Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 3, 1930 · Page 21
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 21

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 21
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DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 3, 19*0. DECATUR HfcRALD nng [them soon, ' them tliit lat a saving! 33° 25' MEETS IN CHAMPAIGN |4 Members of St. John's Church Attend; Nine Groups Represented EAST PARK GROUP WINS AHENDANCE CUP IN PANA MEET K»«t Pitvk TJaptiHt chiirch of De- Butter trackers 23c J5c I9c !5c .15 19c 25c 29c I5C 25c IOC . r 3 5c «· 29C 1 FOR , KRAUT IS 12Vac 18c 17 ! /2C LI, tres ,ccx { . _ to « third U'on the riip for tho largest lattomlnneo In the Baptist Young Ipooplc*' Union contiironcc Thursday |In Puna. Tito conference WES part ihc Springfield Baptist iissoclatlonI by OPTOMETRISTS WILL MEET HERE OCT. 12 1 5 0 Members of State Group Expected for Three Day Session th« ' 1 " N l n n Tho fl ' 1 ' 1 * ri'P' ll "*' rtt '' l l!»v Mr- B ' mwr-rtt. Mr,, »·* V. Slt.nli..v A, Mm- II 11 nnd Itiymen from Decittur and else- in thn Springfield district. ' tCaal- Fork cliurcti had 103 p«r««it!i in tho l!. T, P. 0, lron(fll-finjp. Klllott Avenue church licit jdf Rprlnattold watt second In attend- Bnl- C VV, Armsitronif unco , Control Baptist chntch of Spi ln(, r tlolU wi\i third. Mist) Anna Adnmtf ot Dccntur pr«ald«tt. will meet In Kaeunor hall of Mllllkln university on Oct. 13-14. About 150 in embers ot the organization are expected to attend the convention which will open with n golf tourim- iticnt on Sunday, followed by busl- flosslons on Monday and Tueu- Offkorit ot tho B T. P. U., Elected * ln In the closing wision f th« confer anre, follow: William, Skadd«n, Vlea-piTtttl«ni - Earl rortcvflckl, l s r n d f i r y Mic (I.W. K r / M . '· ptuhl" ft 1 to ](!(» Ill ll'iOtl, WllltlCJ' Of S p l l H V i i f Uif' illocojwn tuix- i«r unit Mra. Thcima i (Uti'li fl»vo thi; nd of Thimk pi*i» for 'I utr-rlnr Nclll,- nhniil thi' tinw 1!. I,'., iiiul Iti ivci' .. n i l ) )..- tlir fhs! tnii nii-t lit S))i!nii- ,illl 1c In l.r'unil hU' - Miss Leonn McMlnn. - John Novlti, Chatham, p f j Miss Dorothy Leek ot Docnlur tvna nninnfl director of district No. 1 -- · · -- ·,- 106 Members Attend , Firs* De Molay Meeting MemtH'rs of the new Ducatnr chap- 1 tcr nf DoMolav hnd thslr tlrflt stttlcd iiiratlnK "i MI-riodgM nintntiers iff i h n order 'riuu,nlny cumloK. A tl'il (r 10't at tho Iflti yotilHs tmlonglnf in TV Mnlny iitUiiilod the mcnting. whlrti v,'n:i In the Masonic lisinplc. duy. Prof. J. A. Mclrow. ot MIDI. (inlvcrslty psychology depart, will addrean thn (toloeatnvi several times during the convention. Other speukei'.i who will appear on thn program ore: Dr. ,T. B. Copeland, Chicago; Dr. B. T, Hoffman, dil- caffo; U)r, W. B Newilee, Chicago; Dr. J, 1-1. Hammond. Hammond, Ind; unrt others. Mayor 0, Smitl) will welconic tho members to tho city during th* Mrs. Ryman Is Speaker Before Moultrie Teachers Si-liWl IPJ, licrs Tit Moultrlc wnmly (nd wlw "''i' cttti'ilntncd hy tin jlidlhuii lov. i n l , chih Thuiddny v- Dinj;li 'In Mi, -."file I, f i l l of Hulilvnn AtffiUt SI'i p r r m n - i 'idcinU'd. Mr-*, Cmn U Kyriitin Mwirt cimnt) m,. ihci r t ' t h u cwnlnc if ilic I'M" Iwicrami chureli iin «i-ivi(l ·ni;t)ior. _ ,\T«]fty work rnpldly. Fvunk Wttlher tire tmliiway fin nn »ltptlon ot nCLl- t e n In Dcccmln!!', but thn plans :i. ;. i't iirf- prfitripnl Missing Youth Is Found in I. C. Railway Yards Kenneth Srnku, 13 years old boy wlio wiit nilHsud from homo Weilnf'S- Any ncnlnn, was (ouml by frlenda «t t h p fnmlly Thursday In the IDlnuH Cctitcnt r«itwty yntdM Kctmctli win lu'cuxllcd upon to rctinn homo and relieve thi- anxiety o( hl» family. open In s bUKlncM position Monday morning, find Dr. J. H, Whit*, president of "Minikin university .will vr«|. conto II *· cfuxvcntlon in thft school. Many E Pine, president of the so clety, will rnspond. The principal social affair of the cnnvonllon will bo the banquet and dunce In Sunnystde club house Tuts day night, DC A. E. Wuestevmftn, Chmnpiiltiii. will I* master ot ooro monies in thp dlnnpr. ;, Weatherbv. Decttluri Is chairman of thi- convention will DP nfwIflUa by the fallowing Opt omr I rials: K. H. Oplineor, John M. Scotl. K r,, Cantwcl!, Donald Weather by, R M. Martin. LcRoy Geroce, T* E C) roach. The committee fi»r tli womDn'n cntpiliilnm('nt tndudos: Mrs. J. V. Wallace. Mrw. John M. Scott, Mrs. Ocorge Wenthorby, Mra. Decatar Man Publblung North Shore Magazine Harold, McClelton, tton or Mm. Paul Joncfl of Doentur, lit one of throe publisher^ for a new aoclety nmffavlne called "Parade" being le- eued on the North Shore, Chicago Tho 22 years old young man In ad vartiutoK manager, and two yount; women aro society and art editors Tho flrarlssue, released Monday, has ;Ki attractlvo pogen on glazed pa- I»r. The magazine contains articles by persons of Uio North Shore aron on «rt, urchltooture, drama, lltora- turo, · Hoclety, and Hporta, Tho first, copy is illustrated Jreely with :,ttractlvo Hnd modernistic pottralta, and u high class of advertising. An article on Elizabeth Rethberff, a section In which a Rentlwortb man's Churtres woodciita are reproduced, a Nodal o«l»ndar, a book,review page, a history of tho Evanstot dramatic club, and Little theater ac tlvltles along tho shore, are among the storlen In theOctober Issue, Society stories are illustrated with pictures of persons well known socially Mr. McClcltan recently resigned from »n advertising firm to manngo th* publication "Parade." / U. S. Trade Commissioner Is Traffic Club Speaker Albert Ellis, trade commissioner cif the United States Department ol Commerce, St. Louis, will be thr speaknr tor the October mooting ol the Trans poi bit Ion cltth ot Decntur In the Hotel Orlando, Thursday ova Inir, Ocf J8. The attendance ptlzft will be given t-y Ihe Chicago Illinois Midland rtiltwuv company, through the courtesy ot Hay Went man, Rencral agent In Poor!a. IR. H Martin, Mrs, L. 1C. Qrosch, Mrs. J Donald IVeatherby, Mra R. H.. Opi linger (NSTAL HANGAR DOORS AT MICK AIR FIELD New Building Will Have Housing Capacity ot Six Planes Doom are lulng Installed nn the h hlrilnn«i banfrar on Kilck Field. With thtm In place, this hangar will bo completed end ready to house the sin tthlpn that now make the Clelr] their ti' Jilqimrteril. S!w». of' tho hangar lias betn iiot(bt«d In the i-oconstruction, wiiich followed the dost ruction of tho old hangar by n high wind on Ihe evo- nttig of AiiR. 9. Tho old hangar had .oom tor but threo ship* *nd had no doors In It, It wan wocd construction throughout. Thfl new «n«' has corrug«.ttd iron allen nnd roof nnd In much more NUbBtnallal than the first one. Three Curtis-Robin monoplanes nrt now located on tho field, belong Ing to Paul Temple and Frinlt HouMlJ 1 of Decatur, and Dwiglil [Deeper of Hoyworth; n. Travelalr biplane, belonging to K. W. Schrock, who has lt»o flolrt leased for a flying HChool, and n Waco blplan« belong Ing to thrno o( Mr. Schroek's »tu- dcnts. In addition. H. P, Vlasl. sales r«)- resentatlve o( the Star Aircraft Cor- portatlan. B«rtlcsville, Ok., la tnak- Ing the field his temporary headquarters whllo establishing a dealer tvrmtnliatlon lit Itltnoia and Indlsnti. Mr. Vla*t has one of the Cavallor pltvncs on the field. » BABDICR SHOP KOBBID CIJNTON -The tm.vtd Lyndh bnr- |j*r shop on ISast Wimhlnftton street WAB entered nnd robbed Wednesday nlfiht o( many burh»r supplies. The thieves mado their entrance thi-o\igl n front window and after looting t* litoee they made nn unsuccessful «.(· Umpt to btcrtk into Krfjgora store Juat went of the barber shop. th«i« WIM «WOh%ht front In *lw nfternnon moiirncm the r«bbt rwd narnt* or roemlxrn of the ttmpio who hid dt*1 during thft iMrt y«r. Thn m wero in Hebrew nnd Knglfrt. CHURCH NOTES DAY OF ATONEMENT OBSERVED IN TWO SERVICES THURSDAY Several hundred IWMOIW attended tltu special aetvlce* for the Day of Atonement Thursday In T«nipK) B"Nal Abraham. White cloths were In the service, replacing the rtd WttHOMfy uroup MWI .ly lound In the Nettings for tho' Th« Woman'a Mlmdontry uttMy sacred urtlclcn, and lUbbl Bphrttm of Firm Pr*nbyt*rUn churoh mm it 2,30 o'clock, Friday ftfKtrnoon, In th* flburch ,TJw Ethel Mill* guild had charge of the program. MM. W, H. Dueir npok« on 'Tour Church In Alawka," Mm, John B, Roblnmn told about wom«n'B work In Ihe 0*ntral Asftrmbly, which «h« attended In . May. Mrs. M. 15. Bakor told dbouf Ucnr«t«d with flowtra. and | ititoaton «ry worhar* Rowmnwlg, in white , conducted thi mominj **rvl« and afternoon memorial. Mr* 0. F. Kwtt«r, Mm. R, C. Gay, cil«nn RlchardMW), and Miss Mtlt* Gengerke composed a flturtei thai aang In Hebrew music written TOP this annurtl celebration, TJi« rturtnj tha wummer Itt ChM^ N, V, Seventy-five children of Ui* Cra-l)- Itoll tltnarimiut of Firm HoUiodlu; church and thole tnottitr* ittt*nl"' o pfti ty glvon In th« eburoh Thun-.' l»y nfurnoon, Children won »nl«j inttwid by the irtcherw In eh»re«, ind A. program WAR (Ivnn for the mother*. MM, Harry Flory *«ni, thrro mkdlonii nnd Ruth Ilftl*n ROM «av* « r^adlnit, Mr*, Frank Aulh led O»* dovolkmtt 11it» w»( th*- xncond of h wrien of p»rti«* pla»nol ror th« Our Special During the Month Will Be Nuts Glazed - Chocolate · Cake Cocoanut-Crullers and Lory John* SWEDISH FRUIT BREAD A New and Different Bread Federal Bakery M. W. SUDD1TH 1*24 Me.-rhant Si. Wai 2-1498 RAZLEY 1_J/ CASH M A R K E T Jl , THE BEST FOR LESS AT ALL TIMES BEEF ROAST PORK ROAST sAiis Aisr SEEFSTEAK Tnll DT t*. Royal Palm, 2 lb$, 25c Junadale, 2 lb$. ,.29cj SPEC]ALCOFFElTSArE SATURDAY «»d V«W Coffee, 17c Lb. , 3Lb«, 49c ·?_ey'» SpccW'Coffco 21c Ib-i "^-^n-Jj. 3 Us - 59 » ly-Notch Coffee 27c Ih. .'.'..""77 S L b i t - f i f t s 1 ^--. . - .. . . . . . . Quality Foods Lowest Prices Yoi Save Money At Home Stores STORES Saturday NAVY BEANS Pineapple Tomatoes New Crop Michigan , Sliced Lftrga 3 u - 29c I Sour Pickles LIKE MAGIC forClotltef r tii/itt Package 22c raps Matches Candy Bars Lava Soap Milky Way ot Baby Ruth Cane and Maple Syrup Tet, Cnmatlnn Ptnt Can i ·»-, (IT Bottlo ZJC Quaker Puffed Wheat DATES M KRAUT Ciuw For ZOc isc BUTTER WJMAUNE MM* Rot Cr«DiMT I*. 44C Pktr. 9c Town Crier FLOUR 5lb$._ 24lbs, .Strictly llljth QnnNt} COFFEE ou cnn't bent this line-up tar QunlHy or Trice 25c LUCKY STAR, 3 Lb. HOME STORES, Lb .............. 33 (t MILLER'S MAGNET, Lb ......... ,47* IR Our Meat Department) Tim er CnrrA Lb. 19C GOTTAGE BUTTS PORK SAUSAGE 34C Lb. 20c SPARE RIBS FRESH GROUND BEEF 16c 20c Frails aid Vegelables GRAPE FRUfT ONIONS APPLES BANANAS JELKE GOOD LUCK MARGARINE Sold At All Decatur Home Store* Phono for Foods Prompt l)elH»ry Scrtloe J. W. Tranlur, Phorn l-dSII VUMIH QHWHT, PIHIIK 10IS C.'CL.jil *"Sl"i. l-hun* WIT « · ITiuJ-J ·· fMtuHai · iTJMt lit* F* H^tlft ftwttnw ** F»irB J. J, TN.mM. I1 · 2-;iWt Pe*w ClHiMrn. llmnt 1..H31* HOKTH * NOIlfllRAST I'hunr atll 7 A l . Kolly, Vtiunt O-ILDM) K. P, Mhtt. I'hi.m a H. IVllhrr. rhim* 3.HJM fi»i, a Mndid. Phone or * Knurloliir 0, B, WliltiH-j, Phuiit Amtri*w IlAkny, P* t-tlts C. Hnrrbi. IIHM Mitt C. W, , R, Hunkliui, rtannu »3«l , nin. Hi.m* i.ww. t-aw* Ba ltr»t. iMi* Mn, Cwl Cmlrr. PHI.IM MM* Ot!. DumhnuM, Minm !!*» t. CI«dH. Ptlont t-lMK r KAST * MUJTIIBASt rkrl, I'lKinr 1.*IM i«i *.*MH Itian* t-iWI . t *.n7n F 0«lltl». WMBC 9.IWSB MM WICST Ch«. HnwiU hirfr * n*»F!t WITH TIIK HICK H, Moren. 1MJ South avenue, who I* 111 Ilk St. i now able to KROGER STORES YOUR PANTRY AUddi.'i Iwnp opwtd tbt «»? to rieh«i and wlrenhira-- but ywr Krogtr in · modern «t»io, I* «»«n » iieti Y«« mmrt wi»h yMd* Uw ehokett fa*d« irf iMny l»d», «wry cite «t wW* to* «Ued upon wmici of pooptt and At In* tenuity of tftenct to ·Hure iUnwfleil ·»* . And thi. tervte, wttk lU coHMnttnot tht p»od»«i it ·wemblt* on ««r (to ii yows rt tfce Mnfttleit powtbU prl« 217 S. MAFFIT 234 N. 22ND. 1464 E. WILLIAM 961 N. WATER 12« N. EDWARD 566 W, SAWYER F L O U 24 GoU MecUl or Pilltbury fc. Cloth Sick 9 3 SUPER SUDS 3 23c PALMOUVESOAP 4 -- 25c PORK BEANS C ST 4 TM 25c APPLE BUTTER «?£!* 25c. TOMATO SOUP c ^ b " l( 6 ^ 45c PRESERVES "satf* * *' 23c PANCAKE FLOUR c « s «. c r 25c COFFEE J SS* 3 Ul 67c French, Ib 3Sc Country CUA, Ib. OLEO Good Lock OHIO MAID. 1 LH. 24e DISH PANS--PAILS Golden Ivory Enamel--Ideal for thft Home Each 49c TOKAY GRAPES Extn Fancy 3 ^ 20c CABBAGE 2 t 100 - $1.69 APPLES o^tx. s Lb,, »c GRAPE FRUIT ^ h $* 234 North 22d St. MEAT DEPARTMENTS 14M E. WW«m SI, CHUCK ROAST c ^ " 15c PORK CHOPS % " 25c FRESH PIG HEARTS » lie VEAL SHOULDER ROAST ^ 16e PORK LOIN ROAST SHORT RIB BOILING BEEF- lOe WEINERS ~*» - ^ 20c BACON SQUARES S ". 18c MEAT LOAF Fmh Grewirf Lb. I5c KROGER/TORE/ NF --· 1 IU* i i T) i J iWSPAPfcR fiRCHlVE®

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