The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 26, 1914 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1914
Page 12
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f ftjge T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W ' Friday Evening, Jane 26,1914. I II 3 « ·k * S th tm to ot CO fll ik T« Di I th H an el' · « tit · r ·o SJ ·I 19 P« ·a tt ho in ti wl th ·* it th ft I Climbs Down Into Well After 2-Year-OId Boy. SHE SHOWED BRAVERY Water Shallow, but She Did Not Know Depth. Ralph Hunter of Oconee is Bereaved. Ptrensrthenfxt bv her fright, Mrs Fnnk Parkison 611 West Leaflajid a'enue climbed d o w n t h e pump stalk of an o'd well In the rear of her home Thursc ( i\ aJternoon, rescued her lltt'e brother and cllml ed up the stalk with the bo\ In IT -rms Ttip l i t t l ^ b r o t h e r li Paul Higar who j If n n r o u l t e t w o \eara old and who w i t h i sliter about thirteen y«ars old w^nt to M e r d t h e da w i t h thM*- 3ls te»- M-* Pi'-K'son D u r l n t r t h e after nnon v h i l e pla* Inp- In t h e back va'd the l i t t f- ' ! ow mimped to rerao\ e thi* ro er of th* 1 ·we'l In a f ew m l n «t*s "hf f-H in hi« slater who had accompanied hini the r o see!ny htm fill 5*ri* rnn n n r t toM f er eldw *l"*ter W\S HELPPD OT~T Without n n \ hesitation M^a Par"k1 ·on *rabb -d t h e pumr- stalk rllmbed d^wn und r F - i K h l n v the child agn'n cltm*M-d up the ntnlk. As dhe rame c!ow« to T h e top a ne'^hhor woman vtme r u n n i n g o~ver ft-nd tcok the child while ff^me m ( n f r o m the - v l c l n l t j ar rived tn t i m e to he p he.r out of the well The v. I] In nbollt twelve or f"tirte*n feet deep a n l did not c o n t a i n msirh wliter URAVBRT COAfMENDED THso-%e nworbv rornn n ' d hlchN th brarer/ exIlfhUed bv M*-». P a r k f s o n mit »he rtlfl not knov. of the deoth of tne ws!! or how rra n wate- there »ft« In H before she eta-ted down It WIMI an old ·well not »a«rt hy the fam Hy at all The ''hfld uti'iMlned a ccaTp wrtTTid In W» fan but nt other in MRS. SADIE KERR, D. OF P., IS DEAD f-utilor Infnr»ie! of of \*otunn \\f\l Known Here M1«p N e l M G f n t / i n r Frldav morn In* r t r e l v -1 n rm^-Kfe t e ' l i n g of the Jf-atb of Mr» «itli« Kerr of Collins I H f t RT'-est k*"»p« r of -waiipum for th« T » T U K h t e t - n ot P fnhonti.* of t l l t n o l s Mr? K«*rr bad \ l s l t e d Mfss Gentzlnr h r* a n I m ^ » ^ of Um--a and had man\ f ( e n « ' n n«* n t ir Afi*^ O e n ^ l a r w I P 1 - f v p ^ it i r l f i \ m o - n ' n t , for Oollln 0 I »» tn i f f *-n f the f ir ^^T! DR. AND MRS. WEST GO TO BUFFALO irm \ i trad the International En worth T»r and Mr^ C B W«st leave Mondftir b\ * a y of '·"Me-ir'* f r Fiiffado, K Y , to *tt«nd w M ' b* w i l l I l th*re Jttly 3-6 A np nf t r » n w i l l I n mflJfr np nf iflajruersi They *l! (jo frti-n PMc-apo to Detroit t a k i n g a »tirr"T U r n fnr Olc^c'an*!, w h p r n a apecti mtilve *iirv *cji «·* will he h»'d SR t h a t c f f v ^ th* t r i h p l n c of the I^arut I bf p r » « » n t en 1 Pana June 25--The village of Ohl man west of Pana Is all stirred UT o\er the TOSS or theft of a cork leg: the property of Ralph Hunter, a well knowr resident of that village If the nartv who took the artificial leg- is found the chances are that !t will go h a r d w i t h Hm The leg was stolen f r om Hunte"- one night recently "while he was asleep Up to this time no t-ace of the artificia 1 leg: has been found al though the authorities of the surround ing towns ha^e been posted and are on the 'ookout for the property Hunter was advanced the monev * T 2 D b\ the residents of Ohlman out of ^ytrpatM He was until recently emploved as a meat cutte^ in a butcher = hop at Oh'man FUNERAL, IN OCONEE The funeral of Joseph Ca^d aged ei ent years who died at the home of his niece «even mi^es west o' Oconee took place at the First Baptist rhurch. In Oconee F^idav morning at 10 o clock Air Card was stricken w'th h^an trouble and had been iU for ;ome t*"ie Fis Tilfe preceded him to the g i \ e some yea»-s ago He *ea\es four sons and one daughte 1 " all residents of Colorado The burial was at Oconee meterv The fureral of A.nna Lee f he three months old daughter of Mr and Mrs C E Jennings took place at St Pat- ^ick s church Thursdav afternoon at * n clock F^thei- J P Moroney officiat per Bur'al followed at Calvarv ceme tf"-v The child had b**en an Invalid =ince birth The case against Harry Tanner the Junk man charged uith purchasing t^oods from a minor was called before Tndcre Hill Thu^-sdav and after the ev! rl^ncc and argument the case -was dis missed John Huergins who ran the Blatz Euffett at Pana, has applied fo r a 11 cense at Witt and expects to open a olace of business there in a short time Hi* ^amllA will remain in Pa^a for the present V*-s Edward Exb'e formc*-ly Miss Rose Zenteck, wae tendered a. ahower by the operators of the local telephone exchange, it being a custom of the em- ployes to extend this courtesy to one who enters the matrimonial life while at work there Elmer Dubec aged three years, son of Mr and Mrs Charles Dubec of Assumption, underwent a surgical opera tion at the- Huber hospital yesterday The operation was a success and the child Is doing well_ OIL WELLS VOTE TO SHUT DOWN 4»k State to Stop Drllllnr in Oklahoma Flclfl for Tflnety Days. Tulsa Okla June 26 --M'dcontinent oil producers a'ter an all day contention, asreed to a shutdown of firming operations In all oil field" The state corporation commission will be asked for an of'lclal order compelling under penalty that drilling operations in OVlahoira cease for nlnetv days except Dandruff Surely Destroys the Hair Mnkes It Dull, Brittle, Lifeless, and Cannes It to Fall Oat. Girl*--If yon wnnt plenty of thick* beautiful, glossy, silkv hair, do by all means get rid of dandruff, for It will starve your hslr and ruin It If you dont It doesn't do much good to try to brush or 'wash it out The onlv sure ·nny to set rid of dandruff Is to dissolve it, then T~OU destroy It entirely To do this, set about four onnces of ordinary liquid anon, apply It at nlsht ·when retiring, use enoush to moisten the scalp and rifo It In gently with the finger tins By morning, most, if not all, of yoar dandruff will be gone, and three or four more applications will completely dissolve and entirely destrov. every single siirn and trace of It. Ion will find, too, that nil Itching and dig*?1ng of the scalp will stop, and your hair will be sllkv. fluffy, lust-oos, soft, and look and feel a hundred times better, lou can set liquid arron at anr drus store It is inexpensive and four ounces Is all Ton will need, no matter how much dandruff von have Thto simple remedy never fails. where It can be shown it IB absolutely necessary to protect lines Overproduction In the Gushing Held and alleged price cutting on the part of certain large producers Is said to have inspired the action, which was taken after a heated discussion Into ·hlch bitter personalities were Injected A shutdown of operations Is sure to meet with strong disapproval from commercial organizations and business interests of the towns in the oil cour try and from the thousands of workingmen who would be affected Oklahoma now leads the world In oil production, and it Is believed this production large as It Is can be doubled by dri'lln"? pro\ en terrltors In sight 4,000 AT GOOD ROADS PICNIC Celebration Marks Inspection Trip Over Hannlbttl-lprlnglteld Highway. Hannibal, Mo, June 26--A party of fifty Hannibal good-road enthusiasts returned home following an inspection trip over the Hannibal-Springfield hlghwav, which Is to be a part of the Pike s Peak ocean-to-ocean highway The trip was made In fourteen tour- Ing cars A delegation from Springfield 111 came In fifty machines and met the Hannibal party at G-rlggsviHe where a good roads picnic was held O R A N ' S CUT PRICE MARKET 150 MERCHANT ST. Bell Phone 3053. Auto Phone 1446. Specials For Saturday Native beef roast . . 12c Choice beef steak 12/ 2 c Tender beef boil 9c Shoulder pork roast. .12 ! / 2 c Boneless pork roast .14'/ 2 c Nice fresh pork steak.. 15c Fresh spare ribs, 8 Ibs. for 25c Choice lamb roast .... lie Fresh lamb stew Native veal roast Choice veal stew. . Sugar cured bacon Sugar cured jowls Choice salt pork ...... lOc Choice corned beef . .12 1/2 c 14c .12'/2C .IS'/jC 12 Vic Pure lard, in 50-pound cans only lie Highest grade butterme 15c, 18c, 20c and 25c by 4,000 people Governor Dunne of Illinois, O F Adams of CMlHcothe, president of the Pike's Peak Hishwav, and George A Mahan of Hannibal spoke INDIANA GOVERNOR BOOSTS GOOD ROADS Indianapolis Ind , June 26 --A def Intte. movement to obtain better roads throughout Indiana was launched ~by Governor Ralston yesterday In the appointment of a state highway eommlsw s'on Besides naming five eommis* sloner* to act as an executive bodv, he appointed an adv'sory comm!s"lon. of fifteen members The commissioners a-e Thomas Taggart Indianapolis; W H OBrien Lawrenceburs Leonard B Clo're Laporte Add'son C Harris, Ind'anapoiis, and R. t, Saiikett, Purdus Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey taken according to directions in a little milk or water just before meals stimulates the flow of saliva for the digestion of starches and the secretion of gastric juice for the digestion of other foods, thereby improving the digestion and assimilation of the food and giving to the system its full proportion of nourishment For the aged, for those who are "run down," for persons who are suffering from stomach trouble, nervousness or similar a'Iments who need a real builder- up of the whole system Dairy's is certain to bring quick results. "Get Duffy's and Keep Well" Various Forms Of Headache "II l« nacr0isrr to order to treat bead »olies pruperlT to understand the causes which produce the flffeotlon ' says Dr J W Kiy of Block ton Ala. Con tinning, he says PhTdctann rnnnot nv*n benln the treat* tr «-n» iif » dit"*»se without knowing what «rumen Ktve rNp to It, and we must remember ttmt headiiche Is to be treated according to the -*n roe rule. V, e must not only be par- tlrtilsjr to jtlvf a r*T)edy Intended to counteract tlio ""line ^hleh produces the head- wtm, but we must nlso Rive remedy to rHlevo the puJii nntll the cause of the trouble biu» btmj remi* ( d. To answer thtBpurpoeo Antl-kmiila Tablets will be found a moeti convenient and saM^rortory remedy. One tnbl*»fc tvt r\ OIK toihrt,eliourBR ( vp*conifort and roptln tlit iuo«it vv t ro cases of headache, neuralgia and particularly the headaches of women." When we hare a patient nubject to regular attacks of a t r k headache, we should caution him to kntp his bowels regular, tor which nothing Is twtt«r than Actolds", and when hn fBoJs tbo leant ttlfim of an oncoming nttauk ho nbould take two A-K Tablets Hoch fiailents should always be Instructed lo carry alow Antl-komnlaTablets, go aato j I hfivo thorn rendy lor Instant use These titbi*t« are promot la action, and can be fl*pemlod oo to protlnco relief In a very few mJnntea Auk tor A-K Tablets. A Antt-kjunntfi TaMota can be obtuloedt Ml tfrocdflts and BO cau A K Balve, so well known for Eowma and skin diseases. URGENT NOTICE TO MEN WHO WANT TO SAVE MO S Fit-Well Clothing Co. "-**·"*- =FOR= BUSINESS Priced Clothing Store SATURDAY TENNIS GOODS! Wllte Khaki Trouoem. pair (1 n Whlt« rt*nn«l TrouMrl. pulr MjOO Tennla Hoca wool, pair 75 T-nale Racket* . « to W 00 CvarytlilnK: for outdoor aporbr-- qmlltr merchoriJIw at rljht prlcee HAINES ESSICK MPORTIM. GOODS. ·IT N. Watm Dot* Phone*. T HE slogan of this new institution is "BETTER CLOTHES FOR LESS MONEY," Our policy will be all that this slogan implies, We propose to demonstrate from the beginning our ability to sell GOOD CLOTHES-the famous FITWELL line, noted for through and through reliability, purity of fabrics, skilfulness of workmanship and superiority of style--for LESS MONEY than QUALITY clothes have ever been sold for in Decatur, FITWELL means that we will not only fit your purse but fit your body; a staff of fitting experts are on duty here to see that every man gets a fit that could not be bettered by the most finished custom tailors. FITWELL is also a trade-mark that is as binding as the strongest guarantee ever written--it means that anything you buy must fit your ideas of what it ought to be or you can get your money back. Only standard, nationally known lines will be carried here In addition to the famous FITWELL CLOTHES you will find a complete line of the well-known WILSON BROS, shirts, urderwear and other furnishings; and in the shoe department a complete stock of the famous SELZ ROYAL BLUE SHOES. Here Are Five Bargain "Openers" For Saturday We Men's Socks SO dozen pairs of men's extra floe quality cotton lisle sox that sell regularlv for lOe the pair--special for Saturday, pair . ..* . 5c 60c Overalls For Men's extra quality blue denim overalls--double seamed, »I1 sizes Regular 69e values--spe eial for a Satnrday opener, a pair .. _ _. .. 39c 50c Shirt Special Men's charmbray shirts with attached soft collars, the "Wabash' blue--all sizes; regular Bflc sell- tn--for « Saturday otwae" each $4 Men's Pants, At a Pair f)0 pairs of men's "Fitwell" pants--hght and medium serges, worsteds and crashes--made in the very latest peg-ton and semi-peg stvles-- all sizes for men and young men--the best §4 panls yon ever saw--«1I guaranteed--very special, t pair ,,._.,,.,,.,,.,, $16 Blue Serge Suits For Tust an e%en 100 of the famous "Fittrell" blue serge suits also a number of the most desirable new fancy patterns, in style. jua!it\ of materials and tailoring the^re equal to the best 816 and $18 suits in the world. Special for Saturday, only _. ,,. FREE! We want every man in Decatur to visit our store Saturday-not necessarily to purchase--bat rather to see what a really attractive establishment we have and see what we are doing here. To make your visit really worth while we will givs every man a fine handkerchief absolutely free of charge-these come in pure white or in the colored bandanna style, whichever you prefer. Come In and get one--no purchase necessary. The Fit-Well Clothing Co. 445 North Water Street, Decatur, 111. SF4PFR1 NFWSPAPFK!

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