Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 3, 1930 · Page 22
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 22

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 22
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UECAh"UR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 3, 1930. DECATUR HERALD ACTIVITIES OF WOMEN Town and Gown Players Making Progress On Play "Queen's H^ncT With Cast of 15 Is First of Three Winter Shows "Work I* proKretmlnjr rapidly on the j MUUkln ilomeoomlnir play. "Th*, Queen's Husband", to be given early In November, MUUkln iitudonln, »n- fisted by townspeople ot the Town nrtrt fiown Plftyw*, will present tho piny, Thin I* th* (list nf n serif* of three, to be KlvM» by the Players during lhln wlntnr, an pfti t of ft campaign to g l v u T*fatur bettor ataftn productions Thn other two are "Children of Hie, Moon", and KsrM Kapok's l o n m i U - j (ible play "M 0. K" Season tlrksta for the three play* will bo sold for SiicCMMtful Klin "Thn Queen's Husband" was play. «d In Chicago two VPBI-S ago. oftei n mirressdil and long run In Now' York, nnd was gnmirnlly conaldorod j by critics to bo one of the bcit of. the modern pleya of thnt ytiir, It I* clever, full of Interesting olum-| tloni, and hftd a largn cast, thn mom-1 bera of which will be announced [ t MI. and MM. C. /,. Wajtgeiw fo Cc(ffrir(e Annu'etutiji M, and Mr* C' ( Waggitiw nt] tn« Cotnmocloift niMirtmunti, will ob- iicrvo tntih Hlh wedding anniversary In u family dlnnot on Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. Kml Wagoner, noli «ru! Uf»tifthlcr In law, curno u wuok HRO trt bo |nM«nt tor She AnnlvMnary Thi ronilo llvn In Mamm City, la Mr». C' t, Wagoner enlcrtalnrd ·with two tablei (if bridge following th'i riUfiiJ/tr liint'heon In Bunnysido pint) Thn ruddy, tn honor her In law. Dirigible Pilot TAIJK IT Fr*u SytvU Tb*imai Fntu Sylvia Thomas, Berlin, Germany, is tho first woman to obtain a license from the German ministry of commerce ai a pilot of wnoll dirigibles. She passed itrlct tcttt with honors. D.A.R. Has First Meeting of Year Thursday No on Plans Arc Put Under Way (or State Conference Here in March A RUMMAGE SALE on Oflt 21-K1 nnd volitntuty of money woie two wnyj ttccklcd upon Thursday by Docntur chup 2 Attend Kiidlte Party Thursday TiwntvclKht SunnniUl« br)il{« niimhcu DnutfhtciH of tlvi Amcrlenn Rev- small and giggly aelgh- bor, who started to school this fall nnd Is Juet thrilled to death, came down In Sunday school last Sunday with a fever, She's boon wr«tch«d over since, nnd all the neighborhood tins missed her, and sympathized. Sho bolongi. It seems, to a club of little first grade is. So very young docst tho club urge strike the temlnlno heart, Tho six or eight other club members culled upon her the other nftctitoon, bringing flowers. Tho doorbell ranjr «nd Helen's mother discovered tho solemn Httlo delegation gaging up at hei with round eyes. They had brought some flowers, some from their mo the is' gardens and others veiy evidently plucked fiom am'oni; tho weeds. And could they aoo Helen? K Helen lay In hor little crib with tho white bars, pulled out toward the center of the room nwfty from drafts. Tho club tip- COUNTRY CLUB WOMEfl GOLFERS ELECT SATURDAY Play Afterward Will Be For Lowest Score On Three Blind Holes toed In and laid Its flowers on a chair. « Then, solemnly, the whole tittle company tiptoed around the bed, clear around, without uttering a word. Helen also completely silent, followed them soberly with her eyes, all around the four sides of the crib. And then, also without a single syllable, tho club departed, K It jg a solemn business, this calling upon the sick In neighborly klndnc^H It It was very odd to seu Helen lying there so quietly and so tired, when usually she raced from one end of the block to tho other, or stood on the curb whooping conversation to her small cousins on tho opposite side. It Is forbidden to cross alone Our Stteet hai much traffic, , Helen's mother was put to It to hide her amusement over thi club and Its dignified little visit But to tbls minute Hflcn herself has not ronsldcied It funny business at all She's very proud, t,, B. MILLIKIN STUDENT T E A CALENDAR READY FOR YEAR Country club women Kolferi will have lunchoon Saturday at 12 o'clock nluilon, fur prcparlne for tho stdtc 'n the club, followed by election of _.-. ,».. ,i,._ Tt» «, n ,, n ii n h« officer minations wer o cbnvmtlon flrst Mnich convention will be In £0 yea: 3, Kim pnrty 'rhursdny HK tiihlcsi of eard-i wie In |*1nv nftt'rwmd, Inclttd Mis thtwa ICT which Mts. C. 1. VVot,- ;oncr wa i ho'ilow Mro G It Ksh- nlman won the f l i n t club pi I/O nnd Mri t! M, Klnck Hie voennil. both ot Idem bilnt; d^natfd 4v Mm A. T. Heller. The tmiocintloti tian vfited to vttirt continrt bilrltct Thursday for Ihote who 0'. uiul Mr Wtifl Nate Vivt n(f IN Maiw Dr nnd M i * (i W Weyl of IVwn- tM , wlw loft Ui'Ciuur rcci titty vltilttm' a number of filotuUi etal htintltcd women to Ductttur. tmiotlnff ot the D. A R , tho f l t s l of tle year, was a lunch- non In F'lrsU Ptosbyterlan chuich inapt and fall flowers weie on a law round table In the middle ot the loom, with stinitcht tablet iad!at- Inj; out fiom that 'hub" nt the oath Ujtolii'i of the ID A. R .wheel Cund* It. Ion tl\Kn and flowers wcte on nL 'lal)l«" Ml'i-j Mary Balid wn» chair (i(iin\ In t.'cnfial charge, with a cony mltle" of 10 MUM AntlcrBiin In (Jtutrgn Mliwi Janet Andoifon is to be In ot (Intmcts for tho slulc wtllten of thnlr ple'ient til| In uncl MM Wi-yl went to niut weie «n- lhf Knut. lir Chl(ft|;o f i d i n |)n fyiinluml fivi r NIP wi'nt fioin Ihi'ii 1 l Unttla Cn'ok Midi.. t **n! frl nd'i and rolntlvon, unit now n t n In Miilm 1 The lounlo mccthiK, thu rnjent. Mrs W, C. Wood nn non need, Mrs Ralph Mon* KM- will be IHT co-cbnlinmn on lliu tummuk'n «nlo, Mri Wjod ntltnd as niai\y as could to j;t» to l^lnouilnKtnn Satuiday o( .this week for tho sixth ttlatiltt con- I lo liavol tiwa Ihn i uti'il. Blop-] f ,. r( nKe f; K or fl | Ktlt n | rc mi v hftvu In nit of thf UlK fttlf-i In W«sth-1 p] ftnn ,(| to ( ;o but the P. E O rwl- l. C. Hi Wrvt will atlcnd | 1 ) t f ) I , l t y ] un(! hi'on hcte on that day In lh- Intonmtlnnal ClirlHtiitn . h u i H i 24 Convict AtUnd Cnun(ti) Cttih Bn!f! Twrtilv fmir coiiiil tllnni r and ronttnt'l ment ia Dmihtr Thu (ml ui" ovntiliiK ( l i l t i n g '.tlcndanco somowhat llnir Ahout Schools Mlna Maila Fallboitks of Jackson vltlo. hnjoukci for the meeting, told ufflcera Nominations were lead two weeks ARO. After etectlen of officers, theto will be a nlno hole golf play (or the lowest scote on tliico blind holes. CIVICS~DIViSION~" HEARS MRS. HILL Mis A A Hill spoke otl ''trulla Todi^y" tn thn Civlea division meeting of tho Woman's club Thutsday motnlnpr. She described the GnnR'is valley oo fcllllo thnt three and four crops nre harvested nnnimllv, inJ apolto of the dcnw populfilion of Indln, whose a fifth of the woild's Inhabitants live I'lve million Christian mon and women tbreo-flfths ot them Catholic Qntl two-fiflha Protestant, wcic mentioned, Hiid Mia, Hill spoke of the country's trials to become independent Mr* W B, .Cuilif, chairman, named tha following annual com- rnlltcos- Woman's Council dclcRate, Mrs M. A. Jcnfsi; inotnberahlp. Mia Clarence Joidnn, Mhi Emmn Claik cewtesy Mrs Prank Baldwin fho division #ave two dol lara to tho Mcmoilal Milk fund. the club Six t n h l i i were In lilt* I H 11 I'd |tny Mt lind M:i 10 M fiawforil wctf In iliaiice of (he IMitlj. whlrh li HIII flrttt Tliiiisday lit ^1^en for t h i U I T . HLhuols ot the South uldch Uio D A R. IB Interested financially Tho uehoola are In Ten- ncsscu, Alttbrinia, Kentucky, Plot Ida, Aih«nnas, N o t t h Carollau. fieoigla, iy and ontt N In Mntsaohugctta FaltbnukM has vislttid Warrcnsburg School Groups Enjoy Outing WARRKNSBURG ---The teachers of the Wart cnslmrj; schools, member* of tho boaul of dlicctora and their enjoyed n wlenci toast tn tincelli'd M i a I'unrl Volkttiiin i to nlemli'in of thn Hn[ ottih with it plonlc Vvtidnesdav Valrvlew jiaik A ixttluck wns xerved In the nfUrnoon short bunlneiii meeting wm conducted. Mt*. Nnllie Whltnev IM a new mom- b«r 1'lnnn wcte made fur n Hal- lowe'en patly In Staley club house. Thu ditto will be announced lalM 1 In the ronlcxui |rlmn wci'o won by Mts Cfmlellti VnthiouKh Mis Ivn Yut/, and MIC Maiy Kaiuliilph The tlexl meollnj- will hr (let tfi In Ihe tho schooh, and the great 1 ot moid help. | hrwttsH '^e noxt T A R meeting will bo Twolvo' 0 " N( v. 6 la tho Y. W. C, A. and will MM th of Mciccr »i Miki' M liiv ti«(n l Mi Wll|ftlt 470 'l"i"l nn evcnlnK ineellng nt T 45 p tn. Lillian Crca, who was In Iceland. Norway nnd Sweden thin year, will talk on "The Land of the Midnight Hun " Othor meetings fur the year are as follows; 1Vi 4-\(!itn H,)1 n |iwlii K t illl thlk on I hf l.t*n Tumll/ Uv A h i i l L c u i L Hli^oiy ' In tin. llimit fit M t K V, M AtuluNnri Jnn 4 Mlrin rHhikl, 1 Ulvann. trnmlnrH* ·Inn," in lliu liotm, it Mm Cntlnilnii Hlmtf. r IM. r,-HUM Wind l i p . a u nf HiU'inn Nil- A.h.. 1! Snnrti-id nnd MM SclHiltr, itttc! Slnnforil, where Mi mill M I K nhe Mr'', C I 1 * Ki'nilii In tciu-lnff tiwtnv fm Tho*nlx, Arlt, to JIHM tho win- trr with her son In law and daujOi tu, Mi nnd Mi*i [ewh J ('olh^ (oimerly nf IVcadu M i t I'lvuns hnn tWNOil a niituhrr of vhl( li, fhe Coltiv home *lni'e thcs hsivi- llvwl ta UM xmio ot Mii It..I it I limit I'.li :i - lit ,) II \Mitti iiri'iUlrnl nt Mlllllllli will HIM Itit UinMt)i;tr.n hlilll. nt luilc In Mi- 1 i link curlli' t, Mn. limn Von OIIIUMI H»\ !«· Umi.Bu lit UM ||..ii| niinii.ln fm Hi,, minimi muling iitrl ili^llnn nf olfkiiH A t i l l L-- .stiiti fi»nr i rit^f iipmtK nnrl {|1n- illnnll.ll III thf 111 't M i l I U Hull Mm 7 UI|HI tit CITHH llui hiitlonrxl con j:ium lii Mtn ,1 M AUvh'it hciiu'. Inn,. 11 ^lis A i: AI1HTI1 will ^ip tin. rink ILIV tulk mi t^lmLl.iiH nu| ItiiLikJhfl of III" 1 tillnL Mill. L tot Allinikll ' till) (Iln4t hll.l II1.IIE 10 I* ] I ll Illtl! 'cvenlnjj panics wero played, after which watermelon was served The Epwot th Leatrue mectlnp Sunday will begin at 0:30 o'clock Instead o( 7.00 o'clock. Nelson Vauglmii will conduct the devotions nnd Mlldied Ctossman will be lead- cr ct the dlscuwlon petlod. PIANO-VloIiS RECITAL TONIGHT IN MUSIC COLLEGE Decatur ColloRC of Muaio Is prc- ucntliig a Kt°up of younger pianists and violinists Ft Way cvenlns in profit din at 815 o'clock In tna col- lego The public Is 1m I ted to attend Tho plnnlstfl, pupils o( MlaH Luclle Otta. aw Clatcnce Loe Nichols, Betty Leo Young, Dewey Gene Otta, Clyde Dm ham, Hoils Latch Tho violinists ate pupils of Lucille Llvoaay, und include HoTM Emciy, Lynn Akeru, Maiy Lueken- blll, Dotnthea Lewis, Marian Llvo- ney and Moicclla Hlgdon, MllJlkln Y, W. C. A. has completed the calendar for the weekly student and faculty tons, given each Thurs day on fhe campus. Alpha Chi Omega opened the set tea this week Other to IB for tho year uro as follows, (Vt, 0--rl Xii|ipn MKIIIH Oct. 1H--TlHtln tliiiiniin Oil. 31~]ultn Hllftim I'll! Ovt. JO--in ]lnln piit Kin I -- Liimliiltt I'd! Pdtu ^tt\. i i--i i, r^hit) ,VA J7--Sijrnm Aiiiim loin 1L--1 i t f i k i u m t l i In N IS--·Uotln IH'Kn ])i.llil »--Kptu lltll Allihn. 16-- D'Jltft I'll I J l i l t i l . Juii J u t .tn 11 Jtiu. j^--nil Mu Aliilm HOMEBUREAUTO SERVE ANOTHER SATURDAY SUPPER The Home Bureau Thrift maiket in the northwest coinci of Lincoln squaic, will serve nncther of Its hot Saturday evening fsuppcrs thli week All ot the food Is prepared spec lull j for tho evening meal. This Stttui day's menu will include chill, VCKC table soup, hot nioata, blacuita, njii iclla, French filed potatoes, cake and Ice cream, tnatshmallQiv ami fruit salad Serving itaita at o'clock. SPECIAL PRICES Feed Flour Salt Fur Hundred PotniOa Bran , . .$1.25 Gray Short* l.K) Cracked Corn 2.05 Wayne Buttermilk Egg Math 2.75 Gold Medal Egg Mash. 2.7S Sucrene Egg Math . . . . 2.SO Wayne 16% Dairy Feed 1.65 Wayne 24% Dairy Feed 2.25 Wayne 32% Dairy Feed 2.45 Wayne Calf Meal 4.50 Wayne Pigeon Feed... 3.60 Tip Top Scratch Feed,., 2.25 Tankage 60% Protein. 3.40 Oil Meal 34% Protein. 2.75 Oyster Shell 90 Salt, 50-lb. block .40 2 for 75 Palace Hard Wheat Floor, 4Slb» 1.35 Palace Hard Wheat Flour, 24 Ib*. 70 Gati, per bu 45 Stock Salt, 50 Ib. block ,90 Cttas. Clark Feed Co. Ml K. GBANO DIAL S-10U MIH KiiftiM Penluxlv, who tm.t hnnowl In n xcrlw (i( |nrtlti lnive to Tone Ilutitr Iml. tier IK iv home, on WednpMUtty with Mr. 11 ml MTU Mnntile Wll.icn. Mr oil v nltundy IN In Term Until". tin IN cutnMlahod tn buulnp" MM. OrotKO Tlcmo)' for Mr» ppubodv, LINN SCRUGGS Style Ltadcfihip 5mc* 1869 Country Club Contoaet tablcit o( brldtio were at In the Country club Thursday j for thi weekly contrac' tournament. Winners of the first | ovlw, having won several tlnioti dtir- Ipg the action, ashod to hnve their Harriot uttrinetd Milo time Mf and MM. K M. Cinwford wero hostji for, the evening. .'The Seven oWndfm c( Ihe An- ol*nt World aro the walteof nnbylon, (h« t*tuo of Zo\is by Phidias at Olympla, the tin it gl nit gardens nt Bibylon, tho Colunsus of Rhodes, Ilia pyrimkl" of Egypt, the mauto- t«iir «t HolJcnrnaMiw «nd the T«m- dl; ot Artemis ftt Ephesu* Mt ftnown n* the Seven Wpnders of the World * liWSPAPLRI Hats Paris Wears! Yet They're Only Felts 4 Vehcls Ench style born nnd bred in Parts . .and reproduced specially for you nt this so "specml" Anniversary price. Felts whose brims tip-ttlt at ihe new Parisian nnttl*, with «nug little half-crowns that hug the head . . .saucy caps and beret* of velvet, in Mack and iew-l (ones. Flaunting their newness and their FreneK oiigin with a jewelled clip-pin, a feather fancy, a pert bow. Small, medium and largft h end sizes. KNOWS HER SHIPS FROM BOW, STERN VIRGINIA STEWART SURPRISES FRIENDS WIN ..HER WEDDING Mr*. ARM E. K*7*tr An executive assistant in the office of D. H. Hoover, chief of tho federal steamship Inspection service at Washington, D. C., Mrs. Anna E. Keyscr is said to know ship construction from bow l« stern. Mrs. Kcyscr, pictured with a model of a steamship boiler, is sometimes called the "guardian cf ships." Delegation to Mt lion Now Reaches 360 Decatur Representation Today 100 More Than - Last Year Three hundred Decatur men and women are going to Mt. Zlon Friday for the annual conference of the ninth dlsttlct of the Illinois Congress of Patent* and Teachers. This number was rcpoited by tho district dl- lector, Mrs. John W, Evans,' late Thursday, It exceeds lai.t year's Dc catur attendance by 100, It H probable that the convention will be attended by SO to 100 mole fiom this city, if tho weither continue-! pleasant this morning. Mi's, Winifred Drennan has been placed In charge of the llteratuie tn- F RANKE PHARMACY L Cot, North Water and Eldorado St«, $1.50 Seamleti Fountain Syringe or Hoi Water Bottle 89c 7BC PINT Rubbing Alcohol 37c M. K. COUGH SYIHJP 98c StJSI Lydla PlnhhMn VBOETABLE COMPOUND Liquid 89c $1.00 Sise NUJOL 67c $1.25 CREOMULSION 98c $1.25 s. s. s. BLOOD REMEDY 98c $1.00 Battle Creek PYSILLIUM SEED $1.00 GILLETTE BLADES 73 bio at tho conference. I^lnn different pamphlets 01 Khceta fiom Hlate headquarters will bo distributed UulltMiis, wlitch have been enlnwJ thli year, will bo given out at this table. One thousand extra bullctlni were printed this month to accommodate the district meetings, C. A. Michel man, piindpul of Mt. Zlon Hlfih Hchool, and Harold Jon" 1 *. ptlneipnl at the grade school, will have charge of resist rut-Ion, Mrs. Hurry Detwellcr, elate president, will drive to Decatur with her husband and a friend from Aurora early (his morning, and will be guests of Mrs. John W Evanu for the limp they can pans In this city. Thry will icturn to Aurora Immwll- utely nflor the sessions ITriday evening. Most of the Htale universities maintain school of forestry The minimum coiit of at Until np nuch a nchooI would be between SGOO and fTOO annually, A degree etin bo ob- tiiitiod in four yearn. Former Decatur Girl and Husband, Harold Milton Chase, Visit Here MISB VIRGINIA STEWART, l"dautfittr of Mr. and Urn. John B. Stewart vf St Loulf, formerly of Deealur, and Harold Milton Chate, ·on ot Mr, and Mm, Fmnk 1C. ChMt of St Login, w«re mirrled Hept ,K, In Bowling Gre«n, Mo The bride, who vlulted In the home of Mr. and Mn. Roy A, Sl«w»rt, her uncle nnd Hunt, Just throft wwki *go, ed through Decatur with h*rhu» band 11iuMcl»y evenlnR on thdr return from their honeymoon. The marriugo wu a turprlm to relatives and friends. Mm. phote, » PI Beta Phi at W«h- Intcton unlverilty, Klw ntttndeO Chrlstlaln coll««e In Columbia, Mo, Mr, Cha*o ti a gndtwU of Wiuh- In (too untver*lty and * member of Bixma Nu, H« U In th* cotmillcs bualnew. Mrs, Chase lived In De- cctur in her childhood, and attended Maty W, French school and Flrtl Congregational Sunday school. ' Her ·(·tor, tho former H*l«n Stiwart, was married June 30 to WIIMani Slmpnon, Jr., of SI. Loulit, New Year'K day. Wonhlnttton'it biilhdnv. Independence day, Labor[ diiy, ThAnksftlvlnir day and Chrl»t- mas are the holiday* common to all the 8t*te« of iho Unloti. Delphi International to Hear Judge McCoy I*lpHl Inurnailona) will h»^ Judf. McCoy a* V um of honw M i ·penher for H* MMUW Monj ' LuiMhcon will bo nrvrd in th* B*' NicholM, Judgo McCoy Mil TM UM young wotntm on " The New DUIer Autopoint Pencil, $1 H«# ft bahcllte bull top that flU nnugly Into the opening on the telephone dial. For men and women, Lewi tor Your Pencil Complete amtoriment, thin Icadi in several grades and colored, OHiceSflpp*i«t 4St North Wftter FRIDAY! SATURDAY! Important Eventl NEWEST FELTS VELVETS 3 Crenlly under-priced, these lovely velvet* and soleil- finish fclte are truly unuevml, SMART MODELS Shallow Crowns Soft Draped Brims Clever Turbans Chic Fenllm Tfim* Another Amcizing Grouo Felts and Velvets 1 Clever new mod el t for thai imtirt "cecond hat" you need. B urns HtADV ID WEAR BURN'S COATS LEAD IN SMARTNESS IN QUALITY IN REPUTATION IN WORKMANSHIP SPECIAL GROUP '59 luxuriously fur (rimmed. Each Burn'* cc*t i* 'dif(«tent' in iom« tm- unuai Fathion urns \MUrVlOWIM Bobbed I Has J Gladys Glad ing N I THINK ItMlf vMu«lJiy. There tt. But on *tyte li not b«cn to «Wtf»rat9 hi Weren't. However, deipl bobbing hM com tMftiitirul hulr fir neck. You do no tint the UM of i on th* back* "'i you *m girt" wl adopt the longer It can bo retrl lent, but will ne oottncM and d» Conntant cutting hnavliT and coat l|n« th«t tapered in a hsnhawrd I lh* neck Even thoM we etutloui enough (Ulpperrt and rax ihelr neeke find plenty cf dnmaB The *lectrlc n of ut when the to pile our hair again. But unl-i ployed 1* an cHI not h« greatly hi that the fanhlor continue to be t neck. HERALD mtte ·jr. Pattern 3032 1 ·t *ool crepe, i iwefal. Jerney, all A solid color or t. Pkque 01 ? will be del be J*. «. », 32. 3 »l«e 14 require* ., Send PIFTEE «*refully pcttert BBND R AND WINTER «*Ulnlng exq ·*·«; w»d child Mwtmtnt of t . Book * ***J« all mall ( «» Herald p»tt

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