Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on September 10, 1938 · Page 10
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 10

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1938
Page 10
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Page 9 MELVIN JOHNSON. Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, September 10,1938 HEART'S f) Joseph McCord WNU Service. I lead a busy life and a lonely one. Then Dale walked into the room where I sat talking to John Payne. It was like looking into Elaine's eyes again. Everything cnme back. I had no rest until I came here. I only wish I had been in time to spare Dale. We must think of him now." Farwell lurched forward suddenly. He covered his face with his hands. "Elaine . . . Elaine . . ." Kelsey relaxed in his chair. He found his own eyes suddenly wet. After a moment he crossed over and laid a hand on the other man's bowed shoulders. "We've both been hurt, Jonathan. It's over now. It's up to us to help that boy. He'll come back when he gets over the shock. And now you'll be able to tell him it's all right. I'm going down to the hotel. I'll stay for a little. If you need me I'll be waiting." There was another ringing of the parsonage bell in the early afternoon. A second and hesitating push of the button brought Jonathan Farwell to the door. He walked with a steady step, displaying his usual composure. His voice betrayed no surprise as he greeted the caller. "Good afternoon, Miss Brady. Will you walk in?" "Good afternoon, Doctor Farwell." Lee colored faintly under the steady scrutiny of the minister's dark eyes. She gathered herself together quickly, speaking in a voice that matched the man's for evenness. "I would like to speak to Mr. Mulgrew if he is here." "I am afraid Pinckney is out at present," was the grave reply. "Is there anything I can do for you? Perhaps you will come in." "Just for a moment then." And, when the door had closed behind her: "I wanted to know if--if Pink had found Dale. He said he would. I didn't hear anything . . . Lee's voice trembled a little in spite of her effort to control it. "I couldn't bear it any longer." Her brown eyes ·looked up appealingly into Farwell's. "I see. Please sit down." ' Lee shook her heed, waited. "When was this, Miss Brady?" "Last night after dinner." ' "Last night . . ." The minister repeated the words with an effort. "Then he must have told you." "He did. Where'is Dale? Hasn't he come back at all?" "Not yet. Pinckney must be searching. Something tells me he will bring Dale with him. I am waiting." "Oh, if we only knew where he wasl If he was all rightl" Lee's small hands clenched helplessly. "It wasn't his fault. I'm so afraid he . thinks he mustn't love me any more. He may even think that I don't love him now. And I do! I dol" Farwell took a step nearer. One of his hands came out to rest on her shoulder. "As much as that, my child?" · "Of course," she told him, looking bravely into his eyes. "I wiU always love him." "I believe you, Lee." His voice quivered a little as he said, "I never have known of a greater love. Save one. My dear, you will not be put to the test. Either of you." "Oh, what . . .?" · "I have learned the truth today. It might have been too late: But now I know that God will bring my son back to us. Will you wait for a little here? Wait with me? It will not be long." "Oh, yes. Please let me stay." Along the wooded slope of a high hill some five miles from Locust Hill a small figure was clawing its way doggedly through the heavy undergrowth, engaged in a zig-zag ascent. It was Pincknoy Mulgrew. "Queer how the kid ever found that trail," he muttered. "It must be around here somewhere." He squinted thoughtfully at the summit, revealed through an opening among the trees. "Must be," he repeated. After a brief progress, his searching eyes were rewarded by a faint path leading in the desired direction. With an exclamation of relief, he followed it. Within a quarter of an hour he found himself Hearing the final sheer ascent, a bald face of rock that rose almost perpendicularly. T h e explorer moved warily now, making as little noise as possible. From a thicket, he peeped cautiously across a small clearing. There, propped against a boulder In the sunshine, was Dale. "Hi," Mr. Mulgrew said casually, and stepped into the open. Dale looked at him without speaking or stirring. "I was out taking a stroll," Pink anticipated. "Thought I'd drop around this way. Nice little place you got here." His survey included a shallow cavern in the face of the rock and a small spring outside the entrance. "All set for housekeeping. What's the matter with that ankle?" "Turned it on a rock. What do you want?" "Shut up until I fix you." He knelt down and untied the soiled handkerchief Dale had bound about his bare ankle. "Wait . . ." Pink reached for his coat and tugged a parcel from. one of its pockets. "Brought myself a sandwich, but I ain't hungry. You eat it." "I don't care for it. Thanks." "Eat it anyway." Pink moved over to the spring and dipped the handkerchief in the icy water. "Maybe that'll make her feel better, kid. You didn't have it tight enough nohow." He applied the bandage with practiced fingers. "It's no good, Pink," Dale remarked wearily. "Why did you come all the way up here? I want to be alone for a while. What made you look for me here?" "That Saturday afternoon you took me explorin'. You said if you ever was a hermit you'd come here. I figured it out." Pink, his ministrations finished, settled back on his heels. "Now, you and me's goin' to have a talk." "No we're not. There's nothing to talk about." · "Lissen, kid. You're goin' to hear what I got to say because I got good news for you. It's . . . Everything's all right!" "What do you mean?" "The dominie -- he had it all wrong, kid." "Pink! Do you mean it! He--no, he couldn't be wrong." "But he was, I'm tellin 1 you. It ain't so easy to wise a guy, but-oh, hell. He's your dad. That's what I'm tryin' to say. He always was. That bird Kelsey squared everything. He showed up this mornin*. Bight after breakfast." "Kelsey is here!" Dale said it unbelievingly. "That's strange." "Sure. He beat it down here right after you. I'd have got here sooner, but I wanted to hear what he had to say. I was sort of scared to leave him and the dominie together, everything considered. So I hung around to make sure they weren't goin' to mix things. I clamped my ear right to the door. When I was sure everything was on the up and up, I beat it." ' "Tell me!" "No, sir. I done my part. You want to hear that from your dad. And say, kid, when you and him get together, go easy. He's been hit longer and harder than you. And it wasn't his fault. I'd have done the same thing, I reckon. So would you. But you can take it from me, it's all right now. Next thing's to get you home." "I can walk." "Guess you'll have to. I didn't pass no cabs comin' up. I'll cut you a stick and help you. There's somethin' else I'd better tell you, maybe." Pink stood with his feet apart, slashing the branches from a substantial length of scrub oak. "Before I give you this stick." "What?" "It's bout the girl friend. I seen her last night. She's wait in 1 . Made me promise I'd fetch you back." "You mean . . . " "Sure I told her. And, kid, I want to take back any knockin* I ever done about dames. That's all." Dale half turned, sank down and buried his face against his arm. He lay prone, motionless. Pink re- mained'where he was until he had the walking stick shaped to his satisfaction. Then he pocketed his knife. "Guess we'd better trek, kid. ' t's goin' to be slow." The journey back to Locust Hill was slow. Dale, his face set grimly, limped over the uneven ground with the aid of his cane and Pink's willing shoulder. Frequent halts for rest were made. To add to Pink's uneasiness, the sun had disappeared. Clouds were gathering thickly, a threat of more rain in the air. It wouldn't do the kid any good to get wet. When they got nearer town, he'd figure out a short cut that would bring them in behind the burial ground. No use giving the villagers a treat. The first big drops of rain were falling when Pink assisted his charge up the steps of the back porch. He flung open the door with a sieb of relief. A swift little rush across the floor of the half-dark kitchen. "DaleI Dale . . . You've come back!" "9h, Lady Lee!" Fink made hasty exit into the dining room. Lee was close in Dale's arms, her face buried against his shoulder. "I waited and waited, Dale darling . . . I ... I couldn't have stood it much longer. Are you all right?" "Everything is all right now," he whispered, his cheek against her curls. "I know. And it would have been all right. No matter what happened. "Everything: Is all right now." Don't you know itT Didn't you know!" "I wasn't sure . . . I am now." They clung to each other in silence after that, clung until Lee released herself gently and lifted her tear-wet eyes to Dale's. She tried to flash him her old-time smile. "We're forgetting, dear. Your father. I talked to him this afternoon. Y o u . . . . Dale, please be kind." Pink was descending the front stairs when Dale started his slow ascent. "Say, kid ... He's in your room." Dale paused outside the closed door of his room for a moment. He drew a long breath, turned the latch softly. Entered. He paused with a slight gasp, leaning heavily on his stick. The barren little apartment was lighted by an unfamiliar glow. Both candles of the shrine were burning. For the first time. Jonathan Farwell, his rugged face gleaming strangely hi the soft illumination, sat in a chair he had drawn directly before the shelf. A book lay on his knee, one finger marking the page where he might have been reading. Dale's glance shifted involuntarily. His mother's photograph lay between the candles. "Father." Fanvell's head turned slowly. His black eyes seemed to be staring from a great distance. A man in a dream. With apparent difficulty he rose to his feet, still holding to his book. "Dale." His lips moved stiffly to shape another word. "Son . . ." "I've come back, father." Neither man moved from his place. Farwell'* tall form weaved slightly. The flickering lights laid his shadow on the wall. Huge, grotesque. "Do you know, my son?" Dale's oak stick clattered to the floor. His hands reached out. "I know everything now . . . Dad." (THE END.) RICHARD W. ENGLE PRESTON Fourth District DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE for County Commissioner Your support will be appreciated at the Primaries SEPTEMBER 12, 1938 (8-6-61) (Pol. Adv.) 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND PROPOSING AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATB Vote For WM. L. DeFORD SIXTH DISTRICT FOR County Commissioner Your support will be Appreciated Democratic Primaries September 12th, 1938 9-3-2t) (Pol. Adv.) Announcement To the Democrat Voters of Caroline County A number of citizens of our County have urged me to become a candidate for Judge of the Orphans' Court. I take this means of announcing my decision to be a candidate for that office, subject to your approval at the polls on September 12th. Your support will be appreciated. E. LLOYD FOOKS, Preston, Md. (Pol. Adv.) Announcement W. EDMQND NEAL has filed with the Election Supervisors for the nomination as a candidate for the House of Delegates and solicits the support of Democratic voters in the Primaries on September 12. ol. Adv.) , D. W. BANNING ' Dover Road Filling Station Preston, Md. DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR HOUSE OF DELEGATES Your Support Will Be Appreciated Subject to Democratic Primaries, September 12, 1938 (Pol. Adv.) Nominate CORDY! -a sure winner ii the ieienl Election WILLIAM s. eoRDY, Jfc, stands out aa a Gubernatorial candidate whose diversified abilities and strong character eminently, qualify him for the Governorship ol Maryland, OORDY is a county man known throughout the State for nil Intimate knowledge of the county people s problems. GORDY'S broad experience as State Comptroller will enable him to draft a State budget in the taxpayers' interest. GORDY will be a sure winner, at the general election, and bta nomination will assure the county people of an admlnl*- tration truly representative of themselves. GORDY seeks the intelligent vote anxious to have Maryland's Government administered by a man who is unhampered bjr political factions and who is thoroughly familiar with tne needs of the State. GORDY has faith in the intelligence, the vision, of the electorate. 1 With support such as this, CORDY unquestionably will win the nomination and be assured of election as the next Governor of Maryland. WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1935, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 463 proposing an amendment to repeal Section 36 of Article 3 of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, title "Legislative Department," said section prohibiting the General Assembly from authorizing a lottery, and providing for the submission of said amendment' to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1937, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 494 proposing to amend Section 21 of Article 4, title "Judiciary Department", sub-title "Part III--Circuit Courts", of the Constitution of this State, to provide an additional judge in the Second Circuit and to provide for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of this State for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1937, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 625 proposing an amendment to Article 15 of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of the State, of Maryland, authorizing the General Assembly to Impose taxes on incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or re- lection; in words and figures aa follows: CUAPTEIl 4C3--1033 AN ACT to propose; an amendment to repeal Sectlou 3U of Article 3 of the Con- itltutlun of Hie State of Maryland, title "Legislative Department." said suction prohibiting thu General Aascmlily from authorizing a lottery, and providing lor Ine submlbslou of sold amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection. Bectlon 1. Be It euactod by llic General Awmbl" of .Maryland tUn*-nftb. of all the members of each of the two Houses concurring). That Section 38 of Article S of tho Constitution o£ the Slate of Maryland, title "UMllilathe Department, pro. hlbitliig the General Assemh y frora sm- thorltiug lottery grants be and It la hereby repealed If adopted by the eenlly quallBed voters of thf Slate, ns herein provided. Bee 2 And be It further enacted, That the aforegulng amendment to the Constitution of the Stute of Maryland shall, at tLe next VuHutaB general election for members It the Assembly of U"^ 1 ?'" 1 ', ** Submitted to the legal and qualified voters of the Ktati; for their adoption or rejection, ?n i UFH .auce of the direction* contained In Article H of the Constitution of the State of Vrylaud, and at the Mid genera election the vole on the Bald proposed amendment to the ".nstltutlon Hbnll be by ballot, and upon each ballot there ·hall bfe iirliued the words: "For Const tut onnl Ara'ndmenr and "Against Constitutions ISendment." as now Provided by taw. and Immediately after sold election due re- turw aUall be made to the Governor of the vote for and against proposed amendment, as directed ly said Fourteenth Article of "e Constitution, and further pn«edJ-K" had In accordance with said Article 11. Appro* ed: Jley 17,1933. CHAPTER 4D4--1037 AN ACT to amend Section 21 of Art.cle: 4 title "Judiciary Department", sub-title "Part Ill-Circuit Courta". of the Constitution of this State, to provide an additional Judge lu the Second Circuit 2nd to provide for tl.e submission of Mid amendment to the Qualified voters of this Stale for adoption or rejection. Section 1 He It enucled by the General AiwmblyTj Maryland (three-Ufths of all be, PN'iubcrs elected to each of the two nouses concurring), That the following ErtloV beTnd the name Is hereby Proposed M an amendment to Sect on 21 of Art c e "title "Judiciary Department". "Ub-tlt e "Part Ill-Circuit Courts", of the Constitution of the State, and If adopted by the egal and qualified voters thereof as here n provided. It .ball supersede andI stand n tho place and stead of Section 21 or mm Article 4. 21. For each of the flaid circuits. «- centingthe eighth, the second, the third ^ the sUth. there shall be a ch*f Judge 5Sd two associate Judges, to be styled Judges of the Circuit Court, to be selected nr anoolnted an herein provided, and for ?h* JeSSndcircuit, the third circuit and the iutTSmlt. there shall be a chief Judge and three associate Judges to be styled Judges of the Circuit Court, to be elected or appointed BB herein provided. Antt no "wo of said associate Judges, for any of the paid circuits, except the third and sixth circuits shall, at the time of their election or appointment or Curing the term for which they may have been elected or appointed, reside In the same ««»»*' £ two or more persons Bball be candidates \o°associate Judifc in the same county In ani of the circuits, except the third and siith circuits, that one only In Bald county shall be declared elected who has the highest number of votes In tbe circuit. In case any two candidates for associate Judge In any of the circuits, except the third and Sixth circuits, residing In the same county Shall have an equal number of votes greater than any other candidates for associate Judge In the circuit. It shall be the duty of the Governor to order a new election lor one associate Judge; but the per- SOB residing In any other county of the circuit and who has the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. The Bald Judge* shall hold not less than two terms ifWCIrcnlt Court In each of the counties composln*- their respective circuits, at such times as are now or may hereafter be prescribed to which Jurors shall be summoned.; S a t o l ' o M counties where only two auch terms are held, two other and Intermediate terms, to which Jurors shall not ba summoned; they may alter or flx "he times for holding any or all terms, until otherwise prescribed, and shall adopt rules to the end that all business not requiring the Interposition of the Jury shall be. aii far as practicable, disposed of at Bald Intermediate terms. One Judge In each of the above circuits, Including the second, tbe third and sixth circuits, shall constitute a quorum 'for the transaction of any business; and the said Judges or any of them may hold special terms of their courts, whenever In their discretion the business of the several counties renders such terms necessary. Tho additional as- sedate Judge for the third circuit elected In accordance with the terms of the Constitutional Amendment heretofore submitted and adopted shall be subject to the »ame constitutional provisions, bold his office for the «ams term of years, receive the same compensation and have the same powers as are herein provided for tbe other ·ssoclate Judges ID toe third circuit. The additional associate Judge for the second circuit herein provided for shall be · resident of Cecil County, shall be appointed by the Governor after the expiration of six (0) months after the adoption of this amendment and shall serve until the first general election for members of tha General Assembly that shall be held In Bald circuit subsequent to the adoption of this amendment, at which election his successor shall be elected by the qualified voters of Caroline, Cecil. Kent. Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties, constituting the second circuit. The Judge so appointed shall bo subject to (he same con- Ntltutionnl provlnlonn. receive the same compensation and have the name powers tt are herein provided for the other asso- rlate Judges In (lie second circuit, and the Judge so elected shull be subject to tbe iaitiL constltutlunnl provIidoD, bold bis "(lire for I hi- sinio term of imrs. receive lie i.itm- rompeiiBnllon, and have the ·in? imi VIM n i nre herein provided for the .·tin r a -lalnli- .tiulhvx In the second clr- ·ult. 'Uio adcV.tlui'.:! Judge for the sixth clr- lii-ri 1 n ]i-i»li! il fur -nd riveted by the quallBed voters of Frederick and Montgomery Counties at the 1938 election In accordance with the terms of tbe Constitutional Amendment heretofore submitted and adopted shall be subject to tho same constitutional provisions, receive the same compensation and have the same powers as are herein provided for tbe other associate Judges In tbe sixth circuit and his successor shall be appointed and/or elected In accordance with the constitutional provisions relating to Judges. The Chief Judge may be elected, from either Frederick or Montgomery Counties, but when the Chief Judge to elected from Frederick County one of the associate Jndgei shall be a resident of Mid county and the two remaining ·esoclate Judges shall be resident* of Montgomery County and when the Chief Judge If elected from Montgomery County one of tbe associate Judges shall be * neldont of Mid Montgomery County and lev. mt'nlrg tx» wieetoto Jydu*. nib dents of FroflcrTct County. In case any Candidate or candidates for nsKoclnte Judge at any Judicial election held In the sixth judicial circuit shall receive sufficient votes to cause such candidate or candidates to be declared elected, but the election of such candidate or candidates would rau»e more associate Judges 1han herein per milled to reside In any county of snld circuit, then and In that event only that candidate or those candidate!, as the can- may be, residing In said county In the order of the votes received shall be declared elected whose election would provide the permitted number of associate Judges from said county and tbe candidate or cindl dates as the case may be, residing In tbe other county, and not similarly disqualified, who shall have the next highest number of votea In said election shall be declared elected. If, by reason of such a condition or by reason of an equal VOIP for two or more candidates a sufficient number of associate Judges duly qualified as to residence as aliuve net out should not be elected at any election In said sixth judicial circuit, then It Rhall be the duty of the Governor to order a pew election for such unfilled office or offices. Sec. 2. Anil be It further enacted. That ttie aforegoing section hereby proposed as en amendment to the Constitution of this State shall be, nt the next general election to be held In thin Kt.itc In the year 3U.1B, submitted to the letfal and qualified voters thereof for their adoption c? rejection In pursuance of directions contained In Article 14 of the Constitution of thla State, and at the said general election, the vote on the said proposed amendment shall tie by ballot, and upon each ballot there shall be printed the words "For the Constitutional Amendment" and "Against the Constitutional Amendment," as now prescribed by law, and Immediately after said election, due returns shall be made to the Governor or the vote for and against said proposed amendment aa directed by said Article 14 of the Constitution. Approved: May 18, 1M7. CHAPTER 525-1037 AN ACT to propose an amendment to Article 15 of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, authorlilng the General Assembly to Impose taxes on Incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to tbe qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection. Bectlon 1. Be It enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland (three-fifths of all the members of each of the two Houses concurring), That the following amendment be and the same Is hereby proposed to Article 13 of the Declaration of Hlglits of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, the same, If adopted by tbe legal and qualified voters of the State, as herein provided, to become Article IB of the Declaration of Rlguta of the Constitution of the State of Maryland. Art. 15. That the levying of taxes by the poll Is grievous and oppressive and ought to be prohibited; that paupers ought not to be assessed for tbe support of the Government; that the General Assembly shall, by uniform rules, provide for separate assessment of land and classification and sub-classification of Improvements on land and personal property, as it may deem proper; and all taxes thereafter provided to be levied by the State for tbe support of the general State Government, and by tbe counties and by the City of Baltimore for their respective purposes, shall be uniform as to laud within the taxing district, and uniform within the class or sub-class of Improvements on land and personal property which tbe respective taxing powers may have directed to be subjected to tbe tax levy; yet fines, duties or taxes may properly and Justly be Imposed, or laid with a political view for the good government and benefit of the community. Taxes may be Imposed on Incomes, which may lie classified, graduated and progressive and the exemption of a reasonable amount of income from taxation may be provided and such taxes may be In lieu of taxes on any class or classes of real or personal property, as tbe General Assembly may determine. Sec. 2. And be It further enacted. That the aforegoing amendment to the Declaration of Bights of the Constitution of the State of Marylaud shall, at the election to be held In November, 1618, be submitted to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rejection. In pursuance of the directions contained In Article 14 of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, and at the said general election the vote on the said proposed amendment to tha Constitution snail be by ballot, upon each ballot there aball be printed the words: "For Constitutional Amendment" and "Against Constitutional Amendment", us now provided by law, and immediately after said election due returns shall be made to the Governor of the vote for and against proposed amendment, as directed by said Fourteenth Article of the Constitution, and further proceedings had In accordance with Bald Article 14. Approved: May IB, 1937. NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, in purgu- ance of the direction contained in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this proclamation containing a full, true and correct copy of the text of said Chapter 463 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1935, and said Chapters 494 and 625 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1937, be published in at least two newspapers in each of the counties of the State where BO many may be published and where not more than one may be published then in that newspaper, and in three newspapers published in the City of Baltimore, one of which shall be publtfied In the German language, once a week for at least three months next preceding the general election to be held in the State of Maryland on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1938, at which election the said proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in form and manner prescribed by the General Assembly, to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rejection. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HARRY W. NICE By tht Governor: E. RAY JONES S«er«tary ·/ State. 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUMS WHEREAS, at the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 01, fixing the time within which marriage license may be issued; and WHEREAS, at the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 306, for the purpose of licensing dentists which licenses shall be issued to individual dentists; providing for a State Board of Dental Examiners, its organization and duties; providing for the giving of examinations and licenses by said Board; providing for the issuance of new licenses in place of those that are lost or destroyed; providing for fees upon talcing of examinations; providing for the revocation and suspension of licenses; prohibiting advertising by dentists; providing appeals from the ruling of the Board; denning dentistry; creating certain exceptions to the Act; providing for penalties, and providing other matters incidental to the general purpose of the Act; in words and figures as follows: CHAPTBB 81 AN ACT to repeal and re-enact with amendments Hectlon 6 of Article 02 of the Annotated Code of Maryland (1024 Edition), title "Marriages", to flx the time within which marriage license may be Issued. Bectlon 1. Be It enacted by tbe General Assembly of Maryland. That Section D of Article 62 of tbe Annotated Code of Maryland (1D24 Edition), title "Marriages", be and It la hereby repealed and re-enacted with amendments to read as follows: B. Before the Clerk of any of tbe Courts aforesaid shall Issue any license he shall examine one of the contracting parties to the marriage, under oath, who ahall appear personally before the Clerk and make application for the same, and the Clerk shall tics: second, their pTncc of residence; third, their ago; fourth, their color; fifth, whether married or single; sixth, whether related or not. If so. In ivblc)i dcj;rre cf relationship; seventh. If ever divorced; which facts upon the payment of oue dollar (|100) as an application fee shall b" set out In printed form to be signed by tbe person making the application, and no such license to marry shall be delivered by the Clerk until after thu expiration of Forty-eight (48) hours from the lime application Is made therefor: provided, lion--_ ever, that any judge of tbe Circuit Court of tbe county In which tbe application Is made or. If made In Baltimore City, any judge of tuc Court of Common Pleas, for good and sufficient cause shown, may, by an order In writing signed by lilru, authorize tbe Clerk to deliver such license at any time after the application therefor It sba.ll be unlawful for the clerks of an at the courts aforesaid to make public the fact of an application for a marriage license until such license shall bare been Issued. Bee. 2. And lit- It further enacted, That this Act ahall take tlTtct Juno 1, 1037. Approved: March 22, 1021. CHAPTER 306 AN ACT to repeal Sections 1 to 13. Inclusive, of Article 32 of tlip Code of Public General I.m\a of Marylaud, 1D35 Supplement, Flack'H Edition, title "Dentistry", and to re-enact In place and In lieu thereof twenty-three new sections to be known as Sections 1, 2. 3. 4, 3. 6. 7, 8, 0. ID. lOa. 11. 12, 13, 14. 15, 10. 17. IS, 11), 20, 21 and 22. for the purpose of licensing dentists, uhlch licenses Hhall lie Issued to Individual dentUts; providing for a State Board of Dental Examiners, Its organization and duties; providing for the giving of examinations and llcennca by gild Hoard; providing for the Issuance of new licenses In place of those that are lost or destroyed; providing for fees upon taking of examinations; providing for the revocation and suspension of licenses; prohibiting advertising by dentists; providing appeals from the ruling of the Board; defining dentistry; creating certain exceptions to the Act; providing for penalties, and providing other matters Incidental to the general purpose of the Act. Section 1. Be It enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That Sections 1 to 13, Inclusive, of Article 32 of the Code of Public General Laws of Maryland, 1033 Supplement, Flack's Edition, title "Dentistry", be, and tbe aame are hereby, repealed; and that twenty-three new sections, to be known a* Sections 1. 2, 3, 4, C, 6, 7, 8. 9. 10, lOa. 11. 12, 13, 14, 13. IB, 17, 18, ID, 20, 21 and 22, be. and they are hereby, enacted In lieu and In place thereof, said new sections to read as follow*: 1. It shall be unlawful for any person to engage In the practice of dentistry in the State of Maryland, unless such person shall have obtained a license from the State Board of Dental Examiners of the State of Maryland aa hereinafter provided, except that tbe license of any dentist, existing at tbe time of the passage ot this Act, shall continue In force unless suspended or revoked by the Board in tbe manner hereinafter provided. All licenses Issued by the Board ahall be Issued to Individual persons, and It shall be unlawful for any dentist to practice In tbla State under any name except his own true name. No license shall be issued to any corporation, association, partnership, parlor, or any entity or association of any kind or character. It shall be unlawful for any Individual or group of Individuals to practice dentistry In this State as a corporation or under a corporate name; or under a partnership name; as an association or under an association name; as a parlor or under any parlor name, or an entity or under the name of any entity of any kind or character. 2. There shall be a State Board of Dental Dxamlncrs, hereinafter called the Board whose duty It shall be to carry out the purposes and enforce the provisions of thl* Article. Said Board shall consist of six registered and practicing dentists of recognised ability and honor, residents of the State of Maryland, each of whom shall hare been In active practice In tbe State for at least five year* Immediately preceding hi* appointment. No member of tbe faculty or teaching staff of any university or college in the State of Maryland which often undergraduate course* in dentistry shall be eligible for appointment. Tbe member* of the Board as at present constituted shall hold office for the residue of the respective term* for which they have been appointed. On the expiration of the term or terms for -which any one or more of tbe member* of the present Board may have been appointed, In pursuance of thla Article, the Governor shall appoint a successor or successors from a list of dentists duly qualified aa hereinbefore prescribed of double tbe number of vacancies to be filled, proposed and submitted to him by the Maryland State Dental Association, and chosen by a majority rote of the members of said association present at a meeting of said association called for that purpose, of which meeting at least two week*' notice, stating the time, place and purpose thereof, shall be mailed by the Secretary to the member* of (aid association at their respective addresses appearing in the record* thereof. The term for which the members of (aid Board shall be appointed as aforesaid ahall be six years, and until their successors shall have beea appointed and qualified. No member wbo has (erred two full consecutive terms shall be eligible to succeed himself. In Case of a vacancy occurring in aald Board by reason of the death of any member, or of his Incapacity, neglect or refusal to act, or in any other way, tbe Governor shall, from a Hat of duly qualified dentists of double the number of vacancle* to be filled, chosen, snb- mlttea and. proposed t* him aa hereinbefore provided, appoint a successor or successors of said member or members, who shall bold office for the remainder of the unexplred term or terms of said member or members. Any member of said Board, who, without adequate reason shall be absent from two successive meeting* thereof shall cease to be a member thereof, and the Governor shall have the power to remove from office, at any time, any member of the Board for continued neglect of duly required by thl* Act, or for Incora- petcncy, unprofessional or dishonorable conduct. 8. Said Board shall choose one of Its members president, and one secretary thereof, whose duties shall be those usually appertaining, to their respective offices, and shall adopt such rules, regulations, or by-laws as may be necessary or expedient to assist It In it* organisation under this Article. The Secretary shall alto be the legal custodian of all the property, money, minute*, records, proejed- Ings and fbe seal of said Board. Raid Board shall hold regular meetings In the month* of Jane and November of ev»ry year, and special meetings as It may deem accessary, upon call of the president or secretary thereof and upon due notice. Meeting* may be held at any time and place and without notice, by the unanimous consent evidenced either by writing- or by the presence of any member whose consent Is necessary. 4. The Board shall give an examination twice each year at a suitable place In Maryland to be decided by thp Board, to all persons who may desire to qualify to practice dentistry In this State. Tbl* examination (hall be at such time, place, under such condition* and of such kind or character as tbe Board In ft* sole discretion may determine. (I. (a) Any person of good moral character, twenty-one or more years of age, who has been graduated and admitted to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Doctor of Dental Medicine, or other equivalent degree by any university or college duly Incorporated and authorised to errant said degree by the laws of the United State* or any of Its territories, districts or possessions, or by the laws ot any State of the United States, or the law* of any province of the Dominion of Canada and recognised by the Board as requiring adequate pre-profeftslnnal collegiate training and as maintaining an acceptable course of dental Instruction. · may make application In wrltlnir to said Board to be examined by It with reference to hi* or her qualifications to practice dentistry, and upon bis or her passing an examination satisfactory to said Board, which examination shall be In writing so far as said Hoard shall deem practicable, tbe Board shall cause.the namo and residence of such per- nan to be registered In a book kept by it for that purpose, anil shall Issue to such person a certificate of registration, as evidence of his or her eligibility to practlco dentistry, signed by the officer* of the Board and sraled with Its official seal, which certificate shall also state the name nf the person to whom Issued, and the date of such issuance. (b) Tbe Board may. In It* discretion, register without examination. In whole or In part, and Usne a certificate to any person who has been graduated and admitted to the degree of Doctor ot Dental Surgery or equivalent degree by any university or college Incorporated and authorised to grant such degree by the laws of the United States, or any of Its territories, district* or possessions, or by tbe laws of any State of the United State* or by the laws of any province of the Dominion of Canada and wbo baa been duly registered and licensed to practice dentistry by a Board of Dental Examiners created and existing under the laws of the United States, or any of It* territories, districts or possessions, or under the laws of any State of tbe United States, or who may have absolved any part of the requirements of examination under tbe authority of a recognised Board generally accepted as a reputable agent of the profession. (c) Students of dentistry at a recog- nixed college of dentistry who have completed the regularly prescribed pre-cllnlcal Instruction In dental schools recognised by tbe Board, and who may be certified by the dean of the college at which they are In attendance as having satisfactorily completed certain subjects Included In the examination given by the Board, may on application be admitted by said Board to Its regular examination upon such subject* and upon passing 1 such examination shall be deemed to have absolved the requirement* of the Board hi such subjects. (d) Upon application of the Board of Managers or executive head of any bona fide general hospital or State hospital or sanltorlum In the Elate of Maryland, and upon the payment of a fee of five dollars the Board shall Issue a certificate of limited registration to any individual of IQfSJ «»ftijif ····» whn BjkaU.tUtnlfJl.ttUK Board" with" proof enlffllriE HiicTT person to bo examined for registration under hub- paragrniih (a) of t l i l n section. .Such limited registration Hhall lie for unn jrar only and tlitt date nt expiration nlinll lie plainly slated on the face of the Certificate of ret- Utratlou. Such limited registration Bball entitle the said applicant to practice dentistry only for the said (institution deelg- Dated on Lls certificate bf registration mid only on bona fide patients of said Institution. Such certificate may be revoked by the Board at any time for cause. 0. If any ItceuEe herein provided for Is lout or destroyed, and. If the bolder thereof shall desire a Dew license to be Issued In place of the license lost or destroyed, he shall make written application to the secretary of the Ituard for rc-laauance of the same under affidavit, setting forth that Buch Hiente Is last or destroyed, and the circumstances under which such loss or destruction occurred, and upon receipt of such -ailsfactory application and nffldmlt. the secretary shall Icsue to said applicant n duplicate license, for which there shall be paid a fee of nie dollars. 7. A fee of twenty dollars shall be paid to the secretary of the lluard at the time of application by each applicant for examination, or registration, or botu. as often as he or the eliall apply for tnme; proildcd that ptynient of said fee of t n e n t y dollars by an applicant who may aiply for examination upon certain subjects as provided In Section 5, Article 3, hereof shall entitle him or her to take the examination upon the remainder of the prescribed subjects, no pan of gald fee to be refunded under any circumstances. 8. The fees collected by the Board shall be used to defray the cost of executing and enforcing tbe provisions of this Article, Including a salary to the secretary as fixed by the Board and a per dlcm to each member of the Board cf twenty-five dollars for every day be Is actually employed In the discharge of hi* official duties, necessary expenses of the secretary and members In the performance of their duties, and such other expenses as the Hoard shall iltem necessary In carrying out the pur- Iiotcs of this Article. The secretary shall receive and disburse all moneys of the Hoard, and sTiall account for the same to the State Comptroller In the month of December In earh and etcry ycnr; end should the amount In hla himl.n as of December llrst In any year, after deducting all ex- paid or Incurred, exceed Uve hundred dollnrs, the excess shall be paid over to tbe State Hoard of Health. 9. Transcripts from the aforesaid book of registration certified by the secretary, sualrd with Its seal, and all certificates Issued In pursuance of the terms of this Article, shall be evidence of the acts and proceeding* of the Board in any court of tills State. 10. Following a hearing 1 , as hereafter provided, the Board may revoke or suspend for such period as the Board In Its snle discretion may determine, the license of nny dentist practicing In tbla State upon a tindlng by the Board that the dentist whose license was revoked or suspended; (1) nas convicted of a crime Involving moral turpitude. In which case a certified copy of tbe docket entries by the Clerk of the Court wherein tbe final Judgment was entered shall be conclusive evidence of tbe same; (2) has presented to the Board · false diploma, license or ccrCTQcate, or one obtained by false or Illegal means; (S) t* by reason of persistent Inebriety or addiction to drugs Incompetent to continue In the practice of dentistry; (4) la by reason of Insanity or contagious disease an Improper person to continue la the practice of dentistry: (B) his practiced or offered to practice deutlatry as defined ia this Act under any name except his proper name; which la the namu aa Bit forth In the license granted to him or has used the name of any company, association, corporation, trade-name, parlor, dental clinic or business name In connection w i t h (he practice of dentistry KB defined In this Act; has permitted, directly or Indirectly, an unregistered or unlicensed dent 1st to practice dentistry under Me or her direction; (0) has employed or made use of advertising solicitors or free public press agent*; (7) has used any sign, or whose name Is upon any sign, In violation of Section 13 of this Act; (8) has violated Section 11 of this Act; (0) has violated Section 10A of thla Act; (10) has been found guilty of dishonorable or unprofessional conduct. Unprofessional conduct shall mean: a) the obtaining of any fee by fraud; advertising to guarantee any dental service, or to perform any dental operation painlessly; making use of any advertising statements of a character tending to deceive or mislead the public; (b) advertising professional superiority or the performance of professional services In a superior manner; ailiiTtlsluK prices for professional service: adiertlxInR hy meanit of large display or ularliij? light Kigns; using In any sign the representation of a tooth, teeth, bridge work or any 1 portion of the human head; employing or making use of advertising Hollcltors or free publicity press agents; or advertising any free dental work, or free examination: or advertising to guarantee any dental service: or to perform any dental operation painlessly; (c) advertising to use any anestoctic. drug, formulae, material, medicine, method or system; advertising- by public exhibit at residence of practice any appliances used In restorative dentistry: advertising any free dental Tvork or free examination. This Section 10 and Section 10 A shall not be retroactive, and no license nl:all be suspended or revoked for an/ filiations of these sections, which violations occurred prior to the taking effect of this Act. 10 A. All advertising by dentists la prohibited by this Act except the following: (a) A dentist may use a personal professional card of not more than 3Vi" by 2", upon which may be printed only his name, title, address, telephone number and office hours. Such card may be printed In newspapers or publications of this State, and that which Is set forth on the card may be announced over the radio. Not more than one card shall be In any edition of any newspaper or publication at one time; not more than two radio announcement* shall be made In any one twenty- four hour period. (b) A notice may be mailed every thirty (30) days by any dentist notifying any bona fide patient of such dentist that thirty (30) days have elapsed since any dental examination has been made by. such dentist. (c) Signs are authorized as set forth In Section 14 of thla Act. (d) Removal notices may be mailed by any dentist notifying any bona fide patient of such dentist that said dentist is removing his olflces from his present address to the address set forth on said notice. Such notice shall not be more than 3%" by 2" and may only contain the name, title, present address, telephone number, office hours, and new address of the dentist who Is removing his office. Such notice may be printed in any newspaper or publication. Not more than one notice shall be In any edition of any newspaper or publication at one time. (e) Notices may be mailed to the general public by any dentist who Is about to begin the practice of dentistry notifying the public of tills fact. Such notice shall not be more than 3^" by 2" and may only contain the name, title, address, telephone number, and office hour« of flurh ilentlst. Such notice may .be printed In any newspaper or publication. Not more than one notice shall be In any edition of any ncwpaper or publication at one time. This Section Is sevcrable, and If this Section Is declared unconstitutional, the decision so holding tbe same shall not be conHtrued as Impairing any other provision of this Act. It Is hereby declared as a legislative Intent that this Act would have been adopted had this provision not been Included therein. 11. In the event the license of any den- tUt U revoked or suspended, Bum fact shall be noted by the Board upon the record of registration, and the registration and certificate of the practitioner so offending shall lie suspended or revoked as the case may be; and any person whose registration baa lieen so suspended or rv- voked under the provisions of thla Section shall be deemed an unregistered person and subject, as such, to tin- penalties prescribed for the practice of dentistry by persons that arc not duly registered. Every licensee whose llcrnse has been suspended or revoked by the Board may appeal to the Baltimore City Court of Baltimore City or the Circuit Court of the County mhcirln the licensee has bis or her office where the matter shall be heard de novo, and where either party shall be entitled lo a jury trial. The decision of the said Court shall be final and such appeal shall operate as a stay of the order or decision of the Hoard from which the appeal wan taken. All appeals must be taken within fifteen (15) days from the date nf the decision of tbe Board. All costs on appeal shall be paid by the losing party. 12. The proceedings to revoke or suspend any license under Section 10 of thla Act may only be taken by the Board upon the complaint of another. All complalnta must be In writing, verified by some person familiar with the facts therein charged, and two copies thereof must be filed with tbe secretary of the Board. All complalnta must contain the request that the Board take action against the offender. Upon receiving any complaint the Board shall, U It deems the complaint sufficient following an Investigation, pass an order setting the same for a hearing at a specified time and place, and the secretary shall cause a copy of the order and of the complaint, or of · complaint drawn by tho Board, to be served upon the accused at least ten days before the day appointed In the order for said hearing. Service upon tbe accused shall be by delhery of a copy of the order and complaint to tbe accused In person. In the event the Board Is unable to serve the accused In person, tho service shall be had by delivery of the same to hi* last known residence and last known business address, or liy sending a copy of the same by registered mall to the accused at hla laat known residence and last known business address, any of which means ahall con- vtUuta _tufflc!»»t gotta U4uxU» Ings with a Hearing "of Tie enaTgesTTus) accused must appear at the time appointed In tbe order and Answer the charges and make his defense to tbe same, unlea* for stiff, elect cause the .Board may assign another day for the purpose. If the accused does not appear tbe Board may'proceed with tbe bearing and finally determine tho accusation or complaint. In the abeeco* of the accused. If the aceuied plead* guilty, or refuse* to answer tho charm, or upon a bearing thereof the Board *EaIL flnd eatd charges or any of them true, tho Board may proceed to suspend or rcroka the license of the accused fof inch lensjta/ of time ss the Board. In Its discretion, shall deem proper. The Board and UK- accused may have the benefit of ootntaoL Tbe Board shall have the power ta administer oatbs, tako the deposition* ot ·m" nesses In the manner provided by law civil cases, and to compel tbe attendant* of witnesses by subpoena Issued over signature of the secretary of tbe Board. Tbe Board (ball issue for any and an witnesses requested in writing by tb* accused. Whenever any peraon subpoenaed to appear and give testimony ·hall refuse Id appear or testify before aald Board, or ts answer any pertinent, relative or proper questions, be shall b* deemed in cootaaaptj of said Board, and 1* shall be the duty «C tbe presiding officer of Bald Board to report tbe fact to the Superior Court of Baltimore City In the event the party guilty of contempt resides in said City, or AM · place of builnea* In said City, or to t* Judge of tbe Circuit Court of tha County wherein the party guilty of (aid contempt resides; thereupon the Conn shall lune aa attachment In the usual form, directed t* the Sheriff of the City or County command- Ing said Sheriff to attach (aid person an4 forthwith bring him before the Court*On the return of (aid attachment and the production of the person attached, the court ·ball have Jurisdiction of the contempt, and tbe person charged may purge himself of tin contempt in the aame way, and tbe name proceedings sLall be had. and tb* same penalties may be Imposed, and the same punishment may be Indicted a* In tbe case of a witness subpoenaed to appear and give evidence In the trial of a civil cause. The Board (ball bar* the power In Its discretion, to authorise tie payment of fees and traveling expense* of witnesses called before the Board and examined In any proceeding prooerly beforo tbe Board. 13. All Bless prohibited by thla Act ·hall be removed within three month* after the passage of thla Act. Any person or person* wbo shall prohibit, neglect, fail or refuse to remove any iJgn prohibited by this Act Is guilty of a violation of thl* Act and subject to the penalties thereof. 14. Each person holding a license ander this Act (hall exhibit on the door or tho wall of the building wherein b* shall practice dentistry, not more than two signs on which shall be placed tbe name and title or degree of such person, tb* letters of which shall not exceed three Inches square. Any person practicing dentistry In any building may exhibit inch aim on the door of hi* office in addition to tboee on the door or will of lucb building. 13. Any person shall be deemed to be practicing; dentistry, within the meaning of this Act, (a) who Is a manager, proprietor, or cond actor of, or an operator in, any place In which any dental service or any dental operation 1* performed within the mouth ot any person; or (b) wbo for a fee, salary, or other remuneration or reward, paid or to be paid to himself or to another, or gratuitously or otherwise, performs any anch service or operation; *r (c) who diagnoses or treat*, or attempt*) to diagnose or treat, any disease, lesion. meloccluslon, or malposition of a toot*, cum or law, In any person, mechanically, medicinally, by use of X-ray, er otherwise; or (d) who attempt* to perform 1* the month of any person any operadom Incident to the repair or replacement of a tooth or teeth; or (e) who publicly or privately applies to hlmstlf the UU* "Dentist" or "Dental Cargeon" or use* tb* let- tor* D. D. S. or D. M. D., or an/ other title* or letter* in connection with hla name which. In any way, represent him aa being competent or ready to perform any dental service or any dental operation In any human mouth. Thla tub-section ·hall have no application to any peraon who la the holder of a dental degree who doe* not, either directly or indirectly, practice, or attempt to practice, dentistry as hereinbefore set forth la tbla Section 15. 16. Nothing; In this Act ahall apply to a Dona fide student of dentistry In the clbl* rooms of a reputable dental college; ta a legally qualified pbyalcUn or surgeon unless he practices dentistry a* a specialty: to a dental surgeon of the United State* Army, Navy. Public Health Service or Veterans Bureau, In the discharge of hi* official duties; nor to · lawful practitioner of dentistry of another State, territory or foreign country making a clinical demonstration before a dental society, dental convention, association of dentists, or dental college, or in performing' professional duties In connection with a specific case oa which he may have been called to the State of Maryland. Nothing- in tils Article ahall apply to public school clinics, to (tat* Institutions, to eleemosynary institution*, or to business corporations which may maintain clinic* for pupils, Inmates or employees only which shall employ only legally qualified dentists. No such pnbSe school clinic. State Institution, eleemoiy- nary Institution, or basinet* corporation shall advertise In any manner or by any method, either directly or Indirectly, anything relative to the practice of dentistry. Such Institutions an prohibited not only from advertising; In violation of tbla Act, but are prohibited from advertising la any manner anything relative to the practice of dentistry. Nothing in thl* Article ·ban prohibit the Dental Division of the State Department of Health, or the Director of the Public School Clinic* of tb* City Health Department from broadcaatlasr educational programs over tbe radio. ' IT. All person* now authorized to practice dentistry in this State, and tho** wbo may be hereafter registered nnder (b* provisions of this Article, shall bo exempt from service as jurors In any of th* Courts of thla State daring the continuance Of tb* practice of their profession. 18. Tbe Board Bball always b* _ nated aa the "State Board of Dental amincrs". and nnder this Dam* It abaH have the right to sue or be sued la to* Court* of this State. 19. Any person who stall practlca, or attempt to practice dentistry within til* State of Maryland, without baring a tt- cenee aa hereinbefore provided or dnrJaui the period of suspension or revocation *i inch license previously (ranted ahaU b* deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and TOMB. conviction thereof shall be fined not I*** than fifty dollar* nor more than tfen* hundred dollars, or be confined not mot* than six months In Jail, In the dlsereUo* of the Judge or Judge* of ta* 3zc*lt Court of the respective counties of tatt State, or the Judge or Judge* of to* CrimJV nal Court of Baltimore aty, befor* whoa* the matter (hall b* tried; and npoB **n- vlctlon of a subsequent offense, ristll b* confined not more than *lx months ta Jail or fined not lest than three hundred dollars or more than fir* hundred ( Any violation of thla Article by a _,,. convicted undtfr tho thea existing law* *f thl* State of practicing dentistry wttbotjt a license or registration shall bo laelnM In the term subsequent offense. Every fiction of unlawful prattle* ·nbasqaea a first conviction thereof (hall b* a victlon of a subsequent often**. 20. It (hall b* UN duty* . Attorney of th* City of BalHmor* the varlons counties ot thl* State to Eros* cute any resident of the City of BajnMfsj, or ot th* Counties of this State for a «to- latlon of this law. Th* Attorney Q« or one of hi* Assistant* ahall b* tb* i adviser of tb* Board. H. CONSTITUTIONAL CONSTKOO- TION. Tbe provisions of this Act M ·"*», era ble, and if any of it* provision! sjM. declared unconstitutional, the deetate* Ml, holding shall not b* construed aa Isusssr*, Ing any other provisions of thl* Aet n la hereby declared a* the teglslatlv* lot tent that thla Act would bar* been ad****)' had sach unconstitutional prortslOM BH been laclnded therein. ' 32. Nothing contained a sal* artfeM shall prevent, or b* eonstmd *· Sa *ftXi way to hinder tb* proseenOoa, ««»iffcsjsa or punishment of any person wtas assVi offend against any of tb* pnrrlittM «s1 Chanter CM of th* Acts ot UM^*a*s)sV Asselnbly of Maryland ot IMtX i See. 1. And ba It farther «uu ' this Act ihall take effect O» Jon* Approved: May 18, 1937. « NOW, THEREFOBE, 1, B43BXI W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF MOf STATE OF MARYLAND, j ·ill to the authority and direction ootMa., ed in Section 5 (a) of Artie*, it «C the Constitution of Maryland, de hta** by order and direct that tttfa Pn*] tarnation containing · foil, fetm Mill correct copy of Chapter* 91 «M nil of tho Acts of the Genual fl s^riill. of Maryland of 1937, bo poblUkttl *tt at least two newspapers IB the Counties of the State many may be published and wh«M not; more than one may ba published fls*m ia that newspaper, and m three Wf*) papers published in th* City more, one of whkh shall be , in the German language, in rath ner and for such time as js ifretiM in Section 1 of Article 14 of S* Ooa stltation of Maryland. GIVliJN tJM»i DEE MY HAND AND THE' " SEAL OP THE STATE OF ^ LAND. DONE AT THE OtT OK ANNAPOLIS, THIS 26TH DAt Of JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUH LORD, ONE THOUSAND NOU HUNDRED AND THIRTY-BIGHT, HARRY W. VMM Bf tin Gi*J*s»M E.RAYJONBB

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