Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1941
Page 4
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS SferSinq Daily Gaiiffe >ctober 15 1941 Odium Tackles Job Of Helping to Keep Small Plants Busy FAMOUS RACE HORSE HORIZONTAL ! Water ?trider. 7 Gives up ciaims to, 13 Covered a ws!!. j 15 Three- NEW , all YORK — fPprtis! - "Th"'. 11 rh* buck to Oci in OPM p. r Grsmdon. General Manager ^ver •• D W Orandon. Associate | wh?- kind of rionhir ;*!k i< thi^ Well u w ft rrmsrk >n;i will hrar. jw.'n variation', spoken gravelv and wnh appropriate frowns and head IR. by varim:'. former \Vsll friends and acqualr.tamT«: of rrrpter. Ifi F!mvrr 17 Symbol for tantalum. r»ra f« cotnlo p*f« for fti&scripUon rates and othrr clwatfled tnformft- tion retarding Th« 8t«r!ln| Oawtt« "Fir* Whtn Ready" The duck season of 1941 will star at sunrise Thursday morn- ir.e If you are anywhere nfar (boldly stepped into * Job which l.s vouihful appearing Floyd Bo<twick Orihim. Tliis nevey Rentleman. the self- well wishers will t^ll yo\i. has Eomg to be one of the hottest *pots that any human ever tried to stand on a n-.^rsh or river, your cars will tcl! >ou the news. Stpriinn hunters "*• ill br out In droves. Hundred? of dollars have been sr>fnt O!h?rjiti7en.«jfho^fo^one reason hereabouts in preparine for the "" "" """ Some outfits, including the cun, run up dreds of dollars. the America has long been known as a nation of marksmen. Duck hunting, along with similar sports, brings this about. Americans, as a people, are born with wider opportunities for gun using than any other nation except, possibly, the Swiss. And the Swiss, a« every military observer reports, make crack soldiers. Technically, of course, there Is a big difference between the shootinR of a scatter gun and the firing of a rifle. But the psychological preparation for shooting cither shotgun or rifle is about the same. And most American boys, early in their teens, get some taste of this preparation. All of which, means this: Game preservation, game propagation and the whole multl-milllon-dol- lar industry of hunting are investments In national defense. Worse Over There Our news columns have carried the plaint of shirt-manufacturers and laundry people re- "garHing »threatened shortage of pins. We have steeled ourselves to stand for the deprivation, and are even welcoming the prospect of a new shirt or a newly-laun- derea shirt "minus concealed phi fastenings. Determination to face the Impending shortage is bolstered by the news of another menace. European beauty shops cant get hairpins, and the same thing may occur over here. The hairpin is the most useful of our household implements, and we dont like to think what its disappearance will mean. Voice Of The Press GOSSIP OR (Illinois State Journal) The State Journal heretofore has -storie* of an effort- to call off next years' congressional ejections, attributing such reports to baseless speculation on the future of congress. Some critics have. said. in sarcasm, that we would as well abolish congress and this, no doubt. is responsible for the gossip referred to. Administration partisans affect to believe, however, that such gossip Is really carefully planted Nasi propaganda, and that U is designed to indicate an actual breaking down of the American government. It IK conceivable, of course, lhat_lf the elections were really aSfcrVOolHid: or postponed, the cause of repreaen- -. tative government would be serious)}- embarrassed everywhere. If for no reason other than that of asserting American solidarity, all talk of getting rid of our congress win be dropped. W« may continue to rail at Its present membership, individually and collectively, but our displeasure will be visited upon them •t the polls—not by abolishing their Jobs. 'Congressmen who are In fa- TOT must be disciplined by the folks at home. arH Uist mak*« nt«i*try the customary election at UM customary time. Should this country abandon, even temporarily, th« congressional eltc- tlon. such action would b* regardad abroad'as a victory for Hitler and his sinister philosophy. His followers have already declared that UM war has destroyed democratic sentiment throughout Europe. They •ven point to England as a convert to totalitarian government and rule by dictators)))!). "Der Fuehrer — Winston Churchill" Is a Berlin witticism. ,. Nothing would better serve the Nazi philosophy than America's •crapping of congressional elections. Ho matter what we say regarding the courage, the aptness or the abil- ~il3L^L_our Jegtslators^we are not^ tanking them for ~th* aoap-makars We feel sure our form of govern- awni is best when its agents perform according to form. Whtn they 4onX «t turn them out to'pasture. •fid that's the purpose of the con- elecUons Higheat Prices Paid for SCIAP IION, METILS AND • Alt ilAIRDJ iis \m\\i\ fit ^s^sf^F wsjs^^^i^awi^^p mr^w or another know Odium extremely well, will tell you. ''Maybe so. maybe so But it has never been very smart business to trp to paw the buck to that fellow." What It aH means Is this: A month ago Odium took the job of head of the division of contract distribution in the Washington defense setup. He took It right «t the brink of a new phase of the defense effort. the actual manufacturing phase in which there won't be enough ol various materials to keep some thousands of peace businesses running as formerly. Two Million Idle Predicted How many will have to close down how many workers will lose their jobs, remains to be seen. But Washington authorities and business men say there is no"doubt about It, the problem Is severe. Some estimate 2.000.000 worker* will lose their jobs by January- Odium's job is to s«? to it that the billions of defense contract money la scattered throughout the smaller manufacturing plants of the country so that the slump in normal peacetime business will be offset. Now that may look simple on paper but actually It Is a staggering job. There are some 25,000 plant* in the nation on which Washington has a fair amount of Information and maybe 160.000 more on which needed Information Is more or less lacking. A Dlffkalt Odium has come into this job cold, late in the defense effort. Billions in contracts have already been let, mostly to big manufacturers. Priorities are already channelling the supplies needed for defense. Starting a redistribution of contracts and supplies now. without upsetting the apple cart, is something of an assignment! Already, congressmen worried about their constituents' businesses and jobs, businessmen, lawyers, representatives of chambers of com* merce, are swarmlng-over the divl- sipn of contract distribution. What those gloomy former associates of Od say is that no superman ran prevent an enormous amount, of. trouble for manufacturers and workers in normal peacetime industries. There sits Od. He is supposed to do something about it. "How handy for anybody hi or out of the government needing an alibi," they say. ."Watch 'em make 19 Rustle. 20 Rrvernite 21 Sport with .<• words 2.T Run. 24 Muficol note. 26 Eyes dourly. 28 One hundred nnd one. 29 Trap. ?.2 Night before. 33 Gloss. 33 South American quadruped. 37 Reaches across. 38 Pictured Kentucky 45 Ocean. 47 Measure. 4S Article of furniture. 49 Tehee department . r '"> Girl's name. 52 Restaurant (French). 53 Bomb that does not explode. 54 Italian royal house. 56 Negative. Derby winner. 57 Sick. 39 Fades. 58 Waking. 41 Either. 60 Slander. 43 Furnish food. 64 Foreifn- 44 College born residents degree (abbr.) 65 Slanted. 22 procession. 25 One who wander* stealthily. 21 Typ? of wagon. 50 Morindin dy* 31 Anesthetic. 33 Watering place. 54 Print mensure 35 Belonging QlDli IfMl to him ' XU&ULS 3 7 Compaw VERTICAL point (abbr.) 39 Sunshade. 40 Near. 41 Bone. 42 Drive bark. 43 Photographic instrument 44 Becloud. 46 Muddled. 48 Announcement of intended marriage. 51 Small case. 53 Earth. 55 Compass point (sbbr.). 58 Into. 61 Street (abbr.) 62 Jumbled type 63 Elevated (abbr.). 1 Small fish CPU. 2 Porcelain clay (p!.). 3 Church part. 4 Golf mound. 5 Suffix. 6 Networks. 7 Small birds. 8 Sloth. 9 European fish (pl.). 10 Change direction. 11 Lures. 12 Boss of Russia. 14 Trip rhythmically. 15 Strong thread. Od-the-goat.^ And others say..."That Od is a man to get things done. He Is mighty quick on his .feet, and he just doesn't like being made any goat." . So it will be a mighty Interesting tiling to watch. But even the optimists say no one must expect the Impossible. There must be, to get this defense Job done, an enormous amount of dislocation. All Odium's office can do Is spread the work where possible, thereby bringing more plants into the effort, expediting defenat production and keeping people at work, Delaware's population increased from 3SM»0 in 1WO to 264,603 in th» 1MO omsua. i Child Custody Dispute Token to High Court SPRINGFIELD. ILL. — <AP>— A long legal controversy over th custody of a six-year old girl, in volving-an "alleged abduction of the child from the Webster Groves, Mo home of her foster parents, reached the Illinois supreme court yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Earle Coulter, o Oak Park, HI, appealed from a Cook county superior court order which gave custody of their daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O. McAllister of Webster Groves, who claimed the Coulters had "voluntarily surrendered" the child to their care In 1936. The McAllisters worrthe superior court order on July 3 this year in a suit which alleged that the Coulters forcibly took _the girl from their Women who suffer p*ia of Imfular Pertod l i with cranky u*rrou*aM»— 4u«-t<naonUily tunrmml rtltturb? ancet—should nnd Lydl* B. Ptnk- him'* Compound TftbltU (withatfd- M Iron) simply morrdoiu tortlltf* •uch distress. Pinkham't Tfcbltt* far build up rMUUnc* against •uch annoying symptom*, tfltvctUttu. WOR agai foll low label Thejjndersigned Sterling and Rock Falls Real Estate Brokers announcei the .following schedule of commissions effective November 15, 1941: Oit* F. Csirtcndyck I. F. Devtoe Wat. T. Gait * C«. GaiUraffB * Vtock Matt Grcawaa J. Fay Mott C. N. r*ter*on ntnay Beat E»ta(e I. B, Snavel.v W. M. Stanley & Son 8t«n* Agency B. F. Viering VAOAiTLITS fiaj* to I4M.M VMM Uiaff.M $1,»M.M an < op $5«.M M acres or IMS Over M acres . with HWIiW minlmUM with 1200.04 BBiaiaiuin •FMVEI em PMFERTY tl.»M.M w> I 91,»M.M aad on the lint I2.3M.** and r t on the balance •ENTAU (CHiPrMtrty) IS.M *r depending on collecting arrange, awnla. LEASES ' • A APHUUSAU STEHJN AH MOK FALLS ttlL ESTATE HARD ft. W. FLOCK, *re*U«at JT. LEANDKft •£§§, S«*y,-T«»4, home August 31, 1940. The Circuit court of Str Louis county previously had awarded the child to the McAllisters in an adoption proceeding. Magazine Editor Dies CHICAGO — (AP) — Mrs. Florence French? editor and publisher of the Musical Leader, a msgaxine which she and her husband, the Charlea F. French. " ago. died Comedy No Joke, Declares Ruggles Veteran Says Movies Art Tough on Gags By Franklin Arthur HOLLYWOOD — <Sp?cm!> — 'Comedy." thf irrav-hmred !!!*> rr>tin was saying, seriously, is vrv serious business." "There may b? * !o> of funny pe-o- pl* In the world, hut I 11 defv anv of SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By Marguerite Gahagan COPYRIGHT, 1341, KEA SKRVTcnsi mo p*«wl out to- THE STORY: Jnst when It «rem« thftt <h» F*rsdi*^ J.ske mnrdfr r>t Herbert f'nrr}, wh»«* borf? ji fojjnd hr .M*ry OTnrmor and hrr rnrtthrr. mieht Hr rsplsinrtf br thf n( ntimtwr* rs»rkrtc?r Stnth ; Vf retll. unnihrr mnrf?fr M rommit- i ted nnd !>f«ln It i* Man??!^ who rtii- Vu . a; 'rover* the forp«^. S»rf>nd mytrrT N, • j>fj th? f»t»l b»«tlnt of straight-l»rrd ' ^ig , r *ptn««ter Ml«* .Millie Morris, who' jcRrr-d hud hntfd Cord for hi* attention* i h«r*••«. mf.f off me, and m'irdfr m:" r c C I- r r,. ; (hf TI in hfr ;':;!( : for this !of» the fif.t nr.f — :r.* hv "fm to bf funny in front of s cam- ; to hfr prcttr nlw#, Jfsnir. And ;n)o; ,-<\\td era without working thrir hrsd.^ off i Jrsni? had b**n nndfr sn<;picion! • -Tvi'rr. st It-" f»fc«B«e ford had comf burk to!j fR . P t v- p Charlie RuRRlr.-; !m.<: 5pfnt 35 yf«r.^ r*radl!«e thi* year with a fi»ncer,i • But ! B* a profexftlonal !»u«!i-getter. Un-. Marclr Diton. much to Jr*nle'n j mf you know him. he might ne\ti rmbarratsnvent. Loral editor Tod 1 bf/rny in casual con\Tr.««lion th*i Pulmrr f«ke« an «libi for Jp»nle i he's a very fdnny frllow «f work and h* »nd Dcnni* Flynn, ritr re-'jtr,,-,. He> not Hip txu<.!r r oa<: off-.«!8(fr porter, work toother on thr '««•. ^. r , ' comfrimn Jack Oakie if. Both M»rr and Dennis, old friend*, -j- .^ He 5 senous whrn hr l*',ks abou: f^r that Maodle knowt morr th»nj' 5;'.', comedy « future. He thinks it 5 in a *ht ,*. rrvralinc. hftving Ulke>d of^en j fcnTw" if tell i. CM ::;•.' f'.i \ou. Mo;!' ' I v.»i* •a and Mft'.ic:' kr.fw it ra;jeci her >!o:hfr. She to-jr»n1 the !:R.'-.'.. !-,»: ri»m !i;:r,it o-.;t. but of)f n " heaven's *skc When did she te. «.>ie '.housiii about the n-. Ms'.id:e pulled the her nr( k nncl On. EO ihr Old ^-orr night " "I think- she dM. htn slur's !n«r fo deride Jf tht nh».il<i tell • Csn von think of »nythins ,? hen you found Cord" 1 ' I M-.oojc my he*d 'It »T>S *3I rnr and dried. Dennv. We fo'.ind her him «nd notified the police. We aom*n ^nd we riiffn't fhlnk M> for rjewv" I renrsembfrert M«ud!e b-na'ins over McCoo!. fry* i;ie to flip hi* hume^ on him rhfre In the wet gra.«; brside the !;mv> body cnir.hinf; thf mint bwi Wh»t|And then I remtmberetf that n«t, morning when $he wa« wTiting in her diary. "She's been lernblv secretive for ^ome rf*son or other." I ««lfl jlowly. trying to connect things in my mind. I felt silly teilin? him about the lucky piece I had noticed on her desk and the way «lie grubbed it »•*»>• from me. •One starts thinking about !hJ<; com- telling about three or four young leading men, and a couple of pret!) girls he" hid tubbed for stardom 11 'And what,' I asked him. "me you doing about a new crop of co- nothine. 1 he replied Bo I told him what I thought. Its this: "Th« movie*, within my memory haven't developed one real comedian. Not only that, only a handful don't have gray hair, if they have any at all. Of course. It takes experience to be a good comic. the Important reason is that But the dangerous Mate. with »ach old rr«ldents M Mi«w MJHie "The other d«y," he remarked, "I and Chrit Gordon, proprietor of the talking to a big director. He wa.i j n n. WHAT DOES MAI DIE KNOW? CHAPTER IX As far as I could figure things out I could see no reason why Miss Millie should be murdered by ciu thugs Involved in a Grand Jury investigation. She hadn't mixed m city life for years. One could tell that from the cut of her black dresses and her trick hats and the way she belittled city things to the summer folks. She considered her life in the town house during the winter M a necessary hibernation and returned to the lake before anyone else. And 1 could see that Denny and handsome Officer John Antler were -mulling those fwcts over when they* came in after taking care of things at the dock. While they had been down there I had •put—Maudie- to bed wiihout — too much trouble. The stiff drtnk Denny had poured down her was making her sleepy and she was as gentle as a child, and terribly grateful for companionship. Maudie didn't want to be alone: a feeling I was becoming acquainted with here at peaceful Paradise Lake. "She was a nice old thing, Mary," she said while I hung up her clothes and gave her cold cream to rub on her sunburned face. I didn't want her to think about the tragedy any more if I could help it. "Now, Maudie. dear. I'm sure she w»s a nice old lady. But don't worry about it. You didn't know iier well, and don't start grieving." "She was a smart woman.. a wise woman. Wiser than most of vou think." 8he stared Into space, .he cream in little white gobs on her fat cheeks. "She knew too crr.;d tnink a'. h»; She just * movies never have taken the tirw to boost along youngsters with that sort of talent. "Bob Hope Is very funny. Yet lie's no movie creation. He came to pictures from vaudeville. Same for roung Red Skelton," Ruggles has no urge to go back to the stage, which he deserted 12 rears ago. even If he does think comedy is easier there. "You get « lift out of a flesh and blood audience." he said, "and if you see you're going over, you can stretch out the laughs. In movies, •ou can just hope that what you hlnk is funny will be funny when t gets on the screen." Aerial Bomb to Signal Start of Duck Season SPRINGFIELD. ILL. — (AP» An aerial bomb, rather than a siren, will signal the opening of the duclc luntlng season at sunrise Thursday for the 10.000 hunters who are ixpected to be In and around Lake Bounty's Grass lake, long a favored waterfowl shooting spot In north- rn Illinois. The state oonscrvtUon department announced it was substituting he bomb signal because, in past earn, some hunters mistook the shrieking of police and fire sirens or the signal and started ahootlnf e*rly. Th* ba»b will te fired •fcnta 90 or the lake. WE HAVE IT! to talk — at least now. sheet up closed her I cant pome much: that was the trouble." I could feel that spot in my middle getting tight again and the cold sweat start out on my forehead. "Knew too much. What do you mean— T It was eetting faintly pa^t before I hran) ner.:r. '.:;voe up ! the b«ck2 steps. Hr d been out with the State Police ami 1 not only wanted to know what he d learned but I felt that if 1 ci:tin t talk to someone I'd go crary I slipped into my robf and remembered to use some of the Passion lipstick before going out in the kitchen to meet him. "I'll get you something to rat." I told him. While we s*t there I repeated Mnudie's remarks "She knows something, but she's so darn stubborn. Denny. Maybe you can make her talk. I know she suspect* someone, but it must be tMat she's decided she hasn't enough proof to come right out and put her finger on that person. "She's funny that w»y; I mean business and only ?uch insignificant things come to mind." I apologized. "But then I guess I haven't bt-en any too rational lately anyway. I was nearly h«- terical when we found the body and Maudie had to remind me of my sge and difnity." I "I about voicing Jus4~ —&usp4e4on* or harmful gossip. She talks plenty, goodness knows, but she's always the first one to defend a person one merely suspects Proof Is what Maudie insists upon and I suppose that's what's the matter new." Denny nodded "But. Mary, knowledge is a dangerous thing sometimes, and she may have something that's dynamite. She and Miss Millie must have gotten Uielr heads together the night she went there to phone after you found Cord's body. Maybe she only thinks she has something: you know her imagination. And then again maybe she's on the right trail. I wish we knew It site talked to Miss Millie before DR. WM. X MAURITS •OBBIBON, ILLINOIS The lajeetfaat Treata»ea>t W BECTAL DISEASES lookrd at her bending over McCool there in the gf*«s Juit ft few steps Jrom a dead man. and.' Denny. I started to laugh I'm ashamed to (limit of it." He reached over and took my hand arid for the first lime 1 had a kindl feeling for dead Herben Gord If he hadn't ret*iv«l a .32, slug In his back Denny wouldn't be there now. Tired as we both were we might have forgotten murders and fears and clews for a little while then, but McCool came out grumbling at the light and noise that had disturbed ( hU niRht He scratched at the door and I had to get up and put him out. That broke the moment. I couliS feel D«nn\'s eye» follow me, bu: when I came back he wag putlQig ihe dishes in the Mnk attd he shoved. me ahead of him ax he turned 1 ! out the light. 1 Don't worry iabout It." he said. So I went to bed with nothing: more real to interrupt the thoughts of the evening's tragedy than the pressure of his hands on my ders. (T* B Beware Coo That Hang Onauulskm rattavw praaapt cause U foes rtftot to UM aaaii trouble to htu laoa«i aad germ laden ptuagB, land aM: to soothe and natl raw. tanrt flamed branchial aucooa •••• branem. Tell JKIUI drugtfat to atfl ym a botUt of CrMOMiMon wtm the o»- dmtaadinf you «uat ttte UM way tt quickly allajra tteeoosh or you an to nave your iixjiify back. CREQMULSION Shoes FOR THE MONEY nisWuiiMimruMF FMNKLM OMWTY STKEMM TraaM A Fin* Stoker CM*— Mt4. Price MVT GHEATLY HEDDCED PRICES UJNMS HUE UHsf -LM MM PEOPLE'S EOOMiY EM-Uv DUAL-WHIIL IQUIFMENT CAREFUL ORIVIRS FtOMPT SIRVfC! Isttar fat yaan aw at Ihasa KK IK i FEW if m FINES IT M Fast Friaafc . . HJ| . SUI a a 9^a^V ^^^^^^•^B^^^BW VWs^l^rW ^S^^S^^HWPVlV • V tarlmfc ... Hi CMJKsft MBIT KMNETNMtS! . IXN . 91.11 ^P^^^S^B^Bf Short Unas—Queen Kid, Sued., Emu Jettick, ttc. ligh or Low Heels. TWO GROUPS $3-98 GIRLS' 50c CAMPUS SOCKS 55" c par— 2 pair for , 15c pair— 2 pair for PEOPLES ICE COAL CO GIRLS' 25c LONG STOCKINGS 25 C MEN'S I3JO DRESS HATS $2-49 Closing out entire stock ftbii's 50c Work StitiM»den Heavy elastic and leather PRICKS ARE CASH—SHOP LN THE MORNING W. J. BELLCO

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