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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, May 5, 1859
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. ..._._._ _____ ^ 5n«Uoatii{«ir«y, mod 'would* iow nomin»lte Unitm S*«t saperintendeat of bridges. • Wbiab norainatiim WM confirmed by tbeW- . .. •!...(. -.{,•- •a.v.-e — —• — •.;.."-.--.,.-•-,- ...... .-..,....•.._. j . T — 4,00 '-Wo. Smooth!.. iSi» ao. (noattn..; 16j» 1 do. , 1 jre»r.. r . 80,00 Rounds Lanr<ion, ADVEBTISING AGENTS, 1*5 as«Dta»lph Street, are tn&aH*ed1o rt- cttve lattrtitanmt* far tUtaaa utt On LtaOng ,g4fir* yfO* XorOaotst, taut «r» CM o*v*-a»d xz> fiatxftat aia3u>rtt<iAga>li{* On SorthwaAJor a majority c/tlum. mart IN TOWN ;OUT OP IT. M. 1C. POHKROT, KDITOi. , , . ASSESSMENT BLANKS* We are cow supplying some country offices •with assessment blanks, and are prepared to fill o-dersior them promptly -and on reasona- •bl«terms. .•- .•• . •• -••'-• :';",- * ; •; •'. ' •"»*tf:f3: : /3, ; ,;ve Connoaorflobnllejlesoh aniTojet. The reading of the cainufes of th* last CMS* log was dispensed with. ;i!>A;vii.-.^5- } : -"'• :Councilor Johnston presented a communication from .;!!. Bachelor and others recom- am«s Hoye for the office of inspector Kroeger.presanted « tneraorfal from tb« owners^of 4ots in Hooks 68 and~6», '"'[,'fMntVrigon " " and requesting that th» domtnon Council and dock soath to lot j, blook Fifth . Messrs. Lfppert, Aaerand Hetoetnann, rot* fnglntbeneaatire. v Councillor McGrath from the tityl* For Telegraph, Commercial Matter* and New Advertisements, see Fourth Page. A p|Rper mill is about to be started at Menasha. en prate about woman's virtue. The women would all lie virtuous if the men would let them alone. HOEEIT..—A little three year-old son of Mr. Lacy, of Meuasha, died on Sunday last from the effects of sucking steam from the spout of a tea kettle. SAH. RIAK.—We see that Sam. Kyan is playing in a theater at St. Joseph's Missouri We can't see why the AppletoBtans let Sam. cut about in that style. • The Wood County Reporter chronicles the death by drowning of George Marion and Thompson, in the Wisconsin, near Grand Rapids. Meteorological liccord, for May, IBM Hept by C. H. GARDINBR 4 CO., Drogglrt., 1» Spring street. THKAMOXETKB 8*. H. 45°* . 49 c. 62 °u JotrEKAi OF EDUCATION —This monthly published at Madison, edited by A. J Craig, Palmyra, is one of the most interesting educational periodicals we know of. It has improved greatly of late. .—We wonder why the Sentinel has dropped Carl Sohnrz ? He lately made a speech Rt Boston, but of late the Sentinel has not even mentioned Cajrl, or his speech, but itacolamue with other matter ! QUICK TIUB—Subscribers along the La Crosseroad, for a hundred miles west, now get the Daily Newt, before our city subscribers are half of them out of their beds. The mail arrangements at present, are unexceptionable. STEAM Music.—Steamers on the Mississippi river, are now placing calliopes on board, and when approaching a whariff salute their friends with some familiar tune. A steamboat whistling ^ ankee Boodle, etc., is a novelty EAM.Y COJTTISTIOK —The Juneau County Argut goes in strong for an early convention— no matter how soon. A large majority of our democratic exchanges favor an early convention. 'Atl>-ASD-»AiF.—The Belolt fieraW will hereafter have two editors. One side of the paper will be democratic, .tbe other half re- "spublican. Batter mix the political articles together promiscuously. WHO is Hz 3—The telegraph announces the appointment of Wm. McCaddy, as recerrer of moneys at Superior. Who is Wm. lloCad- dy*' Where does he lire, nafloel and what's his - KIPB OLD ACE —The Menasha Conservator says that an Irishman named Madden, aged one hundred and two yean, has just taken np a quarter section of land in that vicinity. The old fellow tonst hare been good grit. CHIA.P,FAB.K.—By the Detroit and Milwaukee Railway, the fare to New Fork is now re- duoed to the low price of $18. For particulars enquire at the office, near the Walker House. Aid. Pbelps presented a opmmanioation from LonU Eisner proposing to pay an annual rent of $655 for the public, hay scales, aad $610 for the priTJlegeo* measuring wood. : Referred to the financeand locaToosBmittew of the First and Seventh Wards. : The .chair presented a communication from tbe Controller in relation to an account qf $1,800, due to William Jeffer* fctJo., of Pawtucket, Rhode Island for a fire engine for Engine Co. No. 2. " Councilor Haydea.moved that it be referred tothe joint committee o» the fire department. Aid. Preotis*said 4hat the petitions which had been presented, *nd this communication^ from the Controller should properly go before one or tbe other of the Boards of the Common Council, and not before a joint convention, which had no legislative powers, and coold only make appointments or confirm nominations. Councilor Johnston thought that immediate action should be taken on this eommnnl- catldn of the Controller, and moved that it be received. Whioh was lost. Ayes 3 Now 17. Councilor Hayden, Johnston and Kroeger, voting in tbe negative. The chair presented a commuoioatioe from the Controller, together with the bonds of James Kerr and Augustus Kadwell, to whom the contract for city printing, (in German and English) had been awarded by tbe Controller. Aid. Phillips, from the oommitteo on print ing, presented the following REPORT : The committee on printing, to whom was referred tbe communication of, the City Cot,, troller, and the several bids forth* city printing, bare carefully examined the same, and find that James Kerr is the lowest bidder for the printing in English, and Augustus Karell tbe lowest bidder for the printing in German, and your committee recommend that the printing be so awarded on the parties furnishing the required bands to be approved by the Common Council; and the following resolution : Renolved, That the Daiiy Neva and -Sec Bate be and they are hereby designated the official papers for this city for. the ensuing year. Aid. Prenfiss said b* would enter his protest against giving the contracts for city printing to outside bidders, who had themselves no facilities for doing the work, the bids were made for the purpose of passing tbe contracts into the hands of certain individuals. The tfettt and See BoU had the city printing for the last two years. There were other printing establishments in the oily which ought to be encouraged as well, and it wag time the work should pass into their bands, if they did it on the same terms. Councilor Hayden was in favor of tbe matter going before each Board separately. Councilor Johnston moved that the Controller have leave to withdraw his communication. Which was agreed to. Aid. Prentiss offered the following. the memorial of Timothy Carney and ethers, asking that John Smith be appointed inspector of fish, ia pursuance of a recent act of the' legislature. . '.." • : . ." -•- ' ' ; -.",".. 1 Councilor Johnston thought that aa opportunity shonld be afforded 1o: others to apply for the afire, and iefer the memo-, rfal to the finance committee. • • Aid Phelpsdid not think it prudent to appoint this day. Aid. Prentiss said that by the act it was made a State ottW Common Council Cooncilo* jeinemann presented a petition from Mnrtia atspbwj and others, graying that ^hepetW^i^l^MnUi 'and others, against the oonitreotioB of « well ou N. E. Water street, 'First Ward, be rejected. Referred to the local committee of tbe First ' " iCOTOTERHSITS -OH A WlSOOHSIH BASK.— PeUrtorfs Rtporter gives the following description of the oonnterfeit on the Chippewa Bank of thi^ S'at* : _^ld, «pnrir \, , o iuuhoraeg, rail cars in back ground—Indian seated on right—die on left. .—By a notice elsewhere it will be seen that our enterprising friend, R ; L. Gore, of the Ozankee 76n«, has taken unto himself -» wife—Miss Jennie Stone. We always thought Dick a "perfect gentleman," but this addition to himself would "seem to .indicate that we -were xhis'taken: 'Dick has said he never would marry, but ala», he baa broken his word, bat '• we think has acted wisely. Happiness attend yon ever. :MraiOitPAX COITBT— HjS HOHOE, JtTDOK , Foons, ft«5iDiKO— Wednesday, May 4. _ John Smith, Jr., drank, fined $1. ; , - jOeorge Mayer, disorderly, dned |1 and costs, on default of payment committed to jail for •fire daye. 'August Knoll, disorderly, case held open, * defendant discharged. State'v/j. John Hardy, larceny, continued to MayB, 1859. Darby Carney ,'dtBordurly, fined $5 and costs •9»Rev. D. 1>. Lty«mbre, editor of the Chicago Neie Covenant, ^ays of Brown's Bronchial Troches : " We have frequently had oc- . oasipn to, test <he efflcacy of BroWn : s Bron- chW Troches," *nd hav«. invariably found them to answer the purpose lor which they are nwommended. Through our influence, others -have-tried tbeto, and always with the most _ iwnefioial results, and «o from oar own person* - al experience and observation, we know them >4o be ft ^imperior remedy for colds, coughs, and Raolved, That the City Clerk be, and hereby is directed to publish a notice for three days, inviting proposals for inspecting wood, in the city of Hilwaukee, for the year ensuing, the applicant to state in the proposal the amount he will pay per year, in monthly in. stalments, into the City Treasury, (retaining all fees for inspection for his own benefit) and the security offered for the faithful disohamof the duties. ^ Which was adopted. Aid. Prentiss offered the following: Rteohtd, That the City Clerk be, and hereby is directed to publish a notice for three days, inviting proposals for attending the bay scales belonging to the First and Seventh Wards, for the year ensuing, the applicants to state in the proposals the amount be will pay per year, in monthly installments, into the City Treasury, and the security offered for the faithful discharge of his duties. Councilor Heinemann moved that it be referred to the joint local committees of the First and Seventh Wards, and remarked that the hay scales had been advertised last year and let by contract to the lowest Udder. Aid. West observed that if the matter wa» allowed to rest for a while, the finance committee would have a recommendation to offer. Aid. Phelpa moved to postpone tbe consideration of the subject for two weeks' from text Tuesday. Councilor Bosebeek Was in favor at debarring the matter for two weeks ; be thought that was the proper coarse. Councilor Hayden inquired what had been done with the money received for tbe hay scales. i Council Heinemaun replied that it had been hadonly authority te appoint, and could not Interpose farther; he thought H would be as well to make the appointment now, and made a motion to that effect. Which was carried. . . * ; ! Tbe convention then proceeded to ballot Siva vope, for inspector of fish, with the fallowing result . John Smith received 13 votes James Hoy " 9 •' The chair de.-lared John Smith duly elected inspector of fish for the ensuing year. Councilor Lookwood moved that tha con. vention proceed to elect a sealer of weights and measures. Agreed to. Councilor Kroeger said Xbat the ordinance now in force, regulating weights and measures, was in some respects inoperative; he had intended to have Introduced an ordinance on the subject, bat bad not yet got it ready. Aid Phelps said that the constitution had hitherto given aU the appointments to parties who resided on the east side of the river. The convention then proceeded to ballot viva voce, with the following result: C. C. Meyer received 19 votes. Robinson " 4 '< C. 0. Meyer was declared elected sealer of weights and measures for tbe ensuing 1 year. Councilor Bosebeck presented a resolution in relation to proposals for certain work to be let by contract, in the 5th Ward, which conflicted with each other. Aid. Prentiss said that ft should be a joint resolution, aad go to either board. Councilor Rosebeck withdrew the resolution. On motion, the convention adjourned. ROBEBT B. LYNCH, City Clerk. Common Council Proccerdlng*. BOABD Or COUNCILORS—BIOCLAB MCKTIKO Milwaukee, May 2, 18"<9 His Honor the Mayor in the chair. Present—C^nn-Hors Auer, Bnening, Bn- 'Herzer, Heinei. er, Laubenheimer, McGrath,' Noyes. Rcnckertt, Rosebeck and Vogel. Absent—Councilors Schult The reading of the minute of the last meeting were dispensed With. Sundry accounts wcr» presented and referred to the appropriate committees Councilor Bnening presented a protest from E. Baker and many others against a resoln tion passed by the Common Council on the Uth of March, releasing certain lots from a ; ti, Johnston Lookwood •. Councilor Lanbenheimer ^presented a petition from Christopher Engejf, asking compen- satiou for injuries sustained by his wife/3 falling and breaking her arm, caused by the unsafe condition of thesiitewalk on'Galena street, Ninth Ward, on the Uth of Aprtl. Referred to the local committee of the Ninth Ward nui) finance committee. Councilor Bneokert presented « memorial from August Miller and others, asking that Barman street from Seventh to Ninth streets in tbe Ninth Ward, be graded. .Beferred to th* local committee of tbe Ninth Ward. Councilor MoGrath predated • petition from Thomas O'Fialidrtjr,,'asking to have, an opening made into a 8ew«r at the corner of Huron and Van Buren streets, Third Ward, to carry off the water. Referred to the local committee of tbe, Tfiird Ward. Councilor McGrath prewoted «n estimate of August Miller for docking In front of lots 3, 4 and 6, block 85, Third Ward. Referred to the committee on judiciary. The Chafr presented the return of the Chief of Police for the month of April. Ordered on flic. The Chajr presented a communication from the Controller in relation to an account of Messrs. Jeffers & Co.,Pautocket,Rhode Island, amounting to 8»,800, for a fire engina for Engine Co. No. 2 Beferred to. the joint committee on tan fire department and the Controller. Th» Chair presented th^ .ollowing commu- nir-atlon from the Controller : To thf ffonoratle thi Mayor and Board of Councilors : QKNTI.SMKR—^.herewith submit the bonds and contracts of James Kerr and Augustus Karell for city printing. Yonrs, respectfully, (Signed.) E fH. GARDINER, Controller. The Clerk read the report of the printing committed of the, Board of Aldermen, setting forth that they had can-fully examined the bids and found that James Kerr and Augustus Kavell were the lowest bidders. Counrilor Laubenheimer moved to refer all the papers to the committee on printing nf this board. Councilor Johnston said it na- important that the official papers $hould !»• d.-sirm.t,..! without delay, aa work could not l~ r,,t on with until first advertised. f,i(incilor Lanhenueiin-r wi (hdrew his mo slrtwt, Seventh Ward, and moved Its reference iotjh-t joint local committee of the 8«v«ntl Agreed to. Connciloc McGratb, from the committee on Aid. Plwlp^ maid th^ - M^ ' Joestf "cinninftte*of the gee- 'saadeby the Chair "o InBptfctorof Brfdges, to ut there soeined iottbt 'Wbether ibe i»rdin»no« WM lij lHBtitl benhetmer, Lockwood, Noyes, Beuckert*»dRoaeheok. ft» ' 5WS. M'MKKK IM; reported back the pelitlon of James O'Byrne anii A, D.,Seamau, and moved its re- fcrencu to the joint local committee of the Thifd Ward. A peed to. .Coonoilor McOrath, from the committee oo xe^, to whom waa referred th»petiliou of J. W. OflodrU-lj. reported the fallowing resolution: Repaired. Tlie Board of Aldermen' concurring^ that the special tax for cleaning streets, issued against lots one and two, block 34, Third Ward, be and the same ia herehv jemit- led Conformable with the petition. Wfclch was adopted by tbe following vote: Noes— a Councilor Lockwood and Vogel voting in the negative Councilor McCormfck, from the same com- mittte to whom Was referred the petition of A S. Messer, reported the following resolution : Raolved, the Board of Alderman concur- ing, that the city treasurer be, and he. is here>J authorized and instrncted to, eanrnl the ax certificate for the year 1858, ngainst lot nineteen (19), block 183, in the 4th ward, provided the owner of aaid lot pay the sum of >37, 77, th« amount of 8»id certificate, in the pinion of your committee being the sum that nch owner onqht to pay. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. Councilor McGrath, fiom the same commit- pnrchase l>y the city of a lot in th« 6th or dth Wf nl, upon which to erect an Engine House for fhe use of Fire Bngino Co No. 7 au<l r.- port to the Common Connoil in due c'ours» Adopted. i Councilor UcGrath offereij a resolution de- >iir nit/ Hi claring nuuifrum lots in the IA Wknl your -itv ll I V 7- :ir ee to whom the affidavits of Timothy CaAey nd E. L. Buttrick wis referred, reported the Adopted. ' Council. or Hnydun from the Stre«t Cummin ' Kionera of the 8th Ward, presented their recom- I ojendationa for sundry work and improvements required to lo done tbe ensuing year in the 8th Ward. Ordered on file. Councilor Hayden oflered the following: Renohtd, The Board of Aldermen concur ' ring, That tbe Ch.'nf of Police be. and he if 'lerehy instructed to notify the occupants and cause to' be removed the shanties now *tand- in(f on the Public Square and streets adjoin- ng thereto, in the Eighth Ward, Walker'a ; Point addition. And also cause ^to be removed a fence or fences on Clark's addition. across the street in front of block twenty 'ight and twenty nine. Adopted. Councilor Hayden oSered a resolutions declaring various lots in the Sih Ward public nuisances. Adopted. The Chair presented the resignation of Mathias Humann aa Assessor for the 9ih Ward On the motion of Councilor lockwood was laid on the table The Chair presented a plat of Maim, Ham- moaa & Go.'g subdlviann of lot 64, in section 16 in the 6lh Ward of the city of Milwaukee. . To the Editor af lit Spending .1 -lay r the, ple.atmre.of seetui; my tried, friend, tli., Hon. E |, o.,(.- upon disohargiuq Mi., duiie* >i' J,>e ,| 1 have, known .linl^.i Fool,, [or tw-nu- past; ho was alirayi ,1 nound an.) n-U.iMe oorat, always persevering in.I 'intinnu lawyer, for the. inter,,,«tH of IIM -nenl-.. ,i integrity, and m -very r.-npo<,t w-irtliy . lie QdeucH of the piiMiu of friundn in ( beimn removed to yoor Judge, id a merlteit officer, of whioh y proud BBAvia DAD. U .7 ind ^im- ..i.l •rthjr tie JIM.,,. ' ',> N , ,,u,l tii- i ...... may 'ither match for $300 ,i 4 i CHARLES QUENTIN & CO C ll A ,, 1 »n.i • l.K.M QCi.MUN •tr-rl-a. P.Htitt,. "i -h, imalJ (»ari:^tfl ftuil-l »c allowing resolution : Retained, the Board f AMerman concur ring, the rity treasur-r be and l.i hereby authorized to cancel the snm of S2,i5, th» sum of 83,22, the sum of $1,72, and the sura , the 8i,27, off his books, of lb» city, the same being against lot 3, block 32 third ward, for the ! .i» y It 7 ]. 2 year 1838, th« year 1839, the. year 1840, and the year 1841, on the said Carney filing a bond in double the sum of tax here specified, to indemnity tbe city against loss in the premises. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. Councilor McGrath, from the same commit-'l tee, reported adverse to the petition of L W. : Weeks, asking for deduction on assessment on 39 acres in the 8th ward Also adverse to the i petition of ;Maci- & Swain, /or reduction of ^ L ' il? • personal tax. Which reports were adopted Councilor Queuing offered the follo»inq resolution : •at a judgment having bwn rendered against th- <ity of Milwaukw, in favor of Dan- Referred to the committee on plain Sundry aooounts audit*.! by the '.' ler, were sllowsd. and other-* ,--nor(f,j by the respective cc ^ referred to the Comptroller On motion the. Board adjourned to 3*t f iel 8*hulfz, for thrr-e-qaarters salary as Chief | you a brief statement •,( th- Engiceet and costs to th" amonnt of §637 fi by and whereas, a resolution tvas common council, on Man?h 7th and IGth.laat. nomina '« » ticket on Monday -T Soon after thij lowing po<t^r ' was published, th^ fol- s^aed from Hi- Fr--n,.m to ip.«ne city ord-rs for thJ" amonnt of said , Soon after thij call jnd(rnp»nt and costs, and as said orders have not bp»n issued, hecaus- it should bnv- l^-^n trvaaury warrants, therefore, ' - Board of'Alderman eoorurrio^, ATT«STI,,N tint ibe M.iyt.r and Clerk be, aiwl hereby ar- i ^^" pei'pl" i.l the, villain ui VV auk-ah.i authorized nnd diret-lwi to U*u-- to Duniol I '*'•'' interested to ku.iw wlMt A F frj:i Schnltz treasury warrants to the am,iui,t of '" a Board of Tin-tees hav- |--~-n it.,nii{ hundred and (637 dollar", to pay said judgment arid costs. Which was adopted by (he f.illowinc vote Avc« 14 WauJcr.ha Charter Election. May 4, KJttur of the .\'ewi : hy to-flay'l .V%, r ., of Mr A. F. Pratt a. ilr ^ ralt baH this office for th- I.I.HC thr-H rnann-r that he baa ji<aiu that ever united in this burijli. lu order that you m»v fully means resorted to, to J..(iat 11 first place, a democratic caucus PAPER WARfHOUS IJ!.s< I. IU.JJT A. ( , rf,tt»-ii n.-*.i nn.i i,f th. *orrii j C,,nnri|,. -ll r ydeii .-kwi f, .i I -rt of M"'" \\ .u kest, t, A j.r il .U li.- lime in.I j.| I W.,r li . JJo »honld be without them,^ and every public speaker vtlL ^4>3f*a^«n> absolutelv InValnable, Tbeiwo dta- ^.^^SngtJlihed divines of onr country, Henry Ward ~ " •;^ Ju *jP J «>> < *«*»'te»ttoovto sas our readfln ca*»«eby handed to the clerk in the market, who was ready to explain all matter*, and show his booke at 'any time. The Chair put the question on referring the resolution to the local comtrittees of the First and Seventh Wards. • Which was rejected. Councilor Hayden moved to refer the whole subject to a select committee of one from each jranL, •. 7 •;. • • . • . Which was carried. JNoes— 1. Councilor Eosebeok voting in the negative. The Chair appointed the following committee: •.,..•: ; - ; ^f F-s.-rJ--* •;•:'-:* '; I' 'j v " -"^ ; Mesarg. Haydea, Heinemann, Phelps, Mo- Orath, West, Bosebeek, Bnaaok, Pre»tiw a»d Lanbenhehner ' Aid. West moved \p reconsider theroto. hy- whioh the resolution was passed, directing «he Clerk to publish a nottce tarlUn propojaU for the office of Inspector of Wood. Which was agreed to. the «pedal eommittA jut appointed la nection with the weighing of ha*. Agreed to, , CcnnoUbr Johflaton preaented a eatleq from Albert Bade, pnbUabur-of the Daily Qrad Aut, reprMenUng that lit* oaniid. Wedhlnwelf.thB lowe»t legal Wdd*Jor the d v printing and notifyinf that lift would pab- Hih Ui« legaUnd othei; advertiiemeBtB at tte rMiMprepbwd.byhim. 't - " '' / " f . *.., -w,. f , ^ > I »^ \ it coaaiaittM.ov prinU special tax for the construction of a cower running through 9th and Walnut street*, in Tllet'a addition, 9th Ward, and making the aame chargeable to the Ward. On the motion of Councilor Bnening it was referred to a a«Wt committee of tore* appoint edbjrtheChalr, vbt Councilor Burning Bneck- ertt and Barter. Cooncilor Lockwood nreacnted a memorial from FranoU Sehenberg and others in relation to th* widening of Jackson itreet In the Pint Ward Referred to the joint local committee of tbe FrrtWard. Councilor Duelling presented a memorial from Hook & Ladder Co. N. 2 representing that the bell on tbe Engine bousa was broken, and requesting to be supplied with a new one. Beferred to tbe committee oti fire depart aient. Conn. McCormiak presented a petition from J Downey and three others, asking' permig- elon to dispose, of a cribb belonging to the oily which, they had found In the lake. Referred to the bar bor committee. Conn. Lockwood .presented a petition from Nicholas Eagel amd others, asking to have the alley in block 163, in the first Ward paved. Referred to the local committee of the First Ward. Councilor Noyes presented a -petition from Fran* fioftnanand others, asking'to have the hay muket on Blddle street, In the 7th Ward removed. Beferred to the special committee of one from each Ward appointed to consider matters connected with the wood and bay markets Councilor Aner presented a petition from John Bechtell and others asking that an ordinance be passed to compel runners at the steam boat landing and railroad depots to take oat license. Referred to tbe eommittoe on police. Councilor Johnston presented «. petition from the Ward Constables of the Fjrst, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, ^erenth, Eighth and Kinth Wards, praying to be appointed Polio*, men to art In their respective Wards.' Referred to the somttilUeeo*) police > Councilor JobBston presented a communication from Mesws. IlaabroiMk & Conro, asking that action b* taken en. Mine estimates for *^glnf tUemwairiseerfiw, nd» on €Ie In the Clerk's offloe. ; • :,' . • Referredto the harbor conjoiiUe*. " Councilor Noyes presented tha affloWit of Lewis Raymond, that tax «ertlflcate« of Uw •ale of lots » and 12, block 27, Krit Ward had been lost. Referred to the oommittte on taxes. Conaoiror Berzer presented a petition from P. Powell sud others, praytai; that a part of Sixth street in the *ixth Ward be graded and sidewalks planked. ' • Beferre* to-the local oMDmtttes «T the'sixth -' Ward. ^ Verier presented a eoraadnira, Won from Charles SHmbees in relation to an W, for 17,16 and allowed at 13,00 Vjgw ta»l committee of the Sixth Ward Rsfcrred fe, the local wmmfttee of the Sixth ^ Buentng preaenteA a --*• Vi'v On the motion of Councilor \\ii-el the t on. tract was read at length by the, Clerk Councilor Johnston offered the. (ollowing Jlaolved, Thai tbe cnutraoU entered into on 30th day of April.; 1859 between James Kerr and Augustus KarTell and Iheclty of Milwaukee, be and are hervby approved Which was adopted. The Chair presented a communication frou the Clerk, together with a resolution adopted by the board of Aldernvn on the 25th, to •wit : Rftohtd, The board of Councilors conni ring herein, that the City Treasurer be, »ud hereby is. authorized to permit Messrs. iVftlon and DuVall, owner* of sllty-uine acres of land in the south-east quarter of section 24, town 7, range 21, (9th Ward,; to redeem said land from the sale for city taxes of 1857, on •payment of the tax and charges, with interest thereon from the day of sale, to the time of redemption, at the rate of twelve per cent, per annum ; said tax being $24 00, and the. redemption to he made in cash- Which Was concurred in. The Chair presented a communication from the City Attorney, to whom Mas referred a resolution adopted by the Common Council on the llth of April, directing the attention of the City Attorney to a certain mortgage foreclosure against school lots 17 and 16, blook 197, Second Ward. The City Attorney summed np his remarks on tbe case by stating, that if a sale of these lots should be mad«, pursuant to the notice published, it would b« a nullity and would not prejudice the title of tile city, but it was not Intended to sell them at all. Ordered on file,. The Chair presented a communication from John Beeker asking five dollars as compensation for damage to bis greenhouse, at the corner of East Water and Donsmnn streets, by Engine No. 1, on «b» 27th of April. Referred to the committee on fire department. Conncilor Herzer presented the following report: The local committee of tbe Sixth Ward, to whom was referred tbe petition of Oeo. Abert, and others, for tbe construction of s sewer through the alley In blook 28, Sixth Ward, report In favor of granting tbe prayer of the petitioners, and recommend that an estimate be made of thecsame, and the amonnt charged to the property benefltted. > Which was adopted. Councilor Lockwood; from the joint local committee Of the First Ward, to whom was referred a resolution to extend thb contract of John Horan for planking the sidewalks of Brady street to the first of July, reported in avor of the aame. Whioh was adopted a»4 the resolution con- Burred In/, Councilor Lookwood' presented the follow. V .,;..; The joint local coMiittM of the First Ward, to who« was referred the petition of Nicholas O'Keitt,; and, others, praying tbat Pleasant street, ia the First Ward, be opened and extended to Franklin afreet, report thereon by reconuBendiUf; the adopting of tbe following resolution:' } ^ i » ' Reiolved, SThe ; Board of Aldermen eononr. ring,'that the City Clerk ia hereby directed to cause the proper notice to be given, that on a certain dayytherein to b« mentioned, application will be made to. the,Circuit Judge for tbe appointment of a jnry to view [the. premises mentioned :in the petition of Nicholas O'Neill, and others, i eqnired to be taken for the pur- poso'of optnjpg and extending Pleasant street, a the First Ward, as described in the said petition, and also by Ibe survey of ibe Ciiy Surveyor. Which was; adopted. Councilor Bueulng, from in? committee pa fim'deparfmait, reported back, Without action, h» inemorik^of John ^.Johnson, asking per- nlsaton to effect* frame building <m £aat Wat* .Wilwadk-'e ffrdratillc ' ,-i, j matt- is r-ri 'n ; ' _• to W-ii. . me th- inlial: !.,nt- of M,! lake wat-i. j.r •••.-iiU-l th A'io tl... ordinal.. •• .,UIM ! relating to vau-r »orks,'' election Should I I' held ull the purpose uf obtaining th« lef* of Ibe l'll\ of M.lsauk Ill- |,l Tin ordinal.,-e w*s r..a.l tun-. Councilor Ro.«el, v , k - ,;.! n «:i- ,\ v-ry portaiit me.a."uri,. and -li.uid in.t I- p throush the mill in a hnrrv H> ihunul, ter to have it UM on the table .in.) t.,k for mor^ con«i I,-ration Councilor Xli'Gra.tli uiuved that il,. MI! 6Udp«udeil, nnd tLt* ordiuaiu-.., put ou it.- *o Ininilr- d i a,,- , •*• mill,1;..,,,^. i., ,, i |, r- \r: ;,,..,,:,[.. I II •u r '"V '• ••I. •W 1> i.lil,..!,.-,. 11, At an . .i,v Uir f Hi., ro- | ,1 St I,Ml 1C I under thin \fi,u>iaji .l •^ l« p.S Councilor Hayden boj^-d th^ ,ud natic« wonld lie over umder the rule:-, so ^c-otle men would have time to think the matter ovei. The Chair pnt the question on Mr SIrGrath's motion. Which was lost by tha following voto : Ayes—Councilors Bnsack, Herier, Lock wood, and McGrath—4 ffNoea—Councilors Auar, Buening. Hayden, Johnston, Kruger, Laubenheimer, Noyes, Rueckertt, and Vogel—10. The ordinance wis then laid over under the rules. Counrilor Herzer offered a resolution declaring numerous lota in the 6th ward public nuisances, and directing that the same be abated. Adopted. Conncilor Buening offered a resolution for extending the contract of John Schroeder for grading tlm public square in block 165, second ward, to the 1st day of August next Adopted. Councilor Herien from the Strwt Commissioners of tht 6th Ward, presented ftieir re commendations for sundry improvement which •lay. .i,i.,il.e, |..,t. r w 'rV, ,,'-•, I'.,,,. u>. ,„ -ani" liui,. tiiat the d railed, a[ *u otb,-r hall The Democrats met in i .itrai^ lit party ti,ik. t \i th~ u«. > mixed tii-kei ,,f ai,,,ut '••"i I.-1 by K M K,, :i .UII, ., i. 'ioicinor, lor llay.jr, WAH put in l-ul jt't.T ih-y learned who th. llOfnilie.-* Were Ul^V l-|.:lll L ,.-,i the pliute.1 Ibe n:ime> of i tieriliau i)U li i. J, 3) L A x E S T S T Y L E Ul,l BUTTON'S! Iu t 0 : i r »r ------ — It was desirable should be made In that Ward dlogifor lmprovtfd !«., and P U L'uruey, uf I Treasurer Tlji:* waj done, for 1 rather, to SeJuce our lopteil . >upport of their mongreL ticket. : in the meactime,the Conductor of tnti" ivoo.i I irnin," whioh is manned Iv -i^lit.-u iemo 1 trais, who reside, in thn village, ,%n,i r-turu | there every night, was hired to take this train j on" west theday before election, and keep u ! off nntil the election was over , or, if , .. * t» not hired he volunteered to do it, fur th- tram did not get back that niijht. an I i.:\,r contesting every inch of ground in this WT. during the whole day, and polling about tw-n- ty more votes than vre ever polled beforH.everv candidate, but one, on the, Democranc ticket, was elected ; and Mr Pratt, wbo receirej ,ii; the hard shotn of the enemy, lias th^ larjest majority, except one, on tbe ticket The Democratic editor who run on the P-oplea' ticket was badly beaten, his own countrymen relusing to vota for him fa that company Further comment is unnecessary Yours, H. R IMPROVED AND WILD LANDS roa SALHOR BASTEB,.—By reference to oar advertising columns-, persons desirous of purchasing or Ira- N ( > i K E M o «*l>:i!js H «v,. • H ..... ^ A: j ,, 9 ( k Hi )L i. < > l: K.N i during the present year. Ordered on file. Councilor Lanben heimer presented a petition from Bernard Feldkamp and many others- asking that certain part of Tentonia, Ninth and Beanhian streets in the Ninth Ward be graded and side walks plank •d Referred to the local committee of the Ninth Ward Councilor McOrath oflered the following: Resolved, That the Clerk be and hereby Is Instructed to have 300 impressions of the report of tha committee on water works printed, for the use of the members and others. Councilor Bneaing moved to amend by adding "in English and 200 in the German language." Councilor Hayden thought it would he bet. ter to print it in the city papers; it would be less expensive and would ba read by a greater number of persons, and offered the following aaa Resolved, That the Clerk be and he is hereby directed to have the report of the committee on water works printed in tbe official papers of the city. Councilor Lockwood said that lie was anxious to have prompt action taken, as tbe contractors! wished to make their arrangements to ceme on and commence the works. The substitute offered by Mr. Hayden was then adopted Councilor Lockwoed offered the following Sttoleed, That when this house adjourn, that it shall adjourn to Saturday next at 7 1-2 •'deck p. ni., for the purpose of taking in to eorwlderaticm the subject of water works. Which, was adopted. Councilor McOrath off-red the following: Sttolfti, Tha Board of Aldermen concur ring,' Th« tb e Cntef Engineer of tha Fire De partment and the Comptroller are hereby aa' thorite*: ind directed to advertise for th e or wilj or Iowa, will find rare opportunities for profitable Investments. The lands referred to in the advertisement, comprise, in all, abont 20,000 RHil>arl»'•» i,« ;ul k • I * •< A L K il V L t-.U •• . \ \ l I.r-. ISOOKM I 1 1 1C s 1 N l> H >. \ 1- K. l l 1 n>-\ t X.i,l W 1 Deary o? the. acres, all of which were selected it in day, under the Immediate supervision owner. Title direct from the United States. The owner, about to engage in other business, is desirous of selling or bartering these j lands, and in payment will take goods of al- moat any kind, houses or lots, or both, in i his city ; "horses, buggies, antes, or any de- I scription of property that can be converted into cash. To those persons desirous of purchasing for cash, the price, in all cases, will be. madusufB ciently low to make it at once a desirable and profitable, investment. Time will also be given for tbe second payments, to suit purchasers. Persons wishing lists of these lands, can be ! supplied by writing to the address at the foot of the advertisement. » If particulars are required by those about to purchase, or wishing to sea th» lands, they can do to by wiling to, or calling on, Eliphalet W. Alvord, Mount Morris, Wansban Co to John Harlan, West field, Marquette Co , or to Oliver D. Richmond, Plover, Portage Co , Wis. For terms and particulars in full, to George -Knowles, Randolph, Columbia Co., Wisconsin. THASKg.— Although notbing but a bit of a brat, we have boldness enough to sincerely thank the publishers of the Daily Milwaukee Next for their liberality in accepting an offer to exchange with such a little chap. They raise tali boys and big newspapers up there in Wis- canain, and we must acknowledge that when viewing the long columns and" big broadside of our Milwaukee fiiend, we consider that we have "a right smart chance to grow." — Gen- em Democrat. • ' Our littla friend has life hi 'it sufficient for k much larger paper, and we wish it) along l and a phat one. '1 M \V H \ Dcsirnhle FOR SALE 1S,OOO «1,75 Fd Sa.oO PER ACKK. 13,1>K) Acre-* '!( h.> ,: • utlinp -."- incml WtsconHin, \l i inian m ,-.. >D . prloe for CHKh. These lunils »er«CHr^fuily *,-ir,-f .1 tt * •' •- <nU bought ,llr»-rt from tin- t'ri'tp,! ^ctit^. intilspatable. They ire IrsiruM n'' '.irm *es, as sum! as *ny In ( .h(-ir rr-^i.«.-i/v ..... ^ Mid ar* lu tha IDKII1 -t llnun»«,,,K ,,.ul.-iii. .•«Qt to ichooln nn.l iniiH. «»nv " ' l»— ' '•"< »re «lthlD « law mln-n •'< V'll«e<. C.,,ni!v aailroa.l Depols. Title perfec - • |1,70 t per iJKO KNoWt.K'J " land irf**nt," tfjuit Han | ,| t »l'iuit>la L'" , \V s.-.i IS. KRKAT A. CI.B ;I> t «;IT. K K K 1 > FJNE ART H 171 Bait Wjter y/r**t. tecuieil ctle aaslsttioci., »f 'h>- ,I<|'-HI <kn,l most experlancml operator In th« NVst. M Ei»^ kens, (whole skill la his ilepartmem IB veil Hn,>wn -.,, many of tbe cltlzeuof Milwaukee,) r am non prepared to offor to the public every .Jesirable style of PL-nir-s Snown to the commaulty si !ow;r rates and ^\ t .cuti-d Iftrs-tretter manner thnn can be done in any uitier ..«in >ha West. OLIWOSD'3 DAQUERHEAN QALLKHY 1T1 Kmit Water itreet, formerly known u Beale lioonu. . mirl

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