The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 25, 1916 · Page 12
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 12

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 12
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TM CHILLICOTHS COM8TiT\r'i s iO^ ' WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 1916 T\ 1CI ·p F F, id at he Constitution 'able rracUce. People of Livingston i to believe, also, that there has beju j c o u n t y should considtr theni=«lves i a wondet'ul ehang-c 1:1 St. Louis, Jay. · the Chillicothc Constitution, U o r t u n a t o in having tho o p p o r t u n i t y j l m and other points along Ilia same Tbe Mail and Star and Chillicothe j Ol - r e_electing Dr. Girdner to this re. I line. Cheer up friend.; and got bujy: Oemocrat. Owned and published by J A M E S E . \V A T K I X S. Entered at the Postofl-ce at Chillicothe, t ,. arid i t was oaly a t i e r an e a r n e Missouri, as second-class matter. ' spoiisibie position. He was not a can I · clida-tc for the nomination at t h e p r i - j T H R PHT^n/iiXir'S POI"UI^iIi?'.7T. That tliare may be a diflarcnce be. Ij licit citron by the c*ouuty contra! , tween a candidate's po:ula.r.ty uiid committee that he agreed to pe-mlt f h i s plurality has ofien boon proved hit, n a m e to go upon the ticket for but there is no d o u b t that Pre^dent re-eleciion. His large practice m iket it a little difficult for hi in to loon Wilson ha3 taken a grip u p o n masses cf the people comparable the t after the duties of the position, b u t i t h a t of Theodore Roosavelt his success and apparent wiliin-giie-ss t 0 serve a.s he might be needed dur. ing the past four years is cert.-- .nly deserving of commendation and reelection. WLL1AM MCCARTHY of Jackson township is the democratic candidate lite $3.00 TEIOr? OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAJT-.T by Carrier in the City o£ CiiilUcoLhe, per year Per week DAILY by Mail, Postage paid in Livingston County, per year 7AII/r by Mall, Postage paid outside ol Livingston County, p"r year WEEKLY, postage paid, por year CIllCUIjATIOK. A detailed sworn s t a t e m e n t of circu- Ja-tlozi Tvill be furnished at any time -B'tien requested by an advertiser. ] "Jl'tiK OFFICIAL, XK1VSPAPER OF JL1TISG3TON COUNTY county court. The county court i= the organization that takes care of all of the business of the county. It builds our bridges and in some in. S= 00 | stances governs the rate of levy and * 1 '°° I valuation of our taxable property, for it is a board of equalization. It mrisi let contracts far public work and incur and pay bills on the various tnnids provided by law. So, this body becomes the most important ol any in the county. It directly affects the interests of everybody, hence noao bul ~Djs:itoCK.vr?c NATIONAL TICKET. (men who are capable of service and NEWSPAPER OF CITY O J-or President- "SVCM3DKOW "WILSON Tjr Vic^Prefaidcnt--· THOilAS R. MARSHALL TIKMOCKATIC STATK TICKET f o r Senator-JAM^S A REED For Governor-- F-RIS-ffJEEICK 2J. GAKDIS'EB SJ*or Lieutenant Governor-"WALLACE OROSSLEY For Secreuirv of State-- JOHK "L. SULLIVAN Por State Auditor-JOHN P. GORDON iTor State Treasurer--· GEOKUI-; H. MIDDLEKAMP £'or Attorney General-FRANK W. Mc'ALEISTER £"or Judge Supreme Court, V o. 1-A. M. VTOODSON i"or J-udso Supreme Court, Division Had tho Colonel'-s ability to S'rm,; votes equaled his, capacity for arousing enthusiasm ho would have finished the G. O. P. in 1912 instead of Leaving: the job to Mr. Wilson thi« year. The Slrenndus- One iis p o p u l a r but even he never aroused Chicago t 0 such a state of enthusiasm as ciid for member of the c o u n t y court for | President Wilson. From all a c c o u n t s the western . district. You c o u l d n ' t , it was a remarkable .demonstration, find a more competent man. for thel a l u j unless the w h o l e theory oi cai-' paigning, which demands that candi dates get iu touch with the people Is at ioult, Chicago ruid Illinois rhoulu give the Republican managers a J d i . tional ca.uis'c for '-worry. Tho ki'nd of receptions the Pre~i_ dent has been receiving of late maik-- a new development in tho relationship between "WoodTow "Wilson and the countrr. Cui-iosity, p:\rtisan=h'o a high regard for the oflce or President, could n-ever explain the spon. tarieous enthusi'iusm tliat greets every appearance ol"'Mr. Wilson, amd make?" his peroginatiotas a succession of ova. ie Id mean something to them. This so-m MEXICAN ESDiASSV CLAIMS CA.R.KAX2A HAS NOT QUIT. By MANTON DA.V1S Democratic Nominee for Circuit Judge St. Louis, Mo. Many Amcricnn citizens of German b i r t h or extraction are keeping in mind, in American polHics, their ancestral lies, and are condemning Mr. Wilson for his brand of neutrality. It is most port i n p u t to ask Ihese citizens whether, thinking as they do, they should suppoit Mr. \Vilson for President, or Mr. Hushes. Colonel Roopcvolt has lost no opportunity to berate Ihese citizens. May Slsl, in a r p r e c h at the City Club of St. Louis he said: \Vhcn the German-American Alliance of St. Louis votes down the proposi.1 10 take part in the preparedness parade at tbc very time are Ii.v.ledlj- insi'sUnR upon our polilicians championing Germany, v , h i ' h in the gi eatest possible example of military preparedness, it .-.hows that although it calls itself the German-American Alliance it 13 really anli-American. (n'.oju-Democrat, June 1, 1S16, page 10.) my j \Vd'. liinc-on, Dot. 23.--The Mexl. can c m b . ' 3 - v today branded as "pure invention" tlio report that General : Carranza is preparing to withdraw [ a s tho leader of. the defacto sovern- | ment in Mexico and perhaps would ' leave the country. i KXPLOSIOS rx XKW | VOitK SUBWAY New York, Oct. 25. -- An explosion of a dynamite bomb occurred in tho subway station on Lexington Ave. On 'be"re today two minutes alter a train had passed. The station was badly damaged and windows in homes for I blocks away were broken. In the samo ^pooch Colonel Rooevelt said t h a t the German-American Alliance in praeiici-. an anri-Americjn alliance and "not a healthy element of the body p o l i t i c " lie f u r t h e r said: LTSTTED DIUTG CO. TAKING A STT.AW VOTE OX PRES1 !BXTlATj CANDIDATES who liave the capacity for business ^ ,, _ . , ,, ,,, ,, ,,,,,,,, TM. M l i u l I should be placed on guard to. such an tio V s ."" Tbe"cTuso Uo7~ra7" deeper important position. These qualinca. Pros|denl WIlson bas gotlen a holr , tions are possessed by Mr. McCarthy u p o n ^ ^ Ho ha.s been a successful farmer and stock rai'ser, a good roads booster a-nd ·workei amd a publ'ic spirited farmer in the forks of the river country who is always in the foreground to boost his county in all of its progressive undertakings. Mr. McCarthy has been , g S-or FRED L. WILLTAJIS trustee and member of the town. Division I slllp board O f his township [or many 'years. The township board is to the it the county court is to His experience in this i the county. _"or Cung-tv-ssman-- "SV. "W. RUCKBR. For J u U s c of 3 0 t h Judicial Circuit-JOHN C. LEOPARD DanOCIlA'ilC COUNTY TJCICET. yor Representative-H. W. ICISSICK. l.-or Shorlfl--· .IA11ES J. BROWN ffor Treasurer-For Prosecutlr- Attorney-FRANK "W. ASHBY ?"or Juclse C o u n t y C o u r t . Eastern Dist.-- .1OHN "W. ALEXANDER t-or J u d g e County C o u r t , Western Dist. WILLIAM MCCARTHY 5'or Public Administrator-JAMES G. LITTRELL V'or Coroner-D"R. W. M. GIRDNER For Surveyor-- of Appeal j cai)acity wal be a valuable asset to Imam, filling Ui© office of county j u d g e . t, pez"sonai, almost iintu mate. There Is iiotMns; abstract OT reverential about it. It is simply a human response to an undepsUyncl- able appeal. Great masses of people in this country not only favor Che President, but sympathize wiifh him and are grateful to him. Th.cre is no doubt that the ruo-fure of the attacks tip on liim lias had a lot to do with this- attitude- American^ love fa IT p 1 ay. J\I any o'f them, vr h o do not approve of all the President -lias don,e nevertheless feel that he has done his best, hon'Ostliy ami unI'alter- ing, and that is- alTvays a decisive L'ac. tor in character. This hat- been broug-ht out very strikingly in the campaign,. Tho opponents of the f i · v,o,-r-o~+ - President have unconsciously marie satisfaeto-ry prices tor his ha, e^, ^ ^ ^ .. Former administrations U a . e ^ J .^ ^ ^^ T h e y. waut to d " 0 j something to a man who is playing a sympathetic role. The campaign has Yc-solved itaelf i n t o a dram-a in which the Presid-ent appears as the p r o t n . I g o n i s t of the people, engaged in foil, ing the ma.chinatic/ns of those who Do not forget "Bvli" McCarthy when you g~o to the polls. T would condenn as strongly the actions of any of our people who sought to make this country subservient to England, as I now conch nm Iho^c who seek to make it subservient to Germany. Such men are no-c merely u n - A m e r i c a n : they are anti-American to the core and u n f i t io bo citizens of this R e p u b l i c . (Post-Dispatch, May 31, 1916.) United States for taking no action when Germany invaaed Belgium, and said that he did n o t know what form the action should haye taken, y;et "something should have been done." The results o-£ the November election, and the name of the next President of the Imited States may be published in the Constitution before the polls open. This announcement is made by the National Association of Rexall Druggists whose members, numbering over 8,000, are now tak. ing a straw vote ot over 2,500,0011 In the same speech Colonel Roosevelt condemned the President al tha jpeo'ple from al-1 walks -of life and. cov. |ering every Sate and: Territory in the | Union. By special arra.mgoniant-3 i with. Clark's Pharmacy, a member of Now, Mr. Hushes is supported by the hosts o£ Roosevelt followers, and ' toe Rexall Association, .in Chillicothe, by the hosts ot the German-American Alliance. Most apparently these people j t]]e re£ujts o£ tlle straw Vote will be opposite iu thought, do not support Mr. Hughes for the same but for opposite reasons. The ono believes lUr. Hughes is to be an enemy of Germany, the other believes him to be her friend. In tins situaUon Sir. Hughes demonstrates his political wisdom by saying nothing at all. Silence, leading to the imputation either of stupidity or 01 intentional secret!veness, is alienating many votes, but a straightforward published in thife mewspaper- The fact that the members of the [Drug-gists' Association, operate stores ' in towns and cities, ranging in popu. | latkm from 100 to 6,000,000 and statement would suiely alienate more and the whole of the one or the other scattered all .over the country, and ot these opposite factions. What Mr. Hughes really thinks is cloarJy shown by a quotation from the Globe-Democrat of June 29th, 1516, on the first page, .3 follows: that they servo a publ'ic comprising 'all classes, agricultural, industrial, j commercial and professional, gives to \VIl-iSON AM) Till! KAWMKH. "The present is the first adminis tratiom that has made a determined effort to show the farmer how to get In a love feast in which only the two participated at the Hotel A ^ t o r tor.'^Mt, Ciiaiies 1C. Hughes, Presidential Nominee, and Colonel Roosevelt assured each othor that they are as one on all the Issues of Iho pro^iH ramp.iign, and Colonel Iloosevelt pledge 1 himself to make tbicc cr £our for the former justice. Following the meeting, tho two s n t - o v o r Iheir dinner in Hughes' apartment two and three-quartcis hours: Hughes dictated a statement to the news- papeis in v h i r h lie stated, "WE ARE IN COMTLETE ACCORD." (Capitals ourn ) At Lcwislon, Maine, The cit'.ren in a speech, the- farmer how to fight the bo vil, the chinch bug, the army worm and other insect pests. But this is the first admantetration that has 0.0.1-. ed to mate common cause w i t h the tarmor against the tistier, Ihe transportation shark, the lake middle man and the other huma-n- pasts who in the past have grown rich on the produce of the f a r m e r ' s toil. ·'With these things accomplished ji JO BROADDL'S for County Surveyor ia the presemt incumbent in thai office. He is so well known in the county in his capacity as a surveyor tliat anything we might say eoukl not acid anything new for tho information, - - , |V of the voter,. S u r v e y i n g - h a s baen TM.TM** TM£ of wearv waiting, the IP^ 9 *TM*TM* Jo's life work. He has done more surveying- in the county than any other man. carrying the level. He know- every nook and corner in the coun,tv a-nd is perfectly familiar with every suirveyor's land mark and monument in the county. Jo's well known abil. ity and capacity for hard work is well known t 0 everyone and his frienfl= have an a'taiding faith that he will continue to fill the office ot surveyor. Remember Jo Broaddus at the polls. twenty years of weary waiting, road to greater freedom is not backward to the old order but forward h o l d i n g steadfast to these f r i e n d s who have proved true,"- -Tho Farm- woulrt punish him.* The President fctump, but by his 1 appearance in d i f . erent sections he h-as given Ihe great i/udiemce, the common people, i Tho sound and volume of that applause are as hr-arl- to tile President's supporters 'as they must be disconcerting to his 'opponents.--Brooklyn Eagle. ers' Open Forum. THEY AKH! OOJIfNG 1 T · The temperance forces o£ the country sectioms of Missouri have always realized the fact that it was St. Louis, Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Japlin JAMES G. LITTRELL of Wheeling, Mo., is the democratic candidate j,' for Public Administrator. said with every degree o't truth that and some other of the larger whisky centers that were the greatest hind, 'ranees t o the Prohibition Amendment '"'-""'""'·'· i'iu Missouri. For the encouragement It can be , , and cheer of our country friends we want to say that conditions have ma. no man in the county is better quail- teri . uiv ch . mc , ed in at least so , nle of fled for this particular office. It takes ' ; ^^ nt I For instance, in St. Joseph in 1910 . man of clerical ability and exceile j u d g m e n t to perform the functions of this office. There may or may not be business to justify an effort t o obtain this office, for the question of g e t t i n g husinc-ss all depends .on the n u m b e r of erfat" 5 ; which needi adntinfeterin!: in. the course of the years which do there was a coirunitte3 of 4'orty of the leading business mien of that place wh 0 f o u g h t the battles of the liquor traffic to th e fullest extent of their ability, financiall aaid otherwise. T h i s ) year there is no such committee in not have an administrator or an ex-, St. Joseph, but to the contrary an or. .tUHiUi KOll YOL'3!S,M,i'' Which is Hotter--Try an Kxiioiimonl o r P;-o/it by ;1 «"JiiJliciIhc Cit. i:uj»'s K.\poiio:it'c. SomethJug- new is an experiment. Must be proved to be as repre^eii' ed. The statement o[ a u\inu-ac'in-c-i is not convincing proof ol merit. B u t the endorsement of friends it Now_ supposing you had a bad back, A lame, weak, or aching ono, Would you experiment on it? You will read of many so_ca!loc! cures. EIndorsed by strangers from faraway places. It's diiferent w h e n f h j cudors*.-n3ni comes from home. Easy to prove local testimony. Head thi» Chillicotlio case: K. Ridgeway, r e t i r e d farmer ·,\ho * " * endeavors to shape America's policy in the interest of the country from which he or MK ancestors have sprung, is no true American, and has no moral right to citizenship in. this country. It is because of tuch action that I condemn those professional Gcrman-Ampi leans, who in our politics act as servants and allies of Germany not as Americans interested solely in the honor and welfare oC America. (Globe-Democrat, Sept. 1, 3936, page 9.) · this poll a representative character. ( This Stra,w Vote is- the largest, ever i taken an-d the first of its kiiid t 0 be , | conducted by a national commercial organizations but the drug men, have Perfected a system for receiving" a-nd 4 recording the ballots, that is equalled in scope only by that of the national , government. From, thei'r hea-dquar- A-ug. 31. 1916, Colonel Roosevelt said: L fa BoBt(m _ t]le Unite a Drug I Company--the 8,000 members o£ the Tjaxall Druggists' As r fct'iiation are sup-plied with the returns. These results axe mailed or telegraphed to Boston at the close of business each day. At the Assiocia-tion Headquarters the ballots are tabulated, and the final \ ote will be placed in. the hands of the 8,000 Rexall Druggists before Concerning this speech Mr. Hughes, then at Kansas City, wired Colonel j Election Day for simultaneous pub. Roosevelt, "I h c a i l i l y congratulate you on your speech at Lewiston." (Globe- 111 cation in The Rexall Stores, and in i the leading newspapers of every city Dcmocr-ai, 9»plcinber 2, 1")1G, page 1.) In his speech 1 Mr. Hii.ihu.s generalizes and equivocates. ' He says he is j aml town, in, uh.e United States. a straightforward American. Colonel Roosevelt, as he sees it, also is, and . tho members of ih^ Gorman-American Alliance insist they are. They mean I OfXTJLE BTJT SURE different tlungs. Mr. Hushes docs not say which he means. He relies on | . " ' ' · Colonel Roosevelt to bri'ig him the support of the one faction and on the i J^iousness, SICK- toadacfio, sour German-Americans to bring thp support of its opposile. By saying nothing j tomnch, gas, bloatinr. constipation, he hopes to alienate neither. He knows that straightforward speaking would i dyspepsia--all these' distressing con- surely lose him one. tie tries to appear to be on both sides. By so doing i sequences ol retaining a mass of uu- he deserves the support ot neither but the condemnation of both. He hopes |dj~ e S | B ( i an a f e r m e n t i n g food in the to beguile both, tie hopes in vain. To the Germans at least this silence is | t o m n c h are avoided 1£ the bowels are iaid: i , _, ., not have an administrator or an ex-, ·"· ·*"=--,.-·". i,..,. ^ ^ = ^ « ^ , ^ j ^ ~.- j^ N _ Rj(i geway , r e t i r e d farmer ecutor selected by those interested jganizatioa has been p e r f e c t e d there ( c h l l l i c d t h e i says: » j had a weak a n d in the =5tate; but during the past j to be knoivii as "The Business Men's p a i t i r u l b a c k i I s ,,rf c r c d t r o m i-har;: four years quite a number of such (Prosperity League," composed ot one pains through the small of my b ick estates have been turned 6ver to Pub. H u n d r e d of the most prominent and aml u was a h a r d j o b lo d(J 1]C(UJ . lie Administrator Ltttrell and the 1 bus inivis required of him has been man agod with ability and pood juflgm"iit of tli» prf-sent incumbent. Tho estate, c o m i n g into his hands have been ·wound up with 'absolute satisfactio'J a-nd all moneys accounted fd'r to .1 cent. Mr. Littrell should receive a!i endorsement for the second term up on his excellent record. professional men O'f that city, who have tbe dry campaign of that cily in charge It is well undersiood that not a siti-gle man of the 1910 commit, tee of forty will at the pre^t time. , hey b r o ,, s h t m o _ I h l g l l l v reco , ciHoiv his name used in connection with the interests of the l i q u o r fore- work of any kind. 1 was wc'tk, t i r e d out and nervous. Doan's K i d n e y Pill" a l w a y s r e m o v e d the trouble in good order and f r o m the beneficial result 4 -- es. This "is certainly- a wonderful chamgre and indicates that St. Joseph j DO nVs Iv7cfney"pill is -going- to make an ag-gresslve effort to rsde-em -herself. Another ins/cance of like ch-niracter occurred in Kansas City, where a similar committee, a Dry Federation, has been organized in the initeres-t of tlie Third A'lneniclmen't, and it, tooV i^ mend them." Price 50c at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a Kidney r Ticdy --get --iho same thai Foster-Milbuiu Mr. Ridgoway hod. Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. NEWSPAPER! DR. WM. M. GIRDX"RR has been j serving the people in the capacity ot j county coroner for the past four years-. Beyond a question he ha= I faithfully served the county during | his pa^t'term. many occurrences o t . compo-eid.. of some ot the mos.t promi- importaTice having arisen dr.rnc his , n e n t TM c ° ta «« ^r. financiers, law. adminiistration at which he presided ^ TS - Hankers and other leading bus. in an ho,nest and impartial manner, j mess an 'd professi-onat men. A-nd to Dr Girdner is one of the most prom- |S how the further progress in that city inent physicians in Livingston coun-, a meeting- in the interest of the Drv ty. He is a native of Livingston a-nd I Federation was -held in the offices of because of his recognized, ability as a OJie 0tC tln -s leading- banks of that city physician -he has bui-lt up a remark, a few days Since. W e have reason Now Is the ti-me to lay in your coal ir -.viater. Before buying, "see B. H. ahe. or plione 81S. 17-tJ C h i l d r e n " Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S "r O F? t Old original Caddell Jitney Station the only 'one in the city giving an all. night service Cor lOc. Phone 6 0 B Office N" Locust St. H. M. Smith, Prop. not satisfying. The St. Louis Times, August 17th, 1916, in an editorial, sa WORDS! "WORDS! WORDS! Nominee Hughes, having momentarily made some specific charges of Democratic inefficiency, again has mounted the Pegasus of glittering generalities and flies away into the empyrean at a dazzling speed which soon carries him almost out of sight. On August IS, 1916, the same paper said: MR. HUGHES SHOULD SAY SOMETHING. Mr. Hughes' platform utterances are doubly disappointing. That they have been carefully considered cannot be doubted, Mr. Hughes has been a politician of much experience. * * * He has mapped his own campaign. The party committees are o£ his own choosing. The issues Ih.- party will carry into the presidential contest are those of the candidate's deliberate selection. It is £or thPse reasons that Mr. Hughes' speeches are so lamentably inadequate for the purpose to which he had addressed hia resources. What he does say arouses no* enthusiasm. W h a t he studiously refrains f r o m saying provokes wonder. On August H3vd, 10] G, the same paper said: Justice Hughes continues to speak with great fluency without saying anything. This silence of double and doubtful meaning has caused the German newspaper AMERIKA to advise its readers not to vote for Hughes, saying: There must be some reason why it should be so painful for Mr. Hu"hos to express himself clearly regarding the allies Is it because his^fathcr emigrated from England to this country? Is it in his blood that he tries to extenuate the evident encroachments of the countrymen of his ancestors? Or, is he afraid of the man behind-- , Roosevelt who has forbidden him to-toueh on this delicate question? We are almost inclined to think that this latter is the case, as he is in full accord with Roosevelt and can only speak as he dictates. If he would wilfully and arbitrarily declare himself he might fall out ot the saddle. His downfall would not be so unpleasant to Roosevelt. Would not he, whose greatness is not at present appreciated, then have cause to proclaim the louder that he finally and at last is the only man who can lead his party in the yeat 1920? Nor less must Mr. Hughes consider the former Secretary ot State and later Senator Elihu Root, who is so to say, holding him in · the saddle on the other side. Root's attitude toward the allies Is well known to the readers. He is a decided friend and advocate of the British. 1 kc-pt open and regular. Foley Cathartic Tablets are first aid to good health. Do not gripe. Sold every- ·vherG. Those who cannot get out for a i Hallowe'en frolic will do well to look at the Hawley Shoe Store vrindow. AI1-others to'o, could get a bit of nature study by a "look-in." Most disfiguring skin eruption,, scrofula .pimples, rashes, etc., are duo- to impure blood. Burdock Blood Bitters us a cleansing blood tonic, i well recomemnded. SI ai all stores. Tv.-ent.v_livt BoMars Reward for proof ol persons stealing apples from. my orchard. Ross Bryan. 25-lm. NO MOKE ISACKACIfE KOft HE15. Mrs. J. M. Gaskill, Etna Green, Ind., writes: "I suffered from severe backaches an* sharp pains. I could not stoop over. Foley Kidney Pills gave me such relief that I cannot praise them too highly." This standard remedy for kidney trouble and bladder ailments can be taken with .bsolute safety. Sold everywhere. Owin" to these facts, it would be very desirable if Mr. Hughes would declare himself. If he falls to' do so he gives proof that he lacks the moral courage to honor the truth. One cannot expect of the German--Urnrican t h a t he .should S ivc_such a man his vote. Withhold your vote, insofar as tho election of a President is concerned, ·will probably be the watchword. Wise and thoughful German voters should ask themselves whether it lushes is in "complete accord" with HooseveJt are they in complete accord rtth Hushes. MANTON DAVIS, Democrati". Nominee for Circuit Judge, St. Louis, Mo. Announcement. I have contracted with the Interna. tional Harvester Co. for the full line- of McCormick line of farm machinery. Any one wanting repairs for any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will be f u r n i s h f d by r-e. E. H. "LAKE. Phone 818. 506 E. Webster street, | Chillicothe, Mo. C h i l d r e n Ory K)R FLETCHER'S P A S T O R : 2 A Wood For 8al«. Slab wood *1 per load; block wood $2 per load. This Is price »t mill. Chillicothe Guns lock Mfg. Co» Phone «88. M-U NEWSPAPER!

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