The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT, THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. rUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1923 INDIFFERENCE IN THE MARKET, Little Wheat Sold Hero Today As Future* Sag Further— Big Carry Over Result*. RANGE OF OFriONS <B> Ooff* ft UarkMir) AT CHICAGO. Wheat. Julv. Sept. I'-c. July.. Kept.. July.. Sept.. Open 10IW . J .02J4 1.06*i July.. Sept.. .63 • 70'i .68 .41* .111% .lifiJ4 Open July.. ; Kepi.. Very little -wheat was sold In tho Hutchinson cash market today canning n heavy carry m-«r. The weakness of the future market cruised "most •1)11) ers to withdraw from the market. No especial reasons were slvrn tor tho drastic declino in the future prices. It Is statvd that the available supplies or wtinat arc only 17 million livifiie!!-) larger thr-.n a year ago, whereat on I'ehrunry 1 tho supplies ag);re- fc-ateld 12'.) minimis nf busheli) over the cvrre' : pond)i>;t period in HCH. 'riier.-fore the indicated smaller yield in tie- Culled States bocoin.-s imfort- Diit in tlic flna: outcome. Speculative trade lias be.-u FO ll^ht and foreign demand so LtiiUH 'ortjnt as to preclude t.:ic possibility of inflation 01' existing prices. Receipts of wheat in Hutchinson today "'1 cars, one year UKO 14. liccnipts of wheal in other markets: J-*" 1 "' 1 ,. e- . ... .... , In , Atmi. Sin r -vt .n.":. 14; \\ lointa, 42; Kansas (,ity. ! A nar.imla Till; St. Louis, SO; Omaha. 4; Chicago, j Amn. Oar 2o, .Mlnne.-iuolis, JS2; Duluth, Hi «nd J.Yinnipee H(''.>. High IJOW 1.04U 1.01% 1.03'i l.Olli t.or.% l.Mi; Corn. •.Wi .S3 '4 .7S"-i ,78 '4 .OS .11714; OaU. .41% .40-li .87 \ .87H Hye. .64% .C8H. .0074 ~.6Mi .71) .01)14 Today Y''lay 1.MS J .0414 1-02V4 1.05 *4 .7BH .87% .41 • 871 .1 1.044 •7»% .68'4 .4154 .87% BEHERWEATHEH HURT WHEAT PRICE Lower Quotations From Liverpool Also Somewhat Affected the Vnlues. Thirty Yturs Age Today Hutchinson hftd a fast-piay- lias Colored baseball club. S .1)0% .r ,4H .B7 .70»4 KANSAS CITY. Wheat. High Low .fiH .P4H4 .97'4 .MVi. 1 W .65 Corn. .Sl'-i, .MU .76*. .76H .84 .63 ',4 —Closed — Tetlay Y'rlay .94*1 .S7 '-s .9-su .n . 1.0(1-% • 8t«S-- • 76% • t3-) 4 76 /4 .64!» NEW YORK STOCKS. (Reported this afternoon by James E. Bennett & Co.. 806 Rorahaugh Wiley building, by wtru York.) Open (Reg. lllv.) llK'H T. . n>-. inlcal Ithip ,t Hofinhiff t'^VUXT Kali.-i in 'Ity basis: undry ... i Amn. l /ocniiU 'tlv*> ....... I Atlr-ntlc Coilr-Vent lDflk-a I Allls-(.'n :ihnFin .. bi% . • 40b -.isiVj, Hutchinson today, Kansas \ Am:i, Triei/n< & Te 2 dark )V)n'!i! Irani when t:i:0 ivlo'at • lirad.) . ... ' Id.v.'.r. 1, llnltlmurn . ,ihlcj liy. MARKET NOTES ul L.-a'bor ' : Ainu. Can illCB. Illy.) ' , {'.cull PrfaHe tK [ Cuba i'm» .^'Ufiar , ; l-iib:i I 'ajie Sutvar PM. { ' * 'u - A uoi. .^Uftur .... ulla nla Poclfle Ky. >.'ee:i of two dozen harventer-fhfnsh ern i)i the .Minnwla vicinity for thia weelv Inw been hexaldod by tl )e buKi- •"lK'r -R men of that town. T^toe aie nbom 20,0(w acres of good wheat to harvest, tieue. The re were S five carloadu of new vvlieat on tho Wichita uiai'Uet yeaier- day, the firat two tioming from Kiowa, U-Miire 61 and 61 V»> and iwkad Due compered iWth tile f;arn[iie^ of vhe --.Lt recently txh*»%- non the tallies. Five carloads of new wheat arrlvinf; ita IIIKIJILOX Tradi A rne^snf;!. from (ji'eat Hend reads; , One „t the luisl looklnt; fields here wan cut witii cMinbiue yesierday uud if only threi;lied out n hu^he'.- per acre witere tbey expecred IS [eu -'hels. Tlie first new v.heat cam;- to the I'ratt market yeuterday -wlien Johu Hacker and i'ert IH>d ^o )i oaeh doiiv- i-reci a load curly in tlie day. Tioi fraiii tested 6i> pound.- and brought 80 cents) on tlio local market. it was avera:;ina nbout 17 buHhi 'ls to the ncre but not enout;H had been threshed to make an accurate ettimatu of the yioJU. Kansas City Hay. Kitnsas C'ity. Mo, June "fi.—HAY-— Twelve ears: steady to $1 lower. ALFALFA - Choice $20.50 iS'22.50; No. 1, 5i;s.r>i.):ii 20.0«; staudiinl SlCDOg' J7.S0: No. 2 $11.00griS.GO; No. 3, $9.00 (j 11.»n. PRA1H1K- No. 1, $111."flf! 17.00; No. 2, m .0t >4nr >.&0; No :;. »».5o«j i2 .so. TIMOTHY— No. 1, $20.50; standard ll'.i.&uJi.WOO; No- 2, JlS.jGftj-l'.i.uii; tin. 3. CLOVKlt -Mixed light 520 -00; No. 1, $1 !I .00 'H iri.5e; No. 2, ?16.00©18.B0. Loees a Finger. I'ratt, Kan., Juno 26.—Chris Roam, fuprrintonilciii of the city water and llglu plant moi. with a seriona accident. He slipped a-*; lie was oiling the pumps at the city wells and his risht kantl beca )ni5 entangled in fiomo machinery b .idly Injuring It. Suri;oous »niputatt-d the Booond tinger of the .right hand. N. v. '2llt sden nil al lly. Olmndltsi- Meiyrp .. . . Arnn. tsleri Feundry Fameua T'lnjere Duir iOar^y Steel ... lU-m-ra] l';iertr(c White Ka^rle I 111 .. . l'.r*-at N 'C -fh'un Ry. . r,en«u-al ifeterji fnt'l Har\ >-ster- Iimp'rattm t/epper .. Iat'1 Xuyn Inrl l'ui<i'r i<*-i)y-S;,rln),-fieM Keme-r-dti i.:-,pper ... . 435. . LZI . 48 . 25'^ . 23 M . t»% .126 44 . HVi '. 2774 . --.<A ;14'. I , A • I15*i . lee 7 !, . <3«i . 4S>h . 83»i • 11' 3 !l74 . 26% . 70% . 14Vi . 77% . 80 . 13H . 37), . 34-K . .34)4 - 2t"4 . 42HI Chicago, June 26.—Favorable -weather had ft' bosirisli effect on the wheat market today daring the early dealings. Rains an<l cooler temperatures northwest wero auspicious for tho growth of tho spring -CJTOp, whereas in tho Hoathwest clear dkies and continued heat wore Ideal for the harvesting of -winter wheat, Low-or quotations at Liverpool tended also to bring about a docllno in values $i -iL i hero. The opening, which varied ~ t 4^ ? frorh unchanged figures to %c lower, wtKt Sept. J1 .033i to $1.03% and Bee. itMVi to $1.06^4, were followed by a modeirate dcrwnturn nil around. The close was unsettled, l%c to 2%c lower, with Sept. U.02',4 to $102% and Doe. $1.05>,i 'to $V.05%. Corn and oats" were easier with wheat. After o|)entttg unchanged to %c. off, Bept. 79V »c to 79^,0. tl)8 cos* market underwent a general sag. Closing were Bteady at to %#Vic net decline, witli Sept. 7!»M,e to 7914c. Oats started unchanged to tiish- er, Sept. 37 %c. I>atcr, nil tho mouths showeA n oll«>->s* "^"t br. "it. r'lrrr .neDU ot ho^ valuer beeadieu the provisions merket. Close no 40 i«:«. 133 121% corrf la curling denoting Injury. The ^vetit her is 2003 fcr htirreut p.™. r. breeze has "been In evidence which asslBtB the men to bear up under U10 heat. BEEF STEERS AND SHE STOCK LOWER Down 25 Cent* at Kttnias City- Hog* S and 19 Cents Hif her Today. RAKE FREIGHT RATE ON GRAIN I).-- 83 U k 44 :<>>* 7 •-.>«, mi Oa 100 42(4 60 83W 7Ui 71i» 1734i!j 201-*09 14 14>* 70\ UK 18 B8^ S3>4 IS'4 42 "4 Kansas City Car.h Prices. Kansas City, June 26.—-WHEAT— Receipts 160 c«rsi; 2'tt3c lower; No. 2 dark liard $1.03{I110; No. 3 dark hard $1.02@1.10; No. 2 hard 97@1.07; No: 3 hard !)6^1.07; No. 2 red $1.03S> 1.07; Mo. 8 red 9901.04. •TOR^i—l((7 2c lower; No. 2 white 85c; No. 8 white M@84Hc; No. 2 yellow .S6 %c; No. 3 yellow 80c; No. 2 mixed S-l(ii ~-&5i;; No. S mixed 83®'84e. OATS-Generally unchanged; No. 2 white 42@'43c; No. S white 41@41M,c; No. 2 mixed 42(ij;43c. RYE—66@07c. BARLKY—5S®&t)c.- KAFFIR- -$1.65S'1.67. BRAN—$1.0061.05. SHORTS—$1.40f 1-4S. Kansas City Closing Prices. KUIMM Ciiy. .Tune »«.— WHEAT— .tl)!y _aUi Railroads to Charge More For Coarse Grains, Not Wheat, in Mountains. Washington,! Jnn« 26.—Railroads operating In the Rocky Mountain and Pacific coast stakes were lu oHeot authorized today by tho interstato commerce commission io increase by ton per cent their freight rates on corn and cereal products usually classified as "coarse grain." Tho increase, which, does not affcot wheat, was authorized tn shipments frrxTi Mt*H?i £ ^j^pi Valley poiiits to tho Kocky Mountain-Pacific coast area. Ti )t) oeoifcion resulted from an appeal of Westorn railroads against the ruling made by the commission on previous grain rate ciisos vjiich fixed the rates on c-oaniie grafu at a leva! ten per cent below that charged on. wheat for similar shipment, in ptisoing upon tho railroads' complaint the commission se-ld that throughout the Mississippi valley states and western territory extending nearly to the Rocky Mountains the differential favoring corn and other coarse grains should be retained. At points further -west it was held thai a single standard for the rate schedules should apply on •ill shipments from the Mississippi valley to the Rocky toountain-l'acltic coast area. 'Railroads wore authorized to make 4 ,hs changes -prescribed by increasing t-^e rates oa, the ooarae grain (to the of the r-*eas jiow charged on wheat, Kansas City, June 2(5.—CATTLE— -Receipts 10,000; calves 2,000; ail prices slow; beef steers and best she- stock weak to 25c lower; early top steers $10.60; some held higher; fe* cows $e .50@7.10; bulk J4.7Ctg ;S .E7i; Texas cows $5.65; fat yearllng3 mostly 25c lower; calves fully 50c lower; practical top voolers to packers $8.50; few- to outsiders $9.00; bulls steady to strong; most desirable bolognn3 $4.25@'4.fi0; better grades/ stockers and feeders steady; others w«ak to 25c lower; best heavy feeders $S.60@ 9.25; medium kinds $7.50; Inferior £alrly good stockers $4.5O0>7.5O. HOGS—Receipts 11.000; optmlng 5 #10c highe!*; later roost sales 10@ 15c higher; packer top $7.25; -shipper top $7.20; bulk of sales $8.B5@7.20; hulk of desirable 170 to 290 pound averages -+7.05©7.20; packing sows steady to 10c higher; bulk $6.14Xg> 0.20; stock jrigs steady; mostly $6.60 @7.00. SHKiDP—Receipts 8,000; lArabs strong to 36c higher; early top native $14.75; sorted lota largely . $14.25® H.50; sheep steady to strong; Texas 1200 HANDS ARE NEEDED AT ONCE Pawnee County- Agents Says Big Shortage Exist*. 1 PLEDGE MORE WATER FORCE Pressure Last Night a Joke- Dry Lawns Couldn't Be Wetted With Tiny Stream. Twelve hundred harvest hands are needed at once at Larnod, according There was very poor .water pressure to Carl Ii, Howard, county agent of i(t9t night because "tho pumping eta- Pawnee county, who was hor» today Uons In the nontti end ot town were unlocking tor men. Th» local demand intentionally shut off about 7 o'clock, tho sSpTdf WUrker " - 8r0a " tOT lhtt " I according to J...H. Mullison. euperin- A tStel of 7,500 hare been sent out tendont of the cnglncoring depariniont" from the Kansos Free Employment i of the Unt'ted Water, Gaa and Electric Bureau office hero up until last night. j .Co. Harry W. Chabln, the director, ex-j "The water company will bo ablo to peAs the demand for taborerB In this county to only continue for" a few days, and then he fHU h.» able to start shipping'mcu to other .parts' of the state. JfVages $4 and $6, furni»h a-'great deal better pressure this year than ever before;" declared Mr. Mulllson. "Several of the pumping stations In the north enf! of the city have not been In use because the pressure demands have not bean suf- The men who have been hired wero 'l r ]c t Bn t l0 reuulro tiioja," stated Mr. Mt.l.lle Slil'e.- on . . 1'n-lu. •>!•-- & JU-ftil'; rnihlps I-.-trril.-un) l'ullinan Co. J'na -Ann -A mu. '11 t'tiUl Ky. 1'fU. I'.-nn, lt\ fi .'Uli .ei 11 Itv. (..'. M. *; S^t. P. I'. M. f.- St. P. I'-eadlnff l:v, , It.Ulaiiri Rv lo-publlc. I. i H I' H. Kul.l.»r Anm. fiuijHi- S..u:)i..-in Pae'.flc Hy. .. Ptielpt,:.!.:!)- Sbu-lalr (Uls S«arfl-lteebiiclt I*. S. IJtee! t>>rp 'IVW.) Co l T tall <V,;iper 1'lilen IV.cific Hy YaraiU'.im Si eel Amn. WVioler. tV^flliiMluiusa Klectvle Wabash .Rv. Pfd. "A" Ktantlai-,1 of Calif Ptamlard of ind Standard of N. J Houston Oil Imt'^rlh! Oh C. ft N. W. P.v (ilttte SVC Hankers .. Cll!e:i yVi.' C'.nnnon . New Mrndford Oil Mutual lei Mrmey—(,%. Eale3~-Nut In. . 37)4 • 42* .111. \4 . 1SX . 60 . SI Vi . 34 ^ . 43 -u • 84 4. . 20J, '. 7i«, . 29M, . 44',,, . 44Vi . 69 1A . S7 »i .100'i . 24^ . 73^. . 80«J . 4314, . 61 »i .15214 . 2S'4 . Bl 'ii . sr. . E!) • 51 • Sols 7% SS'1 41»i 114 Iv-i 6li «H4 3r.~. 43*4 !0m E3?a 71 £7H 44 -4 4 £'4 «9'.i SO?', 101 24 7S 81 42-. t SOH 131 !»'4 f3 E4% S8I4 50 6514 53H S7 72 U «i9 ".4—1S®HH 136—182 ...4ViS%-4(3.414 lOii—XO B6»; 87 Going to Bohemia. Pratt, Kan., June 20. —Matt Navo- tony of this city has applied for his passports and will leave soon to visit his old country, Bohemia. Mr. Nava- tony bos not visited the old country for many years. Ho has a brother there who was compelled to flee from Russia as he was working under the former czar at the time of his demise. Cnlcago Closing Prices. Chicago, Juno 26.— WHEAT—July $1 ,021*.; Sept. $1.02Vi; Dec. Sl.OGy. CORN—July S3',ic; Bept. 79Hc; Dec. 6"%c. trATS—July 41c; Sept. 37',ic; Dec. S9Hc. PORK—Blank. LARD—Julv $10.87; Sept. $11.12. RIBS—Julv $9.07; Sept; $9.30. Co.) Hutchinson Flour and Feed (Quoted by Wm. Kelly Milling WHEAT—55 lb. basis, 83c. $8.30; 48 lh. sacks, $3.20; 84 lb. sacks, $3.80. GRAHAM—Per cwt., 10-lb. sacks, $3.50. CORN MEAL—Per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.20. SHORTS—Per cwt.. $1.45. BRAN—Per cwt., $1.20. SCREENINGS—$1.30. Chicago. Chicago, Jur.a 26— HOGS—Receipt* 33,000; mostly strong to 5c higher; bulk good end choice 160 to 275 pound averages $7.30#7.40; top- $7.45; medium '225 to 275 pound butchers -$7.15 @7.25; desirable packing sows mostly s $6.00@6.4fli strong weight pigs $6.'7-5@7.00; heavy weight hogs $6.75@ 7.35; medium $6.90@7.40; light $6.S0 @7.45. . P CATTLE—Receipts 9,000; generally Bteady on most killing classes; trade rather slow and uneven; early top heavios $10,85; lower grades, she stock slow; others fairly active; bulls strong to 145c higher; vealers and stockers and feeders about steady; bulk desirable vail calv-es to«paelrt?rs $8.00@9.00; bulk bologna bulls $4;50@ 4.75.' • SH1BBP—Receipts 4,000: active to fat- secured at wages of $4 per day *or oither working on a 'luwdev barge or shocking. Experienced Bhockors were paid $6 a day. The harvest In Oklahoma is about completed, according to word which was received at the local employment bureau. That will help increasa tho number of laborers here for they will naturally drift MISH way, Lyons: Jiid-ge F. W. ; Truesde!i who has been watchtnn the wheat har^asts in.Rlce county since tho '70s 1[>rediots a Wide range in yield this year. He has been adjusting hail losses and has a fine chance to examlue tho -wheat since it begaivripenlng. Ho fixes the yield at 7 to 25 bushels. It Io more spotted than usual 011 account 9! the diverse conditions under which K was planted in tiie fall. Another factor wus tho incessant rainfall this spring. Almost every fiohl has water spots tvhicih will threshed out shriveled grains causod by betas partially cooked. Hudson: Httgo Halloran says that tho wheat will make u fair crop around his farm. He estimates the average yield at 12 to 16 bushels. ' Lyons: The first wheat of tho season to be marketed In Rice cojinty was received yesterday at the Cea- tral ' Kansas Mill. Dan IleKpor Mtlllison.' This prorates will he interesting to •hundreds of property owners who bate tied with s! pressure which wouldn't throw a half inch-stream five feet for two or ithre* hours last evoning. Ths pumping auxiliary in tho north-east part of the city 5ms never been In operation this year and pressure was j5arucsiis.riT weak jr; that section, Sami/s 1 lirougnt It jh iro'ni thV.'.H'o'uirinti' farn MR. H. FORD IS AT HAND If a Nominatk J:, Any Old Nomination, Should Approach He'd Grab It. Itotrolt, Mich., Juno 243.—Henry Ford would give serious consideration to aa ifter of tho presidential nomination hy any rosponslbio persons or party before rejecting or 4iccepUng It, according to E. G. -Lelbold, his general eoerwi^ry. Mr. l«lbold added that no RODUCE MARKETS | Chicago Produce. Chicago, Juno 26—BUTTER—Higher; creamery extras 39c; standards 3Si,4c; extra firsts SOMiigiSSc. EGGS— lx>wer; firsts 22®>22^c, , POUIvTRY—Alive; higher; fowb lftc; broilers 25@45c; roosters 12c. '" POTATOES—Sacks firm for good stock; Alabama, sacked Bliss triumphs best $2.75@3.00. LITTLE BOY WAS 8HOT. - Man Crawled Up ts a Window 1 and Fired. 4Tft .lca.go, Juno 86,—While playing 1 with hls1>rothor to the front bedroom Of their Home today, three year old John Ceralka was instantly killed by a revolver shot fired hy «wi unidentified man. According fio witnesses ths man crawled up ito tiho window .through which he fired tho fatal shot. Tho man had a handkerchief over his face when he fired, the shot, the witness said. Police are worlciog on tits theory that the hoy's father had Incurred the enmity of some person in. tho neighborhood «tnd that hla enemy had token this meuhod of revenge. WALL STREET MARKET. New'York, Juno 28.—Stock prices atfain lost ground lu today's active •esston. Professional bear traders Were largely responsible for tlio de- B yline, which, was aided by the belated liquidation of stocks pledged as ^atsrol against loans of recent banlc- p< firms and selling inspired by the wish for coast on a largo statistical **Tonx ;y. Ettft.v gfoeka touched new |pw records tfor the year. Sales ap- atrojcjmatod 1,150,000 shares. •• New Yoric, June 2JL--Alices con- tlnuftd to melt awty atXhe opening of Jodfty 'H atoci rharkot CPi-ofoselonal War traders ajalii exerted- pressure a ^atiurt tho »t4o)s, equipments, cop- Mii*7"eaji3 and & number of other sta .11- iard Sharee, lossoa of a point each be- ISC r4»Kl0t»red by lnteniational Our- ^•••tar.^an-ADierican «md United Rail- 5V%y siij Investment Jretorred. "Hie ganoraJ mtu-ket b&camo wiiak soon after the opening, cattsliig los»es •f I points In several stocks. Suy- r ortiug orders soon came into tho mar- et sod brought about point rallies In several stocks. <BV>relgn exchanges opened saBlar. N fWhxMi thoy began to encounter -effective resistance In th» industrial group, profeaslonal bear traders •witched their attack to tho railroad •haras in which they forced reooa- sione of 0110 to thrso points, « This maneuver halted the upward tendency In several at:tice iudnstrlals' most of which. asuLa turned reactionary-;' bs- fore noon. Itoldwln was forced down more ihaji two points to a new low record for the. year, Several other stocka 4U&0 touchod new lows, money opened at 6\4 percent. Call New York Money. New York June ti. —Foreign exchanges irregular; quotations to cents: •* Oreat Britain demand 4 .61H; oables 4.6Hi; Blxty day bills on banks 4..69U. Franco demand 6.12Mi; cables 6.13. Italy demand ^.-42H; cables «.48. Belgium demaud S .23V4; cables 5.23. Oerriiau demand. .0007Vi; cables .0007 %. Switzerland demand 17.86. Greece demand 3.28. Poland demand .009%. Czecho Slovakia domand £ 1 pjonoy strong; high 8: low ruling lets closing bid 6; id at C J ,4| last loan 0; call loans against acceptances 4%. Time loans tlruiori mixed oolkttoriU 60-90 days S; 4-8 (uonths prinio oommercial psper 8. Liberty Bonds, Final prices trio tad by the Me- Naghton Loan company today wore: First 3V4% $100,117 Second 4$ H8 .J Flr.t i>£% »»•' Second 4%% *»-4 Third t'A% •• rourlh t'i% »»•» U. tf. Uovirumeiu 414* Kansas City Produpe. Kansas City, Mo., June 2-6.—BUTTER—Unchanged, creamery' 43<5 ; 44c; packing 26c. BUTTER FAT—Unchanged; 82c; eitra qualRy 35c. EGGS—Unchanged, firsts 19c; seconds Wc; selected caso lots 26c. POULTRY—No. 1 hens down He, light broHorS 27c; heavy broilers S4c; roosters J0c\ / Hutchinson Produce. ; (Quoted by Carl Nelson.) ^POULTRY—:* Hens over 4 lbs. 17 cts.; under 4 lbs. 14 cts.; broilers Hi to 2 lbs. 25 cts.; uuder lMi lbsl 20 cts.; springs, 2% lbs and over, IS cts.; roosters, 7 ds v ^ DUCKS: Young, 10c; Geese young fOc; turkeys, hens "SV4 lb. aud over 20e, youog toms 12 lb. and over 20c; old toms 18c; guinas, 30c each; plg- eoua, 6c ouch or 75c a doz, Belgian Hares 8c. EGGS: Fresh, candled loss off, 15 cts. doien. Wichita. Wichita.- Kan., June 26—HOGS— Receipts 1,200; 10c higher; top $7.10; bulk $6.85 ©6.95. CATTIJ5—Receipts 400, Includes 200 calves; steady; beef steers $7.00 @S.S5; beef sows and heifers $4.00&>J 8.00; bulls $3.00@i4.75; Veal calves $3.50@S.75; stockers- and feeders $.':.50@7.20. \i> 4> 4> . LIVESTOCK CORRESPONDENCE. -3> SIXTEEN BILLION MARKS. French Seized Thl* Mueh Bent for Strike Fund. CBy Tho Associated Preaa)^ Bssen,_ June 20.—Sixteen billion marks, which tie French asesrt were sent Into the occupied regions for a strike fund, -were seized today by tho forces of occupation. Half this amount was conflocat&d In the Musi helm branch of the Reischbank and the other eight billion, marks while in shipment through Mayenco. " NO MORE BONUS PAY. Contractors at Emporia Meeting Decided on This. Emporia, Kan., June 28.—(Tjontrac- tors attending the convention of master builders in Emporia have signed au agreement to discontinue paving bonuses to workmen. The wages set by unions am sufficient pay, tha ooh tractors doflaro, and tho bonus pliui to keep me-n 011 tho Job Is s handicap to building. Pratt 's Hottest Dsy. Pratt, Kan., Juno 26. —A June heat record was made In thia city yesterday when Dr. Gaston, who has charge of the government -weathor charts announced that tho thermometer had reached 102. Sunday it WAS 99. Vegi tatiou Is being badly scorched and the Cotton Market. New York, Juno 86. —Cotton futures eiosed tarely steady. Inly tflM-Oih; Oct. »4.tV8 .-OTc; t>eo. ttAsc. 0eot quiet; middling Ss.Sto. England has grown from 8,000,000 to 82,000,000 la 100 years, representing tha natural Increase of the motive pop ulatlou. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Sunflower Produce Co,) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; hens 16 cts.; light hens, 14cts.; broilers 2a cts. Leghorns and blacks under 1% lbs.. 20 cts. EGGS: 16c dozen. Hutchinson Butterfat. • . • . (Quoted by Swift & Co.) BUTTER, Creamery—39@40cts. BUTTERFAT—No. 1 84 ctB.; No. 2, 19 cts. EGGS- -Loose, 15 cts. A KANSAS^TY WOMAN LEADS GOLFERS TODAY Kansas Ctty, Mo., June 26. —Miss Mtailsm Burns of Kansas City, Missouri state champion, who won medal­ ist honors at tho tri-ntate golf tournament In the Qualifying rounds yesterday, dBt «e.U)i ifrs. Kurta K el I am of Topoka, this morning, 5 and 4. Mrs. H ,R. McCleUand; of Kansas GHr, defeated Mrs. Paul Bossemoyer Of Bellua. 4 and S. Other morning results follow: Class A, upper bracket: Mrs. A. F. Bsary, Kansas City, defeated Mrs. J. W. Bell, Kansas Ctty, t and E, Class A, Lower bracket: Mrs. Bess Holwig, Kansas City, defeated Mrs. L. J. Osborne, Kansas City, I and 5. Class B, upper bracket: Mr*. A. Ltttrel). Kamfcs City, defeated Mrs. O, T. Borquist, Kansas City, $ ami t. Mr.!. O. B. Bums, Kansas City, defeated Miss Mary "Helvrig, Kansas titty, i .and *. A. watch, tho fact of -which is smaller than a ten cent ploce, is designed to jbs yprn aa » scarf nlo.~ -t- & $ ^ ^ 0 • *.v -S- ^ 't Kansas City Stock Yards, Juno 25.— While best classes of fat cattle were about steady, the, medium t<7 fairly good grades which showed a substantial advance last woek. declined 10 to 25 cents today. However, there was a fairly aolnvo demand. Chicago with heavy receipts of hogs quoted the market lower, and- this caused moderate decline elsewhere. Here receipts were below normal and the decline averaged 5 cents. Lambs were 25 to 50 cents lower and sheep steady. Today's Receipts. Receipts today wero 13,000 cattle, 11,000 hops and S,000 sheep, compared with 10,000 cattle, 1-1,000 hogs and 9,000 sheep a week ago, and 0,500 cattle, 1-1,950 hogs and 5,930 sheep a year ago. Beef Cattle. — Steers good enough to sell at $10.25 or better, and that took the hulk of the offerings tiiat showed any con sldorable amount of feed, wero about steady. The plain antl medium classes, and those showing grass sap were 10 to 25 cents lower. A good many fed tiloers sold at $10.50 to $11.00. Some steers, short fei^ on crass, brought $8.75 to- $g.75, and Texas steers fed cotton seed cake..- brought $8.50 to $9.75. Straight grass fat steers brought $4.20 to $7.50. A few of tho host yearlings, heifers nnd , prime cows were fully uteady, but general declines of 10 to 15 cents were, reporterl on mediun} and plain classes.*„Veal calves wero 25 cents x lowor. liunls were steady... . - 8tockers and Feeder^ Thin cattle with any showing of quality were in fairly good demand atl steady prices. Tho common classes sold slowly, though not quotably low-' or. Feeders are taking a good anany! fleshy steers for a short feed lot' finish, and sonje -big framed, thin steers are going out for grazing. Hogs. The *ive western markets today resolved 102,000 hogs, and of this total Chicago had 64,000. Prices there de- cltnoW rather sharply and caused a slight setback at other markets where ireoeipts wero moderate. Hero the extremes were weak to 15 cents lower, with an average decline of 5, cents. Tho top price was $7.10, and bulk of tho" offerings sold at. $6.90 to $7.05. Packing sows sold at 16.00 to $6.10. Pigs aud stock hogs were strong at •8.50 to $7.00. Sheep and Lambs. Lttnibe were 25 to 60 cents lower, and sheep steady. Most of the offerings were native lambs that sold at 114.00 to $14.60 for tha best and plain classes $18.26 to $14.00. Sbeop were in light supply and sold readily. Testis •wethers sold »P-to t7.78. Horses and Mules. The dull mid-summer season ha* hit the trade In horses and. mules. Receipts are small and will continue so until after the mWdle of .August. CHAD. M. PIPKIN, y Itarksi OfiirreBnondeuti ;ew^~p^ifiaoTit was expected. Sterling: Wiheat -ripened rapidly over Sunday and today both hinders and headers are operating all over Rice county. Farmers are optimistic over tlie quality and yield of this popular grain and 110 shortage of labor has yet been reported. Sublette: It is now pretty uafe to say we wr'.l not have a bushel of winter wheat in the county. We hated to give it up but giiess wo will have to. The state a.g-r!cul.tural college has another guess coming whan It says winter wheat does not have to have a freeze before it will make a crop. Great Bend: Tha county agent estimates that tlio -.average yield in Barton county will be in the neighborhood of 10 bushels to the acre. The only real bud spot in the county^~is between Gaiatla and OlmRz. There also are a few other bad places but they do not compare in size io that in the vicinity of the towns mentioned above. 3 -CENT DROP IN WHEAT AT MINNEAPOLIS TODAY. Mnneapoils, Minn., June 26.— Whoa-t. suffered a thre-e cent drop in local trading this morning, due It was said, to"lack of business and lagging Interest. 'Alter oponlng *4» dowrt from yester-' day's close of $tl.07, July wheat slumped to $1.04Vi. a new low- for the crop year, during morning trade. Other graiuj wero similarly weak. tlon with a letter made public yesterday by E. S. Fuller of Savannah, <la., which quoted l^eibold as aaytng Mr. Ford, had no objection to further activities supporting him for the presidential nomination. Mr. Lelbold declined to verify the letter, saying he could not bo sure of Its authenticity without seeing the original or searching through his files for a copy. "Th^re have been thousands of lotv ters received in cp-nnecUm with Mr. Ford and the -presidency," he said. •'About 200 such letters are received daily. It Is hard to say if the Savannah letter is authentic tor this reason." ' HARDER "DRY" FIGHT. New York, June 26,—Because the appropriation for prohibition enforcement Is $500,000 less than th«t of last year, there probably will be f>e materiil Increase In the number of federal dry agents to be sent to JSew York to augment the present force of 175 men, It was said today. Canadians Interested. Ottawa, Ont.—Tho United States his been invited to further discuss cooperation In liquor law "enforco- nient, Premier King told the Canadian commons. t XTtulte a Scheme. Sofia—Investigators declared they have evidence that Premier Stambou-, Ilski conspired to place the king of. Serbia on the throne of Bulgaria, Ethel Asks Divorce. Providence, R. I.—KLhel Barrymoro has filed suit for divorce from Ru3sell G. Colt, son of the late. Samuel P. Colt, millionaire rubber man. \ We Make Real Estate Loans on Cityy Farm and Business Buildings. —ask |lllli!!lliil[l!illllili!ll{iJI!lli!||||!IIHIIIIiipi!lii! § Give the Children ^ 1 cooled 1 water I without Automatic Refrigerator I No Better Made—8 Lining Refrigerator - P .f, fect 9 rculation ~ Sanit * r y—Automatic Tran Water Cooler Attached—Call and see our line J. Cw O 'Donneti, Hdwe. Fourth and Alain Phone 3250 S [iUUtililiiilUlll

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