Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1949 · Page 23
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 23

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1949
Page 23
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Jan. 11, 1949 sen Although internationalism was written into the writings of Karl Marx and practiced by Lenin in instituting communism in Russia, the Hancock county pastor pointed out, it was not a part of the original Stalin philosophy. As a matter of fact," he added, "this was the principal point of clear Lake difference between Stalin and Trotzky in the days when they \vere contending for the Lenin successorship. Trotzky was the internationalist and Stalin the nationalist. It was for his internationalism that Trotzky was liquidated in Mexico." Observed Russia Father Hradecky, who for some 15 years was at Protovin in Winneshiek county before going to Duncan, spoke from a background of personal experience and observation in Russia in the months immediately ahead of the outbreak of World war II. In his delineation of the ^essential differences between communism and capitalism, he drew heavily on his 3 months of student research in Russia made possible by a personal visa issued by President Edouard Benes of Czechoslovakia. While conceding that the lot of the average Russian is appreciably superior to his life under the czars, the monsignor rated living standards in Russia vastly lower than in the western world. The total of liquidations—a "polite word for murder"—in Russia in recent years was set by Father Hradecky at 40 million and he predicted that if the iron curtain could be lifted from Poland, it would show at least 10 million communist killings. "State Has Everything" "And therein," he pointed out, "lies the principal difference between communism and our Chris- tiaiit civilization. The individual being has no value; the state is everything." In this respect, the philosophy of communism is the same as the philosophy which lay back of Mussolini's state capitalism known as fascism and Hitler's state socialism known as nazism, he ob- 12. The served. . initiation. America's foremost bulwark against communism, is the maintenance of a vast middle class, he pointed out. Humans turn to communism only when they are without hope. In this connection he counseled against letting our country's resources be too much sapped by f6reign aid efforts. Doubt was expressed by the speaker that there would be any overthrow of communism in Russia in the foreseeable future. Any movement looking toward that end is nipped in the bud by an everywhere present state police system. Is Minor Quarrel Father Hradecky also scouted the current reports that the rift between Yugoslavia's Tito and the kremlin is anything more than a minor family quarrel. Despite reports to the contrai-y, the people of his native Czechoslovakia are preponderantly procommunist, the speaker asserted. "We're told," he said, "that only one third of the Czechs are favorable to communism, with two thirds opposed. It's my opinion, based on reliable information, that these figures are just reversed." As in Russia itself, the Czechoslovakians were attracted to communism because under their own economic system, they were left without opportunity or hope. Reports that religion as such is making a comeback in Russia were also set down by the priest as complete fabrications. "There isn't in all of Russia a single Christian church," he asserted. This, he explained, is in line with communism's program for making that ideology take the place of religious worship in the life of the individual Russian. Could Replace Stalin Any one of a number of party leaders could take Stalin's place, he declared in discouraging the "wishful thinking 1 ' that communism might fall from a dispute over successorship. "Stalin and his associates," the Duncan pastor concluded, "are wagering on capitalism's fall under its own weight. The preservation of; a strong economy is our best defense." In the event of a war, which he conceded was not improbable, sooner or later, the communists might well be the ultimate victor even though they lost on the battlefields. The speaker was introduced by Emmanuel Eggert, program chairman. George Mendon presided. Guests included Frank Zrostlik of Duncan, one of Monsignor Hradecky's parishioners. Lodges' Install New Officers at IOOF Hall Mrs. Christine Miller, Council Bluffs, supreme president of the Danish Sisterhood of America, was installing officer for Ingrid lodge No. 169 at I.O.O.F. hall Saturday evening. Sam Sor- enesen, past president of Danish Brotherhood lodge No. 219 was installing officer for the men. Mrs. Ellen Hoirup, Minneapolis, supreme treasurer, was installing marshal for both groups. Officers of the Sisterhood are Mrs. Harold Hansen, president; Mrs. Tom Hartin, past president; Mrs. Keith Holt, vice president; Mrs. Raymond Hansen, secretary; Mrs. James King, treasurer; Mrs. Alvin Miller, Marshall; Mrs. Martin Andersen, inner guard, and Mrs. Laura Foster, outer guard. Mmes. Arnold Rasmussen, Stanley Oredson and Chris Olseri are trustees for 3, 2 and one year respectively. The Brotherhood officers are Harry Eliasen, president; Chris Sorenson, past president; Harold Hansen, vice president; Edwin Estergard, secretary; Keith Holt, treasurer; Harold Petersen, conductor; Anton Anderson, 10-INCH POPULAR RECORDINGS PHONOGRAPH RECORDS CHENILLE BATH MAT SET $119 Tult*d on cbong duck. Coatiart- ing daaigzu. • Choice of 6. 6 for $1.00 inner outer guard. John Eliasen, Axel Thorn- guard and Alvin Miller, are and Verner Sorensen trustees. A new altar cloth of red cloth with white fringe was used for the first time. Corsages Avere presented Mmes. Miller and Hoirup. Lunch was served by Mmes. Walter Sorensen, Jorgen Thomsen, James King, Jakob Jakobsen and Alfred Aastrup. The table was decorated with a winter scene done by Mmes. Keith Holt and Raymond Hansen and Miss Dorothy Petersen. The men meet again Jan. 22 and the women Feb. 12. The Sisterhood will hold Thompson Tells of i Years in Norway Clear L a k e— The Rev. O. Thompson, who recently spent 2£ years in Norway, related some of his personal experiences for the program of the Men's Fellowship dinner meeting at the First Congregational church Monday evening. He also emphasized to the 56 men present the privilege of being an American. Lyle Stunkard was installed president of the group, P. E. Fret- tern vice president and W. W. Choate secretary-treasurer. Peter O. Petersen was retiring president, C. 'A. Pease vice president and Howard J. Nye secretary-treasurer. ; E. A. Colburn was named head of a committee to investigate improving the church kitchen. The dinner committee included Dr- A. B. Phillips, Forde Lee, Jack Palmeter, Keith McGowan and Fred Martin. Barbecued spareribs were served. The committee for Feb. 14 includes John Perkins, chairman, Mr. Colburn, Barry Plumb, C. C. Branson and Robert Stuart. Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, It mBycausenaggingbiLckache.rhcumaticpaiTia, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't waitl Ask your druggist for Dean's Tills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over BO years. Doan's give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get. Dean's Pills. Aged Woman Dies at Nora Springs Nora Springs —Mrs. John Rohw- ing, 87, died Wednesday at 4:30 p. m. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert J. Nagel, in Nora Spi-ings. Death followed a short illness from pneumonia. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 1:30 p. m. at the Methodist church in Rockford, with burial at Rockford. She had resided in Rockford most of her life. She leaves 2 daughters, Mrs. Nagel and Mrs. Anna Sebaugh of Nora Springs, and Ernest Rohvv- ing of Tacoma, Wash. Her husband died Dec. 8, 1941. YOUNG MOTHER HAILS RELIEF FROM PILES Mrs. Joe Barbs, 1603 West State Street, Marshalltown, Isu, says: "I have been afflicted with piles for several years, but the trouble has greatly increased since the birth of my baby, a year and a half ago. 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