The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 1, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 3
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1939. CANTOR SUED FOR DAMAGES Comedian And Others Are Named In Suit As Re, suit Of Disturbance. LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1 (#»).—A $751,000 damage suit against Eddie Cantor, screen and radio comedian, was filed Monday as the result o£ a distrubance in a Hollywood broadcasting studio March 27. • Plaintiffs were Charles Gollob, apartment house manager, and his wife, Mrs. Elsie Gollob, who stated they went to the studio to hear Cantor broadcast. Their complaint set forth this version of the incident: When the broadcast ended they arose to leave only to be accosted by a young woman, employed by the broadcasting company, who asked them why they were leaving so soon. The Gollobs replied they had seen after-broadcast programs before and were not much interested in political affairs. Then the woman called for a bodyguard, who struck Mrs. Gollob down, referring to her as a Nazi. Gallob attempted to protect his wife but was set upon by Bert Gordon, Cantor's assistant, known professionally as the "Mad Russian." The alleged assaults occurred despite their faithfulness in applauding during the regular broadcast at the instructions of a "cheer leader." Jn applauding they were willing to overlook Hie circumstances that Cantor's offerings consisted of ''ancient and not very funny gags." They demand $500,000 general damages. $250,000 punitive damages end $1,000 to cover medical expenses. Defendants include Gordon, the Reynolds Tobacco Company, sponsors of the program, and the Columbia Broadcasting System. GRANTED DIVORCE Eileene F. Kesecker has been granted an absolute divorce from Marvin D. Kesecker by Judge Prank G. AVagaman. The plaintiff was represented by Attorney William H. Bovey. notation of the earth carries points on the equator around at a speed of over 1,000 miles an hour. HAY FEVER Symptom RELIEF Shirt at once with powerful, rapid-fire' PO-TAS-A-FRAS. Stop choking, gasping. Restore normal breathing. Dry up eyes and nose, bring comfort to swollen burn- Ing eyes. Return to normal living 11 nd sound sleep. No need for disagreeable pollen testing and painful injections. Folks everywhere shout the praises of this successful medicine. Get efficient HAT FEVER Symptom RELIEF quickly, easily, cheaply. Act at once. PO-TAS-A-FRAS Recommended and sold here exclusively by Cauffman's Cut Rate Store. "' Adv. WARNER BROS. THEATRES MARYLAND NOW SHOWING WHAT A BOY! Htrt's thi 7th and funniest MICKEY ROONEY hit with thl Hirdy Family! ANDY HARDY GETS SPRING FEVER LEWIS STONE MICKEYROONEY CECILIA PARKER FAY HOLDEN Directed by W.S.Van Dyk« II THE GAY THIRTIES FIXING UP A TRAFFIC TICKET HARDY FAMILY AT MARYLAND 'Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever" Scores Hit At Theater. The lucky seventh of the Hardy Family series, "Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever,"' now playing: at the Maryland Theatre, is proof that audiences like these pictures and that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is more than keeping up the splendid pace set by the preceding: productions. Told entertainingly, the story is of how Judge Hardy almost faces ruin through being mulcted by crooked promoters and how young Andy falls romantically iu love with his dramatics class teacher. The Judge finally manages to regain his money and Andy returns to his old sweetheart, Polly Benedict, before the last reel is over. The high spot of the evening for aughs is the high school play in which Andy plays the leading role. This is so expertly handled by Di- •ector W. S. Van Dyke II that all of us should l>e able to see ourselves of some years back in that :iilarions presentation. HENRY'S HAS THRILL FILM Gripping Newspaper Story To Show Last Times Today. \ hard-fighting metropolitan editor and a dazzling girl reporter swing into action and to bay a modern Jekyll and Hyde in the breath-taking mystery, "News Is Made at Night," showing last times today a.t Henry's Air Conditioned Murder and revenge keep no hours as Preston Foster, a stop-at- nothing editor, and Lynn Bari, the taring reporter, hurl themselves at the two-fold task of freeing a man innocently sentenced 1o death, and discovering the master mind that lias victimized a nation. There is an abundance of rapid- fire action, edge-ol'-the-chair suspense and lively romance in this exciting film, which features in ! support of its new team George Barbier, Russell Gleason, Eddie Collins and Minor Watson. The short subjects include the "Movietone News," presenting the latest news and events of the day in pictures, and a laugh-tilled comedy entitled "How It Can Be Sold." starring Andy Clyde. ACADEMY STARTS TOMORROW STRANGE ADVENTURE WITH A MAN...A GIRL...AND A $100 RANSOM BILL! Thrills shower from the screen ... as a hunted man and a wanted girl find romance along the danger trail! UNEMPLOYMENT LOW LONDON, Aug. 1-—Official unemployment figures issued Monday gave Britain's worUless on July 10 as 1,256.424—the lowest total for ten years. CONTINUOUS 11A.M. to 11 P.M. L A'i ilCriRYC • I THEATRE *»7 LAST TIMES TODAY Circus Coming Soon; Cue For Children To Be Good Twice a year children find it pays to be good—when Christmas approaches and when the circus announces its visit. Nobody is much concerned about Santa Glaus just now, but the other occasion which calls for good be- haviour is close at hand. Announcement has been made that Russell Bros/ Circus will appear at Willow Lane show grounds, Hagerstown, Thursday. Aug. 3. Parents 1'iud Russell Bros, a particularly worth-while circus for children because of a complete absence from its premises of any gambling games or undesirable exhibitions sometimes associated with itinerant amusement enterprises. The circus menagerie gives youngsters a chance to observe a variety of wild animals at close range. Especially appealing is the fascinating African chimpanzee. Topsy, with her childlike mannerisms and pranks. In the main circus performance. Walter Jetliner's marvelous trained sea-lion exhibition wins immediate response 1'rom children and adults alike, and Buddy, the star performer, is a prime favorite with all audiences. The elephants, of course, are always a source of delighted amazement to the kiddies, while in the clever 1 ricks of cute little ponies, dogs, monkeys, and even cats, they can picture their own animal pets. The acrobatic and aerial performers with Russell Bros, are clean-cut, line appearing athletic Philbert. the Clown champions whose excellent physiques and demonstrations of skill and courage are an inspiration to any boy or girl who wants to grow up strong and healthy. Nor let the clowns be over-looked. Children are as fond of these merry fellows as their favorite comic strip characters. Yes, the circus is looked upon as a child's institution, but age is no restriction to its enjoyment. Taking Jimmy. Alice Lou and the twins to the circus is one duty grownups alwavs welcome. LUPE VELEZ BACK TN "GIRL FROM MEXICO' 7 Marking her first American-made pictnre iu eighteen mouths. Lupe YL-IOZ returns to the screen in "The Girl From Mexico," an uproarious comedy filled with guy romantic action and song and dance. In 'The Girl From Mexico," the vivacious actress plays a peppery Mexican girl imported by a. young advertising man to sing on a national radio program. The young lady gets out of control, paints the town red, mars her guardian's engagement and finally wins him for herself—just a few of the madcap situations in this hilarious romantic comedy. Donald Woods is led a merry chase by the Latin spitfire, heading PRESTON LYNN FOSTER-BAR! DOUGLAS „,,* LOUISE PLATT GENE LOCKHART DOUGLAS DUMBRIOE LAST DAY •THE GIRL FROM MEXICO" RUSSELL GLEASON GEORGE BARBIER EDDIE COLLINS MINOR WATSON '. A 20th Ontufy-Foi P;ct«r« WEDNESDAY — THURSDAY PETER LORRE,n MR.MOTO TAKES A VACATION Mat. . 20c — Nile 15c - 25c Third Largest Circus in U. S. HAGERSTOWN THUR. AUG Willow Lane Show Grounds With Hut* Wild-Animal MENAGERIE, MUSEUM and Re*I WILD WEST.. S f rottdinj Ntae C«ictii(ritt4 CtUrliwiieit an< a liikfr lati* »( Eiwiwrt than ART dtker Cirett i* Ik* WtrW Unsurpassed Arcnic Champion* • Amazing Trained Animate « Marvelous Hors« Show • Tons of Elephants •» Clowns Galore . . . MAMMOTH CANVAS CITY FILLED WITH woNDfss 01 TH£ WO«LO OF WHlTT TOPS AT THtl« THRILLING BfSl \ TOPS IN ALL 1 BXJT PHTCE TWICC OAILTtt* tf.M« Of>«n «t 1 * T F.M SOc (Plus tax) Admission: Children (Under 12 yrs.) 25c Leon Errol, Linda Hayes and Donald MacBride in the featured cast of "The Girl From Mexico,'* an RKO Radio Picture. 'The Girl From Mexico" is shovrins: last times today at the Academy Theatre. Cut In Price At Fair Is Announced NEW YORK, Aug. 1.—After several weeks' deliberation over a lower admission fee, demanded by many concessionaires because of poor attendance, the New York World's Fair announced last night that tickets would be reduced from 75 cents to SO cents on Saturdays and Sundays. The move was the latest in a long series of recent business stiur 1 ulants. including cut rates for special groups, week-end bargain combination tickets, new free features, and administrative changes. The Fair passed its half-way <late yesterday with a total attendance for 9:5 days, according to official Fair figures of about lfi.000,000— about one-third the total attendance predicted before the Fair opened. CO. B. PLANS ANNUAUAMP Equipment Issued To The Members And Preparations Being Rushed. When the 59 men and four officers of Company B, Maryland National Guard, leave the State Armory at 6:30 o'clock on Saturday morning for the annual encampment, none of the men will wear the familiar black necktie, while i he officers will be minus their field boots. It was announced at the armory last evening that orders had been received to eliminate the ties and that the men would take only strictly field equipment this year. Elimination of the ties is to prepare the soldiers for the new infantry uniform which includes a shirt with open throat. The men also will wear straight trousers or slacks. This probably will be the last year that members of the National Guard will wear the tight-laced breeches. The final issuing of government property took place at the armory last evening in preparation for camp, from August t> to 19. Supply Sergeant Elvin W. Smith was a busy man. He had to straighten out members of the company who had wrong size shoes, sox or other clothing. One additional promotion was announced, that of Private Kenneth H. Earnhardt to Private First Class. Two; new men were enlisted, Carl L. Sweeney and Earl B. Barr, which will make a total of 31 men who have never been to camp. The company is taking four officers, Capt. Carl H. McCleary, in command, and First Lieut. Carl J. Schlotterbeck, also two Reserve officers. The kitchen staff for camp is composed of Mess Sergeant Arthur C. Palmer; George D. Crum, first cook, and Daniel L. Senders, second cook. First Sergeant Charles B. Minnebraker will have charge of administrative details, assisted by Corp. William B. Rchrer, company clerk. First Sgt. Minuebraker is the oldest first sergeant from point of service in the state. The local unit will be encamped near Gainesville, Va., and maneuvers will be held in the Manassas, Va., area iu the vicinity of the famous Bull Run Battlefield. Those intend ting to visit camp should go by way of Frederick and Leesburg, Va. From Frederick they should take Route 15 to Point of Rocks and Leesburg, then Route 50, Route 234 and Route 29 into camp. The camp site is 33 miles southwest of the Key bridge in Washington. The last drill and final inspection of equipment will be held at the armory on Friday evoning o£ this week at S o'clock. Company B has a full enlisted strength of 64 men but five will be unable to attend the annual camp. Succeeds McNutt Slimming Lines For Mature Figures To Wear Now and Later Style No. 2648 is designed for sizes 16, 3'6, 38, 40, 42, 44, 48 and 50. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) for this PATTERN. SUMMER FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept, Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. FOUR ESCAPE IN COLLAPSE Men Plunges Into "Swollen Stream When Bridge Span Gives Way. Charles Town, W. Va., Aug. 1 (zp).—Four men plunged 30 feet into the rain-swollen Shenaudoah river Monday when a span of the Cattleman's Ferry. Va., bridge collapsed a.s a truck and automobile were crossing. None was seriously hurt but all suffered shock. Eyewitnesses said the itO-foot span tore loose about noon, just as the truck and automobile reached the center of the structure near here. Arthur Bean in, 22. Rileyville, Va., j freed himself from the automobile and swam to aid the three men in the truck. Workmen employed on construction of a new bridge beside the old one also helped. In the truck, owned by the Can- Transfer Company, were Rawling Racey. ?,1. driver: Ellmore Jackson, 31, and Theodore Lucas, Negro, all of Leesburg, Va. The truck, carrying groceries, was on the way to Berryville and Harrisonbnrg, Va. fered minor cuts and bruises and had a tooth knocked from his mouth. Investigating officers said Holland, who is visiting here, rode the wagon out of an alley into the street. No charges were preferred in the case. JDLD POINT OCEAN VIEW HISTORIC BEACH STEP BACK INTO COLONIAL DAYS VIRGINIA WILLIAMSBURG YORKTOWN Delightful, overnight sail on a modern Old Bay Line steamer on cool Chesapeake Bay. Brines you within ea»y reach of the finest beaches on the Atlantic coast. COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG ALL-EXPENSE WEEK-END Round-Trip from B $14 per person {two in • room) S16»(one In a room). Includes transportation by steamerand motor coach — 4 meals, outside stmte- room, lunch, and entrance fee* te grounds and buiJdines atWilliamaburc. Sec Jamestown. Yorktown, Old Point. FARES FROM BALTIMORE TO NORFOLK AND OLD POINT ROUND-TRIP $/% ROUND-TRIP woek-enci B^ avtry day. Fri. i Soti. ^^Good for 30 day* One-way fare -54 any rfay Steamers leave Baltimore daily 6:30 P.M. E.S.T. Autos $4. Writ* for vacation booklet. R. L. Jon«*. C. P. A.. Pitr 10, Light St., Baltimore. Md. OLD BAY LINE Electric Fans R. D. McKEE CCC Bill Is Passsed And Given Senate Francis B. Sayre, present assistant secretary of state, was nominated by President Roosevelt to be U. S. high commissioner to the Philippines to succeed Paul Y. Mc- Xutt. Sayre. a resident of Massachusetts, is son-in-law of the late President Wilson. Youth Is Injured In Street Mishap Bobby Holland, 11, of Baltimore, was injured yesterday evening when the express wagon he was riding collided with an automobile on Virginia avenue; a short distance south of Reynolds avenue. The youth was taken to the Washington County Hospital by Irene McDougall, Lansdowne, Pa., the operator of the north-bound automobile. Young Holland suf- WASHINGTON. Aug. 1 (JP).— A bill extending the life of the Civilian • Conservation Corps until July 1. 1943, was passed by the Hous'e Monday and sent to the Senate. The Labor committee previously had set July 1, 1945 as the date, but Chairman Norton (D-NJ) said Republicans objected that before that time conditions might be so changed as to make the corps unnecessary. Under existing law the CCC is scheduled to expire Dec. 31, 1939. uri n FOR DAYS OF nCLl DISCOMFORT Try CHICHESTERS PILLS lor functional periodic pain and discomfort. Usually give QUICK BELIEF. Ask your drutfuist lor— CHICHESTERS PILLS "THE- DIAMOND 1& BRAND" IN BUSINESS OVER \F 50 YEARS OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000—2001 BED TRAYS & BACK RESTS HARRY S, MYERS 53 North Potomac Street for men and women ... on EASY CREDIT TERMS PEOPLE'S 67 w Wa8h STORE Street Insist On Tri-Maid Products Quality Guaranteed. Sold Exclusively By Triangle Food Stores Schindel, Rohrer & Co. Headquarters For Sherwin - Williams PAINT 28-30 S. Potomac St. Phone 706 EUREKA VACUUM CLEANERS MATCHLESS PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN Bohman-Warne, Inc. rhrtiw R.% — "> •VVfx.t Krnnklln St. Butte Policeman Still Hiccoughing Visit The New Wayside Furniture Mart 6 Miles West of Hagerstoxvn NEAR GATEWAY INN PHONE 40SS F3 L. Keller Carver, Mgr. BUTTE. Mont.. Aug. 1 (£>).—T2d O'Connor, Butte policeman who "hiccoughed his way into tho hoad- linos" was back at work Monday still suffering, but. less acntoly. the ! diaphragmatic spasms that have j plagued him more than three! months. After reading hundreds of letters suggesting homely "cures" and consulting scores of doc-tors. Officer O'Connor finally found a remedy that has reduced the frequency of his hiccoughs-- simply forgetting his ailment. j Now he hopes people will .stop I risking him "how are the hiccoughs ! | today?" 'The doctor told me to forget i about them -and when people ask: i about them 1 ihink about thorn, then : start hiccoughing." BUY AT U. S. TIRE STORE No Down I*;««Mit No J-'liuiiK-o Churue O. P. BOHMAN, Inc. > W. Friinklm St. Opp. To-t Ofli.'e TMiorio 2'* I SEE the Largest Selections of High Grade FURNITURE in Hagerstown MEYERS & BERKSON 41 - 4.1 "\\V-t Trim kiln Str^^t John D. Myers & Co. SPECIAL LOT 3 and 4 Piece $1 O.50 SUITS IL Year Round Weight YOUR POULTS Deserve the Best. CONKEY : S Y. O. TURKEY DEVELOPER HOWARD'S K. FENDER BENT BODY DENT UGHES MOTOR CO. Bentz & Dunn CLEARANCE WHITE AND Colored SHOES NOW GOING ON August Rug Sale NOW GOING ON The Greatest Festival • • • Ul • • • RUG VALUES EYERLY'S Have Ever HELD! * Axminsters * Wiltons * Wool and Fibers All sizes included from 27" x 54" to 9' x 12". Don't miss this chance to Save on Dependable Qualities. EYERLY'S Dependable for More Than Fifty Year*

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