Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 4, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1888
Page 4
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TLUn i,vJ£JSlJSrG GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY, JAWTJARY, 4 1888. CONDENSED NEW3 Tnfl SMTP*nry of the treasury has appointed TfeoTT>ft9 J. IJfU"? stfltflfewspar for the First Illinois tlistuct, utCbiMsa It Is given ont, thnt Govarnor Ek»y wfll iprobablj eater the raw for Uw United State* •rnintoTship in Alabama, to sucowd Mr. Morgan, Tbe iwv&tnie reopipts from Rock Island w«* rvponvxt to Peori*v Tuesday. They make Vha Fifth Internal rev»nu* district (Illinois) receipts for Dscombsr 12,145,741. JI. Trumps confined in the workhouse at Lancaster, Penn., have been atkedi by th» authorities to »i> to Reading and taka the plaow of railroad strikers, and the Knight* of Labor are indignant about It Hr. A. O. Van Schalck, a well-posted lamber doaler of Chicago, a**rt» that the reduction of the tariff on lumtier will not cheapen the price of that commodity one mill to consumers In tt» United Btatai, while It will throw away a source of rer- •nue. Tb« Canadian joTernmont fa txrat upon dts<xmnt«n&nciag expressions farorable to annexation to the United States. Boo. John V. Ellis, a member of the Dominion parliament, anil also an editor, Is threatened with impeachment for advocating annexation In hi* newspaper, The Be. John Qloba Salt for divorce from his wife has been brought by Dr. McDonnell, the veterinarian, of Chicago, who was shot by her last August in their room at the Brlggf house. The woman was. never prosecuted for the attempt on her husband's life, but under a •pedal statute the shooting It sufficient ground for divorce. . Indications of a war to western railroad rates are noticed In the announcements of reductions in corn, live stock, and iron pipe and castings by tun 8U LouU & San Francisco, the Rock Island, and the Missouri Pacific, respectively. ' All these cuts will be met by competing lines, and much demorali- sation in ratee 1* anticipated. A sharp advance in the price of petroleum created a panto among the short sellers In How York and Plttsbni-ff Tuesday. Oil has ateadlly advanced from 73 cents until Tne«- day It touched H5 cents per barrel In Pitta' burs, this being the highest price quoted for two years past. Tbe Standard OH company Ib believed to have had a controlling hand In manipulating the advance. PROHIBITION IN DAKOTA, \ Dead The Liquid "Smile" Beemi To Be Issne. MITCHELL, D. T., Jan. 4.—The council at Its meeting Monday night refused to grant saloon licenses, and revoked two that had been paid to May L The liquor men aooept the result without protest. Sioux FALLS, D. T., Jan. 4.—The closing of the saloons la this city under the local op - tlon law Is the all-absorbing topic of conversation. Of the twenty-three saloons all but three have shut up shop. The city council will refuse to reissue licenses. The Law and Order league are actively at work, and tho best care will be taken that the offender! are taken Into the courts at onoe. All the clti teut. Including saloonkeepers, desire to rset- tle the matter as amicably as possible, 'The latter agree to abide by the law when proven Talid. lowing A bant Keely's ''Motor." PHILADELPHIA, Jan.. 4.— The court of common pleas Tuesday granted a preliminary injunction against Inventor Keely, restraining him from selling or assigning' hla motor Invention, from removing the motor from his shops, and from altering or changing it Tbe order was granted upon the motion of Bennett C. Wilson, who claims that when Keely began work on his Invention he (Wllsan) found tho tools and material, end paid all the expenses, and in return Ktely •greed that the Inventions find pa tints should be owned half and half by himself and Mr. Wllsod. This agreement, It U alleged, Mr. Keely violated. < Gave All Her Wealth Away. MORBIB, Ills., Jan. 4.-Mrs. John McNellti died Tuesday morning, aged 73 years. )She was the raotbor of Mrs. P. L. Qarrlty, of Chicago. Her gifts to churches and' to charity, when her huiband and hersolf were worth $250,OK), amounted to many thousands of dollars. She died oompa rattvely poor. Wants an Xuter-State Commission. LONDON, Jon. 4.—The Russian government Is about to adopt a new law to pretent private railway companies nullifying (the effect of prohibitive duties against Germany and Austria by largely reducing freight rates. ;' - Itlfthnp Seaghera' Murderer. , ' WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan. 4.— Fuller, jthe murderer of Archbishop Seagners, of Alatka, has been found guilty of manslaughter ind sentenced to ten years In the penitentiary. Leniency was extended because he i* tailored to be Insane. Applied For a Hallway Receiver. ' DAYTON, O., Jan. 4.— An application ;for a receiver for the Dayton, Fort Wayne Sc Chicago road 'was made here Tuesday, fcrid argument begun. The cose hinges on an alleged fraudulent Issue of bonds by the Ives crowd. Prom Oolcts. Happy new year! Xo mail Inst Saturday. Goo. W. Howe is Roing to move on his farm next month. Elmer Davis and wife are visiting thfir parents at Sycamore, Illinois. Lawrence Ulmer expects to go to Chicago soon, and engage in the farm Implement business. Mr. C. John has been in our vicinity looting up bnsinew for The Sterling GAZETTE and has succeeded well. Parties who wish to subscribe for the GAZETTE can do so at the Post Office at Coleta. Mr. "Woods espects to move in town soon.• The old custom of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, was indulged in Saturday night by our young folks. Mr. Treer, of Marahaltown, Iowa, who has been visiting friends in ' oleta, returned to his home Monday, accom- pained by his nephew, Chas. Ulmei> who will visit an indefinite length of time in Iowa. Mr. Walters, a thorough reneVator and repairer of organs, is in Colelaithis week. Those who have instruments that need cleaning should leave orders with him; he has already done work recommendable. Chaa. Lawrence, of Elburn 111, is In town visiting former schoolmates ,and friends, and enjoyed a good handshaking in general. Uncle James Winters who has been under the weather for some time li out and apparently as we'l as ever. Now.ia the time to turn over a new leaf, but do not do as the little boy did who In a few days turned back to look at the pictures, and spoiled it all. W. H. Colcord is expecting to Mach school at Elburn,—formally Blackberry, Illinois, the next year. Quite a big-time was had at Fehrensen's last Sunday evening, singing and a social chat, Scott Crouch actually sang "Yankee Doodle" and with much effect The weather: What shall 11 say about the weather? A week of varied changes, with plenty of freeze, a regular blizzard, followed by a day of drizzling rain; so ends the old year and the new year is ushered in with a cold windy day. Very few people in town for two days past. Theroada are blown .full of snow, and " the fields In several places are opened. . ' A party consisting of about twenty young people from town went down ta Henry Morris' and indulged in coasting Wednesday evening. They went In a sleigh drawn by four horses, and the Jingle of thelbelles and their merry laughter would insure you that they were having a jolly time. Dr. Fraser is caring for several cases who are having a siege of typtioid fever. AH are improving. ' The school children are .enjoying a week of rest during the holidays and the teachers are at their respective homes. Mr. Whitney, of Woodhull, 111., is the guest of Uncle Joe Iltinna and family. — : Cards are out for the marriage of Miss Anna Ueecher and Mr. Albert rhnmrfpr In th« Knrn, I have ofU'ti felt, too, that something of a nmn's nntiirc cotiM he determined by his enrs—thrir flwipe nncl their hnnp. if I may pnt it thnt way. I hnve noticed Hint wide, henvy nml stolid criminal.i, and even men of Intelligence of this make tip, have small enrs which lie close to theft heads. These ruen are not to bo trifled with, and they only appreciate the prcs- inre of force or of mind when they feel it. The lantern jawed and flappy eared are easily read and handled. The most desperate criminals, whether of the higher or lower orili-r, are of the former cl»ss, while the petty lliieves and men of li^ht mental caliber are generally of the floppy eared gsnus. I think, too, that something can be told of a person's nutnro by his gait in walking. 1 ilo know that much can be determined by the carriage of the head, Just the mimo as the jockey or horse fnn- cier tells the nature and spirit of a horse by head poise.—Inspector Byrnes in New York World. Warmish this morning. Unrklen'a Arnica Halve. best salve in the world for Cuts, Uruiaes, bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Uoorse. Does Governor Oglesby know there is a northern Illinois? Renew* Her Yonth. Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay Co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouch- 'ed for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for manj years: could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do all my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed com- E letely all disease and pain." Try a ottle, 50c. and 31. at Strickler & Boor- ses Drug Store. Uro. Shaw, hold upon copying praises of your candidate. Leave it with the lawyers. ' Worth Knowing. Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant, Lake City, Fla.. was taken with a severe cold, attended with a distressing cough and running into consumption in its first stages. He tried many socalled popular cough remedies and steadily grew worse. Was reduced in flesh, had difficulty in breathing aud was unable to sleep. Finally tried Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and found immediate relief, and after using about a half dozen bottles found himself well and has bad no return of the disease. No other remedy can show so grand a record of cures, as Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Guaranteed to do just what is claimed for it.—Trial bottles free at Strickler & Boorses Drug Store. Congress is in session. BTnsMlU Sooth AmBrlcon R»c*>. Tho Venezuelans are a musical race. They love mnsic, they piny the gnitnrnnd tho pinno and they sins charming songs, composir.g%ppropriate verses on the spot. Nothing can be more Interesting than one of the evening parties, even among the lower people, where seTeral persons always play their guitars and slnsf Dongs referring teaslngly to the love affairs and little eecreta of those present. What an amount of wit and good natnred humorl And the ladies do it so Rracefnlly and zoquettlshly thnt you cannot be crosa with them for exposing your llttla weaknesses. Music Is Inborn with them. They do not need to learn it, which, however, does not prevent them from having a piano In every other house, on which they practice Waprner and Beethoven forh6ars, not always to the delight at their neighbors, whoso windows are eqnally Wide open. Sinking and guitar playing are to be met with In the huts of the poorest villagers. It la their favorite omtisement during the evenings or during the dull hours of tho midday heat. Many of. the donkey drivers, traveling with their rtnra- vans through the country, carry a frdltar slung over their shoulders, and one day, far inland, I met a fellow, riding on a heavily peeked donkey, playing the guitar and singing to his heart's content. What a good humored people!—Cor. New York Sun. Neuralgic pain is usually of an intensely sharp, cutting or burning character, and is either constant or intermittent. To relieve this tortun* and effect a speedy and permanent cure rub thoroughly with Salvation Oil, '•. the greatest pain cure on earth. Price 25 cents a bottle. POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder nOTer T«*188. A ITUUTBI of purltj Btrenirtn and wholcsoroeness. More economical than thn ordinary fcludv and eiuinot be nold In competition with the muraUedt of low test< abort welKht ahmm or phospb&to powders. Sold only in cans. KovAT/BAKnro POWDXB Co.. 108 Wall Street, New York Eley, of Dutchtown, and soon there's more to follow. NEXT. THE MARKETS. Caicioo, Jan. SL On the board of trade to-day the quotations were as follows: Wheat—No. a January, opened TSHc, cloned TKH-^c; February, opened TTJ^o, closed TBc; May, opened 6&%c, closed 80}{c, Corn—No. 8 January, opened 4Q$^c, cloned 49££c; February, optmed M^c, closed M%c; Nay, opened M^c, c'osod 56^0. Oa«— No. 3 January, opened and cloned S19gc; May, opsued 84%c, closed 31^0. Pork—January, tipeAed (15.93, clunud J15.3S; February, opened |10L89 closed $15.45; May, opened (15.75, closed (15.83. Lard—January, opened (7.90, cliJMd (7.87^. ' Live stock—From the Union Stock yards >the following prices were received: Hogs—Market opened slow, with very little doing, owing tor the light supply; prices 5o higher; light grajdeg, (0.0035.40; rough pocking, (fi.25<&5.40; heavy packing and shipping lota, lfi.45QB.00. ' Qitue —Market steady; common. {3.0008,75; medkim, (4.003,4. ;5; choice, 14.K>&!>,10; cows. 81.400183; stocken, (J.2i(ga.a5. Bheep— Market unchanged; muttons, S.lXKiJ.5 00; lambs, (4.50(^5.70. Produce: Butter—Fancy creamery, SOQSlo per Ib; fancy dairy, n®£ic; rou, 10(2>18o; pack tag stock, ISi&l&c. Eftga— Fresh, SOo per doi; Ice-bouse. 17@lBo; pickled, ISJJUc. , Droned poultry—Chlckuns, 6K@">4X> par Ib; turkeys, 8® to; ducks, 0<2,9c; plucked geese, lire, (4.00 per do*. Potatooa—70<a7Bo per bu; sweet potatoes, (8.60<a4.W P« r W* Apples—Fair to choice, (1.71x^3.00 per bbl. Cranberries—Boll and cherry, (8.60 per bbl; bell and bujrla, J9.00. New York. Niw YORK. Jan. a Wheat—Lower; No. 1 red stata. 95^c; ]No. i do. Me; No. 8 rod winter January, 01%c; do February, B^c. Corn—Easier; No. i mixed oaah, W4l£S5e: do January, 0»Hc; do February, tSHc. Oat>—Dull; No, 1 whlto state, 4^@4-^c; No. * do. 40®4k'; No. U mixed January, 8*^0. Eje—Dull aud unchanged. Barley—Nominal. Fork-Dull; men, (1S.23&16.00. Lard- February, (3.13; May, (8.34. Lin stock: Cattle—A trine unsettled and weak; no buyers In the market; all h carried orar; dres**} boef in fair do maud, Bhaepand lamtn-Qulet and unchani?«l : (4.SO@&.4tl; lamia, (S.50&7. Hogs—Nearly uom- taaj; iiTe, Herbert Hp*i>c«r at Tenni*. It is carious to thSuk of Mr. Herbert Spencer's playing t*anla- Una would have an soon expected to «ae Curlyle at battledoor and ahattltcock. A few years ago, however, Mr. Spencer used frequently to la; clown his pen nod lift a racquet. His brain wan overworked with l<aui than da hour's writing, end it became quits » common thing with him to M*k rtlaxa- Uon in the U<nnia ouurt. Before h« became so much of an invalid Mr. Spgoour also went a good «2««1 to th« thoitrs—*1- to the pit, into which h» waj-. —Soo* Los*. Cabling Money to Europe. It has gotten to be a common thing 1 (ol small sums of money to be transferred by cable between New York and London. A $20 order may be flashed, under the 'Atlantic from New York In ample time tc serve as a shopping fund In London 'the same afternoon. And the transfer Is cheaper and easier now, not to any doubly more speedy, than It was a few years tigo to send ten times the amount. Few pedple realize how closely the great cities of the world are connected by chained lightning and how cosmopolitan civilized huumrtlty has become: The telegraph companies do this sortof banking business by wire every day between the cities of America. But it won't send f 1, nor $1,000 at any price across the ocean. Banks wJH cable money in large amounts, or for valued customers, but only at a cost prohibitive to modern pocketbooks. The great banking houses will not transfer a smaller snm than £10, and then only at the rate oti $S per pound sterling, irrespective of current rates of exchange. After adding the cable tolls the operation becomes impracticable. ' "But it remains a fact that much smaller sums are cabled across the poud dally and weekly and monthly without difficulty by people who know how to dolf • English theatrical people playing engagements in New York, or anywhere In the United States, constantly sent a regular percentage of their salaries to friends, or agents in the old country for .domestic use or Investment. Constant!yjon the go, and accustomed to the use or telegraphing for every day purposes, tho slow process of transmission by mall soon becomes Irksome to them. They founded the system of cabling money to the other side, and it has already grown to a most interesting proportion. They do it through their steamship agency.—Philadelphia Press. A Urf«-tul Precaution. It is a useful precaution for the tourist, the commercial traveler, or the emigrant to the West, to take along Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Invalids who travel by steamboat or rail should provide themselves with it, in order to preventer remedy the nausea which the ja'ring and vibration of vehicles In transitu often causes them. Wastly preferable is it for this simple, but needful purpose, tp the heady unmedl- cated stimulants of commerce. On board ship, It not only remedies sen sickness, but neutralizes the pernicious effects of water slightly brackish, which, if unqualllled, is apt to give rise to irregularities of the bowels, cramps in the abdominal region, and dyspepsia. To the aerial poison of malaria it is an efllctent antidote. Sick headache, heart-burn, and wind upon the stomach, are promptly bandished by it. It healthfully stimulates the kidneys and bladder, and nullifies the early symptoms of rheumatism. mwf ' Buncombe will have many solicitors and pleaders in Congress this year. SHILOH'S COUGH and Oonsumpton Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Never say an evil word of your town. CKOTJP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shlloh's Cure. O. A.-Oliver & Co. 1 Never let anybody slander your town. For lame back, side or chest, use Shlloh's Porous Plaster. Price 26 cents O. A. Oliver & Co 1 Believe just one tenth of ordinary gossip. . THAT HACKING COUGH can be • so quickly cured by Sbiloh'a Cure. We guarantee It. 0. A. Oliver & Co. 1 It is a good year for ladles who are not overrun with proposals for marriage, as they ara priveleged to do their own proposing in leap-year. CATARRH CUBED, nealth and swee breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.- Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free, O. A. Oliver & Co. i Apprentice In the Social School. The awkward undergraduate, who ha» come from a farm and struggled manfully for years to gain an education, who is popular among his fellows, has mastered science and languages and been crowned victor on commencement day, finds all his triumphs turn to ashes on' hla lip* when he enters a parlor filled with yonng women. They know each other, they are at their ease together, but he is outside. He 1* In terror lest he shall say or do something contrary to those trifling rules of etiquette of which he-is Ignorant, but which, they have known since their childhood. Sometimes this dread leads him to assume an air of haughty reserve, or he tries to hide his diffidence under ft fumuiar swagger. Both these pretenses are useless and vulgar, and make him aggressively dlsagrteablo a* well as awkward. In this, ad in eve*? difficulty in life, it Is best for him to face the truth. He does labor under a real disadvantage. No matter what hu acquirements amoral worth, If he does not know how to manage: his hands and feet, to use hU fork* and gla&aeg at dinner, to modulate hla vbice and control his eyea, well bred people will be prejudiced againit him. Close aud quick observation will *oan teach Mm these trivial rule*. In the meantime let him b*> content to keep in ti>« background. U an apprentice in the •ocial school b« quiet, gentle and sincere lit hi* meaner, and a good listener, very Saw people will nottc* how he break* kOa bread cot u+*» U* u*j>lUB.—¥ouih'» Companion. Let us have any complaint you may have In regard to the receipt of your paper. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable b-- that terrible congh. Shlloh's Cure is the remedy for you. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 The GAZETTE'S list in Sterling and Bock Falls is constantly growing. THE KEY. GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon, Ind, aays: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Subscribe for the dam. " Wm. 'Black, Abingdon, Iowa, was cured of cancer of the eye by Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic, which cures all blood disorders and diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys. The best tonic and appetizer knowu. 50 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver & Co. Tbe Spanish duenna business 1$ a trifle too strong, but parents can go to the opposite extreme. Oscar Wilde's new book, "Impressions of America," will be eagerly read by all who aadated to make the poet's trip so dectoedly pleasant. Hia impression of Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup is a matter of little consequence, . as the public have already pronounced It the remedy for coughs and colds par excellence. It is decided tnat a man may be a specialist in any form of disease. VITAUZKK Is what you oe«d for Constipation, Low of Appetite, Dls- ztne&s and all symptoms of Dyspepsia Price 10 and 1» ceutc per bottle. 0. A. Oliver 4 Co. l _ Cltizeta msottng ttnUgut. Front Montmorency. Jan. 3.—Mr. Hermon Sturtz loatj one of his nice steers which he was fattening for market last week. Cause of death unknown. Mrs. Charley Rundlett, Of Onawa, Iowa, is visiting; her mother, (Mrs. Mary Terhune, who continues in a very precarious condition. To see a farmer take his stock to market now-a-days, which la a Comparatively easy job, one hardly realizes that It was but a dozen years since taking hogs to market meant 9 long, tedious and aggravating drive over the road which seemed a good deal longer behind hogs, and by the way, we ,verily believe a hog head was put on the wrong end by mistake. If one does not believe it let him try to drive one. Now it Is but a small matter to load up hogs, cattle or sheep in wagons and trot oft at a good smart gait How many are they that know that the now indispensible article,—the shoveling board, was almost an unheard of thing 80 years ago? Mr, Oeorge_ Smith, formerly of : this section, but now of Bromfleld, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, is back on a stay of a couple of weeks, combining business with pleasure. He has a quarter of a section of land there which indeed must be excellent, as he says his corn was so good that it more than paid; for the land it was raised on; his other crops equally bountiful.'' Those owning farms situated a few miles from town ought to be nearly as much concerned about the upper dam project and the finding of natural : gas as the~6wner8 of property, for that which tends to benefit, boom and ,enlarge Sterling and Bock Falls, must necessarily enhance the farm property, and the boom outlook for the two towns will .certainly add a few dollars per acre to our farms. . Last Thursday morning Mrs. Hermon Tenney presented her husband with a bouncing boy, which tipped the scales at eleven and one half pounds. All doing well, especially Its father and grandfather Barnum, who were so elated and justly too, that It tyok two days for tlrem to settle down to anything ordinary. While Ben McWilllams and Jake Robinson were enroute for Harmon a few days since they caught just seventeen rabbits while passing throng^ a meadow that bad been plowed ^hls fall; the unevenness of the turf hadiaf- foVded excellent recesses to the rabbits for shelter from the cold and wjnd. Mr. Henry Hein had the misfortune to have a colt break .one of Its legs Ipst Thursday In some inexplicable manner. He had three colts tied near each other and the one In the mMdle was the unfortunate animal; it was a promising colt about nine months old. | W. Bird Emmons Is on the sick list this week. . ; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Geetlng enfer- tained a large number of friends from north of Sterling last Friday. Our tax collector, Mr, Theodpre Trouths informs us that the whole amount of taxes this year to be collected from Montmorency is 84,075, which is about 8900 more than they were Ijast year. We don't know why the sum is so large unlesslthe State pleuro pneumonia affair for the past year has something to do with it in addition to an extra large local road tax. fclr. Trouth will be found every Saturday at Frank Gait's office in Sterling, where you can leaye the necessary ducats. | ^Mr. Charley Palmer has been visited during the last week by his brother, Mr. Arthur Palmer, D. D. S. of Tuckhan- nock, Penn., and friend from Nebraaka. • A lyceum has been organized at the Uolder school house which promise! to be very interesting and instructive as the winter advances, as that section which will attend contains excellent timber for literary exercises. The first meeting was held last Saturday elf ot- ing the following office s for a term of four weeks. Pres. Theodore Trouth, Vice Pres. Rollo Woods, Sec, Mattle Sturtz, Treasurer Ed. Currier, janitor Louis Ditz. Executive com., Theo. Trouth, Rolio Woods, Miss Bella Heal and Lyle Golder. Until further notice they will be held on every Saturday evening. Mr. Sol Mekeel eblpped three car load of those fat steers, which he baa been feeding:, to Chicago last Saturday from Stone. Mr. Bernhart Johnson also shipped in one car load Monday night. There are about 16 carload* more around Stone. Miss CUiyU>u.daughter of Owen Cl»y\too, of Nelson, la rery sick with lung fever following »a »ttf>ck of measles. MACK " nn * x MARK DOWN SALE NEWMARKETS AND CHiLORENS' CLOAKS At one-half former prices. A golden opportunity to secure a great Bargain. Just one-half value, would he cheap at $1.00. BLANKETS AT $1.00 PER PAIR. OoodLs TVo Old Stock CHEAPEST DiRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. N. CARPENTER & CO. 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Itwlllba light, cheap and indestructible by fir* or collision. If It should ba thrown off jthe track it would simply bound into the) air and settle down into 1U place.—Chioago Herald. GREAfRE CURBS RHEUMAtlSM, Lumbago, Backache, Headache, Toothache. NEURALGIA, Sore Throat, Swellings, Frostbites, Sprains, SCIATICA, BRUISES, BURNS, SCALDS. For Stablemen and Stockmen, The GreAtest Remedy Known for Hors* •nd Cattle I>lse«»ea. SCROFULA or Tni BONE CURED! LITHOHU, Oft., August 11* 1897. TBK Bwirr Srkcino to., Atlanta. Ua.: Gentlemen—I have been Rfmctpd with ulceratluu of the legt eTer tlnoa I WM t «bl)d, the disease undoubtedly \>r\ng her*Hilary, R> my mother suite rod from »croful- OUB •ympfoma. An I advanced tn manhood, my affliction Increased until the malady became humuulng and pnltiful beyond the 1 power of wordii to doncrU*, My right leg particularly been rue fearfully involved, the left leg being lees painfully affected. Finally, •bout fourteen year* ogo, ihe ulcen on my right leg had eaten throuRli the flwh into the bone, la order to »ave my life thedoo- ton determined to amputate my leg below tba fcoet. The operation was luece*.*fully performed by V. M. Miller, of Atlanta, ind Pr. W. P. Bond, of Li then la. But the. lOMOf my lev g»T« me only temporary relief. The poUoa wai •till In my ay item and •oon beffaii to thow Itficlf again. Inaihort time after larvo ulcers appeared on my left leg, covering It from the knee to toe Instep, Frequently while at work ( ocmld be trackea by tho blood whlcli oozed from the hug* ulc«ra, and the §oro» aud rottenlng hole* •were»o ofCciiilve that my fellow-workmen could not itund the *t*nch and would DJOT» «way from me. Lout winter I wan penuodod to try a B. 8. An a but effort -1 consented to do BO, and •bout aevon months agu I bcffan taking to* CpecUla. t soon began to fe«l the good effect* 01 tho medicine, th*; offensive running began to grow h-u and Irttond dually ceaoed. tn* ulcen healed, my fleab bet-ame nnn and aolld, and today, after uolutf twenty one bottle•, I am as hale and stout a man of my «ge a* there la In Georgia, I am n«venty-on» year* old. but feel now younger and. stronger than I did when I was twenty-ftve. I weFgh about Impound*. Clothing U to be seen of the terrible discaar, or to remind me of the torture I Buffered lor so many years, exoupt tile acarsof the perfectly lu-ak'd ulcers. 1 want the world tn know of the almost xalraculoiu cure effected on me by b, a, H, and I call upon thoso who wltiu to know the particulars directly from mo to write, and I will consider It A pleasure aa well as * duty to aiuwrr their letter*. I .refer to Dr. W. P. Bond, of Uthonla, aa to the truth ot my Very gratefully yours, Tremtlaoott Blood and 8klnDI»eaMftma41«i (re*. Tax Swirr SFtcinc Co.. Drawer 8, Atlaaw, Q*, Notice.-to Land A few choice tracts ot laud now In the hands of P. li. liubbard, located In Iowa aud BoutLeiD Minnesota, with TITLES WiBRfflED PERFECT. While many of the lands now. owned by specn latora are under a cloud of tltlo. These lands are sold with PKUKECT AHBTEAOTa. HKIOES FROM SIX TO TEN PER AOIIE. DOLLARS <:hroulo Ca»»« 4OY««r«'8t«o(llngC3reOi Crlpjiled C»«c« Throw AVAT Cured Parm»i»«nUy. CbrouU Ciues At Oace R*Uev*d f. Cured Froiuptly. Chronic t'M'a Cured Wllhoul B«l«ip*« i. Mo Return of l'»in. ChrotaJ* CM«« Cured ) Kd r«ia la ifur I bare also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For Bale cheap, on which a good Drocertv In Sterling or Bock Falls will be token as put par- meat. Kow Is the time to get good bargains. XAPM AMI* DKBCHlPTIONa had at my office, and oheap tlckeUto show western lands. Delays) mr« Dtuxeroo* om Tbe»e Bar* gain*. F. B. HT7BBABD. Ju&ud office opposite MauDerchor B&U, Hterllis*. Uln. JL<ine rSo. 1 I EWIM MoMANIQAL HA» MTAKT8U A M* eirtur, aud hi prenaralto do aU kintfs o: . Hirring hotkM&tald go*H aud pb tf «UfU» * E. B. FAOEY & CO. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GAS MM, H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY Mil. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In the employ of J. 8. Johnstone as Plumber. We also have arraiiKemfnts with WALTKK A. KACKT, an expert Plumber, now with E, Ballot In the best pHirnblng establishment In Chicago, In ease of any fine or e»tra work, to assist ua. We are prepared to make contracts and furnlah matf- ;lal for all work. In the Plumbing, Steam and Gas fitting line, and ke-p In stock Iron, lead and lewer pipe, brass goods, pumps, &c., Sic. ,• everything to ue found To a nrstKjlass establishment, at reasonable prices, and we are now prepared to up work In a satisfactory manner ana uuurantee all work and material as represented. T. K. FACEy, wno lias been In buslnese here almost continuously for the last ihlrty-two years, will superintend the work. His qualincatloni as a mechanic are too well known to need comment. MIIOP AT THE OLD STAND FACfY BLOCK. STfPLINe, ILL. All goods prom WAGONS ly dellYerad to any part city. Specialty of removing household d pi g hous goods and piano*. [mhl2yi] K RWILDABIN WHEN YOU TRAVEL T»l<« tht lint Mltcttd by th« UnlOd Statu Gov,mm«nt tu cur* th. Ful Mul._th, ' Atttll th« Lin. running Through Tttiiw to w«l from th» fotowing uul town, on Its own Unit: OHIOA80, AORORA. BTTAWA, 4 »TBaTM,80lSMORO,DBIBQOI, IACROJSE, »T. PADl, MINHEAPOllg, MEMDOTA, PEORIA. GAUSBOgB, «T. IODI», ?«'»»». «OK«», abtiBaioa, WAtAmoTOK 9SKALOOSA, DEI MDI9E8, CHABITOM tlEITM, IT. 108EPH, ATIHIIU. ' KANSAS CITT, NEBRASKA CITY, OMAHA, CDUNCIl BIOFFI, taking Direct Connection TO AND FROM «EW, YORK. BALTIMORE, WASHIKBTOI, »'"<pl»«ATI,PHIUDEll»a!A,|0«TOB E, BAB , "AIT RE80BTI, BITt OF MUICO. MBJUIO, SREBON, MAI1TOIA, VIBTQIU AID PU8ET IOHID POINTt. Good Equipment, Good Service, Good F« mftxm.ti»n •o ». M«.rt T«M <rfth.C,8.*Q. PAUL

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