Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 3, 1965 · Page 25
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 25

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1965
Page 25
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CARMICHAtL nomes-v.umpe..*|j-/vtooiie homes-Campers K—KtNiALS K-2A furrt. or Unfurn. Aph. A-L--T--O Lake Charles VOLUME Dealer 57' x 12' New 12' Wide NEW MOON .3 Bedrooms FONTIER-PRINCESS- CAPELLA-CHAAAPION- MAGNOLIA-NEW MOON 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE "Home of the friendly Courteous Service" OPEN 7 DAYS ALTO TRAILER SALES SPACIOUS, GRACIOUS. ; LUXURY LIVING ; At Economic Prices CLAIRE GARDENS \ 2 or 3 Bedrooms ( Broad St. North of Air Ba$« i | Phono 436-5584 \ '• )»10~"RYAN":' Om« Ofdroom/ carfMft. oi,- i I condltlerw, rang*- ond relrtoerjtor. ; Colt Louisiana W«ttrn Lumlxr Com'; i pony, W-75IS. ! L—REAL ESTATE L-l Houses 1MAGJNK HRR SURPRISE WT>en vow tfli her !o pIS" 10 swve Christina* dtarter in a m-* hcuM{> Ws'lt loVf you 'or *vef! It» M fasy w*rt« Y»*> «ol vrfrn GUJLLORY. Coll 1»d«y. Re- m#mb*r. we nranet L—REAL ESTATE L-l Houses PRETTY AS A CHRISTMAS Cofd — Yo«1l *9V M* !ti(J Sn« t!'» ofl a lon» tat. FOR LEASE: t-oroe two Ifttry hawse. ! Completely furnHfied. Hear town and ; JChool. 1WJ Common. J113 monthly, <»• ; xn. CHRISTMAS 365 DAYS A yeor for ysw fcnvly tn ft"! b'icK home, loror enowjh tor tti* e«t (omi)y OTK» room for oil new « tant memwri to 4 lsrs« b«JrooiTv», ffv* (S) baths, beouliful seooro-tc flirtloa- chormlno llvlrxi raonv tl!«) fcvw. F'rs- Dr?c» In U»n. luroe utility. All dovbf* fiweU. Ytor rovnd t«i»o tonttol* FM«*I house on Mw msr*t', toetor. loXJl Mr e.tecufi-t. We win take your wfsen* hoT>« or tot on trod*. »l comfort, central elf c-d tvwt, on bwW-mi tn »ood» of cw*»t end Jtaf^c*. )i cV> ported tf-tn «Wi oretfv blrtft Etcfiifnt flnoncftio avoitctve. v LARGE BRICK COLONIAL *fiotx»fi for fft* e*9* <S ond M*:a!*<J In iwvf otew i«t p»oc* to Oo* POT* '• sREET, Three to '<? , cenlrol h«ot. olwly ;'«?! $l». Wotw twnt*he<J. Aep^y M* ter. j FURNISH ED TWO b«dre<Bii home. «5 1 montnty ptu* utllillw. 101* • 17tl> Sl'ect. ! *36.isa. __ ________________________ • THREE ROOMi'otxJ 'bath. UtlliMw ta'-i}. : . FUit tivuse E$st of MoiJ Bluff £<e- , ' "'«"lt"'Y Scnoel »S»Jy . __ __ ; FURNISHED TWO 6»oVeom. olV ceniil- \ I ttoowi, Krtto. CM btock Borb* Elemen- • tory. Wffter pold. J7S ol<« utilities. «i- ; G REALTOR UILLORY HEAL ESTATE & INSURANCE ,.~.., ,. vr * -,. Nwc.y f*jw, , . *ifi l«ve- it. S (.am&tlt cwfrol «!r iwiem 90*0 c of tors* ond dres*$«Q rewv 3 . fvw b*fl d«n. 5«* ?3rntty tscwi^ fwJov. 1R05 Rjtin HE 3-W47 Odertt S<fv,*W*r HEfJUl td FRIDAY, DEC. 3, 1965, Lake Charitt Amctrcon Press' U-REAL ESTATE L-l Houses ! LOOKING FOR I BARGAINS ? ' TAKE YOUR PICK Frame house: Two bedroom. Hie bath, on 50' lot. Paved ; Ureet, Completely recondition' »d Jraide and out. ' Brick thre« bedroom, one bath. L-REAL ESTATE L-6 Colored Property t 1V30 B»ICK STREET: Nw BostSfl Higti KIKKI. B'!t"d Mw tirM OMroort h«m«, cwo) •wjflrs). W.«08. ReawO obi* tprinj 'tail Ku#W Lumber oofiy, ! L-7 Miscellaneous CAA>P"FOR" io». CKM» f«nv RtS, tw ! II. U*hn-nf«*«<f 11,700. Furnlsf»«I, IV CAMP ON Bonws Cr«*. Good rood, mo* *«* ce.i*«*SK«», M ni!!« north at Povt K6 ME 3,1 a 9<rx200' lot. This Is a new house with bullt-lns. Ideal for anyone wanting to live out of we city. - L-8 ReaKsfafe Wanted^ __ WA~K?Eb7~ACSf:AGi- and small form*. W« nave more buyers fnon we hav« prop«irry. Coll or writ* Ryan R«lty CO. »,.,,,, , .,, • ! LISTINGS NEEDED: Homes (two ond Beautiful home On a beautiful j *r«« bwJrOem?). Acrtop?. _Mor,nMvj "COMPLETELY FURNISHED t-omt Two !>«lrocff»J, Ihflno room. 0-n i n <j roc'rt, kitchen and bam, 'dtol tar cou- . p?e wt»"-, ChiW. 575 mon»fy. W -rts «.ire*f. One bi'odt freni Cwtroi School. 80S tr«._ ___ __ , two 6*d- FURNISKEO roow Ixyve. E»tro n;ce n Henry Street. ryw-Rottg^t. "La.'s LARGEST Dealer" With 10 lots to serve you better H\vv. 90 East Co;l i TWO BEDROOM fvrr::sited hOiss. Wo*?.' f and gas furnish*-,). t» monthly. 477-U!i i 433-7576 K-4 Unfurnished Houses G-ll Miscellaneous H—LIVESTOCK H-l Dogs-Cots-Pets •! K—RENTALS Furnished Apartments EXCELLENT LOCATION DEVELOPERS ATTENTION ON 18th STREET west of Lake Street there Is a beautifully woxxlcd subdivision. It may be bought !n Us entirety or one of the four circles — this would be an Ideal spot for development of moderately priced ionics. One circle is fully developed. We w!!.t be happy to discuss this ftirther and explain th« advantages here. It Is one of a kind In the area. For Active Service List With Your Exclusive Broker HOWELL REALTY Co. Realtor 433-3207 Charleston Hotel Lobby tvcod«d lot. 90' re 50'. TTtreo room, two bath, air condltlon- ! ed, central heating, carpeting, ! fireplace, built-ins. Ideal for j plant worker. Must sec to ap- i predate. ! LAKE CHARLES j LUMBER COMPANY i 433-7333 Realty. '*' Moss. 43J-.J3J4. Evfninfli: OT-XSU, 47f-0*4. NOTICES SALE JwJKtol District Court, Per. i to of Celcasleu, State ol LouH'ana, J Mrs. Mlcltsy Jameson Vs. No. WJ77 I Hmry K. Cotter. i By virtue of a writ of Sol sure 4 Sols j Itsutd anil to me directed by tho Honorable Court aforesaid, I have SfUed and ! w»H after for sole at public auction to i t«« last ond highest bidder wlnout lh« i benefit of oopra.semfwt, at the court 1 how* door of toil parhti in the city of Lake Chords, tw'sn of Calcasieu, art W mer , VMS. twee . December 8, VMS. Between l hcurt. ond starting of 10:00 a.m., the foil-swing described property situated In Par l>n of Calcojicy, S'atff ol LouiJl* ano, to-*rit: Cwnrnenf'-ina at a point Oft* Hundred Ninety (!90)'fret North and Eitjtit Hun- SQUIRREL DOG," trofranJ, for sale. , THREE BEDROOM. 311 Chavonne Street, i -p\ vo bedroom brick home Wit!) H-2 IT'S NEW. , . It's different. We buy and : scngcie. S?S. 477-4145. sell almost ovetythlna. Consists of I 7 furniture, appliances, dishes, bulldlnq materials, Christmas decorations and S 'ff Items. Ronnie Lcvlnc. Liquidators Ivislon ol L & L Salvage. Inc. Two locations lo serve you. 2909 Ryan, 701 Orange, 433-3849, BARGAINS THAT will simply nrnoze you! Tremcndoui unbelievable savings on freight rejects, bankruptcy stock, closeout merchandise consisting of appliances, furniture, hardware, groceries, building materials, etc. W> buy and sell. Lumberman's Supply & Discount | House. 306 Goss Street^ 439-4422. ' FOR ""SALEf~bne setof Brlttanlca En" j , , . Was bouoht in Arkansas *?««afi Mos- j 220 wlrlnfl, $40 nxmthly. Call " - ; DOWNSTAIRS APARTMENT: Fine loca- AKC REGISTERED B-eot?*: 6 -T</)«SJ old. j lion, attractively furnished. MO. 1«1 mole. Choroxw Ksia^-ni. $25. t*2-«813 i PuiO St. 436-7511, 477-7074. otter 5:30. ' BACHELOR~APARTV,EMT, nicsly don. Near McNeese. Couple only. nistied, air conditioned, private batft, utilities paid. 4T1-US5 fur-; „ „- 477-^508 THREE BEDROOM houSf, 720 wiring. 311 Chr-vaor,; St. J60. P^one «»-21»/." j NECKLINES HAVE TAKEN A DEEP PLUNGE A REAL GOOD BUY FOR $1,700 AND ASSUMPTION : Yes. for SI,700.00 you caji buy 21st ST. (OAK RIDGE) 3 bedroom, den. 2'? bath home, j Central air conditioning, carpet- dred'and. fweivr (s»> feet west of the ' ~J J«.,hlo «.,«.ci« Kultt In an Scutheosl Corner of thr NorthWfSt Quor• ed, double garage, buiil-m ap- )fr „, seuuwc»t ouor^r W.VM of sw-i) • ntfarvnc 100' fmntipc For stle cf Section Twrty (30). Township Seven : pilanCrs. iun irunui^t. rut saic j ^ South. R^oae T*o (10) West, Lo. j by owner. 436-3406 (home) or' i 436-6641 i office''. i fSi*Ei~BEDROQMS: MS:, bwin r . corp^t. central h*Qt. ronoe. . . Many extras, jio SCO. 612 Manuel, 0519. 'ST. FRANCIS MANOR Acortrnents — : AiR-CUNDITIONEO THREE b«troon-.s, 1 SOS W. LaGrange. Two bedrooms, swim-; den, large storage orea. Dlihwosher,. -~ —r- S—** ^~ i f r- r\ f JOB vv.>ronge. two oearooms, s»,"i-; <ten, lorae swage orea. uiinwasner,. •- •>-.•-• V I ( l f K I- W/ i mi "9 P 001 ' Dost controlled, water; ouposa!, bjiit-m stove. IWI N. Gen. you buv your home! That S Wliv J I W V- l\ L l\ j ._. Bai «-.. s J 10 .. r ?°?" 1ly --.' l ?^i : ...WfL^rli 1 "'.J?f?L.._-. i h's so "important to be pnident BUY DIRECT FROM BUILDER BUT probably the deepest ; this home and yo ^ r P a >' me "^ on I AND SAVE ? e you'll ever take is when l 1 '?..^, 1 ",! t!^,,,?"!^,,?! i B>«ven rooms and three baths cyclopedias. 1959 edition, complete wlth_all _year Jiooks. $75. 477-«?3. Good i and careful! That's why we urge $75. K5 Cleveland. 434-7511, <77-T076. i t's so important to be prudent hat's why we urge yourself of quali- and reliable real _ ,. .. , .of traditional Georgian elegance, insurance and taxes B^des that R[d ( , _ Qak Park _ j o the loan will be paid out In 15' veais. 477-0046 LOCATION: C'ontempo- { v— " .. ' „,, t.r_.., i f r ...,i = ' rorv furnishings. Air conditioning. Auto-;" Angus, BrangUS, and Herelorcts. • mo , ic heo »| ng . Carpet, draperies, pesti All COWS 3 tO 6 years old. ! controlled. Si. 43*-7W, 436-J034. « 7444. All you do with calves by side. Cross breed JE«£LLeN^-jr r '^ nl0fl ^v^5.! C LEA M TWO bedroom .hcu* wBh « , AVER'S first! It's where - • • •-- ---•• roae. 1910 Elm St. SiS monthly. 477 This two bedroom bungalow | BY BUIU OER" ; Beautiiui four bedroom costs no more! j at 1506 13th Street is on a lot j home m university ptoce. Firm nytoo cut pHe corpeting. Lenno.« mr ond h«jt. Built-in GE kitchen, lore* lamlly room, .; bofhs. Double cwrovje. utility and is to call REIN- ! 7.V "ability is backed by 104 years of Bonquet table. Seats 24. 439-5992. r^SEEtrOOC^sT^ricy-cier^ * ons, kiddle cars, etc. discounted 20 per j replacement . ° AH i CONVENIENT, DOWNTOWN location. ! UNFURNISHED THREE bedroom home , expeueilCe! Living room, bedroom, kifchsn, and ; ot 2705 Cllne Street. 538. Water fur-; both. Garage. S50 plus utilities. Phone j nished. Co 4T7-42&6. ._; ATTRACTIVE THREE., bsd'oam x 137' and is close to Oak Park schools. Horooe rooms. _ . . . . .. i osMno SJC.7S). Excellent The home doe.s need painting j ihwncina at conventional cent. B. F. Goodrich, 526 Ryan, 436-: prior to sa l e according to Texas T HR"EE"~ ROOM furnished oportmcrrt | Ccrport, 2» wiring, JK?" Ro:c /Ojj. ; r . . . _ • . < ... i. _._ j IL. IAAP \jii- T-I i *-it • I'L. 7Cii jTT_7m* ,'ind some redecorating but tliis JROSTEET SCHOOL; TWO NO DOWN PAYMFNTI I can wel1 bc donc by the new ""' J """ " : "" INU LAJWN PA'lAAtlNI! j owner witl , S ucli advantageous —-— Animal Health Commissions 20 VOLUME SET OF Collier's Encyclo- ' '• """l" , . **.„„,„* pedtos with bookcase. MS. Call 413- j regulations. Sale starts prompt- K2 3. lv at ! p^j if Saturday, Decem- LIONEL ELECTRIC train. 0-57 mede.1. ; hnr 11 1965 at Lufkin Live- Track on board wim necessaries. $50. i ,' , U , .' T ,,ri-;r. Tovnc 436-3103. ; stock Exchange, Lmkin, T exas. ANYTHING BOUGHT, sold, traded~daMy~ : . Under the Bridge Soles, Westlake, La. 1 433-7537. with prlvote both. 1005 16th Stree'. S35 jiionthly. J 3V-2557,_ 477-17W. FURNISHED GARAGE Apartment "A". Air conditioned, garage. Apply Bertha Moss. Apartment "B", 753 Klrkmori, or •C-675M, 477-7076. G-lTV-MusicQl-Radio" BOWMAN MUSIC CO. 9th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SALE or further information call: Herbert Lowery - TB 6-4201 Huntington, Texas Giles Lowery - TR 6-4211 Huntington, Texas i THE PRETTIEST black and white pinto ' qcldinq in Calcasleu Parish, 8 years old, S295 Can be bought v/ith no money j dawn and SIS per month. HE 3-3344 and j I ask for Oeoroe Marshall. NEW BALDWIN PIANOS! SAU^TFUL~GATTED "waixino more. ATTRACTIVE, TWO bedrooms. Brick. McNecso area. Carport. 3909-A Center NICE CLEAN two bedroom upstairs i apartment. Water and cos iurr.lshed. No 1 pets, couple only. S70. Apply 2714 Tupelo. _434-56l2. BACHELOR APARTMENT: Diifsrcnt Irom average. Ncor town. Air-conditioned, carpeted, p»st controled, private, car space. 439-S487. i TWO BEDROOM unfurnished house, nut location, near all schools. 545 mo.i'nly. i _477 -lOp. TWO LARGE bedrooms. Large kitchen, i i living room ond plenty cabinets and i closeH. Carport. $55. 477-5TN. , Ing. 150. S40 monthly. Apply 715 6th; Street. ONE .. Street. Window unit, aas, water, yard work, range, box, curtains, Venetians furnnhed. Refinlshed Inside. Couple. 545. Single, MO. 433-3359, LOVELY~BRlciC:~fhr« "bedrooms,"' 1 i bath, kitchen-den ccniblnatlon, central heat, air conditioned. 4742 Pondorosa. Call 477-4112 after 6 p.m. Your choice of finish and style! ONLY $18. DOWN AS LITTLE AS $15 MO. FREE BENCH & DELIVERY within 100 mile radius FLOOR CLEARANCE 19" PORTABLE T.V. (ONE ONLY) UPPER APARTMENT: $52 JO, utilities furnished. Off street parking, (or couple or bacnefors only. Will redecorate, , C .,-,, T Dn nM<; nnrf northeast orea. Classic Realty. 436-0501.1 EIGHT ROOMS and 434-5040 nights. TWO BEDROOM apartmint, all u iniies i Will sell or consider trade for registered quarter horse. 477-0791 otter S p.m. LIGHT BREED hens, S? per d o I e n. Montgomery Hatchery. Country Club Road 477-OW4. MILK COW:'"(Fou"oallons). Five years old. Will be Iresh In March. 43i-5322._ IDEAL CHRISTMAS gilt for boy or girl.! Registered Quarter horse colt. Six and DUPLEX NINTH Street: two bedrooms, i unfurnished. Fenced yard. $90 monthly. Two bedroom furnished apartment. No children. Very nice. 5100 monthly. Ryan Really paid, SIS weekly. 439-2647, or 433-7117. i Company. 434-7202. 477-2616 otter 5 p.m. I fN~SULPHUR:~Alr condltioned"effic'ency 1603 EIGHTH AVENUE: Two bedrooms j apartment. Plenty of parking space. 511 and den. $70 monthly. Heal Real Es-; J-ewts St. 527-7586. j Jatc. 436-7963. ! NICELY FURNISHED three room and i TWO BEDROOM house, air conditioned, '• bath. Screen back porch. 416 6th St.' washer, cyclone tenet. Near S4i monthly. 3927 Creole Street. Phono 433-J795. I one half months old. By Ash Tray. Just '• riant age to start training. Blood line . traces back to King P-234 and Star i Deck P-1343. Price $325. Phone 434-4693 between 8 a.m. andi 5 PJTI. i FOR SALE: Three year old Shetland i pony marc. Bridal, saddle. May be seen at 2507 Hays St. or call 437-9487. Price I S1J5. I—WANTED $99 12" PORTABLE T.V. tUNLIMITED QUANTITY) .95 1-1 Wanted to Buy $79. /V\ont£?omery WARD 29U Ryan 433-HH4 REPOSSESSED One fornify enterloivinunt center (FM plenty large closets, central heot. wosh- j WESTLAKE: FOUR bedroom, er connections, pest conlroiled, utility arrangements. 433-2602. CLEAN TWO, Three room apartments, i home, 2,000 sq. ft. livvino orea, brick; veneer. One year lease required. JllSi monthly. 1207 Mathilda, 434-4645. ' Cor.vefirnt to schools and shoo- oino area, Inis D.-ick 3 bedroom, 1 Sath home is in a "like-new" condition! Available for Irrt-T.e- dio'c occuooncy. fomlly room area, on otiached carport. 0 12'x 2J' swlmmmi uocl for the ki(t- dif<. and built-in kitchen aooil- ances! On a wooded Jot. 100'x 16V, it is bclna offered for only (65<.'9LO) $450 CASH DOWN 3 3EDSCCMS! " SATHS! AtJD . . . that's not alll You'd better see this biq South Lake Charles home! It's in excellent condition! There's o formal din- Ina room, a study, a 1!'x28' pan- eiled den, biq utility rooni and a 2-cor aaraae! In o convenient school location, first arade through ccileoe, bus line end sfioooins's nearbvl A rara avis, in.1-ed! Call today! (4S512-S) IN SOUTH LAKE CHARLES! Th^ b!o, brick, 3 bedroom, 2 bqrti home can be moved into with only S700 down! Caroc!t>d fh.-ouahouf, M has a formal din- ino •'oom and a dm! The lot in a orc'tiae neighborhood Is iOS- xl-iQ" an.d it i'-cs built-in kitchen (W -45331. I purchase terras. PAULEY AGENCY, INC. )40 Ryan 433-8516 $S3.50 PM. J&B Realty, lnc._ THREE BEDROOM, two both brick, central air ond rieof. Lorg? den, Hvlno, AW., whicn point of beginning is 1h» some 05 the Soufhwost Corrier of triof tertoln tract of laixl sold by Mrs. Maudle E. Coward arx) W. C- Cowcrd to Jonn Newrtwrt, by de^d dated Ai^vusf 13, 1915» and rtcon}«J on Conveyance Book 154, Page IKS, of the Records of Calcosieu) Parish, Louisiana; tfienca West o distance ol Five Hundred and Thirteen (51J) fett. more er Veis, lo l!-e West line cf th« Northwest Quarter of Southwest Quarter . (NWU of SW'<) ol Section Twenty (50), Township Seven IT\ South, Hanoi) I Ten (10) West, tnence South ta Iron p!p« (marking Southwest Corner of said Morttv w«t ojorter of Southwest Ouarfw {NVr'i of SVV' i) of said Section Twenty (M) Township Seven (7) South, Ronoo Ten (10) West; thence South a distance of Sl«ry-f!ve (AS) fe«t !o the- Northwest Comer of tract of land so!d by Mrs, Maudie E. Coword to Jonn E. Perkins, Chairman of Rlomalden Graveyard Com* mlttee, bv detd deled January 30, 191*, ond recorded trt Book 52, Page 278, of tn« Conveyance Records of Calcas'eu Parish, Louisiana, theiKf East a dis- tonce of Or.e Hundrrt and Forty-six (146) feet lo the Northrcst Corner cf said Riqmaiden Graveyard tract to a chain link fence enclosing cemetery, thence in a Southeasterly direction along safd cfiotn link fence to n public blade- topped rocd: thence East across sokl public road to the East side of sold, road, thence Soutn along We Eosl sldo of said rood to cholrt link fervca marking North boundary line of Perkins Ceme- ond bedrooms canieted." One year old. t*ry, thence In a Southeasterly direction 4406 COflfll St. 477-8J70 _ SEE THIS NO DOWN PAYMENT NO CLOSING COST 100% O.I. LOAN i along the North tine of fence enclosing sa'd' Perkins Cemetery a distance of Four I Hundred ond Nineteen (419) feet, mars > or less, to the Northeast Corner of saW j Perkins Cemetery, tnrrtco in a Northcost- ; erly direction along a borb«d wire and j wir*» nel fence to where said fenca ; forms corner and turns Easterly, thence i Easterly along the Nortn sids of sold Mrs. Mae Carter Warren Llmbocker Jack Pscorino ... Lock* Plouche ... Mrs. Carroll Allen Mrs. Earl Badon Darrell Blair ..... Chester Brooks .. Mrs. John Carter On this brand new ihre* bedroom home , fence to o point where said fence loinj • ••- -------- • ---- *- !.^.^..^ .^ . .. •. 477-?372 i with screened porch, vartf. 433-W39 , >. , , , ,. $64.10 4W-S749 ! 434-7797 . LAKE STREET areo: 1001 T«rry Lane. . ... . . Outstandinq Cypress and Cedar home BARGAIN: featuring '!hr« Wrpt bedrooms, two .... lull boths. den. living room, alnjng room, kitchen (stainless steel ilnk, dis- the Southwest Comer of a fence enclos* ing land twlortolng to Jshr. A. P'j*ff3i thence Northerly along the West 'Me of trocl ol land belonging to John A. Puerto (Purchased by the sold John A. Puerto from John E. Perkins by deeo dated April :3, 1937, recorded in Conveyance Book 797, Pone 338), to tn« nFVVT OPMTfNT ' Northwest .Corner of sold Puerto tract; U^vn.i.A-i.rmJi,^ J- jthencc North o distance of Thirteen C13) 440! Louisiana Ave. ' '«'< " 1 ="' i! or l«5s. to the Sotrth lin» of 477-0353 Nloht or Day !'he ofaresoid John Newman tract; thenco .. West along the South line of the said PM MONTH Move in Now! No Montnly Payment* 'til January 1 TWO bedrooms, paneled kitchen, den, carpeted, Insulaled, oor- og*, carport $10,900. M1J Legion. Phone 433-7677. large closets, washer, dryer. Private!TWO BEDROOM both, entrance. 171 Over pass. A33-3183. | —- J --• ' FURNISHED GARAGE uportmenf: __ . .._. wat< dren, no pets. 6, home, fenced front j yard, one block from McNeese. 413 i Churchill St. 434-7015, 434-4174. j ' conditioned, water furnished. No chil-iTWO BEDROOM home with gorope. 2507' ts. 640 9th St. $45 monthly. I _ Dc ^*°£'- **>$ monthly.__Call <34-7993. i "" ~""~ . _- 751 KIRKMAN: Two bedrooms. A p p I y: feTS TOUR ROOM houseandbo29m ypress. S40 monthly. 433-3000. i HIGHEST CASH PRICE PAID FOR USED FURNITURE GULF FURNITURE CO. 11U2 Railroad Ave. HE 9-2434 WANT6DT~DR"Y~'oak fireplace ""^d. two feet long. Call 433-27B1, Exi. 46. i 436-0795 oiler 5 p.m. CASH ON the spot for furniture and appliances. 439-3197, 9600 Kirkman, A J. A ' Furniture. „„___—_ lonjhi/tikc' new! WANTED: GOOD lole model 5 to 8 HP Take" up payments of 513 per monm. oul&oard. Coil 882-6449. ^ Montgomery Ward 2911 Ryan St. New pianos, pop- WELL FURNISHED two bedroom apartments and cottaae Close In itO nlus " housew,^ line. $44 monthly. 439-4714. ..-Tec --- r~ ....... --- ~ ----- r— ---,-, LEASE — Loroe new home to resoonsible I r - h<x "- NICELY FURNSHED five room apat I '.~ "~~ ~" ....... — men). Living room with artificial tire, ''-6 Rooms place. 717 Puio Street. 433-9022. 1 ______________ ..... . ^"c'TT! ci7oij7cuE:n~l'^t«.'"> tr~V.i" i N I C E CLEAN rooms, reasonable, handy < CLEAN FURNISHED apartment. E^cel-' » n r -ifm hut no -mi neighborhood. 224^0^, -722 Clove- ' - Io - C . a l (r3 ' - &us '.. 439 : M43 '-_ ..... ____ ..... _> lond. Coll 433-9845 or 439-5232. TO BUY' Three ?'s setup or two 4 i setup tor 283 Chevrolet engine. 439-4764. _ _ 1-2 Wanted to Trade CLEAN THREE rooms. All vinyl floors, water paid. $50. No p*rs. 62) Murbello Road. Near Collep.0. 598-2264. J55 FURNISHED DUPLEX: Throe rooms, private bath, all utilities paid. Apply 419 Reid. 439-3970. NICE LARGE five room downs t o i r 5 apartment. Private bath. 1409 Louisi-. ,„„,„„, ono St. $60 monthly. Phone 477-1530. ; ....... ."...:.. IDEAL—BEAUTIFUL? You be the judge., ROOM. PRIVAJE entrance, private both. AIR - CONDITIONED, pest controlled, carpeted, near town, private, car space, gentlemen. 439-8687. ROOM AND BOARD tor t>\o elderly in- dies (not bedriddenl. Comfortable and convenient home in Cameron. Call Cam; eron PR 5-5749. PRIVATE BEDROOM: Private bath, entrance. $8 weekly. 744 Bonk, Leon Ar- 9 lil 6. Andy's Coin Shop, lean, Sulphur. W. PIANO BARGAINS ular brands, QOD_ Vj the price you expect to pay else- : where. Piano tuning, repairs, refin-1 Ishlng, re-slyllng. We buy used pianos, j _ - - - ' ' s « rvi «- 25 ' 3 Creolc J-Mobile Homes-Campers A5 LITTLE AS J5 per month rents a : yiono lor you. II you actine 'o buy all rent may apply to purchase price. Loi'.'' Charles Music Company, 4.0 Broad Slroei._439-243V STEREO WITH AM & FM radio. Excel- ; lent condlton. S125. Can be seen ai 313 : Holmes Street, 433-2821. TRAVEL TRAILER HEADQUARTERS HOLIDAY RAMBLER Two bedroom, two both, wall fa carpel. All new. Adults. No pels. <395992. NICE ONE bedroom apartment. Fouri $6 weekly. 439-3343. K-10 Commercial FOR LEASE. Brick 30M20'. McNEESE COLLEGE AREA! There's plonfy o! room In fhls modern colonial siVIc rancher— In the shadow of McNeese College and F. K. White School, this home features o paneled kitchen with built-in oven and range. The easy to care for Corlon floors make house keeping a snao. There ore 3 bedrooms 2 ceramic tile baths, central heat, and a lorqe 2-cor attached carport. The lot Is Hurricane Fenced for prlvocv ond protection. NO DOWN PAYMENT (or o qualified Gl. or 5?00 down on an FHA loon. Abiliiy Sacked bv Experience R EINAUER'S EAL ESTATE REALTOR 334 Kirby HKfi-Oo03 DA BEI.L KEITH 439-IJ45 KEN STRAUSS MRS. J. L, COX J. e. LANDRY V.ABLE DRAKE F9FD NIL 1 MRS. D. E. STRALEY ... DAVID REINAUER shop, storage room, polio. Situated on l2Q'xt50' landscaped lot. Many other plus features. Reasonably prlcedl Call 477-4459. NEAR MCNEESE, three bedrooms, very laroe kitchen, with knotty paneling. Snock bor. Excellent renovation, nothing down. $76.68 P4.I. J&B Realty, Inc. 436-0546. Owner has I UNIVERSITY PLACE: ... ! Three bedrooms, two baths, built : kitchen, polio room with bar-b-flue. ! Fenced yert). S50.500. Vincent C. Real Estate. 477-8220. _ _ LAKE STREET AREA: 607 DeWald Lane. I New three bedroom, two baths, nylon I carpeted, redwood fenced. 526,750. vlrt- I cent C. Moss and Son.^lnc. 477-8220, _ FOOTAGi~PLUs7~Two bedrooms, enormous den, jeptrate dining room. Nice kitchen. Nothing down, Realty, Inc. 434-0544. S71.33 PM. J&B LILLY STREET- Owner says sell, 2 bedroom home, both, total price $4.- , 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home ! JW-J^ ^ 8a)lter l« a LJ!!™!l- is selling very reasonable for | NEWLY .RHMOOELEO _ '&* ' a fust sale. You'll like the screened patio area, ceramic _ to settle estate. .Call 434-5878 or 434- 7574i nnimtpr tnns the kitchen and i CHERRY HILL Subdivision. By COUniet vopb. Ult. x.iu.ueu, a.uu h ,i,k.. thr»» h«draom two hcths. built- I a Iarse I 516,730. family room. Only I brick, three bedroom, two bcths, bullt- Ins. Fenced rear yard. 477-lSW. ' BRICK THREE BEDROOM home with Built-lnj, restricted -- _-. trocl a distance of Threo Hundred and Seventy-five <375) f«t» more or less to point of beginning. Being K\t same property as that acquired by Mortgagor, Henry K. Carter, by deed (ram Louis 0. Bishop, M. D. and .Vllllorn R. Boker, doled August 14, , 1942. filed for record August 14, 1962, Moss , bearing Clerk's File No. »»2W. t Seized under said writ. Terms: Cosh on Day o( Sale. H. A. REID JR.. Sheriff, Ciiitoiieu Parlsn, La. Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles, Lo., October 29, IW5, EDWARD K. ALEXANDER, Attorney for Plaintiff. Oct.J9.Djtc. 3 .Jf. SHERIFF'S $ALE~ ~~ Fourfeenll) Judicial District Court, Par- IsJi of Colcosleu, State of LoU'Siono, General Motors Acceptance Corp.. Vs. No. il.903, Edward Pev«ler 1 Marian W. Peveier. By vlrtte of o writ of Fieri Focte Issued and to me directed by the Honorable Court aforesaid, I have seized ond win oiler for sole of public auction to the lost ond highest bidder with th* benefit of appraisement, ot the court housa door of ffiis parish In fn« cify of Lale» t Charies. parish of Coicosieu, on "its Your Move" /~* ___ _ i THREE BEDROOM "house fenced yard. iM«i 0 !!o>,inc! described property ' n sl '* h "' Colcosleu, Stats of oui ory •ers Interest ! BY OWNER: Three bedroom brick, V-j - a-- •": L«! 13 ot S!-x;t 4 of Southilda ! both Centrol heating. Near College OoVs • A-wit'on in tee Northwest Quarter ot tho '• School. $15.500. 4775WJ. i Southeosl Quarter IN'.V',. of SE'.l of ___ ! Section !?. Township 10 South, Range f L 2 Lots W * s '" Ca!cosieu Parish, La. Realtors prise, 439-3919. HOLIDAY TRAVLER 13' to 35' Self Sustaining IIORRli speaker. One year old. $75. 882-6620 alter 5 p.m. and Complete service and parts department. G-13 Sporting Goods BEAR ARCHERY Equipment. Gun's ond accessories. Buy, soil trade. Fust Buaranleed repairs. Corson's Gun Nook. 477-i|45l._ __________ ______ ATTENTION DUCK Huntert: H Interested duck bllndi. Contact Amoi Miller, Creole, Louisiana, Phone__LI J-Wi. ___ __ DUCK BOATS: Pirogues, pusn poles, de- ells, eal saving Brown-LII«s Bulldln coys, shell All at real saving!. Come see , blind building materials. Come see them. Supply, Inc. 3013 Ryan Street. 436-668i._ 'fiiiches 'insTallcd — Accessories BANK FINANCING - INSURANCE TRl-CITY TRAILER SALES Follow 1-10 to U.S. 287, then South ta 5960 Pi. Arthur Road, Beaumoni, Texas CASH In Five Minutes For Your House Trailer ROVER'S TRAILER SALES TINKERBELL Apartments: Brick, near McNeesu College. One bedroom, large living room, central healing, air con dltionlng, $45 monthly. 477-4!29. MODERN EXTRA nice air conditioned ctticiencv apartment. Near town. Pest controlled, gas. water furnished. S55. 436-7778. APARTMENT SUITABLE tor couple, just renovated. Available for Jmmedi- ate occupancy. $40. 3*07 Cooler. Coll 439- ! 5984, 434-0203 or 439-5347. oi-a. , LUMBER YARo'wlth offices. Also larger warehouse, or space with offices. Mirnljhed modern Lftices. 1800 block Elm streel. 43v-8J6_9. AIR CONDITIONED buildino lor~l«ise. 521 Alomo St. Formerly French Stvle Shop. Inquiries 520 Alomo SI. ; FIVE ROOM house 705 South Ryon, ncor St. Patrick's. Ideal office, doctor's clinic. 433-3621, 477-0030. .177-1393 477-1393 6353709 J77-42VO 439-4723 ChaVles" $79 S 'nvjnth!y. 477-5356. THREE BEDROOM hoi-s" J4 '30' shop behind house. VS500. Call 477-4454. BRAND NEW three bedroom home. Large tfen. carpeting. 4 ton air conditioner, built-in kikhon, dishwasher. dinwsQi l.o!s ot trees. For ii>to.-motion call 435.CS78. 23!3 On"ld. 2006 Enterprise 439-5039 _tl!Lj: unfier Said writ. Terms: Cosh on (iay of sole. H, A. REID, JR., ' Sheriff, Coicatieu Parish, La< _ Si-sen'! s Office. Lake Charl-s, La., Oc* OON'NA "SUBDIVISION: Large wuoaea j 5T & F!vART I 'i ; ''BONO i iots. West PrlM Loke Rood. Apply ; ^Vttarr^y, for Plalnhtf. 3519 Joan St. Phone 477-1215. IQ^, .^ Dec. 3 -2f UNDEVELOPED LOTS in 813 Lake areo. | Large or small. Reiidsntioi o," com mercial. Call 433-1997. ; R. F. Pierce ................... .39-SS73 <. V. Michel .......... . ....... .. 477-3373 J. E. OunorY J .^...^....^.. : . 439^438 REAL LIVING: Wtsttoke area. Three bedrooms, bullt-in$ In large kitchen, screen porch. Fenced back yard. As- b«»tos siding. Nothing down. $71.33 PM. JJ.B Realty, Inc. •'M-0544^ _ OAK PARK three bedrooms, llvlnfl-dln- Ip.g combination. Carpeted; fenced yard, enclosed qarooe, screen porch. Nothing down. 176.48 P&l. J&B Realty, Inc. 436-0544. J13,4». 436-6J49. L-5 Acreage ACREAGE — 35 acres, l',j mil's trom $55 BEAUTIFUL THREE room rnsnt. Private, Carport, pallo, close In. furnished. Couple. 729 La.v- _ WE BUY AND SELL: Shotquns, rilles, . 3406 Broad pistols, Blllups V/holesole Supply, , Eail Broad Street. 439-8002. . 1800 , HE 3-5258 WE RENT and j«ll Mobile Scout Travel ! ES ^-'"'^ " Automatic 12 souge shotgun. .410-22 i ..*?".. "' ------ ....... ------------------ - oy«r and under Stevens. All like new. ! POR SALE: Spartin Trailer, J5' smal« Sell or trade. 477-0892. In go od In condition. 405 Mill. 433-7674. 30-06 MAUSSER RIFLE with four power FOR SALE or Ren): Shasta and Mobil* scope. Perfect condition. $100. 433-5529. s cou ) Travti Trailers. Also pick-up •" ~ covers and campers. "C" Drost. 501 13 GAUGE DOUBLE Barrel) Fox, model B, Wllh rifle site for deer, recoil pod, three boxes shells. J75. British Intleld NICE TRAILER ond 303 with clip and six cartridges, $15. • •-••-•- c ™ --"-.. 434-4936 alter 5 p.m West Tliomoi Street, Sujphur. 527-9993. lot. Fenced, wash house, 500 pollon septic tank. Ready to move in, 3509 Woodard SI. All for $3.000. 439-3475_._ LIKE NEW 10' x 40' New Moon, Front Olnlfig room, three bedrooms, extended llvlnjj ruoin. V.'ather ond dryer. Low equity, $7945 monthly. Call 433-5414. G-M Air Conditioning Refrigeration-Hearing COMPLETE CENTRAL healing unit., . _... _ John F. Zlnk, 80,000 BTU, Including ' TRUCK CAMPER with lacks, J250. Call J ' - ' "'" " ' -— ' 434-2753. 433-5378 Qtler 3 p.m. 1613 14th Street. _ 1963 APACHE CAMPER, spare Mre, canopy, two foam mattresses. $350, A. G, Juneau, 2300 Kirkman, 439-2889. 'K—RENTALS K-l Furnished Apartments ducts. $»5. Also 1 AMiC I 1 ': ion air con- tltloner, window unit. Used 7 monthi. $150. Phone 477-2443. H-) Dogs-Cats-Pars AT STUD: Ctiomplon s . r-4 sil -cr poodls. 53 thainpiont »> *lv» ".*i lions. Quulllv pfoau.-'r Prov-M. block toy poodlo ol stud. She>" qi i . puppies uvailoblc. i'W, 47'-lMi, 4.-6 1161. PUPPIES FOR Sale: Also I L''jy li:«s, of small puppies. Refllst:rca v.mtc poodle ttud. 434-J995. i REGISTERED LABRADOR pupt. Mules ; 1100 Female. $50. Six week* ot Le- j Doux'» Fish Camp. 433-2069, 430 5664. fllrAUTIPUL AKC feaisle/«l Poodles. Chihuohuas, Outnslvjnd, Chinese PUL) puppies. Cliainplori jii'cd. Bertha Qf- Roucn, Welsh, I. ouliianu. Phone /34 756J. IDEAL CHRISTMAS yllt: RemsleieU Air rfata puppies. 477-1468 or tf?-i> [ Ml. Utilities rence. FURNISHED APARTMENT (or rent. Air | conditioned Ideal tor couple. 642 Clevi; lane!. 436-5529. __ ! THREE ROOM furnished, clean garage |L-1 HflUSCS aportment. S03 Klrkmon. Private bom, utilities furnished. $I2.5U weekly. 4774535. ^_ _ 1121 GIOVANNI STREET. New "two bedroom Morlo Lane. Will be completed soon. $75 per month. Also Aportment S, two bedroom 717 Clara, $50 per mont Water furnished. 477-8236. K-12To Colored_ UNFURN'lS?fED~i=lvi" and six reom house. Complete bath, hot water. Kitchen cabinets. Phone 433-3822. Si 00 DOW.V $44 I TWO FOR ONE monthly (plus taxes & Ins. L—REAL ESTATE NO DOWN PAYMENT Only $40 Closing Costs 2 Bedrooms. I-Vnccd Yaid Excellent Condition Greinwich Village Co eman . Throe bedrooms, K-2 Unfurnished Apartments 'ceramic tile in ibatli. $03.58 !'&!. central heal, kitclu'i and Agency Reduced $4,000. Was now 88,500. Furnished house on J One lot, furnished garage apart- j "one*'"In" wooded 'land"wTth""runninp 1 ment on next lot. Both must | be sold immediately. Could be used as commercial. 701 and 703 Cherry Street, CLASSIC REALTY TWO COMPLETELY $r,od«d comer lots, j $HERIFF'S SALB Moh and ory. In Dmwood SubdivlHon I Fourteenth Jualclal District Court, Par. .. .. ... — , sh 0 , cola,!,,!;. Stole of Loulsianai The Paul Revere Life Insurance Conv pony. Vs. No. 66,949, Floyd Jock Lo- Bieu, Rose Moory LsBleu & Willie Le> Blanc, Sr. By virtue of a writ of Seizur* & Salt sued and to me directed by th» Honor- Court afor^ioid, I hove se!z*d and will offer lor sale ot public auction to the last ond highest blctdcr with the benefit ot appraisnminit. at the court housa door ot this parish in the city of Lakt Char!«*. parish ol Calcasleu, on Wtdnatday, December 8, 19tS, b«tw«n legal hours, and starling at 10:00 am., the loliov.ina described property iiijouM in Parish of Calcasltu, Stata oi Louisiana, to-wlt: Lot Thirteen 113) ot Block C of High, land Park Addition No, Two (J), a sub. division os per plot recorded In Plat Book 5, page 170, records of Colcasi«j Parish, Louisiana, together with all bulld> Ings ond Improvamcnls thereon slluat, ed. Tenvs: Cash on nay ol sol*. H. A. REID, JR , Sheriff, Caicoi'ou Parish, La, Sheriffs Ot'ice Lo\e Charles, La , October 39 196S. CAMP, CARMOUCHE, PALMER, CARWILE, BABIN i BARSH, Attorney! lor Piamtilf. Oct. 79-Occ 3. THREE ACRES, leveled and lenced. One mile south of Country Club. _V14V>*. c3 ACRES UHIMPROVED lond, w«st side Highway 57, 10 miles north DeQu'ncy. i $10,000. Inquire across road, Jamel K ! While, Rt. 1, Singer, Lo. i 10 to 97V) ACRES Industrial proptrty odlolnlnq new Induitrlol coiol. Write ! B. F. K«nt, Rl. 2, Box 177, Lake Charles. "ABOUT ;o-?s m pajtur»i bai- U3G-0501 436-5060 TWO BEDROOM air conditioned opart ment In Julia Aportments, 1614 O«k Park Bivd., across Irorn Memorial rfos- pltol, $95 monthly. 436-944I. NEAR ~ST. PATRICK'S. Lorge cl/on bloc-k floors. §1)6.17 P&l. garags apartment. Separate laundry,; washer connections. 734 Htlen, corner i Lake. _ __ __ LOVELY~FOUR ROOM and bath dupltx. 477-3650. FOUR ROOM duplex apartment. 220 wlr-j $51,71 P&I. Tlireo iK'drooins. all brick, oak Three bedrooms, fenced backyard. Completely rudecura'.ed. UUli :>rd St. $100 DOWN 433-1015 monthly strwm through pastures year around. All under lence. Good dw*iiing, wa'cr- pump, two barns, on* shed. Contact W. I Potion, MtrryvllU. Olllce, 2431. Home, 2131. __ OHK DEVfLOPED ACRE tor sale OM Hlohwoy 14, Phone 433-5449 between 7;0«-12:00 o.m. Want Ads do more things for more people al a lower cost than any other kind of advertising 21 Classified Ads wllBring Fast Results & ins.) Beamfi'ui 3 Bedroom Home Central Mr Conditioned Landscaped Greimvlfh Village Ing. Lgrye closets. Automatic woiher connections. }45 monthly. 439-3456, FOR REMT: Unlurnljhed oportmtnt, 'two i bedroom, on McNeese Road. Neuri Hwy. 14. Wotor furnished. $50. 4?7- ; 44VJ. ATTRACTIVE ONE and two bedroom duplex aparlmants. Ncor Charily hospl- SUNSET SALES _ K-2A Furn. or Unfurn. Apts. WE"HAVE LOTS of APARTMENTS 477-03M .NIGHT OH UAV ASSUME LOAN: Thr«e bedroom, r i bain home, lit, IZJ'xlSS'. Ou^sije tiiy limits. 4770353. SITSCI Develop:,-. IN SULPHUR: At 700 Cuiler. Lciiyc brick, three bedroomi, l»vo bath house with extra built-in closeti. Laru» kitchen with plenty of cabinet* and i bullt-ins. Call 625-3196. B'i O>\^ER: Two noj. nis'ied. \*av'Kt 'o voji • ^ mile rocj'us ol LcKx: f'.uj Eds Ploct, 4J15 E B.coJ NEW THREE b*aroom 0'it sole by fcui'dar. Ul ^ Hllis. McLcrnore Broile" lo be moved •:'iaiio'>" - •'"» 4000 VANDERBILT, Thre« btdroom, on« ; bath. Air conditioner, on corntr lot. A r» I foe Low equity and assume loan. 477-4099! MU WID3 alter 5:00 and we«kendi. i THRFS BEDROOM: On« both home fenced yard, corner lot. (100, oisunii : notes ot $86.18 per month. 3100 Cinlor. Keys next door. i SELL OR LEASE 411 B LAC KM AN LOW CASH EQUITY ; itqu'rcd 0,1 assumption tor this attractive , ! lhrc« badroom horn*. Extra nice, ' ' clson, . , lov«ly nsighborhood, convenient lo schools and coll«v><. By Larry Hurb Ck ho'tus (or : Lee Btvcrly I . 3826338. j LAKE CHAHLES llth Stivot in the best section GIBSON HEAL ESTATE—REALTOR Office 439-83?! Resident 43»-5J54 I (if ' ATTRACTIVE. AIS conditioned, tour room;, lilt Ojth, shower, carport. Ulll- paid. Mo children. 703 Pu|o. Phone 413.1301. ' THREE ROOM Ui'iloir. turflished apart- ti'ollcd ^ MO* utilities pc-d" UH Meis. 1 IN SULPHUR, large furnished one and! t,M.> b--'ti, - oon! brick opoftmcnts. Alrj tontiilioneti wtth washer and dryer on! propiiv for your tonveniem-e. Cull j $50 AND UP Furnished and Unfurnished --HOLI.KY APTS. tStuU; St.) —CLARENCE ST. Al'l-ij. FOURTH ST. AHTS. 1 S U L 1' H U R Three bedroom : iiunie. Kxix'Uent locution. HOLLEY HEARD 433-0441 40U 7th St. $63 mitchel Monthly L;ike Charles is this lovely three j hiHlntimi BKK'K home, carpeted livinj' room, kitchen-den combination, spacious kitchen, redecorated Excellent school area. Can l>e bought furnished or unfurnished. It's priced for quick sale ... on assumption. agency HEAL ESTATE 527-IWC59 MOST ATTRACTIVE: Thrw b«droom, j living • dining combination. Ctntral air i nowl Nottiina down. Ht.77 PM. JiB Ro-ally, IIK. <36-«544.___ , FOR'QUICK SALE: Tnrt« hou»e», v»| block SV«-.t af 171 on Fltzenrld«r Rood j 513,500. Good condition, will Mparol:. 1 Apply 7411 Fltienrlg>rjSt. ! NO DOWN PAYMENT FHA AND VA HOMES DON SMITH REALTY Office: 439-2582 527-7912—855-2273—477-1855 ATTRACTIVE. ONE bedroom. r ;,:;:—rrrr a'orncr of Bilbo ' BE 'WISE-USE CLASSIFIED" NO NOTES III! Fcbicaiy IAo .lub! re-j modeled. V47.Si) monttiiy. No cu4li need«. 47784»4, 4J3-7415. Wood Really. ! MONEYS WORTH: m Wettiofcc. Two; beUroon^ nai' cuDinvt sp^ic* in kllcn-j -- —~-— en. Enclajcd goi'oae plenty shade-! LAKE STREET AREA: $0} --- -- , trss^ Nolhina cijwn. S51.4I P*l. J8.B 1 lour bedroom, two bath. $!1,7». Vincent Int. 4VOi,16. I C, MOJJ ond Son, Inc. 41J-SUQ. 'Here's a size-five engagement ring for $20, It'll fit my finger and your wallet."

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