The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1944 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 1944 BYNEA SERVICE,INC. XII . 'T'HS heavenly host vanished but a, radiant glow lingered upon t^ie )3lain. Here Ruth had gleaned and Bpaz met and loved her. Here, also, David had tended his fa- ther'fe flocks. Here, now, if he • coulii believe his ears, an heir had beert born to David and would . lead his countrymen to peace and ioy,yea, might lead even the Romans, the Romans and all menj Joel reflected. ."' S ^ger now to return to the sleeping flocks, the shepherds ; hastiined. The Roman : inn of Bethlehem, they saw, was yet • alight as Romans and Hellenists passed the night in unwonted - revelry. Familiar with the courtyard; Joel, became leader now, and his foot was first to pause at the inn's stable. From within the cavernous dark a light glowed, there was the lev/ murmur of voices, and while the shepherds hesitated the stir of v/ings" sound- c;d, iand hovering low above the • Stable, they beheld the angelic throng whose message had fetchod thom thither. ' , It was as though ' the angels ; stood silent guard, there v/as no • sound of singing now, and Joel ' turned to ask his fellows, would thoy follow into the cave? • Cn died in a manger, the King of Glory lay .sleeping. A mere : helpU'ss babe such as love has given repeatedly throughout the ages, infinitely dear, with a value ; beyond price, and a beauty greater than the beauty bf the universe. ' Jod felt the acho in his heart advance to his throat, so that speech was impossible, and he knew now why Jonathan had taken, his babe to Michal, who else should he have trusted with a lliitig so holy? This, babe before them,' warm ill tlie hay-scented manger, the birth •of this babe would redeem all tl;c unwanted births of gen- ei-ati(;ns and the radiance that .surrounded Him where He lay wrapped in His swaddling clothes, that radiance would spread its . light' into every darkened place and its warmth and power bring •healilig where it entered. ' Hec noticed the mother and her husb;tnd, then, and an impulse to kneel would not be denied. So ;that lie knelt before the maiden, while the otlier shepherds,'kneeling also, told of the star and the herald whose word had brought them- here. - , While they knelt the whole stall became bright as day. * » 'S ¥ IT'JLE DAN became restless - ai,id Michal awakened as the new morning light fell within the sbecprold. The sun had not yet risen, and Michal raised herself on or;e elbow, striving to see the .figure of her husband in the doorway of the. fold. The sheep were a.sleep and the quietness that held hnly ahc. soft sounds of their orcathiTig,^. was suddenly broken by excited .shepherd voicr:-', Tlu- Meopitig babe in her arms, Midial arose and flung a robe hastily ."ibout her shoulders, and stepping (•arefully .she made her way to the doorway, anxious lest the rising sound of voices should rouse the sheep and take them from the 'The Watirify" by Gu&tave Time. While they knelt the whole stall became bright as day. fold if Joel's .voice them. • Joel v.-as tlicro, and he came to lier, his face alight, his step c:iKcr and young once more as she had known it in the days before she and Jonathan were wed and Joel had ridden away to war. ,• Ho drew her close to him, and explained excitedly, "Tliou hast slept while angels sang! The Messiah is born! This night we shepherds have .<;een glory beyond that of kings. We have seen Him who is born to be King- Saviour of all tlie v.-<irldl hould reach I lowed by the star's great light I Truly Adonai witnessed the birtl of this babe, and to David's royal lino has come the King of Kings." 'The babe's mother, is it well with her?" Michal asked. "She is young and lovely," Joel replied. "And worthy to bear our Prince. She seemed well, indeed, for she welcomed us graciously and let us look upon the babe. And about her and the child was a luster as though the sun shone on them, while yet and ! there was no sun. 'T carried a fine white lamb of '•Angels sang of Hi.s birth, and j my flock, warm in my bosom a star led the way, and ;'n herald told us we should find Him in a manger with cattle lying hear. We went even unto Bethlehem, to the .stable of the inn, and found Him of whom the angel lold. The heir of David, who shall save His people. The Ijabo through whose birth pence and good v.iU are promised to all men." '•Ill a stable, Joel?" 'Micnal questioned, and )ier thoiiglits ilcv.- to Flavia and her brotiier. ^',•as this the wile rel 'iLscd her roc :ii that Drusus mi.uht sleep in tlic j w'->ere I had thrust it that its blcatings should not disturb thee, and when I offered it to the young mother there, there was light about them as radiant as the star! She smiled upon me, and held the lamb in her arms with her little son, and the Holy Child shall be warmed tonight by my lamb's sweet wool." A hcrdsboy , regretted, "I am without a thing to oflfer to the babe and His mother. So poor! ;:o poorl" •Lnd. thou art rich!" Joel cried. inn? Had the Lord of .-,11 the '-Would that I had the' riches" of World been born in a stabh; bo- thy future yearsi" cause siie, IMichal. li;icl (lirli.l Another .spoke of the star, its v.itli ;i . i;(.;n;in and fca-cd lii i.riUianco visible still from Where cnnnji to lir-r t!ii:; ).i;iii1V Y'' j it r.tnod above the stable, "It is ho -A- ;iu.iild the .shepho'-d.^ Itave j .so wondrously bright, surely its known liini from a hundred babes if His birtliplace had not been ;;tranRe? Joel an.swercd, "In a manner sweet with hay, warm v/ith tb.e breath of clean cattle, and hal- ladiance will shine upon the v.orld throughout all generations." Michal .spoke softly, "And the glory of this night shall be re- monibercd by all nations." THE END China's Children Send Christmas Gi'eetings to General Chennaiilt Headquarters, Fourteenth Air Force, China. Dec. 21. (APi—Along I with the an.xiously awaited Christ- j mas mail that streamed into American Air Force headquarters in China'have come some unexpected letters. On Ihin. soft paper vertically, ruled.. 1 hey carried eight culumii.s of Chinese characters. The en- I popp.s.. lonsier and narrower than , ^jnerifiin tyijc.s. were addressed to : Kinj. Gen. C. L. Chennault.: com- ; niandihg general of the Fourteenth.; ;Therft were hundreds of them— j holiday me.ssages from Chinese! .school children to Yanks now fight- ' ing in China. Some enclosed drawings as gifts. Some contained childish sketches of Japanese soldiers who were represented as turtles— -most Uncomplimentary in China. All sent thanks and prai.iu to the American fliui.-. whom many of the children viewed a.s "cru.saders." Twelve-year-oiri, Lieu Yu Sin. wrote: "You are tlie holy soldi" is of this w-ar . . . You parted with ,v(iUr imrcnts. your sons and lUnii'li- trr.s and those whom you lovc' most lo ficht for your country a.s well a.s for all hiiman-bcinas in tlic world . . . Oh how glorious you are! "Now in China, althoush every soldier is fighting the enemy and sacrificing everything he has even his own life, we should admit that .so far as weapons are concerned, we are much behind the enemy. May I cordially request you to send more and more supplies to help us." A sixth grade boy. Won Sing Chu. added his personal story to his thanks. "Since the Jap rob­ bers stole Into our country we have been living an unhuman life , . . Take me. for example: "I have I been wandering in every corner of China for five years already. I really feel as though someone is cutting mv heart to pieces as I write this letter . . . During those I fi\f years, I have suffered from i huncry coldness and ever kind of I cruelty. But I have made myself • -tiona through the poor food I have eaten, the sunshine, the hard i wind and the heavy rain which I have had to stand against. I am I a tough boy now Instead of a delicate one under my mother's kindest care." Eleven year old David Wei told what had happened in his country, "once they (the Japanese) took away one of my ten year old friends, they drew a great quantity of blood from his poor body in order to save a cruel Jap soldier. The result was that my little friend became pale and weak Immediately. So a few hours later he died in the Japs hands." TO OUR FRIENDS This is Christmas time— and we want to take this ojiporlunity of extending to you the Season's Best Wishes—a Merry ,Merry Christmas'and a Happy New Year. And we would feel that something had been left undone were we to overlook this opportmiity of thanking ycu for the business you have sent us in the past, ji'our patronage has been very much appreciated—and we hope to serve you often in the future. So we say j "Meny Christmas"—to you, and to yours,—and, our sincerest wish will not come true unless 1945 brings hapiness to you. Self-Service Grocery —AND— Meat Market THB lOLA REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 23, 1944. As we stand On the dividing Hne between the' New Ye«r coming in ^nd the Old Year going oi^t ... let us reflect, that the • past has been kind despite sorrowj? that have descended; and that the future holds much happiness; And so _ with real sincerity we wish for all a most Merry Christmas and a New Year full of hope. : Sleeper's Mortuary , A, R. SLEEPER > , MAJOR JOHN L. SLEEPERS, MR. AND MRS. J. H. KINSER lOLA. K!ANSAS AT CHRISTMAS Sincere Good Wishes FOR A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR « To our many friends at Christmas we send greetinjrs and as the gay spirit of the Yuletide makes you happy may that same spirit manifest itself anew every day of the New Year. Globe Clothing Co. A. Our Kindest Best Wishes For You At Yultide It is with a warm glow in our hearts that we think of our.friends at Christmas and of what they have meant to us during the year past. We feel that we have no regrets when wie. look back to our business associations with you during the year 1944. * Our wish is that you have joy untold at Christ mas and much happiness during- the -NEWYEAR Service "MAY YOUR DAY BE MERRY AND BRIGHT They are words of a poplar song, but they e.xpress our wisli for this Christmas Day. The privilege we have of remembering our loved ones and friends with tokens of love and friendly greeting make it a great event of each year—a day we look forward to and a day we cherish. Again may we wish for you the Joys of tills Day. Thank You Again for Past Favors. We Are Always Eager to Meet Your Needs. BRADY'S SHOE STORE > May Your Holiday Season Be Happy May Christmas and the New Year bring bountiful blessings to you and to your loved ones both far and near. We are deeply grateful and humble for the happiness and .ioy we have received during the past year and look forward to a brighter future in the days ahead. Thank You For Past Favors. We Shall Continue to Serve You to the Best of Our Ability in 1945; mm OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE ;"^t; ',. i • ^ _ ACCjPENJTAL ! GLORY . cJ.-iI'iir "4A «e. SE^w;6ov6,x'^\ ^ siG TORKEV FARMER FROM uPSTArre.' GOT A THOUSAM' GOBBLERS I 'M. RAFFLIM" OFF^ — t4ALf A 0UC^< MieWT GET VOU A Mice l6-P0L )rviD 8| RD /-<- VAlELL, STEP UP IF V0L3 AIN^T GOT _ MQUfe POCKETS.' j UM.'TUE MA30R'G TURK&V D ^5 ^PPE ^R5, AMD HERE'S SAKE RAFFUMG ONiE OFF.' IT LOOKS LIKE RE'S' TRVlMG TO BE KlG . OvJNi GAKNTA GLAUS.' I'LL EA<3E OL5T 1 BEFORE He jt^ SPOTS 'THIS COMEG < UMDER. THE ' MEADIMGOP FOWL PL^^/^

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