons fur nil in;. typewrlti-rii. Kontr.ol Typ^iviIt,., <:lnu,g**, 24 \Vr*t Tlrst, i,ho«o 40*J. at ES® Yum Kanffiw that c !«SHlflc <l ails can n-ll iLiiyliilnr you have to sell, ecurc kfiythlnK ynu w'ah to buy, K«t vju a pnnHloii or ne-Tirtf help fu^ 'mt Any lima you aro In uoeil p( any ot Iheaj- Miss Eileen Rl^gia, ' Rye, N. V.-I,Itlle Aliss Ellen lllg- gln. who proved the stnv of the la^t Olympic-meet, Is again sotting tho acquatlc world ablaze with her teats. Her most recent achievement was un easy victory over a largo field la tbo lOty-moter f ree B tyla swim here. THE RADIUM OWNERS. They Are Having a Gathering In San Franolsco This Afternoon. Ban Francisco, Juno 23.—Tho owners of two-thirds of all ot the radium In the United Suites are in attendance at the 74th annual convention of tho Amorloan Medical association now in session hero, according to an official announcement today. The nation's suvply is CBtlmalod at 100 WANTED— Jo 1 * is «s with t!-.r-. ..Mr,* crow. M-OS, care Nou:i. Ti'-r,-^J and palntliic f, M. Scum, pnonf 8S«W Qr lai Weal SIxtK Tl 25-lit IBIiinllcfiiiiiissffiin! W(% clean. *«lr.o ann icmh l UKP. We So all kind* rug npaltlin;. phone Z03. (Si Weil I-'lrnL Tl Zt-IM EAI1N EXTIIA Sl 'KXVlUa JIONBI B\ SKI.1..1NO TUB UKW6 AFTKIt 4 J', M. EACH KVKN'lXt.1. 10c STAIIT8 YOU. AJ'f/.r TO Mil. GKAGG. KBWA OFF1CK. u 13 -jat ElffliES® & OiKice Ctienudmi Co. OIJ3 AND N11W WINDuWH CLEANED. 1UJUK UIIK Bl'l'X'lALTV. No mo .TMy it work la not satisfactory, J'llC'NE 3S1. 815 NORTH MAl'LK, HUTCHINSl'N. ICS. Tr- 5.HI week-old ch'.cka Tl 2(1-tit OKI'IN'GTON h«n an tor aalur Call IO0SW. Tha Goltleii' Hulo i'laaa, 7 iShoiman (Cant, msijjiRAnciE & LOAMS II y.jti n,:<Ml !nsurimi :o or m -Oil a loan, call mo !iu<l W-t m« explain to ynu: Fire, lorna'lo, atitomoUU,:, liahillly. coiiipi'UB.i- tton, hclath unil UCCUUTII . rt'i *lilynco burKlnry, mid tuurlHt floater. .W. It. HBt .niON 1V» South Main. Pnone Si:. Tl »oa D-!5t Cruclblos-ot gold or silver melt at i,00Q degrees less Usan platinum. . Washington, Juno 26.—Maj. Gen Mason M. Patrick, 60-year-old commander of the army uir service,"rtld a scries 9t nose dives, spirals, spins and loof>s over Bolltug Field today and qualified as a full-fledged trirplune pilot. A board of examining officers stood on tho ground and watched their chlet prove his fitn»B6 to wear the two silver wings of a pilot, and when he had concluded Us exhibition and. Otto Voitel. Otto Vogel, clean-up hitter of the University ot Illinois baseball team, Is now showing great promise with the JJhicago Cubs. He seems to have all-around ability. Factory legislation in England wua started lu 1S03 by Sir Jlobert Peel. an. omployer of 1,000 children apprenticed to him by almshouses, his act prohibiting employment of children under nlno years of age, makng their working day uot over 12 hours and stopping their night work. When Columbus discovered America there had boen no marked immigration in the world for ovor 700 years, but tt begun toward" this country not long afterward. Did You Ever Stop to Think That While trie banks close far holidays, While the store* shut up shop on Sunday, While the grocer says, -"We have some cr«fcr," While the coal mati tells you to wait awhile, While* tha merchant moves to another town, White labor and other industries aro on strike, While the manufacturer goes odt of business, While the butcher makes you toko something else, While the farmer says, "I'll sell when prices go up," Your electric light and water company keeps right on serving the public, richVnd poor alike, 3#5y 2 days, S766 hours • year. This is why their securities are so sound and dependable. We pay 714% tax free, with monthly dividends. United Water. Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department. United Watqr, Oas & Electric Co. Gentlemen: Fleaso send me lntoraiatloa about Tour preferred stock. 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